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Chapter 9 Chapter IX The Commander-in-Chief of the Guard

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When we got to Alexandria, we stayed in the hotel, and Emory went to find Hunter.We had thought that he would not be happy to walk with us.But, as we saw, that assumption was wrong because he came to see us with Emery soon and told us that he would like to come with us. I have come up with a view, generally speaking, which has been carefully considered, and this view can be fully confirmed from the negative.If my opinion had wavered, I would have given up my old suspicions when I saw the young man.Because, his behavior made an excellent impression on me.Not only Emery called him a responsible person, but even I couldn't find anything suspicious.He appeared free and easy, without the slightest sign of being unreliable.There are only two possibilities: either I'm wrong, or he's a cunning young man.

Our boat departed from Alexandria, via Tunis and Algiers, and returned to Marseille.As soon as we got on board, the captain noticed us right away: This ship is not a passenger ship, gentlemen, you must go back. It must now be indicated whether the captain is to be reported.Hunter smiled and said: Don't you also take a passenger named Hunter? Hunter?Are you? Yes. Well, of course you can go, because I got Calaf.Book.Notice from Urik.However, I only know you, not others. These three gentlemen were my friends, and Karaf did not know that they would be my companions.We would appreciate it if you would also provide a berth for my escort.

In this way, both myself and the mate were restricted.Because I only have the bunk for you.However, in order to please Karaf, I made an exception and accepted these gentlemen. The French captain felt responsible for the Tunisian captain.It seemed that the captain's connection went beyond his military duties, and there was a kind of secret transaction.How could the captain of a merchant ship owe a favor to an officer?This situation reinforced my original opinion of Karaf.The conclusion is that I cannot be fooled by Hunter's urbane appearance. The four of us got two small cabins with only two beds in each.This raises the question of who roomed with Hunter.Only a few words from the captain, we understood, it was our choice.

First, our luggage was put in one cabin.When the ship weighed anchor, we stood comfortably on the deck, and sat under these parasols to smoke and talk.I noticed that Hunter was watching us secretly, and he was particularly interested in watching me.I tried to be as unrestrained as I could, and was polite to him, deliberately showing my willingness to let him choose me as his partner.I wanted to observe him more closely in this way. My efforts do not appear to be in vain.I noticed several times that when I caught him a surprise look, his eyes would stare hard at me and then quickly move away from me.I know very well that I have not aroused any suspicion in him.

After entering the open sea, I stood by the guardrail alone, watching the undulating sea.Before that, I only had a few general conversations with him, nothing personal.Now he came to me with the obvious intention of getting to know me.After a few opening remarks, he began to inquire: I heard that you have been to India, Mr. Jones.How long have you been there? Only four months.It was business that called me. Is that your own business? Yes. If I ask you what kind of business you do, don't you think it's too much? I am in the leather business.I say this on purpose because old Hunter used to be in the leather business.

This is a very profitable business.However, I have never heard that the leather business also has relations with India.Of course he was attacking my weakness. Fortunately, I have been to India and should be able to withstand it. You probably haven't thought about Siberia's rich leather production. Doesn't the leather go from there to Russia? to Russia and China.But I'm British, China is too far away, and the middlemen are making too much money.Russia is jealous of Britain and refuses our supply.Therefore, we are directing our sales beyond India to North Asia.The trade route starts from there and extends to Lake Baikal. This road is relatively easy to get through.We now supply Siberian tanneries through India without permission from the Tsars and Emperors of China.

I see!Your main source of goods is probably North America? The leather is La Plata, and the leather is North America.Some shipments were sent from New Orleans. New Orleans?Do you have any acquaintances there? Only businessmen. Still, have you heard my name?Although my father has retired long ago, he has not broken off personal contacts with his business friends there. Now, he wants me to go where he wants.me too.I pretended to think about it, and then said: your name?Hunter?Ah, Hunter, Hunter, I can't recall a firm with that name. Hunter is not a firm, but an arms dealer.He has done many, many leather businesses.

That's another story!Hunter, isn't it called Jaeger in German? Yes. I have seen a very rich businessman, born in Germany, named Jaeger.Of course he worked as an arms dealer and changed Yeager's name to Hunter. That is my father!do you know him I don't know him, I just met him once. Where?when? Unfortunately, I can't remember.In a life as busy as mine, individual things are easy to forget.It must have been at a business friend's house. certainly!Maybe you didn't know he was dead because you weren't close to him? He made a mistake in asking this question, and it is not too big a mistake.I quickly got him into trouble, and I pressed him:

he died?When, Mr. Hunter? about three months ago. You were in the east when he died? Yes. Do you have siblings? No. You should go back right away, an inheritance like this won't keep you waiting long. He blushed, realizing now what a mistake he had made.To remedy, he said: I just got the bad news a few days ago. So it is!This is of course another matter.Still, don't you go back right away? Again the question bewildered him. Not right away, he replied, but as soon as possible.In order to speed up, I was forced to go to Tunisia. This explanation exposed more than last time.Forced to lead to a trip to Tunisia.In order not to let him see that I was aware of his mistake, I hastened to ask:

forced?Is it because of your relationship with Karaf? How are you talking about this?he asked in surprise, casting a distrustful look at me. I'm reasoning in the simplest possible way.I think the captain knew the man whom the captain spoke of.I heard that Karaf gave him a mission to take you to Alexandria.I infer from this that you and Karaf are closely related.Yeah? This hit him where he needed to be.He frowned, eyes down: You heard what the captain said.I apologize if I poke fun at the captain and tell you about him.You will see him in Tunisia and come home from Tunisia immediately?

Very likely. I was passing through London, probably on this ship we were in, since Calaf might be going along.You will know later that I may now be hiding the situation from you without benefit.Calaf is the captain. What?I pretended to be ignorant. Captain rank officer.He was born in America. an American?So he is a Christian?How can I be a Tunisian military officer? He has converted to Islam. Pity!A traitor! Don't be prejudiced against him!He has not spoken to me of his past, but he was an honest man, only forced from this step by the torture of a hard fate.I don't blame Karaf.All I know is that he wants to leave but can't.So I wanted to do something for him and set him free. liberation?All he had to do was ask to leave. No, others would think he was going back to Christianity. It's easy to say.According to regulations, he can take a vacation and then take the opportunity to escape.What else could they do with him? He is poor, what does he live on?Of course a wealthy protector is needed.He is sure of this. This is you? Yes.I will take him to America.Leaving the port of Bizerte in Tunisia on the first boat, which you will also take.I have told you all about these circumstances.If I need help, you may show mercy and support me. I accept with great pleasure, Mr. Hunter.I replied, glad that he just chose me as an ally, in what way do you think I can help you? It's not clear yet.First of all, I ask you to be a messenger between me and him. messenger?You don't want to socialize with him in person? In no mood.At least not publicly.You will probably admit that it was not easy for me to get an officer out of the army and help him escape.I had to hide it in advance, otherwise, he would have a lot of trouble after he escaped.Besides, he is not in Tunisia now, I don't know if he has come back, I have to figure out the situation first.Can you run errands for me? very happy. Then I will tell you that I will not go to Bizerte.The captain had directed me to disembark before Bizerta.From there I went secretly to the village of Gadiz in southeastern Tunisia, where I stayed at the house of a friend of the captain.That friend was a horse dealer named Boo.Malama.I hid at his house until I got on board with the captain.Nobody knew I was there to meddle in this.You sailed all the way to the port, and inquired whether Calaf was back, and then went to Cadiz to find Malama, and tell me what you heard.Is this asking too much for you? Not too much.I'm taking a small risk, and I'm more than happy to be at your errand.With your permission, I'd be happy to contribute a little bit to Liberate the Captain. Then we agree.Are you a good friend of Emory? Yes. Then I don't want you to be separated from him, so you can live with him!Your Somali can share a room with me.Do you think it is suitable? I agreed, fearing that I might arouse his suspicions if I offered to share his cabin.Besides, I don't need to watch him like I used to, because I help him liberate the Captain and know what I need to know anyway. This young man is probably Jonathan.Melton is gone.The Tunisian captain was, of course, his father Thomas. Jonathan hid in Tunisia, claiming to avoid future troubles caused by the captain's escape.However, I know the real reason: the real Smarr.Hunter has been lured to Tunisia, to meet the Captain.Yonathan can't be an impostor until he's gone.The captain's going out and Hunter's murder are closely related.If he is still out, Hunter may be saved.If the captain returned to Tunisia, Hunter would surely die.Now the deck of the boat is burning my feet like fire. Emery was as anxious as I was after listening to my story about fake Hunter, while Winnetu remained calm.Like the most respected person, he slept in the same room with this dangerous person carefree at night.The two cabins assigned to us were separated by two small rooms, the purpose of which is unknown.Probably to keep us from observing and eavesdropping on Winnetu and Yonathan's conversation over there.Although they can't eavesdrop on us, the conversation between Emory and I about the tasks we are facing now is still in a low voice.It's out of caution, we've gotten into the habit of doing it. Despite all the information I had learned from Yonatan, Emery still complained to me that I shouldn't have taken the job.He also said Winnetu lived with Yonathan and was of little use.I see it that way too.However, we soon learned that we were wrong.It was about two hours after midnight, long after we had fallen asleep, when I was awakened by a light knock on the door.The sound was very quiet, and Emory was still sleeping soundly.My ear is trained better than his spirit. I got up and walked to the door, without opening it, and asked: Who is outside? Winnett.The answer was very soft. I hurriedly opened the door, Minmbrun invited people to visit at this time, there must be something important to tell. It's dark here, he said, can't my brothers light a lamp? It seems that you not only have something to say to us, but also something to show us.I said. Yes.It was I who stole it, and it must be put back in its place as soon as possible. He pocketed it? no.My brothers saw that little suitcase he was carrying.After I lay down, I pretended to be asleep.He opened the box and sorted out the contents.There was an envelope inside. He opened it, took out several documents, put them back after reading them, and at the same time peeked at me from time to time, which made me think that there must be secrets in the envelope.He put his things back in the box and locked it, and it took me a long time after he fell asleep to get his key out of his pocket. God!You seem like a thief. A man should be able to do everything he wants.I opened the box and took out the envelope.My brothers can see if there is anything we need in it. A small lamp hung on the cabin wall.We turned off the lights when we went to bed.I lit it up and Emory woke up.I relocked the door and began examining the envelope. Besides the securities and some papers, there were several carefully folded letters inside.I opened it, and the first one immediately caught our attention.The letter is written in English to the effect that: Dear Jonathan: How lucky you were to retrieve Hunter's letter from the Cairo consulate behind your back!What an important message!His father died and asked him to come home.Both the authorities and the lawyer, namely his friend Murphy, wrote.This proves to be true.You will of course inherit the legacy.Then, there will be a way to free me from this miserable confinement, and to give me a better place to live. You ask me if I agree with your plan.I tell you, it doesn't get any better than this.We lured Hunter to Tunisia by a letter written in the name of a lawyer.You are an all-rounder, copying the lawyer's handwriting a thousand times, Hunter can't doubt it.His law-student friend is in Tunisia and wants to talk to him about something important.He would set off immediately and take the nearest boat to Tunisia.You don't need to come here, of course, because your striking resemblance may cause a stir and our pranks may be discovered.I think we have to be absolutely sure.You must stay in Egypt temporarily.You have to find a reason to evade, such as a sudden illness.If you stay with Michalis the Greek, I can send you my next letter. You are very clever enough to drive Hunter to me with this forged letter.You just say Attorney Murphy lives with me and Hunter will come straight to me.As long as he comes, I can find an opportunity to make him disappear as quickly and secretly as possible.Then, as soon as I call you, you can go and replace him. This is the bulk of the letter.There are many comments below, which are not important to us, but are very valuable to the recipient.Because of this, he collected it.In order to punish them, this informant letter cannot be destroyed. The second letter, written more recently, begins more or less the same way: dear son: You are doing well.Everything went smoothly.Hunter found me and lived with me.The only thing I didn't like was that he placed all possible letters and other items in Cairo, as Musa had instructed.He told me about your situation and expressed regret that you could not go home due to illness.He didn't know, of course, that his father had died. He immediately asked me about his friend, Attorney Murphy.I'm ready and coming up with a convincing answer.But instead of taking the answer out, a sudden incident helped me out.The Ayals turned on Krugerbai for raising the poll tax too much. I was ordered to go at once with a squadron of cavalry to punish them and force them to pay double the tax.I took Hunter with me.I told him that the lawyer didn't expect him to come so soon, and instead of waiting for him here, he went out for sightseeing for a few days.He was stupid, took my word for it, and followed me to a lawyer even though the Ayals were at least a hundred and fifty kilometers away from Tunisia.Tomorrow I'm going, and there's going to be a fight, and then I'll find a chance that he can never come back. I figured it would take four to five weeks.Then we meet in Tunisia.You have to get there during this time.My friend, the French captain Villefort's ship from here to Alexandria, will come to fetch you.He promised not to send you to port, but to disembark you at Kamat Point.You can't show your face there until I come to you.Before you come to me, ask if I have come home.If I don't come home, you must hide.To this end, I negotiated with the horse dealer Malama.He lives in Cadiz, southeast of Tunisia.He will be happy to receive you and keep your secret from anyone knowing of your existence. Needless to say, I'll take everything from Smarr and bring it to you so you can have your papers.At that time, I didn't ask for leave at all, but simply ran away.We took the next ship via England to America, stopping only briefly in England.On the way, we must make acquaintances with a few people, as capable as possible, who will take you as Smarr and testify for you if necessary, proving the authenticity of your identity. These lines are followed by pages of matters that have nothing to do with us. Other letters are of little use to us.These two letters are enough to make us see Melton's shameful plan. We know exactly why he disembarked at the Cape.Emery said. And the reason why he was looking for an acquaintance.I add. Yes.I knew him, took him for Hunter, and came out to prove his authenticity when necessary.The villain will hear from my ears what is true about him and what is not.Winnetou can now put the envelope back in the chest and lock it. Minmbrun asked someone to pick up the box and leave.The next day, he reported to us that the fake Hunter had slept soundly and hadn't noticed anything about what had happened the night before. Throughout the day, Jonathan was indifferent to us.I waited in vain for him to reply to our gentlemen's agreement.He didn't look for me.He must be afraid of my questions and doesn't want to be embarrassed by some questions.The next night passed.In the morning, as we were approaching our destination, Jonathan came up to me and asked: Would you like to help me? certainly!I answer. You will inquire if the captain is at home, and come to Cadiz and tell me. good! You'd better go to the barracks in the north of the city to inquire.When can I meet you in Cadiz? About noon. good!I have one more request.I had a long walk from Cape Camart to Cadiz, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, so I couldn't bring my case ashore.Please secure it, bring it to port, and hire a porter to deliver it to the Gadiz horse dealers. All right. Then I bid you farewell.See you this afternoon! He shook hands with me, then turned and went back to the cabin.Winnetou followed him according to my winks.After a while, Winnetou came back and told me that Jonathan had taken the envelope from the box and put it in his pocket. At the cape, the captain turned the ship around, put Yonathan into a small boat, and continued on to the port.There, I did not forget to hand over the box to a porter. I did not go to the barracks to inquire, but immediately went to my friend Krügerby.He had two official residences, one at the Kasbah, the governor's palace, and the other at Bardo, a fortified citadel four kilometers from the city and the seat of government.I left my companions at the hotel, and went immediately to the Kasbah, but Krügerbai was not found there, so I went back to Bardo.I am familiar with this path.I've been here twice in the past, both times from this road to my dear and extremely humorous Commander-in-Chief of the Guards. There are no changes to Baldo's architecture.An old non-commissioned officer sitting in the antechamber had to go through him to report to the commander.He was sitting and smoking, his saber by his side. what you up to?He is still in the old habit of not looking at me. The old non-commissioned officer was considered an integral part of the Commander-in-Chief of the Guards, and he started as a junior officer and rose to the rank of sergeant.The upright, grey-bearded Muslim, now in his sixties, looked as vigorous and as courageous as ever.He was only called old Sailam because he kept putting the word on his lips and giving it every possible meaning.If he yells Oh, Sairam! , which can mean oh, comfortable, oh, shameful, oh, happy, oh, unfortunate, how bad, how beautiful, how intoxicating, how pathetic, etc. Hundreds of interpretations.The only problem is how he pronounces it, what expression he uses, and what gestures he makes. His face looked as if it hadn't been washed in weeks, and his gray beard was stained with suet that dripped and didn't wipe off from his meal.If you are not eating, there will still be the smell of cigarette water around your mouth, and the cigarette pipe has probably never been scrubbed.Still, I really liked the company of old Sairam, and found him still so lively. Is Mr. Commander-in-Chief of the Guard at home?I answer his question like this. not there. He hasn't looked at me yet.I know what's going on. He wouldn't leave his commanding officer at home until he got a little tip. However, I know he is home.I replied, take the five pesos and report to me. good!Allah shines so brightly on your intellect that you should be able to see Him.bring it. He stopped talking, looked up at me, saw my face from the hand holding the money I held out to him, and jumped up for joy before the first sentence was finished: Oh, Sairam, Sairam, Sairam, another Sailam, and a third Sailam!You are, oh, my eyes are good, oh, my heart is bright, oh, my face is happy!Allah brought you to us in time.we need you.Let me hug you and you take your money back.Would rather have my hands dry than take your money, at least for today.In the future, you can double it to me. He hugged me and hurried to the next room.I heard him yelling over there, Sairam, Sairam, Sailam! . I nervously awaited my reunion with Krügerbai, trusting that he would immediately greet me in rambling German.The door opened a crack, and Sairam came out, grabbed my arm, and threw me into the room, shouting: This is him, the Messenger of Allah!Oh, Sairam, Sairam! Then, he closed the door behind me.I arrived at the living room of the commander-in-chief of the guards, and in front of me, a pair of piercing eyes and a smiling face appeared.He greeted me with outstretched arms and greeted me in beautiful German: are you hereAre you in Tunisia?I beg you to accept my warm greetings noble friendship the same sentiments come before me in amazement with beautiful eyes greetings a thousand times greetings a hundred times the friendship that wants to keep you because the German brothers are still in Africa. If you want to read these few sentences quickly, you must get used to Krugerbai's native language expression.He hugged me, pulled me onto the rug where he had been sitting, and hurried away.I can only sort out his sentence structure for my readers, otherwise, readers will not be able to understand a sentence. Please sit down, please sit down, please sit down!My old Selam has brought his pipe and coffee with great speed, to attest to your delight in welcoming you unexpectedly to us today.When did you arrive? Just came from Egypt. Did you stay in a hotel? Not sure yet, at least not for me.My friends may now find accommodation.I took two escorts. who? Do you remember my victories in the Algerian desert? Remember.Caravans of robbers, the eminent Englishman killed them, freed the captives, and brought them home. Yes!The eminent Englishman, Emory, is here too.Do you remember Winnetu, the leader of the Minmbrenyo people I talked about before? I still remember your American Indians well, Winnetou is your best friend. Yes.The Indian chief is here too.I will explain to you why I have brought these two unusual people. good.Please tell me everything.He was now speaking in unmistakable Arabic, asking if Winnetto had a silver carbine and me a Henry and a bear gun.I answered in the affirmative, and after these weapons, I inquired about some situations. Why do you ask about our weapons alone? Because we need to. What is it for? For tomorrow I am going to conquer the Ayals. The Ayals rose up in rebellion, and of course I heard about it.They don't want to pay the poll tax.But I think you've sent armed forces against them. Yes.But yesterday a messenger came to report that my cavalry was surrounded by the Ayals. Where are your people surrounded? In the Mudd ruins. I don't know about this place, but it's a blessing in disguise that they don't come to block the idyll.In the ruins, they can get a barrier and can hold out for a long time, waiting for reinforcements.This is not an entirely unforgivable mistake.The Ayals are a brave tribe.As far as I know, I think, they could muster nearly a thousand cavalry.A cavalry squadron is not enough against such a horde.Does that squadron have competent officers? have!The captain or cavalry captain is both wise and brave, and he is my favorite general.His name is Calaf. Arabs, Turks, Maures, or Bedouins? neither!He was born in England, served as a soldier in Egypt, and later came to Tunisia. He soon became an officer, was often commended, and was finally promoted to captain.I now appoint him as the vanguard against the Ayars. How could you make the mistake of underestimating the enemy and sending only one squadron for such a dangerous attack?Does the governor only want to send these few soldiers? Yes. Or did Karaf think he was capable enough to get the job done with such little force? Right. Where is he attacking? in Uneca. It is on the commercial road leading to the south.Is there a foreigner with him? have. Do you know who this person is? have no idea. I thought that if Calaf wanted to bring a foreigner, he would ask your permission. As the supreme commander of the troops, he has the right to take whoever he wants. I see!But that's another story.How many people do you want to take with you? Three squadrons.Leave tomorrow afternoon. That is, about three o'clock in the afternoon. Yes. It is a pity that Muslims believe that any expedition that does not start at this time will fail.However, in this way, a whole day of marching time is wasted.It should be considered that it was the loss of these moments, however short, that might have led to his downfall, which could have been redeemed.If it were me, I would start immediately, even if it is midnight. you're right.However, an afternoon order is an afternoon order after all.No one can disobey the governor's orders. If Muhammad arranged the governor's expedition time in this way, of course there is no way to change it. are you going with usAnd your two famous companions? I have no objection.This kind of war is right for me.As for Winnetou and Emery, I think they will also participate. I am very happy to hear this.The two gentlemen cannot stay at the hotel, and I invite them to come to my place. OK, let me pick up two friends.Since they have no luggage, just give them two horses.If you want us to accompany you to attack the Ayals, you must let us ride horses. Do as you please.Don't worry, you know me and I will give you the best horses. We thank you.Better get me a horse right away I have to go back to town.I'm going to go to Cadiz. Why go there? I'll tell you later why the three of us came to Tunisia.I just ask you now to answer a few questions for me.Do you have proof that Karaf is British? No. What country is he now a subject of? Tunisia. Assuming he committed a crime, he was judged not by his own representative, but by the Governor. Yes.But Calaf is an honest man.I can swear anything for him, and I will not allow anyone to attack my beloved general. He said it in a very severe and emphatic tone, and I could see how much authority Karaf held in his eyes.He quickly dropped the subject and turned the conversation to other matters.We talked about our experiences, smoked expensive cigarettes, and drank coffee, which Sairam kept filling.Our topics are all over the place, but we don't talk about the core issues.I noticed that I couldn't trust Krüger, who was stubbornly supporting the captain to our detriment. I had to go.Krüger accompanied me to the door, where a sorrel stallion stood waiting for me to ride.I first rode it to the hotel to report to my companions that I had practically failed in my relationship with Calaf.It is not difficult to imagine that this cunning man was well appreciated by the Commander-in-Chief of the Old Guard.I believed and learned from the negative side that it is not feasible to simply sue, and the evidence must be put in front of his eyes. What to do?How do we convince him?Emory asked. Via False Hunter Yonathan.I answer. Why? Let us go to him now, and tell him not to wait in Cadiz for his father's return, but to join the expedition against the Ayals.I am sure that this unexpected reunion will surprise Calaf and will definitely reveal the truth. Not a bad idea.But how to convince the fake Hunter? I can only do this by myself.I cook him some delicious food, and he naturally asks to accompany me.Think of the captain's frightened look when he saw him, think of his panicked look when he recognized me. I, the old iron hand, know his experience like the back of my hand.He must have said something to convince the Commander-in-Chief of the Guards, offering his love to a beast in human skin.Otherwise, he must be on the side of the devil.Now, I'm going to Cadiz and I'll pick you up later. wait a minute!There is a situation that seems to be not considered by you, but it is of great significance.Krügerbai knows you're German, and he knows your real name, right? certainly! You told him that Winnetu, chief of Minmbrenyo, was with you? Also said. Then you still want to fake Hunter to go with us?He will know that you lied to him. What's wrong with that? What's wrong?Weird question!On the way, he will definitely hear your real names, and it is impossible not to be suspicious. I want him to believe that we didn't lie to him, but to the commander-in-chief of the guard. You can do it? Totally sure!I tell you, the deeper a man is involved in sin, the more gullible he is. At this time, someone knocked on the door, and Sailam came in, and at the order of his master, he brought ten cavalrymen to fetch Winnetu and Emory.It was an honor and showed how much Krügerbai wanted to see us.Emery paid the modest bill, and the team headed to Bardo.I am going to Cadiz at once. I didn't have much trouble inquiring about Malama there.The horse dealer was well attended, so my visit went unnoticed.This is a long row of white flat-roofed bungalows.I stopped at the door, and Malama himself came out and opened it, and let me ride into the yard.Inside there are several horses fenced off for sale.He looked first at my sorrel horse, and looked at me in surprise.As I dismounted, he asked: Are you here to sell this horse? no. Well.Otherwise, you are a horse thief.I know this sorrel horse.It's our Mr. Governor's Bodyguard the real Hassi.Fezan stallion, his favorite horse.He must have great confidence in you, because he put such a precious horse at your disposal. he is my friend. Then please tell him that I am his, that is, your humble servant.What can I meet your request? A foreigner who wanted to hide came to you today? I don't know anything about it.Who told you that?he asked back, obviously flustered, because a friend of Krüger's had come to question someone who was hiding with him. Let's be honest.You can trust me.I came by boat with the foreigner, and sent a porter to bring his box.Tell him I want to talk to him. It may be difficult for him to meet you, he has been skeptical, and my guest just wants to avoid his friends.I'll know right away if you're the one he's really waiting for.When did you come by boat and where did you come from? From Alexandria, this morning. Where did the foreigner you're talking to land? At Cammart Point. what country are you from? U.K. your name? Jones. Your answer is correct.However, you have to tell me whether the commander-in-chief of the guard knows where you are going. He didn't know about it. will you tell him I'm not going to do that.I know that you are a friend of Captain Calaf, and have accepted the foreigner for his satisfaction.I have great sympathy for the captain, please remove your worries and take me to see your guests.I have something important to tell him that cannot be delayed. Come on then!I will take you to meet him. It is no wonder that the horse dealers do not trust me.He knew that his guest's presence could not be made known to the authorities.I came again on a horse from the highest authority.Of course, this will cause him to be vigilant. I stopped the horse and followed him on foot.The ostensible purpose of my visit was to report to Jonathan that his captain's father had not yet returned from the expedition, and that my own intention was to induce him to go with us, not to object. The difficulty was that he took me for Jones and had to hear that I was German.I must explain this contradiction in a way. The horse dealer led me through a few small rooms and told me to wait while he went to give me an announcement.He even now considers this vigilance necessary.His suspicion of me has never been eliminated.After a while, he reappeared, asked me to go in, and left immediately. Fake Hunter stands in the next room.I saw that he had the best furnished room in the bungalow.He held out his hand to me and said: It's you!您差點沒有被允許來見我,是不是? 從他的口氣和臉色看,馬販子不想讓我進來,但是馬販子沒有把他說服。 當然,我點了點頭,您的老板對我不信任。 您知道是什麼原因嗎? 我希望從您口中知道。 您騎的是衛隊總指揮的栗色馬。他對我說,您一定是衛隊總指揮的心腹。 I see.不過,他說的也對也不對。 How to say? 這是一次非常奇特的會見。我開始也感到吃驚,但是很快決定利用這個事件。我們坐下吧。我必須向您說清楚。這是一種冒險,我認為可能還會有更多的險情產生。 how could be?我想聽聽,說吧。他一邊說著,一邊和我坐下來抽煙。 我受您的委託到兵營裡去打聽上尉的消息。好幾個士兵坐在大門口聊天。我正要向他們提問題,他們卻站起來致敬。我看了看周圍,見來了好幾個騎兵,為首的是一位高大的軍官,眼光直盯著我,勒住馬友好地向我打招呼,致以問候,並且說我是卡拉.Book.內姆西。 oh!strangeness!您真的很像他稱呼的那個人。您對他說,他錯了? 我當然是這樣說的。可是,他哈哈大笑,說我是開玩笑。 因為這種相似性非常大。那個軍官是誰? 就是克呂格爾拜,衛隊總指揮。 您使他相信他錯了嗎? 我本來是想這樣做的。但是,他又開心地大笑一陣,二話不說,抓住我的胳膊,要求我不要把玩笑再開下去。我只好跟他走。到了兵營,他把我帶進一間軍官室,請我在那兒等他,直到他辦完公務。為了不覺得無聊,他讓一位叫賽拉姆的老上士陪我。 於是您使他改變了看法? No.我也不再去說服他了。因為,我有了一個主意,這個主意雖然大膽,但是對我非常有利。您知道,我是個皮革商。您也知道,突尼斯貝都因人的皮革特別多,而且大量被製成摩洛哥羊皮? Of course I know. good!如果我利用我與內姆西相似的特點,來為我的皮革生意服務? In what way? 最簡單的方法。可以肯定,克呂格爾拜的推薦可以為一個批發商帶來巨額利潤,因為此人是突尼斯總督的右手。於是,我決定與突尼斯建立貿易關係,買進一大批皮革。我希望,我的相貌會給我帶來寶貴的財富。 這是一個了不起的想法;如果,如果不是 what do you mean? 我猜測,您是想讓克呂格爾拜一直把您當做內姆西? Yes. 好,您,約內斯先生,擬議中的商務關係建立起來了。這兩者怎麼融合為一體?您可能不再是約內斯先生了,而是以內姆西的身分出現。 我也不會這樣做。這個矛盾很容易克服。我是內姆西,約內斯先生是我的朋友,委託我代理他的業務。您懂嗎? Understand.這種方法當然可以使用。不過我懷疑您能夠成功,因為您不可能扮演好內姆西這個角色。 對此,我有不同的看法。相似性看來是很大的,用不著擔心。 您一個人還不行。內姆西是衛隊總指揮的朋友,克呂格爾拜不僅了解他,而且了解他的全部情況。他們互相了解,互相交往過。您必須知道應該採取什麼風度,有什麼氣質,說什麼話,做什麼事。如果您要不被發現的話,必須知道所有這一切。一句錯話,一個不正確的看法,一點點無知,都會使你失敗。 您所說的一切,當然都是好的,善意的。儘管如此,我還是不害怕。扮演這個角色,比您想像的容易得多。當我單獨與那位老上士在軍官室的時候,我一五一十地問清楚了,並沒有引起他的注意。我知道我是個什麼樣的人。克呂格爾拜回來的時候,我已經不再拒絕是內姆西了。我把剛從上士那兒打聽到的都用上,並且在談話過程中知道了許多的事情。我滿懷信心地接受了這個所打算扮演的角色。 這可要特別留神,要特別敏銳。您看來是下定決心執行這個計劃了,我沒有什麼好反對的。不過告訴我,克呂格爾拜真的是德國人嗎? real. 那個內姆西看來和他是同一個民族的,因為內姆西叫做一個德國人? right. 那您就要注意啦!克呂格爾拜既然上升到這麼顯要的地位,絕不是等閒之輩。被他看穿的可能性非常大,尤其是他可能產生一種對您來說十分危險的想法,用德語和您交談。那您怎麼辦? 我可以同他交談。 ah!您講德語?he asked in surprise. So-so.以前,我在德國待過一些時候,學到了我在這兒所需要的這個國家的語言。克呂格爾拜的母語忘記得差不多了,不可能判斷出我講得好還是不好。我已經和他用德語交談過,發現我的發音沒有引起他的注意。 那您當然夠幸運的了。不過,儘管如此,您還是要留心。您如果被揭露出來,我是不願意處在您這種地位的。您這樣喬裝打扮,好處究竟有多大?值得去冒這個風險嗎? Of course it's worth it.這叫做一本萬利。 您將花費很長時間,就不可能像原來打算的那樣,和我同行? 可惜,我不得不放棄與您結伴,明天就到內地去。 tomorrow?So fast?您想過您將面臨的危險嗎? 沒有危險,我的旅行受到極可靠的保護。 在誰的保護下? 埃默里和我一起去。 real?他失望地說,我有把握,他會和我一起乘船。 情況發生變化了。他聽到我的打算,馬上下決心參加。我當然很高興,因為他是一個非常有經驗的人,他的合夥對我大有好處。他也不是單獨一人陪我去,我還有一種特殊的陪同克呂格爾拜。 real? real.這位衛隊總指揮將帶軍隊去,帶騎兵。您會看到,我是根本不需要害怕的。 騎兵?去幹什麼? 去剿滅阿亞爾人。 strangeness?我聽說過那些貝都因人的情況,以為他們受到了懲罰。卡拉夫上尉已經開赴前線去討伐他們。 這個我知道,這樣一來,我們倒是終於到了我們拜訪的對象上面來了。我受您的委託打聽了上尉的消息。 Now?他回來了嗎? No.他遇到了不幸。 Unlucky?他嚇得直往後仰,真的? Yes.他沒有戰勝阿亞爾人,反而被他們包圍封鎖。只有一個士兵逃出包圍圈,回來報告情況。 那就必須趕緊派援軍去! 他跳了起來,激動地在房間裡走來走去。這毫不奇怪,因為照我的說法,他父親處在極端危險之中。 因為克呂格爾拜把您當做朋友。他著急地說,您對他肯定有一些影響,您能不能敦促他去救援上尉? 這個問題是多餘的,亨特先生。您已經聽我說過,衛隊總指揮明天帶著騎兵出發。 去討伐阿亞爾人? Yes.克呂格爾拜帶領三個騎兵中隊整裝待發。 three?您認為,這點力量能救出上尉嗎? 足夠。只要他還沒有被殺死。當然,危險很大,從突尼斯到戰場,差不多要走五天。信使五天來,我們五天去,共計整整十天。 ten days!十天能出多少事? 上尉沒有足夠的食品維持一個中隊十天的食用,水根本談不上。他很可能投降。 God!what to do? 他來回走得更快,用手抓頭髮,發出不可理解的呼喊,像一個完全失去理智的人。我讓他去喊叫,不說一句話。如果我能正確判斷他的話,他現在一定會下決心朝我指引的地方去,即跟我們一道走。他走到我面前突然停止了腳步: 您和埃默里先生也參加這次征討嗎? 是的,還有本.阿斯拉,我們的索馬里。 還有他?如果我希望和你們同行的話您看怎麼樣? you? 快說呀!您為什麼拉長著臉?讓人明明白白地看出是個不字。 因為您要在這兒等上尉。 Pooh!現在,我再也顧不得了。很明顯,等的前提是他獲得了勝利。可是,現在的情況恰恰相反。我不能再遵守這個指示了。 我故意向他投出一個探索的目光。他注意到了,說: 您對我的這種激動感到吃驚? 是的,因為上尉跟您毫無關係。 這當然是實話,可是,我還是激動了一陣子。我伸出我的手去搭救他。我一般是說話算數的。現在,他面臨生命危險。我難道沒有義務去救他?但願您不會不理睬我對您的寄予的信任。 Um!您支援上尉,並且是親自支援。 您別再嘟囔,別再講嗯啦。現在,我對您能夠利用您與內姆西的相似性來迷惑克呂格爾拜,感到高興。我把您當做朋友,不會拒絕您的要求的。您願意在他面前為我求個情嗎? 您指的是什麼情?我問,心裡感到高興,他開始順著我的意圖走。 同行。 Um.我懷疑克呂格爾拜會給您所請求的許可。在軍事行動中,是不帶外國人的。 可是,他帶著您! 因為他把我當做內姆西。否則,他也不會這樣做。 但是埃默里先生,甚至索馬里,都得到了許可! 因為他們是他的客人,按照這個國家的習俗,客人的要求是不能拒絕的。 藉口,約內斯先生,這是藉口。乾脆地說,您打不打算帶我。 All right!我試試。 thank you.是明天出發嗎? 明天下午,是總督安排的出征時間。 您一定要把您請求的結果盡快通知我。什麼時候通知?怎樣通知? 今天通過一個信使,是我派的,來找您的老板。但是,我一定要告訴衛隊總指揮,您是誰,是幹什麼的。您報什麼名字和身分? 真的,這是最好的。告訴他,我叫斯馬爾.亨特,出生於美國,是上尉的熟人。現在走吧,您不能浪費時間。我相信,您要花費很大精力才能得到我所要求的許可。我將立即準備動身。 帶著您的箱子不會礙事的。 我沒有打算帶,只帶最必要的東西,向我的老板要一匹好馬。現在完了,您走吧!您已經耽誤了寶貴的時間。 他把我推出門,我騎著馬回到城裡的巴爾多。 這個平時狡猾透頂的人一定會相信,能把我控制住。他極力迫使我施加影響,讓他參加出征,卻沒有想到,正好落入了我的陷阱。 我毫不困難地為假亨特弄到了他所要求的許可。可是,我要求克呂格爾拜讓他與我們隔開,而與士兵們在一起。 如果他在身邊,我會覺得不舒服。 什麼使得你不舒服?衛隊總指揮問,他是想問為什麼。 因為我不喜歡他,因為他不應該知道敏姆布倫約人首領在我們身邊。 您有什麼理由? Of course I have reasons.請允許我以後再向您匯報! good!隨您的便。如果他問起溫內圖,您打算如何回答? 我們說溫內圖是一個索馬里人,叫本.Asra. 這件事情就辦妥了。我按照許諾,派了一個信使去加迪斯,告訴假亨特,明天在總督出征時間之前,到達烏內卡村,從那兒出發。 我們與好心的衛隊總指揮共度了一個愉快的夜晚,但是早晨不得不放棄與他聚會。他有公務纏身,沒有一點時間照顧我們。午飯時,我們也沒有看見他。飯後,我們前往烏內卡。他在那兒檢查午禱以後準備出發的部隊。 部隊步伐整齊,帶著馬刀、長矛和槍枝。根據我的建議,克呂格爾拜準備了幾頭乘坐的駱駝,在一定情況下,這是可能派上用場的。還有足夠的駝貨的駱駝,馱著彈藥、食品、帳篷等用品。此外,每匹牲口都配備了一個水袋。我們雖然走交通要道,但是也要通過一些無水地區。此外,我們還可能被迫長時間在沙漠中和草原上紮營。 快到出征的時間了,假亨特騎著馬來了。他有兩匹馬,一匹他自己騎,另一匹馱著他的口糧。他想馬上與我們結伴,可是克呂格爾拜注意到了,立即用阿拉伯語對我說: 告訴那個人,我不能看見任何外國人在我身邊。 於是,我走到這位美國人面前,按照這個指示的精神向他報告: 克呂格爾拜允許您陪同我們,但是不希望您在他身邊。 這個通知本來包含著對他的侮辱。與我的預料相反,他反而滿意地接受。 我對此感到非常高興。老是在衛隊總指揮身邊,被他察看,也不是我的意圖。隊伍是怎樣組成的? 頭幾天是簡單的行軍秩序。以後,到達敵占區,將分為前鋒、後衛和後勤,齊頭並進。您想在哪兒就一直在哪兒。因為您講阿拉伯語,與他們在一起不會很難。 出征的時間到了,克呂格爾拜讓他的部下跪下,臉朝麥加,自己禱告,然後出發。 我們沿著邁傑爾達河到特斯圖爾,然後走大路經過通卡和瓦迪克拉勒德附近的特布蘇克,到達巴赫。在最後提到的幾個地方,我們驅散了阿云部落。這個部落比阿亞爾部落反抗性還強,並且與他們為敵。現在要更加小心,因為第四天下午開始了。又過了一天,我們到達阿亞爾人區,兩邊站了崗哨,派出了先鋒部隊。我、溫內圖和埃默里參加了這支隊伍。 我們要穿越沙漠,預先把所有的給水袋都裝滿了水。埃默里用銳利的眼光察看了廣大的地區,問我: 到廢墟的路程還有多遠? 大約十四個小時的路程。 只有十四個小時?那就要小心了。你看,他們會留在廢墟嗎? who knows?上尉要是投降了,他們早就走了;如果他頂住了,那他們就還在包圍他。 Um!從那兒逃回的信使呢? 我也想到他了。如果阿亞爾人不知道他的情況,那他們不會擔心。如果他們知道他去了突尼斯,他們就可能想到,會從那兒派部隊來解圍。在這種情況下,他們會派探子過來,我們要留心這種人。 good!但是他們也留心我們。 definitely.我們必須採取對策,也派探子出去。 問題是派誰?你相信突尼斯總督的士兵會有好眼力和好聽力? Do not believe.他們的聰明才智更少,我不放心讓他們去當探子。 好,那就是我們和溫內圖去!要不,敏姆布倫約人會覺得無聊的。必須給他活幹。他和我一起騎馬,從右邊過去,你從左邊過去,然後會合。Do you agree? certainly!我還沒有考驗過我的馬。牠是火性子,不喜歡緩慢的商隊速度。讓牠奔跑一次。前進,埃默里! 我們與部隊告別。他與溫內圖朝西南方向,我則向東南進發。我相信,阿亞爾人不會延誤派探子的時機。要先發制人,及時發現他們,並抓住他們。
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