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Chapter 4 Chapter 4 Hercules' Revenge

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We had to hurry and cover in a very short time what had taken them a whole day to travel when they came.The cunning snake showed doubts on his face. He felt that what happened since last night would not be the final outcome.Little Min Mburenyo was behind us, and every time I looked back at him, his copper-colored face showed a peaceful and happy expression.He was as pleased with the unexpected outcome of our trip as I was.And with good reason, he gave his all to this success. The Sly Snake's horse, well rested, galloped doggedly, did not fall behind us, and brought us just as the sun was setting, to where we turned north.When it was dark, I asked the cunning snake and Xiaomin Mbulun to stay put and wait for half an hour before moving forward.I left my horse and arms with them both, and walked back myself, hoping to surprise our men.

I approached the camp after ten minutes of walking, and a smell of burning told me that a campfire was burning.It was a signal that Winneto had a sense of security.He knew that I had come out to be a detective, and if our troops were threatened, I would definitely come back and report to him.That is to say, he needn't worry about being attacked while I'm out.However, I believe that, despite this, Winnetu's sentry is still very tightly deployed.It was very dark, and I tried to pass the sentry post without anyone noticing, but I couldn't see the sentry post, so I had to rely on my hearing.I knew the Apaches, and generally imagined the way they sent out, and tried to avoid them.However, I was afraid of encountering the person in front of me, so I bent down and picked up a few small stones with the help of my sense of touch.As I fumbled forward, I threw stones at the nearby bushes. The sound of the stones attracted the attention of the sentry, and he walked towards the sound.In this way, he made way for me.

In this way I crept stealthily near enough to see the little fire.At this time, I had to stick my body to the ground and crawl step by step.Winnetu's defense measures are very tight, and it is impossible for people who don't understand his characteristics to sneak in.A bonfire burns in a forest glade.For the sake of observation, the captives lay around the clearing, and Minmbrun arranged the camp in a circle with men as guards.A vehicle is parked in the dark on the right, and pack animals are tied to the vehicle.On the left side of the car sat Winnetou, his back against the room, and a dead Yuma man lay near him.A little farther off, in front of the bushes where I was hiding, there was a group of men talking animatedly.I counted the Minmbrunyos present, and saw no fewer than six of them at the sentry post.I can now sneak among them, a miracle that can only be attributed to small pebbles thrown.

Among the group mentioned, sat old Pedrillo and the special Don.Endimio.Endymio is the judge and lord of the manor.Old Pedrillo was telling of his adventures in America. I sneaked among the red ones there, he said triumphantly, but none of them ever sneaked into our camp. and after?asked the manor.People didn't burn bonfires, so nothing was seen. Pooh!Endymio, how do you understand fire and nobody.Fire is like a red man.If there is, pay more attention and strengthen the sentry.For example, we had six men standing guard around our bush, and it was impossible for anyone to sneak in and peep.

Winnetu closed his eyes as if he had fallen asleep, and suddenly opened them and said: The old Pedrillo couldn't say the same.A hunter is coming.You turn around and look at the bushes behind you, where the old iron hand is lying. If I said just now, it would have to be called a miracle that I was not heard to go so deep.So Winnetou not only noticed someone behind the bushes, but knew who it was.He still had his eyes closed, of course he was pretending.This is truly a miracle.This was often his posture when he listened with special attention to what was going on outside.Pedrillo turned and ran into the bushes, and I stood up, stepped out of the woodland, and said to the Apache:

My brother Winnetou is invincible.His eyes and ears are sharper than mine. I appeared suddenly before brave Endymio, who drew back in terror, and uttered a hideous cry, as if a flesh devil had appeared before him.Those Minmbrunyo people also jumped up from the ground and stared at me blankly, as if seeing a ghost.The captured Yuma men tried to stand upright even though they were bound with ropes.They knew I had been to Almaden, and wanted to know about it through me.They probably thought I would never come back, that their fighters would catch me and finish me off. There was a scream from the first car, it was Pryor's cry.He came up, pushed the people around me away with his arms, and cried out with joy, in a voice obviously sincere:

Thank goodness, sir, for your safe return!I am really scared. Why? If anything happens to you, it may be said that it is my fault for reporting the wrong information to you.But I have a good heart for you. What you reported to me proved to be correct. I told of my visit to the cave, my scouting of Almaden, my conversation with Weller and Melton, and nothing else. How lucky to have run this far without getting hurt.This bold move could cost you a lot.If so, the suspicion of infidelity will fall on me. possible.However, I am willing to testify for you, and from now on, I will fully trust you.Return all your weapons that I confiscated at the estate, and you are free.

The old villain was very happy, but the manor yelled at me: What are you doing, sir?This man must be punished, he participated in the destruction of my estate.I order you to tie him up again. You can't order me.I would advise you to shut up.It is not for you to decide who will remain a prisoner, but for Winnetou and me.I will prove it to you and I will free the other captives. While I was saying this, I went to Fast Fish and cut his rope. My red brother is free.He can stand up.The Minmbrunyo fighters can take off the belts on the Yuma fighters because I made peace with the cunning snake and smoked the peace pipe.

Many voices were shouting, and even Winneto felt the weight of my words.He came up to me: Smoking a pipe of peace? Yes, with the Sly Serpent and his whole army of warriors.I said. So the Yumas have parted ways with Melton? Yes.He and Weller were arrested, and the whites were liberated. Where are those white people? In Almaden, beside their friends the Yuma Warriors.We're all going there tomorrow to celebrate the Peace Pipe Day. He put his hands on my shoulders and looked at me with a deep look: My brother lived up to the expectations his friends had of him, even to the point of which they were most proud.He will later tell me the whole story of his success.

In a short period of time, all Yuma people were untied.The matter is not without controversy.This controversy led to the laxity of the sentries, who had reason to think that the camp guards were laughable amidst all the clamor.They participate in them.So it was only when the Minmbrenyo arrived with the cunning snake that they were noticed dismounting.This brave child was surrounded by our people, cheers, questions and answers, and other voices were mixed together. It took a long time before the noise subsided.To be sure, it didn't quiet down anytime soon.It is not that people are not eager to know how the reconciliation with the Yuma people and the capture of Melton and Weller were accomplished.My little Minbrenyo had to sit down and all the people looked at him and listened to him.He told the story of his experience with great interest, sometimes supplemented by the cunning snake.

Among the people present, the behavior of one person caught my attention.He sat farther away at first, but gradually his eyes were close to the mouth of Minmbrunyo's child.He is the Hercules Hercules, and he mainly wants to hear about Judith.I walked up to Hercules, and he pulled me aside and asked in detail.It did not occur to me to treat this giant in physique and dwarf in character with care.I thought it would be appropriate to fill him with good wine, perhaps this would heal his bewildered soul.I haven't said who Judith wants to marry, because I have already seen the clue from the rapid and determined tone of his speech.Judith's fiancé was among us, our guest.If something bad happens to him, we are also responsible.I did not expect that the giant could not control his jealousy. Afterwards, everything was in undisturbed tranquility.Therefore, the early morning is more active.People are getting ready to go.When the team started to march, there was no one who was tied up. We originally thought that the speed of the vehicle would be slow on this rough road. Now, the actual speed is faster.Because each cart has several riders pulling the cart with the help of lasso.Moreover, the desert we passed was a plain, and there were no big trees or shrubs on the road. The horses could run freely and reach the camp of the Yuma people in Almaden before evening.We were warmly welcomed there by whites and reds. Xiaomin Mbulunyo led the Yuma people to the cave.After clearing the boulders, they saw caves and mines, of which they knew nothing.Now, they also heard, we reached the mine by this road. As soon as we arrived, something happened that had serious consequences.At first, everything was chaotic and not everyone was paying attention.After a while, everyone gathered in groups of three and four, and gradually quieted down. I heard Melton calling to Weller in the distance: Weller, that's Pryor, he's not tied.How is this going? where?Weller asked, oh, there.Has this guy betrayed us? of course.It must be, otherwise, he would be tied up like us.If my hands and feet could move freely, I would be rude to him. yes.If our hands and feet were free, we'd pay him a traitor's reward.After finishing speaking, Weller shouted loudly: Pryer, Pryer! What's up?Asked Pryer, hearing the excited call. Come here, let me ask you something. Another person who heard the cry was Hercules. It was Old Weller.I heard him say that he is mine. He followed Pryor to where Weller lay.I followed him, ready to dodge if necessary.The giant seemed to have given up on little Weller.But whether he also forsook revenge is another question.I would prefer not to hear Weller and Pryer's conversation, but would like to know a little bit. how did you get hereWeller asked in a calm tone. I was attacked by the old iron hand and captured. You are just not paying attention.It appears that you are better off than me and Melton, because you are free.Probably you paid homage to Old Iron Hand and Winnetto, didn't you? Pryer couldn't decide whether to tell the truth or deny it.He thought about it for a while, then turned a blind eye: why not?We fought the old Iron Hands and the Apaches, and later, saw that defeat was a foregone conclusion.Moreover, I can see that you two got a big head, I only took a small amount, and finally finally?What should I do next?Weller tested him. At last, continued Pryer, the poor devil circled my head a few times, and finally perished ignominiously at the bottom of the mine.They apologized to me, and I began to see that what we had done to them turned out to be a serious crime. Weller tilted his face and made a characteristic, malicious grimace: Can you tell me what they will do to us? I fear that you have no hope of being free. Your fate would have been the same as ours, but I'm glad that at least one of us got a happy ending.how is my son Are you willing to hear the truth? I probably wouldn't die over it.Come clean.You know, I'm not a weakling. This is true.However, he still waited for Pryer's answer with eyes full of horror and expectation. Your son is dead. died?You mean, he's dead?Weller repeated, closing his eyes.It can be seen how much the news hit him.His cheeks suddenly lost expression, and his face looked like a dead body.Then he opened his eyes and asked: How did you die? pinched Choked to death by me!Hercules spoke, and you rascals thought I was dead, but my skull is stronger than you think.I just had a little fever for a short time.In this high fever I strangled that scoundrel of yours.Now, my sanity is very clear, and I will strangle you in the same way. Weller closed his eyes again.What else can he think about now?When he opened his eyes again, the expression on his face was the exact opposite of what I had expected, an expression of almost touching tameness.He said to Pryor in a soft voice: You brought Winnetou and the old iron hand here?They bring minmbren to people? Yes.I do not deny.But they know the way without me. possible.Still, you betrayed us.You are responsible for this.With your capture and surrender to the enemy, our misfortune actually began.We're probably done.At this moment, I have a wish, and this wish concerns my offspring.Can you as an old partner help me realize this wish? If I can do it, yes. You can do it without breaking the law or expending all your strength.come to me! Pryor took a step closer to him, bending slightly.A hunch drove me to warn him.But then I thought what would happen to Weller, his hands and feet were tied up, and I was shot in the right arm. I have to speak softer, even softer.Come closer and kneel beside me! Pryor obediently approached Weller, thus falling into the trap carefully set by the criminal.The criminal was tame on the surface, but his bones were burning with unspeakable anger.Weller suddenly propped his arms firmly on the ground, raised his legs like lightning, and pressed them against Pryor's armpits just as quickly.One thing cannot be ignored: not his legs, but the ankle joints of his two feet are bound.He can lift his legs to hip height and spread them apart at knee height, creating an opening that accommodates Pryer's head.Now, Weller puts his knees on his former partner's neck with all his might.His face was blue from the exertion.He shouted loudly: I outsmarted you.You are ten times the villain, and a hundred times the fool!I have revenge, I have revenge!If my son died because of your informant, then you must die for it too! right.Stuck him, stuck him!Melton incited with a devilish voice. I jumped over to help Pryer at that moment, but Hercules was one step ahead of me.He fell to his knees, and with his great hands seized Weller's neck, and cried aloud: According to my promise to you, you yourself must be strangled. Hercules was too strong, for Weller began to stop breathing, and the fear of death gripped his legs even tighter than they had clamped Pryer's neck.I grab them and try to separate them, but I don't have enough strength.I took out my pocket knife and cut the straps on Weller's feet, forcing his legs apart.Pryor's head had room to hang down, and the poor devil lay dead on the ground, his face swollen and purple.At this time, Weller's legs were still clamping me with all their strength. release!I yell at Hercules, you are murdering him. murder?He grinned grimly, no!I just punish him. I know he's strengthening his hands.I was powerless to stop him, though I grabbed him from behind and tried to throw him off.Finally, he finally let go and kicked Weller's body, which was motionless, before taking a deep breath. alright.He's done with it, he'll never get stuck again, never attack someone while he's asleep.Let the eagle eat him! I managed to free myself from between Weller's legs.Of course I looked at Pryor first.Gasping softly, he was still alive, and Weller was dead, smothered under the fist of the giant, who rejoiced in his terrible deed. Did you know you are a murderer?I will tie you up and hand you over to the judge.I told him. murderer?He replied that you cannot hand me over to a judge.I am exercising the powers of judge myself. Not a judge, but an executioner. Tell me who Judith wants to marry.My fingers are itching, I want to cut the boy's neck immediately. I couldn't give him the information he needed.However, he got it from someone else.Because, among the swarming crowd, there was Judith's father.He heard the words of Hercules. You will know, he said with great care, that my beloved daughter will be the mistress of a famous Indian tribe, shining with jewels, gold and silver, and silk like a queen. The strong man looked at the old man's face in surprise and asked. Mistress of a famous Indian tribe?How can this be explained? She will be the honored wife of the Sly Serpent, chief of the Yuma tribe.We'll stay among the Yumas, Judit and me.However, you must relocate to Texas.We will get the palace.You have to grow alfalfa and turnips. The Hercules scratched his head with his hands, turned around, and then fixed his eyes on me: Sir, please tell me the truth!What does the old man mean? It was no longer possible to hide the truth from him. You have heard the truth, I say, that the cunning serpent wants to marry Judith, and that is a prerequisite for peace. cunning snake?impossible!This girl is going to hug a red guy?Tell me, Judith, is what I hear true?Do you want to stay with the cunning snake as lady? Yes.She nodded. real?Don't lie? I was terrified, because I saw that he was in a state of agitation, and the emotion intensified with the increase of words.I wanted to give him a comforting answer, but the girl's mouth was faster than mine. Yes, she said smugly, I'm engaged to the cunning snake, you can go find another girl At this time, Hercules' eyes showed a wild look.He clenched his fists and saw the cunning snake not far away, in the middle of a group of Yuma men, so he rushed out of the surrounding crowd and said aggressively: Get out of the way, I have to talk to that kid.I've strangled one, he should be the second. It was evident that he meant what he said, and that if he were near the cunning snake he would do it.So, I ran after him and grabbed him from behind. Stand still, unfortunate one.Things have been irreparable.The cunning serpent is under my protection.If anyone touches a hair on him, I will give him a bullet. He turned to me and said in a trembling voice: Boy, let me go!Otherwise, I will also pinch you to death between my fingers.If you think that others are afraid of you, then compete with me. Now, any action he says will have to be believed.Everyone else avoided him, but I drew my pistol. If you take one more step towards me or towards the cunning snake, my bullet will go right through your head!There are thousands of girls in the world, if you can't find the right one, why bother yourself. I said this request in a comforting tone.He made an indescribably convulsive face: Not looking for trouble?Yes, I don't want to trouble myself.Maybe some other girl will take my worries away.Well, here are the peace conditions, Judit will be the wife of the red man and you will protect the chief. Not just me, but everyone present.We cannot allow anyone to disrupt the peace through excess.If you hurt the leader, his men will attack us immediately. Are you afraid?Listen, you, famous old iron hand, are scared.You are afraid, but I am not, and I will prove it to you.Because you are afraid of the red man, he is worshiped as a god.And I will be quiet, and Judith, his fiancée, will be quiet too.You have a bullet box and don't know how to use it, you cowards! The judge stood very close to the manor.It has just been mentioned that the brave official also carried a pistol, and the manor also had one in his girdle.Hercules snatched their two guns at lightning speed, aimed one at Judith and the other at himself, and fired at the same time.Most of the people present screamed.Originally, I had expected that there would be an accident, so I kept jumping.He took the gun and I didn't have time to stop him.But when he pointed the gun at the girl and himself, I was at his side and held out my hand.All I could do was grab his right arm and throw it into the air.This arm was stretched out to aim at Judith, and the bullets flew over the heads of the surrounding crowd.He shot again with this hand, and the bullet flew out in the same direction as before.Then he faltered, and since I had successfully shielded Judith, he shot twice to the temple with his left hand.His arms drooped, his body turned half a circle, and I took him into my arms.His eyes are closed. Quiet, quiet, he uttered a few words.Then his life and unhappy love came to an end.I let him lie down slowly, unable to tell what he was feeling inside.In it all the angry, accusing, deep, hollow strings vibrate.The deceased was a weak man, but an honest man.The ruthlessness of his lover drives him first to foreign lands, and then to ruin. She did not say a word of thanks for my saving her life, nor could she find words to express her regret for the poor creature.She was responsible for his suicide.She took her father's arm and said: How stupid he is!He could do it smarter and go to Texas together.If he wanted his own life, he could go anywhere else without people.I don't want to see him, let's go! She took the old man away.However, I failed to keep myself calm.I looked up at her angrily: Yes, you walked away.If you let me see you again, I'll forget that you're a woman and draw a strong lasso around your back to at least arouse your feelings.It seems that you have no feeling in your heart.You, the regal Queen of the Yuma Indians! She took the threat seriously and kept herself out of my sight when we were with the Yuma people. All those present felt very sorry for Hercules' death.Fate had buried him so suddenly.During this period, we were talking in German. The cunning snake couldn't understand this process, and didn't know why Hercules committed suicide.He asked me why, and I explained it to him: Judith agrees to be his wife.He followed her across the ocean for love.But now, when he heard that she was going to marry someone else, he chose to die. I also heard that he wants to kill her? Yes, because he couldn't forgive her. You saved her, thank you.White people are special people, and no Indian will kill himself because some girl refuses to be his wife.He can either force her, rob her, or find a better one.Are there so few white girls who lose their minds without a pretty face? During this incident, we failed to pay attention to Pryor.Now, we're waking up to Weller's strangulation.Pryor sat on the ground, acting as a witness to the incident.He stood up, walked slowly towards me, and asked me: Well, I see, Weller is dead, and he's trying to strangle me.I know, I can't breathe.Someone must have saved me.Who is he, sir? I pulled Weller's leg off your neck. I can imagine it, because when I went to him, I saw you ready to help me.I will never forget you, thank you for saving my life. Just forget about this matter, but never forget what you promised me, be a good person, always be a good person. I will keep this promise.I am only afraid that the manor and his judges will force me to be punished. They can do that, and there's nothing I can do about it.You know, I'm not going to let them make any rules.This is not your place to stay, or they'll lock you up. I think so too, it would be best to go to Texas with you. You can go together, I hope we won't be rude to you. Believe me, I will never do evil again.I may find a job with someone under your guidance.However, I think they are too poor to buy property and hire workers. They are very meticulous in their work, and they have a little surplus, which can buy a piece of land.They won't deport you because you're an American, know the customs, and you're good for them.However, you should not tempt them to gamble.If I went to visit them and heard you did something wrong again, I'd take you between my fists. Don't worry, sir, gambling is something I'm against, or I wouldn't have gone there together.Gambling money comes and goes even faster.But relying on work, even if you earn a dollar, you can feel at ease. Look, your complexion is much better.You stick with it and you'll be healthy in no time. I swear.If I have a hundred dollars, I must work twice as hard to make it three hundred.At that time, we can rent a small farm. I happen to have three hundred dollars left, which I can lend you. Very good, if you really let me try. You do not default.In the future, if it is suitable for you and I have the opportunity to visit you again, you can return the three hundred dollars to me.As soon as I cross the border this time, I will give you the money to rent a piece of land. great!I thank you from the bottom of my heart.As long as I live, I will always remember that it is all thanks to you that I can be a happy man, live in peace, and not worry about the consequences of my actions. He spoke in a tone of enthusiasm.He took his new beginning seriously, at which point he embarked on a new path in life.I am delighted to be able to give him a sum of money from Melton and Weller's total.Now, holding his hand, I feel a kind of joy and contentment in his heart. He did not want to interrupt his words of gratitude, and I could not continue to pay attention to him, for I saw a great herd of horses galloping from the north, driven by several red riders.Here came the couriers sent by the cunning serpent, and they arrived at the last hour of the day. The people who sent this group of horses were careful enough, and brought bundles of firewood, which could light several piles of fire.There was even enough food in the car for a banquet. I fell asleep here, and so did my countrymen and Minbrenyo.The Yumas would go to Almaden to plunder Melton's lair.Before, I've seen them take everything they found for themselves.The Indians took the two old women and the guards with them, and they blocked the small holes in the mine with stones, and the entrances to the caves were sealed with pebbles. I was the first to rise early, waking good Endymio and his coachman.I arranged their affairs before I went to wake up the others to load the cars.The cunning snake led the loading work, for the pack horses were his.Judith and her father were nowhere to be seen, probably hiding in the chief's tent, afraid of seeing me.I sat next to Winnetou and watched them work.At this moment, two men approached us.We noticed that they had important matters to discuss with us.These two men were the manor and the judge.I know their purpose in coming is to accuse me.Since I handed Melton over to the Yumas last night, he has kept a tight watch on our tent. The two men were condescending, and the judge even put on an official air and said: I see that you are ready to go.Where are you going, young man? Go to Chihuahua.I answer. I disagree.I must urge everyone here to go to Ureth together.May the dignity of my office induce you to submit voluntarily. I haven't noticed that dignity yet, so I can't push them anywhere.Also, I think we are in the territory of the Yuma Indians, who strongly believe in using their customs as law.When I asked you to protect German immigrants, you claimed that you had nothing to do with them and denied my request for protection.So I climbed up the mountain to meet them.Now, I have freed them from a dire situation.It's your attitude of rejection that puts them in that difficult situation.Now you come before me and claim to bring us under the control of your violence and majesty.Young man, I am not a person who can let others change at will. What have your German workers to do with me?Are they alone here?No, there are others.There have been things that have come up before that are within my remit and that I have to legally pay attention to.I mean: the attack on the estate, the murder here, etc., which I cannot ignore.Where is Melton? At the side of the Yuma chief, he intends to punish him. Only I can punish.You have to negotiate with the cunning snake on this matter.You will hand him over to me. Shut up!I have no obligation to you.If you're smart, you'll do it the other way.Everything you've done so far has been silly.If you ignore all this and play the role of master and boss, you will only be laughed at.I won't listen to a word from you. The judge dared not go on.The manor owner interjected instead: You don't do it that way, sir.Come to think of it, you are on my land, a guest of this place. Ah, my dear sir, it is with great satisfaction and gratitude that I have experienced your famous hospitality.However, since you speak of your land, I want to inform you that you have sold it.Melton is the owner of Almaden. I'm going to sue him and get my property back.The purchase contract I signed with him is a dead letter.I ask everyone here to respect my wishes, which are also the wishes of my respected friends. What is your wish? I want you to go to Ureth.Not only will you testify against Melton, but we will prosecute you. Sue?which aspect? You will hear it.No need to tell you now. Well.Let's not talk.Nor do I need to tell you, nor your esteemed friend, but only one thing; if you want Melton, you must go to the cunning snake. But, I want him from you.You have arrested him, it cannot be transferred. At this moment Winnetto stood up from the ground, took out his silver carbine, and let the trigger click: I want to be alone now with my friend Old Iron Hand.I counted to three, and at that time, whoever stayed here, I shot to death. He pointed his gun at the two men. one The judge ran away. two The owner of the manor also ran away. I don't have to say three at all, Winnetto laughed, my brother could save a lot of time if he did the same. The two cowards conferred for a while standing in a safe place far enough away from us, and then went to the cunning snake standing in front of the tent.We saw that they negotiated with him, but soon, the cunning snake also took out his gun and shot the judge on the back.The judge ran while cursing, and the manor followed closely. Judging from the attitude of the manor owner, the leader has already finished the work for me.Before I set off, I went up to him again and said: Sir, here is your purchase contract with Melton.There were also several letters testifying that he was guilty of the estate fire.Nothing else is necessary, you become the master of the manor again.With the help of your friends, you will get the buyer's money as compensation.I wish you happiness, and hope that you will be more humble and wiser in the future than you are now. I handed him over and returned the contract to the Germans, who tore up the contract on the spot with satisfaction. Weller and Hercules were buried, lying side by side in a grave.One of them is looking for treasure, and the other is looking for love. Then we got on our horses and set off.
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