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Chapter 29 Chapter 29 The first promotion

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After the incident in the cathedral, Julien had been immersed in deep dreams for a long time, and he could not get rid of it. One morning, the stern Abbe Pirard sent for him. Look, Chase.Father Bernard has written to say good things about you.Overall, I am quite satisfied with your conduct.You are extremely careless, even rash, you just don't show it, but so far, your heart is kind, even magnanimous, and your intellect is extraordinary.In short, I see a spark in you that cannot be ignored.I have worked for fifteen years, and I am leaving this house: my crime was to allow the seminarians to judge freely, without protecting and destroying that secret society you told me about in the confession booth.Before I go, I want to do something for you, if it weren't for the Amanda I found in your room.Binet's address made a revelation, which I should have done two months ago, and you deserve it.I make you a tutor of both the New Testament and the Old Testament.

Julien was so grateful that he didn't know what to say, and he wanted to kneel down and thank God; but another, more genuine emotion came to him.He approached the Abbe Pirard, took his hand, and held it to his lips. What is this for?exclaimed the Abbe Pirard angrily; but Julien's eyes said more than his actions. Father Pilar looked at him in amazement, like a man who has been unaccustomed to delicate feelings for many years.The gaze betrayed the dean, and his voice changed. All right!Yes, my child, I have great affection for you.God knows this is impossible.I was supposed to be impartial, to have neither hatred nor love for people.Your life will be difficult.I see in you something that displeases the layman.Jealousy and slander will come after you.Wherever God has placed you, your companions will not look at you without hatred; if they pretend to love you, it is to betray you with greater certainty.There is only one way to do this, and that is to turn to God alone, who punishes your conceit by making you hated; be pure in your conduct, which I think is your only hope.If you cling to the truth with an invincible embrace, sooner or later your enemies will be discomfited.

Julien, who had not heard the voice of friendship for so long, could not help crying, and we must forgive him for his weakness.Father Pilar opened his arms to him, and the moment was sweet for both. Julien was ecstatic; this was his first promotion; the benefits were enormous.To imagine these benefits, one has to have been forced to have no moments of solitude for several months, and to have direct contact with some at least annoying, and mostly intolerable classmates.Their clamor alone is enough to drive the nerves of the weak.These well-fed, well-clothed country people can only feel the noisy joy and feel fully expressed when they scream with all the strength of their lungs.

Now Julien dined alone, or almost an hour after the other students.He has the key to the garden, and he can walk in it when no one is there. Julien was astonished to find that he was not hated so much; he had expected a redoubled hatred.His secret desire not to be spoken to him, which was still too obvious and which had won him many enemies, no longer marked a ridiculous arrogance.It was a fitting sense of his position in the eyes of the vulgar people around him.Hate was markedly lessened, especially among the youngest of his classmates who became his pupils, and he treated them with civility.Gradually, he actually had supporters, who called him Martin.Luther was already inappropriate.

But of what use is it to speak the names of his friends and foes?All this is ugly, and the more realistic the picture, the uglier it is.But they are the only moral teachers of the people, and what would the people be without them?Can the newspaper take the place of the parish priest? After Julien took up his new post, the dean of the seminary pretended not to speak to him without the presence of witnesses.This approach is a kind of caution for both the master and the disciple, but it is especially a test.Pyrrha was a strict Jansenist, and his unchanging principle was: Do you think a man has talent?Then put obstacles in the way of everything he wishes for, everything he does.If his talents were real, he would certainly be able to push down or get around obstacles.

The hunting season has come.On a whim, Fouquet sent a deer and a wild boar to the seminary in the name of Julien's parents.Two dead beasts stood in the passage between the kitchen and the mess hall.The students of the seminary passed by there when they were eating, and they all saw it.This became a great target for curiosity.Even though the boar was dead, the youngest students were startled, and they stroked its tusks.For a whole week, no one talked about anything else. This gift placed Julien's family in a respectable section of society, and dealt jealousy a fatal blow.Fortune confirmed Julien's superiority.Chazelle and some of his best students approached him, almost complaining that he had not told them about his parents' fortune, and that they were in danger of disrespecting money.

Conscription was in progress at the time, and Julien, a seminarian, was exempt from military service.He was very excited by the incident, oh, this moment is gone forever, if only twenty years earlier, I would have begun a heroic life! He was walking alone in the garden of the seminary when he heard some masons repairing the wall talking. Hey, it's time to go, another recruit. In that man's day, that would be great!Masons can be officers and generals, I have seen it. Now go check it out!Only the poor leave, and those who have a few in their hands stay in their hometown. Born poor, poor for life, that's the thing.

Hey, they said the man died, is that true?said the third mason. It's the big guys who, you see, that man scares them. What a difference, at that time, the work was done well!That he was betrayed by his marshals: that's what traitors do! Julien was somewhat relieved by this conversation.He sighed as he left, reciting: the only king the people still remember The day of the exam has arrived.Julien answered brilliantly, and he saw that Chazelle also tried to show all his knowledge. On the first day the examiners, appointed by the eminent vicar of Fauclair, were so displeased that they had to place the company first, or at least second, on the list, when it was pointed out to them that this Julien.Sorel was the favorite of the Abbe Pilar.At the Seminary there was a bet that Julien would be number one in the list of examination results, which would bring him the honor of dining with the Bishop.But towards the end of an examination involving the godfathers, a cunning examiner, after asking Julien questions about St. Jerome and his passion for Cicero, spoke of Horace, Virgil, and Several other secular writers.The classmates knew nothing about it, but Julien recited many passages from these authors.Success dazzled his head, he forgot where, and, in response to repeated questions from the examiner, he recited and paraphrased several of Horace's canticles with great enthusiasm.Julien took the bait, and after twenty minutes had passed, the examiner suddenly changed his face, and sharply accused him of wasting time on these secular writers, and filling his head with many useless or evil thoughts.

I am a fool, sir, and you are right.Julien said humbly, suddenly realizing that it was an ingenious trap, and he fell for it. This ruse of the examiner, even in the seminary, was considered base, but it did not prevent De.Monsieur Friley wrote with his strong hand the number 198 next to Julien's name.De.Mr. Friley was a shrewd man who organized a congregational network in Besançon so skilfully that his dispatches to Paris terrified the judges, the prefects, and even the generals of the garrison.He was delighted to have thus insulted his enemy, the Jansenist Pyrrha. For the past ten years, his major event has been the removal of Pyrrha from the post of dean of the seminary.Abbe Pirard is sincere, honest, not intriguing, loyal to his duty, and he himself does not violate the code of conduct he stipulated for Julien.But God gave him a violent and irritable temper in anger, especially sensitive to insults and hatred.No insult would be in vain against this fiery soul.God put him in this position, he thought he was useful for this position, otherwise he would have resigned a hundred times, I put a stop to Jesuitism and idolatry.he said to himself.

During the exam period, he hadn’t spoken to Julien for about two months. When he received the bulletin announcing the exam results, he saw the number 198 written next to the student’s name. Consider this student an honor to the seminary.The only consolation for this stern-tempered man was to focus all his surveillance devices on Company.He was glad that he found no anger, no revenge, no discouragement in Julien. A few weeks later, he shuddered when he came across a letter stamped with the postage stamp of Paris. At last, he thought, de.Madame Rainer remembered her promise.A signature Paul.Monsieur Sorel, who claimed to be his relation, sent him a bill for five hundred francs.The letter also stated that if Julien continued to study those excellent Latin writers and achieved good results, he would send him the same amount of money every year.

This is her, this is her kindness, Julien's heart was full of tenderness, and he said to himself, "She wants to comfort me, but why doesn't she say a word of affection?" He made a mistake with this letter, De.Madame Rainer, under the tutelage of her friend Madame Derville, was completely absorbed in deep remorse.She also couldn't help thinking of that unusual man from time to time, whose encounter had disturbed her life, but she took care not to write to him. If we use the language of the seminary, we can admit that this remittance of five hundred francs is a miracle, and we can say that God used de.Mr. Friley himself sent this present to Julien. Twelve years ago, De.The abbe Fréley came to Besançon with the smallest suitcase, which, according to rumors, contained all his belongings.Today he is one of the richest landowners in the province.In the process of his becoming rich, he bought half of a piece of real estate, and the other half fell into de.Lamor is in the hands of Cai.The two then fought a big lawsuit. Although De.The Marquis de La Mole, who had a prominent position in Paris and held an important post in the palace, still felt that it was a dangerous thing to fight in Besançon with a bishop who was said to be able to influence the appointment and dismissal of the governor.He could have asked for a bounty to concede this little lawsuit of fifty thousand francs to des.Father Friley, but instead of doing that, he was pissed off.He thought he was right, and for good reason! But let me venture to ask: what judge does not have a son or some kind of relation to be placed somewhere? To make the blindest see clearly, De.A week after winning the first verdict, the Abbe Friedley rode in his lord's carriage, and personally presented his lawyer with a knighthood of the Legion of Honor.De.Somewhat shocked by the other party's actions, M. La Mole, feeling his lawyer softened, consulted the abbe Chelan, who suggested that he contact M. Pirard. At the time of our story, their relationship had been going on for several years.Father Pilar threw himself into the matter with all his fiery character.He kept meeting with the Marquis's lawyer, studied the case, and after confirming that the Marquis' case was justified, he publicly became de.Litigation attorney of the Marquis of La Moore, and the powerful deputy bishop.Such insolence, and that of a little Jansenist, shames the Bishop! See what this court aristocrat who thinks he is so powerful is, deFather Friley told his cronies that deM. Larmor has not even sent his agent at Besançon a single wretched medal, and is about to have him disgracefully dismissed.But I have been written to say that this senator wears a blue ribbon every week to the salon of the keeper of the seal, whatever the keeper of the seal may be! Despite the best efforts of Father Pilar, de.Mr. Lamour also had the best relationship with the Minister of Justice, especially with his subordinates, and six years of painstaking efforts have only resulted in not completely losing the lawsuit. The Marquis continued to correspond with the Abbe Pirard for a matter that both of them were passionately concerned about, and finally tasted the abbe's intelligence.Gradually, despite the disparity in social status, their correspondence took on a genial tone.Father Pirard told the Marquis that someone had used insults to force him to resign.He was so annoyed by that base trick that he thought it was aimed at Julien, and he told the Marquis about Julien. Although this great nobleman is rich, he is not stingy at all. He has never been able to get Father Pilar to accept his money, including paying for the postage spent on handling the case.As soon as he had an idea, he sent five hundred francs to the priest's beloved student. De.Mr. Larmor himself wrote the letter advising the remittance.This incident reminded him of the priest. One day, the abbe received a note saying that he was urgently requested to go to an inn on the outskirts of Besançon.There he met De.Mr Larmor's butler. M. the Marquis sent me to bring you his carriage, and the man told him that he hoped that after reading this letter you would be able to leave for Paris in four or five days.Tell me the time, during which time I shall visit M. Marquis' estate in Franche-Comté.Then, when it suits you, we leave for Paris. The letter is short: My dear sir, get away from the troubles of the provinces, and come to Paris to breathe a little quiet air.I am sending you my car, and I have ordered your decision to be awaited within four days.I myself am waiting for you in Paris until Tuesday.I need your permission, sir, to accept in your name one of the best parishes near Paris.One of the wealthiest of your future parishioners who has never met you, but is more loyal to you than you can imagine, is deMarquis Larmor. The stern Father Pilar did not expect that he actually loved this seminary full of enemies. For fifteen years, he had exhausted his thoughts for it.De.Mr. Larmor's letter appeared to him like a surgeon about to undergo a cruel and necessary operation.His dismissal was inevitable.He asked the housekeeper to meet in three days. For forty-eight hours he was indecisive and distraught.In the end, he gave De.M. Larmor wrote a letter, and a letter to His Excellency which was a masterpiece of ecclesiastical style, but was a little too long.It may be difficult to find a more impeccable sentence, one that conveys a more sincere homage.This letter is destined to let De.Fraley first suffered for an hour in the presence of his master, detailing the causes of serious dissatisfaction in the letter, and even mentioned some mean little troubles. The Abbe Pirard had to endure it for six years, and at last he was forced to leave the parish. Someone stole firewood from his woodpile, poisoned his dog, etc., etc. After he finished writing the letter, he sent someone to wake Julien, who, like the other students, went to bed at eight o'clock in the evening. Do you know where the bishop lives?He said to him, in beautiful Latin style, Take this letter to His Excellency the Bishop.I won't hide it from you, I'm sending you to the pack of wolves.Watch and listen.There must be no lie in your answer, but you must consider that your interrogator may experience a real pleasure in finally being able to do you harm.My child, I feel very comfortable telling you about this experience before leaving you, because I do not want to hide from you that this letter from you is my resignation. Julien stood still. He loved the Abbe Pilar.Prudence said to him in vain: After this righteous man is gone, the Sacred Heart will disparage me, and perhaps drive me away. He can't just think about himself.What was difficult for him was how to think of a decent sentence, and he felt really exhausted at this time. how!My friend, are you not going? I have heard, Monsieur, said Julien timidly, that you have been in charge of the Seminary for so long without any savings, and I have six hundred francs here. Tears choked him up. This also needs to be registered, the former dean of the seminary said coldly, let's go to the bishop's mansion, it's getting late. It just so happened that that night De.The Abbe Foliley was on duty in the drawing-room of the Bishop's Palace; His Excellency had gone to dine at the Provincial House.Therefore, Julien gave the letter to de.Father Friley himself, though he did not know him. Julien was taken aback when he saw the priest openly open the letter to the bishop.The pretty face of the Vicar was at once an expression of amazement, mingled with intense joy, which then became doubly serious.Julien was so impressed by the good look of this face that he studied it carefully while he was reading the letter.The face would have been more dignified were it not for an extreme shrewdness in certain lines; an extreme shrewdness which would have revealed a hypocrisy had the owner of this pretty face lost his mind for a moment.The nose is too protruding, forming a straight line, unfortunately making a noble silhouette hopelessly resembling a fox.Besides, the abbé, who seemed so concerned with M. Pirard's resignation, was dressed in an elegant manner, which Julien liked, as he had never seen any other priest dressed. It was only later that Julien learned of deWhat is the special talent of Father Folley.De.Father Friley knew how to amuse a bishop.The bishop was a lovely old man, born to live in Paris, and considered coming to Besançon as an exile.His eyesight is extremely poor, and he loves to eat fish, so he picks out the thorns first when the fish is served. Julien was quietly looking at the priest who was reading his resignation over and over again, when the door suddenly opened with a creak.A richly dressed servant hurried past.Before Julien could turn to the door, he saw a little old man with a bishop's cross on his breast.He quickly knelt down on the ground, the bishop smiled kindly at him, and walked over.The handsome priest followed, and Julien remained alone in the drawing-room, taking his time to admire the pious luxury of the room. The Bishop of Besançon was a funny man who had suffered exile but was not overwhelmed; he was seventy-five years old and cared little about what happened ten years later. I think I saw a sharp-eyed student after passing by just now, who is he?The bishop asked, according to my regulations, shouldn't they go to bed at this time? This one is awake, I assure you, my lord, and he has great news: the only Jansenist remaining in your diocese has resigned.At last the terrible Abbe Pirard understood what it meant to speak. That's great!The bishop smiled, but I don't believe you can find someone who is equal to him in his place.In order to show you the value of this man, I will invite him to dinner tomorrow. The acting bishop wanted to take the opportunity to say something about choosing a successor.The bishop was not about to talk about business, so he said to him: Let us know how this one leaves before another one comes in.Call that student for me, and the child speaks the truth. Someone called Julien, and now I was between the two interrogators.he thinks.He felt he had never been so courageous. When he entered, two valets, who were better dressed than M. Valenod, were undressing the bishop.The bishop thought that he should first ask Julien about his studies, and then talk about M. Pilar.He talked about the teachings and was quite surprised.Soon he turned to the humanities, talking of Virgil, Horace, Cicero, names, Julien thought, that put me in the first ninety-eighth place.I have nothing left to lose, and let me shine.He succeeded, the bishop was overjoyed, and he himself was an excellent humanist. At a banquet in the provincial capital, a young girl of minor celebrity recited a poem in praise of Magdalene.In the midst of his literary interest, he soon forgot about Father Pilar and other business, and discussed with the seminarian whether Horace was rich or poor.The Bishop quoted several hymns, but his memory sometimes failed him, and Julien recited the whole poem at once, humbly.What amazed the bishop was that Julien never left his tone of chatter, reciting twenty or thirty Latin poems as if talking about what happened in the seminary.They talked about Virgil and Cicero.Finally, the bishop couldn't help but praise the young seminarian. Impossible to learn better. My lord, said Julien, your seminary can provide you with one hundred and ninety-seven people who are more worthy of your praise. what happened?This number surprised the bishop. I can back up what I have had the honor of saying before my lord bishop with official evidence.In the seminary's annual exams, I answered the very questions that adults appreciate at this very moment, and I came in one hundred and ninety-eighth. ha!It is the favourite of Father Pilar, exclaimed the Bishop laughing, looking at de Pirard.Mr. Friley, we should have expected it; you are aboveboard.My friend, he asked Julien, was it that you were woken up and sent here? Yes, my lord.The only time I ever walked out of seminary in my life was to help Chase on Eucharist.Cathedral decorated by Father Bernard. Optime [Note: Amazing. ], said the bishop, why, is it you who showed so much courage and put a few feather bundles on the canopy?These plume bundles scare me every year, and I am always afraid that they will kill me.You have a great future, my friend; but I don't want to spoil your sudden splendor by starving you here. The Bishop ordered biscuits and Malaga, Julien ate and drank, and Des.Father Friley was even more unfazed, because he knew that the bishop liked to see people eating with appetite and joy. The senior clergyman, growing more and more satisfied with his evening's entertainment, talked for a while about the history of the canon.He saw that Julien did not understand.He turns to the state of mind of the Roman Empire under the emperors of the time of Constantine.The last days of paganism were accompanied by a state of restless doubt which afflicts the melancholy and jaded minds of the nineteenth century.His Excellency noticed that Julien did not even know Tacitus's name. To the surprise of the senior clergyman, Julien honestly replied that there were no books by this author in the library of the seminary. I'm really glad, said the Bishop cheerfully, that you've helped me out of a big problem: for ten minutes I've been trying to figure out how to thank you for a lovely evening, which of course was unexpected.I did not expect to have such a learned man among my seminary students.I would like to give you a set of Tacitus, although it is an uncanonical gift. The bishop sent for eight well-decorated volumes, and gave Julien himself in Latin above the title of the first volume.Sorel wrote a compliment.The bishop boasted of his beautiful Latin writing; at last he said to him in a solemn tone quite different from the conversation: Young man, if you are humble, you will one day have the best parish in my diocese, and not a hundred miles from my episcopal palace, but you must be humble. Julien left the bishop's palace with eight books in his arms, and was greatly surprised. At this moment, the midnight bell rang His Excellency had not said a word to him about the Abbe Pirard.Julien was especially surprised at the bishop's extreme courtesy.He could not have imagined that such refinement could be combined with such a natural dignity.Julien was especially impressed by the comparison when he saw the Abbe Pirard waiting for him with a sullen and impatient face. What did they tell you?As soon as he saw him, he shouted in the same voice. Julien translated the bishop's words into Latin, which became more and more confused. Speak French, and repeat what His Excellency Bishop said, neither adding nor subtracting.The former dean of the seminary said that the tone was severe and the attitude was very indecent. What a strange gift from a bishop to a young seminarian!Flipping through the beautiful complete works of Tacitus, he said, the gilt incision seemed to disgust him. When two o'clock rang, he listened to the detailed report and let his beloved student go back to his room. Leave me the first volume of your Tacitus, which bears the patriarch's commendation, and he said to Lian, this line of Latin will be your lightning rod in this school when I go away.For to you, my son, my successor will be a raging lion that will seek someone to devour. Next morning Julien noticed something strange in the way his fellow students spoke to him.So he said nothing more, and now, he thought, this is the consequence of Father Pilar's resignation.The whole house knew it, and I was regarded as his favourite.In this way there must be insults.However, he couldn't see it.Instead, he ran into them along the corridor, and there was no hatred in their eyes, what happened?It must be a trap.Don't let them take advantage of it.The last little monk from Villiers said to him with a smile: The complete works of Tacitus. This was heard by them, and they rushed to compliment him, not only because he had received this fine gift from the bishop, but also because he had the honor of talking with the bishop for two hours.They know even the smallest details.From then on there was no more jealousy, they courted him cowardly, and the Abbe Castanede, who had treated him with the most insolence the day before, came to take him by the arm, and invited him to dinner. Julien's nature was hard to change, and the rudeness of these vulgar people had caused him a lot of pain, and their grovelings aroused his disgust, and he had no joy at all. Near noon, Father Pilar bid farewell to the students, and there was another severe lecture, you want honor in the world, he said to them, all the benefits in society, the joy of giving orders, or eternal salvation?The least learned among you can tell the two paths apart just by opening your eyes. As soon as he was gone, the Sacred Heart of Jesus went to the chapel to sing a hymn of thanksgiving.No one in the seminary took seriously the words of the former dean, and he was extremely unhappy that he had been dismissed.It is said everywhere that no seminarian would naively believe that anyone would voluntarily resign from a position connected with so many great benefactors. The abbe Pirard checked into the most beautiful hotel in Besançon and wanted to stay there for two days on the pretext of business, which he had nothing to do. The bishop had invited him to dinner, and tried to make him stand out in order to tease the vicar.At dessert, after dinner, came the curious news that the Abbe Pirard had been appointed vicar of a splendid parish N, four leagues from the capital.The good bishop congratulated him sincerely.The bishop regarded the whole affair as a well-played game, and was in a very good mood, and had a very high opinion of the abbe's talents.He gave him an excellent certificate in Latin, and deterred him from defiance, who dared to object.Father Foley spoke. In the evening, the bishop was in De.The Marchioness of Lubanple praised the Abbe Pirard.This was great news in the upper classes of Besançon; the speculation grew more and more confused as to how such an unusual favor had been obtained.Someone had already seen Father Pirard made bishop.The most savvy of those who think that Germany.Monsieur Lamour was a minister, so he dared to laugh at de.The high-society domineering airs of Father Foleyley. The next morning, when the Abbe Pirard went to see the judges in the Marquis' case, he was almost followed in the street, and merchants stood at the doors of their shops.For the first time he was received politely.The stern Jansenist, furious at what he saw, had a careful discussion with the lawyers he had chosen for the Marquis, and set off for Paris, where only two or three school-age friends kept sending him. Beside the carriage, he admired the coat of arms on the carriage.In a moment of bewilderment, he told them that he had managed the seminary for fifteen years and had left Besançon with only five hundred and twenty-one francs in his savings.The friends hugged him with tears, but privately said: It is ridiculous that a good priest could have avoided telling such a lie. Vulgar people are blindfolded by the love of money, and they can't understand. It is from his sincerity that Abbe Pilar draws the necessary strength to single-handedly oppose Mary.Of Alacoque, of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, of the Jesuits, and of his own Bishop.
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