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Chapter 8 Chapter 8 Winnetou in Dresden

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After staying at home for several months, I went to the East and stayed there for twenty months.After I came back, I hid in the pile of books at home all day long, and seldom contacted people.I go to the Vocal Society once every Saturday, and I am an honorary member of it.This is my reputation. One Saturday, after I had attended a practice session, to discuss a benefit concert, the landlord of the association came to inform me: There are two gentlemen who want to talk to you. who? do not know.One is young and delicate, but the other is a dark-skinned person.He doesn't speak, doesn't take off his hat, and looks at people with one eye, which is terrible.

I ran out quickly.Winnetto stands at the door!Winnetou, the famous leader of the Apaches, has arrived in Dresden!What a great warrior!Dark trousers, dark vest, belt, jacket, that's his outfit.He has a thick stick in his hand and wears a top hat.I was as surprised as I was to see him. I ran to his side, and he greeted me just as quickly.We greeted each other most heartily, looked at each other carefully, and hearty laughter burst out from our respective hearts.We can't help but be elated. The young gentleman beside him also approached me.I recognized Franz.Fogel, a former student of my orchestra leader.

The singers present all knew the Apaches from my novels.At first, they couldn't believe it. The one standing in front of their eyes was the famous Winneto.They imagined the Indian chief wearing the well-known Indian costume and carrying the famous silver carbine.I figured out that the reason he was wearing the hat was to hide his thick hair.I lifted his top hat to reveal his long hair.In this way, everyone believed that it was really an Apache who stood before them.All hands were stretched out to him, and there was joy in the audience. I asked Winnetou to travel around Germany with me several times, without success.Now, things happened so suddenly, there must be an extremely important reason.I looked at him to understand why, but he shook his head and said:

My brother don't be bothered.The news I bring is important, but after more than a week's journey, I don't care about the hours. how did you find me? Winnetou is not alone.This young white guy named Fogel came with me.He knows your house, and he showed me the way.We heard you came to the singing place.I also want to listen to music, so I came here.When we get back to your residence, I will tell you why I came across the ocean. Well, I'll endure until then.But you can only hear German songs. The singers heard the Apache's request and were happy to fulfill his request.We sat at a tableclothed table with Fogel and ordered Winnetto's favorite beer.However, he didn't drink much.Then, the show begins.Everyone is proud to have the legend hear their voice.

Winnetto took my hand.I feel blessed to be able to welcome him back home.I believe that we are a touching pair of friends in the eyes of the audience.However, the people we met in the savannah and mountains over there, if they saw us again today, I am afraid no one would recognize us.The Winnetu I see now looks like a black panther in sheep's clothing, and to him, I haven't changed much. It was about midnight, and the Apache said he had heard enough songs.He thanked everyone and we left the association.He did not comment on the song sung this time.But I feel that German songs have made a very deep impression on his soul.

He took a close look at my home, touching everything, closing his eyes from time to time to imprint everything in his mind.I took two peace pipes from the wall, filled them with tobacco, and handed him one.Fogel gets a cigar.Then I sat on the couch with my dearest, noblest friends and smoked. We're here for the beautiful white woman you visited with me.Winnetto said. So it was about Marta? Unfortunately, what we can tell you is not pleasant.I stayed there for four months.They thought I was there for years because they thought I was causing them nothing but pain and disappointment.My brother-in-law and I had a falling out.Fogel says

I had expected this ending.What about that shareholder Porter? Of course he was broke too. I do not believe.By relocating your brother-in-law, he must have transferred a considerable fortune for himself to a secure place.Wasn't this bankruptcy the result of deceit? no.Nobody lost a Finney. How is it possible that a large sum of money is a complete operating loss in such a short period of time? Due to Porter's operating mistakes.My brother-in-law handed over all the management rights to him. This is to be expected.Portal set out to ruin your brother-in-law's career from the start.Otherwise, he would not have wiped out such a large amount of wealth in a short period of time.Outwardly everything was spent; in reality his pockets were stuffed.I hope this man can still be caught.

I don't think it's possible.In that case, he would not be able to stay in San Francisco, but would disappear.My brother-in-law was left impoverished, and the little money he had was stuffed into his own pocket.He took the money from bar to bar, drinking his sanity to the last penny. How are you at home? very bad.I never expected this ending.I believe in Werner and want to make a fortune quickly with his help.However, it went bankrupt three weeks later.Parents and sister are desperate.Only Marta still has reason and finds a way to save himself.We want to go to a concert.At first, I turned those useless things into some money, used them to buy necessities, and still survived.We think of you.We have so much to thank you for.If only you were there, then you will definitely give us advice and find a way.However, you are not here.Just when we were feeling hopeless, God sent Winneto to our home.

how?He came to your house? Yes.When we had exhausted everything, unexpectedly, he came to visit again.What surprised us the most was that he actually found our house after we moved.After bankruptcy, we moved into a very small house.His presence brings us comfort.I was almost ashamed to speak, and dared not ask him for money.But he quickly restored everything for us.At this moment, an official document arrived from New Orleans stating that my uncle had died there. I remembered that your grandmother told me that one of her sons went to the United States, but there was no news of him.She believed that he died on the road.

There is such a thing.But he didn't die, he was just a little ungrateful.Not long ago, he died a millionaire.The authorities finally got us the news. I pay little attention to such wealth.You have heard how great the riches fall into the hands of injustice.How did the authorities in New Orleans know their address in San Francisco? They discovered the place of birth of the deceased from the papers and signs of his past, wrote letters to our hometown, and got our address from our hometown.This is certainly a good thing, but there are troubles.We may not be the only relatives.My uncle also has a son, but his whereabouts are unknown.

This son must be found in the newspapers, and it will take many years before someone will come out and prove that he has indeed passed away.You will have to wait. That's exactly the problem.Moreover, New Orleans authorities found a lawyer for the deceased's son.The lawyer, who was his friend, claimed he was definitely alive.The son of the deceased once had a reliable traveling companion.The lawyer said that if the missing person was indeed dead, the traveling companion would definitely come and report it.There was a rather extensive investigation by the legal authorities, and besides, he was given the necessary deadlines. This drags things out even longer.Who was your mother born into? Yeager was his maiden name. So, that old millionaire named Yeager?What does he do? Originally a shoemaker.Later, he went to a store in New York as a helper, and gradually made his fortune. Shoemaker helper?New York?shop?Ah, wait for me to think about it. I got up and walked up and down the room.I remembered the letter from Melton's nephew that was in Melton's papers.I went into my study, took out the letter, and read it again. Yes.It is clearly written on it.Doesn't it involve the case we're talking about now?I must get to the bottom of it.So I asked: Has Yeager ever worked as an arms dealer? Been. Not only did he order shoes, but he also took orders for other munitions? Yes.That's how he became a millionaire.How do you know such a thing? Tell me again if he only used his German name Jaeger! No, he changed his English name to Hunter. Why didn't you say that at the beginning?Why do you keep mentioning that German name? I thought it didn't matter. It matters a lot.You know, what's the name of his missing son? Small.A strange name, no? Yes.Still, it's good for you.Because, the weirder the name, the less likely it is to be confused with others.That is to say, the missing Smarr.where is hunterOf course in the East!Is not it? Yes, in the East.Vogel exclaimed in surprise, you know, Mr. Meyer? You have found the right man, dear friend.Winnetou spoke, he saw the trail you must follow, and he did everything he could to keep it from escaping their eyes.You send him on the track first, and then he will spare no effort to accomplish great things that others cannot. You have traces of the missing person? have.Did the reports from the authorities mention where people might be looking? mentioned!I can't remember.Someone found a letter from Cairo to his father. good!How long has this letter been sent? not mentioned. pity!Be sure to find out when Hunter is in Cairo. He stayed at the Nile Hotel, the famous palm garden that was described in detail. What else was written in this letter? When I remembered, he asked his father to send the letter back to the US consulate. This is very important.We have footprints, and the sought-after man will surely be found, but a corpse. Do you think he is dead? Yes, but he will still come to sign up for inheritance. A dead person to sign up for inheritance? Sometimes this happens.But only in special cases.I'll talk to Winneto and you'll find out. You have brought my curiosity to the limit. I will not keep you tortured.But tell me, did the authorities in New Orleans send a letter to the consulate in Cairo? Both the authorities and the lawyer wrote and the lawyer spoke to me. What answer did you get? Not yet, time is too short. Now, all the steps I have to take right now, to give you the idea you've been looking for.Is that exactly what you came to me for? Yes.My sister said you know the East, and he stopped abruptly. You keep talking!I asked him to be very sincere with me if you want my ideas and actions. You yourself have said the key words.We need your ideas and actions.In my sister's opinion, you know the East and are the only ones who can prove the missing person is dead or alive. I am very grateful to your sister for trusting me.That is to say, I not only have to make up my mind, but also to act.Do you know what this means? Know.We ask for your time and attention. In some cases it even costs your life.The footprints we have have point to a great crime which has either been done or will be committed.The traveling companion that Hunter brought was very similar in appearance to him.This resemblance, I suspect, will be the cause of this murder, or of murders that have already occurred. a murder? Yes!The traveling companion killed Hunter in order to replace him and inherit the old Hunter's legacy.His father and the recipient of the letter, his uncle, were double and triple murderers.Later, I will explain to you in detail.I'm sure I'd still say it was murder.However, as far as I know the perpetrators, their idea is to use the death of old Hunter to open their own criminal path, first of all against Winnetou. The Apaches rarely understood our German conversations, but paid great attention to our expressions and movements.At first, there was a nervous look on his face.When I got out the letter, that look disappeared and was replaced by a look of satisfaction.Seeing me turn to him, he said: My brother, the old iron hand, confirmed my suspicions.The missing white man had gone with Melton's nephew to what the white man called the East.It doesn't take a very sharp eye.The old iron hand showed me the letter and read it to me, and I knew its content.Later, when I was in San Francisco, I saw that pretty young woman, whose husband insulted us outright, so that I threatened to take revenge if I should later discover that he had done his wife any misfortune.When I learned that she was in trouble, I went to comfort her.She trusted me and told me exactly what happened.She also read the letter from New Orleans.The letter mentions Hunter's name and other circumstances consistent with your letter at hand.In this way, I found the real clue relatively easily.Without it, I would be lost too.Since this woman trusts you, and only you can help her, I have no choice but to come to you.I took this young man because he knows the truth and the language of your country, which I do not know.What plans did my brother make? In the letter, Melton Jr. wrote that he wanted to capitalize on his similarity to Hunter.How does Winneto understand this similarity and its use?Is it the usual disguise or deception? no.If a savior does not appear in time, Hunter will die. I believe this too.Melton will inherit the estate as Hunter.Someone who can do it now must go to Cairo, inquire at the consulate, and continue to follow their tracks. This person is you!Hurry up before it's too late!Fogel took my hand.He learned enough English during his stay in the US to understand my discussions with Winneto.For Winnetou's sake, he also tried his best to participate in the conversation in English. That's easy to say.Do you think I'm just sitting here, giving up my job for any reason, and going off to the Mediterranean to fight criminals? Still, you do!If you save Hunter, he will thank you again.If he dies, and you reveal Melton's two-faced nature, we will give you a portion of his estate. snort!Winnetu yelled angrily, the old iron hand didn't take the money, no one could afford this kind of tracking fee! To assuage his accusation, I say: Please be quiet, I have considered this matter calmly.If the obstacles are cleared today and tomorrow, I will go to Cairo as soon as possible. Winneto's agility and meticulousness can also be seen now.He put his hands on his belt in a motion I know so well. Winnetou begged the old iron hand not to think about obstacles.How to go to Cairo? From here take the train to Brindisi and the boat to Alexandria. How long is the train ride?When does the ship go to sea? Trains run regularly several days a week.Depart from here tomorrow, arrive in Brindisi on the third day, and take a boat to sea in the morning. Then we will ride tomorrow. I've thought about it.Winnetu came here not to send me to Africa, but to go home by himself.However, the firm tone with which he said these few words surprised me.I think he has to see the significance of this decision. However, Winnetu went to a country he was not familiar with. My brother knew the country so well he couldn't get me wrong.You have told me no less than a hundred times what you saw and heard in that country.Didn't you say you want me to go too? Said. Let you fulfill this wish now, don't say no. What a thought it must have been for a Minmbruno leader to go to Cairo!This kind of thing has never happened.I am very happy for three reasons; first, I have finally found a chance to be his teacher; second, if we are in danger, we can use the sharpest part of all his sharp thinking to make accurate judgments; Third, and most important, his hands are on the belt.I can't have such a large amount of ready money.The hint of his hand on his belt told me there was enough money in it for us to spend. The next morning, Winnetou and I boarded the train.Fogel took a lot of things back to San Francisco, and he said goodbye to us in the car.We point out his countermeasures in certain situations in detail. Wherever Minmbrunyo went, people noticed, and that made me very happy.I venture to say that people's first impression of him was that of a bum in new clothes.However, if you look closely at his temperament and the noble, proud, and calm expression on his copper-colored face, everyone gradually realizes that he is not just for nothing. Despite the Indian's habit of restraining his emotions, Winnetou was amazed all the way.There are too many unfamiliar and unexpected scenery for him.In Alexandria he bought an Arabian dress, which he wore constantly, but which became more and more uncomfortable. In Cairo, we stayed at the Nile River Hotel where Hunter lived, and found out that Hunter had been away for about three months. This statement is consistent with the explanation of the US consulate.We heard other things there.Both New Orleans authorities and the lawyer were informed of the circumstances.Hunter's letters were first sent to Alexander and then to Tunisia.The agent in Tunisia was a Jew named Musa. These circumstances drove us to Tunisia as soon as possible, and we had no time to lose.Reassuringly, we've been told that Hunter is alive and well with his partner.The identical appearance of the two aroused people's curiosity, especially their clothes were not the slightest difference. In the evening, we stayed at the Oriental Hotel where I stayed.I came to this hotel without any special purpose, just to revisit the old place.We went into the beautiful garden, sat at an empty table, and quenched our thirst with a soda.People noticed us because Winnetou couldn't help but command attention, with his hair down to his shoulders. Many tourists enjoy the cool evening breeze.Not far from us sat a gentleman in Muslim attire, the hood of his white robe half covered his face and was pulled down.I seem to have seen this person somewhere, I ignored him, but he came to us, put his hands on my shoulders, and greeted us in pure Indian language: Hello, old iron hand! Then he also put his hand on the Minmbrunyo's arm and repeated the greeting: Hello Winnetto! I jumped up and asked in the same tone: Who are you? He replied in English with a smile: Guess what, old lion killer!I hope you hear my voice. Emory.Botwell!I cried out, pushed his white robe over his head, and threw my arms around him. He also pressed me against his strong chest and said in a touching tone: How I long to see you, old urchin!Now, you almost fell on me in this desirable garden, which is goodness sees.I also have a wish, that is, not to separate immediately.Agree? Very happy, dear friend!You recognized the two of us right away? I recognize you all at once.But it took me a lot of energy to recognize this leader.Who would have thought that the famous leader of the Minmbrenyo would wear such an outfit?Who would have thought that Winnetu would be visible in faraway Africa?Even I was taken aback.If I hadn't had very good eyesight, I wouldn't have believed it either.You must have something important to do, so please replace Mount Estacado with the Libyan Desert. That's it. Please sit down.You'll hear the ins and outs of this one. I asked the waiter to bring me a cool drink and a chair, and we sat together. No one thought that my two kind, brave, invincible and like-minded partners from the grassland and the Sahara desert would gather together today.I have every reason to be happy about this meeting.Readers who have read the book "Gum" will agree with this point. To be precise, it was Emery who took me and a few men from the Sahara and wiped out the entire bandit caravan.This usually taciturn person welcomes us with so many words, which is an expression of joy. This kind of joy is what he feels now when we meet again.He knew Winnetou as well as me.For he had met this most famous of the red warriors many times in his adventures in the West, accompanied, of course, by me.The Minmbrunyo was equally happy about this unexpected meeting.However, due to his personality, it is not easy for others to detect it. I believe Emery will join us.It's about finding a missing person, maybe uncovering a crime.He loves adventure and will surely consider it an enjoyable mission.He has the ability to solve a variety of problems and I couldn't have found a better travel companion.Even if the sought person is well hidden, with Winneto, the discoverer of the famous Western Trail, and with Emory, the equally famous discoverer of the Pelbai Desert in Algeria, we will surely reach our goal. Emery asked me all kinds of questions about where I came from and where I was going.When he heard the name Tunisia, he was overjoyed. Are you going to Tunisia?I am coming too. when? it's up to you. good!We walk together.What are you doing there? What a strange question, and of course an adventure!what about you? We're probably going on an adventure, too.I'm referring to the more specific reason you went to Tunisia. right!The reason is called Smarr.hunt. Wow!Minmbrunyo screamed.The name was so startling that he went against his usual composure. Small.Hunter?I also ask, is this possible?You know him? know.You also know?what happened? I do not recognize.I went to Tunisia to find him. You are following wrong.He was in Egypt, in Alexandria. We are from Alexandria.If only we had known!We inquired about his whereabouts here and learned that he went to Tunisia three months ago. nonsense!He is still in Egypt. But the man had proof.All his mail goes to Tunisia. It doesn't matter.He's still there.But he wanted to go, and he went with me.He is waiting for me in Alexandria. So, you were with him before that? Shall I tell you about it? It couldn't be better. good!It's shorter than you might think, though.I met him by chance and traveled to Nubia with him.Hunter must go to Tunisia and let me go with him.But I came to Cairo to get the money and he was waiting for me in Alexandria. You went to Tunisia for him? no.I was not going to go with him.You and I got to know the Algerian Sahara, and now we are going to get to know Egypt.I also wanted to check out Tunisia and Tripoli, the places between these two countries. Who's on Hunter's side? nobody. Is there a Jonathan by his side?Melton's people. I don't know this man, nor have I met him. Has Hunter talked about him? Not a word was mentioned. strangeness!He didn't disclose his situation? Not a word was mentioned.It didn't occur to me to inquire about these things about him. People usually don't travel with strangers. stranger?Hunter is a very decent man, he has been in the East for many years.What do you want to do with him? It looks like you know him better than I do, even though I haven't met him yet.We're looking for him because he's due to go home and receive a large inheritance.His father died.In which hotel in Alexandria did you meet him? Not in a hotel, he has his own residence.He went to Tunisia to see a friend, Calaf.Book.Urik, a captain in the Tunisian army. What a weird name!Neither Arab nor Maule nor Bedouin.This name seems to be chosen by myself! What does this have to do with you? Very relevant.How old is he? Is a middle-aged man.Hunter mentioned it occasionally.He said he could speak English with the captain. English?A Tunisian captain knows English, is it possible? Because he was originally a foreigner.Hunter told me that when the captain arrived in Tunisia eight years ago, he had converted to Islam. Where was he from then? have no idea.However, he can speak English and seems to be my compatriot. English?I would rather say he was American, because it was Hunter who visited him, and Hunter was an American. possible.I'm also leaning toward the idea that he's American.I would be outraged if a former Christian, now Mohammedan, was born in my native England.Why do you have this complexion?what's on your mind?This piercing look of yours I only observe when you are looking for tracks. That's right.Perhaps I have now found another footprint, and an extremely important one at that.You only tell me one thing: Hunter never talks about his own situation.Did he mention, in passing, that he had relations with other people in Tunisia besides the captain? have.He sent a letter to a businessman there.It was a Jew, if I remember correctly, called Musa.Bahuyam? right.That person is called this name.How do you inquire about these secondary questions?This question is generally not asked. Because secondary issues lead to major issues.In my opinion, Hunter is a liar. fraud?Emery was extremely surprised, this is completely impossible! Not only is it not impossible, but it is probably possible. Winnetou hadn't spoken until then, but we were speaking English, which he understood.Now, he said with confidence: My brother old iron hand found the right track.The man in Alexandria was not the real Hunter, but a fake. Fake?Emery asked, do you think he didn't use his real name? Yes.That's how we see it.I replied that his name was Jonathan.Melton. You say the name is the name of his companion. certainly.He would have been the man's escort.Now, he calls himself that man. This is a mystery to me.Please tell me what the hell is going on here. After he listened to me, he didn't say anything for a long time, looking at the ground thoughtfully.Then, with a twinkle in his eye, he said: This is the most exciting trip to Tunisia.You have found a beautiful track.My master Hunter is indeed his escort Jonathan.Melton. How did you come to this conclusion? Are you testing my sharpness? You know, who's that Tunisian captain? Thomas.Melton.Nine years ago, you drove him from Fort Uinta to Fort Edward.He spent eight years in Tunisia.That is, he disappeared in the United States for a year and then reappeared in North America.This enabled him to master many languages, so he was able to join the Tunisian army. I totally agree with you. But why did this Hunter I know have his letter sent to the Jew instead of the Captain he knew? Because he didn't want to be Melton, but Hunter.The real Hunter, not knowing the Captain, had his letters sent to a merchant, whom he wanted to visit in Tunisia.Oh, and one more question: why did Hunter live alone in Alexandria instead of a hotel? Because he wants to live in seclusion. So why was he still in Egypt three months later, when people thought he was in Tunisia? Because he claims to be the real Hunter, and the real Hunter is in Tunisia. No!The real Hunter was in Egypt, a man he didn't claim to be, but wanted to hide.His acquaintance with you was his negligence, and it is his own fault.I went on to say that I thought he wanted to carry out his plan when he knew old Hunter was dead.The plan has been in place for a long time, which is to inherit the estate of the deceased.Because he is very similar to Hunter Jr. and found opportunities in the process of getting along with him for a long time, he knows Hunter's situation like the back of his hand.He even tried to copy the handwriting of his traveling companion.After learning of the old Hunter's death, he found an excuse to take the young Hunter to Tunisia to meet the captain.Perhaps, he was in order to use his real name to his father Thomas.Melton sent the letter, and the place where the letter was sent was the place where Hunter disappeared.In this way, he can replace the status of the missing person and go to the United States to inherit the inheritance.This is my idea.I don't believe the idea is going to lie to me. My brother, the old iron hand, was right.Winnetto agrees. Emery also said: Going by your description, I can't disagree with you.But can such a malicious plan be considered possible? The man Melton was a devil.I told you about him.Didn't he come up with many bad plans and carry them out? As I have said, I agree with you.If it is correct, our duty is to save Little Hunter as much as possible.But what a rescue? act quickly.We don't need help from others, we have to do it ourselves. To Tunisia? Yes.Little Melton is already in our hands in Alexandria, and his father is easy to catch. Hey, he said with a smile, aren't you an alliance with the Tunisian commander, Governor Pasha? No.But I know the commander of his army, which is better. The commander of the army?What title? Commander-in-Chief of the Guard Krugerby.Krugerbai is a German.His experience, no fanciful novelist can write.He himself did not know much about his previous life.But I believe he was born in Germany in Mark Brandenburg, perhaps in the Braunburg family or something like that.During the Migration, he was exiled in France, where he was called up to join the Foreign Legion, then fled to Algeria, crossed the Tunisian border, and became a slave.Because of his cleverness, people put him in the army.He passed the test, became the imperial guard, and rose to the rank of director.The Governor had special confidence in him. He is a good soldier? An able soldier, a faithful officer, and a kind man.Unfortunately, he became a follower of Muhammad.He still loves his country, but probably doesn't know much about Germans in general.He made me an exception, and I was warmly welcomed on both visits. Since you know him, you will respect him and make him happy. He has a characteristic, that is, he likes to compare his current beliefs with his previous beliefs, combining the Bible and the Qur'an, and making a lot of ridiculous things.His greatest masterpiece is his German.Your German is very good and you can have fun with his German.He only went to elementary school, and as a Brandenburger, he couldn't tell the difference between my third and fourth characters when he was a child.In France, he acquired a small amount of French vocabulary, and in Algeria and Tunisia, he occasionally learned a little Arabic.His language genius is far from enough, so the three languages ​​are often entangled, it is particularly difficult to understand different sentence structures, and he often speaks some incredible words.He listens to Arabic every day, speaks Arabic, and is used to speaking in some figurative expressions.I learned German when I was young, made many mistakes, and then I couldn't speak it at all.Therefore, his mother tongue is the worst. This Krügerbai, what do you call him? Lord of the army.He even calls himself that.We went to the authorities and asked for his help.I even intend to go to him early, I am sure he will be happy. Do you want to hand over the fake Hunter to him immediately? This is mostly unnecessary. Maybe it is necessary.If this person sees through our intentions, he will find ways to evade us.In this case, we must put him in jail and even arrest his father. We cannot be seen through by others. He is not hostile to me, but if he inadvertently reveals your identities, what shall we do? It would be an uncanny coincidence if this person revealed our secret identities. Therefore, you must change your name.It's best to arrange it now, Emery said.The more we get used to fake names, the more sure we are about not revealing ourselves. this is correct.As for me, I don't want to be considered German.Because, little Melton must know that the old iron hand is a German. Yes.Do you want to be my compatriot? No objection. Then you are my relative, your name is Jones, I met you by chance, you are doing business in Tunisia.What shall we name Winnetou? He would definitely like to be an African once.We take him as a Somali Muhammad named Ben.Asra. good!The question is whether he himself agrees or not. Minmbrunyo heard these words and said: Winnetou as you call it.He is still the chief of the Minmbrenyo. That's right, I said, and I'll explain to you on the way who Somali is, what he does, and how you present yourself as such a person.Let's explain, you don't speak Arabic.This is also true.But you left Zanzibar and went to India for a few years and learned English there.I asked Emery again, when do we leave from here? tomorrow morning.Emery decided that we should arrive at the port before Mr. Hunter, to wait for his ship to Tunisia. What ship? A French merchant ship. Winnetou and I had to show our papers to the captain if he took us. Let me do this.I said that you lost your documents on the way, and I thought that having my passport is enough to prove your identity. I'd like to see how Hunter proves himself. We'll see.The truth is, he doesn't doubt it.You have been to India, where you met Winnetu, rich Somalia.Now, you go to London.He wanted to establish business relations there, and he stopped in Tunisia for a few days on the way to do a few errands.Others, we let you talk. We saw that Emery envisioned our affairs as his own.We sat together for hours before parting, ready to leave tomorrow.
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