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Chapter 7 Chapter 7 The Golden Cage

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One day in spring, I went to Erz Mountain to play, and in a small village, I met a poor family who made a living by knitting socks.Their surname was Vogel, and their son, Franz, was about fifteen years old and had a musical talent.The piece I play to him, he can play immediately.I took an opportunity to introduce the kid to an orchestra leader with whom I had a good relationship, and he enthusiastically accepted my recommendation.We took this future artist to Dresden, where he was personally trained by the head of the group. Franz's parents agreed to their son's emigration to the Saxon capital on the condition that they be accompanied by their daughter Martha.The orchestra leader and I didn't get the girl a job right away.Marta took a job as a typesetter in a printing house of a publishing house without consulting us first.

I quit my job shortly thereafter to travel.Now, I'm back from South America, and Marta is still doing her old job.To my surprise, the head of the orchestra found that the girl had a sweet voice, so he trained her to sing. For several days, I was invited by a friend to a concert of a Hungarian diva.Singing is Marta, who made her first appearance with great success. Oil magnate Werner accompanied us, deeply moved by Marta's singing, and even more attracted by her beautiful appearance.Marrying her as his wife became his only wish.He got to know her.She soon married him.Although I attended their wedding, it was very unpleasant.Werner was drunk, jealous and hurtful.I hurriedly left the wedding scene.The next day, he returned to the United States with his young wife and family.

Only Franz remained, fulfilling his obligations to the head of the orchestra.He felt that the reason why he is what he is today is all due to the cultivation of the leader.His brother-in-law, though not fully supportive, showed it.Franz Hale brings me greetings from there.From his occasional expressions, I could see that his sister was not living happily. I didn't know until I came back that Werner was a rascal, and the young woman was a victim of it. After a while, I returned to the United States and was sent from San Francisco to Mexico as a reporter.These two experiences have been described above.Then I was lucky enough to end up in Texas.With the money I got I bought land for German immigrants and Pryer.I lived among them for a considerable time, then traveled with Winnetu across the Estacado Plains to New Mexico and Arizona to interview Indian tribes.I then made it to San Francisco via Nevada and California.In San Francisco, Winnetou turned the gold dust and gold ore we stashed in piggy banks on our previous trip into gold.

We planned to stay for a few days, during which we visited San Francisco many times. The pace of life was faster than in a famous city, and the time was well utilized.We later went to the mountains, to Nevada, Utah and Colorado.We are ready to break up.I was going east from Colorado, via Kansas and Missouri, and then sailed back home. We quickly finished our business in San Francisco and went shopping.I was also dressed in Mexican clothes and Winnetou in Indian clothes.No one was watching us.At the time, this had become commonplace. In the afternoon, we visited the famous Woodward Park. We were going to the aquarium when three people came to meet us.When they saw us, they stopped.They are foreigners, attracted by Winnetu's unique appearance.As we walked past them, we heard the words of our hometown:

God!Isn't this Herr Meyer who brought our children to Dresden? I turned and looked and saw two ladies and a gentleman standing there.One of the ladies wore a veil, and I could not recognize her figure; the other wore a very luxurious dress, which did not fit her very well.It seems that she is not local.I was familiar with her face, but I couldn't remember the dress and this strange place for a while.Mr. dressed like a real American, but it was a bit ridiculous. I couldn't help but look at his face, and I laughed and shouted: It was you, really?You are now a rich man in America!

Yes, this is Vogel, the hosiery maker from Mount Elz.Father of Franz and Marta.When he heard my words, he threw himself into my arms: Not only did we become Americans, but we became millionaires.Come to think of it, real millionaires.Why don't you ask my wife and daughter?You don't know them anymore? It turned out that the woman in the ill-fitting dress was Mrs. Fogel, and the other was my protege's sister, Marta.She took off her veil and held out her hand to me. Yes.She is my daughter, Queen of Oil.her father said. dad!Daughter request, you know, we owe everything to this gentleman!

Success is also him, and failure is also him.As a result, we were uprooted from our homes.However, this is what we have reaped, we are not hostile to you.Why did you also come to America? old habits.You know, I travel a lot. yes.You are right.People who travel a lot are knowledgeable people.I have experience myself.After I came here, it was very different from over there.You know, if you have more contact with big people, you still have to respect yourself.You have not been to our home.You must come with us right away.bring it on!Please get in our car. Sorry, I still have something to do.I am not alone, here is my friend Winnetou.You, Frau Werner, must have read about him.

So far, Mrs. Werner has been looking only at me and not at the Apaches.Now, she turned to Winnetou, held out her hand, and asked me again: You don't have time?How long will you stay here? We leave San Francisco probably tomorrow. You don't want to come with us? You mean your husband? He will be very happy about this meeting.However, he probably wasn't home. All right.But please allow me to say goodbye to my friends. No, no!I have read so many deeds of this famous leader, and I have special respect for him.Ask him to come with us. Yes, the father nodded, the Indian must go.He doesn't need to be afraid of us.We are not the kind of savages we read about in books.However, five people cannot fit in one car.My wife and I hire a carriage.Hanni, you come with me.

He took his wife away.Winnetou rarely understood what we were saying in German.However, when I extended my arm to Marta, he was immediately to her right. In the parking lot, the oil magnate's carriage waits.Only a millionaire can afford this car and this horse.We got in the car and sat face to face with Marta.The coachman drove the horse fast.After a while, the car stopped in front of a building.The building is literally a palace.There were big letters inlaid with gold on the door, which I had no time to read, as we were getting out of the car.Two Negro servants led us down steps into a grand vestibule with an open door, and beyond that into a smaller room, furnished like a comfortable drawing room.Before the hostess sat firmly on the sofa, the whole room rose slowly.It turned out that this was a lifting device driven by steam.Another Son of the Prairie would have screamed; but this kind of lifting device without stairs was commonplace for Winnetou.

The second floor is a particularly magnificent living room.It can be seen that the hostess intends to pursue excessive luxury, but various small things and furnishings show that the hostess is trying to minimize this impression. As soon as we left the lift, Marta seemed assertive.She held out her hand to Winnetou and me, and said enthusiastically: This is our home.Please don't leave anytime soon, be sure to stay for a few weeks.promise me! It was impossible to satisfy her, especially her husband, who would not allow me to spend a little longer under the same roof with him.Therefore, I declined.

We would like to stay longer if possible, Mrs. Werner.But we do have to go tomorrow. You have time!In the wild, you may not have time, and of course a minute is precious, in order to track a man; but I have read many of your books, and know that as long as you are in a place like San Francisco, you are free. you are wrong, we have urgent matters Please don't make excuses!She interrupted me and we had a heart-to-heart talk!Is it because of my husband that you don't want to stay here?I'll prove to you right away that you are welcome.I'll send someone to call him back from the office right away.Allow me to take a moment. she left.Winnetou didn't know what she meant now, but he said: This woman is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.My brother might tell me she doesn't have a husband. she has. what kind of person? A poor man from our country became rich after he came here, and he discovered an oil field. Where did he know this woman? in Germany.He had brought her here for twelve months. He thought for a while, then said: That was also when the old iron hand was in his hometown.Where did my brother meet her? know. That is to say, this man got this woman through you.Hi! He said hey, that's a sign that his beliefs are good. Marta came back with a disappointed expression on his face: Unfortunately my husband is not here.We can't expect him to come back anytime soon either, he's always busy. The sigh she let us hear seemed to refer to much more than just the overwork of work. Does he have trusted staff?I asked Yes there is.However, things are often entangled.Not all of his business friends were burdened with him.Therefore, the heaviest burden falls on his shoulders. Entanglement, what did you say?This is unimaginable.According to him, Ackerman was an indisputably competent, highly mobile individual. Ackerman?He is no longer a shareholder at all.The current shareholder is Porter.He is not German, but American. Why did he fall out with this reliable German, and Why?She interrupted me, and I just remember now that you have no idea what's going on.When you got off the bus, didn't you see the sign on our door? No. That is, you don't know that my husband is now a shareholder in the State Commercial Bank? Know nothing.However, he should have oil on his side. No.He parted ways with Ackerman and his company. Why? He didn't like the swamp up there any more.We made the acquaintance of Portal, who was an able businessman and who obeyed my husband even though he put much of the work on my husband's shoulders.My husband sold the property rights in Youze for three million dollars.We moved to the cities, and with the money we established the State Commercial Bank. How much did Portal pay? Did not pay.My husband paid for it, Portal helped.You know, Werner has no business knowledge. Then why did he abandon the reliable one and replace it with the unreliable one? Do you think our present position is precarious? I can't judge the current business because I don't understand it.All I know is that I trust Akerman, his former neighbor. Porter also earned trust.I heard my parents coming.Don't talk about such things in their presence.I don't want them to worry.Their fears may be completely unfounded. Lifting equipment sent the two old people up. Here we are.Old Fogel said to us as he brought his wife in, I don't speak English yet.There are very few coachmen who know German.We kept going in circles, and the kid finally found the door.Don't leave now. You can only share the joy for a short time with our dear compatriots, said Marta, who will be leaving soon. Then don't come to us again.I won't let him leave right away. We've talked about it.First of all, we would like to invite gentlemen to stay at least until dinner.My mother and I are going to cook, Dad, you take the gentlemen to the smoking room and chat. We have no other choice, respect is worse than obedience.The smoking room was also decorated with the same splendor as the other rooms.Among these furniture, pictures, and wall lamps, old Fogel did not feel at all comfortable.He didn't know where to put his hands and feet, so he had to sit on a rocking chair, because it was the lowest and the most comfortable.In the hut in his hometown, he usually sits on a low bench. I picked up a cigar and Winnetto did as I did.Unfortunately, he couldn't join our conversation. Now that we are talking alone, the old man has started to get down to business and can be open and honest.What do you think of the millionaire, my son-in-law? I don't know him. I take it that you met him there.Yeah? Time is short.I haven't heard from him since then. Well, yes!He should at least write you a letter.But he doesn't talk about you openly, and he gets very angry when my daughter mentions you. What is his reason? No, there is no reason.However, he immediately started smoking and drinking immediately, and was in a fog all day long. oops!This is bad. Yes, bad.Probably inherited from the mother, who died of delirium tremens. What does your daughter think? She doesn't say anything at all.She could only ask him not to do anything stupid. is that so?That's so sad, this life It's like a dog and a cat!He chimed in and said, you know, we could make millions.He lives below and my daughter lives above.They don't say a word all day, at most they say a word or two when they eat. That's how it started? no.Not at all when it comes to oil.At that time, we lived very harmoniously.Lived a lot more luxuriously since I had this porter and company.You know, this Porter is giving me a lot of trouble.He often gives my daughter big bags of things. Is your daughter complaining that her husband is too busy? That's nonsense, don't believe it.Porter took care of all the business, running errands, writing, busy day and night.Werner could only whine.He is a member of what clubs and other societies, eating, drinking and having fun all day long.He doesn't know how to work, and although he is a millionaire, he doesn't know how to manage money.Potter would do anything for him! The conversation went on.No matter where the world is, the old man’s topic is millionaires and son-in-law, but he doesn’t know that these words let me see the relationship between business and family, and this relationship makes him afraid and worried.Whether Marta loves her husband is impossible for me to know, and if she doesn't, she tries to hide it.The couple got along fairly well at first.Then came Potter.I suspect the Yankee has his eye on Werner's fortune.Werner seemed to trust him very much, and fell into a trap step by step.In this trap, he will definitely go bankrupt.Porter most likely got his hands on this young and beautiful woman as well. what can i doIt will take time to expose this person, and it may be too late.Because, then I want to understand the business situation.The two of them would object anyway, which easily annoyed me.When the old man was talking about the ins and outs of the matter, I thought about it repeatedly and decided not to get involved in this matter. Mrs. Fogel came to invite us to dinner.Marta didn't send servants, she wanted us all to stay in our own circle.It was a simple meal, and I observed that the young woman had a pleasant feeling again in her heart.After dinner we were allowed to smoke a cigar in the restaurant.Marta led us to the adjacent music room.It started with the organ and then the beautiful voice of the former diva.She sang a German folk song. With my back to the door, Winnetu turned to me, listening intently.He didn't understand German, but was intoxicated by the singing.It was at this time that a strange expression suddenly appeared on his face.I caught his piercing gaze on the door, as if about to get up from his chair.I turned my head quickly and saw two men standing in the open doorway behind me, whom I immediately recognized as the Oil King and Porter.Porter was well-dressed, with an underlying nervousness on his face.Werner's eyes were red, staring at me like a bull, dangling from side to side.We saw right away that he was drunk. Since I was wearing a Mexican costume, he didn't recognize me until I turned my head.Now, when he saw my face, he immediately clenched his fists, staggered towards me, and shouted: You villain, trying to seduce my wife.This person is already by her side?She sings to him?All are devils.Potter, get him!Beat his bones soft! Potter also rushed towards me.At this time, Marta ran over, stood between me and them, and stretched out his arms to block them: Don't take another step, you not only insult me, but also yourself. Get out!Werner pushes her away, I'll talk to him first, and then I'll talk to you. I chanced upon this gentleman and invited him to come.Do you want to scold our guest? guest?He sneered, Porter is my guest.I invite him alone.Potter, come here!We beat him until he couldn't cry out anymore.Go away, you bitch! He grabbed her arm, but let it go because Winnetu was standing next to him.The leader's majestic expression was enough to make the two attackers take several steps back. Which of you is the owner of this building?The Apache asked in English. I.Werner replied, now trying to keep himself from stumbling, to stay on his feet. I'm Winnetu, Chief of the Apaches.have you heard my name All devils!Winnetto, Winnetto! You know me, so please pay attention to what I say to you.Here stands my friend, Brother Iron Hand, we met your wife, and she invited us here.We accepted her invitation for the honor of meeting you.We sat here and she sang a song.That's all that happened.If you get paid, Winnetou will pay.My power reaches all the way to the middle of this great country.You just have to say one nasty word to her and someone in my Apache tribe will answer with a knife.Now, you know what I want to do? Then he took a coin from his belt and put it on the table: This is what we pay for eating at your place.Old Iron Hands and Winnetou don't want you to give away because they are richer than you.I'm done! Werner dared not answer, standing like a schoolboy being punished.Potter looked angry, but secretly pleased.I put my hand on his arm and asked him: Boss, do you know who I am? Know.he answered. I see through your intentions.You have to treat your shareholders sincerely, otherwise, you will not get my favor!I will come to you again, not according to the regulations in your books and official documents, but according to the strict law of the North American prairie.Your business friends will hear from me about your situation.Don't think he doesn't understand you, and don't think I'm as magnanimous as I was with him there.To show you how serious I am, I'm going to put the stamp of old iron hands on your muscles. I pressed my right hand on his upper arm and pressed it tightly, and he cried out in pain.Then, Winnetu and I walked towards the door.We walked out of the living room without looking back.When we left here, I suddenly had a premonition that this magnificent palace would one day be completely empty. The next day, we headed to San Francisco.Three months later, we said goodbye at Red Rock Bay, after two and a half years.Before we broke up, we negotiated exactly when and where we would see each other again.
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