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Chapter 1 Volume 1 Chapter 1 Small City

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Volume 1 Chapter 1 Small City Villiers is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Franche-Comté.Houses with white walls, red tiles and spires are spread out on the slope of a hill.Thick chestnut trees, thick and dense, paint the slightest bumps and valleys of the hill.Hundreds of steps away from the city wall, there is the Du River.The city wall was built by the Spaniards in the early years, but it is now dilapidated. To the north of Villiers is the shade of high mountains, a branch of the Jura Mountains.In the early cold of October, the crumbling Wera peak was covered with snow, and a torrent descending from the mountain, passing through the town and pouring into the Du River, turned a large number of wooden saws into motion.This is a very simple industry, and the residents of the small town are more like country folks, so the lives of most people are a bit more comfortable.But it wasn't the wood saw that made the town rich.The general affluence depended on the production of a calico, known to the world as the Mirouze calico, so that after the fall of Napoleon, almost every house in Verrières had its fronts refurbished.

As soon as you enter the city, you will hear the rumble of a noisy and scary-looking machine, which will make your head dizzy.Twenty heavy hammers were raised and lowered by a single wheel driven by the rushing water, making the road tremble.Nor can I tell how many thousand nails a hammer produces in a day.During the ups and downs, some watery and pretty girls sent the small iron block under the huge hammer, and the iron block turned into a nail immediately.This labor looks so clumsy, but it amazes the traveler who enters the mountainous area between France and Switzerland for the first time. If the traveler who enters Verrières asks the deaf pedestrians on the street, what is the beautiful castle? Whoever owns the nail factory, someone will say in a drawn-out tone: Well, it belongs to Mr. Mayor!

Verrières has a boulevard that runs from the banks of the Doubs to the top of the hill.As long as a traveler stops for a while, nine times out of ten he will meet a tall man with a hasty expression and a very great look.Passers-by took off their hats as soon as they saw him.The recipient of several orders of chivalry was dressed in gray, with gray hair, a large forehead, an aquiline nose, and roughly correct features: at first sight, people even felt that this face had both the majesty and survivability of the mayor of a small city. The kind of attraction found in men between the ages of forty-eight and fifty.However, the traveler from Paris is instantly displeased, and his self-satisfied air is mingled with an indescribable narrowness and lack of creativity.The traveler finally realized that this man's talent was limited to making the debts paid by the people who owed them on time, and if he owed the debts, he would delay it beyond delay.

This is the mayor of Verrières.Mr Rainer.He walked solemnly, crossed the street, entered the town hall, and disappeared before the traveler's eyes.Had the traveler continued his wandering, and gone up a hundred paces, he would have glimpsed a house of rather handsome appearance, with an iron fence attached to it, and a splendid garden.In the distance is a line of sky formed by the hills of Burgundy, with twists and turns, as expected, as if it is for people to look at comfortably.This scenery made the traveler forget the smell of pennies and pennies, and he was already suffocated by it.

Someone told him that the house belonged to de.Mr. Rainer, just completed.The mayor of Verrières had paid for this handsome ashlar dwelling with his great nail factory.His ancestry is said to be Spanish, an ancient family which seems to have settled down long before the conquest of Louis XIV. He had been ashamed of being a factory owner since 1815, which had made him mayor of Verrières.The beautiful garden has several floors, stretching straight to the bank of the Dou River, and each floor is built with parapets, which is also a reflection of De.Rewards for Mr Rainer's shrewdness in the iron business.

In France, you don't expect to see the kind of beautiful and chic gardens around the industrial cities of Leipzig, Frankfurt, Nuremberg and so on in Germany.At Franche-Comté, the more a wall is built, the more layers of stones are piled up on a property, the more entitled it is to be respected by its neighbors.De.Mr. Rainer's garden is full of high walls, and it is all the more admirable, especially if there are a few small plots in it, which he bought at a great price.Let’s talk about the sawmill, whose special location on the banks of the Doubs impresses you as soon as you enter the town. You also notice the name Soler written in huge letters on a large wooden board on the roof, and the The parapet of the garden's fourth terrace is currently being built on land that had been a sawmill six years ago.

Although the mayor is proud, he has to take a lot of effort to beg the cold and stubborn peasant old Soler, and has to pay him a shining louis d'or to move his factory elsewhere.As for the public stream that set the saw in motion, he diverted it by his influence in Paris.This favor came to him after the election of 1820.De.For this one acre, Monsieur Rainer gave Soler four acres, five hundred paces below the Doub.Although the location of the land was far more favorable to his fir-board business, Papa Sole (as he's been called since he started) cleverly took advantage of his neighbor's urgency and possessiveness, knocking him six thousand francs.

Sure enough, this transaction was criticized by some local people of insight.Once, on a Sunday four years later, De.Mr. Rainer was returning home from the church in the mayor's gown, and from a distance he saw old Sorel, guarded by his three sons, looking at him and smiling.This smile gave the mayor a sudden realization, and he has been thinking ever since that he could have made the deal cheaper. In Verrières, where many parapets are needed to command public respect, it is important not to adopt the Italian blueprints which the masons bring every spring to Paris via the Pass of the Jura; The reputation of the original wall-builder is never to be washed away, and he is forever ruined in the eyes of those wise and sound people who held the honorable prize in Franche-Comté. power.

In fact, these wise men exercised the most disgusting despotism in the country; and it was because of this ugly word that life in a small city was almost unbearable to those who lived in Paris in the great republic known to the world.The tyranny of public opinion, and what kind of public opinion!Small cities in France are as stupid as they are in the United States of America.
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