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Chapter 14 Chapter 14 English Scissors

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As for Julien, Fouquet's suggestion had indeed deprived him of all happiness, and he could not make up his mind.Alas, perhaps I lack character, I must have been a very bad soldier under Napoleon, at least, he thought, and my little affair with the mistress of the house would entertain me for a while. Fortunately for him, even in this insignificant accident, the depths of his soul did not agree with his frivolous words.He is afraid of De.Mrs Rainer, for her such a beautiful dress.In his view, this skirt is the vanguard of Paris.His pride does not want to leave any chance for chance and momentary inspiration.According to Fouquet's intimate words and the little words about love he read in the Bible, he formulated a very detailed battle plan.Although he didn't admit it, he was really flustered, so he wrote the plan.

The next morning, De.Madame Rainer was alone with him for a while in the drawing-room, and she asked him: Have you no other name than Julien? Our hero does not know how to answer this so flattering question.This situation was not foreseen by his plan.Julien's quick mind would have been useful had it not been for the matter of planning, and the unexpected had only sharpened his observations. He suddenly became stupid, and he exaggerated this stupidity himself.De.Mrs. China quickly forgave him.She thought it was the result of a charming innocence.It seemed to her that what was lacking in a man whom everyone considered brilliant was an air of innocence.

I have a great distrust of your little governess, Madame Derville has several times told her, and I find him always thinking, and deliberate in every move.This is a sinister man. Julien didn't know how to answer De.Mrs Rainer, unfortunately, he was deeply humiliated. A man like me must remedy this failure.He seized the moment when he passed from one room to another, and kissed de.Mrs Rainer, he considered it his duty. Nothing could have been more unexpected, more unpleasant, or more impertinent, either to him or to her.They almost got caught.De.Mrs Rainer thought he was crazy.She was terrified and above all offended.This stupid act reminded her of the Valenoord.

She thought: what would happen if I was alone with him?All her ideas of chastity came back, for love was gone.So she managed to always keep one child with her. Julien spent the whole day in a morose, clumsy execution of his scheme of seduction.Every time he glanced at De.Mrs Rainer, with a why in her eyes; but he was not so foolish as not to see that he must not be lovable, much less charming. De.Madame Rainer was amazed to see him so clumsy and at the same time so bold.This is the shyness of a wise man in love!She finally said to herself, she was so happy that she couldn't describe it, she dared to say that he had never been loved by my rival in love!

After lunch, De.Mrs. Rainer went back to the living room to receive Charcot, the mayor of Bolai.De.A visit from Mr. Morgiron.She works on a tall little embroidery frame.Madame Derville sat beside her.In such a position, in broad daylight, our hero thinks he can stretch his boots over to step on De.Madame Rainer's fine feet, her mesh stockings, and her beautiful shoes from Paris had evidently caught the attention of the prefect. De.Madame Rainer was so frightened that she dropped the scissors, the ball of yarn, and the needle, that Julien's movement could be seen as a clumsy attempt to stop the scissors as he saw them fall.Fortunately the little English steel scissors broke, and De.Madame Rainal regretted for a moment that Julien had not sat nearer to her.

You saw the scissors fall before me, you should have blocked it, but your enthusiasm did not block the scissors, but gave me a hard kick. All this deceived the mayor, but not Mrs. Derville.What an idiot the handsome boy is behaving!she thinks.The etiquette of provincial capitals never condoned such mistakes.De.Mrs. Rainer found an opportunity to say to Len: Be careful, I command you. Julien saw his own clumsiness, and was very angry. He argued with himself for a long time, wondering whether he should be angry with me for saying that I ordered you. He was stupid enough to think: If the education of the children is a matter, She may order to me; but to answer my love, she shall consider us equal.You can't love him without equality. All your thoughts are devoted to the commonplaces about equality.He angrily recited to himself the line of Corneille that Madame Derville had taught him a few days before:

love Create equality without pursuing equality. Julien insisted on playing the part of Don Juan, although he had never had a mistress in his life, and he had been a fool all day.He had only one thought right, he was right about himself, about Germany.Madame Rainer was weary and watched with terror as the evening approached, and he had to sit in the garden again next to her in the dark.He is right.Monsieur Rainer said that he was going to see the abbe at Verrières, that he would leave after supper, and return at night. In Verrières, Julien saw that Abbe Chelan was busy moving, and he was dismissed, and Maslon was replaced by the abbe.Julien, helping the good abbe to move, wanted to write a letter to Fouquet, saying that his irresistible ambition to the priesthood had prevented him from accepting his well-meaning proposal, but he had just seen an example of injustice, perhaps not receiving the divine. Goods are more beneficial to the salvation of his soul.

Julien was grateful to his ingenuity for being able to take advantage of the dismissal of the abbe de Verrières to save himself a way out, and then return to business, if in his heart sad prudence finally triumphed over heroism.
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