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Chapter 13 Chapter Thirteen The Fight for the Poll Tax

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At the camp, people greeted me with cheers.I asked the guide, and they called him, and he showed no sign of fear. You know how we got arrested?I asked him calmly. Know.I was there. You just escaped, why is that? Because I am on a horse.The horse ran quickly with me on its back. snort!Then what did you do? I reported the news of your capture. Then? Find you in Val. why there? I thought the Ayar tribe was hiding there with you. Have you not looked for their tracks? This is redundant because your friend named Asra did. It turned out that you thought it was redundant!If one person does a good deed, the others cannot do it because it is superfluous.You have special reasons.However, the real reason is another matter.Where were the Ayals hiding before they attacked us?

Behind the cliff. They were there waiting for us and must have known we were going.They got the news from a man who knew you were going to take us.Who else knows about this? nobody. Yes, no one but you.Therefore, you are an informer. I?How strange!Didn't I come to Tunisia to ask for help? It should be said that it was to allow the soldiers to push more Ayals into the impoverished army.Who was it that you were talking to near our barracks at midnight last night? Sir, I cannot answer such a question.He didn't expect me to ask this question, and he couldn't help being tongue-tied.

you can answer!who is he? I didn't talk to anyone.I didn't leave camp at all. Don't lie!You make an appointment with Captain Calaf to hand us over to the Ayal Tribe. God!Tell me, sir, who slanders me in this way?I'm going to kill him. It is you who will be killed.You incite war, you will be executed. Sir, I am innocent!I know shut up!As a guide, after we disappeared, you did not lead the troops to follow us, but deliberately ignored our footprints.The captain himself said to me that he has formed an alliance with you. douchebag!he is shut up!You are a traitor who wants to turn us all into ghosts.Disarm the wretch and tie him up!The Commander-in-Chief of the Guards will announce his sentence tomorrow.

People were amazed that this non-commissioned officer, who had so far gained a high degree of confidence, was suspected of committing such a great crime.Everyone is hesitant to carry out my orders.This works in his favor. My verdict?He cried, Better say it to you, you accursed heathen! He drew his knife and tried to stab me in the chest.I have Winnetu's weapon in my hand, block his stab, and then grab him as soon as I reach out.He slipped under my arm and came to the horse.The people present were stunned, and no one chased him.I didn't move either, but picked up the silver carbine.

I have nothing to do with this man.He can escape far.But I think he will go to the valley to find the Ayal tribe, and he must be stopped from doing so.The rocks blocked the view and the horses could not be seen.But when he climbed up, he must emerge from behind the rock.I wait for work at leisure.Soon, I heard the snort and hooves of horses.I saw him, aimed at his right shoulder and pulled the trigger.There was only a cry, and the rider fell off his horse. I shot him off the horse.I said, hurry and bring him to me! Many people ran over and brought him here.He has passed out. Ask the doctor to bandage him and tie him up.I ordered that he not leave our sight.

Why bundle?A voice behind me asked, this man seems to be a good man, he led us well.Who shoots a person out of suspicion? These few sentences are shouted out in English.I looked back and there was Fake Hunter standing there.He is walking towards me. You accuse me?I asked him in the same language, you have no chance. What evidence do you have that this noncommissioned officer is guilty? have. You have to take it out and show it to the fighters.You have no right to shoot him. snort!What I do, is responsible for Krugerby.How can you be so enthusiastic about a traitor? His guilt must first be proven.

The evidence is there.From the first I noticed that you had a special affection for this man, and that you had many secret affairs with him.Now, without calling you, you have come uninvited to defend him.What grounds do you have to appeal? I don't have to defend myself to you. This is your opinion.I see it differently.Shall I state the reason for your close friendship with this traitor? It's hard for you to explain. Effortless!He is the link between you and the Captain.You want to rescue the captain. I'm sorry if you think so.I trust you a lot and have told you so many things.

I want neither your confidence nor your intelligence.I know enough.You know a man named Thomas.Melton's people? Thomas Melton!He spat out syllables one by one. Yes, you can't deny it, you know this guy, at least you've heard of it. When I clicked on this name and asked such a question, of course I must have understood something.This, he understands.However, he probably thought that it was impossible for me to see the problem clearly, and that it was wrong to deny it.So he replied: I don't deny having heard the name.But what does this matter to you? It's a big deal.Do you know Thomas.Who is Melton?

Know.a westerner. Or a hypocrite and a murderer. possible.You don't care about these. Because as far as I know, you know the story of Uinta Castle. You also heard about it?Without thinking, he blurted out.He is tantamount to admitting that he understands this history. know some.I went on to say that he was disguised and got caught.A fight ensued, and he killed an officer and two soldiers.Is it this way? I think so.He pretended to be indifferent to answer. Then, he showed up at Fort Edward.You also know about this? Where did you go?I have nothing to do with this person. If I'm not mistaken, he was handed over there as a captive, and by a Westerner called, um, what?

Old iron hand. right!Old iron hand.Is he Scottish or Irish? No, but a German, who sticks out his dirty hand here and there. Yes.He doesn't care.I immediately thought of another story. In this story, the old iron hand is hard to change.Doesn't Thomas have a brother?Called Harry, been to Sonora, Mexico, vying for a fortune. heard about it. Was he expelled by the old iron hand? was kicked out. Thomas has a son named Jonathan? God!Why did you bring him up? Jonathan traveled to Europe as a man's traveling companion, and then to the East? Where and how did you know?he asked stammeringly.

I heard it occasionally.He accompanied an American as a traveling companion. What was the name of that American?Don't you know? have no idea. have no idea?If the American doesn't happen to have the same name as yours, that is, Smarr.Yes or no? I have no idea.Put the questions away, I hate them. I don't hate it because things do matter.Now to get down to business, I am an old iron hand. old iron He withdrew the name halfway out of fear, as if a lightning bolt had driven him into the ground. That's what my name is.You mentioned this name before.You said that he stuck out his dirty hand here and there.I might co-star today, with you and your Captain Calaf. Trying to calm himself down, he said: Old iron hand!You want to be this person.you?impossible. Later, the light will shine on you brighter and brighter.Just ask Emery, he knows me, he's been out west with me.Just ask Krügerbai, he knows I'm a German, known over there as an old iron hand.Also, I have a surprise for you.My second escort was not a Somali, named Asra, but the famous leader of the Minmbrunyo, named Winnetu. Winnetto!He repeated it like he couldn't breathe, really? As true as I am an old iron hand.If you've heard about us, you probably know that the two of us are inseparable. I know.What are you doing in Tunisia? Find that Thomas. asshole!He cursed loudly. We first went to Egypt and did not find Thomas, but found his son Jonathan.Jonathan is preparing to go to Tunisia.Let's just say he must be visiting his father.We will go together. and and And make no mistake.We found Thomas, who looks just like your father. keep me quiet!Why are all these people worrying about me?I'm Smarr.Hunter has nothing to do with you. He tried to turn around, and I grabbed his arm: Please wait, sir!I would love to have a relationship with you.However, the question now is, should I still have a relationship with you.I can't let you go away.I prefer to keep you with me until I have finished speaking with the young American who has been waging this battle with Captain Melton so far. I don't know, don't know anything he said. Yeah?Well, he's the one you care about most.His name is the same as yours, Smarr.hunt. impossible! You see, this guy puts you in a dangerous situation where you get caught as a fake hunter. don't you think In my opinion, you are the real Smarr.Hunt, and believe, you can prove it.I even know very accurately. from where? from your notebook. notebook?do you know my notebookNo one has seen it but myself. You are wrong.I saw what was inside, not just me, but Winnetou and Mr. Emery.As you recall, Winnetu shared a cabin with you on board.We want to know who you are.Winnetto opened his eyes, which were very sharp, and he saw clearly the letter bag that you cared about and kept dear.You fall asleep and he uses his great skills.You slept soundly because of your good conscience, so he took the key out of your trouser pocket and the letter bag out of the box.Of course he came to us.We take the time to read.Then, he put it back in place.Now you can understand why I believe you are the real Hunter. My things were stolen by you? Oh no, because you keep your property.At best you can accuse us of being a little curious.Now, I don't want to steal from you.I admit to using the envelope, but not in your sleep, but handing it to me when you are awake. I won't!He yelled at me. You will!I said with a very certain tone, if you don't take it out, I know how to force you. I didn't take it with me, I left it with the horse dealer in Gadiz. You are wrong.It is impossible for such an important thing to be placed in the hands of outsiders.You often hold the letter bag in your hand when you travel, and insert it back inside your jacket every time.right here.I got it. As I said this, I tapped the place of his coat pocket.He dodges angrily: Do not touch me.I will not tolerate it! You're going to have much more trouble than that.Notice! I turned to the officers standing around, not in English, of course.They did not understand our conversation, but noticed that its content might not be good for Yonathan.After speaking a few words, he was caught, thrown to the ground, and tied up.I took the envelope and the rest stayed with him.He was brought together with the captured Ayun people and kept under strict surveillance.At this time, he no longer doubted that I had seen through him. As mentioned above, we have three cavalry squadrons.Headed by another captain, a cavalry captain and a lieutenant and ensign.I gave these officers a brief military meeting, and at the meeting I explained what had happened. The 1st Squadron, led by the captain, lay in ambush in front of the pass.The second squadron surrounded the mountain.The third squadron went up the hill to occupy both sides of the cliff, shooting from above and below if necessary.The first squadron is divided into two teams, the first team is led by the captain and is responsible for the right side, and the second team is responsible for guarding the left side.Below, where I was, was in the usual disposition, including horses, and our soldiers guarded by the Ayal tribe.Had we been able to free the captured fighters at the outset, we would have had a hundred more men. When will the attack begin?an officer asked No offense in the true sense of the word.The 1st Squadron was merely holding off the enemy if they left the valley.The second squadron had the same mission, if the Ayals behind escaped.Only me and some of the people attacked the guards in advance and rescued the captured companions.It couldn't have been without yelling and shooting, but it still couldn't be called fighting.Others should not take drastic action because of this. However, your attack on the watchmen must be timed in advance so we know what we are supposed to do. right.I will use the time of morning prayer. no. Why? Because we also have to pray and have no time to pay attention to the enemy.You are a Christian and may think that prayer is unnecessary. I don't see it that way.You pray, but be ready to fight.You have forgotten that the morning prayers of the Ayar tribe are determined according to the Hafi law.When the first rays of sunlight appeared in the east, they began to pray.However, in the time of the Hafis, the prayers began at the dawn of the yellow dawn.Therefore, when they begin to pray, your prayer is over.While the Ayals were praying, I hurried up and freed the captives.They will be taken aback by our actions, at least at first glance and forget to resist. We quickly set off for the mountain pass, arrived near the exit after an hour and a half, and immediately split up.Before the first squadron reaches the entrance, take the first step to explore the way.The second squadron approached to the left and right.I led the 3rd Squadron around the pass and reached its south side.I asked the troops to stop there and check the surroundings. The Ayar tribe was very careless and did not set up a guard here, so I went two hundred paces into the valley without meeting a single person. So far, under the moonlight, all is going well.But now, the moon was sinking, and would be gone in half an hour. I put my hand in my mouth and imitated three eagle calls.The voice echoed in the valley, and I believe Winnetu heard it. Now it's dawn.I passed a few more guard posts.The others stayed outside and, as I instructed, kept quiet.Except for the occasional snort of the horse, nothing was heard. Time passed, the moon has long since disappeared, and the stars have gradually lost their brilliance.The color of the eastern sky changed little by little. Sir, shall we pray?the captain asked me. good.Keep your voice soft. They knelt on the ground and read the prescribed scriptures.Overhead, the sky was getting brighter and turning yellow.It is impossible for people in the valley to see it.Then, however, came a loud cry from below: Get up and pray, get up and make a pilgrimage, prayer is better than sleep! It's daylight, and we can see farther away.In a flash I entered the valley.I just go ahead and don't have to worry about being discovered.I had learned yesterday that valleys are straight. The horse is not far from me.The captured soldiers lay behind them.They were not tied up, but guarded by about twenty armed Ayars.Beyond that is an empty room.Behind the empty house is the real barracks.I saw that all the people knelt on the ground and prayed, and the prisoners were led by the guards to pray.I hurried back and found thirty people from the army. Move fast and lightly!I command them, there are twenty guards over there, knock them down with the butts of your guns, and run back quickly. They walked quickly into the valley.The voice of the Lord's prayer is mingled with the chorus of those standing nearby.We went up to the horses, rode around them, and charged among them, hitting the guards with the butts of our guns held high.They were stunned with fright, and they were knocked down one by one by the butts of their guns. Only two or three escaped screaming. Get up, get up!I cry out to the captives, you are free.Go and ride, and take as many horses as you can, to where your liberator awaits you! They jumped up and got on their horses, each holding the reins of one or two other horses. After a brief confusion, they all galloped towards the south exit.There were angry shouts from the barracks.The Ayals took up their weapons and ran down, shouting.However, the liberated warriors had already led the horses to the plains.They have no weapons and must go back first.I lead others forward.We broke up into sections, barricaded in front of the pass, and shot blindly.The attackers retreated one after another, panicking.At this time, the voice of their chief sounded, and the chaotic situation was sorted out.The chief led his troops towards the northern entrance.Our troops waiting there immediately fired at them, condescending, and the cliffs on both sides gleamed with bullets.The loud and painful cries of the Ayals resounded through the entire mountain pass. Those in front retreated and those in the back moved forward, and the valley was crowded.At this time, I sent a lieutenant to their position.He waved a turban to indicate that he was appearing as an emissary.I begged the chief to come to me through messengers, promising him to go back at any time without hindrance.He would, however, order his Ayar tribe to cease all hostilities until his return. I saw the messenger disappear surrounded by enemies.After about ten minutes, the people dispersed, the messenger reappeared, and the chief came walking beside him.It can be seen that he believes that I will keep my promise.Out of politeness, I took a few steps closer to him, folded my hands on my chest, and bowed: Welcome, Chief of the Ayal Tribe!Yesterday, when I was your captive, you did not allow me to speak to you.Therefore, I come out of your barracks and ask to speak with you as a free man. He also bowed: I welcome you!You offered me free passage and will keep your word? Yes.You can go if you want because I bring you peace. You want to use this to control the situation? No. No?He asked in surprise, didn't you come to us as enemies?Didn't come to take all the rest of our herd? You promised the governor to pay the poll tax, but you broke your promise.He has the right to take with violence what you have promised.That is, you have to pay.But I am your friend, and want to tell you how to pay your taxes, and you don't need to hand over an extra animal from your herds.Please sit next to me and listen to my advice. Two prayer rugs were laid side by side on the ground, the chief sat on one and I sat on the other.After sitting down, he spoke first: The Commander-in-Chief of the Guards spoke of you yesterday, sir.I know about your experiences and achievements, but he didn't tell me that you are a master magician. How to say? You are bound and locked in a tent.Your warden came to you twelve times last night and felt your binding ropes to check that you were still there.He came to you just for a short time before morning prayer.Now, when the tent is empty, you sit here and talk to me as a free man.Isn't this magic? This magic is easy to explain.I didn't tie Winneto's hands tightly.At my signal, he untied the rope, freed himself from the stake, and slipped out of the camp unnoticed.He was in front of the entrance to the valley, inside the 1st Squadron.It was not necessary for me to explain this magic to the chief to keep him believing in miracles.I said: You can see who we are from this incident.Have any of you been shot and wounded or killed by our soldiers? No. This is good!I gave the order to shoot into the sky.We allow you a taste of our bullets only if our negotiations with you prove fruitless.How are you with the Ayun tribe? We have a blood feud with these dogs! How many of you did they kill? Sixteen!Allah sent Ayun people to hell! Are they poorer or richer than you? rich.They are already richer than us.Now that we have lost our herd, the gap is even wider.They suffered no losses and grazed in Wadi Silyanai, which is rich in water and grass. How did you come to a treaty with Captain Calaf? He moved when we surrounded him. He had no other way to save himself? Oh yes.His soldiers have far better weapons than ours.They can break through our defenses and kill many of us.However, he came to sign a treaty with us and surrender to us. What are his conditions? His Liberty and Commander-in-Chief of the Guards, he wants to force the Superintendent to pay a large ransom. You don't know what kind of person to sign a treaty with. He is a traitor, I have already told you. So much more than that.In the future, I will tell you in detail.Now, time is short.I would also like to make a treaty with you, a far better one that does not contradict your duties. That said, I'd like to listen carefully to what he says. I will first tell you my request, that is, to release the commander-in-chief of the guard and the Englishman in your hands.Then there's the handing over of the captain, and finally the whole poll tax we're going to collect. Sir, I can't pay the tax, it's impossible. wait!I will also tell you what you get from us.If you accept my request, you will have sixteen hundred female camels or something equivalent thereto. He looked at me with wide eyes and shook his head: I can't understand, sir, please say it again. good!You will get 1,600 female camels or something of that value. Why?Come to think of it, sir, it is impossible for me to ask you anything. Yes.You can see that it is much better to be hostile to a Christian than to be hostile to a Muslim.Is there a young woman in your tribe named Eilat? have.She is the beloved of the whole tribe.But Allah worried her with her child's eyes, because her little son was born blind.For the sake of the child, she went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land with a respected old man, asking Allah to bless the child so that the child could see the light.She will be home soon. She is by my side.She fell into the hands of the Ayun people on the road, and the Ayun people killed the old man and buried the woman in the ground with only her head sticking out. Allah, Allah!Another murder!These dogs will not spare even a woman who is on a pilgrimage.What a pain!How miserable!Buried straight to the head?Then, the eagle will come and peck the eyes of the defenseless man. Allah has mercy on this woman.He led me to her, I rescued her, and I took Aswald captive. Aswad?Who is called this name?Because you don't know the chief of the Ayun tribe. why not? My greatest joy is this.Moreover, this chief is not so easy to catch. You see him as a brave man?I see it quite differently.There are only two people around me.The three of us captured Chief Aswad and his thirteen Ayuns.They all had weapons and horses. He jumped up from the prayer rug and shouted: Oh Allah!Thank you!This makes everything better!Fourteen of them, captured by three, prolonged my life for many years.What a shame, what a shame!Tell me, sir, what do you do with these dogs when they fall into your hands?you killed them? No.They're still alive, tied up, here with me. What do you do with them?Tell me, tell me quickly! He was almost trembling with his eagerness to hear my answer. I hand them over to you. Before I finished these few words, he grabbed my hand and asked, almost roaring with excitement: real?This is real?Is this your firm will? I will hand them over to you, but only after you agree to the conditions I set in advance. I promise, I promise.Oh Allah!O Muhammad!We got fourteen Ayuns, including the chief himself!We can have our revenge!their blood will flow wait!I interrupted his joyful words, and their lives must not be endangered! how?He asked very strangely, we have sixteen people to avenge, but what we get are fourteen deadly enemies, and we are not allowed to avenge them?People all over the country will laugh at us and treat us as disgraceful people because we tolerate murder and insult. No.No one speaks against you, because you know that you have given up killing your enemies for the price of blood. Sir, this is a very difficult condition for us to accept. do not accept?Then you will not get Ayun people. You forgot that you promised to meet our demands. I haven't forgotten anything.However, you forgot that you are still under our military control.Three hundred soldiers stood before and after the mountain pass, and one hundred occupied the commanding heights.Your bullets can't hit you, but they can kill you one by one.All I have to do is give a hand sign and all the guns behind and above you will go off.How can you fight back? He looked down sullenly for a moment, and replied: No!We don't pay attention, we shouldn't stay in this valley. Yes.You're trying to catch us here, and you're falling into a trap yourself.I don't have a lot of time to refute your ideas with useless nonsense.I'll give you five minutes to make a decision.Note, I demand the release of the Englishman and the Commander-in-Chief of the Guards.Also, all of you are going out, except these two and me.In addition, I request the handover of Capt. Calaf.Then, I hand over the fourteen Ayun people to you, on the condition that they pay the price in blood.In addition, I have sent you out of this valley to try to get you to conclude a good peace treaty with the Commander-in-Chief of the Guards. We have to pay him poll tax? certainly.I'll do him justice.He doesn't want to give up taxes because taxes are his income. However, the tax amount is too high for us!Our herds need to rest and recuperate. You forget the blood price again, there are sixteen hundred female camels with which you can pay your taxes. Allah is great!One thousand six hundred female camels!This is of course much more than we have to hand over to the Governor.We could have a large stock left over to supplement our sparse herds. Really.You see, how good I am to you.And the woman called Eilat, the favorite of your tribe, will be replenished for her fear and pain.She is poor, and I promise her a prosperous life.The Ayun tribe also gave her a hundred female camels. Sir, your kindness is great, and your hand will bring happiness to everyone you touch!This is 1,600 female camels, a huge number! For the Ayun tribe, not so much, they are very rich. right.But I doubt that they will pay such a large sum. They have to pay because they can only choose between a high price and death.I am the negotiator, you can rest assured that I will not reduce a female camel.Don't let these fourteen Ayun people go until they pay the ransom. You don't know these people.They will default on payments, recruit troops, and then attack us to free their captives. Will not.You have to think that we and our troops won't leave until the taxes are paid.Until then, we are your guests, fighting alongside you when necessary. Sir, your words give me confidence that you are faithful to us. Then you obey my terms. I am in charge of myself.But you know, I have no right to decide such an important question alone.I had to call a meeting of elders beforehand.you?Do you have the right to decide?You are a foreigner in this country, and peace resolutions are the governor's business. The Commander-in-Chief of the Guard is here to represent the Governor General.What he did, the governor approved.I believe that Krugerbai will not deny my demands and conditions. Sir, I respect your words, but it would be best if I also listen to the opinion of the Commander-in-Chief of the Guards. Well, you should.Send him over so I can speak to him! You don't want to see him?You can talk to him first and then at our elders meeting.My elders would have been much more impressed if you had made everything clear to them. You give me free passage? Give.You also gave me. In spite of this promise, I gave orders so that he could hear that at the first shot the soldiers would advance down the valley.I believe that if this were to happen, the rest of our forces would start hostilities as well. Then the chief and I headed down the valley to the camp.
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