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Chapter 3 Chapter Three

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The companions were getting closer and closer, and I could hear their voices.Melton listened carefully, and turned to watch, staring at the people who came close, thinking they were ghosts. God!who are they? You Yumas, come to free you.I answer, I hope you are happy that your wish will soon be fulfilled. Damn guy!You are truly in league with the devil! He ran away while telling me such words, which seemed ridiculous.I stood up with confidence and did not chase him.This kind of strength is completely useless, because the liberated person is only forty meters away from him, and he has already recognized him. When he saw him fleeing in a hurry, he shouted loudly and followed closely behind.Only Xiaomin Mburenyo stood still and said to him with a big laugh:

The bird couldn't run very far because the wings were tied up. Judith and the cunning snake ran first.Their hands were tied too, but their anger at the sight of Melton quickened their pace.The cunning snake quickly caught up with Melton, deliberately ran a few steps ahead, then made a sharp turn, and bumped into him with great force.Melton was knocked to the ground and flipped two somersaults in a row.He tried to stand up, but the cunning snake had already jumped on him, choking his throat desperately regardless of his hands being tied.They wrestled with each other, tumbling many times, until Judith came running.The Jewish woman was in the throes of agitation, and with a yell, she hit Melton with her clenched fist, punch after punch.Now a rowdy mob surrounded Melton.I was worried about my life, so I rushed over.I walked through the crowd and saw Melton lying on the ground, several people grabbed him, and Judith was punching him in the face.I pulled her away and called out to her:

What do you want to do?Leave this one to us men.You have become a shrew! This villain deserved what he deserved, and I'm going to gouge his eyes out.She was out of breath, and he lied to me, imprisoned me, and made me die in the mines. She still wanted to pounce on her, but I pushed her away and warned everyone: You all stop hitting him, he will be punished.Whoever doesn't obey will just make things difficult for me. People back off.I lifted Melton off the ground and he was pissed off, yelling like a bull.I put the rage to an end by stuffing a bunch of stuff in his mouth.He threatened to suffocate himself.However, the fear caused by this made him calm down very quickly.

The cunning snake let Melton go, though he knocked him down, and choked him till others joined in.His pride does not allow himself to participate in the abuse of others.However, in his deep eyes, there was a fire of hatred.When the surroundings became quiet, he turned around and asked me a question: What does the old iron hand want to do with this sinful white man? I can't say for sure yet, I have to discuss it with Winnetou. This was unnecessary because the Apache chief was in favor of whatever the old iron hand had decided.Two people are like one person, one person thinks the same way, and the other person thinks the same way.

Why did the cunning snake say this? Wanted to give my white brother a piece of advice, so I'm going to have a private chat with you. He and I moved a few steps aside so that Melton could not hear our conversation.Then the Indian asked: The old iron hand will tell me, does he take me for a liar? fraud?This name for my red brother can be misleading.But I believe that the cunning serpent loves truth, and is proud if he is accused unjustly. My brother was right, thank you for knowing me.I want to inform you that I am willing to make peace with you, not only for myself, but also for my warriors.

What will your big chief, Big Mouth, say about this? he agrees. I have doubts.He has a blood feud with me because I killed his son Xiaozui. He can settle with the old iron hand alone.I have nothing to do with his hatred.When we marched to Almaden we made him our chief, and we could depose our elect.The Yuma people are divided into many tribes.He is the chief of his tribe and I am the chief of mine.He is not older than me.He ordered me to fight, but I realized that peace is better.To that end, I'm going to smoke the pipe of peace with Old Iron Hands in the name of my tribe. My red brother wants to make peace under certain conditions.You can tell me your wish.

There are two wishes.My first wish is that the old iron hand does not object to me marrying Najudit. I have absolutely no objection.On this point, we are unanimous.the second? I want Melton! I think so.Can I have this person? were able.According to our laws, the old iron hand can dispose of him as he pleases.We're in Red Tribe territory, so Yuma laws apply here. My red bro can get Melton.However, I will also put conditions. All ears are willing to listen. I start by asking for peace between your tribe and all white people who live here. The cunning snake agrees. Then I ask that peace be extended to all Minmbrenyo who are my friends.

The Minmbrenyo are our enemies.At my command, three hundred of my warriors will go and pacify them.If you ask us to forgive them, I must make another condition on my present condition. As for those conditions, you'd better keep them.It is clear that the Minmbrenyo have made a decision about you, and you have made a decision about them.However, they did it earlier than you.You forget that Winnetu is their leader and I support him.We have never been afraid of your three hundred people, and now that you are my captive, I am even less afraid of your people.What is it that prevents us from going north to fetch your horses?

You know why. certainly.Besides, you're not the only one falling into our hands.As I told you, we captured forty Yumas deployed between here and the estate.As long as you threaten us, they will be killed. He was thinking, and I went on: You will see that we do not presuppose the terms of peace.Even if there are rules, you can still violate them: you wait for a cart full of food and fruit from Urez, which is towed by us. That said, we have nothing to eat here.We only have two days of food reserves.After eating, we either starved or left this savage place. Yes.You are far more isolated than you now imagine.I stand by my demand that the peace we have made extend to the Minmbrenyo.

What if I say no? That's very bad for you.We only need to capture Weller and take your horses, and the mighty buffalo will bring hundreds of Minmbrenyo and wipe out your entire tribe.You yourself, together with Melton and Weller, will be handed over to a judge to spend a few years in prison. A free Indian was imprisoned for a long time!For the son of a savage, nothing could be more dreadful.He made a quick decision: I realized that my brother was right.The Minmbrenyo should be included in the peace.What conditions does the old iron hand have? it's gone now.Other suggestions will be brought up during the discussion.I know that the cunning serpent cannot smoke a pipe of peace without first consulting his elders.

Yes.They must be brought in for discussion.Will the old iron hand come with me to meet them, or invite them to come? Invite them to come. Well, we need a messenger.Who will the old iron hand send? That minmbrun dated kids.I pointed my finger at Min Mburenyo. I give him my shell as proof.Prove that I'm here with you, he's telling the truth to my warriors.He could tell them what had happened and bring the five experienced fighters.I read to him the names of these five fighters, and asked them to be unarmed, to show that they had no grudges in their hearts. Xiaomin Mburenyo received detailed instructions and rode Winnetu's horse to the Yuma tribe.Our troops formed a circle with the spot where Melton had been felled as the centre.I hid myself outside the circle, quietly checking Melton's envelope.I counted the money first.The money was much more than I thought, totaling over thirty thousand dollars.Whether the money was his property, or whether it belonged to Weller or the Mormon treasury, is of no concern to me.Then, I found the contract, the deed to buy the estate of Del Arroyo, and the last thing I looked at was a lot of letters.I read all the letters, most from Utab, some from San Francisco.All the letters prove that Melton was entrusted by the Mormons to cross the border and seize a large amount of land.Two or three letters proved that he had conspired with Weller to make a great deal of money to fill his own pockets through unscrupulous channels. There was a letter with a completely different content.The envelope was missing, the date and address were missing, and it was unknown when or where it had been mailed.The handwriting is new, so I suppose it was recently written, signed Dear Uncle.The letter began with an uncanny announcement, and ended with a few lines that caught my attention: You ask me where I live, and I can assure you that I am doing well.I had better luck at the casino and found a friend.His bulging wallet is always open to me.Do you remember that wealthy arms dealer?Met in St. Louis.He was born in Germany and liked to play Yankees, so he changed his original German name Jaeger to English Hunter.As far as I know so far, he came across the border as a shoemaker.Although he is stupid, he is very lucky. Through a marriage, he entered a prosperous store in New York.During the Civil War, he made a fortune supplying shoes and other munitions to the Army. Now, sick and out of work, he devoted himself to turning the huge interest into property, even though he didn't need the money.His wife is dead and he has only one son.The old man was stingy, hadn't given a Finney to his relatives yet, and was very doting on children.In order to deny his German origin, he gave his son the unusual name Smarr.He was a handsome lad, with no personality, nothing but grit, and nothing wrong with that.He has no knowledge that a person should have, and he is full of trust in everyone, and regards all vampires who live off his wallet as true friends.I used my strengths, opened his eyes, and succeeded in exerting a great influence on him to make the most of his weaknesses. This Smarr.For me, Hunter may be a piece of fat in the future. You ask me how I met him.Let me tell you, I do it in a very unique way.On my first day here, I heard Mr. Hunter's name in a restaurant.The others talked about him over and over again.Later, I was introduced to this Mr. Hunter at a concert. We stood face to face for a while without saying a word.Because our faces, bodies, and even our voices are so similar, it's hard to tell each other apart.Even his closest friends would get confused if I walked slowly and crookedly like him.I get confused with him a lot, which gives him a lot of fun.It was a chance, which I seized, and he immediately handed over his friendship to me.First, when I gamble, I win his money in ways that he won't see, as much as I need to win. He has completely merged with me, sees me as his twin brother, and plans to let me accompany him on an extended trip in the near future.He is very enthusiastic about traveling, and his father is usually very stingy, but he has no objection to expensive travel.He has traveled all over the United States, to Canada and Mexico, and even made a trip to Brazil and England.Now, they are playing the idea of ​​Eastern countries again.I did my best to pamper him to increase his intensity.In this way, I can meet my father.The old iron hand forced him to flee abroad, as you know, to find a hiding place in North Africa. Now, Small and I are inseparable from morning till night.He hired two teachers to study Turkish and Arabic intensively, read the history of boudoir sex, and painted white maids and black slaves on the walls.Small was a genius, perfecting his travel plans with genuine enthusiasm, improving both languages.Regardless of good intentions or malice, I must follow him.In a few months, we'll get big checks from the old man, and we'll sail across the Atlantic.I'm giving you a detailed description because I know you can pick the nuts and bolts, and would like to hear your thoughts on how I should take advantage of this situation, especially this real similarity.Write to me quickly and tell me what to do.Do not write the letter here, but send it to my last address, because I am sure that in this case the letter will fall into other hands. Your Nephew: Jonathan This letter means a lot to me for a number of reasons.First, my name was mentioned in it.The author's father fled abroad under my pressure. This can only be Melton's younger brother Thomas.At that time, I chased him from Fort Uinta to Fort Edward.He escaped and the police could not find him.Now, I know Thomas through this letter.Melton is in North Africa.But where?I guessed that he knew neither Turkish nor Arabic.In Alexandria, Cairo, Tunisia and Algiers, however, there are many Englishmen and Americans who at first knew only English.It probably doesn't matter to me if he's there somewhere, I don't care about those places. Next, of course, is Smarr.Hunter, the man is in danger of being duped by his fake friend.He is the son of a German, I like to remind him.But that's not possible because I'm in northern Mexico and he's in the US.What's more, I don't know where he lives, nor the current address of his father.I pocketed this letter, intending to hand over the rest to the judge for trial. I had just sealed the envelope and put it back in my purse when Melton called to me that his mouth had been taken out.I walked up to him and listened to what he had to say.He looked very ugly, his face was red and swollen from bruises and scratches. Where did you send that Indian boy, sir?He asked, I must also know, what secret deeds are you and the cunning snake doing! How can I silence you?You will soon know and see anyway, that you miscalculated.I'll make peace with the Yumas you thought you could count on. They will object. They didn't object, it was the cunning snake who offered it to me. What is he willing to do?What this guy wants is freedom, and you want to grant him that? That's not all he wants. Yes, he is going to marry Judith as his wife.What more could he ask for? Ask me to hand you over to him. You won't do that, chief!He panicked, stood up and yelled loudly, think about it, how much responsibility you will take for this.You have a tender heart in other ways, why not in this one? For I see no tenderness in you.Even if I have malice towards you, I will not do things without conscience.There is absolutely no need to hand you over to him. That's good!he said with satisfaction. I let you run away, I went on, the cunning snake is about to take his chance. Why?He is your prisoner.Do you really want to free him? Yes. No, you definitely can't, at least not this fast, not right now.Let him go when I get to a safe place.Otherwise, he would immediately use his freedom to exact revenge on me. He has every reason and right to do so, and I have no reason and any right to protect you. I would rather not be free, then, than to ask you to take me to court, arrest me, and drag me about, which is your crime.But I am willing to bear it and say nothing. If you believe this is a crime, I'd rather set you free. In front of the Indians? No, after them.Some of his best fighters will be here shortly to confer with him.If they lean toward peace, we smoke peace pipes.I will release him. Well, let me go now. How can I do this?Because, I don't know at all, if I agree with the Yuma people.The question of your belonging, is the main condition of whether they invade or not.I will allow them to take a mighty vengeance on you. Then you are not a human being, but a devil.You gratify yourself by taking drastic action against us. You said to us, who are you referring to? My brother, you have put him in a miserable condition, and dragged him to Fort Edward. So the gambler who killed an officer and two soldiers at Fort Uinta was your brother?You'd better not say his name, because then you, a relative, won't get my mercy. This thing is different.Come to think of it, my brother must have had the deepest hatred for you.If he knows that you are hostile to us, he will never let it go, and will definitely avenge himself and me. I am not afraid of revenge.Besides, he had disappeared without a trace. This is superficial.He is still here. Where? Of course I won't tell you.Where is he, only I know. Two others also know. who? Me and your nephew Jonathan. He only revealed the first syllable of the name, but stared at my face for a full minute, and then stammered, who told you that I have a nephew? It doesn't matter.With a family like yours, people love to care in order to protect themselves and others from your harm. What you do is important.If you are not lying, please tell me where my brother is. across the Atlantic. Daxi?What do you mean? That is to say, you must bring your brother back from the East if he seeks revenge on me.However, come to think of it, this is not necessary at all.Your nephew Jonathan wants to go east, and you can bring him a quest. Jonathan to the East?You are probably dreaming. possible.I dreamed even more than you can imagine, even a man named Smarr.Hunter's people said.The man was learning Turkish and Arabic, and would soon be sailing across the ocean with a few checks from his stingy father.This young man may be with your nephew. He moved suddenly, trying to bounce his whole body up.But the rope stopped him, and he spat at me, yelling roughly: There are a hundred devils hiding in you!You want to swallow hell up! Then he turned sideways and stopped looking at me. It took us quite a while to get from Almaden to our bivouac, making slow progress and just now reaching the turn to the southwest.The distance from us to the Yuma camp was about an hour's walk.I figured it would only take a quarter of an hour for Minbrunyo to cover the distance on his fine horse, and half an hour for their conversation.An hour later, he could make a round trip, if he got ahead of the Yumas.They don't need him to lead the way, they can find us by our footprints.They must walk.Calculated from the time when the Xiaomin Mbulunyo people set off to our camp, it will take no more than one hour and three quarters of an hour. Time passed and there was still no sign of the child.So I figured he stayed with them as a guide.I am assured of him.Another quarter of an hour later, I saw five or six Indians coming towards us from the north.However, Min Mburenyo was not among them.Did he stay with the Yumas?I was very nervous and anxious to know why. It seemed that they had followed the trail he had left in his search for them.Because their eyes are on the ground.When they came very close, the cunning snake stood up, and I stood up too.They recognized us and hurried over.They were all armed with guns, against the order of their leader, but they came forward with their knives, bows, and spears down when they were about two hundred paces away.They carry weapons because they may need them on the road. They pretended not to see the cunning snake's hands tied up, looked at me with respectful eyes, and also looked at the group of Germans, but they didn't seem to see Melton.That bodes well for me.In my opinion, they use contempt to express punishment.This shows that the Xiaomin Mbulunyo people have successfully completed the task, and they have no doubts about Melton's injustice.I untied the cunning serpent, trusted him, and said: My red brother should be negotiating as a free man.Negotiations can begin immediately.I wonder why my courier, Min Mbulunyo, didn't come along. A Yuma man replied: He went west, to find Weller. He went to Weller?It was careless, I asked, and Weller was within our grasp.He should have sent me to Weller. Because Weller was going to run away and never come back. How can it be?He went to inquire about news and will be back.He will surely fall into our hands. He won't come to us.He was returning when Minbrunyo delivered the news. This is of course another matter.You told him the situation? told.He asked me what Minbren asked people to come to our place. How did he hear the news? He was so taken aback at first that he could hardly speak.He then asks us to stand against old iron hands and white people.We quit because the cunning serpent told us to make peace. Why didn't you catch him? He is still our friend and brother.The contract we signed has not been torn up, and our peace treaty with you has yet to be signed.So, we can't keep him.We also don't let Min Mburen invite people to chase him. How is Weller's horse? good.Just tired and thirsty. Little Min Mbrenyo will soon catch up with him.There will be fights between them.This is what I want to prevent. At this time, the cunning snake said: If the old iron hand wants to help the Min Brenyo people, he can go without worrying that we will take disloyal actions while he is away.His whites can take the arms of my warriors and hold us captive until he returns. Everyone expresses their views, I did not interfere. If I hurry, I'll catch up with Min Mbulunyo in time. There are many things to discuss.If it is too fast, it is prone to problems later.My brother had better go save someone first and we'll talk about it when he gets back. The man who spoke earlier said: He can stay here, because Xiaomin Mbulun said before the people left that he was going to find Weller, but he didn't say that he planned to fight him.Although he is very young, he seems to be very experienced in thinking about problems.He also has a wonderful horse. When everyone was talking about it, they heard a gunshot, and saw a man on horseback in the northwest direction, running south.We saw that he changed direction from east to west, but he kept approaching us.It was evident that he was running from someone who was trying to drive him to us. Now, we can see the Ouster.He was shorter than the first man on horseback and rode a faster horse.It turned out to be Weller and Min Brenyo.The escapees fired at the pursuers from time to time, but they missed.The kid also shot this way and this one to stop Weller, but his gun missed. I got on my horse and ran towards the two of them.Weller sensed this and steered his horse southwest as best he could.But, two minutes later, I not only caught up with him, but ran ahead of him, reined in his horse, and brought the gun into his face. Dismount, Chief Weller, or I'll shoot you down. All he let me hear was a hateful laugh, sidestepping his horse and pointing his shotgun at me.This man can aim very well on horseback.His gun went off, but I didn't feel a bullet pop. He miscalculated; when he turned, it was Minmburenyo who reined in his horse and pointed his gun at him.In this way, he was attacked on both sides, and there was only one way out, not to run in the direction where Minbrenyo was forcing him to go, but to our camp.He got his bearings and galloped the horse so fast that we heard his horse whizzing.My countrymen have no arms and cannot stop him.Xiaomin Mburenyue was still some distance away from him.I can only meet him with my own strength.I could have given him a bullet and knocked him off the horse.However, I wanted to capture him alive without injuring him.So, I reached out and grabbed him. Weller's gun was capable of double-hit, the first of which was a false-fire.He didn't load and immediately fired a second shot at me.I chased him from behind, not from the front.The bullet must have come out of his gun before I got close enough to grab him.So I shouted to him again: stop!Or I shoot! He ignored my threat, turned around and shot.His barrel was pointed at my upper body, and the bullet was not empty this time.I hid in a building, and as soon as the bullet passed my head, I straightened up and lunged at him.Before he could reload, he dropped the shotgun and took the pistol from his belt.I didn't expect that he had a weapon, and it would be the most foolish thing to reach out and grab him at this time.So, I command him: Put the gun down, or I'll shoot! He didn't listen, but waited for me to get a little closer and when he was sure, he fired again.My horse was galloping, but with my stirrups between my legs, I was ready to shoot.To aim, I held the butt close to my body before pulling the trigger.Weller screamed, and the pistol dropped, his arm drooping.A few seconds later, I was next to him, with the butt of the gun against his back, slightly bent, and with both hands outstretched towards him at the same time. Come down!If you don't come down by yourself, I'll throw you down! I grabbed him and tried to throw him off the horse.Then he took out his second pistol and laughed loudly: Not so fast, old iron hand.You did not subdue me, but I came to subdue you. He wanted to pull the trigger, but couldn't, because I slammed my left hand on his weapon, and my right hand went up and down, and I punched him in the jaw, knocking his head back.Immediately afterwards, I quickly grabbed the reins of my horse and his horse, and pulled hard, and the two horses stopped at the same time.I flew off my horse and dragged him off too.He fell to the ground like a sack, unable to move, his eyes were closed, his mouth was half open, blood was flowing. Before examining his wounds, I bound his arms with a sash, and took an inventory of his belongings, finding a letter bag and a purse of thick silk gleaming with gold coins.I put away my purse and left my watch and other belongings on him. Xiaomin Mburenyo came and picked up the dropped shotgun and two pistols.Now Weller raised his head, opened his eyes wide, and cursed viciously: You bastard, let me go!Otherwise, there will be no good end! nonsense!I replied, I would like to see how you can hurt me.Stand up and follow me! Do not touch me!If you don't let me go, I'll just lie here and not move. I can satisfy your request very well.I'll just bind your legs, make you lie down, and torture you until your living body leaves your dead soul.However, I would like to be humane to you, even if it is against your will.Get up off the ground, or I'm coming to help. He still lay still.However, when Min Brenyo stabbed him in the ribs with the butt of a gun, he had to jump up and follow us, swearing.When we got to the square, we tied his legs and made him lie on the ground. The Yumas acted as spectators of this process at close quarters.They were silent about me dodging Weller's bullet.But the cunning snake said to the Minmbrenyo: My younger brother will be a capable fighter.I am glad to make peace with him, and I shall be his friend instead of his enemy. Thus begins the negotiation.After talking for more than two hours, a result was produced that satisfied me.Give Melton to the cunning snake, and Judit becomes his wife.For this, I get all the commits I put up.The agreement was of course signed by smoking a peace pipe.After the negotiations, we went to the Yuma camp again, and every red man present smoked a peace pipe for my safety.In this way, I am confident that all the terms of our agreement will be observed by them in the strictest manner.Only then can we consider other issues. What does my white bro think now about what we're about to do?asked the cunning snake, are the chiefs of the Apaches and others coming to us, or shall we go to them? It looks like we're going to visit him.I'm going to check it out with my white brother first. Before the consultation, I checked Weller's envelope and purse, and found ten thousand dollars in bills, and nearly five hundred dollars in gold.I then call my fellow men, the father of the family, and other celibate individuals, to vote on my decision. When everyone was discussing, I pulled Judith and her father aside and asked the girl: I know what you talked to the chief on the rock.Did you tell your father? Said, he said in her place, my beloved daughter told me of the honor she felt, to be the headmaid of a great red nation. Do you agree to this marriage? Why not, it will be very good for her, and for me personally, because we will be important figures of prestige in Mexico and America. It seems that you have not yet had a correct idea of ​​the political significance of an Indian tribe, nor of the civil status of a chief.I am obliged to oppose you. You don't say anything!He interrupted me, I am a faithful father to my Judith, obey her only, and do whatever she pleases.We will rule over a tribe of Indians.My daughter can wear velvet and silk.Do you think the chief is deceiving her with gold and precious stones? no.There are treasures here, and the descendants of the old Mexicans silently guard them.Why doesn't the leader know such a secret?He will keep his word.You must maintain the correct proportions.He is a natural man who does not know much about court affairs.He said one foot, but always only got one inch.He also lacks education, and only education can keep your daughter safe. educate?What is education?He interrupted me again, how can he not be educated if he holds the secret of gold and precious stones?Aren't the new silk clothes education?Are those who own palaces irrational?What is hidden in academic lectures, senior high schools, and comprehensive universities?Isn't it just a few wooden benches for people to sit on and a few bottles of inkwells for writing?Why object to Rococo and Renaissance furniture in palaces?No, the chief is well-bred, and as a father-in-law, I am extremely satisfied with his upbringing. If you think so, I will not say anything, I just hope you will not be disappointed.What are you going to do now?I'm about to make a suggestion to your companions, get out of Sonora, maybe out of Mexico. Why don't they stay?Should Judith and I be left alone among the Indians? What can they do among the Yumas?Want them to rewild?Not every woman can be the leader's wife, but every man can be his father-in-law.They have realized what the German worker is getting here.I will take them across the border, to America.The leader will not agree to their migration. It's not their fault either.He has gold and silver in this land, and a young and beautiful, attractive wife, and a respectable father-in-law. Should he cross the border and go to a place where gold is not found? Well, you stay with the Yuma people.As far as I know, all your companions came with nothing, except Hercules and you.I heard that you brought a large sum of money, is it true? of course it's true.He hastily replied that it was pure gold kept in a wallet.This purse is made of silk by my beloved daughter Judith. How much money do you have? Four hundred dollars.It is for this that I have descended into the terrible underground.Weller is a thief.Now you have him.You will be merciful to him for the property he wants to steal.He made me live a miserable life in the dark mines. Is it this wallet?I asked, pulling it out of my pocket at the same time, and handing it to him. Exactly it!He cheered and snatched the wallet from me, and I immediately counted the money to see if I had stolen a few gold coins. Don't yell so loudly!Weller doesn't know I've taken it.Don't let him know about it so early on. Without saying a word of thanks to me, he took his daughter and walked away, squatting down with her over there to count the money.I turned to the others and had a brief chat with them about the content.They thought there was only one way out, and that was to get out of this place as quickly as possible.So, I decided to: Winnetou and I set off from here to Texas.There are plenty of fertile fields and a mild climate.I'll take you there, discuss it, and tell me your decision! I left for a while and let them discuss my proposal.When I returned, their appointed spokesman said to me: Your suggestion is good, we would like to follow you, but it is not possible.First of all, we can't go yet because Melton and Weller have a lengthy proceeding in which we're going to be witnesses anyway. no need.I gave Melton to the Yuma people.They don't need witnesses.As for Weller I don't know what to do with him.我用子彈把他的上臂打碎了。在這個國度,這對於一個白人來說是危險的。此外,我從烏雷斯帶來了一個警察和一名高級官員,他們在那兒等我們。只要你們為這兩個人當了證人,就再不要出庭了。What's the problem? 我們還要通過野蠻區。我們的婦女和孩子能經受得長途跋涉嗎? definitely.儘管他們剛剛從礦井裡被解救出來,情況並沒有您想像的那麼嚴重。這次行軍的速度不會很快,大家不會忍受不了。我給你們從印第安人手裡買一些馬。此外,我還有好幾輛車,裝載著食品和用品,你們不會挨餓的。 This is of course very good.可是我很想知道您對最主要的問題的看法,這就是:錢! 這不成問題。 我這一輩子還沒有這樣平靜地談論這方面的事。我大概也像有錢人那樣瀟灑。所有的眼睛都驚訝地對著我,那個發言人更是難以置信地喊叫: 不成問題?您也許不成問題,我們的問題可大啦!我們不能像您那樣從滿滿的腰包裡掏出一大把錢。我們一無所有,而且今天就要錢用。 today?Why? 您說有什麼滿載食品的車子。那是要花錢買的,沒有人送給我們。 我送。 real?那就另當別論。我們要騎的馬呢?我們可不能白拿! certainly.但是,我們去借。拿些禮物向我們的紅色朋友借。 誰買禮物? I. God!您突然變富了?您當初到我們船上來的時候,看起來可是個窮光蛋。 那是裝的,我並不是空手來的。無論如何,我能夠幫助你們,而且繼續幫助下去!還有別的困難嗎? 現在是最大的。您說的那些土地,是不是必須花錢買? certainly.您將從我手裡拿錢。 這樣,我們當然就沒有憂慮了。我們跟隨您,您給我們錢去買地。我們努力工作,支付利息,然後逐步歸還本金。 wait!You are wrong.我不要利息,關於本金,我根本不想知道。 這個人吃驚地望著我,看看周圍,又把目光對著我,然後問; Am I right? 基本上對。 不可思議,等於是白送。 應該是白送。我送給你們錢,不要求歸還任何東西。 您真正這麼富,能夠給出這麼多? on the contrary.我沒有財產,但是我能夠幸運地分配給你們大約五萬塔勒。 五萬塔勒!天哪,這麼多錢!您從哪兒突然得到這麼多錢? 你們馬上就要知道的。不過,我先要提幾個問題:你們大家都窮,但是原來至少有一小點財產。Yes or no? Yes.幾個人有一棟小房子,其餘的至少有屬於一個工人家庭的東西。 因為有人引誘你們,你們就把它們變賣了。你們得到多少? 幾乎沒有。我們如果事先知道是出國,而且不能有所得,是不會來的。我們用全部家當換來的錢,在路上就花完了。 就是說,你們不僅丟掉了家園,而且丟掉了全部財產。於是,你們將在這兒孤立無援地死去和毀滅。我本人並沒有多餘的錢。我之所以能夠給你們以幫助,完全是由於我變成了賊和強盜。不過,你們用不著怕我,因為我抓到了梅爾頓和韋勒爾,也就是引誘你們走向不幸的人。根據我的法律知識,這兩個人要全部賠償你們的損失。我把他們抓起來了,本來必須把他們和他們的錢都交給法官。可是,這樣做的後果是什麼?錢可能不知去向,罪犯們可能不翼而飛,甚至今後出現在別的地方,從事新的犯罪。而你們仍然分文未得,還是窮光蛋。在我看來,我內心中的法律,比這要公正得多。我把東西交到你們本人手裡。換句話說,我把梅爾頓和韋勒爾的錢沒收了,目的是以這種方式幫助你們,以實現法律的公正,且不需要為你們請別的法官。你們認為這樣公正嗎? 公正,公正,公正!大家齊聲回答。 good!梅爾頓和韋勒爾現在還不知道我拿了他們的錢。其中一個把錢埋到了地下,他在有生之年是不會再知道錢沒了。如果我沒有發現這筆錢,它可能要埋在地下幾百年。我將把他們兩人的錢都分配給你們。 How much?someone asked. 韋勒爾五千,梅爾頓稍微超過三萬美元,一共大約是一十四萬七千多馬克。 周圍一片寂靜,連呼吸都聽得到。然後,大家高聲歡呼起來,我使勁做手勢制止。 Please be quiet!除你們外,我希望不要讓任何人聽見我們的談話,雖然我們是正義的。那個猶太人也不需要知道此事。他不像你們這樣窮,他有錢,並且將留在尤馬人中間。 韋勒爾把他的錢搶走了。那位發言人說。 我把他的錢拿來了,並且交還給了他。我要遺憾地告訴你們,落到你們個人手上的錢,並沒有你們算出的那麼多。 我們每一個,都認為您應該先得到一個可觀的份額。 I don't want anything.但是還有一些人,應該分得一部分錢。 還有一些人?who? 梅爾頓在烏雷斯向一個商人定了一批貨,這批貨已經在運輸途中,將由我們接收。交貨時還要付一部分餘額,因為我答應了搬運工人,不會由於我們接管這批貨而讓他們受損失。再剩下的,就分給你們。 你打算怎麼個分法? 我想,你們大約是三十份。其中有的只有一口人,有的則是一個數口之家。一個年輕的單身漢,不能與一個有老婆和幾個孩子的家庭之主得一樣多。你們討論一下,給我提一些建議。但是,這件事只能在我們到達奇瓦瓦,即歸阿帕契人管轄之前完成。你們中間每個人大概都可以拿這筆錢購置土地和家產。 發言人走到我面前,熱情地握著我的手: 您幫助我們擺脫了艱難困苦,我們應該怎樣感謝您呢? 通過你們在那邊的辛勤勞動,並為你們的德意志後裔爭光。 其他人也向我伸過手來。現在,我看到的是一張張笑臉。 我回到狡猾的蛇身邊,他等待著談判的結果,想知道是去找溫內圖,還是請他來。 我將帶著白人到奇瓦瓦去,我告訴他,我的紅色兄弟能不能給他們一些馬匹? 老鐵手要多少,就給多少。我們帶來了許多馬,是做馱馬的。 我們能否順利地通過尤馬人地區? 我的戰士將保衛你們不受其他部落侵犯,如果他們不踐踏我和您簽訂的和約的話。但是,儘管如此,還是會有困難,因為白人缺少食品。 食品由我來。大嘴怎麼樣?你在這兒等他? 他想來,如果莊園的英雄們被帶到了安全地帶的話。 那麼,我們不等他,而是去見阿帕契首領。 我的戰士的馬不在這兒。 It doesn't matter.只要您和小敏姆布倫約人陪同我們就行了。您有馬嗎? 除了韋勒爾的馬,這兒還有兩匹是梅爾頓和我騎的。它們都藏在懸岩東邊的一個水坑旁邊。 派人去取那匹最快的,因為我們很快要出發了,要在天黑之前到達溫內圖的營地。你可以派一位信使騎另一匹馬去找看守你們馬匹的戰士,讓他們知道所發生的和該做的事情。他們必須在明天晚上帶著全部牲口到達這兒,因為我後天早晨動身去奇瓦瓦。 他的馬很快取來了。我向德國同胞說明,當我不在的時候,他們怎樣對待他們的新朋友。狡猾的蛇也同樣給他的戰士們作了介紹,命令他們特別注意,不要讓俘虜離開他們的目光。然後,我們在一片告別聲中,騎馬繼續趕路。
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