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Chapter 46 Chapter Sixteen One o'clock in the morning

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He was just about to write to Fouquet rescinding his original decision when eleven o'clock struck.He turned the key of the door and made a rattling sound, as if he had locked himself in the house.He tiptoed to survey the whole house, especially the fifth floor where the servants lived.Nothing out of the ordinary.De.One of Madame Lamour's maids was giving a party, and the menservants were drinking punch with glee. Those who laughed like this, Julien thought, probably did not take part in the night's action, but they should be more serious. At last he took his stand in a dark corner of the garden, and if their plan was to keep the servants in the house secret, they would have my captor come over the garden wall.

If Germany.Monsieur Croizenoy, who was a little calmer in the matter, should have had me arrested before I entered her room, so as to spare the honor of the man he wanted to marry. He had made a military reconnaissance, and it was very accurate, and my reputation was at stake, he thought, and if I do something stupid, I myself see no reason to say to myself: I didn't think of it. The weather was fine and there were no ideas to fight.At about eleven o'clock the moon rose, and by half past twelve it had already illuminated the wall of the mansion facing the garden. How mad she is, thought Julien; at one o'clock the Count Nobel's window was still lighted.Julien had never been so frightened in his life. He saw only the dangers of this attack, without the slightest enthusiasm.

He went to move the huge ladder and waited five minutes to see if she would change her mind; at five past one he leaned the ladder against Mathilde's window.With a gun in his hand, he slowly climbed up, surprised that he was not attacked.When he reached the window, it opened silently. You are here, Monsieur, Mathilde told him, very excitedly, I have been watching you for an hour. Julien felt very awkward and did not know what to do. He had no love at all.In embarrassment, he thought he should be bold, so he tried to hug Mathilde. No!she said, pushing him away. Glad to be rejected, he glanced around hastily; the moonlight was so bright that D.The shadows in Miss Lamour's room were exceptionally dark, and it was probable that there were some people hiding there that I could not see.he thinks.

What do you keep in the pockets of your clothes?Mathilde told him that she was glad to have found a topic.She felt unnaturally painful, and that sense of reserve and shyness which is natural to a girl of good birth prevailed again and tormented her. I have all kinds of weapons and pistols.Julien replied, as happy as she was to have found something to say. The ladder should be pulled up.Mathilde said. The ladder is too big and will smash the glass windows in the living room or mezzanine below. The window should not be smashed, Mathilde tried to speak in an ordinary tone, but no, I think you can tie a rope to the first rung of the ladder and bring the ladder down.I always have rope in my house.

This is a woman in love!Julien thought that she dared to say that she was in love.She was so calm, so smart, in these precautions, enough to let me know that I hadn't beat D.Monsieur Croixenois, I'm so stupid, I just took his place.In fact, what does it matter!Do I love her?He had a successor, which annoyed him greatly, and which was me, which annoyed him even more, in the sense that I defeated the Marquis.How haughtily he looked at me last night at the Café Tortoni, pretending not to recognize me!Afterwards he could not escape, but with what ferocity he greeted me! Julien tied the rope to one end of the ladder, and lowered it slowly.Lean out of the balcony as much as possible, so that the ladder does not touch the glass window, this is a good chance to kill me, if someone hides in Mathilde's room.But there was still silence everywhere.

The ladder touched the ground, and Julien managed to let it lie down in the flower-bed of exotic flowers and plants that bordered the wall. My mother saw that her beautiful flowers and plants were all crushed, said Mathilde, what would she say!The rope had to be thrown away, she said very calmly, and if anyone saw the rope go straight to the balcony, it would be impossible to tell. How do I get out?Julien said jokingly, learning Creole. (A maid in the family was born in Santo Domingo.) You go out the door, said Mathilde, delighted with the idea. ah!This man is worthy of all my love!she thinks.

As soon as Julien threw the rope into the garden, Mathilde seized him by the arm.Thinking that the enemy was coming, he turned around suddenly and drew out his dagger at the same time.She believed she heard the sound of a window opening.They held their breath and remained motionless, the moon was shining on them.The speaker did not appear again, so there is no need to be nervous. At this point, the embarrassment began again, and both sides felt it deeply.Julien looked, and saw that the bolts on the door were fastened; he wanted to look under the bed, but dared not; there might be a servant or two there.In the end, he was afraid that he would blame himself for being careless later, so he took a look.

Mathilde was in distress caused by extreme shyness, and she hated her situation. What did you do with my letter?she asked at last. What a chance, if these gentlemen were eavesdropping, they would be in trouble, and the fight would be avoided!thought Julien. The first was hidden in a large new Bible, which had been carried far away by last night's stagecoach. He spoke in detail, in a voice clear enough to be heard by those who might be hiding in the two closets which he had not dared to search. The other two also arrived at the post office and were to follow the same route as the first.

Great God!Why are there so many guards?Mathilde asked in surprise. Why should I lie?Julien thought, and confessed all his suspicions. So that's why your letter was written so coldly!cried Mathilde, more madness than tenderness. Julien did not notice this slight difference.The you in the words made him dizzy, at least his suspicions disappeared, and he dared to hold this girl who was so beautiful and whom he respected so much in his arms.He was not rejected outright. Again he turned to memory, as he had done in Besançon and Amanda.Like Binet when they were together, he recited several of the most beautiful lines in "New Herodis".

You have the guts of a man, she said, not listening much to his fine lines, I admit, I want to test your mettle.Those initial suspicions of yours and your determination proved you to be braver than I thought. Mathilde tried to use you to address him, obviously, she paid more attention to this peculiar way of speaking than to the content of her words.This sympathy, deprived of tenderness, did not give Julien the slightest pleasure; he wondered at the lack of it, and finally, in order to feel it, he turned to reason.He saw that he was respected by this girl, who was so proud and never praised without reserve; and thus he felt at last the happiness of being satisfied with his self-esteem.

Seriously, it wasn't that he was sometimes in Germany.The kind of spiritual satisfaction that Mrs. Rainer got around.There was nothing tender to unravel in this first moment of emotion.It was the ecstasy one feels when one's ambition has been realized, and Julien just had ambitions.He spoke again of the people he suspected and of the precautions he had devised.As he talked, he wondered how to use his victory. Mathilde was still very embarrassed, as if she was petrified by her behavior, and she was naturally very happy to find a topic.They talked about ways to meet later.He was flattered that the discussion had once again proved his wit and courage.They were dealing with some very shrewd people. Little Tang Bo must be a spy, but Mathilde and he were not stupid.After all, wouldn't it be easiest to meet in the library? I can go anywhere in the house without arousing suspicion, said Julien, almost even to des.Madame Larmor's bedroom.To get to her daughter's bedroom one had to pass her bedroom.If Mathilde had thought it better to climb the ladder, he would have taken this little risk with an ecstatic heart. Mathilde listened to him and was disgusted by his self-satisfied air, so he was my master.she said in her heart.She already regrets it.Her reason was disgusted by the most absurd thing she had just done.If she could, she would have killed herself and Julien together.When her will temporarily suppressed her remorse, she was again ashamed, and her chastity was hurt, and she suffered terribly.In any case she never expected to find herself in such a terrible situation. But I must talk to him, she said to herself at last. Talking to a lover is a matter of course.So, in fulfillment of a duty, she told him with tenderness, more in words than in her voice, all the decisions she had made for him during the past few days. She had decided that she would give herself to him if he dared to climb into her room on the gardener's ladder, as prescribed for him.But no one could have spoken more coldly and politely than her in such tender words.Up to this point, the tryst had been cold.This is simply love as hatred.What a moral lesson for an imprudent girl!Is it worth destroying your own future for a moment like this? After a long period of hesitation, Mathilde finally became his lovely mistress.A superficial observer might have thought this hesitation the result of the most determined hatred, but how hard it is for a woman to withdraw her natural feelings, even with her strong will. In fact, their fanaticism is somewhat forced.Passionate love is not so much a reality as a model of imitation. De.Miss Lamour thought she was doing her duty to herself and her lover, the poor child, she said to herself, he had shown great courage, he must be happy, or I have no character.She would, however, choose to escape the cruel duty she was performing at the cost of eternal misfortune. No matter how horribly she forced herself, she kept her word perfectly. No remorse, no reproach, spoiled the night, which seemed to Julien more strange than happy.Great God!What a difference from the last twenty-four hours he spent at Verrières!These refined rules of Paris have found the secret to corrupting everything, even love.But it would be grossly unfair to him, he said to himself. He stood in the wardrobe with such thoughts in his head.That's when I heard De.At the first sound in Madame Lamour's room, Mathilde let him in.Mathilde went to Mass with her mother, and the maids left the suite quickly.Julien easily slipped away before they came back to finish their work. He mounted his horse and went to find the most secluded place in a forest near Paris.He felt happy and even more surprised.Happiness occupied his heart from time to time, like a young second lieutenant who did something amazing and was suddenly promoted to colonel by the commander; he felt that he had risen very high.All that was above him the day before was now beside him, or below him.Gradually, he went farther and farther, and his happiness increased accordingly. If there was no trace of tenderness in his soul, it was because Mathilde's entire behavior towards him, however strange it may sound, was the fulfillment of a duty.For her, everything that happened that night was unremarkable. She didn't find the complete bliss described in the novel, she only found misfortune and shame. Am I mistaken?Have I no love for him?she said to herself.
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