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Chapter 35 Chapter 5 Sensitive and a pious lady

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After several months of probation, Julien stopped, and one day, the housekeeper brought him the salary for the third season.De.M. Larmor put him in charge of the management of estates in Brittany and Normandy.Julien therefore often traveled there.He is also responsible for Hede.Correspondence in the famous case of the Abbe Fleury.Father Pirard had told him about the case. The Marquis scribbled a few comments in the margins of the various documents which he received, and Julien wrote letters accordingly, nearly every one of which was worthy of his signature. At the seminary, the teachers complained that he didn't study hard, but they still regarded him as one of the best students.Julien, clutching at his various tasks with all the zeal inspired by painful ambition, soon lost the radiance which he had brought from the provinces.His pallor was a merit in the eyes of his fellow students, the young seminarians; he felt that they were far less wicked than those of Besançon, who fell before a crown; pulmonary disease.The Marquis gave him a horse.

Julien, fearful of being met when he went out riding, told them that he was following a doctor's order for this activity.Father Pilar took him to several Jansenist groups.Julien was amazed; for in him the idea of ​​religion was closely bound up with the idea of ​​hypocrisy and the prospect of getting rich.He admired these pious, stern people who didn't care about money.Several Jansenists treated him kindly and advised him.A new world opened up before him.Among the Jansenists he had known the Count of Altamira, a man nearly six feet high, a Liberal condemned to death in his own country, and deeply religious.He was deeply moved by the strange contrast between religious belief and freedom love.

Julien is estranged from the young count.Nobel felt that he reacted too violently to some of his friends' jokes.Julien made one or two mistakes in his actions, and he was determined never to follow De.Miss Lamour spoke.In Germany.He had always been courteous at the Larmor house, but he felt himself out of favor.His provincial common sense explained this result with the proverb: New is good. Perhaps he could see a little more clearly than when he first arrived, or perhaps the initial ecstasy of the Parisian metropolis had passed. As soon as he left his work, he was terribly bored; it was a dulling result of that peculiar politeness which is admirable, but very delicate according to position, very orderly.A slightly sensitive heart will see its affectation.

Of course, people from the provinces can be accused of mediocrity, or poor manners; however, when they answer you, they always have a little enthusiasm.In Germany.At La Mole, Julien's pride was never hurt, but he often felt like crying at the end of the day.In the provinces, if there is an accident when you walk into a cafe, the waiter will care about you; of course, if the accident is unpleasant and hurts your self-esteem, he will comfort you and say the uncomfortable thing ten times .In Paris, people take care to hide and laugh, but you are always an outsider. We will omit a whole host of little things which would have made Julien appear ridiculous if he had been in any way ridiculous.His unusual sensitivity made him do many clumsy things.His whole pastime was devoted to defense: he shot every day, and he was a good student of the most famous fencing teachers.When he had free time, he did not spend it in reading, as he used to do, but ran the studs, and wanted the worst horses.When he rode out with his riding master, he almost always fell off his horse.

Because he worked hard, didn't talk much, and was smart, the Marquis felt that he was quite comfortable, and gradually assigned him to take over various difficult tasks.Ambitious as he was, the Marquis always had time to spare, when he was shrewd in business;He bought houses, forests, but was easily irritable.He gave away hundreds of louis for nothing, but went to court for a few hundred francs.Rich people have high ambitions, and what they seek in lawsuits is fun, not results.The Marquis needed a chief of staff who could keep his finances in order and see them at a glance. De.Madame Lamour, in spite of her natural prudence, sometimes laughed at Julien.A lady is most disgusted by accidental actions caused by sensitivity, which is the opposite of etiquette.Two or three times the Marquis defended him: he is ridiculous in your drawing room, but he succeeds in your office.As for Julien, he thought he had the Marquise's secret.As long as you report to Germany.When Baron Lajumate arrived, she suddenly cared about everything.It was a cold, unmoved man.Small, thin, ugly, but well dressed, spent all day at court, and generally silent about anything.This is his way of thinking.De.For the first time in her life, Mrs. Larmor would be insanely happy if she could make him a husband to her daughter.

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