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Chapter 1 Chapter 1 The Castle on the Cliff

True and False Hunter 卡爾.麥 12407Words 2023-02-05
I decided to scout the castle on the cliff and rescue my fellow Germans from captivity. We had to pack quite a bit, at least three or four days' worth of supplies, including dry rations, horse feed, light bulbs, and long torches.We also topped up the three large tanks.All these supplies were ordered by Melton from the Uris merchant before the deal with the manor owner was concluded.Beforehand, he had also negotiated with the Yuma tribe to hand over all the urgently needed things to them for transportation.Hercules told me that the Yuma tribe around the castle had three hundred men and more than four hundred horses.I estimate that after the sixty Germans have been rescued, at least sixty horses will be needed, and forty heavy draft horses will be needed.With these horses, the Germans could go over mountains and far away.

Before setting off, I spoke to Winnetto of my plans, first letting him know that I intended to investigate the cave discovered by Pryor and the passage discovered by Hercules.This is the clue Winnetou is looking for.After the investigation, if Winnetu wants to ask us for the truth, I can provide detailed information. Yesterday, we left our scheduled orientation.Today, I will take Xiaomin Mburenyue and walk back the last part of the road that I walked yesterday.I found to my satisfaction that the marks left by carts and horses on the road were no longer recognizable.Although there are a few traces that can still make an impression, these traces will disappear within a day.I am satisfied with the results of my observations.If Melton sends spies to find out about us, I believe they will not find our camp.

We rode south for about four hours, then turned east, where the Badlands begins.We let the horses rest for an hour, and ate up the sparse grass before we continued on our way. This trip is similar to a desert safari.The land rolled and rolled like waves, with some shallow depressions in between.Looking around, it is full of hanging rocks, stone walls, and gravel, and there is not a single tree or grass in sight.The sunlight is too strong, and the exposed stones cannot absorb it completely, and the excess heat cannot continue to penetrate to the ground, so it gathers in the air four or five feet above the ground.Looking from a distance through this space, the ground looks like a quivering sea of ​​flames.We were breathing hard and sweating profusely.However, you can only grit your teeth, keep your horses running, and people don’t rest their saddles. You must arrive at the destination Almaden before dark, otherwise, you will lose a whole day.

Time passed quietly.It was a long time before I realized that our destination was just ahead, facing north.So we turned in this direction and searched forward with wide eyes, watching the ground for any footprints to be found. When the sun was about to reach the horizon, we saw a cliff towering in front of us. That must be Almaden, I said, and be extra careful now. Doesn't our big brother, the old iron hand, want to get off the horse?the boy asked in a modest tone. This shows that the boy's judgment has reached a level of maturity and deliberation.A man on horseback is easily spotted from a long distance, the danger is less so for a walker.I followed his advice and immediately changed to walking.

The undulating ground ended in a small plain.It surrounds Almaden like a circle.So, the view here is very broad. After a while, the terrain suddenly dropped, and it turned out that it had reached the edge of the plain.Almaden towered over the center of the plain.This used to be a lake, but it is now dry.There is a stone island in the middle of the lake, which is Almaden. My estimates are still off.Probably because the landform of this area is too monotonous, it is difficult to estimate accurately, or even make a relatively accurate prediction.We did not come from the south, but rounded Almaden from the southwest.This is wrong but right. If you come from the south, you will have to search everywhere after you get to this area.And now, I see it at a glance.

Almaden is like a square and flat boulder, standing tall in the middle of the lake in the past.We face its southern corner and can see its south and west sides.The southern wall is almost vertical, with several deep fissures, and a canyon in the middle.The canyon leads all the way to the top.This fits with what Pryer told me.He said the summit was accessible from both the south and the north. Compared with the south, the west is a uniform vertical plane with faults only at the bottom, and the boulder seems to be suspended in the air. It took us nearly a quarter of an hour to reach the front of the stone wall, but we dared not go up.There must be someone up there.The terrain in the south is dangerous. It can be said that one man guards the gate, and ten thousand men cannot open it.Night is coming. Although we can use the cover of night, because the road up the mountain is narrow, as long as there is one person on it, we can be found.

In order to know where the Indians lived, I first went out to scout, and Xiao Min Mburen asked the people to stay and watch the horses.I searched to the northwest and saw six tents within a short distance, and there were people moving around the tents.I climbed as close as I could to the tent, and got a good view of everything there. Every Indian has a tent.The tents are hung with their own name tags or portraits.Portraits generally reflect a prominent experience in my life.Next to one tent was painted a long snake in red paint, another had a horse painted on it, and still another a wolf.Some Indians walked back and forth between these tents, and some lay on the ground and smoked.In front of the tent with the snake painted on it, there are two spears, indicating that it is the residence of the chief.

Now that I know where the Yuma people live and where I can't go, I'm ready to turn around and return.At this moment, three people came out from the leader's tent, two men and one woman.I recognized the woman at a glance. It was Judith, a beautiful Jewish woman.Of the two men, one was Melton and the other was the owner of the tent.They talked for a while, and the Yuma turned back to the tent, while Melton and Judit walked towards the mine. I couldn't possibly be unhappy to see Melton when I first got here.However, in this situation, the danger I faced was also great.Because, these two people walked so close to me that it almost freaked me out.I quickly lay down on the soft sand, and piled up a pile of sand in front of me. The pile was not high enough to completely block me, but it played a certain protective role. Only those who searched carefully could find me.

Melton took Judith over without even looking at my hiding place.They talked and laughed as they walked, and they were in a much better mood than the father of the woman who was suffering deep in the cliff.The two headed north and quickly disappeared at the western end of that side. Now, I can go back.I crawled slowly first, and then straightened up when I reached a place where it was impossible for them to see.The twilight here is extremely short, the sun disappears behind the horizon in a hurry, and the night falls in the blink of an eye.As soon as I came back, I immediately took Xiao Min Mbulunyo, got on the horse, waited for a while, and set off when it was just dark.In the dark we were invisible to others, but we still had a little light to use and found the opening without much effort.

When the time finally came, we ran quickly down past the bottom of the lake to the cliff.We dismounted and crawled across the pebbles, moving them out of the way of the base of the stone wall. We moved quickly, and soon a hole appeared under our feet.The hole gradually grew large enough for a person to walk in.Then, with a torch in my hand, I entered the cave with the Minbrenyo. We quickly reached the bottom of the cave. The cave is two people high, and it is not a problem to accommodate hundreds of people.There is a small hole next to the big hole, and clear spring water flows in it.I feed the horse first, and then bring the horse into the cave. The horse cannot be left outside.

It seems that the cave door must be widened so that the horses can enter.This is not an easy job.We kept pawing, but the loose pebbles kept rolling down.Finally, the cave gate was finally completed, and we went to lead the horses.Leading a horse into a cave is a more difficult job.We would never have brought any other horse into the cave.It is impossible for other horses not to make noises, and noises would give us away.These two noble creatures of ours walked obediently on the pebbles, but when they reached the depths, they seemed a little afraid when they were about to go down.My lightning still works.It tried a few times with one front hoof, but quickly retracted because the stone below was soft.It took a few tries before it went down with confidence, but it still slipped more often than when it went uphill. Winnetu's whirlwind also went into the hole.The reward for these two good animals is: drinking water and some corn.After the horses were full, I carefully inspected the background of the hole, and it turned out to be a slope.I cast a stone down the slope, and it was quite some time before a barely audible voice told me it had hit bottom.If a person falls, he will not even find his shadow. My torch allows me to stand on this corner and see the opposite side, and I can conclude that the width of this crack will not exceed five or six meters.As I looked across, the young Minmbrunyo crouched down, scoured the ground, felt a spot with his fingers, and dug with his knife. Does the old iron hand want to pay attention to the pit here?As he spoke, he used a knife to lift the broken soil away. This was previously dripping from the water droplets on the roof of the cave.I replied. If it was dripping out, the hole should be round, but it is square. Come, let me see! I knelt down and helped dig.real!There is a deep square hole dug in the ground. Let's look again and see if there are any.I said.Before long, we found three more.As we dug out the filled soil, Min Mburenyo looked at me suspiciously.Therefore, I ask him to: If you plan to introduce the situation of these pits, please say so. I can't tell, he replied, people dig holes to hide things.What can be hidden in these pits? Do you know what a bolt is and what a fixture is? have no idea. These things are made of iron or wood, and are used to punch holes in the ground or walls for strength and tension.The load-bearing device supported by these pits is a bridge across the abyss.If we go to the opposite side, we can also find four similar pits. where is the bridge Demolished.They push the last people who work here into the abyss, and don't let anyone know that they can build bridges over the abyss.They deliberately blocked these pits so that later people could not find them.However, your eyesight is very sharp. Not the eye sees.I feel the earth under my feet, because the earth is softer than the rock, and I touch it with the tip of my toes.If there is a bridge, we can go over it and continue our research. We don't need a bridge, we can get to the other side in other ways.As I guessed, there is a hole for us to climb. when?tonight? Not today, but tomorrow.That hole is closed.In the dark, I couldn't find it, and we couldn't light a lamp outside.After dawn, we started to go in and check.Now, we ate, and after we ate, I wanted to continue learning about the place. Will the old iron hand allow me to accompany him? No.I am willing to take you, but you must guard the horse.On the one hand, you are not familiar with the cave, on the other hand, it is also very important to see the horses.If the horses were left here alone in the dark, we would have to go to the abyss to find them when we got back. After we finished a simple meal, I went out to continue my inspection.I went as far as the north corner, and lay down there, resting and thinking. My intention is to figure out the way to the top.It's dark now, and it's dangerous to find that way.Most likely someone was up there and could hear me walking. I waited in this way for about an hour, and all was silent.The stars, which were still dim just now, are now dazzling, and I can see farther away.I was about to stand up when I heard footsteps approaching me.I curled up behind a rock.I saw the leader of the Yuma people stop not far from me.He looked around and found nothing, so he let out a kind of call.Then he sat on a rock not three steps away from me. This is the most uncomfortable.The stones are next to each other, and I can't retreat; once I retreat, I will make a sound.There was no other way but to wait patiently until he left. Woo!After a long time, I heard the leader calling again in a moderate voice.He stood up and took a few steps forward, and I saw another person coming, it was Judith.I heard a very unique conversation.In conversation, he calls himself the Sly Snake.He is the owner of the tent I saw and the leader of the 300 Yuma people living here, and he is the subordinate of the big leader Big Mouth.I can hear that he has a rich vocabulary in English and Spanish.Judith is less than one-twentieth of him in this respect, and he does not understand the Indian language.For this reason, they cannot tell each other what they want to express, and misunderstandings always arise.Still, they can communicate.Where words cannot express, they resort to gestures.People will laugh their teeth out when they see so many misunderstandings. When she came, he took her by the hand, led her to the stone on which he sat, and said: The cunning snake thought that Judit would not come.Why did she keep him waiting? He had to repeat it over and over again.If she doesn't understand, put it another way. Melton kept me.she answered. He didn't understand what she meant.She repeats her words and gestures. What is he doing now? sleep.She is not so much with words, it is better to say with expressions. He thought Judith was asleep too? Yes. He is a deluded idiot.He was deceived because he wanted to deceive.Judith could not believe his words.He cheated on her and won't keep his word. After every sentence, there's a laborious game of emoticons, as the two don't immediately understand each other. You know what he said to me?she asked. I can imagine.Did he say he was going to give you a fortune? Yes.He said he could soon make a million from the mines.When I become his wife, I shall have diamonds, pearls, Sonora Palace, and San Francisco Palace. You won't get gems and palaces, because he won't own them though he earns a lot of money. Why not? It's a Yuma secret.Taking a step back, even if he achieves his goal, he won't give you anything.He will let you live a lonely and lonely life. After picking this flower of yours, he will pick other flowers, and then he will abandon you. He dares!I will take revenge on him and make his crimes public. There will be nothing you can do.A flower that has faded can be trampled upon if it tries to become something dangerous.Believe me, there is no hope around him! You tell me this because you want me too.Show me the evidence! The cunning snake can justify what he says.Tell me, why did you let your father go into the mines with you? Because he is an overseer and has to make a lot of money. He is bound, works like everyone else, and doesn't get better food than everyone else.I know, he promised, to let your father come and go as he pleases, to breathe the fresh air.However, this promise was not fulfilled. I will force Melton to do this. Don't take your word for it.A thousand of the most beautiful women in the world have no claim to a man like this.You ask to see your father, but your father cannot come out. Then I'll go and let him see how good I am. try it yourself!You, too, will be imprisoned, said the cunning snake in a tone of contempt.Then he destroys your beauty and consumes your flesh with mercury.He is a liar, and my heart is true to you.He only promised you on the surface, I actually give you.I'll be far richer than Melton if you will. Can an Indian be rich?she laughed. Do you have concerns?We are the original owners of this land, and the white people took it from us.In life, we do not need gold and silver.We know there's plenty of these things in the mountains, but we won't give the secret to those with pale faces.If Judith were to be my wife, I would give all the gold and silver, all that Melton promised her but would not give her. real?Gold, jewelry, palaces, fine clothes and many servants? Everything, everything you want!I love you like I don't love any red girls.I can also make you my wife against your will, because we Indian men have the custom of snatching marriage, and we can use violence to rob the girl we want.However, you should volunteer to be my wife.I'll wait for you until you give me your heart.Can you do it right now? He stood up, folded his arms across his chest, and looked down at her.Judith didn't speak for a long time.She is not deeply involved in the world, yearns for an extremely rich life, but is also attached to a young and handsome Indian leader.These can't be unified.Will Melton really lie to her?She didn't think about the consequences.Now, the cunning snake asks her to be his wife, does this Indian really want to be rich if he wants to be rich?He stood in front of her and waited for her, staring at her sternly.However, she still hesitated.There was a long silence. He broke the silence: I know what Judith is thinking.She loved the pale man's wealth and yearned for enjoyment and city life.The red man has only tents, horses, and weapons, and lives in the forest and on the prairie.How could Judith possibly want to be an Indian's wife? I don't want to.she admits. However, if you only want to, the situation will completely change.As long as you say yes, I will fulfill your wish immediately.My hand will not touch yours until I give you the gold you ask for. The words worked, and she immediately became enthusiastic: do you really do this real. Is Melton really lying to me? You can test him once.The method is, you ask to see your father, but don't tell him about your conversation with me. OK, I'll go and try him.If he does not fulfill his promise to release my father, I will leave him and come to you. He will not agree and will force you to stay with him. In this case, what should I do? Can only wait, because I will take you out of his hands.He is in our hands.You come here every night at this time before you make up your mind.If you don't come, I think something happened to you, and I will go to Melton to ask someone.goodbye! The cunning snake left, and Judit sat still, thinking quietly.After a while, when she got up and walked away, I wanted to follow her, so as to learn the way into the cave as soon as possible.However, after thinking about it for a while, I gave up the idea.I knew the Indian too well to know that he hadn't gone far, might be following her secretly, and might even stay up there and watch all night.Thinking of this, I gave up exploring tonight and went back to the cave. I'm happy with the outcome of tonight's eavesdropping, it's much bigger than I had originally hoped for.What I have heard must have brought me unexpected benefits.So, I analyzed what I had learned and considered what to do next.We don't need to wait for more Minmbrenyo to take on the Yumas.Things that I thought were completely impossible in the past are now very possible.I can achieve my goal only by my own strength, even through peaceful means. What kind of person is Judith?She was so indifferent when she heard the news that her ex-husband was eaten by wild animals, poor Hercules!I respected her father, and because of my respect for her father, I misunderstood her.Her father was not without affection for her, and she had put him in an intolerable situation.The cunning snake has earned a certain respect from me.He's a little better than his name anyway.We can negotiate with him.He really loves Jewish women.She is now an important person to me, a bargaining chip.I confess frankly that I am determined to do something immoral, a little human trafficking.I will arrest Judith, and through her the cunning snake and its power over the Yumas. I went back to the cave and only said one word to Xiaomin Mbulunyo: Go to bed immediately and get up at dawn. I fell asleep as soon as I lay down and slept until the next morning.My companion was probably more fatigued than I was, and I had to wake him, and I couldn't drag him out of sleep right away. After we had fed the horses, we set to work, first reclosing the pebble entrance and concealing it.Then, we went down to the opposite side of the stone wall and climbed up again.We had a bird's-eye view of the Indian camp above, and there was no sign of life on it.However, we were still very careful, crawling, and finally found the turning point that Hercules said, and stopped for a while at the place he marked.I had no trouble finding the spot he hadn't.He has no special training in this area, so he can't find the plug.In fact, this blockage can't deceive the eyes of experts at all. Here we were free to move about, for the Indians could not see this height from the camp. We carefully removed the stones to create a larger opening, allowing even tall people to enter the passage.We see the stones in which Hercules built the steps, and we see the stones hewn in places.It can be imagined that this laneway was not originally built by Indians. After entering the laneway, we first went to the right, then groped upwards, and within a few steps, we reached the edge of the abyss.The four pits we found yesterday are now on the opposite side of the abyss.The horse recognized our voice and came from the opposite side.They spent the night in the cave, no longer afraid of the dark.However, I still did not let them approach the abyss, so I ordered them to lie down.I'm sure they won't be up until we get back. We found four small craters next to the fissure, consistent with what was found yesterday.This proves that someone has indeed dug a hole here.Then, we go back to the starting point and continue to go deeper. The alleyway is a little taller than a person's body, about one meter wide, with pickaxe marks on the four walls, and drill holes can be seen occasionally.People have used dynamite to blast away the harder rocks.Judging from these phenomena, this lane must have been dug by white men.The roadway generally passes through the rocks, and when encountering cracks or ravines, chiseled stones are used to build bridges and build passages. We thought the air would get worse the further down we went.In fact, the opposite is true, the air inside is always kept fresh.A phenomenon caught our attention. The flame of the torch was not vertically upward, but drifted in one direction, but it was very inconspicuous.This meant that there was a fresh air coming in behind us and moving forward down the lane.The airflow is very even, there must be a draft vent.This tunnel is likely to communicate with the mine.I know, the mine is in the middle. We walked about three hundred steps, and my companion pointed to a laid stone and said: There are words on it! I took a torch to shine on that place, and I clearly saw these words: Alonso.Vargas, climber and companions, 1611 AD.This means that two hundred and fifty years have passed since the Spanish miner opened the tunnel.I copied this text down.This is new to me.The Spaniards once penetrated deep into this remote part of Mexico known as New Spain. At the end of the passage, the exit was blocked by a wall of worked stone, toward which the torch drifted, but no exit could be seen.I looked up and saw something like a sieve.A piece of mortar for laying stones was scraped off at the junction of the corners, leaving some small holes.The tiny holes can only be found by noticing the ventilation.I found a stone on it, engraved with the words: E. L.One eight two one. E. L.is an abbreviation of a name.The number 1821 tells us that this lane was closed with a wall in 1821.The reason for the closure doesn't matter to me.Although people removed the bridge connecting the abyss and blocked the entrance of the cave, which is also the entrance of the lane, with pebbles, these small holes were left on the wall to allow the air to circulate freely.If the mine reopens later, workers will not be exposed to the deadly gas. We listened carefully.There is nothing active behind the wall.I boldly tapped on the wall, but there was no answer.Still, I believe that, beyond the wall, my fellow man can be found.If my premise is correct, I can get them out without any danger.They can come through the hole in the wall.In order to open the hole in the wall, we must knock out the laid stone.However, we had no tools other than a pocket knife.The holes would be a good spot to look at, unfortunately the mortar is as hard as steel.After simple experiments, we were convinced that even if the two of us worked all day, we could only tear a stone out of the crack.We worked on for a while, though, but couldn't go on because it was still daytime, and you can't do anything outside during the day. After the two torches were lit, we continued to work in the dark for some time before returning to the cave to rest.The two horses, still lying down at my order, saw us coming, and got up and ate some corn.We finished our meal, changed the torches and lamps, and climbed into the roadway to continue working.This time I brought the gun with me and used it as a smashing stick. Breaking the mortar between the stones is a difficult and labor-intensive job.We had to work and rest.The first stone was finally removed when my watch pointed to seven in the afternoon.I looked through the hole and saw darkness beyond the wall.The second stone took less effort and took only two hours.Another hour later, the third stone also loosened, and it was ten o'clock.By one o'clock at night we were able to crawl through the opening.We climbed with the greatest care, lamps and torches extinguished, lest the light of fire shoot through the opening. After being assured that there was no danger, we boldly lit a candle, and carried outside.After going out, we first saw the mortar on the wall. The color of the mortar was the same as that of the rock, so that there was no trace of the joint between the mortar and the rock. We entered a wide and high alleyway.Due to years of disrepair, some stones in the roadway have collapsed.The mine has been exhausted and there is no more to mine.The air flow went out to the right, but we turned to the left first, trying to see what was behind.We hadn't walked very far when we saw the entire tunnel in front of us collapsed, so we had to go back. Soon, we saw various tools at the base of the wall.It seems that when we reached the sidewalk, we clearly felt a strong air current.Then we came to the widening of the corridor, a boxy room.In the center of the room stood a large wooden box, fastened at its four corners by multi-strand ropes, the other ends of which were fastened to chains leading to the ceiling of the room.There is a shaft opening in the ceiling, and the diameter of the shaft is larger than the diameter of the box.It is certain that the shaft is the mine shaft, since the wind blows upwards from here.The box is the hoisting cage of the mine, the elevator.The box has only three walls, one side is open, and the open side is used for loading or carrying people, and some objects are placed inside.I don't want to take a closer look right now because my attention is drawn to the two doors.The two doors were of rough-hewn heavy wood, fastened with strong bolts.One of them faced the passage we had come from, and the other was to our right, probably leading to a working mine. At this moment, we suddenly noticed that the two bars of the door on the right were moving back.The moment the door opened, a woman fell from it and fell on top of me.She took my neck with her hands and said in a high-pitched German: Poor wretch, are you here again?Let me go up, or I'll strangle you to death! The welcome was rather unfriendly.I don't think she's bad, though, because she's referring to another person.I pushed away the angry woman, who, to my surprise, was Judith.So I grabbed her arm again: Attention, miss, you have got the wrong person!I do not intend to die at your tender hands. She recognized me, and exclaimed: is that youThank goodness!You won't let me hide here, will you? Won't.I lead you to freedom.Who locked you here? Melton, the devil in human skin. How did he send you down? Use the lift.I voluntarily went with him, and we took the lift down. Did he deceive you in this way, did he tell you that he sent you to your father? Yes.He said so.He said he wanted me to pick up my father.Did you know that he was imprisoned here? I know more than you think.For example, yesterday the cunning serpent said to a lady that he would give her gems, gold, a palace, fine clothes, and many servants. She didn't blush, and asked in an indifferent tone: You talked to him? No. He's been to Melton's? have no idea.It was conceivable that he would go to Melton's, if he had not been to Melton's. I am waiting for him.When I recognized you, I thought he had sent you to fetch me out.I started out thinking of you as Melton, the scoundrel. Aren't you allied with that villain? Because he made a big wish for me. yes.Gold and jewels, a palace and a royal palace.Do you believe it?He has lured your countrymen here to be imprisoned and to work for him.This situation must have shown that there is no honesty in him.What do you really think about the future of those poor people? Not bad at all.They should be working down here and mining those mercury columns.This time will not be too long.Melton would be a rich man then, and would let them go, and give each one enough money to live without work. Do you trust him? believe. Well, I have to tell you the truth.The underground air, poor quality food, and inhaled mercury will destroy the workers' bodies in a short time.Two or three years later, no one is alive anymore.It was a horrible carnage.It is not difficult to imagine that you are Melton's accomplice. Two or three years?I do not believe.Others say it will be finished in only a few months. Such a short time will not make a man rich.Do you really want to be his wife? why not? Do you want to marry a cunning snake? Yes.Punish Melton with this! Where is your original fiancé?He is so loyal to you. What does he have to do with me?Besides, he's dead. Yes, eaten by eagles.Your conscience appears to be not much different from Melton's.I was on the verge of imprisoning you again and subjecting you to torture. I let go of her arm and she kept pushing towards me: You can't do that.I will never bring anyone into this hole again. All right.I don't want my words to become reality.You will be free. If you lock me up again, I will be free, and the cunning snake will surely come to fetch me out. I hope so. Do you think he will be blocked? meeting.Blocked by Melton. Melton couldn't help him.The Indian held him. This must be what the cunning snake told you yesterday.However, Melton is likely to start before him.If so, you are guilty. What do you mean? I will tell you this after knowing what you have said to Melton.The cunning snake advised you to test him, did you do it? First explain to me how you know this. I eavesdropped on my knees behind the rock you and he were sitting on. How dare you?If the cunning snake finds you, then That's more dangerous for him than it is for me.Well now, tell me, have you tried Melton? Tried it, according to the advice given to me by the cunning snake.You overheard our conversation, you should know. You asked to see your father? Yes.He asked me to wait, because my father is needed below.I didn't let him perfunctory me like this, but insisted on my request, and finally said, otherwise I will leave him.He smiled and said, I can't go away without my father.Then I threatened him with the cunning snake. Ah, I thought of it!This is a big oversight on your part.You thus give away your collusion with the cunning serpent. What's the harm?He must have known that even without my father, I was not without protection and support.I won't be as weak as he thinks. You'll see right away that your move was anything but cunning.You didn't name the cunning snake, I guess, but in general terms. Why can't I answer him when he asks me? You can see this right away.Did you tell him that the cunning serpent proposed to you, and told him that the cunning serpent promised you the same happiness? Yes. You also told Melton that if he used force against you, the cunning snake would catch him? It is this that I must emphasize. Then you thank God for sending me.Because cunning snakes won't take you out of this mine.You are so inattentive that you tell Melton everything, and let him know what the cunning snake is up to.He not only regards him as a rival in love, but also knows that the Indian doesn't trust him, so he will try every means to take cruel revenge on him. That did not matter, for Melton, in the hands of the Yumas, must have been afraid of their chief. Quite the opposite!By locking you up despite your threats, he proves that he has no fear of the Indians. He would soon see that he was wrong.I told Melton that the cunning snake will be waiting for me today, and if I don't go back, he will know something has happened to me. 這是您做的最愚蠢的事。因為,梅爾頓已經準備好,將去對付您的保護人。可以設想,這位首領自己需要保護了。 您是說,梅爾頓會去襲擊他,從而威脅整個尤馬部落? 您難道不相信會有此事嗎?他可以使印第安人的首領無所作為,而不會讓印第安人知道任何情況。您通過您的誇誇其談把您的保護人置於極危險的境地。 如果真是如此,那就希望您救他!尤迪特有些著急地說。 我當然要救他,而且事不宜遲。現在,您回答我一個問題:您知不知道您的同胞在哪兒?您一定聽梅爾頓說過。 他說過,但沒有說得很詳細。 這些人要吃要喝,由誰供給他們飲食? 梅爾頓說,礦井裡有水。食物由兩個印第安人送。 what do they eat 玉米糕。玉米是我和印第安女人們一起碾碎的。 工人們不是自願到這兒來的,一定有人看管他們並採取必要的措施,那些防範措施都是些什麼? 他們戴著腳鐐手銬。 這些可憐的人戴著它們能幹活嗎? 大概可以。但是,他們現在還沒有幹活。要等到幾個白人來,梅爾頓才有活給他們幹。那些人一部分是監工,一部分是專家。 德國人是互相隔離的,還是在一起? 據我所知,他們在一起。 他們儘管戴了腳鐐手銬,但對那兩個送飯的人來說是不是危險? 不危險,因為中間隔著一扇堅固的門。您想要打開這扇門? Yes. 對梅爾頓該怎麼辦? 讓別人把他吊起來。 我想告訴您怎麼辦。從外面的開闊地不能下手,因為他會開槍把您擊倒。 I'm not afraid. 他總是拿著兩支手槍,但是一回到家中就放下。您一定要到他的住宅裡去把手槍找到。 我打算這麼辦,儘管我並不怕他的手槍。 你找得到他的住處嗎? 找不到,我只知道必須下到礦井裡才能找到它。不過我想,您會告訴我的。 能,因為我了解。它是由一個叫歐塞比奧.洛佩斯建造的。 歐塞比奧.洛佩斯?我剛才看見了兩個字母E.L.,這是這個名字的縮寫。這個住所也是一個隱蔽所,不會很寬敞。 夠寬敞的了。岩石上面有洛佩斯修的一條小溝。這條溝是一個從礦井通往住所的隱蔽通道。溝的終端很寬。洛佩斯用牆壁把它隔成若干小單間,我們就住在那兒。外牆看上去與岩石是一樣的,從下面發現不了。上面是住所,牆洞是住所的窗子,遠處看不出來。 到礦井裡找這條通道,要下去多深? 大概有二十個階梯。 我在這兒看見一個升降箱,由一根鏈子吊著。可以設想,上面有一根軸和一個絞盤,把箱子拉上去。 有一個這樣的絞盤。 所以,梯子是多餘的。 它並不直接與下面相通,到下面來,一定要通到那個用牆砌成的通道。從通道下到這兒來,必須乘那個箱子。 good.那麼,住宅呢? 有四小間。兩間在通道末端,兩間在側面。 到哪一間去找梅爾頓? 您順著通道走,右邊有一個房間,住著幾個年老的印第安女人,左邊是我住的。然後,您來到兩扇門的前面。兩扇門相距很近,右邊住著韋勒爾父子,左邊住著梅爾頓。 門鎖是什麼樣子? 沒有鎖,因為沒有門,門框上掛著掛毯。 梅爾頓睡在什麼位置? 他睡在左邊第一個角落的被子上。 誰操縱升降箱? 守護升降室的印第安人。聽,她們來了! 她急忙停止談話,轉身對著礦井方向。吊著箱子的鏈條響起來了,箱子也動起來了。我們看到,箱子被吊了上去。 我說:為什麼把箱子吊上去?是不是有人要下來? 肯定是,她回答,您馬上會看到。 來人不是梅爾頓,就是老韋勒爾。 韋勒爾今天不在。 他在哪兒? 他和幾個印第安人出去監視您,如果您來了,就向梅爾頓報告。看來,他沒有發現您,否則他已經回來。 他不是您此時此刻在這兒所等待的人,而是梅爾頓。 那麼,您有極好的機會抓住他。 這要視情況而定。不管怎麼樣,一定要小心。韋勒爾也可能回來了,可能與梅爾頓同來。我們等著瞧。因此,我請您暫時讓他們關起來。 locked up?她恐懼地問,我不幹。我出來了,感到很高興。 我給您一句話,我保證再讓您出來。我想知道來人是誰,為何而來。如果他發現這兒一切正常,就不會想到有人曾和您在一起。 她儘管一再反對,還是同意了。我把她後面的門掛上,然後和小敏姆布倫約人爬到一堆豎立的柴火後面,坍塌的老通道是從這兒開始的。我們當然把燈滅了。
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