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Chapter 56 Chapter 26 Spiritual Love

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The way this family sees people is a little crazy, Madame Marshal thought, they are all infatuated with their young priest, and he knows that the eyes are really beautiful. Julien, for his part, found in the manner of the marshal's wife an almost perfect type of aristocratic composure, an unmistakable politeness, and the impossibility of any strong emotion.Unexpected mood swings, lack of self-control, almost always make De.Mrs. Fewak felt indignant, as if she had no dignity towards her servants.The tiniest gesture of sympathy seemed to her a form of intoxication worthy of a blush, which would greatly impair the dignity of a man of position.Her greatest happiness is talking about the king's latest hunting, and her favorite book is "De .Memoirs of the Duke of Saint-Simon, especially the family section.

Julien knew, according to the distribution of light, which position was most suitable for appreciating des.Mrs. Fewak's type of beauty is most suitable.He took the place first, but turned the chair carefully until Mathilde was out of sight.She wondered how he kept avoiding her, and one day she left the blue couch and went to work as a concubine at a small table next to the Marshal's armchair.Julien can follow Germany.Mrs Fevak saw her quite closely under the brim of her hat.Those fateful eyes, which frightened him at first, then jerked him out of his usual indifference; he spoke, and with great eloquence.

He speaks to Madame Marshal, but his sole purpose is to have an effect on Mathilde's psyche.He was so excited, straight to the point.Mrs. Fewak was baffled. This is a preliminary result.If Julien had a whim, add a little German mysticism, high religious belief, and Jesuit teaching, Madame Marshal would immediately include him among the talented people called to change the times. Since his tastes are so bad, De.Miss Lamour thought to herself, with de.Mrs. Fervak ​​talked so long and so passionately that I never listened to him again.That night until the people left, she actually did what she said, even though it took a little effort.

In the middle of the night, she carried the candle tray for her mother, sent her back to the bedroom, and at the door, de.Madame Lamour stopped and praised Julien.Mathilde was finally annoyed, she couldn't sleep, she thought for a while, and calmed down again: what I despise can still make an outstanding person in the eyes of the marshal's wife. As for Julien, he acted, less distressed; his eyes fell inadvertently on the Russian parchment case containing fifty-three love letters sent to him by Prince Korasov.Julien saw a note at the bottom of the first letter: Letter No. 1 sent a week after the first meeting.

I'm too late!Julien cried out, and I saw D.Mrs Fewak has been around for a long time.He immediately began copying the first love letter, a moralizing, morally clichéd, terribly annoying piece; Julien fell asleep soundly asleep after copying the second page. A few hours later, the sun woke him up, and he was still lying on the table.One of the most uncomfortable moments in his life was when he woke up every morning, when he realized his misfortune again, and on this day, he almost finished copying the letter with a smile.He said to himself: Is it possible for a young man to write like this?He counted, and there were several nine-line sentences.Below the original letter, he saw a penciled note:

Delivering the letter myself: on horseback, black tie, blue frock coat.Hand the letter to the porter with a penitent look; look with deep melancholy.If you see a personal maid, you should secretly wipe your tears and talk to the personal maid. All this has been done without error. How dare I, Julien walked out of des.Fewak thought, Korasov deserves to be in trouble.How dare you write to such a famous virtuous woman!I shall be utterly scorned by her, but nothing will please me more than that.In fact, that's the only comedy I can feel.Yes, it would amuse me to make a laughing stock of this ugly fellow, as I call me.If I thought I was great, I'd commit a crime just to save myself.

The happiest moment in Julien's life for a month had been when he brought the horse back to the stable.Korasov expressly forbade him to look at the mistress who had left him under any pretext.But she was familiar with the sound of the horse's hooves, and the way Yulian knocked on the door of the stable with his whip, which sometimes attracted Mathilde behind the curtains.The muslin curtains were so thin that Julien could see through them.Find a way from under the brim so that he can look at her body instead of her eyes, so, he said to himself, if she can't see my eyes, it's not me looking at her.

Evening, de.Mrs Fervak ​​saw him as if she had not received at all the philosophical, mystical, religious treatise which he handed over to the porter somberly that morning.The night before, Julien had stumbled upon the knack of eloquence, and he had arranged himself so that he could see Mathilde's eyes.She, on the other hand, left the blue couch shortly after the arrival of the Marshal's wife: a desertion from her usual circle.De.Croixenois was disheartened at the sight of this new waywardness; his apparent pain swept away Julien's cruel misfortune. This accident in his life made him speak like an angel; pride can slip into even the most austere temple of morality in a man's heart, so Madame Marshal thought to herself as she got into the car: De.Madame Lamour was right, the little priest was different.My presence probably frightened him for the first few days.In fact, the people I met in this house were very frivolous; I saw only women virtuous with age, who were in need of the ice of age.The young man should have seen the difference; his letters were well written, but I feared that his begging for advice in them was really nothing more than an unconscious feeling.

Yet how many conversions to God begin in this way!I find hope in the case of this man, whose style is different from that of some young men, whose letters I have had occasion to see.It is impossible not to admit the zeal, the deep seriousness, the firm conviction in the young priest's writings, and he will have the gentle virtues of Marchillon.
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