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Chapter 20 Chapter 20 Anonymous Letters

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As he was leaving the drawing-room near midnight, Julien seized the opportunity to say to his lover: Let's not see each other tonight, your husband is suspicious; I swear the long letter he read with a sigh was an anonymous letter. Fortunately Julien had locked the door.De.Madame Rainer had the foolish notion that this warning was no more than an excuse for not seeing her.She was indeed in a daze, and came to his door at the usual hour.Julien heard a noise in the passage, and immediately blew out the lamp.Someone pushes the door hard: Yes Germany.Mrs Rainer?Is it a jealous husband? Early the next morning, the cook who had been protecting Julien brought him a book, on which he read a few words written in Italian on one cover: see page one hundred and thirtieth.

Trembling at this indiscretion, Julien found page one hundred and thirtieth, and found on it the following letter, hastily written, full of tears, and with no regard for spelling. Usually Germany.Madame Rainer's spellings were all correct, and this detail moved Julien so much that he forgot for a moment the terrible indiscretion. Did you not want to receive me last night?There are times when I feel like I've never seen the depths of your soul.Your gaze scares me.I fear you.Great God!Did you never love me?If so, let my husband discover our love, and let him lock me up in an eternal prison, in the country, far from my children.Perhaps God wills it so.I will die soon.And you will be a demon.

You do not love me?Are you tired of my madness, my regrets, blasphemer?Do you want to destroy me?I tell you an easy way.Go, go and show this letter to all Villiers, or better yet, let M. Valenod read it alone.Tell him I love you, no, say the blasphemy, tell him I adore you, my life began the day I saw you; tell him it was in the wildest moments of my youth that I even Never dreamed of the happiness you brought me; tell him I sacrificed my life for you, and I will sacrifice my soul for you.You know I have sacrificed far more for you. But does this person know what sacrifice is?Tell him, to piss him off, that I am not afraid of these villains, that I have only one misfortune in this world.That's the only person I've ever been attached to that has changed my mind.What a blessing it is to me to lose my life, to offer it as a sacrifice, and to be no longer afraid of my children!

There is no doubt, my dear friend, that if there is ever an anonymous letter, it must be from this odious fellow who, for six years, with his loud voice, with how he gallops, with his pretensions, with his infinity He enumerates his strengths to pester me. Is there an anonymous letter?Heartless people.That's exactly what I wanted to discuss with you; but no, you're right.Holding you in my arms, maybe for the last time, I can't discuss it calmly like when I am alone anyway.From now on, our happiness will not be so easy.Does this make you unhappy?Yes, in the days when you couldn't get an interesting book from Mr. Fouquet.The sacrifice has been made, and tomorrow, with or without the anonymous letter, I will tell my husband that I have received an anonymous letter, and that he must immediately reward you heavily, find a grand pretext, and send you back to your parents at once.

well!Dear friend, we have to part for half a month, maybe a month!Go ahead, I believe in you, you will feel the same pain as I do.But in the end, this is the only way to make up for the consequences of this anonymous letter; it is not the first one my husband has received, and it is about me.well!How I laughed it off! The whole object of my action was to let my husband know that the anonymous letter was from M. Valenod; I was sure it was he who wrote it.When you leave here, be sure to stay in Verrières.I'm going to make my husband want to live there for a fortnight too, to show those idiots that his relationship with me isn't cold.As soon as you arrive at Verrières, you form friendships with everyone, even with the Liberals.I know all those ladies would love to know you.

Don't quarrel with M. Valenod, and don't cut off his ear, as you said the other day;Mainly to let the people at Villiers know that you are going to educate the children at the Valenod's or someone else's. This is something my husband will never tolerate.Even if he is determined to bear it, well, at least you live in Verrieres, and I can see you a few times.My children love you so much and will visit you.Great God!I feel that I love my children more because they love you.What a remorse, how it will all end, I'm pulling away, anyway you know what you have to do; be gentle and polite with those vulgar people, don't look down on people, I beg you on my knees they will be our destiny cover up.Do not doubt for a moment that my husband will treat you as public opinion dictates to him.

It is up to you to provide me with anonymous letters, and you will need patience and a pair of scissors.Cut out the words you are about to read out of a book, and glue them to a piece of bluish paper I am sending you from M. Valenod.Wait for your room to be searched; burn your clipped books.If you can't find a ready-made word, just be patient and spell it letter by letter.To ease your fatigue, I have kept my anonymous letter very short.well!How long my letter will seem to you if you cease to love me as much as I fear! anonymous letter lady: Your little tricks have been seen; but those who would stop them have been informed.Out of the sliver of friendship I still have with you, I ask you to get rid of that little peasant once and for all.If you are smart enough to do this, your husband will believe that the notice he received has lied to him, and we will let him go.Think, I hold your secrets; tremble, wretched woman; be sure to walk right before me now.

After you paste the words on the letter (do you recognize the director's tone?), immediately leave the house, I will wait for you. I shall go to the village and come back flustered, and I shall be flustered indeed.Great God!What a risk I ran, all because you thought you guessed an anonymous letter.In short, I shall hand over to my husband with a sad face this letter which has been handed to me by a man whom I do not know.And you, you will take the children for a walk in the woods, and come back at mealtime. You will see the Pigeon House from the cliff.If our business is going well, I put a white handkerchief; otherwise, nothing.

Won't your heart, heartbreaker, let you find a way to tell me you love me before you go out for a walk?No matter what happens, you can be sure of one thing, I won't live another day after we part forever.ah!bad mother!I have just written three words that mean nothing to me, my dear Julien.I don't feel them, all I can think about at this moment is you, and I write them so that you won't condemn me.Now, I see that I'm losing you, what's the use of covering up?Yes, make me feel cruel in my heart, but don't make me lie to the man I adore!I've been lied to too much in my life.Listen, if you don't love me anymore, I forgive you too.I don't have time to reread my letter.To exchange my life for the happy time I just spent in your arms is nothing to me.You know, they cost me much more.

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