127 hours
127 hours

127 hours


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"To live is sometimes a more difficult decision than to die!&qu

18 Chapters

Chapter 1: "127 Hours" Allen.Translated by Roston/Hu Zhouxian and others

A touching adventure story, a survival experience of refusing to wait for death: in a desperate situation, only courage and hope can save oneself. This is a true story that happened in 2003.The arrogant young mountaineer Alan.Roston, during a leisurely journey of solo climbing in the canyon, was accidentally hit by a 360-kilogram boulder falling from the sky, hitting his right arm, and the whole person was crushed in the crevice of the canyon. After 127 hours, he was dying fear experience. Alan is as insignificant as an ant in the narrowest rock crevice on the earth's surface.What's more deadly is that he was so overconfident that he didn't even let anyone know his whereabouts. No one would know that he was in trouble and urgently needed rescue!

All I had left was a cheap pocket knife, some leftover burritos, 650ml of water, and my right arm crushed by a boulder! How to get out of trouble?Or let yourself become a mummy in the slit? As death approached, Allen had to make the most decisive decision... ∮ Enthusiasm: It is the pain, tolerance and endurance that I have encountered that make me what I am.