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Chapter 11 Chapter Eleven The Chief of the Ayun Tribe

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The woman I rescued, Eilat, said she was now strong enough to care for her baby in the saddle.What she got was a horse from the Ayun people.It seems that she need not worry about herself, because we do not consider her sworn enemy as a friend. Of course the three of us rode horses and drove the walkers to run.Ayun's horse didn't cost us much.The more sexual the Bedouin horses are, the more willing they are to run with their masters. Before the sun reached the horizon, we saw stones of all sizes everywhere, and Val started.The further we went, the bigger and more rocks there were, and we finally saw that there was a large rock to the south of us.It is extremely difficult to pass through this Val at night.So, we can only agree with Krügerbai's decision to camp where the Stone Desert begins.

We also soon saw that there was a camp ahead of us, and people were coming and going inside.Many curious people came out to meet us.They noticed that we were not alone and were amazed to hear what had happened. I reported to Krugerby.He didn't seem to mind much about it, for he said: The three of you acted very bravely.However, I'd rather go the other way. other way?what do you mean? Taking these captives will cause us great trouble. My opinion is quite the opposite. Why? They are good for our relationship with the Ayal tribe. I'm sure I don't see the benefit you're trying to tell me about.

The Ayar tribe refused to pay the poll tax.How can these people afford this money? As many heads as there are in this tribe, they will hand over as many horses, cattle, sheep and camels. That is, the poll tax is paid with animals.The lack of spring rains and the ensuing dry season killed countless livestock, reduced herds and turned some wealthy herders into poor ones.Those who do not rob must live on livestock.However, they were forced to die.They want the viceroy, descended from Muhammad, to be exempted from this year's poll tax, or at least reduced.But he didn't do that, and made them pay the full tax out of their sparse herds.Then they fell into a greater predicament, and were very distressed.Now, here we are, to push them to the brink.I believe that if they don't suffer a major failure, they will evade taxes.They will not surrender without getting into greater difficulty, possibly until hand-to-hand combat.The Ayar tribe was superior in the number of fighters.If they beat us, we must go home in disgrace.This is not allowed.

Unable to bear this disgrace, I would rather die in battle. Completely correct!But something else happens: we win.But we have pushed the Ayar tribe into extreme poverty.Famine spread, disease and plague prevailed.Would you like this to happen? unwilling.However, why can't some people of the tribe be transferred to places with abundant water and grass to obtain food? You mean to ask the Ayal tribe to change locations to find good water plants to strengthen their herds?That way they go to Algeria and even across the border to Tripoli.The governor lost them, and could never get their taxes again.Do you want this?

No, never! It can be seen that you are unwilling to let the Ayar tribe be defeated. He didn't answer right away, but looked at me very surprised, and said in embarrassment: I can neither see nor understand this hope. I know of a way to get the Ayar tribe to pay the poll tax without harming them.You get the tax back from the Ayun Tribe. Ayun tribe?To what extent? The Ayun tribe is much wealthier than the Ayar tribe and can absorb losses more easily.I had a double purpose in capturing their leader and thirteen entourages.First, I want to deal with them as murderers; second, through them to hold a trump card and use this card to win the Ayal tribe.If you think about it, these people have a blood relationship with the Ayun tribe.We can easily determine how many people were killed by one party and how many people were used by the other party to pay for their lives.In this way, the Ayun tribe must pay the price in blood.We can force them to do so because their chieftain is in our hands.

Krugerby's face brightened.At his age, he almost jumped up for joy.He shook my hand and said: Allah thanks for this great idea and for the incomparable cleverness you came up with!You are a valuable talent!You have my friendship and you can always rely on it. You don't accuse me of taking the chief prisoner anymore, do you? no. Then please let him and his people come over!We want him to pray.I have a personal matter to settle with him.He has repeatedly called me a dog, and I have threatened him that he will be punished for this, he will be beaten. beaten?A free Bedouin can only wash the beatings with blood.Terrible life and death revenge.Do you know?

I know very well.He's not exactly for the word dog, but also for his viciousness and brutality to be punished.He treated a defenseless old man, a woman, and a poor child in the devil's way.I told him that he would be punished before Vespers, and I did.If you don't agree, I'll secretly make him turn purple. Since you have made up your mind that he will be beaten either behind my back or in my presence, it should take place where you like. He ordered the captives to be brought in from the tent that had been set up for him, and I sat on one side of him, Winnetou and Emery on the other.The officers formed a semicircle around us.The chief of the Ayun tribe and his men were brought up.He knew Krügerby and greeted him with a slight bow.According to the free Bedouin, an unfree officer or soldier would be demoted to the governorship.However, he stood in the position of a bad guy in front of the director.The Superintendent reprimanded him:

Who are you? You know me!The Chief replied arrogantly. I believed I knew you, but your haughty greeting told me I was wrong.Are you the emperor of Istanbul, the great sultan, and the caliph of the believers? no.replied the chief.He didn't know what the director's words meant. Why do you greet me like a sultan?I could not raise my eyes in his presence.I want to find out, who are you! I'm Farad.El Aswad, the supreme chief of the Ayun tribe. It turned out to be this person!Allah opened my eyes to know you.That is to say, you are just an Ayun person.However, your neck is too stiff to greet the Commander-in-Chief of the Guard of the Millennium-Governor given by Allah in a dignified manner.I'm going to send someone to twist your neck down a bit.

Sir, I am a free Ayun. You are a murderer. Not a murderer, but a Blood Avenger.It's no one's business.We have our own laws, and we all live by them.We pay the governor the poll tax we promised.He couldn't ask for more from us.He can't ask about other things. You know your rights very well and I don't want to argue with you.But you seem to have a lack of understanding of your obligations.You see me as a representative of the Governor, and should honor him by honoring me.I make you step back twenty paces, then come closer again, and greet me, the greeting you owe me.Otherwise, you will be flogged.

dare!Chief Blackbeard cried, We are free men. In the desert, you are free.However, if before the governor, or before me, you are subjects.Back off! Frightened by the majesty of Krügelberg, they retreated twenty paces, approached again, bowed deeply, and placed their right hands on their foreheads, mouths, and breasts.Kruger then asks: Where is Salam?Are you deaf? Salam Arakum!Greetings from the Sheik, Allah prolongs your life and gives you the joy of Paradise! Salam Arakum!Allah prolongs your life and gives you the joy of Paradise!His thirteen companions repeated in unison. Salam Arakum!Krugerbai replied briefly, how did you come here?

Someone forced us.The chief replied that because we punished a woman of the tribe of the Ayals, we have a blood vendetta against them. Who forced you? Three men sitting next to you. Are you fourteen?How can you say such things, don't you blush? We don't need to blush because these people are in league with the devil.The devil gave them weapons capable of withstanding a hundred warriors. They are not with the devil, but fear God.However, they are brave men who have won many battles. So you don't know them yet.Do you know who they are? One was Alemanni, another was British, and the third was American.All three of them are unbelievers destined for hell.What are they doing in our country?Who gave them the power to interfere in our affairs?these dogs put us shut up!The superintendent ordered in a threatening tone not to insult them because they were my friends and guests. Then he said in a quite different, peculiarly friendly voice: When did your blood feud with the Ayar tribe begin? almost two years. I march on them now and fight them.They have become my enemies as well as you. We are aware of this situation and hope that you therefore consider us friends. Who benefits blood revenge, for you, or for them? about us. How many of you did they kill? No. How many of them did you kill? sixteen. I know there's a reason for the superintendent's friendly tone.Now, he says it in a completely different way: This is expensive for you.Because I'm going to hand you over to the Ayal tribe. You don't do that!The chief cried out in terror, they are your enemies. They will become MY friends because I hand you over to them. Oh Allah!They will take revenge and kill us.However, you have no power to hand us over.We are not slaves at your disposal. You are my captives.I tell you, when you go to the place where women are buried, you go to destruction. The chief looked sullenly, looking at the ground.Then, he raised his head and stared tentatively at the director's face with sharp eyes: Are you really going to hand us over? I solemnly declare in my name and my beard! A look of hatred came to the chief's face, and he continued sarcastically: You probably thought they were going to kill us? Yes. you are wrong.They don't kill us, they demand vengeance from us.They would rather have a few horses, camels and sheep than our blood.Then we will be free again, and we will think of you again.we will treat you He made a threatening gesture with his hand, but the director pretended not to see it and said: It may not only require a few animals, but more problems are involved. Won't.We know what's going on here and we can afford it. At this time, the director asked me: What do you think, sir? The price of revenge for blood relatives usually varies from person to person, and is determined by the benefactor.Therefore, it can be imagined that the money paid by the Ayun tribe to the Ayal tribe who was killed would not exceed the total poll tax that the Ayar tribe wanted to avoid.The director is aware of the situation and therefore wants me to understand and turn things around in a favorable direction.I will meet his expectations. Oh sir, you want to negotiate with the Ayar tribe for the transfer of our captives? Yes. I ask your permission to chair this negotiation. The request is valid because I know there is no better candidate for me. In this case, the Ayun Tribe would of course have to pay a much higher price than they imagined now. Your opinion?he asked happily. Yes.The chief of the Ayun tribe called me a dog, an unbeliever.However, I know more about the Qur'an and its various interpretations than he does.I will prove this to him and punish him for his insulting words by saying that when I handed over the captives, I made the condition that the price paid for the blood of the dead Ayar was exactly equal to the Qur'an and its Explain the costs specified in the chapter. The chief sneered: An Alemanni, a non-believer, a Christian, understands the Qur'an better than we do, and is determined by the Bible, this pagan is carried away by arrogance. Be respectful!I warned him you called me a heretic before vespers.Do you know how the Qur'an and its explanatory passages report on the Bible? have no idea.Because nothing is reported, otherwise, I would know. you are wrong.I will illuminate your ignorance.Listen, Father of the Prophet's Father Abd al-Mutalib praised God, saying that God had given him ten sons and asked him to sacrifice one of them.His wish came true.To fulfill his vow, he asked Gua which of his ten sons he should sacrifice.At this time, Abd Allah came, this is the later father of the Prophet.Abd.Mutalib took the child out of Mecca and sacrificed him outside the city gate.During this period, the common people in the city heard the news and came to accuse him of blasphemy and cruelty.They tried to soften him and arouse his fatherly heart, but he resisted all intercessions and resolutely completed the sacrifice.At this time, a person came to him and asked him to consult a famous prophetess before doing anything.Abd.Mutalib did so.The prophetess said that Abd Allah could stand on the right side, and ten female camels could be placed on the left side. Then, ask the hexagram to see who should be killed, whether it is a child or a female camel.If the hexagram points to Abd Allah, then bring ten more female camels and ask the hexagram again, repeating this process until the hexagram points to the female camels.That's how God says, how many female camels are worth the child's blood.The people did as he instructed, and turned nine times towards the child, that is to say, there were already ninety female camels standing on the left.For the tenth time, the hexagram turned towards the camel.Abd Allah, the father of the Prophet, solved the problem of sacrifice in this way.From that day forward, in honor of this date, the price of human blood was set at a hundred female camels.Every devout Muslim must act in accordance with this sacred custom, what more can you say? This question was posed to the Chief.He lowered his head and thought for a while, cast a fierce look at me, and asked: Which Qur'an teacher did such a great sin to teach you the secrets of Islam to an unbeliever?Allah burned him in hell fire. The teacher is also a Christian.Now let us count, you have killed sixteen Ayars, that is, sixteen hundred female camels.Take these in exchange if you want to live. Is the Ayal tribe crazy, would they come to ask for these things? Yes.If they don't, they will be madder still.We hand you over on one condition: They must demand so many camels from you.We made use of you to give them an idea, which they gladly accepted, for they could use the female camels to pay the poll tax, and have plenty of cattle left to compensate for their losses. You talk like a child.Where did we get sixteen hundred female camels? Isn't there a price for every animal?And isn't there a price for every female camel? Do you want us to exchange it for cash?There is not so much cash in the whole country.We do not pay in cash, but in exchange for goods.But, you don’t understand this, you are a foreigner! Did I mention paying in cash?If you adopt barter trade, there is no objection to exchanging 1,600 female camels in kind.I know the price of each camel, each cow, each horse, and each sheep, and it is easy to work out how many horses, cattle, and sheep you exchange for female camels.Besides, that's not all you have to pay. besides?he asked aloud. Yes.Do you know what the Qur'an says about Samah Shari and Badawi? have no idea. These two explainers are the most famous of all, and say in unison: Whoever insults another man's woman kills her honor, and pays it back with the same blood; The honor of her husband died, and it must be repaid in full.You know what I mean? Allah destroy you!He gritted his teeth. You abused the woman I rescued, that is, killed her husband's honor.This is equivalent to the full price of blood, that is, a hundred female camels.I wanted to be kind and not count the danger you put on her son.But I swear to you that in addition to the sixteen hundred camels for the man who was killed, I will pay the woman one hundred camels.She is poor and I want her to become rich through this abuse. The chief couldn't bear it any longer, jumped two steps forward, and shouted: dog!What do you want to do, what do you want to order!How do all these things matter to you?If my hands were not tied, I would strangle you, take this, and I'd spit in your face. He really did this, but I was sitting on the ground, with my upper body dodging to the side, he didn't spit.Then Krugerberg exclaimed: Take these dogs away!Otherwise they will go crazy.They understand us.We will not give any leeway.They have to pay the price of blood according to the Qur'an and give the woman a hundred female camels if they don't want to die.The criminals are paid by their tribe if they don't have enough money. The captives were dragged away.Only the chief's feet were re-bound and stayed as I instructed. Now, as the sun went down, it was time for vespers.In every caravan there is a Lord's Prayer.If there are no Muslim priests, dervishes, or mosque officials, a layman who is familiar with etiquette presides over the prayer.Here with us is my friend Sairam old.As soon as the sun touched the horizon, he called out in a resounding voice: Arise to pray, rise to detachment!Allah is great!I admit that there is no god other than Allah.I confess, Muhammad, Messenger of Allah! This is followed by the hymn prescribed for this prayer, consisting of thirty-seven verses or passages, offered with the incense of the mosque laced with laudanum.The soldiers all knelt, facing Mecca, and prayed with the devotion and devotion that is required of some Christians.Only the chief cannot pray because his hands and feet are bound.His eyes hardly left me, and I noticed that he was watching me with contempt and sarcasm.He may have been thinking that I would forget my threat to punish him before Vespers.However, he was wrong.Before the last prayer was said, before the words were spoken, I wanted him to hear it. The last part of the prayer is: God is one and has no companions.He is domination and he is praise.He decided to live and die, and he himself did not die.In his hands is goodness, and he keeps his promise to help his servants.He enhances the honor of the army and destroys the enemy's army.He is the only one.There is no god but Allah.We serve only him.We are his servants, righteous men, faithful men, and we remain the same no matter how much non-believers despise us.Allah, the Lord of the world, is worthy of praise.We praise him morning and night!He is the praise of heaven and earth, morning and evening, morning, afternoon and noon! The prayer had just ended, and the prayers stood up one after another. I ordered the old sergeant: Prepare to be gauntleted! punish who? Chief of the Ayun Tribe. How many times? one hundred. He'll complain about us, sir, because he won't be able to walk for days. Not the heels, but the insteps. This is another matter.Oh sir, Allah bless your thoughts.Now, we can finally pray to the housekeeper again.It's been a long time since this happened.Every time a board is played, a name is called.Allow me to name it!I like doing it. Can. He went to carry out my commission and soon arrived at the post with his helpers.The soldiers, mostly officers, regrouped in the superintendent's tent. Krugerbai did not object to the punishment.We sat at the entrance of the tent with the chief lying in front of us.It is no longer my intention to punish him so severely.I don't like this behavior at all.He deserved it for his abuse of women.His attitude is also not suitable for commuting his sentence. One hundred sticks, a beautiful number.Emery said, can he take it? definitely. The sergeant prayed for him? Yes. Housekeeper?One hundred rods, one hundred praises to Allah! I don't think it's bothering God.A hundred rods and a hundred calls of Allah's name.That way you won't count wrong.I have never participated in such a punishment.But, people assure me, it is often the punished who call the name of Allah aloud to numb the pain. I am indeed curious. It is worth noting that the housekeeper, the conclusion of this Muhammad prayer, contains the hundred names of Allah who are bending down and raising their hands, and the housekeeper's plot may be: The Merciful, The Merciful, The King, The Sage, The Peaceful, The Believer, The Protector, The Strong, The Violent, The Arrogant, The Creator, The Worker, The Builder, The Vain One, The Enforcer, The Giver, The Provider, The Victor, The Scholar , understanders, promoters, etc. Seeing the flogging, the chief seemed to be looking at me absently, then his eyes suddenly came alive, and he asked me: Who, who is this person? Flogger, I answer eagerly, he is your officer. I want to get a hundred rods?Badass!pagan! Shut up, I tell you, shut up, or one hundred and fifty! You know, you're going to pay with your life? Will not!How dangerous you are, I can see today.The gauntlet begins! They stripped the chief's clothes, untied his hands, and then parted his hands, and bound them to a spear held fast by two soldiers.Two other soldiers grabbed his feet.All his limbs were straightened.Now the chief was on his stomach, belly to the ground. start!I nodded. However, it didn't start, and everyone looked at Old Sailam.He stretched out his arms and cried in the voice of the Lord's Prayer: The crimes in this world are large and numerous, clogging the hearts of the bad guys.While justice is awake, punishment is not lethargic.Oh Allah!O Muhammad!O all their caliphs!Hear, you believers, your pious moral darlings, their hundred holy and blameless names.They are eternal justice and vengeance!Hear their voices, but not the wailing of the worms whose crimes are now being recorded on his back.Allah!O Merciful One!O Merciful!Oh king! When these three names are mentioned, follow the first three strokes of the stick.Then, the other names are said one after the other.At oh time, the gauntlet rests.When the next syllable is pronounced, the stick falls.The chief lay on his stomach as if lifeless, clenching his teeth, not uttering a single note.But, at the fifteenth roll call, his mouth opened and he moaned.At the seventeenth roll call, he began to growl, counting together: Oh Provider!Oh winner!Oh scholar!O understander!Oh Promoter! The man took a full hundred hits.However, this scene is unbearable to me.His spiritual pain was at least as great as his physical pain.I believe that I may become his hated enemy. Eilat came up to me and expressed her gratitude to me for the punishment of her tormentors.Little did she know, she was being watched secretly.After all, there is still a possibility that she may escape, although she is not ungrateful.She may also inadvertently tell a secret if she meets her warriors. We went to bed early, because the next day we had to pass through Val, and the closer we got to the ruins, the more dangerous it was.The enemy and our besieged are in the ruins.
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