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Chapter 16 Chapter 16: Pursuing in vain

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The deeper we dig into the ground, the more likely the walls on either side of the slit will collapse.The sand rolls down.Thankfully we have rugs and mats for clogging, and the gun can also be used as a prop. We dug maybe half a meter in and heard the chief outside calling us. I'm here.I answer, the stone has turned.Why did you take so long to open the door?You know we must go on. I pretended to think it was just an accident.He laughed at my confidence and his lack of anger. It doesn't turn, but we turn it over. Flip?Why are you doing this? Why?You can't even guess this?The captain warned me to keep you from running away.You must be more careful than the devil, he said, because your cunning is far superior to his force.You don't guess why we turn the stone, do you?

How can I guess?Speak! I spoke in such a way that it was not easy for him to see our sharp minds.The lower his estimate of us, the less he believes in our capacity for self-liberation, and the less he scrutinizes us. Do you even know where you are? In the camp of the Mesher nomads, of course. Meshers, Allah will curse them!We belong to the Ayun tribe. You cheat us like this? We outsmart you.Are you a heathen? I am a Christian. Your escort is not a follower of the Prophet? no. Cursed are you, you sons of bitches, riding that fiery horse in hell.The captain told us that you have captured our supreme chief.The commander-in-chief of the guard sent two envoys to the Ayun tribe to demand blood.Its amount was so high that only a mad dog's mind could conceive it.This mad dog is you!right?

right.I replied indifferently, the captain was telling the truth.Tell him to come down, I want to talk to him. he's gone. Then call his escort. also left.Both stayed only as long as necessary to brief us.Unfortunately, the two envoys of the commander-in-chief of the guards have not come yet, but have gone to another clan of our tribe.While sending people to pick them up, I took time to wait for your arrival, and then gradually lured you into this slit.Now, you are in our grasp, and you can only be free if you meet my conditions. What conditions? I won't tell you now, I will wait until my envoy and the two envoys of the commander-in-chief of the guard arrive.I promise the lieutenant, kill all three of you.I should have kept my promise, because you are unbelieving dogs, and you not only captured our warriors, but beat our chiefs.Nevertheless, I am willing to offer you life and liberty, if you will do what I ask.If you don't do what I ask, I'll lock you up here and starve to death, and let all ninety-nine million devils tear your souls apart!

Hearing he was gone, we continued to work.A large stone weighing hundreds of kilograms buried in the sand took us a lot of effort, because we were standing on a pile of rubble and had no support, and the stone kept sliding down.After working for several hours, we finally figured out a way not to lift it, but to move it to the side.Set aside, it also blocks loose sand.We hadn't finished yet, and the chief called my name outside again, and he said: Let me tell you, the emissary of the Commander-in-Chief of the Guards has arrived. Now, I want you to know my conditions.If you do not fulfill these conditions, there will be no way to rescue you from hunger and thirst, and you will only die.

Then please tell me! We caught you as hostages.What our paramount chiefs and warriors experienced in the Ayar tribe, you will experience with us.If someone kills them, you must die too. If they pay the price in blood, they will not be killed. They won't pay.We trade you for them. The Ayal tribe would not agree. That would be even more detrimental to you.It is you who hand over our warriors to the Ayals.If they die, you must die too.can you write Can. You have to write a letter to the Commander-in-Chief of the Guards, but we have neither pen nor ink here. Neither is necessary, I have a pencil.What am I going to tell him?

Tell him you're caught by us.We will trade you for the life of our Supreme Chief and his entourage. What do you offer us? your life. nothing else?no freedom? Personally I can say yes, but what our paramount chief will do is another matter.If you let him suffer, he will demand a lot of compensation, possibly your death. But you promised to give us life? I promise, and keep my word, that I will not kill you.I also promised to set you free.I'm telling the truth because I'll let you come out of the slit and then the Supreme Chief exercises his rights over you. He couldn't make up his mind at all.If he is going to make a decision about us, he must be released, and he must come here himself.Only then, when we are free, can he make a decision.The Commander-in-Chief of the Guards will not release them if we are not completely free.

After a while, the Chief continued outside: You have two fancy guns, one of which you can shoot as many times as you want without reloading.is this real? real. The other can shoot days away and never miss a shot? Yes.Moreover, after the bullet penetrates the first target, it continues to move forward, and it can hit whoever it wants to hit. Also, you have a small pistol that turns and fires six rounds? This is also true.Who told you that? Messenger of the Commander-in-Chief of the Guards, I asked them about your situation.You hand over the pistol and your magic gun and place it on the stone in front of the slit.The gap is big enough that the gun can be handed out from there.

I can not.If you want a weapon, move the stone away and you come in and get it. If you refuse, I will force you. bring it on!By keeping us here perfidiously, you yourself have lost the right to force us. There was another silence, at least for me.I heard a slight whisper outside, he was probably conferring with his people.Then, his voice came again: I allow the emissary of the Commander-in-Chief of the Guard to return to him.Do you write letters? Write. Then I will dictate to you. I don't object, but I want to make sure that these people are really here. I tell you, they are here.

I trust my eyes.You lied when we arrived.I will never trust anyone who has lied to me once. You bastard, you insult me! If you think it's inappropriate, think about it, what you're doing, we don't think is right. However, if you don't see them, write a letter too.This is my request! The request is a request, and I have no objection. Allah drills you through!You are a dog that is never tamed and set on going your own way.If these people come, can you see them? visible.The stone in my left hand has a little gap from the rock, I can see through the gap and know who is outside.

Go and bring these people, he can see them. After a while, two messengers were brought. do you know themasked the Chief. know. That said, you see I'm telling the truth.If you call me a liar again, I will flog you and make all your limbs bleed. Even so, you're still a liar!You say the captain left immediately with his escort, but they're still here. They're gone! I wonder where it went.I know very well that they are staying here, seeking the protection of the Ayun tribe. This is untrue.They want to keep going.What I said is real.I sent them a guide, one who knew the most of the land between here and the sea.Surely he will be able to take them to Hammamet Bay.Do you want to write a letter?

Write. Take these two away! I have achieved my purpose, not only knowing that the two Meltons are not here, but where they are going.The messenger was taken away, and the chief dictated the letter to me. It's almost a comical situation.Standing outside was a Bedouin who couldn't write, probably didn't know how to read, but asked me to write down what he said to me.His conditions will never be fulfilled.His intention was to escape the payment of the blood price and get the freedom of the fourteen Ayuns without the obligation to give us our lives.I tore a page out of my notebook and told the Commander-in-Chief of the Guards what had happened and told him not to worry about us and that we would be free during the night and continue on to Hammamet Bay. Finished writing?he asks. It's over. Hand over the letter! I pushed the note through the gap.He looked at it, and said in a strange tone: What's this?This cannot be read! The commander-in-chief of the guard can recognize it.I answer. Because, I wrote it in German, the chief's request was also translated into German.It seemed that he had shown the letter to someone else, and I heard whispers, and it lasted for a long time.Then he said: This is completely foreign language.What does it mean? This is the script of my motherland, and it is commonly used by the Commander-in-Chief of the Guards. good!If he can't read it, it's your own loss.His messengers can take the letter.They will also tell him where to send the reply, because we are not staying here and leaving tomorrow.You will have neither food nor drink until I have his answer. He walked away with the man standing beside him, and I climbed like a chimneyman to the high place in the gap to see what was going on outside. At the end of the rock ahead, the slit was barely a foot wide.I found, right in the rock, a small crevice.I peeled it off with a knife, took out a small piece of stone, and stuck my head in, so I could see what was beyond the stone. There are no sentries outside.The heavy rock mass was considered an impassable sentry post.This situation can make us happy.I saw the whole width of the valley and what was going on to the left and right of Wadi.There were many more people outside than when we arrived.They stayed hidden and tried to appear trusting of us.The chief stood beside the emissary of the commander-in-chief of the guards.I saw that he gave the letter to the messengers.Then the messengers rode away. It often happens that when people are in a hurry, time passes much faster than usual.The sun set behind the high slopes west of Wadi, and soon we heard evening prayers outside.The moon is slowly rising, but it can't shine into our Yingbin Building.I climbed up again and looked outside, and saw that there was no fire outside, and the moonlight was very bright.There are still no sentries on the stone.We dig in the dark, seeing nothing, relying entirely on our sense of touch.Winnetto was at the front loosening the sand and picking it up for Emery who was standing in the ditch behind, while I threw it across the back of the room.We dug fairly deep into the ground, and the hole we dug went straight down a meter long, and then went straight forward.Winnetou must have reached under that rock.In order to get out, he continued to dig forward.An hour past midnight is estimated and we'll be done.Suddenly, I heard a dull sound, as if something had collapsed. Emery!I cried. It's me, what?he answered. What is Winnetto doing? He may be resting because no more sand is coming from him. Catch him quickly! A short, long moment passed, and Emery yelled: God, he was buried! I would have pushed Emery aside. I grabbed his leg.stop!Don't squeeze me, there's no room here.Emery said, and then heard him yelling loudly, still alive!Winnetto, old boy, how is it? I am delighted to hear the voice of Minmbrunyo: It was really dangerous just now, I was suffocated, the roof collapsed and pressed me, I couldn't cry out.It's all right now, let's move on.My brothers are going to work harder because it's almost dawn.It must be finished before dawn. You go to the back, you are too tired.I go to the front. Minmbrunyo people don't want to retreat, but they can't twist our will.Unfortunately, due to landslides, our progress is greatly behind.Winnetto was right, it was impossible to finish at night.It is possible to reach the ground with dawn only under the condition that there will be no more landslides.That way, running away is even more dangerous.If we couldn't finish it, the Ayun people would see the hole we dug and would try to make our attempt to escape impossible. We work furiously and recklessly.I dug upwards for a while, then fell to my knees at the end of the horizontal tunnel we had dug.Suddenly, I received a heavy blow to the back of my head and right shoulder.A huge weight pressed me from back to front, my chest was pressed into the hard sand, and I was almost breathless.With one hand I struggled to push back, and with the other I reached forward, and found the passage, which was not open, but hard.This shows that the passage is closed, the roof has collapsed, and I can neither enter nor retreat. Winnetto!I called, but heard no answer. Emory! Still no reply.You can't count on either of your companions.I was bound to suffocate until they cleared the way.I can only be saved if I push my body upwards.I used both hands, no longer paying attention to whether the sand entered my mouth, eyes, or nose, and dug desperately.Gradually, fresh air was breathed in.I sucked and sucked, breathing happily, brushing the sand out of my eyes and seeing the fish-white sky above my head, the last stars fading away.When I press my elbows down, the person rises up.This is an instant job. Now I can see what put me in danger.I found that the danger was much greater than I thought.Just step back a little bit and I'll be crushed to pieces as the sandy foundation on which this heavy boulder rests is hollowed out and the whole thing falls down, buried a meter deep in the ground.The rock went down obliquely, and the crack in the rock was widened a lot, so I was able to get out and look for my companion. my companion!God!I hadn't thought of them at all just now, but only of myself.how are theyAre both alive, or is one lying under a rock?I hastened to the slit, and listened for a while, and was delighted to hear, below me, the deep voice of the Englishman: Is there any sand? No, only rocks.Minmbrunyo replied in the same low voice. It used to be sand, but we got through it. This is the big rock that fell from above. God!He was smashed! Winnetu would have given his life to save his brother.However, no one can pass through this stone.Minmbrunyo's sun has set in distant lands, and his star is extinguished in Extinguished in the light of day, which was about to rise.I continued beside him, by this time I had climbed onto his rock. Surrey!He cried out excitedly, his voice choked with sobs. Winnetto! He's alive, he's there! Yes, he lives!up, to him!Emery cheered. When the first rays of morning light fell on the slit, both men stood by my side. Surrey, my brother!Minmbrunyo just said these few words and hugged me tightly. Where are you from?When he calmed down, he finally asked me, we thought you had disappeared, smothered under the sand, and now you were up there. I squeezed out of the slit the same way I went in. The hole is open.Emory said, softer than before, because we're not underground now, and we have to be more careful, ah, it's the very thing that put you in danger that set us free, we're saved. saved!Minmbrunyo nodded, his hand still on mine, and my brothers could come with me for the guns. We then took some time to see the full picture of Vardi.What kind of people are Ayun people!They took three important prisoners like us, but all of them were sleeping, and no one was guarding them. We noticed the camels riding on the left, the horses tied to the spear posts.People sleep in small groups among sheep and other grazing animals.They were either sleeping or just gawking at the day as it began. Horse or camel?Winnetto asked me. horse.I answer, come with me! I crawled forward and the two of them crawled after me.When I got to the horses, I stopped and whispered to them: Wait here until I give you a sign.The three of us reassured the animals at the same time that they must not be snorted. I looked around carefully again, and no one was sleeping, and no one was watching.There was one tent about thirty paces to my left, a second farther ahead, and a third farther on.In order not to disturb the horses, I can no longer crawl, I must be more courageous, stand up, and walk in front of them with my chest out.I try to approach them like an old acquaintance. Doing now is the most important thing.Every noble Arabian horse has a so-called secret.Each of their owners is accustomed to greet them with a special way they use every day, most of them whisper a quotation from the Qur'an in their ears.I also knew very few people who didn't say the first chapter of the Qur'an when they prayed, so I stood between the two horses closest to me, stroked their tails lovingly, and began to recite the first chapter in a moderate voice.All the animals listened with pricked ears, showing no signs of uneasiness. I selected three of my best horses, saddled them, and loaded them with everything necessary.There was still some water and food to be packed, but at this moment, a Bedouin stepped out of the tent, looked to the east, and shouted loudly: Allah, Allah!Arise, believers, and pray early, for the yellow twilight of day has come. The camp suddenly came alive.Sleeping people got up one after another.There is not a minute to lose.I cut the horses' bridles, led them to the exit, turned one on, and Winnetou and Emery on the other two.We hurried to Wadi. All the Bedouins had just woken from sleep, rubbing their eyes and standing in panic.Even when we passed by, no one thought to block us.But there was a hell of a noise behind us.We heard cries of fear, roars and surprise in Arabic.Because of the speed of our steeds, it was not long before the noise died away.Wadi's left-hand slope provided us with convenience, and we rode up and galloped at a faster speed.When we reached that place, our pursuers could no longer see us. It is impossible for anyone who has not ridden a horse to know the high speed of the Arabian horse.I say over and over that none of our most famous racehorses can compare to them.We moved side by side, sitting smoothly in the saddle, not missing a step, so to speak.Minmbrunyo was radiantly excited. Sarri, he said to me, do you think of lightning? Do you remember your whirlwind?I asked him. We rode two Indian stallions in Savannah, two excellent horses we got there.However, he said aloud: Ten horses of that kind are worth as much as the one we are riding now.Not even the great Manitau rode a better horse in the Evergreen Hunt! The famous Hima ruins are far away on the right. We galloped for nearly an hour and then slowed down. There was no foam around the horse's mouth, and no sweat on the beautiful limbs.However, we must cherish the strength of the horse.Half an hour later Winnetto looked around and exclaimed: The two men on horseback behind us were chasing us. I looked back and the men on horseback were still far away, and one of them was far ahead of the other.Both men run at breakneck speed.Yes, it's the catcher! Hurry up!I said, we have to gain a lot of time, those two are far away. We were galloping as before, and the pursuers could only approach us slowly, despite their best efforts.The one who is a little behind will not be faster than ours.The other, we figured, would take half an hour to catch up.Now, at the outermost edge of our field of vision, a third appeared.None of them pose a threat to us yet. Another half hour passed.We heard a yell from behind, and it was yelling at us as it approached us.We rein in the horse. This is the chief who imprisoned us.High on his saddle he came after us, raising his shotgun menacingly and shouting: You robbers, you thieves, my horses, my horses! He's getting so close that my long-range bear gun won't help.I could touch him with the butt of my rifle, so I put the breech on him, and he got angrier, but reined in, and turned a quarter of the way out of the way, and said aloud: You have stolen my best horses, they are worth more than my life.return! Come on, come get it!I said to him, look at my magic weapon, I can shoot with it, and then we will know whether your horse is more lovely than your life. Why do you rob them?Would your noble governor steal other people's horses?he said angrily. Won't.In our place, there are no chiefs who imprison guests or steal their camels. You should use your own.Come back with me and I'll give them to you. You are a liar.We don't believe you. Curse your beards!Are you still not returning the horse? not return. Well, your last moment has come!He threatened and raised his gun. I aimed at once and replied: As long as the butt of your gun is next to your cheek, my bullet will enter your skull!Put the gun down! He complied, but growled menacingly: You will see, there is no way you can take these horses. I see instead that I can use them well.They are only used to make up for the time we have lost because of you.You know, we're after the captain.You think you can imprison us, we are sorry, because the eagle does not pay attention to the fly, and the fly bites the eagle's wing.You are the biggest fools I have ever seen, hundreds failed to catch a brave heathen, a wise heathen.We need three BMWs to make up the twenty precious hours we lost because of your whistleblowing.I knew when you dictated the letter to me that we would now be free, and in my letter I informed the Commander-in-Chief of the Guards. You wrote this to him?What you wrote is not my request? Your request is also written in order to make him laugh at you. His messenger won't come again? will not come.But he himself will come with his cavalry to demand blood, to punish you for your crimes against us. Allah, Allah!I delivered your letter to them myself. Yes.You do it.You see how much intellect you are getting from Allah.We don't have time to stay with you any longer.Allah is with you! I pretended to leave, but he hurriedly called out: stop!Don't leave here!Hand over my horse!You see, I'm not alone anymore. His companion now arrived, first expressing his distrust of us, then approaching his chief, and standing by his side.The third one we spotted in the distance is also approaching, and several people appear behind him. Don't tell such jokes.I answered, I would be merciful to you, and reassure you that the three camels which you took when you captured us belonged to the commander-in-chief of the guard, and that you did not rob us, but his.We will deliver three horses to him.Later, you can talk to him again.He might be willing to trade his camel for your horse. He raised his gun, aimed at me and pulled the trigger.At the moment of the gunshot, my horse jumped up and sideways, and the bullet missed.Now, I'm going to shoot him, and Winnetou is already there.The brave Minmbrenyo thought it necessary to make use of his weapon, and charged the chief from the side, let his horse leap high, and overthrew the chief with horse and man with unstoppable momentum. , rolling on the ground.Then, he rushed to another Ayun man, bowed from his horse, grabbed his gun, threw it to the ground, and smashed it to pieces. Well done!Emory yelled, let's get rid of these poor people! We accept his request, paying no attention to the yelling behind us.After a while, we looked back again, and there were five chasing people gathered together. We have to speed up, Emery said, otherwise we will be sniped at the back!Or, you just show them how far they are allowed to go? immediately.I answer because the question was posed to me. I stopped, and when I was within hearing distance of my pursuers, I called to them: You go back! Go after it, go after it!The chief snarled and drove his men away. Don't be bold!Anyone who doesn't listen, throws the gun first, and then loses his life. I turned around and moved on.After a while, I looked back and they were about a thousand paces behind us.The chief was in front, with the gun across his front, and so was the second.I didn't want to hurt anyone, and being on an unfamiliar horse, I wasn't sure.It doesn't know how to stand still while shooting.So I dismounted, took aim, and fired two bearshots in rapid succession, with the expected result, for the two guns remained side by side, and the bullets hit the butts of the guns, which struck the rider.It was a powerful impact and both men were sent flying.I heard a confused shout. That's mileage shooting!This time it was a shotgun shot.Run for your life now!Allah does not want to see a believer perish by magic performed by a non-believer. The Chief fell to the sand.He stood in the middle of his riders, with his stomach in his hands and bent over.This shot did not consider his identity, and the pursuers retreated, never showing up again. They turned?Emory asked. They're not going to let it go, at least not the Chief.The Bedouin will not give up the three horses. We want them to lose track of us. It costs us time and means nothing to us. Meaningless?If he can't find our tracks, we'll get rid of him. Will not.You have heard his announcement that the captain is going to Hammamet Bay.He knew that we were after Melton, and we were going there.He would also go to Hammamet Bay, where we would go for horses, with or without our footprints. We saw no more pursuers in the morning, and there was no sign that anyone followed our tracks.That's unnecessary because we know where they are going.There is no way to catch up with this section of the road that has been pulled down.Our only hope is that there are no boats out in little Hammamet Bay right now. At noon, we had left the plains behind, and in front of us was the Usalat Mountains.Our horses can find enough feed and water there.We ourselves have nothing but water.We have no food, we can only starve, but it doesn't matter, we are used to this kind of life. It was late when we arrived at the ruins of Nabhana, where we were received in a friendly manner by the Silas Bedouins.We exchanged a few silver coins with them for a lot of food, enough for us to eat as far as Hammamet Bay. The next day, we passed Mahalut|Kasr to the ruins of Zelum.Day three to Hammamet via Azad and Menarah.Arrival time is evening. My first thing is to find the captain.From his mouth, he knew that except for a small fishing boat, no boat had left the port within five days. Who does the boat belong to? Tunisian Jew Musa. This is a godsend opportunity for the two fugitives, and I believe they will use this opportunity to escape.However, I still ask: Is the ship only carrying cargo, or is it also carrying passengers? There are two travelers. who? One of the governor's captains wanted to go to Tunisia by sea, and a young man wanted to go to America. When did this boat leave? Out of port this morning with the tide.The passengers arrived shortly before the ship sailed.They quickly sold the camels and boarded the boat immediately. Will the ship call before Tunisia? Won't.Because the full cargo is destined for Tunisia. How long can it arrive? About three days at current wind speeds. From this interrogation, we know that we have time, because we don't need two days from Hammamet to Tunisia.That is, I can get there a day earlier than the fishing boat.The question was whether the two Meltons would be so careless as to go ashore there.In Tunisia, however, they would soon have the opportunity to board a larger ship directly.If they came across such a boat by chance on the water, they would be taken in. The same is true of Emery.He agrees, and asks: We leave tomorrow morning? If there is time.What do you suggest? I'm thinking about it.I believe the chief will tail us for his horse.He may arrive soon and cause us trouble.Wouldn't it be better to avoid them? you're right.We went on for a while, by way of Soliman, stopping where we could spend the night.We would rather sleep in the open air than live in that town's inn. So we left Hammamet Bay that night and spent the night in a nearby open-air olive grove.Arrive at Soliman on the second day and Tunisia in the afternoon of the third day.There we waited in agony for the fishing boat.The three horses were handed over to Baldo for use by the Commander-in-Chief of the Guards. According to the calculation of the captain of the port, we only need to wait patiently for one day, and the fishing boat will arrive.However, nearly three days have passed and it has yet to be seen in the port of Goleta.This man must have guessed my intentions.While we were thinking about it, a small boat broke down. I heard crying from the boat. It turned out that a young man was being beaten and was about to be driven out.After he walked across the diving board, he turned around and threatened with two fists. I didn't understand his words because I was far away from him.He walked slowly towards the city and I followed him. I caught up with the boy and pretended to be a passerby.He reached out to me for money, I gave him a lot of money, and asked him how he was doing.He was called Jing Guo in our hometown. Although he was only fourteen years old and had a lot of experience, it was the first time he had come to sea to find a job. Unexpectedly, he was beaten and kicked out during the interrogation. Is the ship carrying guests or cargo?I asked. There are two guests. Did they land at Goleta? no.We must first send them to Pantelleria to buy Frank clothes, and then take them around in circles until a big steamer appears. What is the name of this boat? have no idea. Where does it come from and where does it go? I can't tell either, because my guest says I don't need to know. I won't ask any more questions.This young man was at sea for the first time, and knew little of sailing, and could not give me much information.Only one thing is certain, and it is the most important and at the same time the most unpleasant.That is, the two sought-after persons escaped on board a large steamer, probably a European ship.Their intention, of course, is to look for opportunities to go to the United States.We need to get in front of them quickly, at least before they have time to pull off their deception. I told this to my companions.They agreed with me and took the boat to Marseilles tomorrow.We believe that once there, there will always be other opportunities. They went out to make the necessary preparations, and I was left alone in the room when suddenly I heard hurried footsteps outside, and then someone knocked violently on the door and kicked it open.I jumped up to meet the uninvited guest.But I am willing to refrain from harsh words, because it was my dear old Krügerberg who burst through the door.He embraced me with all his sucking strength, and at the same time cried out: You are back in Tunisia!I didn't expect it to be so fast! Yes.faster than i thought.I replied, holding his right hand, how do you know we're back here?Did they show you the horses we brought? Yes, yes, that's why I thought you were here. certainly.What do you think of those horses? top notch.The purest species is priceless. Yes.True purebred, no bids. You have reached the owner of the horse? I'll tell you about it.But first, tell me how you got here.I thought you'd have to stay a little longer to deal with the Ayun Tribe issue. I cut through the chaos with a quick knife, and I made a quick decision against the Ayun tribe, catching them by surprise. He said in his classical German that he had noticed my instructions in the letter and that I would be free tonight.He believed what I said, and raised his troops at once to liberate us in due course.The Ayun people are still in Wadi, the same Wadi we escaped from the tiger's mouth.The Ayun people originally planned to leave there, but because of our escape, their plan was hindered.As the chief and best fighters tracked us all the way to Hammamet Bay, they had to wait in Wadi.So, Krugerbai captured all the riders and Ayun people.He outmaneuvered them and surrounded Wadi.They surrendered without any resistance.He was determined to attack the second branch quickly, and he also won a big victory.Now, the Ayun tribe is forced to pay the high blood price to the Ayal tribe.Of course, this is not something that can be done in a day or two. There was no need for Krugerbai to stay there. He left two cavalry squadrons just in case, and returned to Tunisia with the troops himself.When we arrived, we heard that we were at Bardo, and had given up our horses.Of course he knew, we lived in a hotel.We used to live here so it was easy for him to find. We want to go tomorrow and call on senior officials today to get our papers on Small's murder in hand.Krugerbai considered the matter to be of such importance that he submitted a report to the governor-general, the ruler of Tunisia.We were then summoned to meet with representatives of the United States.Before dark, we got the official papers, enough to kill the Meltons. We spent the night in Baldo with my old friend.He likes to spend more time with us, but we have to admit that it is impossible for us to accept his request. Another day passed, and the boat arrived.克呂格爾拜陪同我們到港口,甚至上了船,以便確信,我們被安置得很好。然後,我們與他告別,就連我們也不知道,這條船上載著我們的兩個逃犯 (End of the book)
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