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Chapter 24 Chapter 24 Provincial Capital

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Finally, he saw some black walls on the hill in the distance, which was the fortress of Besançon.He sighed: How different it would be if I had come to this important military town in order to be a second lieutenant in a regiment entrusted to defend it! Besançon is not only one of the most beautiful cities in France, but also has many courageous and intelligent people.However, Julien was just a small farmer, and he couldn't get close to those outstanding people. He took a suit of civilian clothes from Fouquet in which he walked across the drawbridge.His mind was filled with the history of the siege of 1674, and he wanted to see the walls and forts before he was locked up in the seminary.Two or three times he narrowly escaped being caught by the sentries, and he entered an area where the sappers kept pedestrians off in order to sell hay for twelve or fifteen francs a year.

For a few hours all he could see were high walls, deep ditches, and scary-looking cannons, until he reached the café on the boulevard.He was so amazed that he couldn't move. He could not believe his eyes when he clearly saw the words "Cafe" written on the top of the two doors. He tried his best to restrain his timidity and went in boldly. , the ceiling is at least twenty feet high.On this day, after him, everything was like a fairyland. There are two pool games going on in the hall.The waiters shouted the count, and the ball players ran around the table, surrounded by spectators.Puffs of smoke came out of all the people's mouths, enveloping them in a blue cloud.The tall figures, the clumsy movements of these people, the bushy beards, and the long dresses wrapped around them all attracted Julien's attention.The descendants of these ancient @@Bisontium shouted as soon as they spoke, and acted like a martial artist.Julien was stunned, his mind was filled with the magnificence and magnificence of a metropolis like Besançon, and he had no courage at all to even ask for a cup of coffee from those gentlemen with haughty eyes shouting billiard points Don't dare.However, the lady at the counter had already noticed the charming face of the young squire. He was standing three steps away from the stove with a small package under his arm, looking at the bust of the king made of white plaster. .The lady, a tall Franche-Confén, of superb figure and dressed to impress a café, had already whispered twice in a voice that Julien only wanted to hear: Monsieur !gentlemen!Julien saw a pair of large blue eyes, very gentle, and it turned out that they called him.

He hurried up to the counter and the pretty girl, as if charging at the enemy.He moved too much and the package fell off. What pity our provincial will arouse in the young schoolboys of Paris, who already at the age of fifteen know how to enter a café with dignity.Yet these children, despite their sophistication at fifteen, turn to mediocrity at eighteen.The passionate timidity one sees in the provinces can sometimes be overcome, and then it teaches ambition.Julien approached such a beautiful girl.I have to tell her the truth, he thought.Julien overcomes his timidity and becomes brave, Madame, I am in Besançon for the first time in my life; I would like a piece of bread and a cup of coffee very much, and I will pay for it.

The young lady smiled, and then blushed; she was afraid that the pool players would make fun of the handsome young man.He wouldn't come if he was frightened. You sit here, next to me.She pointed to a marble table that was almost completely hidden by a huge mahogany counter that jutted out of the hall. The young lady leaned over the counter, which gave her the opportunity to unfold her wonderful body.Julien noticed, and all his thoughts changed at once.The beautiful lady put before him a cup, sugar, and a small piece of bread.She could not decide whether to call a waiter for the coffee, knowing that her private conversation with Julien would be over when the waiter came.

Julien was lost in thought, comparing the jovial fair-haired beauty with certain memories which so often agitated him.He thought of the passion with which he had been the object, and his timidity was almost swept away.It was not long before the beautiful young lady saw Julien's thoughts in his eyes. The smoke from the pipe makes you cough, come and dine before eight o'clock tomorrow morning, when I'm pretty much alone. what's your nameasked Julien, with just the right amount of shyness in his gentle smile. Amanda.Binet. Will you allow me to send you a package like this one in an hour?

The beautiful Amanda thought about it. I am being watched, and what you ask of me may implicate me; however, I wrote my address on a slip of paper, which you affixed to the parcel.Feel free to send it to me. My name is Julien.Sorel, said the young man, I have neither relatives nor acquaintances in Besançon. ah!I see, she said cheerfully, you're here for law school? well!No, replied Julien, I was sent to the seminary. Amanda's face changed, cast over with the most utter disappointment; she called a waiter: she was not afraid now.The waiter poured Julien his coffee without looking at him.

Amanda was collecting money at the counter; Julien was so proud that he dared to speak; at this moment a quarrel broke out on a billiard table.The quarrels and protests of the billiard players echoed in the hall, and Julien was surprised by the noise and noise of the hall.Amanda didn't know where to go, she lowered her eyes. If you wish, Mademoiselle, said Julien suddenly and confidently, I will say that I am your cousin. This little domineering air was exactly what Amanda wanted. This is not an insignificant young man.she thinks. I'm from Ginny, near Dijon; you say you're from Ginny too, a cousin on my mother's side.

I remember. In summer, every Thursday and five o'clock, the gentlemen of the seminary pass by the cafe.If you still want to see me, I pass by with a bunch of purple cocoons in your hand. Amanda looked at him in amazement, and her gaze changed Julien's bravery into recklessness; nevertheless, he blushed as he spoke: I feel that I love you with the strongest love. Speak softly.She told him that she looked very scared. Julien tried to recall the sentences in the fragmentary volume of "New Herodis" which he had found at Verges.He had a good memory, and for ten minutes he recited the "New Herodis" to the ecstatic Amanda, and while he was delighted with his bravery, the beautiful Franche-Ms. Comté's His face suddenly became as cold as ice.One of her lovers appeared at the door of the café.

Whistling and shaking his shoulders, he approached the counter and glanced at Julien.Julien's imagination, always carried to extremes, was now occupied only with thoughts of a duel.His face was pale, and he pushed away the cup, showing a determined expression, and looked at his rival very intently.The rival in love lowered his head and casually poured a glass of soju on the counter.With a wink, Amanda ordered Julien to lower his eyes too.He obeyed.For a good two minutes he remained where he was, pale and determined, thinking only of what was going to happen;The rival in love marveled at Relian's eyes, drained the glass in one gulp, said something to Amanda, put his hands in the side pockets of his voluminous coat, and approached a pool table, panting heavily. Angry, he glanced at Julien.Julien got up in a rage, but he did not know how to behave insolently.He put down the small package, swaggered as much as he could, and approached the pool table.

Prudence said to him: duel as soon as you arrive in Besançon, the priest's career is over.But it didn't work. Whatever it is, no one will ever say that I let an insolent person go. Amanda saw his bravery; it was an interesting contrast to the innocence of his manner; for a moment she liked him more than the tall young man in the frock coat.She stood up, pretending to keep her eyes on a person passing by in the street.Quickly stood between him and the pool table. Don't squint at this gentleman, he's my brother-in-law. It's none of my business, he looked at me. do you want to make me sadIndeed, he looked at you, and perhaps he will come and talk to you.I just told him that you are a relative from my mother's side, and you came from Renli.He is a Franche-Comté, and he has never been farther than Dole on this Burgundy road; so say what you will, without fear.

Julien was still hesitating; the woman at the counter, whose imagination had provided her with a great deal of lies, added: He did look at you, but that was when he asked me about you; he is a man who is rude to everyone, and he did not mean to insult you.Julien's eyes followed the so-called brother-in-law, who had bought a number and played on the farther of the two pool tables.Julien heard his rough voice shouting menacingly: I will kick off.He hurried around behind Miss Amanda and took a step towards the pool table.Amanda grabbed his arm: Pay me first.She told him. Yes, Julien thought, she is afraid that I will go away without paying.Amanda was as excited as he was, flushed; she gave him change as slowly as she could, whispering repeatedly: Get out of the café at once, or I will not love you; in fact, I love you very much. Julien did go out, but slowly, I also gasped and stared at this rude guy. He said to himself repeatedly, isn't it my responsibility?Undecided, he walked for an hour in the street in front of the café; he saw if the man had come out.The man did not appear, and Julien went away. He had been in Besançon only a few hours, and already he had a regret.The old soldier, despite his rheumatism, had given him several fencing lessons, which were all Julien could use to vent his anger.If he had known that there were other ways to show anger than a slap in the face, bad swordsmanship would have been all right; if he had raised his fists, his rival was a colossal creature, and would have beaten him and knocked him down. For a wretch like me, thought Julien, there is no difference between a seminary and a prison without a guardian or money.I have to store my civilian clothes in a hotel somewhere and put on black.In case I can leave the seminary for a few hours, I can put on civilian clothes and meet Miss Amanda.Julien thought very well, but he walked through all the hotels and dared not enter any of them. At last he came again to the Ambassador Hotel, and his restless eyes met those of a fat woman, still quite young, with a fresh complexion, and a happy, cheerful expression.He approached her and told his story. Of course, my pretty little abbe, said the wife of the ambassador's restaurant, I keep your casual clothes and dust them often.In such weather, it would not do to leave a woolen garment there.She took a key, took him herself into a room, and asked him to make a list of what was left behind. Good God, Monsieur Sorel, you look so fine, the stout woman said to Julien as he went downstairs to the kitchen, I will prepare you a good meal, and, she added in a low voice, the others For fifty sous, you only pay twenty; for you have to take good care of your little purse. I have ten louis.Julien replied somewhat complacently. ah!Good God, good proprietress, be alert, don't speak so loudly, there are many bad people in Besançon.It will be stolen in a blink of an eye.In particular, never go into a cafe, it's full of bad people. real!Julien said that the landlady's words made him think deeply. Don't go anywhere else, just come to me and I'll make you coffee.Remember, you can always find a friend here and a good meal for twenty sous; and that's settled, I think.Go to dinner, I will serve you personally. I can't take it anymore, Julien said to her, I am so moved, I will go to the seminary after leaving your door. The kind woman let him go after filling his pockets with food.At last Julien made his way to that dreadful place; the landlady stood at the door and showed him the way.
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