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Chapter 10 Chapter 10 Blood Revenge

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My sorrel stallion lived up to the confidence I had placed in him. I galloped on the sandy plain on horseback, keeping a close eye on the front and sides, and ran at least seven and a half kilometers in half an hour.I ran another four or five kilometers, but found nothing. I was about to turn right when I suddenly found a few moving black spots on the ground far away from me, changing positions alternately, up and down.It looks like an eagle.Where there are eagles, there are dead bodies.There are dead bodies in such a remote place, I must pay attention to this situation.So, I rode there. When I was about fifty meters away, I heard someone shouting something.After walking another ten meters, this time I clearly heard a hoarse voice shouting:

Allah, Allah, help, help! It seemed to be a woman's voice.I could clearly see a person buried in the soil, surrounded by several eagles.When I got very close, several eagles took off and landed not far away.The man also found me, and a weak voice came from this body again: Allah!You have come, you have come, Allah praises you! I walked over and saw a man's head wrapped in a blue turban in the sand.Lying in front of her was a child under one year old, his eyes were closed and he couldn't move.There was a corpse a few steps away. The corpse had been eaten by the eagle and basically only a skeleton remained, and the bones had been torn apart.

Terrified, I jumped off the horse and squatted down to see the man buried in the sand.I tore off the turban and saw the curled hair, it was indeed a woman. What if there is no suitable tool?I had to use my hands.The soil is pressed tightly, and when you dig deep, it will loosen.Fortunately, I quickly discovered that people made her kneel.Otherwise, the hole must be very deep.If the hole had been dug any deeper, the robbers who buried the poor woman would have had a great deal of trouble.Now, the job is much easier.After I pulled her upper body out of the soil, I could remove the sand buried on her legs with a little effort, and then her whole body was exposed.

After I put this woman on the ground, she passed out.She was only wearing a thin dress.Judging by her attire, she was a poor Bedouin woman.I estimate her age to be no more than twenty.Her face was no longer contorted, but her pulse was weak. The child didn't die either.I fetched a gourd of water from the saddle and poured it into the child's mouth.He opened his eyes, and I couldn't help being startled again.What kind of eyes are these!The eyeballs are covered with a gray film.It turned out that the child was blind.I gave him more water, he drank a few sips, closed his eyes again and fell asleep.

The eagle swooped down again and gnawed at the bones of the corpse.I shot two before the others flew away squawking. Two shots woke the woman up.She opened her eyes, saw the child, and held him in her arms. Allah, Allah!My child, my child.O Allah, Allah, my child! She then turned sideways to look at the remaining skeleton of the body and let out a sad, distressed cry.She tried to stand up, but fell again due to weakness.She didn't pay attention to me because I was on the other side.It seemed she was recalling the last moments before she passed out, for I heard her call: Riders, Riders!Where is he?

She turned to me, looked, stood up, staggered.The excitement gave her strength and kept her on her feet.She looked at me for a moment with fearful eyes, and asked: Are you a cloud fighter? no.I replied, don't be afraid.I don't belong to the tribe here.I am a foreigner from far away and would like to help you.You are weak, sit down, I will give you water. Yes.Give water, water!she begs. I gave her the gourd.She drank all the water in one gulp, handed the gourd back to me, her eyes fell on the corpse, she turned around in horror, covered her face with her hands, and wept bitterly.

I knew that the tears would make her feel lighter, so I didn't say anything, but went to see the body.Several holes had been punched in the skull of the corpse by bullets.There were no footprints to be found in the sand, and the wind blew all traces away.Murder doesn't happen today. The woman has mostly calmed down and I go back to her: Your heart is heavy and your soul is wounded.I don't want to rush you, but I want you to rest well.However, my time is not mine alone.I must know how to continue to help you.Would you like to answer my question? Speak!she said, raising her eyes, still full of tears, to look at me.

Is that dead man your husband? no.He was an old man, my father's friend, and I went with him to Nabanna. Do you mean the Nabanna ruins?There is a tomb of a miracle worker called Malabut. right.We want to pray at the grave.The child that Allah has given me is blind from birth, and the child can see the light only by going to the tomb of Malabut for Hajj.The old man who accompanied me was also blind in one eye, and he also wanted to seek treatment in Nabanna.My husband allows me to walk with him. However, your path passes through the area of ​​the predatory Ayun people.Which tribe do you belong to?

I belong to the Ayal tribe. Ayun people are your sworn enemies.I know that they have blood vendettas against you.You two dare to go on Hajj without being accompanied? Who wants to accompany us?We are poor and have no backer to protect us. Your husband, your father can accompany you. They wanted to come, but they had to stay at home because there was a sudden fight with the Governor's soldiers.If my husband and father hadn't fought in the war and gone with us, they would always be considered cowards. Can't your Hajj wait until after the war is over? no.We have made a vow to go on a pilgrimage on a certain festival, and we cannot break the oath.We knew that the Ayun people were a threat to us. When we went, we took a detour to the south and passed through the area of ​​the Meshe people who were friendly with us.

Why don't you come back the way you came? The uncle was old and weak, and the pilgrimage had worn him out, and the detour was too hard for him to take anymore.So we take a shortcut. This is so careless.Although the old man is old, he is not smart.His weakness is no reason to avoid the detour, for he can rest in the Meshers who are friendly with you. I said the same to him and he explained that the pilgrims of Allah are invincible and that any hostilities must stop on the way of the pilgrimage. I am aware of this law, it is limited to Hajj to Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem, it does not apply to other pilgrimage.Thousands of people go to Mecca for the Hajj, but even so, there are people who do not follow this law.

I don't know, otherwise I would refuse to follow our leader secretly on this road.He was even skeptical himself, because we rested during the day and walked at night, passing all the tents and barracks of the Ayun people. Then, you feel safe and less cautious. Yes.Although we are still in the area controlled by the Ayun people, we are not far from our own area, so we also walk during the day. It never occurred to you that the danger is greatest where two hostile regions meet.It is safer to be among the enemies. Yes.Allah made us go the wrong way.In fact, the scriptures have said it clearly, but we have not followed it.When we arrived at this place, we were attacked by Ayun people.They shot the old man through the head and robbed him of his clothes and the little things a poor man had brought.They buried me in the ground and made me look at the dead body.If my children were not blind, they would kill children too. When did it happen? two days ago. horrible!How much you have suffered! Yes.Allah cursed them and put them in the lowest level of hell.The pain I endured is indescribable. I have to worry about myself, and I have to worry about my children even more.But I can't help him.He lay in front of me, unprotected by me from the heat of the sun and the night.My arms were also buried in the soil and I couldn't stretch them out.Over there lay the old man, and the eagle came and ate his corpse.Terrible!Then the eagle flew towards me and the kid.I can't move, I can only scare them with my voice, my voice is hoarse.They gradually noticed that I couldn't defend myself, and they became more and more emboldened.If you don't come, they will surely eat me and my poor child before dark. She cried while talking, not so much because of excitement, as because of the pain she saw before her eyes. Want to open some!Allah tested you.Now, your suffering has come to an end, and you have survived the disaster you have suffered.As long as the child is alive, that's fine.You'll have the joy of being with your family in no time. you're right.But how do I get home?I had nothing to eat or drink, and I was so weak that I couldn't walk. Can you ride on a horse if I walk by? I don't think so, not to mention I have children with me. I carry the child. Sir, great is your mercy, but my pain is equally great.Even if you take everything, I'm too weak to sit in the saddle. Then there is no other way, unless you believe me.I am riding on a horse, and you are sitting in front of me with your child in your arms, and I will hold you so that you will not fall.Let's eat these dates first to increase our strength. She devoured the fruit greedily and said: You know, sir, that no man should touch a strange woman.But since Allah has taken my power, I cannot ride a horse without external help, so if I lie in your arms, He will not mind.My husband will also forgive me. Where do you want to find him? I don't know because he went to war.Allah will protect him.But our camp of old, sick, and sick is retreating, I know that, at Shefala, and we can get there tomorrow.can you take me thereOur people will be happy to receive you.I am poor, but everyone loves Eilat.Eilat is my name.All fallen people will warmly welcome my savior. What if I were your enemy? enemy?How can you be the enemy of the Ayals?You saved me from a terrible death. But I am. Impossible, because you told me that you came from afar.what is your tribe called That is not a tribe, but a great people, with fifty million hearts. Allah!How big is that oasis, where so many people live.what are they called That country is called the Alemanni, and I am an Alemanni.You should have heard that word, called Nemsey.My motherland is on the other side of the sea. And you say, you are the enemy of the Ayals? I wasn't originally, just now.The Alamanni are not the enemies of humanity, we love peace and follow the commandments of Allah.However, I am now a friend and companion to the Governor's soldiers you call the enemy. what happened?She asked fearfully, are you the companion of those raiders whom we refuse to pay their poll tax? Yes. Then you are our enemy, and I cannot go with you.Her tone was firm. Are you willing to stay here and suffer? Fear returned to her face: Allah!Allah!You are right, if you don't take me, my baby and I will die here.what should I do? Still according to your decision before this.please believe me. You won't send me to our camp? Of course I can't do this.First, you two have been tortured, and I have nothing to eat or drink.How do you persist until tomorrow or even the day after tomorrow?Second, I must go back to my team.If I don't go back, they will worry about me and look for me everywhere.That way, hostilities will take place with your people.This is what we want to avoid. You're taking me to our enemies?You really want me to go? Yes.I won't force you if you don't want to. Allah, Allah bless!She yelled in fear, you want to force a weak woman?Do you want to be as bad as Ayun people? Yes.I force you, but I only intend to do good.If you stay here, you will die.You must go with me, because I am going back to the soldiers, and you must go too.But you need not be afraid, and do not consider me your enemy.When I saw you buried in the ground, I immediately thought that you belonged to the Ayals, that is to say, to my present enemies.Still, I dig you out of the ground.From this, you can see clearly that I am not an insidious enemy.I brought soldiers here just to stop the bloodshed.Also conclude peace treaties if possible.look at me!Is there anything in me that you should be afraid of? No.She replied with a smile, your eyes are shining with a friendly light, your face is gentle.I'm not afraid of you.However, the more this is the case, the more afraid of soldiers. This is not necessary.All people will be friendly to you.We do not fight women. I take your word because you don't look like a liar, but like she breaks off, look, there are two horsemen over there. She pointed in the direction I had come from.It turned out to be Emery and Winnetou. They are friends who have come to see me because I have been out for so long.I said. After the two men arrived, Emery said: We worry about you.You walked for two hours, something might happen.We follow in your footsteps.Of course you took another chance? Yes.The woman and child are in grave danger. I briefed them.Emery said: horrible!According to Krugerbai, the Ayun people are villains.Of course women cannot be treated as enemies, poor life!You guys have something to eat. Emory gave her some dates, and Winnetou gave her a piece of meat, which he had grilled the Indian way. When the woman was eating, I saw a white spot in the east, which was getting bigger and bigger, and soon I saw that it was two-colored, the bottom was dark, and the top was white.I pointed in that direction, and Emery said: Bedouin troops, below are horses, dark; above are hooded cloaks, white.They are coming towards us, what should we do? Seeing us watching, the woman also looked east, startled. Allah bless us!If we don't run for our lives, we're doomed!This is the Ayun tribe. It could be someone else too. No.If you pass here openly in broad daylight, you must be the Ayun tribe.sir, go, go!She stood up as she spoke. etc!I say that the Alemanni do not run away from these people. But there are more of them than you! Quiet!I'll tell you a word, don't move.I'd rather punish the people who murdered here. Leave?Emery asked in his curt way. right. What if it is not the Ayun people tribe? That's the Ayal we're dealing with.We must get them. captive? Yes.If we had to shoot, we only shot horses, not people.We want to capture alive. Emory walked to the horse and took the gun from the saddle.With his gun he could hit any animal, any enemy in the forehead.There was a cheerful gleam on his usually serious face. Winnetou was also drawing out his silver carbine, and put his hands in his belt, where he held his ever-accurate machete and hatchet. The woman screamed more terribly than before: O Merciful One!O good one!O Blesser!This is indeed the Ayun tribe!The six who buried me were among them.The man with the black beard who ran ahead was the leader.What will happen to us!Oh Allah, Allah, Allah! I pushed her down to the ground and comforted her: It won't touch half a hair of you and your child. I had no time to notice her timidity.The men were three hundred paces away from us.They stopped and looked at us.Ayun people must have come to see if the woman died, and made fun of her.According to the current situation, we have to spread out.I was standing next to the woman in the middle, Emery was about twenty paces to the right, and Winnetto was the same distance to the left.We form a straight line of forty steps long.The horse stopped behind us. All but two of the Bedouins use long flint guns.Those two were holding spears.I was very envious of their horses, so I greeted my two companions: If we had to shoot, we shot not the horses but the riders, but only in the arms or legs. clear.Emery nodded, observing the enemy with piercing eyes. The Bedouins kept a short distance from us, exchanging thoughts about us, and a cry of surprise came to us.They hadn't expected to meet anyone here.Our attitude also surprised them.I figured out what they were talking about: if it were three Bedouins, seeing their superiority, they would have fled away long ago, but these three people stayed here; these three people should all be sitting on horseback and ready to run away at any time, But instead of running away, he stood facing them on the ground, motionless, without any sense of fear.It was nothing short of a mystery.They have never seen such a situation.They can only explain our behavior in one way: we assume they are acquaintances and there is nothing to be afraid of.But they were wrong because they didn't know any of us.They can only be sure of one thing, and exactly one thing wrong, that we are followers of Muhammad.Their greetings showed that they held this belief.No Muhammad has ever greeted a person of any other denomination with Salam al-Kum.A non-Muhammad is not even allowed to use this greeting to a Muslim.The chief with the black beard rode a few steps closer, put his hands on his chest, and called to us: Salam Alekum, hello, brothers! Sarah, La.I answer briefly. I use only two syllables to let them know that I do not intend to befriend these welcomers.He pretended not to notice the sign, and then asked: What do you want to do? Instead of answering, I asked rudely: What do you want to do?Who are you? This of course violates the rules of politeness.Immediately he reached for his gun, and threatened: How dare you state the question like that!Are you from the end of the world and don't know the rules?My name is Aswad, and I am the supreme chief of the Ayun tribe. The land you are standing on belongs to the Ayun tribe.You set foot on our land without asking our permission, and you have to pay for it. How many? One hundred Tunisian pesos and sixty caruben per person. Come and get it if you want it!I demanded that he, at the same time, raise the gun, resting it on his bent arm, to show that he would not get the money. Your mouth is like a hippopotamus.He laughed at me, but your brain is smaller than a humble locust.May I have your name?Who is your escort?Where do they come from?What are they up to?What is their occupation?Did their father have a name and hadn't been forgotten? The last question, as it is said here, contains a heavy insult.My answer is to this question: It appears that you dipped your tongue in the dung of your camels and cattle and sheep to speak such foul-smelling words.I'm Carla.Book.Nemsey, from the country of the Alemanni.My friend on the right is the well-known Pelemanbai, from England; on my left is Winnetu, the supreme chief of the Minmbrenyo tribe owned by the great America.We are used to giving bullets to murderers but not paying taxes.I'll say it again: get the money when you ask for it! You have less sanity than you think.Aren't we fourteen great men, and you three?Each of you died five times before one of us died! Then try it out!You can't walk thirty paces before our bullets eat you up. Hearing this, they burst into laughter.They didn't think my words were exaggerations.no!I have investigated exotic customs.Like the heroes of ancient Greece, their combat actions always began with the sword.The Bedouin also have the habit of using words, often sparing no effort, before actually using force.The ridicule of the Ayun tribe must also be substantive.As the tone dropped, the Chief threatened: You say murder.I order you to tell me who you mean. You cannot order me, let alone yourselves. We are murderers?Show proof, you dog! I'm going to punish you for the word dog, right here, and just before dark.look!Didn't you kill the old man?His wreckage is still before us. This is not murder, but blood revenge. You buried a weak woman in the ground.Old people and women are defenseless, how dare you use force against them.But you cowards can't show that courage to us. The answer was another louder laugh.The chief laughed and said: Come here, show us your courage, you are jackals, sons of jackals, grandsons of jackals. Come here first.You are five times more powerful than we are, and you can attack with a little courage.Pay attention to what I say to you.You have committed crimes here, and we punish you for your crimes.You will be our captives.We will shoot anyone who tries to escape.Dismount and surrender your weapons! The derision that erupted from them this time is indescribable.The chief shouted: Now, your sanity is at an end.Your brain is empty, shall I open it up and prove it to you? Sneer not, look here, how calm we are before your superiority!I repeat, if you try to run away, our bullets will catch up with you. Blackbeard turned to his subordinates and said: The dog looked serious.He talked about their bullets.We also hid some in the chambers of our guns.Give it to them, let it go! He pointed his gun at us, and his men followed him to raise their guns.Twelve shots went off and none hit because their old shotguns were out of action.Their aim was to knock us down, but to their surprise, we were not hurt.They backed away in panic.At this moment, Emery took a few steps forward and called out to them in a strong voice: Did you see the result of your shooting?We stay here with confidence, knowing that you are careless and can't hit us.Now, we're going to show you how we shoot.There are two men with spears, and one man can hold his spear up, and I'm going to hit them. A man with a spear was about to obey him, but when he saw Emory raise his gun to shoot, he put it down again, and cried: Allah, Allah!What does this person want to do?He tried to shoot my spear, but it hit me. Do not be afraid.The British laughed, dismounted, stuck the spear in the ground, and left, I won't hit you. The Bedouin did as he was told.Emory raised the gun, pulled the trigger, and took aim within the blink of an eye before the spear hit the iron point. The Ayun people approached to see the spear that had been hit, and none of them spoke loudly, they all whispered to each other.At this time, Winnetto asked me: My brother probably wants to show them his shooting skills too! Yes.I replied that I would take them captive without bloodshed.So it takes a few shots to prove that they can't escape us. Well, Winnetou would stop talking with his silver carbine.Do those people have a hatchet? No.They'll be dumbfounded if you let them see you wielding such a weapon. good!I won't talk to them, but have my brother tell them I split the center of that spear with the hatchet! All the Bedouins were in shock, and I called out to them again: Get off the spears!My companion has a weapon that you haven't seen yet.That is the ax used to chop heads and chase fleeing enemies.He opened your eyes. They make room.Winnetu took out the axe, lowered his head and spun around a few times, letting the ax slip out of his hand.When this weapon is flying, it keeps rotating on its own body, and it only descends when it is almost close to the ground, then suddenly bounces up, and then goes down, just hitting the midpoint of the spear.Cut it like a sharp knife. Hitting the spear at such a distance shocked the Ayun people.Their astonishment was heightened because the weapon was an axe.What they couldn't understand was the rotary motion of the ax and the unexplained orbit. Then something even more surprising happened.Winnetou put his silver carbine on the ground and went to get the axe.He went straight to where the ax lay, picked it up, and came back the way he had come, without looking at any of them.They opened their eyes and stared at us blankly. How bold!I watched the Minmbrunyo. laugh!He replies with contempt that they are not fighters and guns cannot be reloaded.If they attack me, I have fists and knives, and you'll take it out on me with your guns. This is Winnetou, calm and fearless, and does not change this character even in the most dangerous moments. In order not to wake up the Bedouins from their panic, I called out to them again: Attention, I want to show you a wonderful weapon.Put two spears in the ground! They plugged in.I took the butt of the gun and went on: This weapon fires continuously without requiring reloading.I fired ten bullets into the spear, each two finger's breadths above the other.Notice! I pick up the gun and shoot.All eyes were on me to see if I was really not reloading.When the tenth shot had been fired, all hurried to look at the spear.I didn't pay attention to the cries that were still going on, but while they weren't paying attention, I reloaded the ammunition so that I could fire twenty-five rounds later if necessary. The comrades hit the spear one after another within the prescribed distance, and I will appear in front of them as a magician, making them more and more panicky.So I shouted again: Pull the spear up, walk twenty-five paces forward, and stick it there again!In spite of this distance, I'm going to smash three identical parts with two bullets. They've seen me fire several shots in a matter of seconds.Now I'm going to show them how far I can hit the target.Small bullets pierced spears, and my bear gun must have smashed them to pieces. The spear was again stuck in the ground, and from our point of view, like a thin hollow tube, it was tricky to shoot.However, I know my weapon and use it with ease.I picked up the heavy bear gun and aimed it at the target, and the two shots sounded like thunder.Two-thirds of the spear was missing, the last third still stuck in the ground.Ayun people ran out.I put the bear gun on the ground, grabbed the stock of the other, and yelled at Emery and Winnetou: Go up, don't let them get out of our range.Unable to talk to them, Winnetu went to get their weapons and horses. We followed the Ayun people, we must stay very close to them so that our bullets can hit them.We were only fifty paces away from them, and they didn't care. The spear was passed from one hand to the other, and they were all in constant panic.The chief, thrown off his guard by surprise, looked back and called out to us: Your fellows are devils, you shoot without reloading, and your bullets go ten times farther than ours! You forget the main reason, I replied, that your bullets hit every shot, while ours hit every shot.Do you know how long it took to fire ten rounds? As fast as a heartbeat. In how long will I send fourteen? Fourteen heartbeats. Yes!And every shot hits, that is, hits each of you! Oh Allah!Oh Allah!Are you really going to shoot us? If you make me shoot.I declared to you that you are our captives.stand still!Tell me, do you resist surrender or do you want me to shoot! Want me to be a prisoner?No, I do not surrender!What a shame to fall into the hands of foreigners like you shut up!I roared like thunder, You called me a dog once, and I promised to punish you before Vespers.If you only speak once, I only double it.Let me say it one last time: Will you surrender or not? No.You knock me down! He pointed his shotgun at me.I laughed. Shoot!You have no ammo.You have been tricked.I turn first to you, and your people follow your example.Dismount now, and My words were interrupted, and Emory picked up his gun and fired in a flash, because an Ayun man thought we were not paying attention, and took out the bullet bag to load the ammunition.Emery's bullet hit his upper arm.He yelled, and the gun dropped. I yelled to the man: Everyone who disobeys orders will be like you.I warned you, and I warn you again, that anyone who turns and runs will be immediately pulled off his horse by bullets.Send your guns to the American soldier, hand him your knives and other weapons, and sit down on the ground beside him. The man hesitated despite the blood running down his arm.Then I pointed my gun at him and threatened: I count to three.If you don't obey, I'll smash your other arm.listen one two What Allah wants, do; what Allah doesn't want, don't do.He clenched his teeth and said, dismounting from his horse, raised his gun, and handed it to Winnetu.Winnetou took the gun and checked the other weapons. I called the woman and gave her my knife: You know what these villains do to you and your children.Now come to our aid, and cut a piece of cloth from the man's sleeve, and bind his arms from the elbows, and fasten them on the back, so that he cannot struggle.Then tie them all up one by one! Oh sir, what warriors you are!She exclaimed, you have created miracles of miracles, you can do anything! I turned to the chief again: You see, what rebels get.Obey it, dismount! He didn't obey my orders, but wanted to make a quick circle around the horse to get away.However, the horse misunderstood the jerk of the rein and raised its legs.I had raised the butt of my rifle to fire when Emery said to him: Villain, you are worth less than an honest bullet.We have another way to get you off your horse! Emery grabbed the chief by the leg, and he fell off his horse to the ground, and Emery punched the chief while Winnetou and I held the others with our guns.The chief was disarmed and bound hand and foot. I turned to the bravest man, judging by the expression on his face and the scar, and ordered him: Now it is your turn!Come down, go over there, and hand over your guns and knives!one, two He didn't wait until three at all, obediently dismounted, handed his weapon to Winnetou, was tied up and sat down. Now, things go faster and without major resistance.We can trust Muhammad's Mandate of Heaven: it is the will of Allah and it is written in the scriptures.All of them obeyed, except two who, when obliged to obey, uttered a few curse words.One yelled at me: Curse your beard!Of course I did not punish him.Another reprimanded me viciously: Allah put a hat on you!This quote comes from the following quote: Muslims never wear hats.This expletive says: God counts you as a non-Christian.According to the teachings of Islam, all my life I belonged to an unbeliever.This dreadful expletive, therefore, aroused neither rage, nor moved me to tears of anguish.On certain days in my life, I've worn felt hats, straw hats, and even top hats during the nice exam days that I love. We accomplished what seemed impossible: three men captured fourteen well-armed elite cavalry without a real fight.When all the captives were tied up, Emery asked me: How to take them away?This is much harder than capturing them.Let them ride?Then we'd be running around, even though they were tied up. They don't know how to ride horses.We tied the reins to the hands they had strapped on their backs, and let the horses drag them. good!go ahead!It was only an hour and a half before dark.Even though the guys don't ride horses, we were lucky enough to be in Val within an hour. Val?Which Val? Shortly before we set off to find you, the guide said, we will reach a Val today.We have to go through it tomorrow, so Krügerbai decided to camp in this Var. Do you know the way? Go west and you will be there. Var refers to a desert covered by rocks.The Bedouins call the desert Sahar: Seril is a desert of rocky mountains; the desert that can be inhabited is called Fajafe; the desert that is uninhabited is called Kara; Called Carat. The guide Emery mentioned was the soldier who had escaped from the encirclement of the Ayar tribe and brought the news of the captain's defeat to Tunisia.He was awarded the rank of non-commissioned officer for this.To find the enemy, we don't need a guide, but to find a specific place, it is best to have someone who knows the way by his side. Now the captives were bound to the horses, as I have just said.After everything is ready, we set off.The wounded's arms were bandaged.The chief had awakened from his coma long ago and had to grit his teeth and obey fate.
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