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Chapter 75 Chapter Forty-Five

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Don't let poor Chas.The abbe Bernard called, I don't want this kind of mischief, and he said to Fouquet: he won't be able to eat for three days.Try to find me a Jansenist, a friend of the Abbe Pirard, who is free from intrigue. Fouquet was anxiously waiting for him to speak.All that the public opinion of the provinces demanded, Julien did well.Although the confession priest was not chosen properly, there is virtue.The abbe Friley secretly helped, and Julien was still protected by the congregation in prison; if he was more clever, he could escape.But the bad atmosphere of the prison had its effect, and his mental faculties waned.This makes him in Germany.Madame Rainer was even happier when she returned.

My duty is first of all to you, she said, kissing him, I escaped from Verrières Julien had no unnecessary self-respect for her, and confessed all his weaknesses.She was gentle and lovely to him. In the evening, as soon as she came out of the prison, the young priest, who had seized Julien like a prey, was called to her aunt's; .Madame Rainer had no difficulty in persuading him to go to the Abbey of Beaule-le-Haut to say a novena. The excess and madness of Julien's love are far beyond words. With money, using and abusing the reputation of her aunt, a well-known, wealthy religious woman, de.Mrs Rainer was allowed to visit him twice a day.

Hearing this news, Mathilde became so jealous that she lost her mind.De.Mr. Friley admitted to her that he was not so powerful as to disregard all decency, and not allow her to visit her friend more than once a day.Mathilde asked people to follow De.Mrs. Rainer, to know her every move.De.Mr. Friley tried everything that a very quick mind could conceive to prove to her that Julien was not good enough for her. After suffering all kinds of pain, she loved him even more, and quarreled with him almost every day. Julien wanted to do his best to be upright to the end of this poor girl whom he had so uncommonly troubled;Madame Rainer's passionate love never spared him.The reasons he found were untenable and could not convince Mathilde to believe in de.Madame Rainer's visit was pure, and he said to himself: The play must be coming to an end, and if I can't hide my feelings, that's my excuse.

De.Miss La Moore learned that de.Monsieur Croixenois is dead, de.Monsieur Talley, who was so rich, dared to say something harsh about Mathilde's disappearance, de.M. Croixenoy went to ask him to take it back.De.M. Talay showed him some anonymous letters addressed to him, so full of details so cleverly connected that the poor Marquis could not but see the truth. De.Mr. Talay ventured a few more inelegant jokes.De.Mr. Croixennoy was so angry that he couldn't bear the pain, and the demand for an apology was too harsh, and the millionaire would rather fight a duel.Stupidity triumphed, and one of the most lovable people in Paris, not yet four-and-twenty, died like this.

His death left a strange, morbid impression on Lien's weakened mind. Poor Croixenois, he said to Mathilde, he has been very reasonable and honest with us; he should have hated me after your indiscretions in your mother's drawing-room, Trouble with me because the hatred that comes with contempt is usually violent De.The death of Monsieur Croixenois changed all Julien's thoughts about Mathilde's future; he spent a few days proving to her that she should accept de.Mr. Lutz's marriage proposal, the man was shy, but not too hypocritical, and he told her that he would definitely join the ranks of suitors.His ambitions were more modest and more permanent than poor Croizenoy's, he had no dukedom in his family, and he married Julien.Sorel's widow will have no difficulty.

And a widow who despises great passion, Mathilde retorted coldly, because six months of life had been enough for her to see that her lover loved not her but another woman, and this woman was is the root of all their misfortunes. You're being unfair, De.Madame Rainer's visit will give special grounds to the Parisian lawyer who asked for amnesty for me; he will describe how the murderer was cared for by the victim.It will work, maybe one day you'll see me in a melodrama A mad and unrevengeable jealousy, a continuation of a hopeless misfortune (even if Julien is rescued, how can he save his heart?), the humiliation and pain caused by falling in love with this unfaithful lover, made de.Miss Lamour fell into a despondent silence, notwithstanding D.Neither Mr. Friley's attentiveness nor Fouquet's rough frankness could relieve her.

As for Julien, except for the time occupied by Mathilde, he lives in love and hardly cares about tomorrow.When the enthusiasm is extreme and unaffected, it produces a strange effect, de.Madame Rainer thus almost shared in his carefree and warm happiness. Once upon a time, Julien told her, how happy I might have been when we walked in the woods at Verges, but a strong ambition carried me away to the land of illusions.Instead of clasping this lovely arm close to the lips, and let the vision of the future take it away; I've had to fight countless battles to build a great fortune No, if you don't come to the prison to see Me, I'm dead and I don't know what happiness is.

Two events disturbed this peaceful life. Julien's confessor, though a Jansenist, had not escaped the schemes of the Jesuits and had become their instrument without knowing it. He came to Len one day and said that unless he was willing to commit the terrible crime of suicide, he should do everything possible to get an amnesty.And the clergy have great influence in the Paris Ministry of Justice, so there is an easy solution: the conversion should be done with great fanfare. Fanfare!Julien repeated, Ah!I got you too, my father, you're acting like a missionary too Your age, said the Jansenist gravely, your heavenly face, your inexplicable criminal motives, deThe heroism of Mademoiselle La Mole for you, and everything in general down to the astonishing friendship shown to you by your victim, have helped to make you a hero to the young women of Besançon.They have forgotten everything for you, even politics

Your conversion will resonate in their hearts and leave a deep impression on them.You can be of great use to religion, and I, shall I hesitate for the senseless reason that a Jesuit would do the same in this case!Therefore, in this particular case of escaping their greed, they will still do evil!May it not so that the tears of your conversion shall counteract the corrupting effect of ten editions of Voltaire's blasphemies. What is left of me, Julien said coldly, if I despise myself?I was ambitious, and I would not condemn myself; then I acted according to the fashion of the age.Now, I live one day at a time.But if I do something cowardly, I invite my misfortune in full view

Another thing comes from Germany.Madame Rainer made Julien feel even more painful.Some scheming friend had persuaded this innocent and so timid soul that it was her duty to go to Saint-Cloud and kneel before Charles X. to intercede. Parting from Julien had been a sacrifice to her, but after such an effort, publicity, which at other times might have been a more painful thing than death, was now nothing in her eyes. I'm going to the king, and I'm going to confess that you are my lover, because a man's life, the life of a Julien, should outweigh any balance of pros and cons.I'm going to say you murdered me out of jealousy.There are many poor young men who are saved in such cases by the jury or by the mercy of the king

I will see you no more, and I ordered the prison gates to be shut against you, cried Julien, and if you do not swear to me that you will not do anything to embarrass us both in public, tomorrow I will surely commit suicide in despair.The idea of ​​going to Paris is not yours.tell me the name of the female schemer who made you think Let us spend the few days of this short life happily.Hide our existence, our sins are too obvious.De.Mademoiselle La Mole is very influential in Paris, and I believe she will do everything that is humanly possible.In the provinces, all the rich and powerful are against me.Your actions will irritate even richer and especially moderate people how easy life is for them Don't let Maslons, Valenos and many stupider than them laugh at us . Julien could no longer bear the bad atmosphere in the prison.Fortunately, on the day they informed him of his death, the bright sunshine made everything joyful, and Julien was filled with courage.Walking in the open air gave him a sweet feeling, like a sailor who has been at sea for a walk on land.Come on, it's all right, he said to himself, I don't lack courage at all. The head had never been so poetic as when it was about to fall.The warmest moments of his former days in the woods at Welgie came flooding back into his mind with tremendous force. Everything was done with simplicity and decorum, without any affectation on his part. Two days before he had said to Fouquet: Excitement, I can't vouch for it; this dungeon is so bad and dank, that it sometimes makes me feverish and delirious; but fear, no, people won't see me turn pale. He made arrangements in advance. On the morning of his doom, Fouquet took Mathilde and de.Mrs. Rainer took them all away. Let them ride in a carriage, he told him, and try to keep the stage horses running.They would hug each other, or hate each other to death.In both cases the poor woman would have a moment of relief from terrible suffering. Julien must be virtuous.Madame Rainer swore to live to take care of Mathilde's son. Who knows?Maybe we have feelings after death.One day he said to Fouquet, I rather like to rest in that little cave in the mountain overlooking Villiers, yes, rest, that's the word.I have told you several times that, hiding in this cave at night, overlooking the richest provinces of France, my heart was burning with ambition, and that was my passion at that time. In short, this cave is very precious to me, It must be admitted that its place is the envy of a philosopher's soul!These clergymen in Besançon make money from everything; they'll sell you my body if you know how Fouquet made this miserable business.He spent the night alone in his room, guarding over the dead body of his friend.Suddenly he was taken aback and saw Mathilde walking in.A few hours before, he had left her ten leagues from Besançon.Her description changed drastically, her eyes frantic. I want to see him.She told him. Fouquet did not have the courage to speak, nor did he have the courage to stand up.He pointed to a blue cloak lying on the floor in which Julien's body was wrapped. She fell to her knees.Obviously, for Boniface.De.Lamor and Margaret.De.Nawal's memories gave her superhuman courage.With trembling hands, she lifted the cloak.Fouquet rolled his eyes away. He heard Mathilde hurrying around the room.She lit some candles.When Fouquet had the strength to look at her, she had placed Julien's head on a small stone table in front of her, and kissed the other head's forehead. Mathilde followed her lover to the grave he had chosen for himself.Numerous priests escorted the coffin, and no one knew she sat alone in her black-veiled car with the head of the man she had loved so much on her lap. In this way they came in the middle of the night to the vicinity of one of the peaks of the Jura Mountains; in that small cave, lit by countless candles, twenty priests were performing the funeral service.The funeral procession passed through several small mountain villages, and the residents were attracted by this peculiar ceremony and followed one after another. Mathilde appeared among them in long mourning; when the funeral was over, she ordered thousands of five-franc coins to be thrown at them. She was left alone with Fouquet to bury her lover's head with her own hands.Fouquet was almost mad with pain. Under Mathilde's care, the savage cave was decorated with marble carved in Italy at great expense. De.Mrs. Rainer kept her word.She made no attempt at suicide; however, three days after Julien's death, she died with her children in their arms. end of volume
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