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Chapter 71 Chapter 41 Trial

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De.At last the day came that Madame Rainer and Mathilde so dreaded. The strange appearance of the city aggravated their fear even more, and even Fouquet's strong heart could not help being moved by it.People came from all over the province to Besançon to see how this erotic case was being tried. The hotel was fully booked a few days ago.Monsieur the President of the Criminal Court was surrounded by people begging for tickets, the ladies of the town wanted to attend the trial, Julien's portrait was being sold in the street, etc., etc. For this critical moment, Mathilde also left a letter from De.A personal letter from Bishop XX.This senior clergyman, who headed the French Catholic Church and exercised the power of appointing and dismissing bishops, condescended to ask Julien to be pardoned.The day before the trial, Mathilde delivered the letter to the powerful vicar bishop.

The meeting is over, De.Seeing her go away in tears, Mr. Friley said: "I can vouch for the jury's verdict, he's almost moved himself at last to throw off his diplomatic reserve, there are a dozen people in charge of examining what you want to protect." Whether the crimes of men are real, and above all premeditated, six of them are friends, loyal to our cause, and I have hinted to them that my bishop depends on them.The Baron Valenod, who I made mayor of Verrieres, has complete control over his two subordinates, deMr. Movano and De.Mr. Xiao Lan.Of course, the lottery produced for our case two jurors of the most indecisive minds; but, though they were extreme Liberals, they faithfully carried out my orders on important occasions, and I have had them entreated. Vote the same as M. Valenod.I have learned that the sixth juror is an industrialist, very rich, a garrulous Liberal, secretly wishing to supply the War Department, and no doubt he does not want to offend me.I have had him told that M. Valenod knows what I have to say.

Who is this Monsieur Valenod?Mathilde asked anxiously. If you knew him, you would have no doubts about success.This man is eloquent, bold, thick-skinned, a rough man, and a natural material for leading fools.Rescue him from poverty in 1814, and I'll make him governor.If the other jurors didn't vote his way, he could beat them up. Mathilde felt a little relieved. There was still a discussion waiting for her in the evening.Julien, not wanting to prolong an embarrassing scene, and since he considered its outcome beyond doubt, decided not to speak. My lawyer will speak, that is enough, he said to Mathilde, I have been exposed to all these enemies for too long.Believe me, there is not one of these provincials who are annoyed at my rapid rise through you, who would not wish to sentence me to death, though they may cry like a fool when I am led to the execution ground.

It is true that they want to see you humiliated, replied Mathilde, but I do not believe they are cruel.I have come to Besançon, my pain has been made public, it has concerned all women, your pretty face will do the rest.As long as you say a word before the judge, the audience is yours At nine o'clock the next day Julien came down from his cell and went into the hall of the court. The courtyard was so crowded that the policemen had to push their way through the crowd.Julien slept soundly, was composed, and felt nothing but generous pity for this envious crowd, who would applaud his death sentence, but without cruelty.He was held back by the crowd for a quarter of an hour, and he could not but admit that his presence aroused in the public a tender sympathy which he had not anticipated.He didn't hear a harsh word, these provincials are not so bad as I thought.he said to himself.

Entering the courtroom, he was amazed by the elegance of the building.Pure Gothic, many beautiful small pillars, all carved out of stone.He seemed to be in England. Soon, however, his attention was attracted by twelve to fifteen beautiful women.They were facing the dock, and filled the three boxes above the heads of the judge and jury.Turning toward the public, he saw that the gallery high in the amphitheater was also full of women, most of them young, whom he also thought were beautiful; their eyes were shining with concern.The rest of the hall was even more crowded, with fighting at the door, and the guards couldn't keep the people quiet.

All eyes, which were looking for Julien, found him at last, and had been watching him in the slightly higher defendant's seat, when a murmur of surprise and tender concern arose. He looked less than twenty years old that day, he was dressed very plainly, but elegantly; his hair and forehead were lovely; Mathilde insisted on dressing him herself.Julien looked extremely pale.As soon as he sat down in the dock, he heard people from all around say: "God!How young he is!But this is a child, and he looks even better than in the portrait. The defendant, said the policeman sitting on his right, Do you see the six ladies in that box?He pointed out to him the small gallery jutting out above the amphitheatre, where the jurors were seated, that was the Governor's wife, said the police, and next to it was de N. Marchioness, she likes you very much; I heard her tell the examining magistrate.Beyond that is Mrs. Deville

Mrs. Derville!With a cry from Julien, his face flushed, she went out from here, he thought, and would write to de Escherichia.Mrs. Rainer's.He has no morals.Madame Rainer has arrived in Besançon. The statements of the witnesses were heard quickly.The Acting Attorney-General read the indictment, and just after reading a few sentences, the two ladies in the small gallery in front of Julien burst into tears. Madame de Vere's heart would not be so soft.thought Julien.He noticed, however, that she blushed violently. The acting attorney general acted sympathetically and tried his best to exaggerate the barbarity of the crime in bad French; Julien saw the expressions of fierce disapproval from the wives around Mrs. de Vere.It was a good sign that several of the jurors seemed to know the ladies and spoke to them as if to reassure them.thought Julien.

Up to this moment Julien had always felt a kind of pure contempt for the men at the trial.The mediocre eloquence of the Acting Attorney-General added to the feeling of disgust.Gradually, however, Julien's inner ruthlessness disappeared before the expressions of concern apparently directed at him. He was satisfied with the lawyer's determined look, not playing with words.He told the lawyer that the lawyer was about to speak. All the hyperbole they use against you is stolen from Bossuet, and it does you a favor.said the lawyer.Sure enough, before he had spoken for five minutes, almost all the women had taken up their handkerchiefs.Inspired, the lawyer spoke some powerful words to the jurors.Julien trembled, and he felt that tears were about to burst into his eyes, great God!What will my enemies say?

His heart was about to soften. Fortunately, at this time, he accidentally saw De.The insolent glance of the Baron de Valenod. The wretch's eyes glistened, and he thought, What a triumph for the wretched soul!If my crime has done this, I should curse my crime.God knows he will meet Germany.What did Madame Rainer say about me! This thought erased all other thoughts.Julien was then aroused by a gesture of public approval.Lawyers have just concluded their case.Julien remembered that he should shake hands with the lawyer.Time passed quickly. Drinks were brought to lawyers and defendants.Only then did Julien notice one thing: no woman left her seat to eat.

Seriously, I'm starving, says the lawyer, and you? me too.Julien replied. You see, the governor's wife is eating there too, the lawyer told him, pointing to the little box, take courage, everything is going well.The trial begins again. The clock struck midnight as the President concluded the debate.The president had to pause, the general anxiety floated in the silence, and the sound of the big clock echoed in the hall. This is where my last day begins.thought Julien.Soon, he thought of responsibility and felt his whole body burning.Until now, he has been holding on to his heart and insisting on his determination not to speak.However, when the President asked him if he had anything to add, he stood up.He looked forward and saw Mrs. Derville's eyes. Under the light, he felt that these eyes were very bright. Could it be that she was crying too?he thinks.

Gentlemen of the jury: I thought I would be able to ignore the contempt that was directed at me in the hour of death, but I still felt disgust, which made me obliged to say a few words.Gentlemen, I have no honor to belong to your class, and you see in me a peasant, a peasant rebelling against his humble lot. I ask no forgiveness from you, said Julien, becoming more forceful. I have no illusions. Death awaits me, and death is just to me.I could murder the life of the most respectable and admirable woman.De.Mrs Rainer used to treat me like a mother.My crime was brutal and premeditated.Therefore I deserve to be sentenced to death, gentlemen of the jury.But even if my sin was not so serious, I see some people who don't stop there because I'm young and worthy of pity, they still want to punish a class of youth through me and discourage a class of youth forever , because although they were born in a lowly class and oppressed by poverty, they were fortunate enough to receive a good education and dared to stand sideways in the so-called upper class of the proud rich. Such is my crime, gentlemen, and it will, in fact, be punished more severely because I am not judged by my equal.I don't see a rich peasant in the jury seat, all I see are some angry bourgeois For twenty minutes Julien had been speaking in this tone; he had said all that was pent up in his heart; the deputy attorney-general jumped from his seat in anger, expecting the favor of the nobleman; although Julien's language was somewhat abstract. , all the women are still in tears.Even Madame de Vere wiped her eyes with her handkerchief.Before concluding, Julien returned to his premeditations, his regrets, his respect, and his respect for D.Mrs. Rainer's sonlike, boundless admiration Mrs. de Vere gave a cry and passed out. One struck one as the jury retired to their chambers.None of the women left their seats, and several of the men had tears in their eyes.The conversation began lively, but the jury's decision was long awaited, and gradually a general weariness quieted the hall.The moment was solemn, the lights were dimmed, Julien was very tired, and he heard people around him discussing whether the moment was a good omen or a bad omen.He was happy to see that all hearts were with him.The jury was late to return, but none of the women left their seats. Two o'clock had just struck, and there was a great commotion.The little door of the jury's chamber opened.De.The Baron Valenod advanced with solemn and dramatic steps, followed by the other jurors.He coughed.Then he announced that, on his soul and conscience, the unanimous opinion of the jury was Julien.Sorel is guilty of homicide, and premeditated homicide at that.The inevitable result of this pronouncement was the death penalty, which was pronounced after a while.Julien looked at his watch and remembered deIt is a quarter past two, Monsieur Lavalette, and it is Friday.he thinks. Yes, but it was a good day for Valenod, who sentenced me to death. I was watched too closely, and Mathilde couldn't be like de.Madame Lavalette saved me like that, and three days later, at the same moment, I will know what to do with that great possibility. At this time, he heard a cry and was called back to the real world.The women around him were weeping, and he saw all faces turned towards a small gallery set in a Gothic pilaster.He later learned that Mathilde was hiding inside.The barking ceased once, and the people turned their faces again to Julien, who was being carried through the crowd with difficulty by the policeman. Let us try not to laugh at the impostor Valenod, thought Julien, with what embarrassment and falsehood he had when he announced the statement leading to the death sentence!And the poor judge, although he has been a judge for many years, had tears in his eyes when he sentenced me to death.How happy that guy Valenod is, he's finally reported our old days in De.Competitive feud at Mrs. Rainer's side!I can't see her anymore!It's over, I feel, our final farewell is out of the question How happy I should be if I could tell her how much I loathe my crime!
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