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Chapter 72 Chapter Forty-Two

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Julien was taken back to prison and put on death row. Normally he would not let go of the smallest situation, but this time he didn't realize that they didn't let him go back to the cell in the main tower.He only thought about following De.Mrs. Rainer said something, if he had the good fortune to see her in his last moments.He thought she would interrupt him, and wished to express his remorse fully at the first meeting.After doing such a thing, how can I convince her that I only love her?Because in the end, I wanted to kill her, either out of ambition or out of love for Mathilde. He lay on the bed and found that the sheet was made of coarse cloth.His eyes opened, ah!I'm on death row in a black cell, he said to himself, it's just

The Count of Altamira told me that Danton said in his rough voice before he died: Curiously, the verb to behead cannot have all conjugations; one can say: I will be beheaded, you will be beheaded, but not Say: I have been beheaded. Why not, thought Julien, if there was an afterlife?Seriously, if I ever meet a Christian God, I'm doomed, and that's a tyrant, so he's full of vengeance; and his Bible is all about cruel punishment.I never loved him, and I never even wanted to believe that you loved him sincerely.He was merciless (he then remembered several passages from the Bible).He will punish me in a hateful way

But if only I had met Fenelon's God!He may say to me: Many of your sins are forgiven, because you love so much Is my love much?ah!I loved De.Mrs Rainer, yet my conduct was cruel.In this as in everything else, the commonplace is abandoned for the shiny But what a prospect!Colonel in the Hussars in war, Secretary of the Diplomatic Corps in peacetime, then Ambassador for I'll get to know things soon even if I'm only a fool, deIs the son-in-law of the Marquis de La Moore still afraid of rivals?Any stupidity on my part will be forgiven, and even considered a talent.Talented people, live the most luxurious life in Vienna or London

Not necessarily, sir, the guillotine in three days. Julien smiled amusedly at this quip, for in fact there are two people in every man, and he thought, Who the hell would be so clever to think of this? Well!Yes, my friend, the decapitated three days later, he replied that humanity, de.Mr. Shawland will share a window with the Abbe Maslon.Well, which of these two venerable men will take advantage of the other in the rent of this window? He suddenly remembered this passage from Rotruo's "Wenceslas": Ladislas: My soul is ready. King (Father of Ladislas): The gallows is ready too; put your head on it.

Great answer!he thought, and fell asleep.Someone hugged him tightly in the morning and woke him up. Why, the time has come!Julien opened his frightened eyes.He thought the executioner had caught him. It turned out to be Mathilde, fortunately she didn't understand me.With that in mind, he completely regained his composure.He found that Mathilde's description had changed drastically, as if she had been ill for half a year, and she was really unrecognizable. This vile Foley has betrayed me.She told him, wringing her hands, so angry that she couldn't cry. Wasn't it beautiful when I spoke yesterday?Julien replied, I am speaking extemporaneously, and this is the first time in my life!Seriously, this might be the last time.

At this moment, Julien played with Mathilde's character, calmly playing the piano like a skilled pianist. The lover was lifted to her height.What do you think Boniface.De.Will Larmore fare better in front of a judge? Mathilde was like a poor girl on the sixth floor this day, tender and unaffected, but she could not get more simple words from him.What she used to make him suffer, he paid her back. No one knows the source of the Nile, Julien thought, human eyes cannot see the river king in the ordinary state of the stream, so no one's eyes will see the weak Julien, first of all because he is not weak However, I have a heart that is easy to move. The most common sentence, as long as it is said in a sincere tone, can make my voice soft and even make me cry.How many times have hard-hearted people looked down on me for this shortcoming!They thought I was begging for forgiveness and that's what I couldn't stand.

It is said that Danton thought of his wife under the guillotine, and was greatly moved; but Danton gave strength to a country full of frivolous young men, and kept enemies out of Paris. Only I know what I can do. From the perspective of others, I am just a possibility at best. If it is not Mathilde, but De.Madame Rainer is in my cell, can I guarantee myself?My excessive desperation and excessive remorse might have appeared in the eyes of the Valenoorians and all the nobles of the country as a shameful fear of death; How proud!De.Mr. Movaro and De.Mr. Xiao Lan has just sentenced me to death, and they will say: Look at what it means to be a carpenter's son!He can be learned, witty, but courageous!Courage cannot be learned.Even this poor Mathilde, she is crying now, or rather she can't cry, he thought, looking into her red eyes and holding her close to his arms, because he saw this Real pain, can't help but forget his reasoning She may have cried all night, he said to himself, but what shame will this memory not make her feel someday?She would think that she had been led astray in her prime by the mean ways of thinking of a plebeian. Croizenoy, who was rather weak, would have married her, and I believe he was right.She would make him play a part.By the right of the ambitious and determined to the clumsiness of ordinary men.

aha!It's funny: after I was sentenced to death, I remembered all the lines I knew all my life.it's a sign of decay Mathilde told him several times feebly: he was in the next room.At last he was paying attention to the words, her voice weak, he thought, but her imperious character was intact in the tone.She lowered her voice to suppress the fire. who is thereHe told her, very gently. Attorney, I want your signature on the appeal. I do not appeal. how!You don't appeal, she stood up as she said, with anger in her eyes, may I ask why? Because at this moment I have the courage to die, so I won't make people laugh too much.Who can tell me that after two months, after a long stay in this dank dungeon, I am still in such good shape?I expected to meet the priest again, and nothing in the world would make me more unhappy than meeting my father.let me die.

This unexpected obstacle fully awakened the haughty part of Mathilde's character.She failed to see de.Father Foley let out his anger on Company.She adores him, yet for a quarter of an hour she curses his character and regrets being in love with him.From it, he saw that in Germany before.The haughty man who abused him in heart-rending language in the library at La Moore. For the glory of your family, God should have reborn you as a man.he said to her. As for me, he thought, if I lived another two months in these disgusting days, the target of some base and shameless slander that the aristocracy might concoct, and my only consolation was the curse of this mad woman. Well, well, the next morning, I was dueling a man known for his coolness and virtuosity. Very good, the devil said.

Well, I hope so (Matilde is still gushing).No, he said to himself, I will not appeal. He had made up his mind, so he fell into a dream that the postman would drop by the newspaper at six o'clock as usual;After Mr. Rainer had read it, Alisa tiptoed to put the newspaper on her bed.Then she awoke: she was reading, suddenly flustered, her beautiful hands trembling; she read the words until five minutes past ten, when he stopped breathing. She will cry, I know her; it will be no use if I try to kill her, all will be forgotten.The man I tried to kill will be the only one who will truly cry over my death.

ah!Here's a comparison!He thought that during the quarter of an hour when Mathilde continued to quarrel with him, he only thought of de.Mrs Rainer.Although he often answered Mathilde's words, he still couldn't take his heart away from the memory of Verrière's bedroom.He read the Besançon newspaper on the orange taffeta quilt, and he saw a hand so white clutching it convulsively, he saw de.Madame Rainer was weeping and he watched the tears trickle down that lovely face. De.Mademoiselle Lamour brought in the lawyer since Julien had nothing to say.Fortunately, the lawyer was an old captain of the Italian Legion in 1796, who had been comrades-in-arms with Manuel. He objected to the prisoner's decision, but only for show.Julien, intending to treat him with respect, gave him his reasons point by point. Seriously, you can think so, Felix.Mr. Vano finally said Felix.Vano is the name of the attorney, but you have three full days to file an appeal, and it is my duty to come every day.If a volcano erupts under the prison within two months, you can be saved.But you can also die from disease.He looked at Julien and said. Julien shook his hand, I thank you, you are a man of integrity.I will think about it. At last Mathilde went out with the lawyer, whom Julien felt much more friendly to the lawyer than to her.
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