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Chapter 6 Chapter 6 Upstarts

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Before describing this experience, I must recall an incident in the past.Long ago, I returned to Bremerhaven from South America on a lucky voyage, and stayed at the world-famous Lehr Hotel. At lunch, sitting across from me was a young man, about twenty-five or sixteen years old.He doesn't participate in ordinary people's conversations, but he always looks at me, but he doesn't seem to want to talk to me in detail.I seem to have seen him, but I really can't remember where I saw this person. After dinner, I sat alone at a long table by the window and drank coffee.He walks up and down the restaurant.I found that he wanted to talk to me and was trying to figure out how to start.After a long time, he finally made up his mind, turned around, walked towards me and bowed first. The action was not very proper, but it was out of good intentions.

sorry sir.Did we meet somewhere? Chances are, I replied, standing up to return the salute, that you might have better recollection of the meeting place. In the U.S.I think it was on the way from Hamilton to Belmont, Nevada.Are you familiar with those cities? certainly.when was that About four years ago, before the Navajos exodus.Back then, we were a gold mining company.We were lost in the mountains, we could not find our way out, and we were about to perish.At this time, we were lucky enough to meet Winnetu. Ah, Winnetou! You know the famous Apache chief? I don't understand very well.

Don't understand?If you are the gentleman I think you are, you know a lot more than you don't.At that time, he was going to Mono Lake to meet his best friend, and he allowed us to go.We decided to go over the Sierra Nevada to California.We were lucky enough to reach the lake and meet the white men, and we were allowed to join them.On our last day on the move, a friend from Winnetu came over.The two of them wanted to go hunting in the mountains and left us early the next morning.so.You were only with us for a few short hours around the campfire, and we didn't get to see your face.

I?I pretended to be surprised to ask. yes.it's you.Aren't you a friend of Winnetou?At that point, of course, you are wearing a different outfit.That's why I didn't recognize you very quickly. What is the name of the person you think is me? Old iron hand.If I remember wrongly, please forgive my interruption. You are not interrupting me, but instead I ask your permission to ask a question.Do you come to the table for coffee? I stood just to order a cup of coffee. Then please drink with me, please sit down! That is to say, you are a veteran? yes.But please don't preach.Those sitting here don't care who I am or what my name is over there.

It was pleasure that made me speak so loudly.As you can imagine, I'm out of my mind, here with a Quiet!I interrupted him, this is the ocean of civilization, and I am just a drop in the ocean.The drop is disappearing.You read my real name! We exchanged business cards.His business card reads: Conrad.Werner.He watched me as I pronounced the name, as if asking me to recognize him and surprise me.But this did not happen.So he asked: Have you heard my name? Probably heard it many times, because there are quite a few people named Werner in Germany. I mean in America. It's not that I don't know.I just think that your name is heard from someone else.

I don't mean that.Over there, people often mention Conrad.The name Werner.Please think about the name Youze! Oily?I remember, I heard that the name is very special, is it a place, or a swamp? Is a swamp, now, is a place that people often refer to.I'm surprised you're not familiar with it. Since when have people mentioned it? almost two years. I happened to be in South America for the past two years, and I was in a remote place, and the news was very closed.You don't think I'm a Tungus or a Kalmyk. No.Today, I can tell you that a formerly hopeless man is now an oil magnate.I am very happy.

Oil King?I must congratulate you heartily. Thanks!When I was with you and Winnetou, I certainly did not expect such happiness.I should have thanked Winnetto for pushing me to California.His brilliant ideas made me a millionaire. If you are an oil king, please don't be mad. no no!He smiled and said, If you knew who and what I was, you would understand that your request is unnecessary. So what was your past? Useless people.I'm a child of the poor, and I've walked the road of becoming a prisoner. Where did you go.If that is the case, you must interrupt this memory, preferably never mention it again.

I don't want to tell anyone about this at all.However, because you are a veteran, I just want to have a heart-to-heart talk with you.You may be familiar with the place where I was born. He mentioned the name of a small town in the Erz Mountains. I know, I nod, I've been there many times before. Then you also understand the miserable conditions there, past or present.Think of the poor common people and the workhouses crowded with many poor people.These people live entirely by begging in neighboring villages.All they asked for in return were a few raw potatoes, a few slices of dry bread, and a little cheese.People who can cook with these things are smart, but my mother was not that smart.

your mother?She still lives in the workhouse? Yes.I tell you, I was born there.When I was only a few Sundays away, she would go from house to house begging for food behind my back.Later, she led me to walk beside her.This arouses sympathy from others.What she got from sympathizers, she sold.Often someone would give a few slices of bread and a few finnies, and she would buy schnapps.For her, alcohol is more important than everything, even her children. This situation is really tragic.We'd better not talk about this, shall we? No!I tell you these things about my mother only in order to contrast the past with the present.My mother was considered incorrigible, and I was led downhill by her until I was forced to leave my country and apprentice to a shoemaker.The shoemaker only wanted me to be a cobbler, and he didn't want to train me to be a craftsman.I got very little food, and because I digested so fast, I was always beaten.As you can imagine, I couldn't stand it.I ran away many times and was caught back many times.After two years like this, I have learned nothing and am still a useless person.On a beautiful Christmas night, the master gave gifts to his whole family.But for me, he didn't give anything.I asked him for a gift, but instead of getting anything, I was severely beaten.He had never hit me so badly, bloodied my back, and thrown me on the cold roof.That was my bedroom, and the floor was covered with only a small bale of hay, so finely chopped that it could really be called grass clippings.

Now is the oil king, the situation is of course different. Much improved.However, it also suffered for many years.You go on and listen to me the other day I was shivering on the roof and I ran away again, and ran so far that they were never found again.I sneaked downstairs, walked out of the gate, circled the city, trudged through the deep snow, and headed for the destination I had identified in the terrible snowstorm. Where do you want to go? America of course. Brilliant! It's brilliant.But how did I understand it at the time?In my opinion, as long as you go straight ahead, you can reach the United States.I heard that the people there are very rich, and I just want to return to my hometown after I become rich, so as to humiliate this master.I know he only mends old shoes.When the time comes, I'll order him a pair of shiny new boots, and he won't be able to make them.So I'll get my revenge by throwing the crappy boots he made on his head, along with the money, and return proudly to America.

Now you can. Yes.I'll take revenge, grab his arm, ask him for as many thalers as he's hit me in the past. I'm happy with this one and sincerely hope he's alive.The beginning of your story is exciting, but it also disgusts me. The ones below are not much better.A linen jacket, a pair of linen trousers, an old-fashioned hat, and a pair of wooden slippers were all I had on, in which I begged all the way to Magdeburg. God!It was simply impossible to walk such a long distance without being caught by the police. I am very cunning. When I am in danger, I hide and would rather go hungry. Can you always find someone to feed you? Find.I always go to the poorest homes, and also to the handicraftsmen.Although they laughed at me, they still did not reveal my secret whereabouts, and gave me good advice and some food.However, this kind of tourism can no longer continue.I was getting worse every day. When I arrived in Magdeburg, I couldn't stand the hunger and cold any longer. I finally fell down in the snow on the street and passed out. When I woke up, I found myself lying in a car with a roof. In the middle of the day, the sound of heavy wheels pressing snow came from my ears.I lay in the tall grass under two horse blankets.After a while, I saw a face with rough skin and purple from the cold.Seeing my eyes open, he asked: You're alive, boy?Where are you from? saxony. where? U.S. Oops!Your parents agreed? I have no parents, no relatives of any kind. Who are you? Shoe Repair Apprentice. name? Conrad. good!Listen to what I say to you now.Next to you is a basket with bread and cheese.You can eat as much as you want.Then, climb into the grass, don't come out unless I call you. After saying these few words, he disappeared.There was half a loaf of bread and a cheese in the basket, which I ate in one bite.Then, fell asleep again.It was already dark when I was woken up.The man who talked to me during the day and hid me in his car, parked on a village street. Are you hungry, little guy?He asked, did you get enough sleep?Didn't you notice, how many times did we stop? No. Are you going to America?You can have the best chance with me because I'm there too.Would you like to walk with me? willing But you don't seem to have a passport. I have nothing. Listen, it's not enough.You make it difficult for me.I picked you up from the snow and I am willing to take care of you, on the condition that you promise me two things: first, you must obey me; second, you cannot tell others who you are, where you are from, and where you are going go. I promise. good!You just stay here with me until we get to America.You call me cousin.Your grandfather was my father's younger brother and you are from Halberstadt.I brought you here because all your other relatives are dead.You have been living with me for three months.You can only say this and nothing else. OKI said bitterly. In this way, you will have a good time with me.I was passing through a city just now, and I bought you a pair of boots and a suit at a thrift store there.You put it on! He made me exchange my worn-out clothes and slippers for clothes and boots he had bought.Then I sat on the driver's high seat and arrived at the village where we stayed. This savior is probably a coachman, driving a car for a living?I interrupted his narration. Yes.He was a Harz peasant coachman. I know them.These people used to pull heavy trucks from one country to another, looking for temporary cargo owners, often returning only once in a few years.Their horses wear special collars and canopies made of animal skins.They are honest people and you can trust them to deliver it all.However, your coachman does not seem to be very honest, at least with you, because he claims to be going to America, which is by no means true.He is probably using you. Is such that.However, he convinced me at first.I fed the horses, washed them, slept in the stables, and worked like hell.However, several months passed, and we did not arrive in the United States.Of course I know he lied to me.However, I like this unfettered life, or stay with him.Then we went to a place by the sea called Alterndorf, where he got a shipment.The desire to go to America suddenly came back to me.So I fled to Bremerhaven. Do you have money on you? There are some.I was with him for a year and a half, did a lot of loading and unloading, and sometimes got some tips.I kept it a secret from him.Now I can go from Outerndorf to Bremerhaven without begging.Of course, I couldn't stay for a long time, so I immediately went to a sailor's club to inquire.During this period of time, I became smarter. I didn’t just inquire about one person, but inquired from many sources. I soon heard that there were people engaged in this kind of economy, through which they could occasionally get the opportunity to go to the United States for free.I was pointed out to a club where there were many sailors, and one of them answered what I thought I needed to know, and said he would help me.He invited me to dinner, and we drank Northhausen, Cognac, and Pershing, and I passed out.When I regained consciousness, I found myself lying in a small, narrow hole, no bigger than a doghouse, in complete darkness.There was rattling above me and roaring water below.I hear voices giving orders.I couldn't find an exit, so I stayed inside, in a bad mood, my head humming like a cello, and my limbs felt like they were snapped off.After a long time, I heard footsteps, the latch was drawn, and a man in sailor's uniform appeared before me, with a lamp in his hand.He was the one who was with me yesterday and laughed when he saw me. Come out with me, gophers.The captain wants to see you, but speak politely and don't object to him.He is not a nice guy.He said. I struggled to climb out of the hole.As I later learned, it was a prison for rebellious sailors.I followed my good friend up two steep flights of stairs, to the deck, where the ship was at full sail, and the sea was all around.I was taken to the back where the captain was waiting for me.He wore baggy trousers, a gold cap, and a full beard.He grabbed my arm, turned me around a few times, squeezed my muscles and sinews, and howled like a cat at a mouse, as if he was going to eat me.he asks: Where are they from? I told him the truth.Judging from his face, he thinks I'm not lying: It seems to be a clean fruit, and I plan to have you as a crew member.That's the second officer, you have to listen to him.Any act of resistance was punished with flogging.Let's go! This second officer looks more fierce than the captain.He grabbed me and dragged me forward, handing me a barrel of tar and pointing to a cable hanging overboard.I've never seen the sea, and now they want me hanging out of the boat to be tarred.I refused, so I was tied to a board and beaten until I could cry out no more.I have never encountered such a sad thing in my life.When we reached the West Indies, the cargo was quickly unloaded, and I was forbidden to go ashore.From there the ship went to Boston, then to Marseilles, from there to Southampton, and then back to America.This time in New York.Here, at last, I am free.The captain arouses the hatred of the two crew members.These two crew members secretly rowed a sampan at night and took me with them.The escape was successful, and I landed on American soil as a free man.I first fled so far that the captain and his spies could not find me.It was a holiday and people weren't working.I saw a new building, so I sneaked in and took a long sleep.This is more important than eating and drinking.When I woke up, it was night again.I was hungry, but lay still, and finally came up with the idea that I might get a job here.The next morning the plasterers and carpenters came and I spoke to several people, none of whom understood German.At last a Prussian was found, from the Königsberg area.He also dreamed that the United States was full of gold, and he came as a brick transporter.He put in some good words for me and finally got me a job.It's not light work, but it's okay.I lived thrifty, and by winter had saved over a hundred dollars.With this money I went to Philadelphia, and took up my old trade of handicrafts. You said that you have never read a book! According to our concept, of course not.But then I learned what division of labor is.I entered a factory in Philadelphia, and the workers in the factory had only one job, and no skilled shoemakers were needed.I worked for a year and only sewed on the toes.Later, when I had three hundred dollars, I went to Chicago and entered a similar factory.I didn't stay there long, and I was eager to read.However, in that division of labor, it is impossible to learn.I met an Irishman who also accumulated a little money.He knew the country better than I did, and suggested that I go out west with him to do business, where we could make a fortune.We crossed the Mississippi, pooled our money, and bought some goods to sell in Missouri.Two months later, the stock was sold out and our money doubled.We have done many such trips.One day, my business friend ran away with our money, and I became poor again.In desperation, I joined the ranks of the gold diggers. Did you find nothing? Still got something.We ran all over the mountains and fields regardless of hunger.We don't have a westerner among us, so it's much tougher.In the end, we were attacked by the Navayos, but we escaped their grasp.Of course they caught up with us again and killed us all.Fortunately, I met Winnetu, who transferred us to the shore of Mono Lake.I saw you there. If you had told me about your experience then, I might have given you a good idea. That is impossible.My succession of misfortunes makes me ashamed, how can I bother the old iron hand?My shyness helped me, because I failed to do what you suggested and became a millionaire. Of course I also have this idea.Go on.what did you do in california Manual labor gets me nothing and less business.Then I tried farming.I became a serf in Estancia.The master is satisfied with me and will give me a higher reward soon.Once, the devil induced me to gamble.I had the audacity to bet half my salary on it, and I won.I thought I should be satisfied, so I stopped gambling immediately.In two years, I amassed five hundred dollars.Once, the owner sent me to Chico to do the shopping for him.I took my own money with me in order to buy a solid place there.I met an American who found me a piece of land on the Upper Ume River and swore a hundred times that it was the best land in all of California.The eloquent words touched my heart.I am now a serf, and in this way can be my own master, so I bought the land. How expensive? Four hundred dollars, cash. Is that Yankee the real master, does he have the right?In such transactions, there are often people who cheat.I know that in land deals even land that doesn't exist is sold. I would not be so stupid.Before I bought the land, I went to the local authorities to find out that the land really belonged to this American and he could sell it. Why did he sell it cheap?Since this is fertile land, it should be preserved for itself. yes!He was indeed playing tricks.No sooner had the deal been closed than I was laughed at by him and his mates.They told me it was a useless swamp. Ok, now we can talk about oil. That's it.When I got home, I told my master about the deal, and he was very angry with me.He did not want to lose me, and advised me not to worry about a swamp, but to remain with him.In this way, he said, at least I saved the last hundred dollars.The hundred dollars had to be kept for travel expenses, and the rest of the money could be earned from him soon.I didn't let him keep it, and I resolutely bought this piece of land. I want to see it no matter what, and I want to spend the last little money on it.Soon after I started, I had a partner.A German named Ackermann who made his fortune in San Francisco.He bought a wood near my swamp and developed it for a sawmill.The factory started small and later developed into a very large scale.His son stayed in San Francisco due to business needs, and he also asked to come to his father after the business was completed.We meet because we are walking the same path.He came to my place once and I gave him my card and he shook his head. I see that you are one of my neighbours, and there is no hope for you.You literally bought a swamp.Of course, it's a lot of land, but it's useless. It was a bad consolation.Then I went to visit his father, who heard about it and agreed with his son. You have a large swampy basin surrounded by barren land with a few shrubs at best.What's the use of planting it?You threw the money out the window. I will at least take a look at this swamp, I said, it is the only property I have. It is indeed unique.You take a break today.We will go with you tomorrow. The next morning, the Ackermans and I rode together.A road through the mountains of the taiga is theirs, and this road will give them an inexhaustible supply of wood.Then we walked on bare upland, surrounded by a lowland that gave no comfort.Before us there was nothing but a swamp, a swamp.A few clumps of shrubs were visible at its edges, and beyond that reeds, and brownish green mosses scattered among the muddy pools, where other vegetation was dead and animals had withdrawn from the sad depression. This is what you have!"This lowland is so hopeless that every time I see it, I back away," said Ackerman Sr. Then the past is not yours? no. I'd like to go over and see if it's the same over there. Of course it won't be any different.It was obvious at first glance. possible.However, I would like to walk around my property and see it from all sides.For four hundred dollars, it's something to enjoy.I will never come back. What do you want to do?We must take care of your safety. One by one, we walked carefully on the swamp, and a strange smell came to our nostrils.Old Ackermann reined in the horse, sniffed it, and said: What a foul smell, like a coffin. like a corpse.The son agrees. Like pine oil.I added one sentence. As we continued walking, the smell became stronger and stronger.The swamp is to our right.We arrived at a place with a completely different appearance, with very little moss, as if poisoned.The water inside is like oil, with a blue and yellow shimmering film on the surface.Suddenly old Ackerman uttered a cry, jumped off his horse, and ran straight into the water. God, how dare you do that, father!The son cried out in terror, "Stop!" I must look carefully, look carefully!The old man replied that his enthusiasm was incredible. But the ground shakes beneath your feet! Let it shake! He reached the water's edge, standing knee-deep in the swamp, sinking deeper and deeper.We saw him scoop up some water in both hands and watch it carefully.He walked until the water was up to his thighs before he managed to get out and come back to us.His excitement was palpable, and he said to me: You said you only had a hundred dollars? right. Then I will buy your land.how much do you need? Weird question!Just give me back the four hundred dollars I paid. No, I will give you much more, one hundred thousand, five hundred thousand! I was stunned and sat in the saddle, because Ackerman was not a joker at all.And it was clear from his face that he was not joking.Seeing that I did not speak, he went on to say: Young man, you are one of the lucky ones!This is water with oil floating on it.Oil came out of the ground.There must be a huge amount of storage underground, millions of them. millions!I repeat, almost speechless, you are wrong, you must be wrong. I have lived in several new oil regions for several years and know what oil is.Take my word for it! oil!millions!I am ecstatic. Yes.You are what people call an oil king.That said, you will be one.It's not enough, you own the land, it has oil in it, you have to extract it to get the money. Mining? Yes.use the machine.Machines are precious. Well, I'm not a millionaire yet.Where can I get money to buy a machine? Don't be so short-sighted, dear neighbor.You don't need to spend a penny, just put your company's sign on it, and immediately a hundred rich people will send money to your coffers. real? But you have to give them a big favor.However, I know a guy who, unlike these guys, doesn't lie. who? It's me, Ackerman.I am only friendly with you.Would you like to try it out with me? why not?Do you have enough money? I'll make it up.If I don't have enough money, I can get a low-interest loan.Consider my advice!Now, let's go on and see the whole swamp. We saw the whole swamp and he was satisfied.He gave me the best advice.I took his advice without hesitation.I do not wish to report in detail on the conduct of the business.Ackerman is honest and doesn't take advantage of me.Word of my oil swamp quickly spread across the United States and beyond.We have power with money.The company has grown to an extremely high level.Now, in less than two years, I'm known as an oil king and a millionaire.I came back this time to pick up my mother. she is still alive? I hope she lives.This hope is one of the reasons that brought me back to Germany. Do you have a second reason?I saw that he stopped talking and waited for my question with his eyes, so I asked this question. have.I will also tell you why.i want to be in germany Just say it, honey!Don't be shy; you want a wife because you don't like American women.Yeah? yes.What should I do with those women who have small hands and feet but demand a lot?Of course I'm not happy with these requests.I wish I were allowed to have several.American women cannot tolerate this.I have never experienced domestic happiness, so I think that real happiness can only be found in German women.This perception may be beneficial. This is my opinion too.when are you leaving tomorrow. I am leaving tomorrow too.I pass through Leipzig, which is also your direction.Would you like to go with me? I'm glad if you allow me. It's a deal, we ride together. We did not part until we reached Leipzig together.I'm going to Dresden, he's going through Zwickau into the mountains.Before parting, he promised to come to me as soon as possible in Dresden and tell me about his mother. Three days later, he actually came to me.I heard from him that he came back for nothing this time, and his mother died a long time ago.When he talked about it, he used a tone of indifference, as if she had nothing to do with him.Of course, for him, real maternal love is out of the question.But it would sound much more comfortable if he showed more emotion.The returnee never heard of his former master.The master had already left home, and no one could tell where he was.All of this, without reflecting the depth of emotion.It also displeased me that he had no idea whether my mother was alive or not.He soon became rich, but he neither wrote to her nor gave her money.I don't really like any of this, although there are reasons to forgive him to an extent. He lives in the best hotel in the Saxon capital and visits me often.However, I don't have the time to engage with him in the way he would like.Out of courtesy, I still received him, but saw no reason to return.However, I quickly conducted an in-depth study of him.
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