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Chapter 5 Chapter 5 Duel

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Our trip to Chihuahua would take us all day through the wilderness and through the Yuma Panhandle into an area contested by the tribe and the Minmbrenyo. The Yuma native who knew the local conditions walked in front, and I was always side by side with Winnetu, and the cunning snake was with us most of the time.The two sons of the mighty bison, the Yuma Killer and his nameless brother, are always near us.Melton was tightly bound and under close surveillance.Judith and her father walked behind.I don't pay attention to her, she even avoids me to let me see her. In the evening of the first day we had walked across the moor and camped where it bordered the prairie.The next day, we reached the Yuma-held Panhandle and then entered contested mountainous territory.The Yuma wanted to go to a wide basin with a small lake in the center where they could camp.We reach the southern edge as the sun sets.

First impressions suggest that there used to be a larger body of water running from north to south.The basin is half an hour long in this direction, and the width from east to west is not so large.Three valleys converge here, one from the north, one from the east and one from the south.We come from the south. Occasionally, Winnetou and I walked at the head of the line, with the guide.The small lake is surrounded by dense trees and jungles, surrounded by fresh green grass.When Winnetu and I arrived in this kind of area, we were used to inspecting the safety of personnel first. Our eyes focused on the mouth of the valley to the east, and I saw a rider.As soon as he saw us he turned around and walked back.I turned to look at Winnetou, and at exactly the same moment he turned to face me.I understood that he had observed the rider as well.

We didn't stop, rushed to the lake in one breath, first drank the horses, and then let the horses run.Melton was tied to a tree.Tents were arranged for Judith in the bushes. I had to distribute food, or the Yumas would eat up everything.For this reason, I sat in the camp, and Winnetu went to the oasis by the lake to patrol for safety.When he came back, I thought he had made an important discovery the way he did.So, I walked up to him. Did my red brother discover anything other than that rider scouting us?I asked him. Yes, he answered, our horses graze around the lake, and you can see them everywhere.I first looked at the place where the rider disappeared, and saw that there was no one at the entrance of the valley.Then, I looked north and saw some more riders.They also wanted to come to the lake, but when they saw our horses, they withdrew quickly.

It appears that we have to deal with two teams.The two teams are also unfamiliar with each other. That's it, he nodded, one is from the north and the other is from the east.Both teams wanted to come to the lake and retreated when they saw us. My red bros Guess who they are? There is only one possibility. Yes.It must be the Yuma led by Big Mouth and the Minmbrenyo led by Mighty Bison. We'll find out soon.As soon as it gets dark, both teams send spies.We must be one step ahead of them.Where is my white brother going? go east. Then, I'll go north.We only have to wait ten minutes before it gets dark.

We camp and eat.As soon as the short dusk passed, we got up and set out on the road to find out the reality of the two teams.We broke up without people noticing.Everyone thought we were going to see the horses, especially since we didn't have guns.As soon as we were out of sight, we parted, with Winnetu facing north and me facing east. I thought the Indians who were looking for us hadn't sent spies yet.However, this idea is wrong.I hadn't gone far when I heard a sound, as if a foot had touched a stone.I immediately got down on the ground and waited.I heard the slight footsteps of a man walking towards me.Now, I saw him, and he was getting closer and closer. When he was only one step away from me, I jumped up and grabbed his neck with both hands, throwing him to the ground.Then I gripped his neck tightly with my left hand, freeing my right hand to reach for the knife in his belt.This is the only weapon he carries.I pulled out the knife and stuck it into myself, loosened my left hand a little, let him breathe a little, and said:

Which tribe?Tell the truth, or suffer yourself to the knife. Apache.He spoke in fits and starts. For reliability, I further ask: Who is your leader? Mighty bison. Where are you going? Go to Old Iron Hand and Winnetou. At this time, I let go of my hand and said to him: look at my face!do you know me? Wow!Old iron hand!he screamed. Stand up and take me to the mighty buffalo and give you back the knife. He stood up, turned and walked beside me without speaking. We went a short way into the valley when we heard a burst of crickets.The same voice from my escort answered.Despite the darkness, I soon saw many people sitting together.One of them stood up and walked towards us.

Come in, both of you.Who is the other? Old iron hand, old iron hand.I hear people whispering. It was the mighty buffalo who asked the question.He held out his hand to me in delight and surprise. This time, I am relieved, I am worried about you!How did you get here?We thought you were either dead or gone somewhere else. He probably didn't care as much about me as he did about his two sons.However, he did not go straight to the point abruptly.In order to comfort him, I immediately gave the correct information. die?Everyone around me is safe and well, and no one has had an accident.My two sons, the warrior Minmbrenyo and the mighty buffalo, who accompanied me, were very brave.I will tell you more about their deeds later.Now I want to ask you how many fighters you brought.

Two hundred or so.he answered. You want to take the captured Yumas, including the leader, Big Mouth, to the stake.Now, is the Yuma man dead, or is he crying out in pain? I know the Yuma escaped this gruff, brave old fellow.Although I said in my speech that I would punish them, I intend to open my mouth to save my life.He was silent for a long time and said: The great gods don't want us to be happy about this dog's death.One of them escaped, freeing the others from the shackles.They escaped and took many horses with them. This is a great heroic feat of yours.Yuma people also laugh for a long time.Once, I had a few words with Dazui, which made the mighty bison very angry.Now, he had released all the captives, including the leader.

This is the will of the great gods.It puts us in a deep sleep, neither seeing nor hearing. This is the intention of our red brothers.I often make mistakes, but I have never failed the great gods.What has passed should be regarded as inevitable.Do the Minmbrunyo warriors know where Big Mouth is now? have no idea.But we think he also wants to go to Almaden.When he escaped from us, I hastened out my mighty warriors and pursued him immediately.If I come with a new fighter, he will be flanked by two groups of fighters.These two groups of fighters will force him to submit. You are so thoughtful.Your first force will take back from him the cattle he took during this time.I can tell you that he is just north of the valley, where we camp.

Then, we must attack him. Don't rush.You must know what has happened and the current situation since we broke up. I do not have time to go into detail, but briefly describe what has happened since then until now. People crowded over and listened quietly.When I had finished speaking, the mighty buffalo said happily: Fifty of our fighters did the job, including my son. I neither mentioned Winneto nor gave details about myself in my report, using the pronoun we all the time.It must have aroused in him the impression that every one of our troops needed the same honor. Does it mean that the cunning snake is now camping in the valley outside with three hundred warriors and our brothers?What a pity.If you don't make peace with him, all their scalps will be our property until daylight.

I want you to respect our peace treaty with the cunning snake.Your need for a scalp with hair may be met in another way. In what way? I told you, Big Mouth is nearby too.I didn't see him, but he was definitely there.He will be very angry when he hears that the cunning serpent has made peace with us.I think he will refuse to take part in the treaty, and will certainly attack. You have to tell me how the cunning snake will react. This warrior is honest and does not break promises.But not necessarily the people under him.I surmised that the forty Yumas we had captured at Fuente and other positions were plotting revenge against us.We must bide our time. No, don't wait, get ahead of them. Don't think I will.The Old Iron Hand and Winnetou will never tolerate treachery. Then tell me what will happen.Are we going to your camp soon? No.I'd like to hear from Winnetto first, he's scouting Big Mouth.It would be best if the Yumas sent a spy too.You don't need to send detectives, because it is easy to be spotted by the enemy. How do I know what I should do? Through my messenger.When he gets near you, he will imitate crickets.You have to earnestly carry out the tasks I want him to give you.We have the advantage over the Yuma, and although they outnumber us, we have weapons which they do not have.Now I'm gone.You are ready. When I got back to camp, Winnetu was already there.I first inquired about his reconnaissance results, and he said: Winnetu first saw Dazui and his warriors, and also the Minmbrunyo who were chasing him. What?I asked in surprise, they were so close to him? The old iron hand knew they were following him? Yes.The mighty buffalo told me.When the Yuma escaped, he sent the Minmbrenyo with them, and he himself rushed to fetch new warriors and new horses.What else did you find? When I got to the valley, I lay down behind a rock, and a man crawled over, who also came to scout.I grabbed him and told him my name.He said that he was from Minmbrunyo, and their team followed Dazui in the afternoon, only a thousand steps apart.They were going to attack him.I had him take me to the Minmbrenyo and talk to them. What arrangements have you made? Ask them not to move for now.After a while, I will come to them personally, or send an emissary.Then I will rush back to discuss with you. this is correct.We have to base our attitude on the attitude of the big mouth.If he is friendly, I should be happy; if he is not, he should know that we are not afraid of him. He will not recognize peace.You killed his son, and even if he offered the hand of reconciliation to the Minmbrenyo, he would reject you. It is harmful to himself because he My words were interrupted by a cry.The sound is at a certain distance from us.There, an Indian came out of the bushes, and called with joy to the cunning snake lying by the water.That man is a spy with a big mouth, and his purpose is to find out who we are.Finding that most of those present were Yuma, he emerged from the bushes to greet the chief.The two talked for a while, then came to us.So we stand up.The spies eyed us darkly.cunning snake said: The Yuma warriors reported to me that Big Mouth had come here and wanted to know who was camped by the water.Since he is the supreme leader of our tribe, I must invite him to come to us with his warriors.What advice do my two brothers have? Did you tell the detective we made peace?Winnetto asked. said. We know that you keep your word.We first want to know whether Dazui agrees with your approach.Until we know it, we have to be careful.He could come with his men and camp by the lake.Half the basin, up to the beeches where you camp, is his and yours, and the other half is ours.Whoever crossed the beech trees was shot.He's going to have a fire on his side so he can see around.I'm done. The cunning serpent told the spies a few more things before he sent the spies away, assuring us: Dazui can make the decision he wants to make, you can rest assured on my side. Can you guarantee that your fighter can do it too? If Big Mouth attacks you, I promise to take most of them to fight for you. Then please gather your people and ask them.We hope to hear soon how many are on our side. The situation is extremely tense right now.People want to live by the lake, which is perhaps less than two hundred paces in diameter.On the south side of the lake is the beech tree just mentioned.The western half of the lake, which Winnetu gave to the Yuma people, we left on the eastern part of the beech trees.Our side started to burn the bonfire first, and the opposite side was also lit. Winneto's arrangement makes sense.The Yumas retreated over there.We, Winnetu and I, the Germans and the Minmbrenyo, stay here.There are three hundred and forty Yumas over there, and Big Mouth will be bringing them soon.On our side were a few Minmbrunyos and whites, armed only when necessary, with women and children to protect.However, we know there is help behind it. It starts with moving our horses to safety.We gathered the horses over the tree, Winnetto said: The old iron hand took a few people to the other side of the valley to pick up the mighty bison.He can come back in a quarter of an hour.Big Mouth will not come so fast.I sent a messenger to find the Minmbrenyo who are lurking behind the Yuma.The powerful bison can tie the horses in the valley and send people to guard them.As soon as Big Mouth arrived, they approached us.He will join up with another group of Minmbrenyo soon.These Minmbrunyos will send a messenger to me.He will lead all his troops to surround the whole lake.We should give them a non-misleading signal when necessary.Bring the battle horn.As soon as I rushed out, all the Minmbrenyo attacked from the outside to the west bank where the mouth was.When the trumpet does not sound, it means peace.They were to stay by the lake and the trees until dawn. There is no better plan than this.I sent six or seven Minmbrunyo men to lead the horses.The two young brothers were also among these people.I told them that they were going to see their father and they were very happy.We got to the tough buffalo and briefed him on the situation.He didn't want his sons to leave.But the brothers firmly opposed his wishes, and he had to back down.On the way back, we walked. The people of Yuma did not expect that our horses had reached safety.They also thought that we only led the horse to our side and did not settle it.We are therefore in the most tense situation.The most important thing is not to let the messenger sent by Winnetu be discovered by the big mouth, and the message must be delivered to him accurately. The new fire is burning brightly over the beeches, and ours is getting smaller.Winnetto wants to move the fire out.He left the lake and headed north to observe the situation.Dazui may not want to abide by the peace treaty, so he will come and attack us immediately.The Apaches, after approaching the Yumas, must have been able to understand this intention and tell us in time. It went on like this for a while.We heard the braying of many horses and the noise of the crowd.At this time, Winnetou came back to us to report the situation: Big Mouth has arrived.According to my suggestion, he will appear there immediately. The confusion of voices lasted only a short time, and everyone quieted their horses.Across the lake, the Yuma tribe is buzzing.However, they couldn't see our men because our men were hidden behind trees.Also, our fires are getting smaller and smaller.On the contrary, the fire on their side is getting bigger and bigger, so that we can see the big mouth clearly.He emerges from the bushes and is greeted by cunning snakes.His rage against his subordinate chiefs was so loud that it reached us, and we could not understand what they were saying.The cunning snake defended himself vigorously, and from his voice one could hear the manliness of his demeanor. At this time, Winnetu's messenger returned without being discovered by the Yuma people.He found and was introduced to the Minmbrenyo, and met a new army of mighty bison, the Minmbrunyo who would encircle the Lakeside Oasis, that is, the Yumas.Now, they await orders in peace. On the opposite side, the two chiefs sat down by the fire, surrounded by the soldiers and elders. Their discussion lasted two hours and the atmosphere was very tense.Then, we saw, the cunning snake stood up and walked towards us.He didn't want anyone to find out he was angry, but his eyes sparkled like the sky clears up after a thunderstorm. He wants my brothers to come over and listen to him about the decision he made.He said. You can report it to us.I said. It's not that I want to convey it, but I have to say it myself. We do not object.He can come. My niggaz have mistrust? certainly! You can believe me, although you can't believe Dazui. How many people support you? Half of it is sure, and the other half succumbs to Big Mouth's lust and betrays me. Do you think there will be a fight? meeting.If you don't accept Dazui's suggestion. To listen, we are willing; to obey, we will not. However, he didn't want to come. He can stay there, but we won't go to his side. He doesn't like to be notified of such things.We can see that he is thinking, really trying to find a way out: If he goes to the middle, do you also go to the middle? All right.We want to meet under that beech tree, but without weapons.I will take Winnetu, and he will take you.There are two people on each side, no more. He passed by, quarreled with Big Mouth for another quarter of an hour, and then the two of them walked towards the beech tree and sat under it, unarmed as agreed.But we know that Indians often have pocket knives hidden in their bodies.Nevertheless, we carried neither knives nor pistols. Big Mouth greeted us with eyes full of hatred.When I sat down next to him, he quickly pulled up the hem of his clothes to keep them from touching me, and then sat down sullenly.He thought we would speak first, but we respected his eminence and let him start, and the two sides stalemate.As time passed, he lifted his head and peered at us with dagger-like eyes.But we neither let him see through nor said a word.He had no choice but to speak first: My ears are open, speak! Winnetto said nothing, and neither did I.So, some time later, he threatened: Winnetou and the old iron hand fell into my hands, and today is their last day. Winnetou demanded an answer through his calm eyes, so I said: Big Mouth has entered our snare and will be slaughtered within this hour. Count your people, count our people. Winnetou and the old iron hand never counted the number of enemies.Whether it's one person or ten people, it's the same for them. We will crush you to death! In Almaden, three hundred against forty, are we crushed? That's because I'm not there.I will study the course of that incident carefully.Whoever acts as a coward in action will be kicked out of the ranks of fighters. At this time, the cunning snake shouted angrily: Who is a coward?If you do not ally with the traitor, your warriors are at risk and lost to a just cause. shut up!I'll talk to Melton and learn from him whose fault it is. You can't talk to him, this white man belongs to me.No one can talk to him without my permission. Neither can I, your chief? cannot.You, like me, are leaders.Since you are older than me, assume the command of the Yuma Tribe.However, no one needs to listen to you if he doesn't want to.You call me a coward, and that can be decided by the Council of Elders.If you say that again, I'll stab you to the ground! He was very emotional when he said this threat, and he must have meant it.The old man was hit hard by his fellow tribesmen, as if he didn't feel it, he came to me: I repeat, you are in MY grasp and it is all over for you.There is only one remedy: obey my demands.Give me the son of the mighty buffalo, and I will have him dead on the stake. If I do this, what will happen to my companions? They can go far and fly. What more do you want? Everything your men have, Winnetou's horses and silver carbines. Listen, my red brother, I admit that I was wrong, because I thought you were a fool, and now I realize that you are a crafty fellow!We have heard your wish, so ask us what we think! you?What do you want to do? tie you to the stake.You colluded with Melton to persecute our white brothers.After you die, your people can fly away. He stares at me: Did the eagle eat the sanity out of your head?You are already in my grasp, how can you make a request? In this way, all talk is useless.You think you have us, we think we have you.Discussion is over. I stood up, but Big Mouth stopped me: Stop, we are not finished yet, you have to listen to one sentence: After a quarter of an hour, if you don't hand over that child to me, we will attack you and wipe you out! The cunning snake also stood up and said to Dazui: I am the cunning snake, and I have never broken my word.I will abide by the treaties I have made with these people. Looking at him with wide mouth and wide eyes: How do you abide by it?If I declare it invalid! You do not have this ability.I am a signatory, and I am the one who has the right to speak about this treaty.Whether you say it is effective or not, it is useless. At this time, Da Zui stood up and shouted loudly: I ordered and declared it void.Who dares to oppose Big Mouth? I, the cunning snake, dare to object!My warriors all smoked peace pipes with my white friends.The soil of this pipe has been gathered with painstaking pains and pains, amid many dangers, and reverence, from the sacred crevices of the rocks.Every time the cigarette is loaded, it is an oath that must be kept.Whoever breaks this oath cannot reach the shore of eternity, but can only wander in the shadows before its gate. His words were so loud that they could be heard from a distance.Da Zui also asked loudly: You call foreigners friends?You want to shelter them? Yes.If they are attacked, I will defend them with my life. To stand against me and my warriors is to stand against your brother. Whoever compels me to break my oath and stain my pipe of peace is no longer my brother.Listen, my warriors, I am your leader!Big Mouth calls me a coward, can you tolerate it?Will you obey him who bids us destroy our pipes, the most sacred possessions of warriors; who bids us curse our holy principles with false oaths? A deep silence replaced the answer.The cunning snake went on to say: Here stood Winnetto and the old iron hand.Have you ever heard that one of them broke his promise?Are they going to call us liars?The old iron hand rescued me from the mine.Even though I was his enemy at the time, he saved me.Do I want to betray him after I become his friend?Do you want your chief to be a liar, or a true man who keeps his word?You decide!I'm going with Winnetto and my white friends now.The true man and the brave warrior may come to us; but whoever likes to cheat, and bears being called a coward, stay with the mouth.I'm done, I hope you think twice! After finishing speaking, he took my left hand with one hand and Winnetu's right hand with the other, and walked to our side with us.His performance played a much bigger role than I expected, because his people followed him. Big Mouth stood like a fossil, staring blankly at us as we walked away, then returned to his fire and sat down beside the elders.Our side is very quiet, while the other side is very active.People saw the excited expressions and movements of the elders, and they tried hard to urge Da Zui to take some kind of action, but Da Zui had no interest in such things.After about two hours of this, an old warrior walked slowly towards the beech tree and said loudly: Listen, you Yuma warriors, Minmbrenyo warriors: Here stands Longfoot, who has been through many winters and summers and knows what a brave warrior should do in every situation.Big Mouth, the famous leader of the Yuma people, lost his son Little Mouth to the bullet of Old Iron Hand.This blood must be returned.The old iron hand smashed his hand, and this is also revenge.Keep listening, you warriors!Beside the old iron hand, there is a Minmbrenyoung child, called the Yuma Killer.The name is a blasphemy against the entire Yuma tribe, which can only be redeemed in blood.We must kill Old Iron Hand and the boy, wherever we find them.But they became brothers by smoking the pipe of peace with the Sly Serpent and his warriors.Therefore, we cannot kill them, and their deed must be repaid in an open duel.We are the humiliated, so it is up to us to decide with what weapons to fight.Because Da Zui's hand was injured and unable to fight, another person must take his place.To that end, we allow the Yuma Killer to let his brother fight for him.Anyone who wants to replace Da Zui can sign up! After making this singular announcement, Longlegs retreated to the fire.Thus a double duel was decided.On our side I will be joined by a son of the mighty buffalo.It was announced without asking whether we agreed, the enemy wanted to decide the weapons and the style of the duel. The effect of this unequivocal announcement is that, in my case, I am sending for the mighty buffalo.The Yuma people who are included in our side have not seen him, because I sent him to a secluded place where people can't see him.After a while, I went there, and he was already lying there waiting.I told him what had happened and said to him: I invited you here to hear your opinion, whether your son should accept the challenge. I knew, as a father, that he was terrified of duels.However, he said calmly: Of course you have to accept it.Is it possible that a Minmbrunyo can be said to be afraid of a Yuma? However, your son is too young, and the opponent sent a strong and flexible opponent. This is all the more detrimental to the Yuma people, because we can later say that they are cowards, and their adult warriors fought and were defeated by children. Do you firmly believe that your son will win? No Yuma man can beat my son. Who will fight?The Yuma Killer, or his brother? His younger brother, so that he could get a name. But you still have to think about it, weapons and fighting methods are chosen by others, he has to like it! My child has learned all the eighteen martial arts that a warrior needs.I don't worry about them.Do you accept the challenge too?A bear fighting a mouse? Yes.It's also a battle.If you come to watch the battle, you'd better lie down, so as not to be recognized by others. Then, I found his two sons, who were sitting side by side calmly, showing no abnormal expressions at all. I have spoken to your father.I said to them, what are you going to do? fighting!The younger brother replied, I want to get a name.So, my brother gave me the Yuma people. It is understandable for a fighter to have such self-confidence.However, it is a little puzzling that this kind of self-confidence is manifested in such a young child. For our part, there was silence.People lay on the grass, waiting for orders.It was already midnight, almost one o'clock.Longlegs came to the beech tree again and announced: The Council of Elders made the following decision: the old Iron Hands will be the ones to go out first, and then the children of Minmbrun.The old iron hand, with the spear, had not yet found his match.Therefore, the battle method will be announced later.Minmbrun says the child will fight with a knife in the water, and his opponent is the black raccoon.Two people have to fight until one of them dies, and they must not leave the water until the outcome is determined. How cunning!The name black raccoon brings to mind, this warrior is particularly good at swimming and diving.I will fight with spears.According to the red man, this weapon is the last thing I know how to use.However, they were wrong.I'm worried about Min Mburenyo.This worry drove me to see him.He saw me coming to him and looked at me with a smile on his face.The little guy didn't feel scary at all. Is my younger brother a good swimmer?I asked him. I have always loved being in the water.My brother and I fought each other with knives in the water. Don't be overconfident.Your opponent has a lousy name, and he's sure to be able to dive. He hadn't really thought about it, and a scowl came over his face.I put my hand on the boy's shoulder and told him: Remember, you can't rely entirely on skills, you must believe that wisdom is higher than skills.Your opponent is much stronger than you, and you must compensate for your weaknesses with tact and, most importantly, not to be caught by him.As long as you get caught, you fail. I remember!He said. He entered the water from that side, and you from our side.Expect him to spend more time there than here.You have to go over there and find him. There was a fire over there, so it was brighter.He said. But don't go to the shore near the bushes.Do you know a plant called reed? Know.It is plentiful by the water and by the bushes. Its stem is hollow and makes a great snorkel.Once I was chased by the Comanjas and fled into the river.They stood patrolling the shore for a long time, and I breathed through the reed poles.In this case, just can't cough.If you're in the water close to the shore, you can breathe through the reed poles and quietly wait for enemies to come.Can you open your eyes in water? able.If it is clear water, you can see several steps away. That's enough, I'm sure you'll win. The boy got ready, cut several stalks of reeds, and disappeared into the bushes.His brother quickly followed.I followed him secretly and found him anointing his body with oil. After a long time, Long Legs came to the beech tree again and announced: Listen, you warriors, the Council of Elders has decided that the blood that Old Tie Shoujang bleeds is the blood of a chieftain's son, for which double vengeance is to be paid.Therefore, he is fighting two opponents, that is, two people at the same time.Each person holds five spears and is thirty paces away.The spear is only used for throwing, and no one can leave the position where he stands, but it is allowed to take one step forward or one step back, one step to the left or one step to the right when receiving or blocking the spear.After throwing five spears, stand still and wait for the opponent to throw.Fights don't end with injuries, only death can decide the outcome.The old iron hand will fight with long hair and strong arms, he can come and take the spear. I ignored their request and lay still in the grass.Those villains thought we were docile.Opposite stood two Yuma men, each holding five spears.They are my opponents, and their task is to get me out of this world.They howled while performing challenging movements with their arms.In this way, they still didn't let me get up, so Long Feet walked to the shore again and shouted to this side: Why doesn't the old iron hand get up?Was it fear that made his legs so stiff that he couldn't walk?Here stood the brave warriors, and they waited for him. I don't move.He waited ten minutes, then shouted roughly again: As I said, the old iron hand crawled into the grass and hid in the bushes.Doesn't he know what a warrior is? At this moment, Winnetu walked to the shore and shouted over there: On the opposite side is a frog that came out of the water and let others listen to him croaking.The old iron hand is a brave warrior on the grassland, who can doubt his courage?His name has resounded throughout the grasslands, mountains and valleys.Who ever heard of long feet?Who is this person?What are you doing?How could such a nameless rat casually call the old iron hand to his side?Who among you dares to take on the old iron hand?So you decided to ask him to deal with two people at the same time.The weapon of your choice is one he will not use, for no one has ever heard of him throwing a javelin.This is your shame!Don't you feel blushing?Who is the bug who claims to have long hair and strong arms?Are they held by their mother, or are they grown enough to crawl around on the ground?Your revenge is nothing more than that.However, combat is serious.The two chiefs, Da Zui and I, had to watch from the sidelines.I want to check the spears, and I can't have the hard and soft on the one side, and the rusty and brittle ones on the other.The battle is not to be fought on your side, but on both sides of the beech trees.Da Zui and I will measure the distance of thirty paces.We stand next to both sides, and whoever breaks the rules will be shot dead.You are cowards if you don't think this honest approach is appropriate.The chief will tell me if you agree.I'm done, and now Big Mouth can talk, if he's not shaking with fright. This was a long speech full of power, and Dazui immediately got up to answer: I accept the proposal made by Apache chief Winnetu.Come by the beech tree, and I will meet him there! Now that the cunning snake is clearly on our side, we need not take precautions for fear of backstabbing.Winnetu walked towards him as the leader.Fifteen spears were brought.Winnetu threw away a few and replaced them with good ones, and distributed five to each person, and then measured the distance.Long hair and strong arms came over, equidistant from my position, they were three steps apart.大嘴站到離他們不遠的地方,手裡拿著手槍,為的是給我一顆子彈,如果我違反協定的話。現在,我被叫過去,脫掉上衣。溫內圖帶著銀卡賓槍與我保持適當的距離。 我的對手顯得信心十足。何況,連阿帕契人也說,我不是標槍能手。 你想要我給他們一點教訓嗎?我輕聲問溫內圖。 是的,他們自找的。你會雙矛連發,一支是虛的,緊接著的一支是實的。 我從地上撿起五支矛。矛又輕又細,是硬木質的。我馬上抱住,捆成一束,首先水平執握,擋在自己前面。用這樣的姿勢抵擋颯颯飛來的標槍,對於新手來說,是非常危險的,對於訓練有素的人,卻三倍地輕便。 現在,溫內圖給了開始的信號。我向側面轉身,好像望著湖的對面,實際上嚴密注視著對手。我站在他們的左面,他們後面燃燒著明火,而我的後面是黑暗的。我們的火已經熄滅,這就是說,我處在有利的地位,可以清楚得多地看見他們的矛。 他們也不動,等我先開始。可是我不幹,因為擲完了五支長矛的人必須留在原地,讓對方射擊,直到對方的矛投擲完為止。協議是這麼規定的。我想利用這個規定,讓對手由於害怕而驚慌失措。 這樣過了五分鐘,他們沉不住氣了。他們確實以為我沒有注意他們。長髮突然後退一步,以便積蓄力量投擲。我躲閃一步,標槍從我旁邊飛過。然後,強臂投了兩次,長髮又投了一次。他們每人都只有三支矛了。我聽見他們互相埋怨,指責對方沒有瞄準。我便向他們喊話: 尤馬戰士是孩子,沒有經驗。他們的眼力馬馬虎虎,這樣是射不中我的。 老鐵手真的這樣看?強臂嘲笑,我下一投要把他穿透。他臨死還有什麼囑咐的? some.我倒下後,你給你的同伴十記耳光,然後讓你的同伴重複你的動作。 我馬上傳達,而且是對你。看矛! 這個生氣的人加倍使用了力量,卻降低了準確性。長矛從我旁邊颯颯而過。長髮的矛也一樣。 我說得對,我笑了,你們就是孩子嘛,容易激動,沒有算計。我想告訴你們怎麼做。為什麼你們要兩人輪流投擲?一支矛總比兩支矛容易躲嘛! Oops!長髮和強臂都這樣叫喊。 他們互相驚奇地看著,因為這麼不言而喻的想法竟不是出自他們。我不聰明,竟提醒他們注意。但是我不怕,因為我訓練有素的功夫就是躲避同時投擲來的兩支長矛。我撥開第一支,向旁邊閃一步躲過第二支。 這兩個尤馬人雖然照我的指示做了,但是互相沒有商量誰瞄準哪個目標。他們的長矛不同步,一支碰著我的矛束,另一支偏向旁邊。見我沒有被打中,氣憤的情緒導致他們匆忙地重複所做的嘗試,而且同樣遭到失敗。他們再也沒有矛了,而我的矛還都在。 溫內圖離開我,走近他們,用武器強迫他們留在原位上,如果他們打算通過逃跑來躲開我的投擲的話,他就動槍。我右手拿一支矛,左手拿其他四支,先向對方喊話: 現在,尤馬戰士將知道,老鐵手是不是會使用這種武器。你們對我不以誠相待,這對你們並沒有好處。 不誠實?溫內圖問,哪個?I have no idea. 難道不是十支長矛對準我嗎?對一個人進行十次投擲。我只有五支,卻要對兩個人。 嗯,對的。 算算吧!你們十支對我,我只有兩支半對你們中間的每一個人,你們四倍於我。這公正嗎? 不公正,但是沒有人想它。 我想到了,但是沒有說,因為我可以補償這種不公正。現在是第一支! 溫內圖看著我,明確地示意第一支要偏一點。他是在詢問我,這第一支是不是我們通常的試驗,我點了點頭。在對手後面的左邊,有一棵樹。它的第一個枝條下面長著一個蘑菇,我想打中它。我左腳向前伸出一步,右手搖動長矛,用拇指的運動使矛實現必要的自轉,並把它甩出去。它正好插在蘑菇上面。長髮和強臂哈哈大笑,因為矛離他們至少有四步遠。溫內圖看了看那棵樹,滿意地點了點頭,對嘲笑的人說: 尤馬人笑什麼?他們難道沒有理智,看不到這只是一次試投?老鐵手還有四支長矛。兩支給長髮,兩支給強臂,直打左髖骨。 他給我定了目標。我知道,借助兩矛連投法,我會打中。第一投必須鬆懈他們的注意力。第二投緊接在瞬息之後,如果訓練有素,是絕不虛發的。我讓兩支落地,第三支拿在左手,第四支拿在右手,並且喊道: 溫內圖說的是左髖骨。先是強臂,他要注意! 強臂的眼睛盯著我的右手,我瞄準他的右邊,他在躲閃時必然讓出左邊。這一支還沒有經過他的身旁,第二支已經投出,矛尖正中強臂髖骨的骨尖上。他發出一聲慘叫,倒下了。 現在輪到長髮了!我迅速宣布,讓敵人沒有思考餘地。這兩隻是剛才那個過程的重複。長髮被擊倒在強臂旁邊。我轉身就走,我聽見溫內圖在後面喊: 老鐵手就是這樣使長矛的,你們現在領教了。現在,黑狸可以與敏姆布倫約孩子鬥了! 好幾個尤馬人趕緊過來,把長矛從他們受傷的同伴身體中拔出來,並把他們抬走。其他人按照印第安人表示尊敬的習慣吆喝著。我完成了任務,躺在草地上。東方已經發白。 我的小敏姆布倫約人的前景,看來不是很妙。因為現在到岸邊來的這個人,是個寬肩膀的傢伙,可以抱住兩三個人。 不要嚎叫,不要抱怨!他大聲說,黑狸將復長矛的仇。尤馬殺手和老鐵手襲擊我們的時候,殺死了我的兄弟。為此,我要殺死和淹死他的兄弟。敏姆布倫約小蟲將在我的拳頭中間和刀子底下轉幾個圈,直到我的仇報完為止。 他把衣服脫掉,露出健壯的軀體。溫內圖還站在大嘴旁邊交談。然後,溫內圖說: 小敏姆布倫約人在我們前面入水,黑狸在尤馬人前面入水。入水以後,他們愛怎麼做就可以怎麼做。但是,只要勝利者活著上岸,必須交出另一個人的帶髮頭皮。 敏姆布倫約人也光著身子下水了。他手裡拿著刀子,腰間纏著一根細線。線的後面插著兩根蘆葦。他的皮膚閃著油光。我看見在黑暗中,有兩隻深沉的、閃爍著恐懼目光的眼睛,在對準著他。那是他父親的目光。他父親在黑狸露面的時候,就恐懼起來。 溫內圖用鼓掌的方式給了個信號,兩個人一起跳進水中。黑狸縱身把水打得比自己高,往這邊游過來,有力地向對手衝撞,想在第一個瞬間就抓住小敏姆布倫約人。小敏姆布倫約人不慌不忙地往深處走,一直走到水齊脖子深的地方。他從繫在腰間的線上抽出蘆葦,然後抬起腿,用一隻手掌舵,朝黑狸游去。孩子的態度給人一種深思熟慮的印象,使我放心。 現在,他們相隔最多只有五、六米的距離,小敏姆布倫約人潛入水底,黑狸也同時消失。站在岸上的每一個人屏住呼吸,緊張地注視著水面。一分鐘過去了,小敏姆布倫約人露出水面,環顧四周。黑狸緊接著也露出水面,以避開他的攻擊。他們聚到了一起,但是互相看不見。這時,有一個尤馬人拼命地揮動雙手,高聲叫喊: 轉彎,轉彎,黑狸!他在你的後面! 話還沒講完,溫內圖手裡的銀卡賓槍響了,從不虛發的子彈擊斃了那個打手勢的告密者。接著響起溫內圖嚴厲的聲音: 任何幫助戰鬥一方的人都是同樣下場。 尤馬人對著溫內圖嚎叫起來,但是他們的注意力很快被吸引開了。他們看著水裡,叫喊的後果可以看見了。黑狸追趕著,四周環視著,發現了小敏姆布倫約人。黑狸把咬在牙齒間的刀向小敏姆布倫約人刺去,抓住他的雙手。小孩立即翻滾上來,把腿向上抬起,一個鯉魚打挺,從黑狸的手裡掙脫了出來。緊接著,岸上的人聽見,黑狸人一下跳出水中大叫一聲,用雙腿和一隻手使自己保持在水面上,另一隻手摸自己的下身。他顯然是挨了敏姆布倫約人一刀,由於害怕,刀從手中失落。 黑狸摸了一下疼痛的傷口,又一次發出大聲喊叫,因為他的背從下面又挨了一刀,游了沒有多遠,就沉沒下去。以後,只能偶爾看見他。他在水下找不到對手,只好浮上來,因為他已經上氣不接下氣。小敏姆布倫約人卻再也沒有露面。 大約過了一刻鐘,天已大亮。小敏姆布倫約人仍不見蹤影。黑狸還在不斷追趕他,時起時伏。他認為,對手總是藏在什麼地方,而且只可能在岸邊。於是,他慢慢游向岸邊,仔細尋找每個地方。我極其緊張地注視著他的行動,時刻等待小敏姆布倫約人向他進攻。 這時,一個地方看來引起了黑狸的懷疑,他慢慢划過去。忽然,他的頭、手臂、上半身消失在水中,兩條腿拼命地亂踢。水面浪濤洶湧,形成一個漩渦。一場戰鬥在水下進行。結局如何? 現在,小敏姆布倫約人游向岸邊,把黑狸拖到岸上。 stop!大嘴在那邊叫喊,只有勝利者可以上岸。另一個人必須死! 小敏姆布倫約人搖晃著右手上的刀子和左手上的帶髮頭皮,大聲叫喊: 大嘴可以看看黑狸,他就躺在灌木林中。這是他頭蓋的皮,是我取下來的。 這位年輕的勝利者沒有受傷,受到自己人暴風雨般的歡呼。但是,尤馬人怒不可遏,像野獸一樣咆哮,他們紛紛從水邊跑開,去取武器。我趕到湖邊,對大嘴說: 你的戰士跑去取武器,請你禁止他們這樣做! 我不想干預。他陰沉沉地說,同時伸手到腰帶裡掏手槍。 你們只要開一槍,就輸了。 We'll see.我們的戰士比你們的多得多。 No.look. 我拉著他的胳膊,穿過灌木林和喬木到原野,在那些地方,在明媚的晨光下,清楚地看見有數百名戰士,包圍了湖區。 who are they?他恐懼地問。 強悍的野牛及敏姆布倫約戰士。他們從外面包圍了你們。你現在看清楚了嗎?戰鬥一定會讓你們毀滅。放聰明點吧!一分鐘以後,也許就太晚了。 他把手抬到額頭上,好像可用力量把思緒理一理似的,然後問: 給我們的是恩德,還是刑柱? 恩德。 I trust you.Come with me! 我們通過灌木林朝水邊跑。現在是危險時刻,尤馬人站在湖的制高點,準備進攻。僅僅由於首領不在,他們才沒有出擊。大嘴趕緊走到他們面前,解釋他們面臨的局勢。大嘴拿出他的全部講演藝術,制止他的人發難。他說,大家只能聽天由命了,他們親眼看見了那些包圍著他們的戰士。強悍的野牛來到我身邊,指著尤馬人說: 你認為他們會反抗嗎? Won't. 他們會投降嗎? I think so. 那麼,他們就死在刑柱上! No.因為你給他們提供的只有刑柱,他們才會戰鬥到最後一個人。 他們可以這樣做。 這樣付出許多鮮血。 你不要老是說血。他們應該被射死。 你的戰士也會死。 Hard to say!戰鬥只有幾分鐘。想想吧,我們對他們是什麼力量。我帶著我的敏姆布倫約人,溫內圖和你帶著你的白人,狡猾的蛇帶著三百名支持你的戰士。 Yes.他們支持我,但是反對你。 Why? 我對大嘴和他的全體人員都答應施以恩德。 恩德?你怎麼能這麼做?他們在我的手裡,還是在你的手裡? 原先是在我的手裡。但是,你想把他們往刑柱旁邊帶,卻讓他們在途中逃跑。我不幫助你踐踏他們,溫內圖也不會幫助你。你是了解我們的。狡猾的蛇如果知道你的意圖,也會支持他的首領大嘴。不要以為,他會由於現在的敵人反目,而會幫助敏姆布倫約人屠殺他的兄弟尤馬人。只有媾和才能帶給所有的人以幸福,給你們和他們。你還可以獲得好的戰利品。 戰利品?你不是也答應他們不要戰利品?這使我覺得奇怪! 我只答應給他們恩德,即生命,沒有其他許諾。我不反對獲取戰利品,我甚至勸你這樣做。如果你拿走他們的武器和馬匹,那麼,就會長期削弱他們。大嘴在最近犯下的罪行,不能不受到懲罰。 那就與狡猾的蛇商量一下,看他怎麼說! 我這樣做了,並且發現基礎已經打好。我早就注意到,這位誠實的年輕首領對老頭子是妒忌的。此外,他昨天夜裡看出了大嘴的毛病,看出了一個部落與另一個部落的分歧。如果敏姆布倫約人得到戰利品,大嘴的財產和威信就會受到損害,狡猾的蛇看到會高興的。與老頭分道揚鑣的戰士,一定會歸到他的門下。他的力量擴大了,很容易就取代大嘴,被選為最高統帥。因此,我問他怎麼處理大嘴及其手下,他答道: 照你們的意見辦吧,只不要殺死他們。我也反對俘虜他們,因為他們是我的兄弟。 你知道大嘴犯了什麼罪,並且承認他應受懲罰? 這與我無關,因為在你們懲罰的事情上,我肯定是支持過的。把他們的東西都拿走吧,讓他帶著他們走開。 我把這些情況告訴了強悍的野牛,他要我去見大嘴,完成交接工作。大嘴曾經要把我送上刑柱,而現在,他的命運卻掌握在我的手裡,他要重新掌握自己的命運,必須得到我的恩賜。所以,觀察一下他的表演,也是一種享受。 我到他那兒的時候,他正在他的戰士中間。他的戰士們用敵視的目光打量我。 你來,是把你的決定告訴我? 首先,我想告訴你,我為你說了話,儘管你沒有為我做任何事情。你是光桿司令,狡猾的蛇離開了你,因為你稱他為懦夫。強悍的野牛堅持要把你送上刑柱,我說服他別這樣做。他又要求至少把你當做俘虜帶著走,讓敏姆布倫約的婦人們來嘲笑你。經過我的勸說,這個想法他也放棄了。你再不能有什麼要求了。 我們得到自由? Yes.你們可以走,時間和地點由你們自己決定。 我們馬上騎馬就走。 騎馬?你們的馬屬於勝利者。 您想要戰利品? certainly!你是不是認為,你們犯了錯誤,可以不予追究?尤馬人是很好的人和勇敢的戰士。這一點,我在狡猾的蛇身上看到了。但是,他們如果被他們的首領引入歧途,那麼,他們的帳篷和其他物品都得被沒收,這是不足為怪的。強悍的野牛送給了你們自由和生命,難道還要放棄戰利品?這是你們所不能要求的。你們的心自問,如果你是強悍的野牛,你會怎麼辦?你不會發慈悲的,而是會拖著俘虜到你的牧場去。你對他的要求,會比他現在對你的要求苛刻得多。當然,這是設想,是設想你處在他的地位。Be smart!你們如果拒絕,他就收回他對我說的話,把你們當做俘虜帶走。還有一點:你們是生活在山區。他要求從現在起,這片土地完全屬於敏姆布倫約人。How about it?你們必須服從,因為你們處在他的控制下。別再提你們的要求了,寧願有所犧牲,以避免更大的損失。 這個粗魯的人不習慣於這樣一種充滿著好意的談話方式。因此,這次談話給他的印象比較深刻。這是我經過權衡表達出來的意圖,目的在於把戰士們的注意力轉移到他們的首領身上,並且強調,是他把他們引入歧途的。對於他,這是一種公平的懲罰。對於我的朋友狡猾的蛇,只有好處。 我終於成功地使他們服從我的安排,把財產交給敏姆布倫約人。我高興地把這個結果告訴強悍的野牛。尤馬人都放下武器,強悍的野牛同意減輕了一些懲罰,讓他們保存自己口袋裡的東西。 大嘴在動身之前來看了我們一次,要求我們恪守諾言。他帶著他的六名長老出現的時候,我們正在討論今後行軍的目標,參加會議的都是我們中間有威望的人。我一看見他,馬上就想到了他的來意,便下令把強悍的野牛的兩個兒子找來。大嘴被敏姆布倫約人包圍。我請他坐到我們中間來。他卻用手勢表示他的要求,擺出一副講演者的架子,而敏姆布倫約人則在我們周圍站成一個待命準備行動的包圍圈。他趾高氣揚地說: 戰爭的幸福是一個女人,今天笑,明天哭,後天又笑。這個女人對大嘴始終具有魅力,只要他在與敵人打交道的話。我們的敵人是這片土地的子孫們。大嘴從他們那兒知道,他們使用的是什麼武器,將怎樣進行自衛,大嘴怎樣制定進攻方案。大嘴是以偉大戰士聞名的,他的榮譽與日俱增。他的紅色敵人和白色敵人害怕他。他的朋友在他的保護下感到安全。可是,現在來了一批不屬於這片土地的外國人。他們是沒有權利干涉我們事務的。而他們,老鐵手和溫內圖,卻在這樣做,帶著精良的武器。我們的武器沒法與他們的相比。誰能敵得過溫內圖的銀卡賓槍?誰能敵得過老鐵手打熊的獵槍?這個白人還有一種神奇的武器,可以連發連中,而毋需裝彈。我們尤馬人的長矛和弓箭、短刀和獵槍怎麼能敵得過他們呢?這些人還以一種我們所不知道的方式作戰。他們詭計多端,總是突如其來。所以,自從這兩個人入境以來,我的全部計劃都落空了。我不得不忍受失敗,丟失馬匹和武器。但是,溫內圖和老鐵手將不留在這兒。因此,幸運仍然會找上我的門。現在的勝利者,以後將變成被戰勝者,將在我們的拳頭下面像被宰殺的狗一樣嚎叫。我不會忘記現在發生的事情,將消滅現在為我幸災樂禍的敵人,那時將沒有任何仁慈和寬恕。今天對我背信棄義的人,將是第一批死於我屠刀之下的人。老鐵手和溫內圖別再到我身邊來,因為我會活活折磨他們。I'm done.保重! 保重!長老們喊叫著,向我們表明他們的意圖。 他們轉身就走,可是發現,他們被包圍了。大嘴用憤怒的口氣問: 為什麼包圍我們?你們要背信棄義,不遵守我們簽訂的條約? 我們不是背信棄義者。溫內圖回答,你們周圍的戰士,只是要求你們再停留片刻,聽聽我們對你們作何答覆。我的兄弟老鐵手可以講話。 我接受這個要求,站起來對大嘴說: 大嘴讓我們聽了一番話。這番話從頭到尾充滿著疏忽大意和錯誤認識。疏忽大意的是,蔑視我們對他和他的手下的寬容。我們送給他們生命和自由,他卻當著我們的面說,要活活折磨我們。他沒有看見,他還在我們的手中。他和他的助紂為虐的長老們,難道沒有看見?他自己就表示要做食言者,不想恪守所答應的和平條件,怎麼能阻止我們收回我們的承諾呢?他自吹自擂了一通,可是我們怎麼會給他讚美?他的手下也不會讚美他的,因為他通過粗心大意的威脅把他和他們的生命重新置於危險的境地。 你們必須恪守諾言。他打斷我的話,對我喊叫。 我們不必恪守。我們有全權宣布和平無效,作為對你的威脅的回答,並且立即把你斃了,不僅是你,還有你的長老和你的所有的人。但是,我們不這樣做,因為我們覺得你好笑。你又老又弱,發出的威脅好比青蛙的鳴叫。你就是因為對自己的軟弱無能惱羞成怒,才說出這番不得體的話。這番話之所以不受懲罰,是因為充滿著孩子氣,不可能變成行動。儘管你惡語傷人,我們還是放你走,你的可笑使我們的脾氣發不出來,甚至反而引起同情。我說過,你的講話錯誤連篇。你說,溫內圖和我不屬於這個國家。你知不知道,他是阿帕契部落的著名首領。阿帕契人分布在從遼闊的馬皮米盆地到里約佩科斯的廣大地區,難道溫內圖不是全體阿帕契人中的佼佼者?而你卻聲稱他是個外國人。我告訴你,他擁有的權力比你大得多,完全可以在這兒居住。他也有權利團結阿帕契人最大的部落敏姆布倫約人,來反對你這個與他們為敵的人。你們對付不了我們的武器,這倒是實話。但是,這種武器一共才三件。如果整個尤馬部落竟然怕這三支槍,你就這樣為你的戰士提供一個使他們必然感到恥辱的證據。你說,我們對你們使用過幾次武器?我們是靠武器取勝的嗎?no.我們用的是另一種武器。你們是作惡,我們是護善,因此我們受到偉大自然神的保護。這是我們勝利的根本原因。善常勝,惡必敗。我們行善,你卻認為是陰謀詭計。是的,我們是用計戰勝你們的。但是,這僅僅證明,善生聰明,惡生愚蠢。我們現在又一次表示善意,不追究你們的威脅。但是這種威脅不能一點懲罰也不受,有來無往非禮也。否則,你還繼續誤認為我們膽小。我的年輕的紅色兄弟可以到我這兒來。 小敏姆布倫約人站到了我的身邊,我拉著他的手說: 大嘴指責我們給強悍的野牛的大兒子取了一個名字,叫做尤馬殺手。他為此甚至要求首領的兒子死去,並要黑狸與他戰鬥。我身邊的這個小夥子為我作出了重大貢獻。他忠實、聰明、勇敢。我的許多成功是靠他取得的。因此,他應該有所酬勞,應該有一個名字。這個名字讓人們回憶起他的功績,從而進入成年戰士行列。他殺死了黑狸,並獲得帶髮頭皮。鑒於這種情況,作為對大嘴就尤馬殺手這個名字所作指責的答覆,我借此機會,特授予我這位年輕的紅色兄弟和朋友尤馬帶髮頭皮的名字,並提請溫內圖和全體敏姆布倫約戰士予以批准。 四周響起了歡呼聲。溫內圖站起來,拉起這位年輕人的另一隻手,說: 老鐵手說出了我的心裡話。這個年輕、勇敢的戰士應該叫尤馬帶髮頭皮。他是我的兄弟,他的朋友或敵人也是我的朋友或敵人。I'm done. 我的朋友強悍的野牛的兩個兒子的願望得到滿足了。我高興地說,他們希望有個名字,所以跟隨溫內圖和我。他們兩個人都得到了出類拔萃的好名字,將在所有的朋友和敵人中聞名。大嘴可以帶著他的長老們走了。我們把敏姆布倫約首領的兩個兒子命名為尤馬殺手和尤馬帶髮頭皮,從這一點就可以看出,我們是不是怕他和他的長老的。我說完了,保重! 我做了個手勢,包圍圈散開,尤馬人怒氣沖天地離開了。 人們馬上通過普遍抽和平煙斗和其他習俗慶祝和確認這次命名。兩個小孩為從此屬於成年戰士,感到無比幸福。 強悍的野牛說了一大通感謝的話語。我們不再需要狡猾的蛇和尤馬戰士陪同了。他自己想為我的同胞提供了足夠的好騎馬和馱馬,和部隊一起把我們送過邊境。 我高興地接受了這個建議,馬上就做啟程準備,第二天就出發了。 狡猾的蛇與我們熱情告別。可是他的新娘尤迪特沒有露面。 經過一段值得埋怨的旅程,我們到達德克薩斯邊境,在那兒我把錢分給了我的同胞。普賴耶也得到了我答應給他的數目。這樣,這些流落異鄉的人們的悲慘過去告一段落,即將迎接一個雖然平凡,但充滿希望的未來。
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