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Chapter 55 Chapter 25 The Duties of Morality

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No sooner had he returned to Paris than our hero went to see deThe Marquis of La Mole, the Marquis seemed puzzled by the answer he brought back.Julien left his office and ran at once to the Count of Altamira.This beautiful foreigner has the advantage of being sentenced to death, but also has a rather solemn demeanor and the blessing of being religious, coupled with the earl's noble background, he is very German.Mrs. Fewak's will, so she often sees him. Julien solemnly confessed to him that he loved her very much. She is a woman of the purest and noblest morals.Altamira replied, only a little hypocritically and exaggeratedly.Sometimes, I understand all the words she uses, but I don't understand the sentences.She often makes me think that my French is not as good as other people think.Knowing her will make you famous and increase your weight in society.But let us go to Bistos, said the count of Altamira, he is a man of order, and he has courted the wife of the Marshal.

Don.Diego.Bistos asked them to explain the whole story in detail, but he said nothing, just like a lawyer sitting in the office.He had a big monk's face, a little black beard, and was very stately; besides, he was a very good Carbonari. I see, and finally he said to Len, D.Did Mrs Fewak ever have a lover?Or never?So do you have any hope of success?That's the problem.I should tell you, well, I failed.Now I don't get annoyed anymore, I convince myself that she loses her temper a lot, and I'll tell you soon, she's kind of vengeful. I don't think she has the temperament of a bilious temperament, but that of a genius, a luster of passion that coats all actions.On the contrary, her rare beauty and vivid color came from the phlegmatic, quiet temperament of the Dutchman.

The Spaniard's slowness and unshakable indifference made Julien flustered, and from time to time a few monosyllable words came out of his mouth involuntarily. Would you like to hear from me?Don.Diego.Bistos said to him seriously. Forgive the quick temper of the French, I am all ears.said Julien. De.Marshal Fewak loves to hate so much, she ruthlessly accuses people she has never met, lawyers, poor literati who write lyrics like Coliner, you know? Like Marot it's my hobby Julien had to listen to the whole song.The Spaniards sang French with gusto. Never had this wonderful song been heard with such impatience.Don.Diego.Bistos finished singing and said: Madam Marshal has the author of this song fired:

One day the lover was in the tavern Julien was really afraid that he would go on singing again.Fortunately, he just analyzed the lyrics.This song is indeed blasphemous and indecent. When Madam Marshal got angry with this song, Don.Diego said I reminded her that a woman of her stature shouldn't be reading the frivolity that's being published.However religious piety and moral sobriety may develop, there will always be a tavern literature in France.Dang De.When Madame Fervac had the author, a pauper on half-pay, removed from his eighteen-hundred-franc position, I said to her: You have attacked the poor poet with your weapon, and he will use his The poem hits you back: he'd write a song about a virtuous woman.The resplendent living room will support you, but the laugher will spread his witticisms around.Do you know how Madame Marshal answered me, sir?All Paris will see me martyrdom for the good of God, and it will be a great spectacle in France.The people will learn to respect virtue.That will be the best day of my life.At this moment, her eyes are more beautiful than ever.

Her eyes are absolutely beautiful.cried Julien. I can see you love her anyway, Don.Diego.Bistos said solemnly that she did not have the bilious constitution that drives people to revenge.If she likes to hurt people, it is because she is unhappy, and I suspect it is an inner unhappiness. Is this a decent woman who is tired of defending herself? The Spaniard looked at him for a full minute without speaking. That's the whole problem, he said solemnly, and here's where you can get a little hope.During the two years that I have been her humble servant, I have thought a lot about this.Your whole future, sir in love, depends on this one great question: Is she a decent woman who is weary of her morality, and is made ferocious by her misfortune?

Or, said Altamira, breaking the silence at last, as I have told you twenty times, is simply out of French vanity?It was the memory of her father, the famous cloth merchant, that caused the misfortune of this naturally gloomy and ruthless man.The only happiness she could have was living in Toledo, tormented by a confessor who showed her every day the holed hell. When Julien left, Don.Diego.Bistos said, with a more solemn look: Altamira tells me that you are one of your own.You'll help us get free someday, so I'd like to help you in this little pastime.It will do you good to get acquainted with the style of Madame Marshal, here are four letters of her own hand.

I will copy it, cried Julien, and return it to you. No one will ever know a word we say from you, will they? Never, cried Julien, on my honor! Then may God help you!said the Spaniard, silently leading Altamira and Julien to the landing.This scene cheered our hero a little, and he almost smiled, seeing this pious Altamira, he said to himself, helping me to commit adultery! With Tang.Diego.All the while Bistos was having this serious conversation, Julien kept his attention on de Pistols.The big clock in Aligarh's mansion strikes the time. It was almost time for dinner, and he was going to see Mathilde again!He went back and dressed carefully.

Stupid things to begin with, he thought as he went downstairs, and he should strictly follow the prince's doctor's orders. He went back to the room and changed into a simple and simple travel outfit. Now, he thought, pay attention to the eyes.It was only half past five at this time, and dinner was at six o'clock. He wanted to go to the living room to see, but there was no one there.When he saw the blue couch, his heart felt hot, tears rolled down his cheeks, and his cheeks were hot to the touch. This stupid sensitivity must be broken, he said angrily to himself, it will betray me.He picked up a newspaper and, trying to calm down, walked three or four times from the living room to the garden.

Trembling all over, he hid behind a big oak tree before he ventured to look at De.Miss Larmor's window.The window was closed mysteriously, and he leaned against the oak for a long time, almost fainting; then he staggered to see the gardener's ladder. The link he had broken earlier had not yet been repaired.Alas, things have changed!Julien, unable to restrain himself, pressed a wild impulse to his lips. From the drawing-room to the garden, Julien walked up and down for a long time, feeling terribly tired; this was the first success he felt strongly, and my eyes will be dim, and will not betray me!Gradually, the diners entered the drawing-room, and every time the door was opened, Julien felt a mortal panic.

Everyone take your seats.Finally, de.Miss Lamour appeared, and the old habit of waiting persisted.She saw Julien and blushed.She was not told that Julien had returned.According to Prince Korasov's orders, he looked at her hands; they were shaking.This discovery also made him unspeakably flustered, he was quite happy, he only looked tired. De.Mr. Larmor praised him.After a while, the Marchioness also spoke to him, and said a few words of comfort to his tired look.Julien said to himself all the time: I shouldn't look at De.Miss Lamour, but my eyes should not avert her either.I was what I was a week before the misfortune, and I should be now. He had reason to be content with success and to stay in the living room.He made his first courtesies to his mistress, trying to get the men in her circle to talk, and to keep the conversation alive.

His courtesy was rewarded: about eight o'clock, the servant informed de.Mrs. Fewak Marshal arrived.Julien slipped out, and soon reappeared.Dressed up with great care.De.Madame Lamour was very grateful for this respect, and wishing to prove her gratitude, she presented to de.Mrs Fewak talks about his travels.Julien sat down beside the Madame Marshal, just out of Mathilde's eyes.Sitting in this way, he completely obeyed the rules of that art, and put de.Mrs. Fewak became the object of infatuated love.The first of the fifty-three letters that Prince Koksov sent him began with a long passage on this feeling. Madame Marshal said she was going to the Opera.Julien also hurried off.There I saw De.Boissier Knight.The knight took him into the box of the gentlemen of the chamberlain, which happened to be next to des.Madam Fewak's box.Julien kept looking at her. I must keep a diary of the siege, he said to himself when he returned home, or I will forget the attack.He forced himself to write two or three pages on this tedious subject, so that he hardly thought of De.Wouldn't it be wonderful to see Miss Lamour! Mathilde had almost forgotten him during his travels, and after all, he was just a human being, she thought, and his name will always remind me of the greatest mistake of my life.One should return wholeheartedly to what is commonly called wisdom and honour, which a woman loses if she forgets them.She said that she and De.The long-prepared marriage contract between the Marquis of Croixennoy can finally be finalized.He was wild with joy, and would have been amazed if anyone had told him that there was a subservience at the bottom of Mathilde's manner, that she had made him so proud. De.When Miss Lamour saw Julien, she changed her mind again. Really, this is my husband, she said to herself. If I return to sensible ideas in good faith, it is obvious that I will marry him. ah. She expected Julien's entanglement, his misfortune; she had her answer ready, for after dinner he would no doubt try to say a few words to her.On the contrary, he insisted on staying in the drawing room, not even looking into the garden, God knows how difficult it was!It's best to explain right away.De.thought Mademoiselle Lamour; she had gone into the garden alone, and Julien did not appear at all.Mathilde walked around near the French windows in the living room, and saw that he was busy asking De.Frau Fewak depicts the ruined castles on the hills of the Rhine, which add to the beauty of the hills.He had begun to do well with that sentimental, fancy phrase that some parlors call wit. Prince Koksoff would have been proud if he had been in Paris, and the night was exactly as he had predicted. He would certainly agree with Julien's behavior in the next few days. Members of the secret government conspired to award several blue ribbons;Marshal Fewak's wife insisted that her great-uncle should have one.De.The Marquis of La Mole also made the same request for his father-in-law; and they worked together, de.Mrs. Fewak came to de.Come up Larmor House.From her, Julien knew that the Marquis was about to become a minister.He proposed to the royal party a very ingenious plan to cancel the charter within three years without causing shock. If Germany.M. Larmor was made a minister, and Julien expected a bishop; but these great interests seemed to him to be veiled, and he could only see them dimly in his imagination. And it's arguably far away.Terrible misfortune had driven him mad, and all the good of life rested with him and D.Miss Lamour's relationship.He estimated that after five or six years of careful care, he would fall in love with her again. This so cool mind was seen to have sunk into a state of complete insanity.Of all the qualities that had once distinguished him, now there remained only a little firmness.He earnestly implemented the action plan formulated by Prince Kolasov, sitting in Lide every night.Mrs. Fewak's chair was fairly near, but he could not find a word to say to her. He forced himself to try to appear healed in Mathilde's eyes, which exhausted all his energy.He was lifeless by the Marshal's wife; even his eyes lost all light, as if in extreme physical pain. De.Madame Lamour, who usually only disproves her opinion of the husband who will make her a duchess, therefore for a few days she extolled Julien's favor.
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