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Chapter 69 Chapter 39 Dilemma

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After walking out of the bishop's mansion, Mathilde sent a letter to De.Mrs. Fewak; although she was also worried about her reputation, she didn't delay for a second.She begged her rival to let de.Bishop So-and-so personally wrote a letter to De.Mr. Foley.She even begged her to go to Besançon herself.For a jealous and proud mind, the move was heroic. She followed Fouquet's advice and, out of prudence, did not tell Julien the series of activities she had undertaken.Her presence alone was enough to unsettle him.Death is getting closer, and he has become more righteous than at any time in his life. His regret is not only against De.Mr. Larmor's is also facing Mathilde.

how!He said to himself, when I am with her, sometimes I am absent-minded, and sometimes I am even bored.She ruined her reputation for me, and I repay her like this!Am I a villain?He didn't pay much attention to this problem when he was ambitious. At that time, he considered failure to succeed as the greatest shame. The anguish he felt towards Mathilde was all the more obstinate, for he now aroused her strangest, wildest passions.She was full of all the strange sacrifices she was going to make to save him. She was animated by an emotion of which she was proud, which overwhelmed all her self-respect, and wanted to fill every moment of her life with some extraordinary act.Her long conversation with Julien was filled with plans most peculiar and most dangerous to her.The guards were fined, and she was allowed to do whatever she wanted in the prison.Mathilde's idea is not limited to sacrificing fame, she doesn't care about letting the whole society know her situation.Kneeling before the king's galloping carriage, attracting the prince's attention, and begging Julien's pardon at the risk of death, was the most realistic fantasy conjured up by her wild and gallant imagination; Be sure to gain access to those forbidden places in the gardens of Saint-Cloud.

Julien felt that he was not worthy of such dedication.To be honest, he was tired of heroism.If faced with a simple, innocent, almost shy love, he would be tempted.However, Mathilde's proud heart is just the opposite. She needs to think of the public and others all the time. She does not want to live behind her lover, but amidst her anxieties and fears for his life she has a secret need to surprise the public with the excess of her love and the nobility of her actions. Julien was unmoved by this heroism, and was annoyed by it.But what would he do if he knew how Mathilde tormented the loyal but very limited mind of good Fouquet with her mad ideas?

Fouquet couldn't say anything about Mathilde's loyalty. He himself sacrificed all his property and risked his life to save Julien.It's just that Mathilde spends money like water, which makes him horrified.In the first few days, the amount of money spent in this way struck Fouquet with awe, and he, like all provincials, has the utmost reverence for money. Finally, he found De.Miss Lamour's plans were constantly changing, and to his great relief he found at last a word to reproach the character he found so tiresome: she was capricious.There is only one step between the two adjectives, from fickle to the most severe curse in the provinces.

How strange, thought Julien, Mathilde leaving the prison, that I should be so numb to a passion so ardent and aimed at me!I adored her two months ago!I've read that the approach of death makes one lose interest in everything; yet the horror is the sense of ungratefulness and the sense of inability to change.Am I an egoist?He blamed and humiliated himself severely for this. Ambition had died in him, and from the ashes arose another passion which he called murder.Madame Rainer's remorse. In fact, he was madly in love with her.When he was alone and not afraid of being disturbed, he could indulge in the memories of the good times he had spent in Vergies in Verrières, and he felt a unique happiness.The events of that fleeting time, however insignificant, had an irresistible freshness and fascination for him.He never thought about his success in Paris, he was tired of it.

This mood intensified rapidly, and Mathilde's jealousy had guessed a bit.It was clear to her that she had to contend with his penchant for solitude.On several occasions, with fear, she spoke out about de.Mrs. Rainer's name.She saw Julien shudder.Since then, her passion has been unrestrained and boundless. If he dies, I'll die with him, she said to herself, as sincerely as possible, in those parlors in Paris, seeing a girl of my position adoring a dying lover to such an extent, would What to say?To find such feelings, one must go back to the age of heroes.It was such love that made the heart beat in the days of Charles IX and Henry III.

She clasped Julien's head tightly to her heart, immersed in the strongest impulse, why!She thought in horror, this charming head is destined to fall to the ground!Oh well!She thought again, burning with a heroism not lacking in bliss, my lips now kissing this beautiful hair, which will be cold within twenty-four hours of his death. She kept thinking of these moments of heroic and terrible joy, and the suicidal thoughts, so obsessive in themselves, so far removed from this proud heart, were now deeply embedded and soon established. Absolute dominion, no, the blood of my ancestors has not warmed at all in me.She said to herself, very proud.

I have something to ask of you, her lover said to her one day, put your child in Verrières, de.Mrs. Rainer will take care of it. What you said to me was so cruel. Mathilde turned pale. Indeed, I beg your pardon.Julien awoke from meditation, said aloud, and held her tightly in his arms. He wiped away her tears and went back to his old thoughts, but subtly.He gave the conversation a melancholy philosophical tone, he spoke of the future that was closing before him. It must be admitted, dear friend, that passion is an accident in life, but such accidents occur only among the best of the best See it.Neglect will be the fate of this child of misfortune and disgrace. I hope that at a time when I am not yet sure but my courage is still vaguely visible, you will heed my last order: marry de.Mr. Marquis de Visenoy.

What!Discredit me! Dishonor does not come to a name like yours.You will be a widow, a madman's widow, that's all.I would go a step further and say that my crime was not financially motivated and in no way shameful.Perhaps in the future some wise legislator will overcome the prejudices of his contemporaries and abolish the death penalty.Then some sympathetic voice would point to me as an example: Look, deMiss Lamour's first husband was a madman, but not a villain, not a villain.It was absurd to drop someone's head at a time when my posthumous reputation was by no means obnoxious.After a while at least your social status, your property, shall I say, your talents, will make your husband D.Croixenois takes on a role he could not have done alone.He had only parentage and bravery, and by relying on these two advantages alone, he could have made a perfect man in 1729, but today, a century later, it is out of date and can only make people think highly of themselves.To lead the youth of France, something else is needed.

You will promote your husband into a party, and support it with your firm and bold character.You can be the successor to those Chevreuses and Longuevilles of the Fronde, but then, my dear friend, the holy fire that animates you at this moment may not be so hot.The Fronde Movement was a political movement against the autocratic system in the early days of Louis XIV's administration. Both Duchess Chevreuse and Longueville played an important role in the movement. Allow me to say to you, after he had said many preparatory remarks, that he added at last that fifteen years later you would regard the love you had for me as a pardonable madness, but a madness nonetheless.

He suddenly stopped talking and became thoughtful.He faced again the thought that had so exasperated Mathilde: Fifteen years later, deMadame Rainer will love my son, whom you have long since forgotten.
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