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Chapter 39 Chapter Nine Prom

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You are not happy, de.The Marchioness of La Mole said to her, I warn you: it is not very graceful at a ball. I just have a headache, Mathilde replied dismissively, it's too hot in here. At this time, it seems that De.Like Mademoiselle Raoul's words, the old Baron Tolly suddenly, dizzy, fainted, and had to be carried out.Some people said it was a stroke, which is really a disappointment. Mathilde ignored it.She has a set policy and never pays attention to those old people and people who just like to say bad things. She dances and avoids the conversation about the stroke, which the Baron didn't actually have because he reappears the next day.

M. Sorel is not here yet, she thought again after the dance.She was almost looking for him with her eyes, and suddenly found him in another drawing room, and strangely, he seemed to have lost that stoic indifference that had come so naturally to him, he had lost his English air. He's talking to my condemned man, Count Altamira!There was a sullen fire in his eyes, thought Mathilde; he was like a prince in disguise; his gaze grew more proud. While talking to Altamira, Julien kept approaching the place where she was; she gazed at him, and studied his expression, in order to discover in them those high qualities which give a man the honor of being condemned to death.

As he passed her, he said to Count Altamira: Yes, Danton is a man! God!Will he be a Danton?Mathilde said to herself, but his face is so noble, and that Danton is so hideously ugly that I feel like a butcher.Julien came closer, and she stopped him without hesitation, asking a question which was quite unusual for a girl, deliberately and proudly. Isn't Danton a butcher?She told him. Yes, in the eyes of some, replied Julien, with an expression of undisguised contempt, his eyes sparkling from his conversation with Altamira, but unfortunately, the He is a lawyer of Mery-sur-Seine, for noble people; that is to say, Mademoiselle, he added with a savage face, his beginnings are exactly like those of several members of the House of Peers that I have seen here.Indeed, in the eyes of a beauty, Danton has a huge shortcoming, he is ugly.

These last words were spoken quickly and in a peculiar, but certainly impolite manner. Julien waited for a moment, leaning forward slightly, with a humble but arrogant air.As if to say: I was paid to answer you, and I live on my wages.He didn't even bother to look up at Mathilde.As for her, her beautiful eyes were wide open, staring at him like his slave.In the end, no one spoke, and he looked at her like a servant looking at his master, waiting for orders.Mathilde kept staring at him with strange eyes, and finally, while staring firmly into her eyes, he apparently left in a hurry. He is indeed beautiful, she regained her composure and said in her heart, yet he praises ugliness like this!Blunt it out and never regret it!He was not a Kailus or a Croizenoy.This Soler looked a little like the Napoleon my father imitated at the ball.She completely forgot about Danton, and tonight, I'm really tired.She grabbed her brother's arm and, whether he liked it or not, made him walk around the dance floor with her.It turned out that she wanted to hear the conversation between the condemned prisoner and Julien.

The crowd huddled together.But she still catches up, two steps away, Altamira is stepping closer to a tray to get a cold drink, half sideways.He saw an arm in an embroidered dress holding a glass of cold drink nearby.The embroidered dress seemed to catch his attention; he turned fully to see whose arm it was.Suddenly, there was a hint of disgust in those eyes that were so noble and innocent. Look at that man, he said to Lian, in a rather low voice, that is the ambassador of a certain country, De.Prince Aracely.This morning, he addressed to you French Foreign Minister deMr. Nehwal has requested my extradition.See, there he is playing whist.De.Monsieur Nerval is going to hand me over, too, because we gave you two or three conspirators in 1816.If they hand me over to my king, I shall be hanged within twenty-four hours.And it was one of these handsome gentlemen with mustaches who caught me.

Shameless!said Julien, in a rather high voice. Mathilde heard every word.The boredom was gone. This is not so shameless, continued the count of Altamira, I am telling you about me to make a strong impression on you.Look at Prince Aracely, every five minutes he glances at his Golden Fleece; he is delighted to see this bird-feeding biscuit hanging on his chest.The poor man was nothing but a misfit.A hundred years ago, the Golden Fleece Medal was a supreme honor, but at that time people like him could not get it at all.Today, among people of high birth, only such people as Aracely are fascinated by it.He could hang the whole town for it.

Did he get it at this price?asked Julien anxiously. Not quite, replied Altamira grimly; he might have thrown into the river some thirty rich proprietors in his country who were considered Liberals. What heartless people!said Julien. De.Miss Lamour, listening with the keenest interest, tilted her head so near that her beautiful hair almost touched his shoulder. You are very young!I told you, said Altamira, that I had a sister who married into Provence; she was still beautiful, kind, gentle; a wonderful housewife, faithful to all her duties, pious but not false. What is he trying to say?De.thought Miss Larmor.

She was happy, continued the Count of Altamira, and she was happy in 1815.At that time I was hiding in her house, in her domain near Antibes; you see, she danced when she heard that Marshal Ney was executed! Is this possible?said Julien, stunned. It was partisanship, Altamira said, that there was no real passion anymore in the nineteenth century, and that was why people were so tired in France.People do the cruelest things without the spirit of cruelty. This is even worse!Julien said that, at least, when people commit crimes, they should also have the pleasure of committing crimes, and crimes have only this benefit, and even use this as a reason to justify crimes a little bit.

De.Mademoiselle La Mole completely forgot what she was supposed to do, and was almost entirely caught between Altamira and Julien.Her brother, accustomed to obey her, put her on his arm and looked elsewhere in the drawing room, pretending to be blocked by the crowd to hide his embarrassment. You're right, said Altamira, that people do everything but have no fun and remember, even crime.At this ball, I might be able to point you to ten people who could be condemned as murderers, and they forgot, and others forgot. Some people, if their dog's leg is broken, they will cry with distress.In the Pere Lachaise, when people throw flowers on their graves, you Parisians are so funny, we will be told that they have all the virtues of brave knights, and others will talk about their lives in the world. The feats of great-grandfathers under Henry IV.If the Prince of Arasseli has managed to save me from being hanged, and as soon as I enjoy my property in Paris, I will ask you to join eight or ten respectable and unrepentant murderers. Have a meal.

You and I, we'll be the only ones at the dinner without blood, but I'll be despised, even hated, as a bloodthirsty, Jacobin monster, and you'll be just as a Commoners who mixed into the upper class were despised. It couldn't be more true.De.said Miss Larmor. Altamira looked at her in amazement, but Julien looked at her with disdain. Please note that the team of revolutions I spearheaded did not succeed, Count Altamira continued, simply because I did not want to chop off three heads and give seven or eight million to our supporters, I have mastered the key to the treasury, today my king longs to hang me, and before the rebellion he called me by you; if I cut off three heads and divide the money in the treasury, he will put his Grand Medal for me because I can at least half succeed and my country will have a decent charter That's the way it is in the world, it's just a game of chess.

At that time, Yu Lian said, with fire in his eyes, you still can't download, but now Do you mean to say that I will chop off some people's heads, that I will not be that Girondist that you have explained to me?I answer you, said Altamira gloomily, that if you kill a man in a duel, it is far less ugly than having an executioner execute him. In my opinion, said Julien, if I were not an insignificant man with some power, I could kill three people to save four if I wanted to achieve my goal by any means. His eyes shone with the fire of sincerity and contempt for the false judgments of the world;Miss Larmor's eyes.But far from being elegant and gentle, that contempt seemed to intensify. She was irritated, but she could not forget Julien; she was annoyed, and dragged her brother away. I'm going to drink punch and dance, she told herself, I'm going to pick the best one and get attention at all costs.Well, this is the notoriously impertinent, Lord Fewak.She accepted his invitation, and they danced, and we'll see who's the wildest, she thought, but, for the sake of teasing, I'll let him talk.Soon, the other quadrilles were just putting on a show, and no one wanted to miss a bit of Mathilde's sarcastic one-liner.De.Earl Fewak was flustered and couldn't find a thoughtful word, so he could only respond with elegant words, with a strange look on his face; Mathilde was angry in her heart, and treated him cruelly, almost as an enemy.She danced until dawn and was exhausted when she left.In the car back, what little energy was left was used to make her feel sad and unhappy.She was despised by Julien, but she could not despise him. Julien felt the uttermost happiness.Without knowing it, he was intoxicated with music, flowers, beauty, and general luxury, and above all with his imagination, which dreamed of his own glory, of the freedom of all. What a ball!Nothing was missing, he told the count. There is still a lack of thought.Altamira replied. His expression betrayed contempt, which was all the more stinging because it was evident that etiquette required concealing it. You are here, Monsieur Count.Is the mind still planning some conspiracy? I'm here because of my last name.In your living room people hate thought.It cannot go beyond the sarcasm of a line from a vaudeville, so that it will be rewarded.But the thinking man, you call him a cynic, if there is persistence and originality in his witticisms.Wasn't that the name one of your judges gave Courier?You put him in prison, like Branri.Here with you, the congregation convicts a misdemeanor court for anything of slight spiritual value, and high society applauds it. This is because your aging society values ​​etiquette first and foremost. You can never exceed the courage of ordinary people. You can have Murat [Note: Joachim.Murat, 1767 | 1815), French military strategist and Marshal of Napoleon I.Known for his outstanding cavalry commanders and valiant warriors. ], but there will never be Washington.I saw nothing but vanity in France.A thoughtful man blurted out an indiscreet quip, and the master took it as a disgrace. Speaking of which, the earl's carriage took Julien, and in des.They stopped in front of the Lamor House.Julien fell in love with his schemer.Altamira gave him a beautiful compliment, but obviously not from a deep conviction: you have no French frivolity, understand the principle of utility.It happened that Julien had read Casimir the day before yesterday.Mr. delavigne's tragedy "marino.Faliero. Israel.Berticio, has he not more character than all those Venetian nobles?Our angry plebeian said to himself, yet the proven aristocratic blood of these men goes back to AD 700, a century before Charlemagne;At the Duke of Lace's ball, the most noble ones can only be traced back to the thirteenth century, and they are still rolling and climbing.good!Although those Venetian nobles were of such noble origins, what people remember is Israel.Berticio. A treason wiped out all those titles which were bestowed by the capriciousness of society.And in treason, too, a man attains at once the position which his attitude towards death gives him.Even the intellect has lost its authority In this century of Valenods and Rainers, what would Danton be today?I'm afraid not even the king's deputy prosecutor. What am I talking about?He'll sell himself to the congregation, he'll be a minister, because the great Danton stole.Mirabeau also betrayed himself.Napoleon stole millions in Italy, otherwise he would have been overwhelmed by poverty like Pichegru.Only Lafayette never stole.Should it be stolen?Should you sell yourself?thought Julien.This question stumped him all of a sudden.For the rest of the night he read the history of the Revolution. The next day, while writing letters in the library, he was thinking about Count Altamira's conversation. In fact, he was lost in thought for a moment, and then he said to himself that if these Spanish Liberals implicated the people in their crimes, they would not be so easily purged.These are proud, bombastic kids like me!cried Julien suddenly, as if waking from a great dream, and jumped up. What hard thing have I ever done to have the right to judge these poor guys?Once in their life did they dare and act.I am like that person who said loudly when leaving the dinner table: I will not eat tomorrow, and this does not prevent me from being as strong and agile as I am today.Who knows what it's like to be halfway through a great operation?De.Miss Lamour's entry into the library interrupted his deep thoughts unexpectedly.He admired the great qualities of Danton, Mirabeau, and Cano, who would not be conquered. He was very excited, and his eyes stopped at De.Miss Lamour, without thinking of her, without saluting her, hardly seeing her.When his wide-open eyes finally sensed her presence, they suddenly darkened.De.Miss Lamour noticed, and felt a pang. She asked him for Willy's History of France, which was on the top shelf and she couldn't get it.Julien was obliged to carry the tallest of the two ladders.Julien moved the ladder, got the book, and gave it to her, but he still couldn't think of her.When he was withdrawing the ladder, because he was not thinking about it, his elbow touched a pane of glass in the bookcase.With a clang, the fragments fell to the ground, which woke him up.He hurried to Germany.Miss Lamour apologized, it was all he wanted to be polite.Mathilde could see that she had disturbed him, and that he would rather think about what happened to him before she came than to talk to her. She looked at him for a long time, then walked away slowly.Julien watched her go by.The contrast between the simple attire in front of him and the luxurious attire of the previous night made Julien very interested.The difference between the two looks is almost impressive as well.This girl is in Germany.The Duke of Lace's ball was so haughty that there was almost pleading in his eyes at this moment. Indeed, Julien thought, the black dress showed the beauty of her waist even more.She looks like a queen, but why does she wear mourning? If I ask who to wear mourning for, I may be doing something stupid again.Julien was completely out of his ecstasy, and I had to reread my morning letter, and who knows how many missing words and stupid mistakes I would find.He was trying to concentrate on reading the first letter when he heard a rustle of silk skirts beside him; he turned his head quickly, de.Miss Lamour was standing two paces from his table, laughing.This second interruption made Julien angry. As for Mathilde, she had just had a strong sense of her insignificance in the young man's eyes; the smile was intended to conceal her embarrassment, which she succeeded in doing. Evidently you are thinking of something very interesting, Monsieur Sorel.Is there some anecdote about that being conspired?It was that conspiracy which had brought Monsieur the Count of Altamira to Paris.Tell me how it is, I'd like to know; I'll keep the secret, I swear to you!She couldn't help being shocked when she heard herself say this sentence, why, she begged a servant!Still more embarrassed, she added in a relaxed tone: You have always been icy, what has turned you into an inspiration, a Michelangelo's prophet? This sharp and abrupt question hurt Julien deeply, and aroused all his madness again. Is Danton right to steal?He said to her suddenly, with an increasingly fierce look, the revolutionaries of Piedmont, the revolutionaries of Spain, should they implicate the people in some crime?Should they give all the posts in the army, all the crosses to people who don't even have credit for it?Don't those who wear these medals fear the king's return?Should the coffers of Turin be robbed?In short, madam, said he, approaching her horribly, should he who would drive ignorance and crime from the earth be swept away like a storm, to do evil aimlessly? Mathilde was frightened, couldn't bear his gaze, and took two steps back.She looked at him, and, ashamed of her fear, walked softly and quickly out of the library.
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