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Chapter 14 Chapter Fourteen The Father of Twelve Toes

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We were greeted by the hostile eyes of the Ayals.The chief chose an elevated spot, visible to all, to address the excited crowd of warriors who came forward. Everyone listen to me speak to you!This foreign governor, Nemsi, brought us peace, wealth, and honor.I gave him free passage.He can leave unhindered if he wants to.He is under my protection, and he is under your protection as well.I will call a council of elders and report on the joy and happiness that has brought us. These few words dispelled the hostility of the people, and the gloomy face just now became friendly, and the questions and answers kept coming and going.At this time, a voice overshadowed all the voices:

shut up!I can't admit it!This heathen is our captive and has escaped from us.Unable to guarantee his free passage, I demand that he be tied up on the spot! The speaker pushed forward.He is Captain Melton.His red and purple swollen face is repulsive, probably injured after being kicked down by us a few times yesterday.He ran up to me and severely rebuked the chief: I have told you that this man is mine. What you said has nothing to do with me.The old man replied that the officer was under my protection. Grabbed by the captain with one quick movement, I took up Winnetto's silver carbine which I carried with me, and prepared to defend myself.

under your protection?He asked viciously, how can you protect my sworn enemy? He brings us happiness.We will sign a peace treaty with the Governor. Peace?where am iWhat about our agreement? Agreement is no longer valid.You see, we are surrounded on all sides, with only a choice between peace and death. So it turns out that you cowards want peace.So, should this German dog still be handed over to me? No.He is a protector. As long as you can protect it, protect it! As he said that, he pulled out the knife with a quick movement, and stabbed at my chest like lightning, but before reaching my body, I hit him on the jaw with the butt of the gun, and he flew in a large arc and fell on the ground. On the ground, lying there without moving, with blood streaming from his mouth.

Sir, thank you for this blow!Says the chief, you fend off the fatal blow.If you are wounded, my promise to keep you safe is broken, and my gray head is covered with inescapable shame.is he dead The question was posed to the Ayal who bent over to see Melton. It seems that he is not dead.Ayal replied. Bind his hands and feet so he can't do more damage when he wakes up.He turned to me again and said, You can go into my tent, where you will meet the Commander-in-Chief of the Guards. I went into the tent and saw Krügerbai tied to a stake. you are here!He yelled at me with joy, I thought you were tied up like me.

You see, I am free, and I will untie you immediately. Thank goodness!You don't seem to be considered a bound person? Oh, it's tied up.I was taken prisoner like you, but I escaped. I untied him, and quickly told him the most necessary things.He listened nervously.When I told him what I suggested to the chief, he became even more nervous.When I finished speaking, he was stunned: God!What kind of person are you! what do you think?Agree with me or disagree? agree.Never object. This makes me very happy.I believe it does exactly what you mean.That is to say, you no longer make any demands on them other than what I have made on the Ayar tribe.

Not to mention. good.Then you come out!The elders sat outside the meeting and were waiting for me.Did you say a few words to them? Since the ranks are here, and I represent the Governor, I'd rather speak to them myself. We step out of the tent.In front of the tent, the old men sat in a circle, showing no sign of surprise that I had untied the Commander-in-Chief of the Guards.When he came among them, they offered to make room for him. All the Ayals stood around curiously, but respectfully at a distance.The Bedouins give the elders the utmost respect, and certain young people can learn from these uneducated people.

Krügerbai's speech was, as usual, a masterpiece, if not in his native German.He endorsed everything I had promised the chief, and when he had finished speaking, intended to withdraw so that the elders could have time for discussion.But the chief stood up and said: Your words, O sir, are like roses, whose fragrance makes the heart young.You want to leave so we can discuss it, there is no need for that.Why discuss?I agree with every word of yours and demand the same from all my companions.Opponents please stand up and speak! No one stood up. Agree with what the Commander-in-Chief of the Guards said, stand up!

No one is still sitting. Then the chief stood on a high stone again, and in a voice audible at a distance announced to his men what agreement had been reached.Then, there was a burst of cheers.I shook hundreds of hands and saw grateful smiling faces everywhere. The first thing I did of course was release Emery.He heard the uproar and loud voices, and decided that it was something of great importance, but it did not occur to him that a peace treaty was signed.He was even more amazed when I went into the tent to untie him. The above is the first result of our making peace, and the second is that we got back our arms and all other goods.

I asked where the captain was.They put him in a tent and tied him up.When I went in, I saw his eyes open, but then closed again, as if about to say something ironic, but there was nothing he could do.Two of his teeth were knocked out.Convinced that it was impossible for him to escape by himself, I left in peace. It had been agreed that the Ayar tribe would leave the valley and set up camp outside.Prior to this, the peace treaty must be formally signed, and the first chapter of the Qur'an must be recited and other prayers performed when signing the contract. The presence of Krugerbai and Emery is enough.I withdrew, spared the tedious activity, to inform my soldiers of the agreement reached.

I then rode down the valley, through the ranks which had just been our enemy, to the northern end of the pass, where the 1st Cavalry Squadron was deployed.Everyone was surprised when they saw me coming from among the enemies.Of course they listened with delight to the news I brought them. As I expected, Winnetu was in this unit.When I saw him, before I could speak, he came up to me and asked: My brother made peace with the Ayal fighters? Yes.It's going well, without shedding a drop of blood.I thank you very much, my brother! Winnetou doesn't have to get any thanks because my brother would too.There's nothing dangerous about that either.Besides, I'm not tied so tightly that I can take it off at any time.Thomas.What about Melton, the murderer and traitor?

He was bound and lying in a tent.The Ayar tribe will leave the pass and camp here.We stay close to them.I want to get our troops together. The captain of this squadron sent several messengers, and half an hour later our entire cavalry unit was assembled in the north of the mountain.The original captured Thomas.Melton's squadron retrieved horses and weapons from the Bedouins. At four o'clock in the afternoon, a contract signing celebration meeting will be held.The Ayars, led by their chieftain, Krugerbai and Emery, came out of the pass and were greeted by three shots from our cavalry.They also fired shots in thanks.Emery brought Melton over.The fellow is no longer delirious now, but has put on a mask and looks terrified.He was brought before me and formally handed over to me by the chief, as a result of our terms of peace itself.The chief completed the handover procedure with a few short words.Thomas.Melton accuses him viciously: Why did you hand me over to this man? I must do this, replied the chief, it is a condition of the peace. But, before that, you promised to set me free!If you don't talk about trust, you are a criminal liar and a shameless traitor. In other words, what he said is also correct.The Chief must have known this.So I have come to relieve the Chief, to accept the insult.At this point there was no need for the chief to speak any more, for as soon as Thomas had finished speaking, Krügerbai said angrily: How dare you say such a thing!You shameless person, how dare you speak of deceit and betrayal?You accuse the chief of mistreating you as an ally, so what about me, what have I done to you?Just an ally?I am your benefactor, your protector, your friend.How did you repay me?You lured me here from Tunisia, into a trap.I will hang you on the gallows.Take Judas away! stop it!I beg, if you take him as your prisoner, then I must fulfill the right of the first to be king. Your right cannot be greater than mine. possible.However, I still have important things to do and I need to use him. This, I do not block. good!I have one more request to you, that he be fastened, and guarded, that he shall not be a danger to us. do not worry!This dog will not escape my grasp.You can totally believe that.Bind him tight and tie him to a stake. This order was given to Old Sairam.He hastened to execute.At this time, the chief said to Krugerbai: Sir, you are right in comparing him to Judas.That's what I called him too. You also have this opinion?He is also being honest with you? He didn't lie to me.However, he betrayed you.You turned out to be my enemy.You came here to fight us.That's why I took his advice to catch you.This did me great good, but it did not prevent me from thinking of him as Judas, and from my heart despising him.He did the same to the other. To whom? for his company. At this time, I immediately interjected: I must inquire about this person's situation.I know him and worry about his suffering on the journey to get here.Where is he? in the valley. In the valley?God!There's no one there anymore, at least not alive!he died? Yes. murdered? I think so. By Captain? Yes. What's that man's name? I don't know his real name.The captain called him his friend.He always referred to him as my friend. But you must call him by a name. We have his name.You know, we have a habit of naming strangers we don't know, or people whose names are difficult to pronounce, after some characteristic that distinguishes them from others.We gave the young stranger one such name, Father Twelve Toes. what reason?Does he have twelve toes? Yes.We surrounded the soldiers in the ruins near a spring.The soldiers are taken as captives, but the captain and his friends are free.The foreigner washes his face, hands, and feet by the spring.That's when one of ours discovered that he had six toes on each foot. This is very important to me!I now admit my purpose for coming here.Even my friend, the Commander-in-Chief of the Guard, does not know this purpose.This is to save this man who is called the father of twelve toes. how?Kruger asked, did you know he would be killed? I imagined it this way.It was a sinister plan, carried out with unique and insidious means. I told the Guard Commander and Chief what they needed to know.After listening to my report, Kruger was very excited: This is a sinister trick, an act of unheard of evil.If you said earlier, we would hurry up and get here earlier.Maybe the twelve-toed father could still be saved. But then you didn't believe it.We came here in a hurry, and we can't be quicker anymore.If we could have arrived one day sooner, still can't say, that poor Smarr would have lived because of it. Still, you should speak up! I can't say.If I were to involve you in this incident, I must say that the Captain is a murderer on the run, isn't he? certainly. He is your favorite.Do you remember our conversation in Baldo?I started talking about him, just the first sentence, trying to shake your trust in the captain, and you got mad. You were not supposed to be silent.I'm your friend, and if you keep talking, maybe I'll listen to you. Will not.You were so excited.If you had listened to my statement, I might have discredited you in this man.I even said that you still trust him so much that you will jeopardize my plan. He bowed his head and was silent for a moment, then said: Sincerity compelled me to admit that I probably did something that got in your way.I admit, I have a partiality for the bad guy. Now, O Chief, tell us what you know about the death of the twelve-toed father.Was he mistreated by the captain? Oh no.The captain was very friendly to him.In fact, the captain was implementing a plan to murder him, to give him a sense of security first.Our camp is arranged in the valley.After vespers the day before yesterday, the two of them set off from the camp to a place between the captured soldiers and their horses.Presently we heard a gunshot there, not a loud one, but a faint one, as if from a foreign miniature pistol.That pistol has six bullets, but only one barrel.Then the captain returned to the barracks with only news that his friend had shot himself. Is there a reason? have.He said his friend took the action out of misanthropy. Did you catch signs of his sentimentality? No.He has only been here for a few days, always smiling, and often making us laugh with humorous words. This was inconsistent with the melancholy mood the captain spoke of. The captain claimed that his friend had grown weary of life and had contemplated suicide several times.It is for this reason that he rarely lets him out of his sight. go on!What action did you guys take upon hearing the news of this alleged suicide? I sent for the place where the dead man lay. is he really dead?Do you believe it yourself? Do not believe.According to our belief, we become unclean when we touch a dead body.It is another matter if the dead belonged to one of our own.But he's a foreigner, why should we get our hands dirty? he was buried? Yes.Buried by the captain. no one to help? nobody.Also due to uncleanness, he did not ask for help. when was that Yesterday, when you were brought to me as captives, the Captain was with you and me.At that time, he was returning from the tomb, and his work was not finished.Later, we hid you in a tent before he finished handling it. Did you see where the bullet hit? Saw.The deadly piece of metal struck the heart.Do you think these subplots you asked me about are important? Very important.I must go to the grave immediately, please accompany me. The chief agreed.Krugerbai, Winnetou and Emery also traveled together.On the way, I also asked the chief a few things: It does not appear from your statement that you believe it was a suicide. I doubted it, of course, and thought it was impossible for the father of twelve toes to be so bored with life that he couldn't have killed himself.On the surface, the captain is also a reliable person, always guarding the foreigner, as if this friend is his prisoner. As we walked and talked, we walked through most of the valley without knowing it, and the chief pointed out the cemetery to us.It was not a pit, but a pile of stones covering the corpse.Thomas.Melton's work was easy, and the pile was not high, and we dug it in a few minutes.The dead were still lying in it.The impression his expression gave was the one I expected. God!Emory exclaimed, how similar! God's miracle!The commander-in-chief of the guard understands, this is the man you brought from Tunisia! Do you think this similarity is great? So big that I would never have thought it possible. It is indeed too similar.Only in this way is it possible to make this person's plan a success.Let's look at the clothes first. I have seen many dead.But this dead man made a very peculiar impression on me.I had this impression not so much from seeing the circumstances that cost him his life, but from his facial expression.He smiled so sweetly, as if a happy dream filled his heart.It is not so much that he resembles the dead, but that I should not be sure that he is no longer alive without confirming it with my hands. There was nothing in his clothes and pockets.But on further searching, I noticed that his left hand was bound. What's this!I asked the chief, do you know why he is wearing a bandage? He was wounded by a bullet.When we surrounded your cavalry squadron, several bullets fell.A piece of bullet leather blew up the front part of his left thumb. I must see it. The bandage is made from a bandana.I unwrapped the bandage, believing that the dead man was indeed missing the tip of a thumb.Winnetto came over to look at the wound and said: My brother can cut a heart open! He did as he was told.A revolver bullet had penetrated exactly where the heart was.The bullets were fired cleanly, and the wound and its surroundings were as clean as if they had been washed.There was no blood on the clothes either. Winnetto put his finger where the bullet had penetrated, pressed a few times and said: Will my brother allow me to check the bullet and direction? certainly!please come here. I made room for him beside the body, and he took out his knife, and set to work on his pathetic work.I'm a little scared to do this, otherwise I'll do it together.My thoughts are the same as his.Thomas.Melton said it was suicide.However, the theory of suicide is untenable. If he shot the gun himself, he could only use his right hand to complete the shooting action, because the deceased could not shoot with his injured left hand.The question is, from which direction the bullet enters the body.As long as it is found out whether the deceased shot with his right hand, a conclusion can be drawn. Winnetto, a deft traumatologist, carefully manipulated the long, hard curved hunting knife that looked like it was spliced ​​together.It was half an hour before we found the bullet, behind the last right rib.This type of top-down shooting is impossible to do with the right hand.Minmbrunyo stood up, took the bullet, pointed his hand at us, and said only one sentence: He killed! right!Emery agrees that no suicides have occurred here.The bullet can only go in this direction if you shoot with your left hand, and it is impossible for Smarr to shoot with his left hand. That is to say, Thomas is a murderer.I said, I thought of that right away.You all think so.What we are doing here is a sad work that makes me shudder.However, we can't waste time, we must confirm here who is the deceased.We took his shoes off and looked at the toes. The shoes are off.Really, he has six toes on each foot.Besides, it is impossible for us to find any proof of authenticity in his body. In this way, our duty is fulfilled.Now to bury the body.This is much more nuanced than what Thomas did.We made a sign of the cross on the stacked stones and prayed for the dead soul who left life without any preparation. But the chief urged us to wash ourselves clean by washing our hands and faces with sand.He muttered a word, prayed softly, and said: Now that you are clean again, no one needs to avoid you.Let's go back to camp! etc!I beg, this tomb is on the land of the Ayar tribe, whose paramount chief you are.Can you promise us to respect this place and not spoil it? I swear to you in the name of Allah and the Prophet.I ask though, why do you care so much about someone you don't know? Because, this tomb may have to be opened again in the future.You will all be witnesses to what you have seen. good. We have to write a document here to have a legal basis to go to the United States.As the tribal chief where you are located, you must sign it, and we will also sign it as witnesses.If the commander-in-chief of the guard also added his name below, then all the things that can be done under the current conditions will be completed.Now, I must ask you, Mubil.Book.Safa, answer me an important question: Where are the things that belonged to the dead? His horse is among our herds.The weapon is held by the captain.The captain is tied up in the tent now, and I'll send for them.I'll show you those things and you can take them away. Do you have any other property?The dead man had other things anyway, such as rings, watches, and especially the papers he needed to come here.We didn't find any of them on the body.Can it be said that the captain hid these things? Not sure. Not sure?I asked in amazement, didn't you take his things away? I took his weapon, but the contents of his pockets remained on him.I didn't take anything from him. Why? Because there is an agreement, I signed it with him before he surrendered to us.I must keep my word and keep his property. That is to say, everything that belonged to the deceased was still on the captain. Definitely.I believe that no one of my fighters touches his things. good.talk about it later.let's go! good.let's go!I have nothing to do with matters involving you and the captain and his property.I just keep my word, this is not defending him in front of you.From the time I hand him over to you, you can dispose of him according to your needs.I have nothing to do with him anymore. He also acted on these words.We came out of the valley and parted when we reached the camp.Krugerbai had some military business to attend to.The three of us went to find Thomas.He was firmly bound to a stake, and two soldiers stood guard by his side.When he saw us coming, he turned his head to the side to show that he didn't want to pay attention to us. Captain Melton, I said, we have come to ask you a few questions. He didn't speak or look at us.I went on to say: First, who is that foreigner who followed you here from Tunisia? He still hasn't answered.Therefore, I command a soldier: Bring the gauntlet!Those instruments of torture could return the lost language to the person. When Thomas heard this, he quickly turned his face away and shouted at me: How dare you let someone hit me! Hum, I'm not kidding you.For every uttered instruction, you take ten boards on each bare heel.Who is that foreigner I asked you just now? He looked into my face for a moment, then said reluctantly: What is there for you to ask about that person? He is very important to me. you want to catch meI know you, and everyone knows what intentions and plans are lurking in your head right now. I would like to tell you this.My intention is that if you don't answer the questions, I'll give you a slap.Who is that foreigner? According to my indication, the gauntlet has been placed in front.That's why Thomas answered slowly: He is my son. your son?Weird!Didn't you say in front of the Ayal that he is your friend? Isn't the son a friend?Do savages need to know everything? snort!What you call your son is of course up to you.However, he left suddenly.Where did he hide? You don't pretend to be garlic!As you already know, he's dead. How did your son get that unfortunate idea of ​​suicide? He is tired of life. Your son came to Tunisia from America for this suicide?so that you can die for him?I see that he has a very deep and tender love for you. Don't laugh!Am I responsible for such stupid thoughts in such a bad mood? It seems that you don't care much about it.At least, there is no trace of sadness in you.However, I have sympathy for this tragic incident.I heard that he shot himself in front of you. Yes.With his revolver. Not yours? Don't tell such silly jokes!I don't have a pistol.Tunisian captains don't use pistols. But how is it possible for your son to use a pistol?He was injured and could not use his hands. Since you know everything, you have heard that he was only wounded in his left hand. I see.Are you going to inherit the estate of the deceased? He looked at me again, trying to guess what I was thinking.When I asked the question again, he replied: certainly.You are right if you say that I have taken for myself everything that my son carried. I'm happy because I want to see the relic.Since you are prevented from taking out your pocket, I will save you a little effort and do it for you. Take it! These few words were said in an angry tone, and I could hear that there was a lot of irony and gloating in them. I emptied his pockets and checked his suit.It's impossible for him to hide something from me.And what I was looking for, something that belonged to Small, was nowhere to be found. Why do you look so ugly, my lord sir?He laughed at me, you can look in the mirror now, then you will find that you are the most thoughtful person in the world.I, a donkey, always think of you as the stupidest of fools.You see how wrong people can be. He noticed my disappointment.I controlled myself and said in such a tone that he could not hear my emotions: Is this what you and your son have? Yes.He nodded with a friendly, yet mocking air. I feel sorry for you and your son.A Tunisian captain should not be a pauper.Your son doesn't appear to have much savings either. savings?Where?On whom? In Small.Hunter. devil!He raised his voice, Small.Hunter!How do you know Smaer.Hunter? He was a comfortable young man with a sense of elegance and knowledge of the East. East? Yes.He had an escort, a young man with an active mind like himself.If I'm not mistaken, his name is Jonathan.Melton. I don't understand. I mean, Smarr.Hunter and Jonathan.Melton was in Egypt not so long ago, and he is here now.I was surprised to hear that Jonathan killed himself before your very eyes. He looked at me again and looked at me for a long time.He seemed to understand now that I hadn't come here for no reason, but that I knew of his plan, more than he had imagined. Maybe you can give me an explanation?I asked. It's better to use your own brain. OK, I follow your advice.When I was thinking about it, I had this peculiar idea that you have mistaken your son's identity. How could a father get his son's identity wrong? why not?For example, there is a high degree of similarity.Sadly, this similarity is not non-existent. He listened carefully, then broke out: Damn you, you're talking nonsense, you're full of ideas, you're trying to beat me up!What else do you want to take out, just bring it out in one pot! Hit the board?You are wrong.I say this out of sympathy for you, as my best comfort to you, and to prove that your sorrow was in vain, and that your son is still alive. Put away your Arabian Nights!I don't understand, how did you come up with such an idea? Well, I would like to tell you, how many toes does each person have? Ten of course.He said gruffly, you are so stupid to ask such a stupid question. I could hear the tone in which he said it as solid evidence of his love for Smarr.The structure of Hunter's foot is not known.So I continue along my train of thought: This question is not crazy at all, it is just inconsistent with your understanding.You know, Small.Hunter has six toes on each foot. Six toes?he asked in surprise, looking at me with wide eyes.This situation was of special importance to him. Yes.Six toes on each foot!Because he resembled your son Jonathan, and you looked only at his face and not at his toes, you grieved unnecessarily over the death of your son.You buried his body yourself.If you take off the dead man's shoes, you will see that he has twelve toes. There was another burst of abuse. Yes.strangeness!You know nothing about it.However, the Ayar people are very aware of this rare polydactyl phenomenon, because they privately call him the father of twelve toes. He tried his best to suppress the terrified screams on his lips, and shook his head. Not only do you mistake the man himself, I went on, but you also mistake the relation to his death.Because it wasn't a suicide at all.We dug up the dead and dissected them.The bullet entered the heart along the lower right side of the head and was embedded in the seventh rib near the spine.It is impossible for a suicidal person to make such a shot with his right hand, only with his left.However, the deceased's left hand was wounded, making it impossible for him to use the pistol.Therefore, this is not suicide, but homicide. Who killed him? The people who were around him at the time. nonsense!Do you really think that I will kill my only son? From what I know of you, I believe you would kill your son without hesitation.However, you have made it very convincing to say that you did not do such a thing.So, I have to think, it's another guy who did it.I am thinking of a man who wrote a letter from Tunisia to Egypt.According to the letter, Small.Hunt was invited by his friend, the lawyer Murphy, to Tunisia.Do you know this letter? no no!He snarled at me, trembling with rage and embarrassment. Either that, or you know a Jew named Bahum, to whom certain documents were sent. no no! Or is it Malama, the horse dealer in Caddis village, in whose house your son will live secretly until your return? He yelled at me: You are allied with all devils!You weave one lie after another just to make me miserable.If I don't talk to you again, if I don't answer, you can kill me!Get lost in your own hell! He finally understood that I had seen everything about him.To fully understand the situation, I went to pick up his son.His son is now firmly under the guard of our troops and has not yet seen his father.I untied Yonatan's feet, let him walk, and led him to where his father lay.Such accidents, I believe, lead to inadvertent conversation between the two.But I was wrong.Because, they looked at each other, and no one spoke, as if they had made an appointment in advance. Jonathan can certainly say that someone will compare him to his father.He has plenty of time to manage the situation.He wanted to be Smarr.hunt.His father was also going to recognize him as this person.He is determined to play the role for as long as possible.Although he learned from me that I had caught him and his plan, he still thought it would be better to continue to deceive than admit it.His father, Thomas, was very slippery and knew that such accidents could lead to inattentive speech. So they looked at each other in surprise, but didn't say a word. Do you know each other?I asked. Of course, we know each other.Thomas replied.A ferocious sneer appeared on his swollen face. Yeah?This is good!So, tell me, who is this young man? This is Smar.Hunter, my son traveled with him for a while. good!You, young man, tell me, who is this captive? This is Thomas.Melton, the father of my former traveling companion.Jonathan replied. You two did a great job.From the point of view of doing bad things, I must give you the most commendable certificate.Unfortunately, I have certificates here, and they will overwhelm your entire defenses. what is that?Thomas said. I took out the young man's envelope and replied: You will know, Thomas.You from Small.Everything I got from Hunter, I will bring you soon. try it!he said with a smile. I still have to look for it. Watch as much as you want.You'll eventually want to end your foolishness, though! He turned his head, and I saw that it was time to wrap up.I did not allow the two of them to be together, and Jonathan was taken away again.
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