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Chapter 15 Chapter Fifteen In Wadi Dawas

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I have no doubt that Thomas hid Hunter's papers and tried to find the hiding place.At this time, the quick thinking of Winnetou and Emery helped me a lot.Let's go through the Hunter body certification first, and put the necessary documents in Krugerby's luggage.The document was written in Arabic and English, we signed it and Krugerbai and the Sheikh stamped it.I believe that this document will be valid in the United States. We wanted to start the proposed investigation, but the chief didn't want us to do it right away.He said: I fulfilled my treaty obligations and will keep my promises in the future, but I also ask you to do something of yours!

What are you referring to?I asked. Leave the Ayun people to us. If you want them, you must meet the condition of not harming them. That's their business.bring them here!I will call a meeting of elders and announce our request. I know we face a more difficult job.People in Ayun think it is too expensive to exchange one human life for one hundred female camels.The chief told them that if they continued to refuse, they must all die. In order not to lose time, the chief sent two Ayals to the Ayun tribe to tell them what had happened and what had been decided.The lives of the two messengers will not be in danger.As required by the Quran, the Messenger was invulnerable among all tribes.

I also promised to give Eilat a hundred female camels.Krugerbai promised to send his troops to collect the money.The woman came to me with her husband, thanking them for their life and the wealth promised to them. Her husband was very poor, but he said in the tone of a powerful marquis: Sir, you have saved my women and children, and by your mercy alone riches will come into my tent.My heart is full of gratitude to you.As long as you are with us, you are under my special protection. We are now friends of the Ayal Tribe, and it is not hard to see how much it would do me good to protect the poor devil.But none of God's creatures is so small that one can deny him love.This is my belief.I will soon confirm this belief.

We would have had time to find the Hunter relic.But it was too late today. The negotiations with the fourteen Ayun people went on for a long time and ended at dusk.We have to wait for tomorrow. According to our thinking, there should be nothing to do, we still have time.The two Meltons are no longer dangerous to us.The old one is always guarded by two soldiers, who rotate every two hours.The young ones were guarded by the Ayals along with the captured Ayals. Thomas' fate can be imagined.He will be punished by being taken to Tunisia to be executed as a traitor.The fate of his son is not so sure yet.He would be treated like his father's accomplice.

I regret not getting live Smarr.But the two Meltons did no harm after all.I can bet that Fogel's family members will definitely get an inheritance.When I think of the joy of these people, I feel that the trouble these things have caused me is insignificant. While we were working on this day in the manner described, the warriors of the Ayar tribe, along with officers and soldiers of our army, were preparing a grand peaceful and festive dinner.According to the local customs, it is impossible not to do such activities, of course I can understand. Our soldiers brought a lot of dry food.On the south side of the pass, the Ayar tribe grazed a small herd of livestock for food only for the combat troops.They drove the animals here.Therefore, there are meat, noodles, and dates, which are enough for everyone to eat.No lamps were needed for such a celebration, for the moon would soon come up, and in such a bright light there would be no need for artificial lighting.

I can refrain from picturing the situation at dinner.The Bedouins usually eat very moderately, but on this occasion, their appetite was astonishing. Everyone knew that the Ayun tribe would soon send a large number of livestock. The festivities at both camps lasted past midnight.People who are full of food and drink lie down and sleep.Silence was restored everywhere.I got a tent to share with Winnetu.Before the break, I took a look around and took a look at the two Meltons.They were under the watchful eye of the guards, and it seemed unnecessary to worry about them.When I returned to the tent, there was a Bedouin standing in front of the door, whom I recognized as Eilat's husband.

what are you doing hereI asked. Protect sir. no need.Go to sleep at ease! Sir, I sleep by day; at night, you are under my protection. However, I don't need protection. you know?Only Allah knows.I have so much to thank you for, and nothing in return.I'd be happy if you allowed me to stay here.My vigilance is the only thing I bring to you. Oh well!I won't disappoint you by driving you away.Allah is with you my protector and friend. I gave him my hand and walked into the tent. Winnetou was also tired.We soon fell asleep.About three o'clock in the middle of the night, that is to say, not very long later, I was awakened by a call from outside.

who?go back! I listen carefully.Winnetou got up too. go back!There was another shout from outside. we come out.Instead of sitting at the tent door, my friend and protector stood up. What's up?I asked. I sat guarding the door, and the man replied that he saw a man crawling up.I shouted to him.He disappeared quickly.I got up from the ground, turned around the tent, and found another person jumped over, so I chased him and shouted. Maybe two animals? How could it be an animal?It's two people. I do not believe.We are protected by true friends. you know?Only Allah knows.He repeated the words he said late at night, go in and lie down and sleep at ease.I guard you.

We have every confidence that this man was mistaken.If only we believed the Bedouin! We soon fell asleep again, but, perhaps only an hour later, were awakened by the noise outside.Winnetu told me to take up arms and come out quickly.The first light of day had just risen in the east and was barely visible.The first person that comes into our eyes is Krugerby.He came running to our tent, shouting out of breath: The captives rode away on three camels! which ones?We had several kinds of prisoners, two Meltons and fourteen Ayuns. Ayun people did not leave. That's Melton?God!This is terrible!We must catch up now.But your men are running around and have lost the footprints.Give the order to return to their original positions!

In a thunderous voice he spread this instruction throughout the two camps, and calm was immediately restored.The Chiefs and Emery also came.Krugerby said: Ten minutes earlier, two new guards had gone to the tent where Captain Thomas was being held for the morning shift and found that he had escaped.The binding rope was still there, and a guard next to him was stabbed in the heart with a knife. The dead are still there?I asked. exist. Go check it out! A young soldier lay on the ground with a blade stabbed straight into the heart.In any case he failed to utter a cry.The strangest thing is that people only found out about this operation after the disappearance of young Melton.Moreover, three of the best fast camels were taken away by them.

Winnetou did not understand our conversation.He looked at me questioningly, and I told him the story.He bowed his head, thought for a moment and said: A guard is dead.What about the other one? also left.Krugerby replied. The second guard, then, was with Thomas.Minmbrunyo said. Completely correct.I agree, the two of us escaped a major danger thanks to our guard's discovery.Two Meltons climbed up to our tent to take revenge on us, but Eilat's husband drove them away. We must chase! Yes, and without delay.Unfortunately, they took the best camel away.We can only ride worse ones. I informed the commander in chief of our decision and asked him to find three fast camels and prepare water and food for a few more days. As long as three heads, why not more?he asks. Because only Emery, Winnetou and I ride.You must remain in the army. I will give you some officers and able soldiers.he suggested. This, too, I must refuse.Quickness is what matters here.If there are too many escorts, it will only hinder us, so we should go alone.Please order quickly. He gave the order.Winnetu had already stepped out of the camp to look for tracks.He came back to report: They went north. to Tunisia.According to Krugerbai, this was premeditated. No, I replied, and I'd bet they wouldn't go there, because that would be too dangerous for the Captain, and they knew him there.If he did not find the boat at once, he had to wait until his pursuers came and might capture them.I do think he's going to some port in Hammamet Bay.That's part of the sea, and it's easy to go from here. But Winnetou was sure they were headed north.That's Tunisia. It doesn't matter.Melton had lived long among prairie hunters and westerners, and knew their methods.He will mislead us and make us chase in that direction.They turned eastward on a stony mountain where his camels hadn't found their way. However, he will have to go to Tunisia to get the money.In Hammamet Bay no one gives money. He doesn't want money.Smarr had a lot of money on him, and after Thomas killed him, he took his money and hid it in a place.Thomas would not have left without the money.I saw three camels saddled and well equipped.We can go now. When are you coming back?Kruger asked. When we caught those two guys. Don't be too sure about your career!Come to think of it, their animals are faster than yours, and they are already ahead by a wide margin. right.But we'll catch them, don't worry.If we don't get them here, somewhere over there in America, they'll be in our hands too. Are you going to chase them that far? until they are captured. If you didn't find them, did you go to Tunisia before leaving the country? This does not need to be explained upfront.Your camel will definitely return.I'll take care of this. This is trivial!The main thing is not to let those two bad guys get away.Do you recognize the way to Hammamet Bay? From here, we know because we have a brilliant track-finding specialist. Nevertheless, I give pointers.The straight line from here to Hammamet Bay passes through Wadi Budawas, the ruins of Hima, and then passes through Jebel Udirat to the seashore.You will meet a lot of Bedouin over there, there are Meshe, Sera and Said, they are all peaceful people, they will not give you trouble, if you tell them, you are my good Words from friends. In enumerating these tribes, he forgot precisely the most important, and this omission was disastrous.I am referring to the Ayun tribe who are hostile to us.I have demanded a high ransom from them.Their herds often graze to Wadi Budavas, where they are neighbors of the Meshe.The Commander-in-Chief of the Guards hadn't thought of this, and I thought I wouldn't meet these people. Under the current circumstances, we cannot take much time to say goodbye to everyone.After a few minutes, we came out of the mountain pass.The commander-in-chief of the guards failed to say a few words of farewell to us.He got on his horse and walked with us for half an hour into Val.He still has to give us pointers, but we can no longer respect him and focus all our attention on the footprints.We followed the trail through rocky canyons.Only the eyes of a westerner can make out such tracks.The commander-in-chief of the guard finally stretched out his hand to say goodbye to me. We left Val behind us, and the plains opened before us again.We were surprised to see a person not far in front, standing alone, helpless.When he saw us, he turned and ran, but soon stopped, because he knew that our camel riders would soon overtake him.Walkers are rare in desert areas. We were quickly explained as we recognized him as one of our soldiers by his clothes as we approached him. It was the escaped guard.Emery said. no doubt.I nodded. Why is he standing here? He was insidiously abandoned.Everyone knew Thomas for who he was.In order to get his liberation, he promised this man a lot, and if he got it, he would leave him here. Poor soldiers who run away and release their captives are bound to be executed.You want to save him? It depends on his attitude. We get to this man.He had stood waiting for us, but now he knelt down and cried out, lifting up his hands in entreaty: Mercy, sir, mercy!I have had enough. He turned to me because he saw that I was particularly close to the Commander-in-Chief of the Guards. Enough punishment?You are a deserter, do you know what punishment you will suffer? die. Furthermore, you free the captives.Before you are executed, there will be a terrible plank. I know.But, sir, your words are of great use to the Commander-in-Chief of the Guards.I beg you, I beg you! Tell me first how you escaped. We are double guards.I sit and my companion walks back and forth.When he was at a distance and could not hear us speaking, the captain said to me softly say what? Asked to return his bag.This bag is what he forced me to keep. oh!When did he give it to you? When you surrounded the Ayars in the valley.Soldiers were held captive there.I was not in them, but next to the captain.I am his waiter.You liberated your companions, the chief left, and went to negotiate with you.Then, we see him come back with you.At this time, the captain said angrily: "This time, all hope is lost. This dog will negotiate with the Ayals and hand me over to Krugerbai."He quickly handed me a little bag to keep in secret.He left quickly by himself to discuss with the chief how to deal with you.He was unsuccessful and people quickly tied him up.His face was swollen and he was taken prisoner.In that moment of being unattended, he removed me from his proximity.He thought, you will come and search for him, maybe you will find me.I must go away.The little bag was on me too. Why? In order for me to return it to him at any time. Did he say there was anything in it? Said.A copy of the real Koran brought from Mecca, and the body tassels of Ovebri brought from the Calvin Mosque. Very holy stuff! is that true? Of course I know.How do you know it's a lie? He said it himself.At night, I sat next to him as a guard, and he told me softly that this package was a lot of money.He gave me 5,000 pesos out of it, asking me to ally with him. Actually he doesn't need to give it to you, because you have his bag in your hand, including all the money in it He said the money was of no use to me.This is not ordinary money, but securities.He was to deliver it himself to the Tunisian cashier.No one else can get his money.He wants me to run away with him, to Tunisia, and when we get there, give me the five thousand pesos if he converts the securities. Do you see money? Yes, sir.A poor soldier and five thousand pesos!He swore by the name of Muhammad and all the Caliphs that I will get this money as soon as we arrive in Tunisia.I believed him and untied him.Then, I gave him the knife. The other sentry? He watched us talk and didn't know what was going on.The captain and I have agreed that we will release him completely when we shift over.Unfortunately, he did not keep his promise, and as soon as he got the knife, he cut himself the ropes that were attached to the stake, freed his feet, and immediately lay down as if he were still bound.Then my companion came up to us and the captain suddenly jumped on him and plunged the knife into his heart.I wanted to shout, and he threatened me that he was free, and that my knife was in my companion's chest, which proved to be my fault.If I stay, I'm finished, so I must go with him. But you didn't leave right away? No.He told me to wait and he walked away.After a while, he took the foreign youth and fled together.How he freed him without being detected, I don't know.We crawled, gently saddling the Commander-in-Chief of the Guard's three best camels.Afterwards, we led the animals for a walk.I have to be with them.However, the two men made their way back to camp one more time and into the tent. how do you know? they said. Yes.They tried to murder us but failed because there was a guard sitting in front of my tent. I thought so because I heard a few calls.Then they hurried back and rode away on their cattle.I also quickly got into the saddle.We ran out. They speak Arabic to each other? Yes.Started in Arabic.This was an oversight on their part because I heard things I shouldn't have heard.Then, they use a foreign language, and I don't understand a word. Do you know where they are going? to Tunisia. I do not believe.They don't go to Tunisia, just like you don't get that money. Of course I can't get money.They shamelessly lied to me.When we got to a place not far from here, they came down and asked me to come down too.No sooner had my feet hit the ground than they sprang at me, took my weapon, and took full control of me.I had to dodge their horrific barrels.Then they got on the camel again, took my camel by the bridle, laughed, and left.Oh sir, I shouldn't have trusted the Captain so much! You better yell!If it were me, I would be loyal to my duty.You have committed two serious crimes.What are you going to do? You won't arrest me?he asked in panic. No.I am not your boss.You can go wherever you like. Thank you, sir!But where am I going?I have neither water nor food, nor money, nor weapons.I have no horses or camels either.Who will take me in?All tribes are under the Governor's protection and would be very unwelcome to me, they would rather have me extradited to the Governor than have me with them.The Captain turned me into a wretched man. The captain will not take the blame, you pay for it.However, you regret your actions, and I have learned from you a few things that are important to me.Therefore, I will show you the way back to the Commander-in-Chief of the Guards.I'll send you a note, write a few lines on it, and advise him to be kinder to you.I think your punishment will be lessened. Write it, sir!Your words have lightened my mind and revived my soul. At this point, Emory turned to me and said in English: Nonsense!We either don't help, or we help at all.If this fellow returns to Krügerberg, he will not be executed because of your orders.But they would cut off his nose or his ears, or at least flog him, and beat him away.Furthermore, your intercession has brought the Commander-in-Chief of the Guards into conflict with his obligations.To please you, he wants to let the criminals go, and all his soldiers know that's not allowed.How far is it from here to the Algerian border? If you don't touch the village and the well, you can reach it quickly.If you walk along the commercial road, you often look for water and buy food in the village, and the walker will have to walk for 20 hours. Is there a French barracks over there? Yes, in Tebessa.It's a 24-hour journey from here. Then send him there!I pay him travel expenses.In Tebessa, you can ask the French for some money. He pulled some money out of his bulging money packet and threw it at him. Do you know the way from here to Rice?I asked the soldier. know. you go over there!After Thale, Hydra to Kefa, that is Algeria.Then not far away is the French town of Tebessa, where there is a garrison.Once there, you can apply for the draft.If you are interested, you can also try others.Anyone who has been a soldier is willing to recruit.Take the Caravan Road from here to Tebessa, and you will neither starve nor thirst. The man's face became as bright as the sun, and he kept expressing his heartfelt thanks.We didn't have time to listen to his words of gratitude, but continued on our way. The track was very clear and soon turned slightly westward. strangeness!Emery muttered, We thought these two guys were going to turn east, but now they are going west. Certainly not without intent.I replied that the captain probably knew there was a place over there that was full of rocks and left no footprints.He wanted to disappear from there. Such a simple mind cannot succeed. The Meltons turned west, then east.We must, therefore, meet their tracks again, if we keep going. right!In this way, we have won a precious period of time. Winnetou walked a little ahead and didn't hear our conversation.However, I know him well, and I believe he will have no different plans from us.Sure enough, he reined in the camel, came down to observe the footprints carefully, went up again, and ran forward quickly without looking back at us. We marched for two hours.Emery seemed to be getting a little restless, because he started to feel that we had miscalculated.However, I noticed that Winnetu, who was walking far ahead of us, came down to observe the ground again.We caught up and saw the tracks of three camels, coming from the west, that is, crosswise, and then still going east in the direction we were going. We head east.It is the footprints of rediscovery that lead us in this direction.We followed the trail for a whole day.After dark, when the tracks were out of sight, we stopped and spent the night on the endless plains.The next morning, we moved on.The tracks are not as clear as yesterday.Emery thought they would still be clear, since the fugitives must have rested at night.I see it differently.The Meltons must have hustled all night to bring us down a great distance.Winnetou agrees with me. But why did they widen such a big gap?The Englishman said that they had no such need at all. no need?I asked, why not? Because they will think that they have misled us. And think we went to Tunisia? Yes.They made a detour yesterday just to keep us from seeing the footprints.Now, they believe, they confuse us. Belief is out of the question, although they may think that there is such a possibility.Thomas knew Winnetou and me.He may have guessed that he had us deluded, but only for a short time.If he had worked out all he knew about us, he would have seen that, if we were really deluded by them, we would have to resort to his usual methods and lose only a few hours at best, and then go back again. If you find their tracks, you will chase after them even harder. snort!Do they really think we're chasing them? Totally sure.Otherwise, they wouldn't have taken so much effort to confuse us, and we would have arrived at their camp long ago.They are marching all night. My brother is right.The Minmbrunyo agreed with me, for they did not rest, and were far ahead of us, because their camels were better than ours, because we camped.We must hurry! He makes sense and is convincing.Because we often stopped to observe the unclear footprints, we also found that these two people did not stop. Grasslands have long since transitioned to deserts.Still, we stepped on sparse grass stalks.Going forward, the grass gradually became dense again, and in front of us, there appeared low hills extending far from north to south. This should be Wadi Budvas.Behind it, I said, were the ruins of Hima.We had to go around from the north in order to cross Jebel Usalat. I think we have to follow the trail.Emery said. certainly.But I believe the Meltons took the same road, for it was the most comfortable way to the sea. Look, is there a rider on the left? Following Emery's pointing northeast, several moving points can be seen, rapidly approaching us.We soon saw that it was Bedouin.They reined in their horses in front of us and waited for us.They were well-armed and seemed harmless.It was almost twenty paces away, and our camels stopped.I say hello: Salam!Is Wadi Budawas behind the highlands? yes.A man who looked like a leader answered. What tribe do you belong to? We are Meshe warriors, hunting antelope.We have encountered no wild animals and are heading back to Wadi.Our herd grazes there. When did you come out hunting? Early this morning. Well, you guys can answer us a question.Did two foreigners ride through Wadi on camels? have.This morning, just in time for our departure. Did you rest at your place? rest.We invite them.They accepted our request, although they said they really didn't have time. How long did they stay? Only camels drank. Do you know who they are? One is the captain of the governor, we can tell from the clothes.The other was his friend, but not a soldier. Where do they want to go? Go Kaiwan, they say so.who are you? Do you know the Commander-in-Chief of the Guard Krugerby? Know that he is our protector. You know, where is he now? We heard from the two riders that he was at war with the Ayal tribe to destroy them. How are you with them? We live in peace with them, but not with the Ayun people.May Allah destroy the Ayun people. They are also our enemies.We come from Krugerbai, who defeated the Ayar tribe and made peace with them. God!He conquered his enemies and then tolerated them.His heart is full of kindness and compassion, even towards his enemies.If you come from him, are you also under his protection? We are his best friends. If so, it is not our shame to pass by us!Please eat our food and drink our water!You will be welcomed by us! What is your chief's name? My name is Willard, that's me. Are you the chieftain of the brave and hospitable Mesher?Well, we must accept your invitation.Although we are in a hurry, it takes time to fill our water bags with fresh water. Saving this time can just make up for the time we spent as guests in your tribe. You must also taste the antelope we shot yesterday.We invite you, please follow me to our Yingbin Building. The chief turned his horse and went on, and we followed him, and his men followed us.Along the way, no one spoke.According to custom, we must wait for them to call us again.However, that doesn't stop us from speaking internally.So I translated for Winnetu what I had just said to the chief.He cast a questioning look at me, and then asked me: Does my brother like this guy? why do you ask A bushy beard hid his face.According to Winnetou, his beard is a veil that hides his true face from others. What do you see? The joy of our walk with him. Of course!He invited us and was delighted that we accommodated his request. But this is a malicious pleasure!Winnetou didn't trust the man. I think there's no reason to worry.The Mesher are at least known as peaceful people. My brother can trust him, but Winnetou has to be careful. I really have no mistrust.However, there is no reason to lose general caution.I'm used to watching Winneto's face more.His mistrust was not without its effect on me. We reach and cross this highland.After the highlands, the ground suddenly sinks, forming a valley.About a quarter of an hour across the width of our lot.This is Wadi Budvas.It is said that this valley is very long and it takes several hours to walk through it. There is a place with a small slope here. We went down from here and saw that this Wadi was a river in the rainy season, but now it is a green depression with water in many places.Drinking water can be obtained by digging down only a few inches. We walked down a short distance, turned a corner, and saw a unique scene of life in an African ranch ahead.Wadi is much wider here, with grass growing here and there.This grass is succulent.We saw thousands of horses, sheep, cattle and camels.There are so few herdsmen that one wonders how it is possible for so few people to herd so many animals?There are also a few tents, presumably belonging to wealthy nomads.The poorer Bedouins had to spend the night in the open air, where people are used to living in the open. When we passed by, the herdsmen stood up respectfully and greeted us.It seems that the herdsmen gave Winnetu a reassuring impression, because his face was not so serious. We advanced along the hill, and entered a crevice, and the chief stopped and dismounted in front of us, saying: Welcome to our Wadi!Here is the Yingbin Building, which is very cool and can relieve fatigue.Come in with me, and let you eat and drink the meals and drinks we have prepared. His companions dismounted, and so did we.However, we did not immediately accept his request, but first took a look around.There are dozens of beautiful camels lying around, such fine camels are rare in this place.We found not far from us, pairs of saddles, with all their fittings, resting on rocks.A little further away, there are several noble horses grazing in pens.The railings are made of spears inserted into the ground, one by one connected together with brown rope.These horses are quite different from the rest and you can see the value.Connoisseurs will be amazed.Seeing that we were admiring the horses, the chief said to us proudly: Their origin can be traced back to the prophet's pets.These horses are worth more than the entire herd of our tribe. It seems that we must enter this rocky crevice.It is the Yingbin building that the chief said, a peculiar building!The rock was about fifteen meters high, and the height of the slit was about half of this height. It was so narrow that at best two people could stand side by side. It was more like a crack than a slit.Ten paces away from this crack, water seeped from the ground, forming a small pool. The chief said in a courteous tone: This is the Yingbin Building I mentioned.The inside of this slit is spacious enough for several people to sit.Come in with me! Allow us to take care of our livestock first!I request. Do you think we are so ignorant of the responsibility of receiving guests?Let us do it for you.My men will water your camels and fill their waterskins. Now, if we don't want to offend our master, we can no longer refuse.He has gone before us, and there is no reason why we should not follow him.If the hole harbors danger to us, and he's still with us, we can force him to share the danger. go inside?Winnetou asked after seeing him disappear through the narrow entrance, My brother followed him? Yes, he is with us. Suppose he deceives us? We take all the weapons. These sentences are spoken in English.Emery said dissatisfiedly: Why are you so timid?What will the chief do to us?He will surely regard us as cowards.Follow him in! He followed the chief and we followed him.Beforehand, we carried our weapons with us.As long as I have a Henry, I am not afraid of open hostilities. In the hole inside this slit, counting halfway from top to bottom, on the right side there is a stone like a bottle with a strangely shaped spire.This narrow stone bottle weighs about 1,200 kilograms, and the neck of the bottle is erected on the ground.It may have been an accident that didn't catch our attention. We passed the entrance and saw that the inside was much more spacious than we imagined when we were outside.Ten people sat comfortably. This was indeed a room, rectangular in shape, with beige cushions on the floor.The rug in the middle was better, and on it stood a small table, not more than ten inches high, as is common in Bedouin homes.Only in the center of the room can people straighten their bodies, because further in, the ground gradually rises.It's cool in here, and it's nice to come here to rest after the hot sun outside. The chief bowed before the table, beckoning us to follow his example.Now, we are with him, why not follow suit? As soon as we bowed, a young herdsman brought three small gourds filled with water.We drank it down.The second brought four chimneys, a cigarette case, and a small charcoal basin.The chief packed the tobacco, put the tobacco on the coals himself, lit it, and gave everyone a puff.This is a particularly rare way of showing respect.He said: Let's smoke together!This tobacco leaf produces a fragrance that can send people's hearts to heaven.Meals come quickly. We followed his example and lit the tobacco leaves. Compared with other local tobacco leaves, the taste was really good.We didn't say a word because the master didn't say a word.His silence was perhaps a sign of dignity, a testament to courtesy and respect. Before we finished smoking, another herdsman came and put a plate of cold dishes on the table. How's the meat, Selim?asked the Chief. I'll bring it right away.replied the man, pulling away at the same time. Before the chief had finished speaking, Selim had already left. Selim, Selim, listen!He followed and chased to the entrance, adding the command he was about to give.We found no malice, and therefore did not block the few steps he passed in front of us. Selim, Selim!He yelled, and the people followed him out. He must come in, come in!Winnetou issued a warning, even though he did not understand Arabic. He jumped up, trying to grab the chief and pull him in.However, his intention was not realized, because he had not rushed to the entrance, a heavy object fell from outside, and the slit closed by itself.剛才描述過的那塊形狀奇特的石頭轉了一彎,正好擋住狹縫。它與岩石之間連一個手指都插不進。 Oops!埃默里喊叫著,跳了起來。 溫內圖想到了,敏姆布倫約人說,他回來,安靜地坐下,好像沒有看見一樣。 我沒有說話,只聽見外面無數聲音一片歡呼。現在的人數肯定比剛才我們看到的多。 我根本沒有想到我們會被俘虜!英國人不滿地說。 這下好了!為什麼我們不聽溫內圖的? alright!不過,沒有理由表示不信任。衛隊總指揮親自保證了,我們不要擔心梅舍人。 他們真的是梅舍人? 他們是這麼說的! 酋長欺騙了我們。如果他真正屬於這個部落,就不會引誘我們落入陷阱。 right!他究竟屬於哪個部落? 極有可能屬於阿云部落。 那麼,對我們就不利了。不過,我還是不理解,他為什麼要俘虜我們。他不認識我們,只問了一下我們的名字。 他認識我們!那兩個梅爾頓到過這兒,說不定還在這兒哩。 devil!埃默里恨恨地罵道。 如果我沒有再弄錯的話,他們在這兒遇到了阿云人,對他們講述了瓦爾和山谷那邊發生的事情,告訴他們,阿云部落酋長及其陪同全部被俘,要付一筆高昂的血的代價。他們相信我們會跟隨他們,並且對他們說,我們是罪魁禍首,還說出了我們的名字,描述了個人的情況。阿云人於是就在這兒等我們,冒充梅舍人,把我們誘入洞中。 外面那塊石頭很奇特。它豎立在一個尖頭上。只要碰它一下,它就轉過來,正好擋住狹縫。難道它僅僅是為我們設置的? No.它是今天早上才轉過來的。我差點沒有進到裡面來。這塊石頭肯定早就是陷阱的一部分,大概還關過別的人。 那麼,魔鬼會收回酋長的魔法。他不是和我們一起吸過煙嗎?那麼,我們就成了他的客人,他自己也就裝扮成客人了。你怎麼解釋這樣一個壞主意? 他知道我們不是穆斯林,認為可以欺騙非教徒,而不需要憑良心。 I see!不過,我們抓住了阿云部落酋長阿斯瓦德,他要付出血的代價。而韋拉德自稱阿云部落酋長,如果你沒有猜錯的話。你怎麼解釋這個現象? 他是阿云部落一個分支的首領,對我們用的是假名字。 我們的處境怎麼樣?Danger? 問題在於兩個梅爾頓是不是在這兒。他們如果在,就一定要置我們於死地。我們會被嚴加看管,逃跑就是一種了不起的藝術。 你認為,他們在與不在,有多大的不同? 他們不在這兒,是因為他們沒有時間,要抓緊時間去美國,美國有一大筆財富在向他們招手。他們留在這兒,我們將險象環生。 good!我也這麼看。可是,我們怎麼出去?如果到了外面,要不要馬上離開? 難道我們要等囚禁我們的人來? 我們沒有必要等。你的兩支槍使所有的敵人都不敢接近我們。他們必然離我們遠遠的,那樣,我們就不怕他們的子彈盒了。 可是,寡不敵眾。即使我非同意你的意見不可,那麼,我們怎麼出去? 那塊石頭大約一千到一千二百公斤重。我們這樣的三條漢子,可以把它推開。 可以,如果我們有足夠的位置站腳,充分發揮我們力量的話。 我們至少可以試試看。 溫內圖一直在聽我們談話,沒有說什麼。Now he says: 這塊石頭是移不動的。我的兄弟不要去嘗試。 還是試試看吧。埃默里堅持他的意見,我們不能什麼也不試。 我不懷疑,我們三人一起,搬得動一塊一千二百公斤重的石頭。可是在這兒,我也相信我們沒有這個能力。溫內圖接受英國人的要求,和他一起進入縫裡,背靠背。由於地方狹窄,他們沒有別的位置。他們兩個用肩膀頂著石頭,我彎著腰在他們上面幫忙。我們集中了我們的力量,推了好幾次,結果白費力氣。我們未能使石頭有絲毫的移動。 forget it!埃默里累得上氣不接下氣,我們搬不動它。 他聽到外面許多嘲笑的聲音,氣憤地說: Listen!他們在外面偷聽,發覺我們的努力,嘲笑我們。這幫傢伙落到我的手裡,我要讓他們的笑聲頃刻消失。我看出來了,用力氣是解決不了問題的。就是說,我們必須用計逃出去。可是,怎麼用? 不用急。我安慰他,行成於思。 也有想不出點子來的時候。我們被關在裡面,他們在外面,我們怎麼能夠比他們計高一籌? 我的兄弟可以等一等,敏姆布倫約人說,溫內圖想了一條出路,要試一試,看行不行。 什麼出路? 我的兄弟埃默里沒有注意到,這個洞裡多麼潮濕? 這個,我當然注意到了。 牆壁也濕嗎? 不,是乾的。地面是濕的。 英國人說這句話的時候,掀開一塊墊子,用手摸了摸地面。 我的兄弟注意到了外面那個泉嗎?敏姆布倫約人接著說,濕氣應該來自那兒。這種水量不會穿過堅硬的石頭,而是穿過沙子。這道狹縫是往上去的,這,我們看到了。但是,看來它也深入地下。到我們所在的高度,是沙子堆起來的。 外面那塊石頭大概也是在沙子上,而不是在石頭上。埃默里叫起來。 溫內圖猜測是這樣,馬上開始挖,挖到石頭沉下去的時候,我們就可以出去了。 如果我們一直往下挖,我想,石頭會往下掉,壓著我們。如果我的紅色兄弟提出的先決條件很重要的話,我們必須讓石頭不動,因此,我們必須從下面往外挖。我們不妨先試它一試。 我們把墊子和地毯堆在一起,開始挖,手和刀並用,因為我們沒有別的工具。工作的起點當然選在入口前面的石頭底下。使我們高興的是,我們發現沙子是粗沙與礫石混在一起,很好挖。 幹活的時候當然非常小心的,不能發出響聲。因此,工作進展不快,也不必很快,我們還有時間。天黑前,我們挖的通道有可能與外界相通。
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