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Chapter 45 Chapter 15 Is this a conspiracy?

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This is serious, Julien thought, and it was too obvious, he said after thinking, this beautiful lady can talk to me in the library, thank God, she is completely free; the Marquis is afraid that I will let him see Account, never come to the library.how!De.Monsieur La Mole and Count Nobel, the only two people who come here are almost absent all day; A king, who is not too noble, wants me to do a terrible and indiscreet act! Obviously, they wanted to ruin me, or at least mock me.They first tried to destroy me with my letters, which were fortunately written carefully; good!They need a broad daylight action now.These pretty little gentlemen thought I was stupid or crazy.To hell!Under the brightest big moon, climb the ladder to the second floor with a height of twenty-five feet!They have time to see me, even those in the neighboring mansions.I look good on the ladder!Julien went upstairs to his room, whistling and unpacking his trunks.He has made up his mind to leave without replying to the letter.

However, this wise decision did not bring him peace of mind, what if Mathilde is real!Then he said to himself suddenly, closing the box, that I would play the part of a complete coward in her eyes.And I, I have no noble birth, I must have great qualities, this is cash, not a pleasant assumption; proven by resounding deeds He thought over and over for a quarter of an hour, what's the use of denying?He finally said that I would be a coward in her eyes.I have lost the best woman in high society, Jaed.That's what everyone said at the Duke of Lace's ball, and it was a great loss of joy not to see de.The Marquis of Croixenois was sacrificed for me.He is the son of a duke, and he himself will be a duke in the future.A lovely young man with all the virtues I lacked: wit, good birth, wealth

This remorse will torture me for the rest of my life, not because of her, a mistress is a must!There is only one honor!Old Tang.Dieger said so, and now, obviously, I retreated from the first danger I encountered, because of Zedt.M. Boissy's duel was nothing more than a joke.This time is completely different.I might be the target of a servant, but that was the smallest danger, and my reputation might be ruined. This is serious, my boy, he added cheerfully, imitating his Gascon accent, it's a matter of honor.A poor wretch thrown by fate to such a low station as I am will never find such an opportunity again;

He pondered for a long time, walked up and down in a hurry, and stopped suddenly from time to time.In his bedroom there is a statue of De.The fine marble bust of Cardinal Richelieu caught his eye unconsciously.The bust seemed to look sternly at him, reproaching him for want of that boldness which is so natural in the character of a Frenchman in your day, great man, shall I hesitate? At worst, he finally thought, it would be dangerous and troublesome for a girl to assume it was all a trap.They know that I am not a man of silence.If I don't speak, you have to kill me.This was in 1574, at Boniface.De.Lamour could do it in that era, but now, no one dares.These people are different today.De.Miss Lamour was so envied!To-morrow her disgrace will be heard in four hundred drawing-rooms, and with what delight!

Servants chatter privately about my apparent favoritism, I know, I've heard On the other hand, her letter!They probably thought I would take the letter with me.They caught me in her bedroom and shot the letter away.I might have to deal with two people, three people, four people, who knows?But where would they go to find such a person?Where in Paris can one find a strict mouth?The law scares them, of course!It must be the Kailuses, the Croixenois, the Lutzes themselves.The moment, and the foolishness I showed among them, must have charmed them.Beware the fate of Abelard, Mr. Secretary! All right!wait and see!Gentlemen, I'll put your hats on you, and I'll hit you in the face like Caesar's soldiers did at Fasallo. As for the letter, I'll put it in a safe place.

Julien made a copy of each of the last two letters, and included them in a volume of the beautiful collection of Voltaire in the library, and delivered the originals himself to the post office. On his return he said to himself in amazement and fear: What madness I shall be thrown into!For a quarter of an hour he did not think seriously about the action he was going to take that night. However, if I refuse, I will look down on myself in the future!This would be the object of repeated doubts throughout my life, and such doubts are the greatest of misfortunes.Haven't I already experienced it with Amanda's lover!Had it been a definite crime, I believe I would have forgiven myself more easily; once confessed, I had forgotten it.

how!I am going to compete with a man who has one of the noblest surnames in all of France, and I will be more than happy to say I am inferior!In fact, it would be cowardly not to go.That word is everything, cried Julien, getting up and saying, she is so beautiful! If this is not betrayal, what madness she has done for me!If it's a hoax, of course, gentlemen, it's up to me whether I take the joke seriously, and I will. But if they had bound my arms when I went in, they might have put some clever trap in there! This is like a duel, he said to himself with a smile. My fencing master said that where there is a move, there is a break, but good God wants to have an end, so let one of the two forget to parry.Besides, I have something to pay them back.He took two pistols from his pockets, which he replaced although the powder was still effective.

Still waiting for several hours, Julien wrote to Fouquet in order to find something to do: Only in case of accident, my friend, should you hear that strange things have happened to me, should you open the enclosed letter.At that time, delete the proper name on the manuscript I sent you, make eight copies and send it to the newspapers in Marseilles, Bordeaux, Lyon, Brussels, etc.Ten days later, the manuscript was printed and a copy was sent to De.Mr. Marquis La Mole, after half a month, sprinkled the rest in the streets and alleys of Verrières at night. This short memoir in defense of himself is written in the form of a story. Fouquet can only disassemble it when an accident occurs. Julien tries not to involve De.Miss Lamour, but he described his situation very accurately.

Julien had hardly sealed the parcel when the bell rang for supper; his heart began to beat violently.His imagination was still in the story he had just written, full of tragic foreboding.He saw himself being grabbed by servants, tied up, gagged, and led into the basement.A servant looked at him, and if the honor of the noble family demanded a sad end to the matter, it could easily be done with that poison which leaves no trace; The body was carried back to his room. Like the author of a tragic story, Julien was moved by the story he made up, and he actually felt frightened when he entered the restaurant.He looked at the servants in gorgeous livery one by one.He studied their appearance, which ones were selected for tonight's mission?In this family, he thought, the court of Henry III was always on the mind, and it was often mentioned that they acted more decisively than others of their stature if they thought they were offended.He looked at De.Miss Lamour, trying to read her family's intentions in her eyes; she was pale and quite medieval.He had never found her bearing so sublime, she was indeed beautiful and majestic.He was almost in love with her, pale with a premonition of death.he said to himself (her pallor announces her great plans).

After dinner, he pretended to take a walk and went into the garden, but in vain, he waited for a long time but still didn't see Germany.Miss Lamour appeared.Talking to her at this time may relieve the burden on his heart. Why not admit it?He is afraid.Since he is determined to act, he has no scruples to indulge in this feeling, as long as I can find the necessary courage to act, he said to himself, what does it matter what I feel at this moment?He went to check the terrain and the weight of the ladder. I am destined to use this kind of tool!He smiled and said to himself that being here was like being in Verrières.What a difference!At that point, he sighed, I needn't doubt the man I'm risking.And how different the dangers are!

If I was beaten to death in Germany.In Monsieur Rainer's garden, I would not be ashamed at all.It is easy to say that my death was unexplained.No nasty story is made up here, Jaeder.Shawna House, De.Kailus House, de.Reyes House, etc., everywhere.I have become a devil in the eyes of future generations. Within two or three years, he said with a laugh, laughing at himself.But the thought discouraged him, and who can defend me?Even if Fouquet printed the pamphlet I left behind, it would only add another kind of shame.how!A family took me in, I was treated with great hospitality and cared for, and in return I printed pamphlets denouncing what happened there and discrediting women!Ah!No way, we'd rather be kept in the dark!
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