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Chapter 42 Chapter Twelve Is This a Danton?

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Between Julien and myself, there will be no marriage contract, no notaries; everything will be heroic, and everything will be the product of chance.Except for the nobility that he lacked, he was completely Margaret.De.Valoa's love for the most eminent man of his time, the young Lamor.Could it be my fault?The young men at court were so determined adherents of propriety that they turned pale with fright at the thought of the slightest risk.In their eyes, a trip to Greece or Africa is the ultimate daring, and it can only be ganged up.Once they found themselves alone, they were frightened, not of the Bedouin spears, but of being a laughing stock, and the fear drove them mad.

My lesser than even on the contrary, he only likes to act alone.This blessed individual has never had the slightest desire to seek support and help from others!He despises others, and that is why I do not despise him. If Julien was poor and a nobleman, my love would be but a vulgar folly, a mediocre marriage of wrong origin; I do not want such a love, which has not the slightest characteristic of great passion. , that is, the great difficulties that need to be overcome and the unpredictable changes. De.Miss Lamour was so absorbed in these beautiful inferences that the next day she unconsciously confronted de.The Marquis of Croixenois and her brother began to praise Julien.She talked endlessly, and finally aroused their dissatisfaction.

Beware of this young man with such energy, cried her brother, if there is another revolution, he will hang us all. She was careful not to answer directly, and was busy teasing her brother and De.The Marquis of Cruz-Zen-Zenoy, in fact, it was just the fear of unexpected situations, the fear of being overwhelmed by unexpected situations Well, gentlemen, you are always afraid of being a laughing stock, and this monster unfortunately died in 1816. In a country with two parties, deMr. Larmor said there was no such thing as a laughing stock anymore. His daughter understood the idea. Therefore, she said to the enemies of the company, you have been afraid in your life, and then people will say to you: This is not a wolf, but the shadow of a wolf.

Mathilde left them quickly.Her brother's words disgusted her; he disturbed her; but the next day she saw in them the most beautiful tribute. His energy frightened them in a century when any energy was dead.I'm going to tell him what my brother said; I want to see how he responds.But I have to pick a time when his eyes shine.Then he couldn't lie to me. He'll be a Danton!She thought wildly for a while, and added, all right!Suppose the revolution breaks out again, what role will Croizenoy and my brother play?That was foreordained: sublime resignation.That would be a heroic sheep, slaughtered without making a sound.The only thing they fear when they die is indecentness.My lesser company will smash the heads of the Jacobins who come to arrest him, if he has any hope of escape.He's not afraid of being indecent, he is.

These last words threw her into thought, awakened painful memories, and broke all her courage.This sentence reminded her of De.Kailus, De.Croixenois, De.The teasing of Luz and her brother Mr. Zhu.These gentlemen unanimously accused Julien of a kind of morale: humility and hypocrisy. But, she thought suddenly, with a twinkle in her eye, whether they wanted to or not, their biting and frequent teasing just proved that he was the most wonderful man we had met this winter.His shortcomings, his ridiculousness, what does it matter?His grandeur displeased them, though they were so kind and so forgiving.He was poor, of course, and he studied to be a priest; they were captains of hussars, so they didn't need to study, so it was much more comfortable.

In order not to starve to death, poor boy, he had to wear black all the time, with this priestly face, and it gave him all sorts of disadvantages, but his virtue still terrified them, that was all too obvious.And this priestly face disappears as soon as we are alone for a while.Didn't these gentlemen always look first at Julien when they uttered what they thought was subtle and unexpected?I noticed it clearly.Yet they knew very well that he would not speak to them unless they were asked.He only talks to me.He thinks I'm a noble soul.He answered their dissent with just the right amount of politeness, and then immediately turned his back.With me, he discussed for hours and hours, and as long as I disagreed, he was not sure of his own ideas.In short, we didn't fire guns all winter, we only drew attention with words.Besides, my father was an outstanding man who made our family prosperous, and he also respected Julien.The rest hated him, but no one despised him, except my mother's hypocritical girlfriends.

De.Count Caylus was, or pretended to be, fond of horses; he spent all day in the stable, and often dined there.This zeal, combined with his habit of never laughing, earned him great respect among his friends: he was a hawk in his circle. The next day, in Germany.They gathered together behind Madame Lamour's easy chair, and in Julien's absence, deWith the support of Croixenois and Nobel, Mr. Kailus fiercely attacked Mathilde's praise of Lian, but for some reason, he almost just saw de.Miss Lamour.She saw the mystery of it from a distance and was very happy. They are united, she thought, against a man of genius who does not have a pension of ten louis and who cannot answer unless asked.He was dressed in black, and they were afraid.What would happen if he wore epaulettes?

She's never been this good.As soon as the attack began, she surrounded Caylus and his allies with witty sarcasm.As soon as the jesting cannonballs of these eminent military officials were silenced, she turned to D.Mr. Kelus said: As long as tomorrow some squire from the Franche-Comté region discovers that Julien is his illegitimate son, and gives him a nobleman and a few thousand francs, within six weeks he'll grow a moustache like you, gentlemen. ; in six months he will be an officer of the hussars, like you, gentlemen.Then the greatness of his character was no longer a laughing stock.It seems to you, future Monsieur duke, that there is only this banal and absurd reason left: the nobility of the court is superior to the nobility of the provinces.But if I want to drive you into a corner, if I insist, out of cunning, that Julien's father was a Spanish duke who, in the time of Napoleon, was a prisoner of war at Besançon, and that he recognized him on his deathbed out of a pang of conscience. What do you have left?

All these assumptions about illegitimate birth, in de.Mr. Kailus and De.To M. Croizenoy, it was all rather vulgar.This is all they heard in Mathilde's argument. No matter how obedient Nobel was, her sister's words were too explicit, and he could not help putting on a serious look, which, it should be admitted, was not in harmony with his smiling, kind and gentle face. He ventured to say a few words talk. Are you sick, my friend?Mathilde replied slightly seriously, you must be very uncomfortable, why don't you answer the joke with preaching. Preach, you!Are you looking for the position of governor?

De.Count Kailus's angry face, Nobel's unhappiness and De.Mathilde soon forgot M. Croixennoy's silent despair, she had to make up her mind, and a fatal thought had just seized her. Julien was sincere enough with me, she said to herself, that at his age, his low position, and his misfortune by an astonishing ambition, he needed a girlfriend.Perhaps I am this girl; but I see no love in him, which, with his bold nature, he should have confessed to himself long ago. This uneasiness, this quarrel between herself and herself, made Mathilde restless from time to time; every time Julien talked to her, she found new reasons for it.And so the moments of boredom, which were so hard on her, were dispelled.

De.Mademoiselle Lamour's father was a man of intellect, who might have become a minister and returned the estates to the Church, and she had received the most excessive flattery at the Abbey of the Sacred Heart.This misfortune can never be undone.It is the trouble of kings, and the source of all their madness, that she is made to believe that she ought to be happier than other men, by virtue of all the advantages of birth, fortune, etc. Mathilde could not escape the harmful effects of this thought.No matter how intelligent a man may be, he cannot at the age of ten be wary of the flattery of the whole monastery, let alone seem so well-founded. From the moment she decided to love Julien, she never got tired of it, and every day she was glad that she had decided to throw herself into a great passion with a good idea, which had many dangers, she thought, and that was even better!The best is the best! Without great passion, I was languishing with boredom during the best years of my life, from sixteen to twenty.I have lost my best years; I have no other pleasure than listening to the nonsense of my mother's friends, who, it is said, in Koblenz in 1792, did not speak quite as they do today So seriously. Mathilde was tormented by these important questions, but Julien was still at a loss for the meaningful look she rested on him.He clearly felt that there was a double indifference in Count Nobel's attitude, de.Mr. Kailus, De.Mr. Lutz and De.M. Croizenoy's manner had once again become domineering.Fortunately, he is used to it.At that party, he showed a talent that was not commensurate with his status.He risked that unpleasant treatment.After dinner, those handsome young men with mustaches accompanied De.Miss Lamour went to the garden, and if she had not treated him specially, and everything here aroused his curiosity, he would not have followed them. Yes, I can't close my eyes any longer, said Julien to himself.Miss Lamour looked at me oddly.But even when her big, beautiful blue eyes gazed at me most freely, I always saw scrutiny, cruelty, and malevolence deep within.Could this be love?This and Germany.How different was Madame Rainer's eyes? After dinner once, Julien followed De.M. Larmor went to his study, and returned promptly to the garden.Mathilde's group paid no attention to his approach, and he heard a few words, very loudly.She is torturing her brother.Julien distinctly heard his name mentioned twice.When they saw him coming, there was a sudden silence, which was impossible to overcome no matter how hard they tried.De.Miss Lamour and her brother were too excited to find anything else to say.De.Mr. Kailus, de.Mr. Croixenois, de.M. Lutz, and one of their friends, treated Julien as cold as ice.He walks away.
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