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Chapter 10 Chapter 10 Ambition and Adversity

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De.Mr. Rainer went through all the bedrooms in the castle, and followed the servant who brought back the mattresses back to the children's bedrooms.This man's sudden entry, to Lian, was like adding another drop to a jar full of water, which immediately overflowed. Julien rushed towards him, paler and more gloomy than usual.De.Mr Rainer stopped and looked at his servants. Monsieur, Julien said to him, do you think your child will make as much progress as I have with any other governess?If you say no, Julien went on, it's not worth it.Reiner opened his mouth, then how dare you accuse me of leaving them alone?

De.Monsieur Rainer was startled, completely recovered from the shock, and immediately concluded from the strange tone of the little countryman that he must have some better proposal in his pocket, and that he was going to abandon him.The more Julien said, the more he became angry: I can live without you, sir.He added a sentence. I do feel sorry to see you being so impulsive.De.replied Mr. Rainer, somewhat stammering.The servants were ten paces away, busy making the beds. That is not what I want, Monsieur, Julien is furious, think what you have said to me to discredit me, and in the presence of a woman!

De.Monsieur Rainer knew all too well what Julien wanted, and a bitter struggle tore at his heart.Julien was really mad, and shouted: Out of your door, sir, I know where to go. After hearing this sentence, De.M. Rainer at once saw Julien settled down at M. Valenod's. All right!'Sir,' he said at last, with a sigh, with the air of asking a surgeon to perform the most agonizing operation on him, and I agree with you.The day after tomorrow is the first, and I will give you fifty francs a month from the day after tomorrow. Julien wanted to laugh, but was stunned for a moment; his anger had vanished.

I can't despise the beast enough, he thought, and that's probably the greatest apology a man so mean can make. The children heard the quarrel, and their mouths were speechless.They ran into the garden and told their mother that M. Julien was very angry, but that he was going to have fifty francs a month. Julien followed them out habitually without even looking at De.Mr. Reiner glanced, leaving him puffed up all by himself. The mayor thought: Monsieur Valenod cost me another one hundred and sixty-eight francs.He wants to take care of the supply of foundlings, so I must give him some hard words.

After a while, Julien came to de.In front of Mr. Lehner. I have something of conscience to say to M. Chelan, and I have the honor to inform you that I will be away for a few hours. Ah, my dear Julien, desaid Mr Rainer, smiling the most falsely, all day if you like, all tomorrow, my good friend.Mount the gardener's horse to Verrières. De.Mr. Rainer said to himself: He is going to answer Mr. Valenod. He has not made any promises to me, but this young man should be calmed down. Julien left quickly, and went into the great wood on the hill, from which he could go straight to Verrières.He did not want to go to M. Chelan so soon.He didn't want to force himself to play another hypocritical scene at all, he needed to look into his heart clearly, examine the rush of emotions that excited him.

I have won a battle, and as soon as he entered the woods, away from the eyes of everyone, he immediately said to himself, I have won a battle! These words painted his whole situation with a beautiful color, and calmed his heart a little. I have fifty francs a month now, deMr. Rainer must have been terribly frightened just now.But what is he afraid of? What could possibly frighten this lucky and powerful fellow, whom Julien had been so angry with him an hour before?As Julien thought about it, he finally calmed down completely.He was walking in the woods, and for a moment he had a feeling for its charming beauty.Great chunks of bare rock had rolled down the other side of the mountain long ago and had fallen in the middle of the woods, and some stout beeches had grown almost as high as the rocks.Cool and pleasant in the shadow of the rock.Three steps away, the sun was so hot that one couldn't stop.

Julien took a breath in the shadow of these boulders, and then began to climb again.Walking along a narrow path that was barely visible for goat herders, he soon found himself standing on a large overhang, and was sure he was well away from everyone.This physical position made him smile and pictured for him the spiritual position he aspired to.The pure air of the mountains brought peace, even joy, to his soul.The mayor of Verrières, of course, had always been, in his eyes, the representative of all the rich and the tyrannical in the world; Nothing personal.If he no longer sees De.Mr Rainer, and in a week he will forget him, himself, his castle, his dogs, his children, and his family.I somehow forced him to make the ultimate sacrifice.how!More than fifty ecu a year!And I've just escaped the greatest danger.There were two victories in one day; the second was trivial, but one should guess what happened.But see you tomorrow, this nerve-wracking pursuit.

Julien stood on the great overhanging rock, gazing at the sky, which was scorched by the August sun.The cicadas were singing in the field below the hanging rock, and when the singing stopped, there was silence all around.A radius of twenty leagues spread before his feet, as if before his eyes.Julien saw an eagle flying out of the large rocks overhead, circling silently, now and then drawing huge circles.Julien's eyes followed the bird of prey involuntarily.The movement of this bird of prey was serene, serene, powerful, and deeply moved him. He envied this kind of strength, and he envied this kind of solitude.

Was this Napoleon's fate, will it be his fate one day?
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