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Chapter 64 Chapter Thirty-Four Talented Men

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No reason can destroy the kingdom built by ten years of sweet dreams.The Marquis did not think it wise to be angry, but he could not make up his mind to forgive. If only this Julien had died by accident, he sometimes said to himself, and his sad imagination never pursued the most absurd things. Take some solace in phantoms.These phantoms paralyzed the wise teachings of the Abbe Pirard.A month passed like this, and the negotiations did not move forward. In domestic affairs as in political affairs, the Marquis often had a certain vision and was excited for three days.Now he dislikes a plan of action if it is founded on sound reasoning; he thinks that sound reasoning must support his beloved plan.For three days he worked with all the zeal and excitement of a poet, pushing things to a certain stage and then letting go.

Julien was at first perplexed by the slowness of the Marquis, but after a few weeks he began to guess that de.Mr. Larmor had not yet any definite plans in the matter. De.Madame La Mole and the people in the house thought that Julien had gone to the provinces to deal with estate affairs.He hid in Abbe Pilar's house and saw Mathilde almost every day; and she went to her father's place for an hour every morning, and sometimes the two did not talk for weeks about the thing that haunted their minds. . I don't want to know where this person is now. One day, the Marquis said to her, give him this letter.Mathilde read:

Land in Languedoc, 20,600 francs, 10,600 francs for my daughter, 10,000 francs for M. Julien.Of course, the land is also given to you.Tell the notary to draw up two deeds of gift and give them to me tomorrow, after which we shall have no relation.well!Sir, should I have expected all this? De.Marquis de La Moore Thank you very much, Mathilde said happily, we are going to settle in the castle of Eguillon between Agen and Marmande.It is said that the place is as beautiful as Italy. Julien was greatly astonished by this gift.He is no longer the stern and aloof man we once knew.His son had not yet been born, and his fate had absorbed all his thoughts.For a man so poor, this unexpected wealth was still considerable, and he couldn't help but grow ambitious.He saw his wife, or rather he, having an annuity of thirty-six thousand livres.As for Mathilde, all her feelings were melted into admiration for her husband, and out of self-esteem, she always called Julien her husband.Her great and only ambition was to have her marriage recognized.She exaggerated at every moment the height of wisdom which she had manifested, and combined her own destiny with that of an eminent man.Personal talent was fashionable in her mind.

The almost continual separation, the intricacies of the matter, the scarcity of time for lovemaking, made more and more comprehensive the good effects of Julien's formerly wise strategies. Mathilde was now really in love with this man, and seeing him so little, she finally grew impatient. In a bad mood, she wrote a letter to her father that began like Othello: To morality with the society.I preferred Julien to the pleasures offered by the daughter of the Marquis de la Mole, and my choice is proof of that.The pleasures of respect and the gratification of petty vanities mean nothing to me.It has been six weeks since my husband and I were separated.This is enough to prove my respect for you.I will leave my father's house by next Thursday.Your kindness has made us rich.No one knows my secret except the venerable Abbe Pirard.I will go to him, and he will officiate for us, and an hour after the ceremony we will go to the Languedoc, and we shall never appear in Paris unless you order us to.But what makes me sad is that all this will be turned into sensational rumours, which will be used against me and against you.Wouldn't the wisecracks invented by a foolish public compel our good Nobel to trouble Julien?I know him and there is nothing I can do about him in this situation.We'll find a rebellious commoner in his soul.I beg you on my knees, O my father!Come to my wedding, in the church of the Abbe Pirard, next Thursday, those vicious rumors will lose their sharpness, and the life of your only son and the life of my husband will be guaranteed

This letter threw the Marquis's men into a peculiar embarrassment.That being said, an idea must come up.All small habits, all ordinary friends, have lost their shadow. In these extraordinary circumstances those great features of his character which had been affected by the events of his youth regained all their force.The misery of exile made him a man of great imagination.For two years he enjoyed great wealth and the favor of the court, but the revolution of 1790 threw him into terrible disaster in exile.This harsh school changed the soul of a twenty-two year old.In fact, he is sitting on the wealth in front of him, not much controlled by it.Yet the same imagination which had saved his soul from the corruption of money, afflicted him with an insane passion, was the sight of a beautiful title for his daughter.

During the last six weeks the Marquis had sometimes, on a whim, wished to enrich Julien; poverty seemed to him shameful, and to him D.It would be even more unseemly for Mr. Larmor, and impossible for his daughter's husband; he would have to come up with the money.The next day, his imagination changed direction again, and he felt that Julien would understand the unspoken meaning of this financial generosity, change his name and surname, leave America, and write to Mathilde that he had done it for her. die.De.Mr. Lamour, assuming the letter had been written, pondered its effect on his daughter's character.

Mathilde's real letter pulled him out of these childish dreams, and he thought for a long time that day how to kill Julien or make him disappear, and then how to give him a bright future.He gave Julien the name of one of his estates; why should he not pass his title to him?His father-in-law De.The Duke of Shauna, since his only son died in Spain, has told him several times that he wants to pass his title to Nobel It was impossible not to admit that Julien had unusual abilities, courage, and perhaps even some talent.Thought the Marquis But in the depths of his character I found something terrible.This was the impression he made on all, so there must be something real (and the more elusive this real was, the more frightened the imaginative mind of the old Marquis.)

My daughter said it one day (in a letter without citations) with great tact: Julien did not belong to any parlour, to any clique.He didn't seek any support against me, and there was nothing he could do if I abandoned him But is this ignorance of the current state of society?Two or three times I said to him: To be a candidate, the only support that is real and useful is the support of the living room No, he didn't have that cunning, cunning talent of a lawyer who never loses a minute, an opportunity. It wasn't a Louis XI type of character.On the other hand, I see him full of the most intolerant aphorisms. I'm so confused. Is he using these aphorisms to build a dam against passion?

At least one thing is clear: he can't stand contempt, and that's where I'm going to get him. It is true that he did not worship noble birth, that he did not respect us instinctively, and that is a fault, but it is pleasure and want of money that a seminarian's soul cannot endure.But he was different, he could not bear contempt anyway. Under the urging of her daughter's letter, De.Monsieur Lamour felt that he had to make up his mind. In short, the crucial question was: did Julien have the courage to pursue my daughter because he knew that I loved her the most and that I had a hundred thousand crowns?

Mathilde objected to this view. No, Monsieur Julien, I would not entertain illusions on this point. Is there really real, unexpected love?Or is it just a vulgar desire to climb up?Mathilde saw clearly that she was the first to feel that this suspicion would destroy him in my mind, and that's why she admitted that she fell in love with him first. How could a girl with such a proud personality get carried away and take such a specific action on her own initiative!How dreadful it was to take him by the arm one night in the garden!As if she didn't have a million less respectable ways of letting him know that she had his eye on him.

To justify is to admit; I do not believe Mathilde to this day, and the Marquis's analysis is more conclusive than usual.Still, habit prevailed, and he decided to buy time, so he wrote a letter to his daughter.Because in this mansion people write letters to each other.De.Mr. Lamour dared not talk to Mathilde face to face, dared not speak up to her.He was afraid that a sudden concession would end the whole matter. letter Be careful not to do any more stupid things, here is one for Julien.Sorel.De.Letter of commission for lieutenant of hussars of Monsieur Chevalier de Lavernay.You can see what I did for him.Don't defy me, don't ask me.Have him report to Strasbourg, where his team is stationed, within twenty-four hours.Here's another bank check, obey me. Mathilde's love and happiness are boundless. She wanted to take advantage of the victory and immediately replied: If Germany.Monsieur Lavernay, knowing what you have condescended to do for him, will prostrate himself at your feet in gratitude and trepidation.Yet my father, so generous, has forgotten me alone; your daughter's honor is at stake.The slightest carelessness left a permanent stain, and an annuity of twenty thousand crowns could not make up for it.If you promise me that next month my wedding will be held in public at Virquier, I will send the commission to de.Monsieur La Vernay.I beg you not to exceed this time limit, because soon after this time, your daughter will have to use De.The name of Madame La Vernay appeared in public.How I thank you, dear papa, for saving me from the name Soler, The reply was unexpected. Obey, or I will take my order back.Tremble, imprudent child.I do not yet know who your Julien is, and you yourself know less than I do.Let him set off for Strasbourg, thinking he's going the right way.I will let you know my decision within half a month. This reply was so firm that Mathilde couldn't help being surprised.I don't know Julien, and the remark set her imagination on fire, and she soon came up with some of the most charming hypotheses, which she thought were true, and my Julien's wit didn't wear the vulgar parlor set. Little uniform, this proves that he is superior, my father does not believe it, precisely because of this However, this whim of his was just emerging, and my disobedience might lead to a public quarrel; publicity would lower my social status, and might make me less lovable in Julien's eyes.After Zhang Yang went out, he was in poverty for ten years; choosing a husband based on talent alone was such a stupid thing, and only relying on a huge wealth can avoid the ridicule of the world.If he lives away from his father, he is so old that he may forget that my Nobel will marry a lovely and clever wife, and the old Louis XIV is also treated by de.where is the seduction of the duchess of burgundy She resolved to obey, but did not give Julien her father's letter; his fiery temper would have made him foolish. In the evening she told Julien that he was a lieutenant of hussars, and he was overjoyed.From the ambition of his life, from the enthusiasm he had for his son, it is not difficult to imagine his happiness.The change of surname took him by surprise. At any rate, he thought, my novel is over, and I owe all the credit to myself.I know how to make this proud demon love me, he continued to think, looking at Mathilde, her father cannot live without her, and she cannot live without me.
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