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Chapter 6 ★Conversation in Salon (continued)

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One afternoon, maybe she had a drink on the sly, or something was causing her pain, and Justine put on a farce.Miss Moulder was present, loud and coquettish, and always the center of attention, talking of operettas, concerts, and projects as if she were an actress about to go on tour, And not this lonely, poor old girl who lives on the top floor of a flat in the city, so they say, Jacob Street, with six cats.Luo Hong.Field sat on a cushion, huddled back, beside Atelier.There was an air of theatricality to all of this, Atie thought to herself, a vanity, a sense of ironic unreality. Someone died in Nanjing, in Eritrea [Note 1], and in Spain.The refugee camp near Perpignan [Note 2] is full of women and children, just waiting for the government to order them to leave this dump and set them free.But here, Rue Cotentin, the living room is soaked in the soft spring sunshine, and the small human voice is woven into a safe nest, a safe haven, a state of reassuring and irrelevant amnesia.

[Annotation 1] Eritrea: A country located in northeastern Africa and bordering the Red Sea. It was colonized by Italy in 1896 and a British colony in 1941. [Annotation 2] Perpignan: a port city on the Mediterranean coast of France, near the Spanish border. Justine announced to everyone: <Ladybug>, Hugo's poem.Aunt Wilhelmina played the piano, with a solemn expression, as if she was about to play a hymn.Justine has a clear, flute-like voice, with flawless articulation, breaking down every syllable and articulating every consonant.She sang the song for the first time in public. She︱to︱me︱ said: there are︱some︱things︱feelings

make me uneasy and︱I︱glance︱see On her︱Snow︱White︱Neck︱Face There are︱one︱︱pink︱red︱︱little︱worms! Ai Die'er felt her cheeks turn red, as if being pricked by needles.Her eyes were looking straight ahead, looking at no one.At this moment, the conversation in the living room fell silent.This is what this girl hates the most, this decent and serious appearance, the pretentious and cautious posture, and their fear and resentment hidden behind the meticulous lies. Some people will say it is a︱shell︱shell pink back and black spots Oriole︱Swallow︱To see us All from the leaf cluster︱probe︱head︱probe︱brain!

Long and slow.Aunt Wilhelmina played her trill at the end of each quatrain, presumably imitating the concert of the birds in the trees.The women fanned the wind, and the air was hot and heavy. Mrs. General Le Mercier had a happy face, and her round mouth was wrinkled.Eddie felt the sweat drip from her armpits and prick her ribs.At this moment, she looked at Justine without blinking, listening to her slender voice intently, not wanting her to make any mistakes.A ridiculous situation suddenly appeared on her. She became a mother and accompanied her daughter, as if participating in a year-end music competition.And this awkward, artificial, absurd poem, this flat, pretentious skit, these words, echo, haste, staccato, like a piercing bell around the neck of a well-groomed merry-go-round .

Her fresh and pleasant︱mouth︱is there I leaned over to that︱beauty︱people I picked up the︱lady︱bug.Can︱that︱kiss︱already︱fly︱leave! There was another trill, and Justine continued to sing: But︱that︱kiss︱fly︱leave! , she got laughter as a cheer, and the general's wife looked pitiful and slapped her folded fan in the palm of her left hand. Why was it that at this very moment, during this ridiculous scene, Atel began to hate Moud?It was a hatred so violent that it made her heart beat faster.She stopped listening, but Justine, encouraged by the chatter of the audience, sang the part about the beauty and the ladybug and the kiss has gone.

bugs are god But stupidity is human! The last line was sung by Aunt Wilhelmina staccato, tremulously, to the applause of the audience.Ai Die'er felt sick for a while, just about to get up, Luo Hong who listened to the whole song patiently.Field hurriedly handed her a scrawled note.Eddie read: May God keep us from this French madness! He looks serious.He tapped her knee with his finger, but Atelier saw a spark of sarcasm in his blue eyes, and she snapped back to herself.A wave of mockery overwhelmed her. Tallon: The situation is critical, but no one seems to be worried, but the stock market will crash at any time, which is not what the current group of people can stop.

Alexander: Well, you always make a big fuss about things that are far away from us after all. Talon: Yes, they just want us to believe that stocks are profitable, but please remember what I said AUNT WILLIAMMINNE: Just stop talking about your stock market crashing! Woman's Voice: Yeah, yeah, say something else!Stop talking about money! Shermans: Bloom [Note] As soon as the gold comes, the gold is gone! 【Annotation】Bloom (1872︱1950): French writer of Jewish origin, leftist politician, chairman of the coalition government of the Popular Front from 1936 to 1937, 1936︱ In 1937, 1938, and 1946, he served three times as the chairman of the National Assembly (that is, the head of state during the Third and Fourth French Republics).

The gold has been gone for a long time! In any case, the Popular Front [Note] has been out of gold for a long time. 【Annotation】People's Front: The French left-wing political parties and mass organizations formed a united front in July 1935 in order to fight against fascist forces and promote social and economic reforms. After taking power, they promoted many social reforms and had a great impact on French history.After the signing of the Munich Agreement in 1938, the Popular Front split openly and existed in name only. Talon: Fortunately, Hitler is cleaning up the Bolsheviks in Germany, but it may be too late by now.

Justine: Tell us about your Hitlerch. (Some corrected voices: Hitler, not Hitler.) Same!I don't trust him at all! Chemin: You have read Abe.Is Academician Boehner's article published in the Tabloid?He went to Berlin to meet the Chancellor of Germany, and he told him that he very much regretted that we made him a dictator in France. Alexander: OK!Then please tell me, what is he? Chemin: My dear, a popular power cannot exist in oppression!This is what Hitler himself said. The people stand with me because they know that I will take care of their needs. What I care about is the hearts of the people.

Wilhelmina: The Heart of the People!Ah yes, let's talk about the mind of a German! Shermans: Isn’t it true that the German people have a beautiful and great heart, which does not belong to musicians like you Wilhelmina: Oh, don't, don't mix these up!Mozart, Schubert and Hitler, they don't get together! (laughter) Tallon: But you, like me, have read in the newspapers how the German chancellor was welcomed there when Wagner's "Meistersinger" was performed in Nuremberg, how warmly he was cheered there. It didn't happen in Paris, it's not something I made out of nothing!

Chemin: Because we're totally depraved, listening to Debussy, Ravel, stuff like that. Adie jumped up: It's not true, you don't know anything, Ravel is a genius, and Debussy had tears in her eyes, and Luo Hong held her hand to let her know his support. Alexander: Okay, okay, music is more valuable than quarrels, let's talk about politics, it's less heavy! (laughter) Pauline: Before I talk about politics, let me interject. Some people are in business. You know those paintings, right?The ones your German Chancellor sent back to Switzerland because he thought they were depraved.Vlaminck's paintings, two hundred Swiss francs each. Mrs. General Le Mercier: Like your Hitler, he did some, uh, kind of wrong things like the masked guys in our government, don't you think?Paid vacations, plants to grow flowers, flattery to flatter the lower classes and the like! Chemin: I must say that the whole country has changed because of him. I have a friend who just went to Berlin recently. He said that since Hitler came to power, Germany has become clean and pleasant. There are flowers everywhere, even farms and small villages. also have Mi Lu: You want us to believe that it is heaven! Tallon: I didn't say that, he opened up the beaches of the Baltic Sea to a million workers, that's better than the Socialist Party, isn't it? Pauline: The Baltic Sea, what a horror! (Mauritian accent) This must be worse than your Breton[Note]! (laughter) 【Annotation】Brittany: A peninsula and administrative region in western France. Because of its unique regional language and culture, the independence movement has always had a place in the political arena here. Alexander: Of course, Rügen[Note] can't be compared with Nice!My sister has nothing but the Côte d'Azur in her heart. 【Annotation】Rügen: Germany's largest island, located in the Baltic Sea. Mi Lu: Just wait for your German head of state to send the workers to Nice! Shermans: He didn't send workers, but he used words that Bloom never dared to say to voters, he talked to voters about progress, he made them think that work is honorable, you can imagine a politician Will you say such things here! Mrs. General: What is there to say!He wants them to work less and earn more money!He bought their votes with paid time off and beach vacations! Chemin: He even dared to say something that neither the Bolsheviks nor the Socialists had ever said. He said that he wanted to return dignity to the workers who did manual labor. For him, a professional laborer did mental work. The work of a bank accountant is mechanical work. Mrs. General: That's you, Mr. Accountant. Do you appreciate that statement? Shemant: After all, you still have to go beyond your personal interests, you have to look bigger and farther!Why do you want me to deny the truth?A bookkeeping job offers no advantages over a careful builder of auto mechanics or a craftsman of stylish furniture. Alexander: Chemin is a Socialist, we really misunderstood you! Chemin: Don't say that!You know, I hate the lies of the socialists, and I hate the crimes of the Bolsheviks in Russia!But a new path must be found, that's what Bonner said, read it!right here! Pauline: A new way!Do you believe this?Your Hitler, forgive me, he is a cunning fellow, he says what people want to hear, and he does nothing.Think about it, is there any country where workers direct bosses?Even in Russia, this has never happened before!Look at Stalin! Alexander: Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk!Now we're talking politics again! Talon: Let me interject again. Germany is better than France. It has straightened up again! Mrs. General: It's nothing to be surprised about. They didn't pay half a dime to compensate for the damage of the war. This is another virtuous policy of the socialists! You see, you are hopeless! Justine: They seem to have bred several new varieties of roses in Germany that are very white. Quit it, my dear! (Madame General) They stole ours during the First World War, you haven't heard about it, the miracle of Lyon was named in German by them what Dusky or Miss Drushy, they stole them all, we Bad house, our golden sun, they have sneezy names for these roses that no one can pronounce! Alexander: Alright!Now even Rose is going to start a war! Pauline: Alexander, don't be naive!You also know that nothing is innocent, not even a flower grower!It all smells of trickery rather than roses, don't you think? Alexander: Well, let's spit on the roses, ladies!This is an order! Still the same voice.Words, laughter, clinking of little spoons in mocha cups.Sitting in the back of the dining room, Adie looked at the guests, one after another, and she felt curious that not long ago she had a sense of security, or more clearly, a feeling of numbness, listening to their conversations. The voice, the singing Mauritian accent, which can lend a certain charm to the most violent words, all punctuated with an exclamation, Ouch, aunts! , the smoke surrounding the light cigarette Justine managed to expel the black tobacco that would make her cough.At this moment, Eddie was full of anxiety and anger. She got up from her chair and shut herself in the kitchen. Ida, the maid, was cleaning the dishes, and she helped her dry the dishes and put them away.Justine reminded her of this one day. You know your father was so insistent that you should be there, his eyes were everywhere for you.She replies viciously: Yes, the gossip, the gossip!When the Titanic sank, the saloon on the ship should be like this! As the family ship sinks, all these noisy voices, these absurd and meaningless conversations, these hallucinogenic drugs accompanied by gushing words, keep coming back to Eddie's mind, as if one afternoon after another , these banal words released a kind of poison that swallowed everything around, faces, hearts and even the wallpaper in the apartment. In the same notebook where, as a teenager, she had recorded Alexander's wits, wits, poetic sentences, and the capricious moods of Mauritius' aunts, she now wrote in a rage the ludicrous incidents, slander, vicious word games, and hateful images. Luther, Rousseau, Kant, Fichte, the four major authors of the Gospel of Evil. The Jewish family, the Protestant family, the gringo nation, the Masonic world. Semitic leprosy. Honest Frenchmen exploited by cosmopolitan Jewish bankers. The Old Testament asks the Jews to explain that this is the rule of Satan. (What Gugeno de Musso [note] said was approved by Pope Pius IX.) 【Annotation】Gujie Nuo.De.Mousse (1805︱1876): French journalist, writer, representative Christian writer who exposed Jewish conspiracy. A Jew who is very different from everyone's expectations. (Proudhon [note]) [Annotation] Proudhon (1809︱1865): French economist, sociologist, the first person who claimed to be anarchist. The Jews are not like us: they have hooked noses, square nails, flat feet, and one hand is long and the other is short. (Trumont [note]) [Annotation] Trumont (1844︱1917): French journalist, anti-Semitic writer, founded the French Anti-Flash League in 1889. They stink. They are born immune to those deadly diseases. Their brains are different from ours. For Jews, France is a pensioner's country.They only believe in money, and their heaven is on earth. (Mojas [note]) [Annotation] Mojas (1868︱1952): French writer, one of the founders of the right-wing "French Action", advocating monarchy and extreme nationalism. The Jews are partly associated with palmistry and witchcraft. Our big politicians are called Shang.Zheai, the Jewish name is Isaac.Ejesiye, and Leon.Bloom, who also has a Jewish name, Kafun Kirstein. The lackeys of the "Humanite" are called Bloom, Rosenfeld, Herman, Mohe, Zlomsky, Will.Renard, Cohen︱Adelia, Goldshield, Modiano, Oppenheimer, Horshowitz, Schwazenchuber (like a sneeze!), Imher.Giomai, Ouse [Note]. 【Annotation】These are Jewish names. The English are more savage than the Germans, as you can see from Ireland. Oliver.Mordrill [Note] said something like this: Brittany must not be niggerized. 【Annotation】Olivier.Moderel (1901︱1985): Nationalist who promoted the independence of Brittany. In European politics, he supported the Nazi regime in Germany. Hitler said at Nuremberg: France and Germany have more reasons to admire each other than to hate each other. He has predeclared the guilty: the Jews and the Bolsheviks will not be forgotten. Mojas wrote in the book "The Boulevard of the Philosophers": Semitic genius has been completely extinguished after the Bible.Today, the Republic is a disorderly state, with four arrogant alliance members: Jews, Masons, Protestants and Gringos. Streicher [note] put it this way in Nuremberg: the only solution is the physical destruction of the children of Israel. [Annotation] Streicher (1885︱1946): German Nazi media and publishing head, sentenced to death at Nuremberg. After a pause from these ferocious waves, there will be a silence, Adie observes, as if, after a violent attack, a fall is left only with feeble pain, a shameful soreness, and the aunts' spirits are too high. It is difficult to dispel this feeling.Everyone chatted about fashion, cars, sports or movies. Peugeot 402, light, will beat all other cars, Renault, Draghi, Duplo, De Dieng, Panhard, Hotch Case, even the most famous Rolls Royce! We've seen it in the window of Metheny's Depot in Wagram, and it's gorgeous! But that price!Did you see the price? Add to this the devaluation of the currency, first in the US, and then with us this summer! Paid time off, and hats they wear! In fact, this is quite normal, these poor people, they also want to see the sea! (justine) Have you heard about the latest new inventions?Wireless images? Beatrice.Buhti [Note 1] came to your house to talk to you!And Sarah.Bernhardt [Note 2]! 【Annotation 1】Beatis.Buchti (1893︱1982): French actress, when French TV premiered in 1935, she took the lead in the first official program. 【Annotation 2】Sarah.Bernhardt (1844︱1923): French actress, who was awarded the French Legion of Honor, can be called the most famous actress at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Yes, but green, dear!All green, like those elves! As for me, I still like to go to the cinema. Have you seen The Great Phantom? Ah, no, don't mention the war again!Me, I'd rather see The Marx Brothers' Effortless! At such times, Mrs. General will not miss the opportunity to comment: as for me, when these things mature, I will go to the cinema. A small committee was formed on the men's side.With Chemans away, the atmosphere became much more relaxed.Adie likes this kind of salon.She listened to the rumbling sound.It was the sound of airplane engines that Alexander liked.He had a great project to build a flying machine with wings and propellers.Does he still believe in the plan?Atelier wondered if she might be the only one who knew bankruptcy was near.She looked at this tall man whose face, which belonged to an old Mauritian man, could not be whitened even in the winter of Paris, his shiny black hair, his carefully trimmed beard, his artist's hands, slender and Nervous fingers. It's all about the propeller, as I've said from the beginning.The full-size propeller is very good, and that’s how the world record was broken. Paulan [Note] flew Moraine and Chavez-type aircraft in the UK.Back then the engine was Norm's, seventy horsepower, double boring.But when it comes to propellers, Reitmanoff is my favorite.Old school, yes, but one that packs a lot of power into a minimum of bulk. [Annotation] Bao Lan (1883︱1963): French pilot. So you like wooden ones? Of course, it's quicker to repair and lighter. But what about Breguet? It's a fighter jet, and it has nothing to do with it. If you want to fight, the propeller must be made of steel. He was smoking, his gray-blue eyes caught in the swirls of smoke.Eddie could loathe him for all his evil deeds, all his lies and betrayals to his mother, all the big things he boasted.But she couldn't leave, she couldn't look at him coldly like a stranger. Perhaps, at this moment, he was on the verge of destruction, about to fall, so she felt that she had never been so close to him.Mr. Soliman's harsh judgment of his niece and son-in-law came back to her mind: useless fellow, who has never done anything good, except give birth to you!It seems that this is a coincidence, because of the magical providence that this fruit came into being.He said to Adele: You are my lucky charm, my lucky little star. Do you know Drezowski's work on aircraft propellers?This is my bible! The topic of flying machines has men gushing: If there is a war, believe me, it will be the airplane that will make all the difference.But no one in France has the slightest understanding of it! And spaceships!Don't forget there is also a spaceship! (Alexander) The thing is, those ships of yours, we've seen what happened! (Hu Ahe) It was an accident!The same goes for planes, planes fall down every day! Yes, but planes are less likely to be targeted! People still haven't learned their lessons from the war.Do you guys still remember?Twenty years ago, some people predicted the consequences of aerial bombing, but our successive ministers of war were unmoved! They only care about the front on the ground! But the front line is very good. Have you read the report in "Pictorial Weekly"?Even if your planes fly over, you still need infantry to walk on the ground!Airplanes are not ducks! (Madam General) Of course, dear lady.But you know, our planes can carry 4,000 shells. According to five missions a day, we can drop more than 1.6 million bombs in six months. According to the hit rate of 1%, so Can make about 20,000 enemies out of the battlefield!Take a hundred planes and see how many there will be! (Alexander) Two million people will die in six months, you have to think about it!It is not enough that they say that the weapons of the air are the weapons of absolute superiority.This weapon is so terrible that without it there will be no war. (Hu Ahe) No way, the problem is that this weapon has already been used in Spain. Those marvelous Boutez fighters that the Socialists sent to the Red Army! [Annotation] Between 1936 and 1939, a civil war broke out between the democratically elected Republican government of Spain and the Franco National Army that failed in the coup. The Republican Army is also called the Red Army.The civil war ended in victory for the Nationalists, and Franco began his dictatorship. In Guernica! By the way, have you seen Picasso's Guernica at the World's Fair? Thanks!What a horror! (women's voices) Yes, bombing, how terrifying!Maybe this is what he wanted to say! (some laughter) The tense atmosphere came in waves like waves.Hearing the words, the chorus of exclamation, Atel felt the same sickness come back to her throat.Due to her age, she should be the only one who listens without saying a word.Others have lived most of their lives, and to them words are just noise, just the wind.They don't really own reality.Maybe they are just covering life with reality. After all, planes, spaceships, they are not just war machines!You have read H. G.That little article by Wells called <Prediction>, right? (Alexander) But hadn't he died long ago? He predicted before the war that within a hundred years, airplanes would replace trains and ships as the means of transportation for all long-distance travel. Tell yourself!I'm not going to step on it, you flying cigars! (Madam General) Indeed, the plane is not very good. (justine) The solution is to fly automatically. (Alexander) What a horror!You mean unmanned aircraft? No, I mean having a system that automatically corrects for instabilities, air pockets, etc. In any case, there is one area where your planes have not improved, and that is the way in the air!They still keep flying around! yes.This reminds me of the Booker incident. (some laughter) No way, you are too young to remember it.What's the name of this clever little fellow?Boog? bulger. (Madam General) Yes, Bulger, that's it.He started an international society that charged planes for flying over fields near the airport.He scammed a bunch of naive peasants. He defined these farmers' fields as a prism, with the fields at the bottom and the sides of the prism all the way up to the sky! Seriously, was he wrong? (Justine) Can you imagine that there is a spaceship that stays above your house forever?If it falls into your garden, is it your responsibility? Well, let it pay you a bottle of fake champagne! (laughter) After all, Wells is right, we may not be there by then, and we won’t be able to see them anymore, but let me tell you, one day, there will be as many planes and spaceships in the sky of Paris as there are cars today. Does everyone have their own?You speak of a catastrophe! Yes, if war didn't destroy everything! (justine) O me, I believe that peace will come from the sky. (Talon) The sky is listening to you, my dear friend! (Alexander) all right!It's war again!Are you not allowed to talk about other things here? (Women echoing) It was as if someone had hidden everything.Adie felt this dizziness, this pain.One afternoon, coming home from school, she was about ten years old.The living room was strangely empty and silent.At the junction of light and shadow, the velvet curtain was drawn, and she saw her father sitting in the big armchair after dinner, reading a newspaper and dozing off.A shadowy figure, wearing a short gray coat.A soft felt hat, also gray, leaned forward as if resting on the head of a sleeping man.Aidie didn't say a word, just tiptoed forward.The large armchair acted like a screen, blocking out the dim light that came in through the gaps in the curtains.The sleeping silhouette didn't move.Eddie held her breath.To walk more lightly, she put her schoolbag on the floor, and very gently, she rested it on one foot of the armchair so that it would not wobble. Why is there no sound at home?The gray short coat, Eddie recognized, belonged to Mr. Soliman, and he hadn't worn it for a long time since he stopped walking in the Luxembourg Gardens.But it was not Mr. Soliman who sat in the armchair.It was a slumped, emaciated figure, floating in an oversized dress.So, who dares to do so?Ai Die'er leaned over and leaned forward.All of a sudden, she saw it.Perhaps the sun just peeked through the clouds, illuminating the face.An earthy, gray face, deeply lined, with a wide mouth, purple lips, and a long, monstrously pimple-like nose with wide-open nostrils.From under the felt hat, the face stared at her with bared teeth, empty eyes with reddish lids.Eddie recalled, she screamed, ran down the hallway, all the way back to her room, she felt all the hairs on her hands and feet stand on end, and there was a chill, a cold stream running down her neck .Her heart almost stopped beating.She wept in her mother's arms, crying out of breath.Later, later, she heard her father's low voice responding to the scolding. He tried to comfort Justine, a voice that Eddie had never heard before, sad and full of guilt.She thought to herself, she still prefers when he is angry, yelling with an accent: God!And then continue his who's there crap or some nonsense in Creole, and that's when she understands what happened between them, making her mother sad, her father not happy, this war, they It goes on every day, for a yes, for a no, or for no reason at all. When she calmed down and returned to the living room, the large armchair was empty, Mr. Soliman's gray jacket, floppy hat, and polished shoes were put away in the closet, and the mask had been chopped off. The lower head, the eyes are only left with two black holes which have disappeared forever. Later, she tried to find a name for the unnamed intruder.When she mentioned it to Alexander, he pretended not to remember it.You said there was a mask made of pulp?No, I don't have the impression that maybe he was ashamed, or he really forgot about it. However, it can only be him.A day that is not a weekend, not a family gathering.When Adele came home from school.A prank.Without Justine's knowledge, he set up a trap and hid himself behind the door.When he saw the result, saw her bursting into tears, terrified, he hid in the study and pretended he didn't hear anything.Maybe it was the time of the carnival mask, when Chemin came to their house every day (or almost every day) to discuss business.Could it be him?No, he would never dare to do that. After a long time, Eddie heard his voice.He was talking to Alexander in the living room.What is he saying?Eddie wasn't so sure.He named a name, and then said: What a Sherlock face, thick lips, thick bushy brows, small eyes squeezed together, wrinkled brow, short curly hair On the head, and the nose, the nose!It is simply the big and pointed beak of a vulture!Adie shuddered.He's talking about his mask!Said the man in the gray jacket, sitting in the armchair, in the shadows, in the living room.Blushing with anger, she walked out of the living room without saying sorry or looking at anyone.It's been years since it happened, but she still shudders at it.This pulp mask was hideous and gray, like a severed head. This was a unique nightmare. Suddenly, she understood the meaning of this mask.It was some fume of hate and witchcraft that Chemin had unleashed on their house to destroy her, her and her house. [Annotation] Shylock: The character in Shakespeare's play "The Merchant of Venice", whose image is a Jewish merchant who lends money to usurers, forcing people to cut their flesh to pay their debts. One afternoon, while Alexander was away to talk about things (the construction site on Ahmoshik Street had just started), Justine was out shopping and visiting her aunt's house, and Adie turned the whole house upside down, just to find out Sherlock's head.Methodical, she rummaged through room after room, mother's room, father's study, the little room where Ida sometimes hid for weekends, pantry, laundry room, closet.All she found was a revolver that her mother had kept hidden in the closet, under a stack of rough sheets. She scoured every nook and cranny for over an hour, unpacking the contents of the wicker box and rummaging through her old childhood toys (maybe grown-ups are numb enough to hide a nightmare among the familiar? ) ultimately in vain. Justine came back a little earlier than the scheduled time, and she saw Adie sitting on the ground, and the house was in a mess.At her question, Adie responded with tears, as before, she hugged her mother tightly.When she finally spoke up, her mother's anger proved that she hadn't forgotten anything.The mask, the great mask, yeah, I threw it in the trash right away, it wasn't a kid's trick, it was a horrible, nasty thing, I threw it the day it happened, I Poor baby, I didn't expect this to hurt you so much, forgive us! Ai Die'er wept, she felt relieved.But this should just be an illusion.The mask is still there, it's mass-produced, and the people who laugh at it haven't changed.The mask continued to watch with its empty eyes, in the shadows, wearing its floppy hat, indelible, irresistible. Later, Adie realized that nothing had been forgotten.She's too sensitive, and that's why.She was an only child, living in a family at war, in a house that was battered by the storm.She has no sense of humor, Alexander would say.A little thing will make her lose control.
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