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Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Underground

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If I talk to Judith one more minute, it will be too late to hide.As soon as we hid, there was a sound from above, which was getting closer and closer.We saw the box hit the ground, and inside stood Melton.He hung the lamp on his waist, and as soon as he stepped out of the box, he turned around and dragged out a bound person from the box.Between the narrow walls below, I can hear every word.Melton said sarcastically to the bound man: Since you have such a strong desire for your Judith, I will bring you here so that you can see her. He went to the door of the room where the Jewish woman was hiding, opened it, and called inside:

Come out, miss!There is a happy surprise in front of you. she appeared.Melton led her to the man lying on the ground, and asked: Do you know this person?I hope you remember who he is. Sly snake!She cried out in surprise, you subdued him? Yes.I do.You now know what a hero your newest lover is.He came to settle accounts with me, to rescue you.But here he is lying on the ground himself.He will never see the sun again.You have told me so much about him that I can no longer let him live. You want to murder him?she asked fearfully. murder?What is this nonsense!Does it have to be called murder?I just buried him in the ground, a little deeper.I also tuck him in a nice quilt so he can fall asleep right away.If he can't wake up again, it will be his own business.

You mean, bury him alive? If it makes you feel good, you can say so. You are not human! Don't get excited!I will prove to you right away that I am not only a man, but a very good-hearted man.You're in love with a Mr. Red who courts you.You two were together for two or three hours before he died.Give me your hands and I'll tie your hands around your back.Otherwise, you might abuse my goodwill and untie your idol. She stepped back and said, half-frightened, half-threatening: Don't think that you can do whatever you want and get away with it.The Yuma will avenge their leader.

They will not come for revenge.You know, I'm going to keep him out of sight, out of sight, out of sight. Still, they'll know.The doorman saw him coming to you, and knows he is still with you. I tricked the doorman into thinking he had left early.It was so dark up there that the doorman easily took me for him.Then I smuggled your lover into the box, and closed the lid carefully, without suspicion from the two guards, as if they had let me down alone.You have no hope of saving him.All right, reach out! He holds a belt in his hand.I watched curiously, what would she do.She knows I'm here, will help her, and can count on me to get her out.She thought about it for a while, and after hesitating for a while, she stretched out her hand.

Hand here, you tie it.But you can't get away with it! You want to be a prophet, Jewish woman?This is a bad deal. Melton tied her hands behind her back and pushed into the room where she had been hiding.Then he carried the cunning snake inside, and fixed the bolt.He stayed for a while, eavesdropping with his ear pressed against the door.The light shone on his face, revealing a devilish expression.Then he stepped into the box, hung on a suspension wire to make an upward mark, and the hoisting cage began to rise.The lights disappeared, and so did the sound of boxes hitting the wall. I think this man was much more careful and wise than he is now.If I had been in his position, I would have noticed the change in Judith's attitude and said to myself that there must be some reason behind her quietly accepting his arrangement, and I would try to understand it.However, he didn't think about it this way, and his quick thinking didn't work.

From the time we came in until now, Xiaomin Mburenyo hasn't said a word.But at this moment, he was a little impatient.When we got up from behind the woodpile he said: Now that the white man we were looking for is here, why did the old iron hand let him go? He will trust in my strength.In this way, his sense of fear will grow day by day. I lit the lamp again and went to the door to open it.Judith was eavesdropping on the door, and she ran out quickly at this moment: Thank goodness!I'm really afraid you won't come. I mean what I say.You told the cunning snake everything? Not a word was said.I'm too worried to speak up.Did you hear what Melton said?

heard it. How easy it is for him to find you.If that's the case, I'll have to endure his coercion again. Will not.Instead, he will endure my tyranny.If you haven't said anything to the cunning snake, I'll do it to him.How good it was that he was subdued by Melton.The devil put the trump card in my hands, and he lost the game. I went up to the Indian and cut his rope.He stood up quickly and asked Judith: Who is this white man in our mine, but not ours? My red brother will know who I am right away.I answered instead of the girl, that the sly snake could not understand what Melton was saying to Judith, because he was speaking in an unfamiliar language.So I asked the sly snake, did he know of Melton's plans for him?

His plan is to kill me and bury me in this ground.He believes that only by letting me die can his safety be guaranteed. What about the white girl?Will the cunning snake take her as his wife? She would have to die and perish like the rest of the white people, and they would never see the sun again. My red brother got it wrong on this one.All of them will see the sunshine of the next day.I will take her out of this mine. Melton would not agree. He couldn't refuse because I didn't need his permission.I have come here to free all prisoners, and to free you too. I am not free yet, how can I leave the mine?

You just have to wait until Melton comes down again to be free.He is not prepared, you can easily catch him by surprise.However, this is unnecessary.I will lead the Sly Snake and the White Maiden out of the mine by another way.Then my brother can marry her and build her a palace. My presence and every word of mine was an enigma to him.He was delighted to see this expression, and looked at me. My white brother knows a way out of the mine that I don't?He asked, he also know, I love Judith and my commitment to her?He will tell me, who is he? My name in the Yuma language is Taweshara. Taweshara, old iron hand?He stood up, took a few steps back, and stared at me blankly, like a ghost, old iron hand in our mine?

If you don't believe me, just ask Judith.I accompanied her from the wide river to the mountains, and learned how Melton treated her people and freed them from his grasp. Old Iron Hand, enemy of our Horde, is at our camp, in the heart of Almaden! You are wrong, I am not an enemy of your tribe. However, you killed Xiaozui, the son of our most outstanding leader. He forced me to do this because he wanted to kill a young Minmbrenyo fighter, his brother and sister, who was next to me. Big Mouth swore to kill you. I know this.But, do you also want to treat me as a deadly enemy because of this?

I must obey Big Mouth's orders. No red warrior has to do this, least of all a leader like you.Big Mouth can fight me alone, to settle the matter against me.I have come to liberate you now to prove that I am not the enemy of the Yumas.I came here from del arroyo and met many of you fighters.If I were your enemy, I would have killed these fighters long ago.I took forty prisoners altogether. All forty fighters captured?He repeated in surprise, where are they? I came with them in our Minmbren Yoo unit. Do you have Minmbrunyo people around you? No.They followed the orders of the big boss Winneto and waited for my return.They're in a place you wouldn't guess.This young warrior and I rode out alone to scout Almaden and liberate all the whites without anyone's help. There was an expression of indescribable surprise on his face, and he couldn't find the right words to answer my words.I took advantage of his silence and continued: It was not difficult for us to defeat the Yumas guarding Almaden.But, I don't want you to bleed.The cunning snake may tell me, should I be my enemy or my friend? Yesterday, when I heard this Indian talking to a Jewish woman, I thought he was a decent man.He has a pair of honest, upright eyes.He looked at me, and after a few minutes of consideration he replied: I have been ordered to make Old Iron Hand my enemy, and I must obey that order.However, he saved my life and Judith's life, so I try my best to bestow friendship on him.I can't do something against my conscience, and I can't do anything against orders.I am neither friend nor enemy of Old Iron Hand.He can do what he likes with me. good!My brother spoke very well.Does he accept my decision about him? accept.I'm sure I'm going to die here.Take my life, I won't fight back. I am not interested in your life, what I care about is your freedom, even if it is for a period of time.Do you agree to take you as my prisoner? agree. I must tie you up again to keep you safe. You can tie me up or not.I listen to you and wait for you to set me free.For the rest, you can't count on me.I cannot help you, nor can I give you information. good.Our views are unified.You are my captive, follow all my instructions.What I'm going to do, I don't need your help. I untied Judith's hands from his back and set out to search for the other prisoners.Judith's room is small, and it is the starting point of another passage.My work was interrupted at the beginning because I didn't find anyone in this direction.The other prisoners must go behind the second door.I opened the second door and entered a room that had been manually excavated.This room has three passages leading in several different directions.The air here is not good, it smells of sulfur, and it is difficult for everyone to breathe.Two of the channels were not blocked.Before the third passage, I found a door with two deadbolts, one of which was a snap, like a prison door.I opened the door and looked inside. As soon as I put my head in, I retracted my head immediately. A puff of smoke hit my face, and the smell was unpleasant.I took the lamp to the door, and it seemed to be going out. Worse than this, when I removed the two deadbolts and opened the door, there was a strong draft, the smell of which is indescribable.This door and the enclosed passage are low, lower than the other doors.We had to stoop to get in.There were many people lying in it, men, women, children, all in disorder.When the light fell on their faces, they all stood up, chains rattling.This is because the handcuffs and fetters of these unfortunates are chained together.They cursed and roared loudly, pushing and hugging each other, forcing me to back up, trying to get out of their narrow cage.They grabbed me and raised their handcuffed fists at me, very agitated.But when they listened to a few words from my heart, the anger turned into joy.Everyone cheered and hugged me regardless of the handcuffs. Everyone wanted to shake my hand, and many people burst into tears.I managed to calm them down and answer my questions. The chief watched from a distance.When I was no longer tightly surrounded, he took the opportunity to come up to me: As I said, old iron hands don't count on my help.However, there is a secret I can reveal to him: there is a key on the wall over there, which can open the lock. He was half-civilized, half-savage, and could not bear to see such a desolate sight.His conscience compelled him to tell me this information.I did not want to be prompted by him, but went to find the key myself, because, I believe, the key is usually kept near the prisoner.That's good, it saves me the trouble of finding the key.The rescue process was very fast, everyone helped each other, and within five minutes, the chains were all removed.They threw their chains into a pile and wanted to go outside at once, and I had some difficulty in persuading them to be quiet.If the noise disturbed Melton, he was aware of our movements.If he comes to attack us, we have no certainty of winning.Therefore, I arranged for everyone to take up tools, hammers and chisels found in the tunnel beforehand as weapons. At first, everyone was happy because they were liberated, and ignored the leader of the red man, but now, they began to pay attention to him.They knew that he was the chief of the Yuma tribe and what he had done to their misery, and wanted revenge on him.I tried to stop them from beating him up on the spot.I told them it would be of great advantage to us that he would be my hostage.I used this method to calm everyone down. We went back to the cave. Due to the narrow road, everyone had to go one by one, and the team was very long.All the lamps were lit, including several miner's lamps hanging on the walls.Since there is an abyss in the middle, we cannot go directly to the cave, but must go through the open wall hole.I was the last to leave the hole in the wall. After I left, I blocked it, first went down in a zigzag, and then climbed up.The cave is spacious enough to accommodate all of us. It was three or four o'clock, the deadline set by Melton was approaching, and we had to leave Almaden before dawn, and there was no time for an exchange of views.I selected ten strong men from among the rescued to assist me and Xiao Min Mbulun to make arrangements.I reminded the people behind not to leave the cave, so as not to be discovered by Melton's people.They agreed to heed my warning.I am not worried about the cunning snake; I believe he will keep his promise and will not take the opportunity to escape. The uphill road does not require me to seek, my companions know the way.The whole uphill process was smooth.As for the guards, we don't need to worry too much, they may have been eavesdropping on us, but I'm sure they treat us as friends. In addition to doors, wellhead buildings also have windows.With the light coming in from the window, we can see the way and discern the direction.Inside the building, footsteps were loud and we had to move on as quickly as possible.The three Indians lay lazily on the ground, and before they could resist, we tied them up with their own belts.Everyone's mouth was blocked and they couldn't shout.We got them outside and hid them in the middle of nowhere outside the door.Some of us lay there in their stead, so that Melton could not see the truth of the matter at once. It looked like I could catch Melton without help.However, I still bring Min Mburen to meet people, just in case.It is better to bring him alone than ten white men.Because white people are not very familiar with life in this uncivilized west. There were several small miner's lamps in the wellhead building, and I lit them and hung them from the top button of my vest.These small lights can be hidden under the jacket at any time.I hoped to find the winch in the upper part of the building, but without success.That said, it must be a little lower.I didn't need to wrestle with this because the ladder has a few sections exposed.I climbed up, and Min Mburenyo followed me. The upper part of this opening is much wider than the lower part, allowing for the transport of bulky items.The ladder is placed on the square additional building of the mine, and the winch is installed on the downward opening, driven by a flywheel.A shaft with a particularly large diameter pulls the chain on which the lifting cage hangs. Its three walls are hung with various objects, and the fourth side is a wide opening, which is the entrance we are looking for.We listened carefully inside, but there was no sound, so we walked forward gently. I shaded the lamp, occasionally illuminating the road ahead.The passage is very long and seems to have no end.We finally see a door on the right and another on the left.Tapestry hangs on both sides.I thought they were still sleeping, and after a few steps forward, I heard someone talking, and I knew I was wrong.There are two doors in front of us, side by side.The sound seemed to come from the door on the left, Melton's residence.We approached it quietly, pushed back the ceiling covering it a little, and saw a candle burning inside.With the help of candlelight, I can see the general situation of the room.A large bed is placed in the left corner, with quilts piled on it.In the center of the room stood a rough table, on which were two revolvers and a pocket knife.I also noticed a few low benches made of twigs, and two shotguns hung on the wall to the right, and next to the guns was a large leather bag, probably containing bullets.Melton was sitting on a low bench behind a desk, talking to an ugly Indian woman.It seems that they have been talking for a long time, only to hear Melton say: She makes you both sorry, and that's why you care so much about me and her. Pity?She said, no, we are happy.She can't make us feel sorry, and we can't make her feel sorry. The topic must be about Judith. You would be happier if I assured you that she would not come up again.You will be two again, and masters of yourselves.You are loyal to me, and I will reward you well. We are loyal because you promised us so many good things and we trust you to keep your word.May you be able to withstand your enemies. I have nothing to fear from them.They are fools to come to Almaden.They couldn't get in at all, because we attacked as soon as we got the information and killed them all. But we heard that they had a tall Winnetou and a white warrior who was very brave.I don't know this soldier.Winnetu is no longer easy to defeat, his strategy is better than everyone else.If he used the trick of diverting the tiger away from the mountain to lure our people over, but the large army quickly marched into Almaden, wouldn't there be no one guarding here? He can't get in.Even if he does come, you will know how to deal with it.Outsiders were not allowed in the mine, and no one could see the captives.To cope with this situation, the knife should always be at the ready, next to the winch.However, this kind of thing is not going to happen.Even if we are defeated at Almaden, the Hanging Rock remains an impregnable fortress.It is especially important that Winnetou and the woman you mentioned are not involved in this matter. Time is running out and I can't listen anymore.So, I pushed aside the tapestry and walked in. You are mistaken, Captain Melton, for we have arrived. In that split second, I took control of his pistol and knife.If he wants to grab the weapon, he must pass by me.However, instead of advancing, he retreated like a devil. Old iron hand?Hell!He exclaimed, Winnetu was there!Get out and go on a mission!That's what you call white people. This call is for Indian women.She wanted to leave quickly, but I grabbed her, pulled her back, and threw her on the bed.At this time, Xiaomin Mburen asked someone to come in and arrest her.She tried to struggle, but she didn't escape, so she yelled out the door, repeating a few Indian words.I understand two words: Allah, Akva.The first word is a woman's name, and the second is a knife.These words were probably shouted to another old Indian woman who lived above, asking her to go on a mission.We subdued the ugly woman, but couldn't stop her screaming, and all my attention was on Melton.The only weapon he had was a low bench, and with a terrible swearing, he reached out and grabbed the low bench and threw it at me.But I dodged it, got under him, picked him up, threw him against the wall, and he fell to the ground as if he had fallen apart.At this time, a woman's voice came from the outside channel.Melton tried to get up and I grabbed his neck tightly.He tried to kick me with his knee and I ducked out of the way.It didn't take much effort for me to deal with him, and I didn't need other people's help, but Xiaomin Mbulun invited people to come to help me.There were several nooses in the corner, and he used one of them to bind Melton.When he had finished with this fellow, I ordered him: stay here!I went out to see what was going on outside. With the help of the light, I hurried to the lift room, and just as I left the room, I heard the sound of the winch in front of me.When I got to the entrance of the lift room, I saw an old woman standing next to the winch with a knife in her hand, trying to cut the chain.The chain was made of several strands of very strong rope twisted and fastened to the hub.I rushed forward to stop it, but it was a step too late, the old woman had already cut off the belt with a knife in her hand, and the whole chain made a heavy cracking sound, and fell into the deep mine shaft, no one could pull it again come up. I understand what Melton said to the Indian woman and you will know how to deal with it.These women have the right to break the capstan and cut the chain at the first moment, when they are in special danger and alone.The ladder only leads to the winch, and the only way down is to lift the cage.As long as the chain is down, it is impossible, at least not for a very long time, to reach the bottom of the mine, and the imprisoned can only continue to be tortured.As long as they were down there, no one could say who brought them down the well.Melton's move is vicious enough, and it is impossible for ordinary people to see through this devilish trick. Seeing this situation, I shuddered, and I was glad that I found the tunnel.If no tunnel had been found, my poor countrymen would be left helpless and starving and cold at the bottom of the well.I dragged the woman down the passage and pushed into Melton's room.She didn't make much resistance.Seeing her coming in, Melton cast a nervous and worried look at her, and asked: The chain is at the bottom? exist.She nodded with a sneer. He let out a hoarse laugh, and said to me in a sarcastic tone: The devil knows how you got here.Although you were lucky and your sneak attack on me was successful, your goal was not achieved. which target?I asked without hesitation. You understand it as well as I do.I certainly won't say what you're about to say.These words may later be used as evidence against me. I'm looking for the workers at the Del Arroyo estate.where are they I don't know anything about them.They were on their way to Almaden and hadn't arrived yet.I ran ahead of them. Why did you let the chain fall into the mine? I?You heard it just now, it was this woman who did it. The order is yours. You know so well?Go ask her!She'll tell you everything you need to know.However, I must ask you to release me.Almaden belongs to me, I am the master here, if you don't release me, you will bear serious consequences! I am not afraid of consequences.It is up to the court to decide whether you can be released. court?You are crazy!Where is the court here? The court men were on their way to investigate who hired the Yuma men to attack and burn down the Del Arroyo estate.The court will also investigate the conditions of the workers.I think if we get those workers, they're going to say a lot of good things about you. I wish you to find them, he said, laughing, and wish you more luck in this than I, who I have not seen since parting from them at the estate. You mean, they're still on the way.When I am here, I have reached my destination, and then I can go back to the manor, and I am sure to meet them.Of course you will accompany me, so you will be happy because you will have the opportunity to greet them and be assured that they are living a good life. Several times there was a demonic mocking look on his face.He believes that we will not meet those workers on the road, because they are deep under the mine.There they were handed over to Death, and it was impossible to prove his guilt.Of course, the deal he made with their productivity would be out of the question.However, he believes that as long as he can escape this punishment, he can use other methods and return to his old business through other channels.This thought led him to reply as follows: If I am pleased, sir, it is because, by their statements, I shall give evidence that you trespassed on this land and raped me.You should think twice about the consequences. The only possible consequence is a noose around your neck.I have enough evidence against you.I even thought I could mobilize the people of Yuma to testify. Then give it a try!he laughed. Of course I'm going to try and find other evidence.Because you are the heir of the manor, I will also issue you a contract signed by my compatriots, as well as the contract between Ures and Don.Purchase contract signed by Timoteo.Hopefully, in addition to the evidence above, there are other literal grounds for your displeasure.Since these files are already in my possession, I don't need you to tell me which files are where. Don't talk nonsense, just search if you want. Search is for sure, but I'm in no rush.I want to satisfy my curiosity and don't want to leave empty-handed, so I want to ask you where your well-developed olfactory organ is hidden. I checked all his clothes and the bag hanging beside the bed, but found nothing.So I decided to look for it in another room first.Nothing was found at the Werrells' residence.In the room of Judith and the two Indian women, although I didn't find what I needed, I found a lot of food, which made me overjoyed.When Melton saw that I had returned empty-handed, he said sarcastically: Now, you presumably have brought your discovery, sir?There was no doubt that the old iron hand always had a bad nose when he searched. The important thing, sir, is that I can check it out without breaking a sweat.My young companions can work in my place, tapping lightly on the walls, and we may find a place that makes a hollow sound.People like you hide things in the same way. Let him knock for as long as he wants, and the longer he knocks, the more comfortable I feel. Believing that he had brought all the documents he needed here, I left the task of searching to Min Mburenyo and observed Melton carefully.As any detective knows, the facial expressions and eyes of a suspect serve as welcome leakers during a search.I gently told the Indian boy that as long as I coughed lightly, he would immediately leave the place he was looking for and return to me.He was tricked away, I pretended to focus on Melton's actions, but secretly stared at his eyes.In order not to let him notice, I chose a place with a backlight. He observed Xiaomin Mburenyo with confident eyes.However, this self-confidence diminishes the closer the child is to the bed.When he showed less self-confidence to a certain extent, I coughed lightly, Min Mbulunyo turned and left there, and I immediately saw a look of satisfaction across Melton's face.After repeating this a few times, I had a solid foundation in my heart, knowing that the hidden things were in or near the bed.So when Min Mburenyo walked there again, I stopped coughing.As he checked the quilt, I noticed that Melton was anxious.But when he saw that the child still hadn't found anything, he rejoiced. I decided that all I needed was to be found in the floorboard under the bed.In order for Melton not to see that I had made a discovery, I asked Min Mbulunyo to give up his job.This time, Melton was laughing at us again.I ignored him, and let Xiaomin Mbulunyo escort Melton and the two old women to the open space above and hand them over to the ten men.I left one person in charge of Melton's two guards, and the others carried out the food in Judith's room with me, as dry food for our road, just to make up for our shortage.Then we got the two guards down and locked them in the room of the two Indian women.Then, ten people were instructed to move the food back into the cave.I told them to be careful not to be seen by others.After sending them away, Melton lost sight of them. I took the two old women to Judith's room.Melton has been taken out of his room, unaware of our continuing search.I put him aside so that he wouldn't learn from the guards that I was with white men who had attacked them. I started checking the floor under the bed.The floors are made of rammed earth.I knocked and listened, and soon heard a hollow sound.I dug up this piece of soil with a knife, and smashed a hole with a flat stone, and found a leather bag containing letters in the hole.Due to time constraints, I did not check carefully, but opened the leather bag and looked, and saw that there were several letters, a large stack of folded documents, including the contract he signed with my compatriots and the contract for the purchase of the manor, and a bag The number of legitimate shipping vouchers appears to be astonishing.I wrap this leather into my package, seal the hole as it is, and reset the bed.Then I took Melton's weapon outside and turned around to get him up.To silence him, I stuffed a cloth in his mouth.He wanted to resist, so I had to tie him up with a noose and drag him up.We hacked down the ladder with our knives so that it could no longer be used.In this way, we save time. After daybreak, the Yumas, if they find their guards absent, may look for them in the mines.Although they can use ropes to go down the well, they can only go down to the winch.To make them more difficult, we threw the remains of ladders into the holes, leaving them stuck and impossible to get out.The people of Yuma wanted to use ladders, which had to be laboriously remade.We took advantage of this time to keep away from Almaden so that they could not catch up. I untied the rope from Melton's feet and let him descend with us.At first he refused to walk, and after being shot a few times, he knew how bad it was, so he had to obey obediently.When we got to the hanging rock where I overheard the conversation between the cunning snake and Judith, we tied him again and tied him to a stone so that he could not move.I want to put him here, lest he see the rescued workers and the chiefs he deceived pass by. There are lights in the cave, and the fellow-citizens are eating.I told them that now was the time to leave Almaden.When daylight comes, we should stay far away.They were delighted to hear that. Everyone pulled out the horses and gave them to the weak to ride, and some people took turns to ride.Min Brenyo served as a guide.I followed with Melton, keeping a certain distance from them.The wily snakes had their arms tied around their backs, and the Germans sandwiched them. Before we set out, the opening of the cave was blocked.As the procession left, I went up to Melton and untied his feet.He still remembered the gun butt, and he didn't resist any more.As it was dark, I bound his arm with a leather strap at one end and mine at the other end. Let's go south first and go back the way we came.Both Xiaomin Mburenyo and I are familiar with this road, and we will not get lost. As we slowly advanced, the night crept away and the east began to pale.After dawn, we can see very far.The Almaden Cliffs have long since disappeared from our sight.Nor do we see my fellow citizens.I slowed down on purpose to give them some distance ahead.I wanted to surprise Melton with their appearance.After more than half an hour, the road turned westward.After that, I drove the captives to speed up, because I wanted to catch up with my companions.The tortured workers in the mine had a hard time walking, so it didn't take long for me to catch up.We rounded the corner and saw a long black line behind us with two black dots on it.The line is made up of walkers, and the two points are horses and riders.Melton stared ahead, not seeing these people.He followed me all the time without saying a word.Now, seeing that he must speed up, he asked me: Where do you want to take me at this speed, sir?I guess it's going to Hacienda del Arroyo? Of course, the noble chief.I answer. Can it be reached on foot?If you really want to go there, you are on the wrong track. This is my way, I think, the way is right. No, this is a detour.If we want to go the right way, we have to go a long way to the north.An experienced person like you who often runs on the grassland should have this common sense. Straight roads are wrong for me, you know that well.So you want to mislead me.To the north reside your Yumas.There we shall meet Weller, who has come out, accompanied by Indians, to inquire about me and Winnetou. He was very angry when he saw his plot was discovered, and he vented it by laughing: That is to say, the old iron hand is afraid, but usually, he calls himself a hero. Be careful not to be cowardly, chief, and besides, I do not consider myself a hero, let alone claim to be.I confess to you frankly that I am fortunate in my present career, and you have no idea of ​​its extent. Hmph, he smiled viciously, I still don't understand?Although Almaden was heavily guarded by many Indians, you two got in and took me alive.這當然是一次難以形容的幸運。可是您又是不幸運的,因為您沒有找到那些德國人,也沒有在我的臥室裡找到那些東西。從現在起,您的運氣會逐漸減少。韋勒爾不救出他兒子,是不會善罷甘休的,將帶領尤馬人來襲擊你們。我勸您不要折磨我了。 我向您說明,您和韋勒爾加在一起,也不是我的對手。韋勒爾不可能救出他的兒子,他的兒子被海格立斯殺死了。我們如果抓住這個老頭,也要與他了結這次謀殺案。他如果對您說過,他的兒子落入了我們的手,那麼,他也就是對您說過,他是想和他的兒子一起殺害海格立斯。可是,海格立斯的頭蓋骨特別堅硬,雖然挨了狠狠一槍托,咬了咬牙,忍一忍痛,沒事。 梅爾頓驚訝地看了我一會兒,突然大叫起來: 小韋勒爾死了?您想騙我? 我向您保證,他窒息在那位大力士強有力的拳頭之間。而且,這個老頭也難逃脫同樣的命運。無論如何,我不怕他帶尤馬人來襲擊我們的印第安人。尤馬人就算還沒有看清他的真面目,也會很快明白,您的友誼是靠不住的。 Want to know why?他諷刺我。 原因叫做狡猾的蛇。 Now?狡猾的蛇已經成為我最忠實的盟友,韋勒爾將調動他所有的戰士來反對您。 您認為韋勒爾會這樣做? Will do.只要他得到我失蹤的消息。 I see!我想,在印第安人的營地裡,人們不僅在談論您的失蹤,也在談論狡猾的蛇的失蹤。您大概還不知道,首領突然跑了。 I have no idea.Ran?Where did you go? 礦井下面。 在聽到這句話的時候,他把臉轉向我,伴隨著一陣猛烈的抽搐,好像頭上挨了重重一棒。他睜大眼睛,張開嘴,呆呆地看著我,然後問: 在礦井裡?what do you mean? 他被關在礦井底下,而且是和美麗的尤迪特囚禁在一起。 尤迪特?他失魂落魄地問。 當然,猶太女子。她放棄了您答應給她的金子、寶石、宮殿和漂亮的衣服,因為在她父親的問題上,您沒有遵守給她的諾言,而狡猾的蛇願意給她一切。於是,她被誘騙到了礦井裡,在那兒被一個名叫梅爾頓的人囚禁起來。 nonsense!您有神經病。 甚至很嚴重。她被囚禁起來以後,威脅說,狡猾的蛇會來找她,把她從您手裡要走。前一天晚上,她與狡猾的蛇訂了婚,讓他注意到您的承諾。這個猶太女人消失的時候,首領來找您,打聽她的情況,被您施以強暴,帶到了礦井,與尤迪特關在同一個洞裡。 您好像無所不知。 能人不出門,聞知天下事。 這麼說,您一定是到了礦井裡?他的聲音含著恐懼。 right. 他站住了,又一次像在夢中一樣呆呆地看著,並且詢問: 您是怎麼重新上來的? 我的意圖是不對他說實話。於是,我反問: 我就不能沿著升降罐籠的鏈子爬上來? cannot.因為我把箱子整個地絞上來了。 問題就在這兒。您說,您把箱子絞上來了。您講這句話就是自欺欺人,不打自招。 真是活見鬼!難道我會不打自招?我只是對您說過這件事,是不會再對其他任何人說的。您說的,別人也不會相信。此外,您也不能有機會說這些事情了,因為韋勒爾很快就會來,讓您的毒氣再也無法呼出。看來,您是與魔鬼結盟了,因為只有魔鬼能夠引導您下到礦井裡。但是,您不要過分信賴他。魔鬼是個壞朋友,喜歡在人們最需要他幫助的時候背信棄義。 Yes.您自己在這方面大概是有足夠經驗的。恰恰是在現在,您感到被他拋棄了。 You are wrong.我是毫無抵抗地向您投降的,尊重您的想法。如果我躺在這兒不動了,您將拿我怎辦? 他一邊說,一邊往地上躺。 您已經嘗過一次槍托的滋味。我回答,這次它也會讓您順從的。 試試看!我就待在這兒不動,寧願挨打受辱,也不前進一步。我們離阿爾馬登和我的尤馬人還不遠。他們將找到我們的同伴,跟隨我們。那時,他們將抓住您並將我解放出去。 您想得倒是容易。我對我做的事情是有把握的。我將向您證明這一點,而且不逼迫你繼續走。我們將留在這兒,等待您的尤馬人到來。那時將表明,他們會不會為您而對我動武。我甚至不再把您的腳捆綁起來,以便您在他們到來的時候試圖逃跑。 我坐到他的身邊,他向我吐唾沫,然後轉過身去,不再看我。我倒是喜歡這樣,因為他採取這姿勢,就看不見剛從遠處出現,正逐漸走近的人們。
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