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Chapter 6 Chapter 6 Trouble

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De.Mrs. Rainer caught a glimpse of a young countryman's face at the gate, and she stepped out from the French windows of the living room that opened onto the garden, lively and graceful, without the slightest affectation, as she usually does when she is away from the eyes of men.The peasant was almost a child, very pale, and had just cried.He was dressed in a snow-white shirt, and under his arm was a neat purple plaid jacket. This little countryman had such a pale complexion, such gentle eyes, and a little romantic D.At first Mrs. Rainer thought it might be a girl disguised as a man, who came to ask the mayor for some favor.She sympathized with the poor little guy. He stood motionless at the door, obviously afraid to raise his hand to ring the doorbell.She went over to relieve for a moment the sorrow and sorrow which the governess's presence had caused.Julien, facing the door, did not see her approaching.He could not help but tremble when he heard a gentle voice in his ear: What are you doing here, my child?

Julien turned sharply, and D.Madame Rainer's tender eyes touched him, and he became less timid.Soon he was so amazed at her beauty that he forgot everything, even what he had come to do.De.Madame Rainer asked again. I'll be governess, ma'am,' he said at last, ashamed of his tears, and trying to wipe them away. De.Mrs. Rainer froze, and they looked at each other, very close.Julien had never seen such a well-dressed person, especially such a beautiful woman, and spoke to him in a soft tone.De.Madame Rainer looked at the big tear on his cheek, how rosy the young countryman's face had been so pale just now.Soon, she laughed, and she was as crazy and happy as a little girl. She laughed at herself, and couldn't think of how happy she was.Why, this was the governess, the dirty, disheveled priest she imagined coming to scold and flog her children!

Why, sir, she finally spoke, you know Latin? The word sir surprised Julien, and he thought for a moment. Yes, ma'am, he replied timidly. De.Madame Rainer was overjoyed, and dared to ask Julien: You don't scold these poor children too much, do you? I scolded them, Julien wondered, why? You'll be gentle with them, won't you, sir?She paused for a while, and her voice became more and more excited. Will you promise me? Hearing once again being addressed solemnly as sir, and from a lady so well dressed, was beyond Julien's imagination, and he told himself in his boyish fantasies that the only thing he could do was put on a beautiful military uniform. Only decent wives are willing to talk to him.De.Madame Rainal, who was completely captivated by Julien's good complexion, his large dark eyes, and his handsome hair, which was more curly than usual, had just taken a dip in the public pool to cool off.She was overjoyed that this ominous governess should look as shy as a young girl, and she had so frightened her children that he must be cruel and hideous.De.Mrs. Rainer's mind was always so calm, and this contrast between fear and what she saw was very important to her.She was amazed that she stood at the door of her house with this young man, who was almost in his shirt-sleeves, and yet she was so close to him.

let's go in, sir.She told him, looking embarrassed.Never has a feeling of sheer delight touched De.Never had a sight so dear to Madame Rainer's heart been followed by a heart-wrenching dread.Well now, these pretty children she had so lovingly nursed would not fall into the hands of a dirty, gloomy priest.As soon as she entered the hall, she looked back at Julien, who was following timidly.Julien's surprised expression at seeing such a beautiful house, in de.There was another loveliness in Madame Rainer's eyes.She couldn't believe her eyes, she felt especially that a governess should wear black.

But is it true, sir, she stopped and looked back at him, do you really know Latin?How happy it would make her if she was sure of it, she was afraid she was mistaken. This sentence hurt Julien's self-esteem, and the intoxication of a quarter of an hour suddenly disappeared. Yes, Madame, he said, trying to look icy, my Latin is as good as Monsieur the Abbe's, and he even sometimes says I'm better than he. De.Madame Rainer noticed that Julien looked very unhappy, and he had already stopped two steps away from her.She approached him and said in a low voice: In the first few days, will you not whip my children, even if they do not do well in schoolwork?

Such a gentle, almost imploring tone from such a beautiful lady shattered Julien's arrogance as a good Latin scholar.De.Madame Rainer's face was close to his, and he smelled the aroma of a woman's summer dress, which was not unusual for a poor countryman.Julien blushed, sighed, and said with a groan: "Don't be afraid, Madame, I'm at your command. De.Madame Rainer's apprehension for the children was completely dispelled, and it was only then that she noticed Julien's extraordinary beauty.His almost feminine features and embarrassed manner did not appear ridiculous to a woman who was herself very shy.The masculinity that is generally considered necessary for male beauty made her afraid.

How old are you, sir?she asked Julien. Soon to be nineteen. My eldest son is eleven years old, De.Mrs. Rainer is completely at ease, and is almost ready to be your friend, and you can reason with him.Once his father wanted to beat him, and he was sick for a whole week, but it was just a light blow. How different it is from me, Julien thought, when my father beat me yesterday.How happy are these rich people! De.Madame Rainer was already able to discern the slightest change in the governess's heart, and she took this sudden sorrow for timidity, and wanted to give him a little courage.

What's your name, sir?She asked, the tone, the manner, Julien could feel all the charm, but why, he was at a loss. My family calls me Julien.Sorel, madam.For the first time in my life, I entered a stranger's house, and I was afraid. I need your protection. You have to forgive me for many things in the first few days.I never went to school, I was so poor; I never spoke to anyone except my cousin the surgeon, who was a member of the Legion of Honor, and the Abbe Chelan.Monsieur abbe can prove my character to you.My brothers beat me often, and if they speak ill of me to you, don't believe it, and if I do wrong, please forgive me, ma'am, I never meant any ill.

This paragraph is very long, and he has a bottom line in his heart as he speaks. He is carefully observing De.Mrs Rainer.Such is the effect of perfect grace, which it has when it is natural, and especially when it is not thought of by the man who possesses it, and Julien, a master of feminine beauty, would have sworn at that moment that She is only twenty years old.He suddenly had a bold idea to kiss her hand.He was soon frightened, and after a while he thought: An action that might do me good, an action that might lessen the contempt this beautiful lady would have felt for a poor worker who had just left the sawmill. , I'd be a coward if I didn't finish it.Perhaps Julien was somewhat encouraged by the word handsome boy, which he had heard girls say of him every Sunday for the past six months.His inner struggle is endless, de.Mrs. Rainer said two or three words to him, telling him how he had treated the children in the first place.Julien tried his best to restrain himself, his face became pale again, and he said in an unnatural way:

Ma'am, I will never hit your child, I swear it before God. As he spoke, he dared to grab De.Mrs. Rainer's hand was brought to her lips.She was taken aback by the gesture, thought about it, and was offended again.It was very hot, her arms were bare, covered only by the shawl, and the movement of Julien's drawing her hand to her lips had left her completely exposed, and after a while she reproached herself, she felt that she His anger couldn't come quickly enough. De.Mr. Rainer heard someone talking, came out of the workshop, and said to Len in the solemn and kindly tone he used when he performed the wedding in the town hall: I must talk to you before the children see you.

He let Julien into a room where his wife wanted them to have a private conversation, but he kept her away.De.Mr Rainer closed the door and sat down very gravely. The curate told me that you are a man of good character, that people here will respect you, and if I am satisfied, I will help you find a small career.I request that you stop seeing relatives and friends whose behavior and speech are inappropriate for my child.This is thirty-six francs for the first month, but you promise me that you will not give your father a penny. De.Mr. Rainer was annoyed with the old man, who was smarter than he was in the deal. Now, sir, by my order, all here shall call you sir, and you shall feel the advantage of being in a respectable family.Now, sir, you are still wearing a jacket, which is quite unseemly for children to see.Did the servants see him?De.Mr. Rainer asked his wife. Not yet, my friend.she replied, still lost in meditation. Very good.Put on this, he said to the astonished young man, and hand him one of his frock coats, and we will now go to M. Durand, the cloth merchant. An hour later, De.Mr. Rainer came back with a new governess all in black, and he saw his wife sitting in the same place.With Julien here, De.Mrs. Rainer felt at peace. She looked at him and forgot her fear.Julien did not think of her at all, and despite his mistrust of fate and men, he was still in a child's mood at the moment, and he felt that since the moment he trembled in church, for three hours, he had seemed It has been several years.He noticed de.Mrs. Rainer's icy expression knew that she was still angry that he had dared to kiss her hand.Yet the pride of wearing a suit so different from what he had been used to overwhelmed him, and he tried to hide his joy by showing stiff and frantic motion in every move.De.Madame Rainer looked at him, her eyes widening in surprise. Zhuang points, sir, De.Says Mr Rainer, suppose you wish to gain the respect of my children and my servants. Monsieur, replied Julien, I do not feel at ease in this new dress; I am a poor countryman, and I never wear anything but a jacket; if you will allow me, I have gone to my room. What do you think of this new harvest?De.Mr. Rainer asked his wife. De.Madame Rainer's heart moved, and almost by an instinct of which she was sure she was unconscious, she concealed the truth from her husband. I am not as pleased with the little countryman as you are; your attentions will turn him into an insolent man, and you will have to send him away in a month. Well, then we will send him away, it will only cost me a hundred francs, but the city of Verrières will get used to seeing des.Mr Rainer's children had a governess.If I had left Julien dressed as a working man, this purpose would have been utterly defeated.When I send him away, I will, of course, keep the black suit I have just made at the cloth merchant's.All he could do was take the ready-to-wear I had just bought at the tailor, the one I put him in. De.It seemed to Madame Rainer that Julien was in the room only for a moment.The children heard that the governess was coming, and surrounded her with questions.At last Julien came out.It was a different person.It would not be right to say that he was solemn, but he was the very embodiment of solemnity.He was introduced to the children, and the way he spoke to them was Lien De.Mr. Rainer was surprised. I have come here, gentlemen, he said in closing, to teach you Latin.Of course you know what an endorsement is all about.Here's the Bible, he said, pointing them to a little thirty-two black bound book, especially the story of our Lord Jesus, that part they call the New Testament.I will often ask you to recite it, and you ask me to recite it. Adolf, the eldest, picked up the book. Open it as you please, Julien went on, find a paragraph and tell me the first word.I'll just memorize this holy book, our code of conduct, until you tell me to stop. Adolphe opened the book, read a word, and Julien memorized the whole page, as fluently as he spoke French.De.Mr. Rainer looked at his wife, very dissatisfied.Seeing the surprised expressions of their parents, the children all opened their eyes wide.Julien was still speaking Latin when a servant came to the drawing-room door.The servant stood still for a while, then disappeared.Soon, the lady's maid and the cook came to the door. At this time, Adolf had turned eight places in the book, and Julien always recited it so fluently. Oh, my God, the little priest is beautiful, exclaimed the cook; she is a very pious and good girl. De.Mr. Rainer's self-esteem was shaken, and he no longer thought of examining his governess, but was absorbed in rummaging through his memory for a few lines of Latin; at last he managed to pronounce a line of Horace.Julien frowned and said, knowing only the Bible: The priesthood to which I have dedicated forbids me to read such a secular poet. De.Mr Rainer recited a good deal of so-called Horace.He explained to the children who Horace was, but the children, too impressed with Len, took little notice of what their father had to say.They looked at Julien helplessly. The servants had been standing at the door, and Julien thought it necessary to let the ordeal continue. Stanislas.M. Xavier should also refer to a passage in the Holy Book.he said to the youngest child. Little Stanislas was very pleased with himself, and managed to read the first word of a certain line, and Julien immediately followed it by reciting the whole page.In line with this virtue.Mr. Rainer won a big victory. Just as Julien was back and forth, Mr. Valenod, the owner of the Normandy horse, and Charcot, the prefect of the prefecture, were in charge.De.M. Morgillon entered.This scene won Julien the title of Monsieur, and the servants dared not call him otherwise. A genius came to Mr. Mayor's house, and there was an endless stream of people vying to see him that night.Julien calmly dealt with each of them one by one.His fame spread rapidly in the city, and a few days later, de.Fearing that he would be snatched away, Mr. Lehner offered him a two-year contract. No, sir, replied Julien coldly, you want to dismiss me, and I must go.I can't accept a contract that keeps me tied and you don't have any obligations. It's not equal. Yu Lianzheng, who has been here for less than a month, Lien De.Monsieur Rainer himself respected him.The priest of the church has been with De.Monsieur Rainer and Monsieur Valenod fell out, and no one could reveal Julien's former passion for Napoleon, and every time he talked about this man after that, his deep hatred was palpable.
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