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Chapter 12 Chapter 12 Judas

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Early the next morning, we fed the horses and camels and set off.Winnetto came to me in a hurry: My brother can accompany me, I have something to tell him. good thing? Maybe a bad thing. ah!What's up? As my brother knew, Winnetou had a habit of being careful, even when it seemed unnecessary.So I walked around the camp today and saw a sign that set me off guard. He pulls me south.There we found the footprints of a man in the sand between the rocks, leaving and returning to camp.We followed this trail to a place between large rocks.Here the man met a man on horseback.There are indications that they talked for a long time.

The trail was at least five hours old.The meeting took place around midnight.We have no other choice but to follow the footsteps.It continued to reach the south, that is, far away from the direction in which we were marching.This makes us relax a little bit.We returned to our companions half an hour later. We reported our observations to Kruger and Emery.The imperial army didn't take it seriously, but the British asked carefully: The man on horseback wasn't in the camp when we slept? not there. There must be a reason for him not to let others see.Those who don't show their faces are enemies!

Secret collaborators at night are spies.That is to say, there are spies among us.I added. I see it that way too.But who is he?If we pay attention tonight, we might catch him on the spot.How far are we from the ruins? Arrive tomorrow afternoon. Then we can estimate that the horseman will come to get new news this evening.We caught him and his companions. Unfortunately, this hope was dashed.Although we know that Captain Calaf is a bad guy, we cannot believe it, even though this incident has been foreshadowed, it is tantamount to telling us.Unfortunately things still happened.The night traveler did not go very far, but went into the enemy camp.This night traveler was a spy of the Ayun tribe, and as we later learned, was Thomas.Melton.The person talking to him is the guide.

Val greatly hindered our progress.Our team couldn't be united as one, and was divided into several parts, and there was a lot more information passing than usual.When we took a short break at noon, the guide reassured us that in three hours, Val would reach the end, and then the vast grassland. An hour later we continued on our way.Half an hour later, the guide came to us, pointed to the southwest direction, and reported to the director: In one place over there, Lieutenant Asimede was killed. Lieutenant Asimede?Krugerby asked in surprise. Yes. killed? Yes.I told you, oh sir. Asimede dead?was killed?By who?

Several Ayals, there is a little bit of water over there. Has the murderer been caught? caught.We caught them and shot them.They are three people. What about Asimede's body? We buried him where he died. speak! The road we were walking then is the road we are walking now.The lieutenant heard that there was water ten minutes away from us, so he rode there.His horse was weak and he wanted to keep it well fed.We went on, but soon a gunshot was heard.The captain immediately sent ten people, including me, to find out who fired the gun.When we reached the water's edge, the three Ayals were there and did not see us pass.They beat the lieutenant to death.We caught them and took them to the captain.He ordered the procession to halt and conducted a brief trial.They took bullets.Then some officers led several people to the water's edge and buried the lieutenant.We covered him with stones and fired three times in that direction.

Asimedes, brave and good Asimedes!I must see his tomb.You point it out to me. To this day, I still cannot explain why I was so careless and trusted the guide.He wanted to report it to Krügerbai, who knew nothing about it.Hearing this situation, I should immediately think of the night traveler. Without thinking, we just followed the guide.And by us, I mean Krugerby, Emery and me.Winnetou did not go, perhaps because he could not join our conversation.Before we left the line, the director ordered the troops to move on. We have been walking among the rocks, and after about ten minutes, we arrived at the scene.During this time, I should have been careful.

Beside a large rock, there was a small puddle of water seeping from the ground, and it seemed that the amount of water was insignificant.There are some small stones piled next to it.The guide pointed to these stones and said: This is the lieutenant's grave. I must pray for the dead.The director said as he got off the horse. We all dismounted, too, and hung our weapons on the saddles.Kruger knelt down and prayed.Emery and I held his hand, but kept it upright.The guide did not dismount, and we should have noticed this. After the governor finished praying, he stood up and asked: Was the Lieutenant facing Mecca?

Yes, sir.replied the guide. I still didn't think in a bad way, just said: This is probably impossible.Mecca is in the east.The longitudinal direction of this stone pile is north-south. it is true.Allah!Someone put him in the wrong place. And, I add, all the more remarkable, what is this?This cairn should be two weeks old. This is not the lieutenant's tomb. Yes, it is not.Emery agreed. Why?asked the director. Look, it's like this powdery fine sand is moving, even though there's no air current.Every crack, every crevice has dust moving.It's all over the place on other stones.But on this pile of stones, there is no trace of sand.for

Emory stopped talking because at this moment there was a sudden attack on us and our horses around us.I quickly drew the pistol from my belt, but was equally quickly grabbed by six to eight men from front, back, left, and right.I spun around with all my might and freed my arms.I thought it was ready to shoot, and the twelve rounds must have gone flying from me.At this time, a person dragged my feet back and threw me down. Immediately, a group of people pressed on me, and several others followed.They took my pistol away, took the knife out of my belt, and tied me up. In the fall, I saw, our guide rode away.Now I know who betrayed us.To my right lay Krugerby, with Emery closer.Both of them were tied up like me.The Englishman said to me in his mother tongue:

We are so stupid.Wizards are traitors.Don't worry though, they don't look like they're going to kill us.We still have time.Winnetou will follow our tracks and find us. There were about fifty people who attacked us.They hide behind the surrounding rocks, so we can't see the slightest trace.One of them, probably the chief, said to Krügerberg: You are what we want to catch.But we also took the other two.Tomorrow, we'll take your entire army and wipe it out, if the governor doesn't trade camels, horses, sheep, and food for the lives of the soldiers.Before you disappear, I will take you away.

They forced us to ride, tied us to the horses, and headed southwest, all the way across the rocks, to the end of the Val in over two hours. I wish I could slap myself.I lost my weapon.The boss, a guy with a monkey face, took my weapon away.We have fallen into the trap of our enemies, the Ayar tribe. Emery looks forward to Winnetou.Yes, I trust this Minmbrenyo more than anyone else, but what will happen to him in this situation.He doesn't understand Arabic and no one can talk to him.However, I don't think the game has been lost.Emery was right, they didn't seem to want our lives because none of the attackers used weapons.This should reassure us.We still have a few good trump cards to play: Eilat, we have rescued her; and we are going to hand over the captured Ayun people to our sworn enemy.Through them, as I have just heard, the Ayar tribe can get what they want. They separated the three of us.I'm at the front, the director is at the center and Emery is at the end of the squad.We can't talk to each other.I tried to look east, our men must be there.However, even though the area was completely clear of the cliffs, there was no sign of them.They must have been too far away from us, and the party must have stopped in order to find us.However, I believe that the guide will try to deceive and mislead them as much as possible. As the traitor had rightly foretold, the Sandstone Desert was gone.We came to a plain, not so much a desert as a grassland.Even though the grass is sparse, it still grows.We head southwest first, then east.Obviously, a detour was taken in order to confuse would-be pursuers. The red sun is setting in the west, and there are three quarters of an hour, and it will be night.The terrain gradually rose, and several hills appeared on the right, two of which pierced the sky like sharp knives, but they were far away from here.Those should be some hard cliffs.If I'm not mistaken, it should be Gilgil Heights.If I'm guessing right, we're heading towards the ruins, the destination.The Ayar tribe must have left there and moved to the Gilgil area. After a long detour, I calculated that Val, where we had previously lived, was in the north, only an hour's ride away from where we are now.This is important to me.The problem is that no matter how complicated the situation, the situation in the area must be remembered accurately. Now, a plateau appeared before us.There are solid rocks of considerable height on the left and right sides, and a canyon in the middle that looks like it has been split by a knife, leading directly to the grassland.The mountains on either side are easy to climb, but the pass between them is difficult to pass.I noticed that the cliffs were almost vertical. Mountain passes mean a lot to us. As soon as I saw this situation, I said to myself.This assumption was confirmed on the second night.Now the Ayals are walking towards the pass. I looked around and looked back at the situation within my field of vision.If I'm not mistaken, there's a small bright spot in the distance, only the size of a pea.It must be a white robe, and a hunch told me it was Winnetou.Later, this hunch was confirmed.He was indeed following our trail, taking the same big bend as we did.He should have seen us better than I could have seen him, for there were fifty of us, all of us in white robes.He was extremely careful not to let anyone see him.I can trust this Minmbrunyo.I reckon that, in spite of all the inevitable dangers, he will soon follow. The two sides of the mountain pass are really like being cut with a knife, and no one can climb it.We had hardly entered the fifty or sixty paces when the peculiar manner of the Bedouin camp appeared before us. The Bedouin tents are of different shapes, and dry firewood is piled up everywhere, which is used for burning fire at night.Hundreds of people came running to greet the triumphant tribal compatriots with enthusiastic cheers.Behind the tents were stationed guards, and behind them a large number of horses.Only men were seen, no women were to be seen.We are indeed in a fighting barracks.Behind the guards were the captives, who belonged to the encircled cavalry squadrons.They appear to have surrendered.I also met Captain Calaf.He treated me like a prisoner, which irritated me very much.To my consolation, he too was a captive.However, I was wrong. What I can't understand is that the Ayar tribe camped in such a narrow mountain pass. I believe this is very detrimental to them.They should know everything about our troops.What would happen if our troops were divided into sections and poured into this pass from the front and from the rear at the same time?That way, the Ayals are in this best trap ever.I sensed right away that they felt a sense of security here. It is easy to imagine what kind of eyes are cast on us from all directions.Even worse is hearing the name-calling and sarcasm.I'd better ignore it. Next to the stone wall on the left side of the valley, a very large tent was erected, decorated in a crescent shape, with many ornaments on it. There is no doubt that this is the chief's residence.We were brought here by six horsemen.These six horsemen dismounted in front of the tent, untied us, and told us to dismount.An old man with a gray beard sat on the rug in front of the tent.The beard gives him a majestic image.His eyes are frank, and his face gives people a sense of trust.The awe of his soldiers is sufficient proof of his high prestige.The soldiers kept an appropriate distance from him.He held a long pipe in his hand and was smoking. The guy with the monkey face handed him our weapons.He seemed to report something to the chief, for they talked to each other for a long time.Meanwhile, we stood there waiting.The reporter then left with five other Bedouins, taking the horse with him.Krugerbai didn't want to stand for a long time, so he walked towards the chief. The two of us know each other.You are Mobil.Book.Safa, the supreme chief of the Ayar tribe.I welcome you. The Chief watched his face quietly: I know you, but you are not welcome.Who are those two? This is Nemsey from Alemanni and that is Pelemanbai from England. There is a foreigner beside you, from the United States? Yes.How did you know?asked the director in surprise. I know everything.How do you know, it has nothing to do with you.Where is this American? with most people. pity!There are people here who would love to see him. He was referring to Thomas.Melton.I expect him to be among the captured soldiers behind.However, my guess was wrong.Because I saw Thomas coming. As soon as Krugerbai saw him, he exclaimed in the utmost astonishment: Calaf, my captain!Are you captured? Not captured, but free!Thomas said proudly. free?Then I'll be free soon too, because I guess shut up!Thomas interrupted him, don't count on my help, I won't do anything for you anymore, because He stopped mid-speak and took a few steps back.His eyes fell on my face.He knows me as I know him.However, he could not believe his eyes, and turned to ask the Chief; Did the captive ever say his name? Said.His name was Nemsey, and he was an Alemanni. At this time, he couldn't help shouting in English: devil!It's unbelievable, but I actually saw it.Old iron hand!You are a veteran!Someone said at the time that the old iron hand was also well-known in the Sahara.That's been said, too, if I don't take you for a coward.You are that villain!I also mentioned this triple cursed name just now. He put his hand on my shoulder and I shook it off: Thomas.Melton, please be gentle.Now that the old iron hand has found your tracks many times, you have absolutely no reason to cheer. Old iron hand, you follow this crazy old German oilman out and teach the Ayal tribe a lesson.Well, you're happy, try to be as comfortable as possible.Do you still think of that Uinta Castle occasionally? often.If I recall correctly, you were a bit inattentive there. Have you been to Fort Edward? have been.I seem to have grabbed a handful of your beloved hair. Yes.You chased me like a mad dog in the forest and on the grasslands.But you did a foolish thing by not judging and killing me yourself.You handed me over humanely to the police, who were as kind as a child and left a hole for me to crawl out of.Since then, your lovely image has disappeared from my side.I longed to see it, and it broke my heart.Just imagine how happy it is for me to be here, to see you again suddenly and miraculously.I have much more to thank you than you can imagine.You may remember my brother Harry? Remember.I know more about your lovely family than you can imagine, much more than the Meltons would care to let it be known. Well.Just wait and see!Do you also occasionally recall Arroyo estates? The one your brother set on fire?think. You probably also remember the Almaden Mine? Is that where I captured your brother?think. He lost all his property at that time because of you.He hid his stuff there, but when he went to Almaden later, it disappeared.A damned Indian must have found it in an old mineshaft and taken it. You are wrong.I took it right away and distributed it to the abused, poor German immigrants. He deserves death!Hum, I'll thank you very much and let your limbs fall apart.If only my brother were here.How happy he will be to know that you are in my hands!But, did you always think he was dead? certainly. Please don't lose your teeth laughing.You handed him over to the Indians and they gave him a simple trial, just as you were handed over to me by the Ayals today.However, he escaped them and now lives comfortably.You will be truly delighted to hear this news from me.By the way, you will be happy soon and you will not live until tomorrow at the latest. Ha ha!I laughed out loud. I provoked him like this because I hoped to find out from him the battle plan of the Ayal tribe. do not laugh!He warned that I meant what I said. Even so, I still laugh.Even if I fall under your control, your wishful thinking cannot be easily and freely activated. Do you think I'm afraid of you? no.Even though I've often proved, the old iron hand was also calculated by someone completely different from you.I don't need to fight for my liberation at all, the troops who come with me will worry about me. I tell you, before they get there, you're dead. Then they will avenge me, and I believe they will win. At this time, he let out a loud laugh: What an innocent! You have to laugh, our soldiers will definitely drive your people away. You mean, I don't know as much about cowards as you do.I'm going to tell you what it will look like in reality. Now he's said what I want to hear.So, I interrupted him, in order to increase his irritation: Come on.I know more than you.You have acted rashly, and you have enclosed yourself in this ravine, which itself is a trap.Tomorrow, our large troops will come and surround you, and you will never escape. This is what you said to me?It doesn't occur to you, it doesn't occur to you at all, what a stupid thing you've done.Suppose we were really inattentive and fell into a trap, as you imagine, then, since you reminded us of the danger we were in, I would have noticed it early, and I would have escaped in time. How unreasonable!I flew into a rage and looked like a ball of ammunition about to explode. I can see that you think you are clever.I advise you not to worry about us. We have come to this valley because it is so hidden.We can light a fire and cook here.However, tomorrow morning, we will leave this valley, half of the people will go away, and the rest will retreat into the mountain pass, where they will not be found.We hide behind a cliff outside.As soon as your brave soldiers have entered the valley on horseback, the valley has become a trap for them, and the Ayars who are lying in ambush immediately rush forward and drive your men to the bottom of the valley, where our troops wait for work.Even a three-year-old child can see that there is no way for your people to be saved, only unconditional surrender. Now, I know what I want to know.However, I couldn't let him notice, I could only act embarrassed.Then, quickly brightening my countenance again, I said: This wishful thinking is a good idea, but you don't have a clever way, so it's impossible to lure our soldiers into the bait. They have.You can believe it.Everything is ready.You place so much trust in the guidance of your guide, yet he has made an alliance with me.He led you to the water this day, and it was I who ordered him last night in your camp to leave your troops unguided.He will lead them into the valley tomorrow as well. asshole!You are all officers and should obey Krügerbai. nonsense!I have been groveling before him for a long time, and I was favored by him.But now, I have more important things and a completely different future.I'm going back to America, taking an opportunity and getting a full purse.I surrounded them deliberately, and after deliberation, brought my men to the chieftain of the tribe of Ayal, and sent Krügelby through my messengers to bring three squadrons of cavalry.The soldiers belonged to the chief, and the governor might redeem them.Krüger is mine and will give me a large sum of money in exchange for his freedom.There is an Englishman here, and an American in your unit.The two must be exchanged for a ransom.Occasionally I have your most precious prey.Instead of spending money, though, you die.Everything you owe me and my brother will be repaid in one lump sum.Do you know why I'm telling you everything so honestly? have no idea.In my opinion, your frankness is completely incomprehensible. This is to prove to you that I am completely sure of my business.You are hopeless. However, the British and Americans are not hopeless, not to mention Krugerby. How to say? Once you get the ransom, you'll have them killed so they can't reveal your secret. You are suddenly smarter!He smirked at me, you don't need to know what agreement I signed with them.That's my business and their business.What they paid me was nothing more than travel expenses.Over there, I'm going to get a lot of money, and that's the thing to worry about. Presumably an inheritance? He laughed shamelessly at me and admitted my statement, but he didn't know that I knew everything about him clearly.He proudly said: Yes.It is through inheritance, my dear sir!For now, my frankness should suffice.Superintendents can stay with the Chiefs.You and the Englishman come with me to my tent.There, I will reliably protect you.I just want to say a word to the chief.He turned to the old man again, Krugerbai belongs to you for the time being.I'm going to take these two with me.They are my property, and so is the Director, and I will keep him by your side for the time being so that you can negotiate with him the conditions for the release of the soldiers. Emery stood beside me and caught every word the villain said.The rascal is now grabbing his arm with one hand and mine with the other, trying to take us away.But the Chief held him back: stop!It seems that you have finished talking with these two people, and I haven't talked with you yet. The speaker's face was sullen, almost menacing.I know he won't allow us to be taken by this American.It's only good for us.Although I'm not very worried about being taken away, I can be sure that we will be more dangerous when we are by the captain's side.It would save trouble if the chief kept us.I don't worry much about our lives for two reasons: first, although I can't believe in Krugerby, I can think that Emery and I can find a way to save ourselves; second, even if this If this hope fails, Winneto can be trusted. I have high hopes for this Minmbrenyo.I know him very well and he is the most reliable of my friends.I swear by it, I'm completely convinced that the white spot I found was him.It was easy for me to put myself in his shoes and imagine the steps he decided to take. He must have known that we were turned into this pass until it was divided in two, that is, into east and west.Winnetu will come in from the west like us, and he will regard this mountain pass as important as I do anyway, and will definitely know who is inside, so he will definitely change his direction, leave our footprints, and go up the mountain, Condescending, bird's-eye view of the overall situation.Thinking of this, I suddenly had a feeling that if I looked up, I would definitely see him above.I did and actually saw him!As soon as I looked up and turned my face up, I saw a person on the edge of the vertical cliff, made a few arm movements, and then walked down quickly.He was at that height, like a kid, but I recognized him.He gave me a sign that he saw me and checked everything.I am completely at ease now, knowing that he will stop at nothing to save us. Winnetto looks down at us from above.I whispered to Emery that he would come over here when it was quiet. Yes.He replied, without looking up, great fellow!Want to take us out? The traitor captain looked at the chief with a surprised expression and asked: What else do you have to say to me? What I'm going to tell you, something you don't seem to understand, is that you're staying in a barracks of the Ayal tribe, and I'm the commander of this war. I know this. Why are you acting like a commander?Why make decisions about our captives as if they were your captives? They are also mine. wrong.They were captured by my warriors.Both these men and the Commander-in-Chief of the Guards remained with me. I can't admit it. I didn't ask you to admit it or not.There is only my will here. wrong!In this case, it's my will that works!Thomas.Melton pointed at me and went on to say, you have no idea how much these people are worth to me.This is a fugitive with many murders and other crimes of conscience.He also tried to kill me and my brother, but luckily he didn't succeed.I have a blood feud with him.He fell into my hands and belonged to me. I went to him, and because my hands were tied, I couldn't move him, so I kicked him to the ground.I said out loud: You are a murderer yourself, villain, and I hunt you down to bring you to court! Mongrel!he yelled, jumping up and jumping at me, how dare you talk nonsense to me To catch me, he passed Emery, who kicked him too.It was too late to say it, but it was so fast, no one had time to stop him, he flew to the ground again and lost consciousness. I wanted to go up to the chief and explain the truth, but he gave me a sign to keep quiet and said: quiet!I don't listen to what you explain to me.You were allowed to abuse this man with impunity.You have done enough.You see what I think of him.He called you a fugitive and a murderer, but you're not like a fugitive, and the Commander-in-Chief of the Guards would not allow such a person by his side.Are you an Alemanni, presumably a Christian? Yes. Do you know the life of your savior?We also consider him a prophet. Know. He had twelve disciples and one student.One of them snitched and betrayed him.Do you know the man's name? Judas. good!The Captain is a Judas, for he has betrayed his friend and Master Commander-in-Chief of the Guard.It seems that he wants to take revenge on you and even kill you.This can't happen, I won't hand you over to him.You are not his captives, but mine. Can I tell you why he wants me dead? Not now because I don't have time.As for your affairs, you will know later.In order to prevent you from escaping, I will take care of you separately so that you cannot communicate with each other.You each live in a tent.The Commander-in-Chief of the Guards stays with me. I have several important circumstances to report to you that demonstrate Not now, not now.He interrupted me. When I have time in the future, you can tell me as much as you want. He called two Bedouins over, gave them some instructions in a low voice, and they dragged us away.A man took me into a tent, tied my feet up, then drove a stake in the ground and tied me to the stake with a rope.Before that, he emptied my pockets.Then he sat outside the door to watch over me. I was uncomfortable being separated from my two companions, but I could not object. It was getting darker and darker, and night fell.After the last prayer, the guard gave me some water, and I got no food. The camp was silent, and everyone went to bed early, because they had to leave the mountain pass before dawn the next day. My guards came to see me at regular intervals to make sure I was still there, and to feel the ropes that bound me. I tried hard to untie the rope on my hand, hoping to free my hand before dawn.Just do that and I'm saved.However, my efforts are superfluous.Before midnight, I heard a soft voice behind me.It was so dark that it was impossible for me to recognize who it was, but, I said to myself, it was Winnetou's voice.I listen carefully. Surrey, Surrey!He whispered close to me. I'm here.I also answered in a low voice. tied up? Of course, tied to the stake. Is the guard coming? once in a while. How did you get arrested? I briefly described the process, explaining that the captain had mutinied, and told him: Kruger was in the chief's tent, and Emery's hideout would be found soon. I know.I saw them take him there, he was on the opposite side of the camp. Cut my rope!We must free them both quickly. no.We can't do that because it messes things up.Don't let the Ayal know you're gone.Immediately it occurred to them that we were going to pick up our troops, which might have caused them to start early.Therefore, you must stay here.Did my brother old iron see this? see.But I must be sure that our soldiers will definitely come. You pick it up yourself. But, I can't go away.My warden will report. He won't find out because I'm in your place. Winnetou suffering instead of me?I cannot accept such a sacrifice. Not a sacrifice.If I go alone, I can't talk to the soldiers, I don't understand their words.If I go with you and they find you out, they'll catch us.But if you go and I stay, I am sure to capture our enemies.You surrounded them at night.They cannot leave the valley tomorrow morning.There is no danger for me to stay here. He was right.I can take his advice without worrying about being selfish.He is not harmed by making sacrifices.We know we trust each other. good!I agree.I said, you've been with our unit since we were captured? no.I do not have time.I have to find you first. How can I find them?I don't know where they are. If you ride your horse all the way north, you will definitely meet them.They must have camped at the end of the cliff. South end of Val?I think so too. When you say riding, of course you mean your horse? Yes.Go north out of the valley about a thousand paces.I have it tethered there.The weapon is mounted on the saddle.I only have a knife. You have to take it too, just in case.What if the guards come and call you?You don't have to answer. I would snore and make him think I was asleep. Well, I hope I'll be back soon.Shall I signal you? want.Three eagle calls. OK, untie me!I tie you up.However, I tied it loosely, making it easy for you to untie your hands. When these things were done, I bid farewell to the Minmbrenyo and climbed out of the tent.It's not difficult, the tarpaulin is fixed to the tent poles inserted in the ground with the help of ropes.Winnetu got into the tent by untying the two ropes and pulling up the tarpaulin.I got out and tied the rope tight.The guard didn't notice anything. I can't talk about real freedom yet, because I still have to go through most of the camps.But I know that no one can catch me. The crescent moon hangs in the sky, and I am in a deep valley, but I cannot see it.It was quite bright, but I couldn't see a man standing guard.Sleepers are divided into groups, and a group sleeps together, which is easy to avoid.I crawled on the ground, and a quarter of an hour later I left the last group of Ayals behind.Then I get up and run. The Bedouins feel very safe and there is not a single sentry post on the pass.I advanced a thousand paces, and at eight hundred paces I saw the horse, for it was much brighter on flat ground than in deep valleys.I mounted my horse and could consider my escape successful, since I had a horse and Winnetou's excellent weapons. I kept flying north.The first part of the road was bright with moonlight, and I could see far away. After an hour, I reached the first few rocks.That's how Val started.It is much more difficult to find a camp now among the rocks than in the vast grassland.I took the silver carbine of the Minmbrenyo and fired once, and after a while I fired again.As I listened, after about half a minute, I heard two shots in reply, coming from the west.I chose this direction and soon encountered several soldiers.They heard gunshots at the camp and thought Winnetu was back.They fired two shots to indicate the direction.In addition, they sent someone out to meet him.They were surprised to see me and not him, but I did not explain the matter to them.My time is precious, and if it takes too long, things will go wrong.
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