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Chapter 47 Chapter 17 Ancient Sword

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She didn't come to dinner.In the evening she came into the drawing-room for a while without looking at Julien.He found this attitude strange.But, he thought, I don't understand their habits, and she will explain all this to me later.But the most intense curiosity made him fidget, and he began to study the expression on Mathilde's face; he could not but admit that her expression was hard and savage.It was evident that this was not the same woman who had been brimming or pretending to be blissfully ecstatic the night before, but that ecstasy was too much to be real. On the second day, and on the third, she was equally indifferent; she did not look at him, and was not even aware of his presence.Julien was tormented by the most intense uneasiness, which on the first day he had felt only inspired by a sense of victory, which was now a thousand miles away.He said to himself: Did he suddenly return to morality?However, for the proud Mathilde, it would be too vulgar to say so.

In ordinary life she was not very religious, Julien thought, but she liked religion because it served the interests of her class. But can she vehemently condemn her mistakes just because she is vulnerable?Julien believed himself to be her first lover. But, he thought sometimes, it must be admitted that there was nothing innocence, innocence, or tenderness in her whole manner; I had never seen her so haughty.Could she be scorning me?She could blame herself for what she did to me just because I came from humble beginnings. Filled with prejudices from books and memories of Verrière's life, Julien imagined a tender mistress who ceased to think about her own existence from the moment she made her lover happy, and at this time, Mathilde's vanity exploded at him.

As she had not been bored for two months, she had no fear of boredom; thus, before Julien even thought of it, he lost his greatest advantage. I found myself a host!De.Miss Lamour thought that she was in deep sorrow, and that it was all well and good that he valued his reputation; but if I cornered his vanity, he would retaliate and make the nature of our relationship public. Everyone.Mathilde had never had a lover, and she fell into the bitterest contemplation in this life situation where even the most indifferent mind would breed some kind of tender dream. He has great power over me because he controls through terror and can punish me brutally if I corner him.This thought alone is enough to drive De.Miss Lamour went to insult him.Courage was the first quality of her character.Nothing but the idea that she was gambling her whole life could stimulate her and heal her deep-rooted boredom that was constantly regenerating.

On the third day, De.Mademoiselle La Mole still persisted in not looking at him, and Julien followed her into the billiard-room after dinner, despite her evident displeasure. Well, sir, since you must speak to me in spite of my express wishes, she said to him, suppressing her anger, do you think you have acquired a powerful right over me?Did you know that no one in the world has ever had such audacity? The conversation of the lovers could not have been more comical, they were agitated unconsciously, and they harbored the strongest feelings of hatred for each other.The impatience of both parties, and the manners of high society, soon made it clear that they would cut off all relations for good.

I swear to you forever to keep the secrecy, said Julien, and I may even swear never to speak to you, so long as your reputation is not damaged by such a too obvious change.He bowed respectfully and left. He thought it was a kind of responsibility, and he accomplished it easily; however, he never imagined that he had fallen deeply in love with De.Miss Lamour.Of course he didn't love her when he was hidden in the wardrobe three days ago.But everything in his mind changed rapidly from the moment he saw them cut off forever. His memory was brutal, and he began to recreate for him that night in every detail, a night that, in fact, chilled his heart.

On the second night of the announcement of the permanent severance of communication, Julien almost went mad, and he had to admit that he was Ed.Miss Lamour. A terrible struggle followed this discovery, and all his emotions were disturbed. Two days later, not only could he not look down on De.M. Croixennoy, on the contrary, almost wanted to hug him and cry bitterly. Accustomed to misfortune, he soon came to his senses, decided to go to Languedoc, packed his box, and went to the posting station. When he reached the ticket office of the stage-coach, he was told that there happened to be a place on the stage-coach for Toulouse the next day, and he nearly fainted.He booked this seat and returned to de.Lamor House, ready to report to the Marquis.

De.Mr. Larmor went out.Julien, half dead, went to wait for him in the library.Oops, De.Miss Lamour is there, what is to be done? Seeing him coming, she showed a vicious expression, he couldn't have misread it. Julien was so unfortunate that he was dazed again by this unexpected encounter, and his heart softened, and he said to her in the most tender and heartfelt tone: So you don't love me anymore? I hate that I give myself to just anybody.Mathilde cried and said she hated herself. Anyone!Julien cried out, and threw himself at an old medieval sword, which was kept as an antique in the library.

He believes in Xiangde.Miss Lamour's own anguish, as she spoke, was a hundredfold aggravated when he saw her tears of shame.If he could kill her, he would be the happiest person in the world. With some effort he drew the sword from the old scabbard, and at that moment Mathilde felt happy, a feeling so new that she walked towards him proudly, without shedding tears. . Julien suddenly thought of his benefactor, De.The Marquis of La Mole, as if in front of my eyes, I will kill his daughter!He said to himself, how terrible!He moved to drop the sword, sure, he thought, she would laugh out loud at the theatrical gesture.Thinking of this, he completely recovered his composure.He stared at the edge of the ancient sword curiously, as if to see if there was any rust, then inserted it into the sheath, and hung it back on the gilded bronze nail with great composure.

The whole movement was very slow from beginning to end, a full minute.De.Miss Lamour looked at him in amazement, so I was nearly killed by my lover!she said to herself. The thought took her back to the best days of Charles IX and Henry III. She stood before Julien, who had just put back his sword, and stood motionless, staring at him with hatred no longer in her eyes.At the moment, it must be admitted, she was charming, and certainly never had a woman been less like a Parisian doll (this word was Julien's worst criticism of the women of the city). I'm going to have a preference for him again, Mathilde thought, and if I stumble again after talking to him so strongly, he will definitely think he is my master.she ran away.

my god!how beautiful she is!Julien watched her run away and said, the time when this woman threw herself into my arms so passionately less than a week ago is gone forever!And it was my fault!At the moment when she took an action so unusual and so important to me, I didn't feel anything!It should be admitted that I was born with a very mediocre and unfortunate character. The Marquis came, and Yu hurriedly bid him farewell. where to?De.Mr. Larmor asked. Go to Languedoc. Sorry, no, you have a more important mission to stay. If you want to go, you will go to the north. Even, to use a military term, I order you to stand by in the mansion.You must not be away for more than two or three hours, and I may need you at any moment.

Julien bowed and withdrew without a word, much to the surprise of the Marquis.He could not utter a word, and went back to his room to shut himself up.There, he can exaggerate the cruelty of fate at will. So, he thought, I can't even walk away!God knows how many days the Marquis has kept me in Paris; great God!What will happen to me?There was no friend to discuss, the Abbe Pirard would not let me finish his first sentence, and the Count of Altamira would advise me of intrigues. Yet I am mad, I feel it; I am mad! Can anyone guide me?what will i become
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