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Chapter 1 Chapter One

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Hot, June day in northern Taiwan. He stands alone in the courtyard, his slender body projected on the grass; in the hazy night, the white shirt can stand out, so the broad shoulders are also clear, the waist is straight and the legs are long, and the dark gray suit pants are outstanding. Huang, your body looks like us Westerners.Grace once said with her green eyes shining. But I'm an Oriental, Grace. I believe you have western blood in you. That's not a compliment, my dear. The Chinese should not remain among the sick men of East Asia, this is very basic; we cannot blame others for prejudice, our own efforts are very limited.However, this him, this Huang in Grace's mouth, is worthy of being an excellent and motivated Chinese in thousands.He left his parents when he was eight years old and lived in the UK for 21 years. The UK can be regarded as his second home, but he believes that the motherland needs him more than the UK.The water of the same quality in the four seas, the sky of the same color, but everyone must have their own home.Although he came back this time for a private matter, hoping to return to the motherland, it was not just a wish overnight.

It was hot, and he wiped the sweat from his face. Mu Mansion, the mansion standing in the night, has an incomprehensible vastness; like the full moon in the sky, haunting the dense dark clouds. Mu Liqiang, the owner of this huge mansion, should be called the uncle's father's entourage secretary back then.When he returned to Taiwan, he came to look for him, and he stayed here overnight.He didn't have a deep impression of him, and when he left his parents, he also left him.I vaguely remember his eyes, deep-set and dark; his smile, the kind of laughter he laughed at the banquet just now.

Stepping on the green grass, you can see few stars when you look up.There is air-conditioning in the restaurant and living room, and the air in the yard is relatively comfortable.He is the central figure of this dinner, and his temporary absence will be forgiven.He just talked about his parents who died on the mainland.Thinking back to the glorious era of Chongqing, the 34th year of the Republic of China was a complete victory, and Shanghai, Nanjing, and Beiping ran in three places. The Huang family and the Mu family were like hands and feet.Now, Uncle Mu's family is happily reunited here, and the bodies of his parents fell into the ground without a coffin.Leave him, a lone goose, to fly alone.He could bear being alone, but for twenty-one years, he didn't see his parents again for a full twenty-one years.Father's eyes full of love, mother's passionate kisses and tears, all had to be recalled in memories and sought in dreams.

Brother Huang, Brother Huang! Mucili was galloping towards him, a spring bird whose skirts fluttered like flexible wings.He had never met Mu Cili, she was sixteen or seventeen years old, and Mrs. Mu came to Taiwan when she was pregnant with her. He vaguely remembered that his father had mentioned it in a letter to him. Come, come, Brother Huang, everyone is waiting for you to cut the cake!Panting, Mu Cili grabbed Huang Luotian's arm. Cutting the cake?Why should I cut the cake? Don't you remember yourself?big eater!What are you doing alive? !My sister said, today is the fifteenth day of the fifth lunar month, which happens to be your birthday!Hurry up, the candles are almost lighted!

Yo, really, the fifteenth day of the fifth lunar month.After leaving her parents, she lived in the old professor's house of Grace's father once her aunt died.Foreigners don't understand our lunar calendar, and they never pay attention to these things themselves; this birthday has been forgotten for many years.Now, Mu Changci is married to his childhood friend, remember his birthday?Mu Cili dragged him, unable to stop him from thinking.One leading, one following, step by step to the green grass.The clear long window was full of light, and the figure was swaying in the white window screen; the glass of wine was still warm in his chest, and the heat pervaded his whole body.

Back in the hall, everyone was waiting; Mu Changci took the lead in singing <Happy Birthday to You>, she had a good singing voice since childhood.Why did she mention my birthday?Over the years, we have not communicated with each other.He couldn't help but look at her, and then she looked at him.The red cheongsam suits her slim figure properly.She was also eight years old when he said goodbye to her. Now, Mu Changci is fully grown.She was always eight years old when he dreamed of her, with a floral jacket, floral trousers, and a pigtail.Her eyes are bigger than pools of water and blue sky.However, this glance was thrown at him, the blue sky was foggy, and the pond water was cold.If he still had no scruples, he would ask her the same way he used to ask her when he was a child: What's the matter, my little shrew?

Oh, what's the point of singing, hurry up and cut the cake and eat it, won't it be over?This is Mu Yuande, Chang Ci's younger brother and Ci Li's older brother.He twisted his left foot and swiped non-stop, tight narrow pants, leaning lazily by the window, with a toothpick in his mouth. Luo Tian, ​​blow it out, blow out the candle.Mu Liqiang patted Huang Luotian on the shoulder, rubbing a pipe in his hand on his lacking nose. Wait a minute, Ci Li said with a smile: Let me count how many candles there are.She nodded with her tender fingers: twenty-nine!Yo, sister, is Brother Huang really that old?

Mu Changci didn't answer, her husband Niu Zhengshuo smiled and said: Ci Li, how can you say that Brother Huang is old, this year your sister's birthday is also twenty-nine candles!From next year, I will have to reduce one for her every year. Good idea, Mu Yuande came up and patted Niu Zhengshuo on the back: After two years, I will be Changci's elder brother, and you will be my brother-in-law.I don't need to listen to Chang Ci's instructions, when you need something, you should remember to be filial, loyal and trustworthy. Luo Tian, ​​blow, blow, blow out the candles!Mu Liqiang urged: Choose someone to help you blow it up, next time Li.

Mu Cili was very happy, her round face was ruddy; she opened her small mouth and blew, and all twenty-nine candles were extinguished.Hand over the knife to Huang Luotian, in fact she is still the chef; moving sideways, a piece of cake will be torn apart.Put down the knife, just hook your index finger on it, a dollop of cream.I stuck out my tongue and tasted it, and said: Yes, Brother Huang, you can try it.Wipe Huang Luotian's nose. Everyone share the cake.Niu Zhengshuo approached Huang Luotian and looked at it carefully, just like when he was deciding what stocks to buy.When Huang Luotian returned to China, Mu Liqiang left him at home, it was last week.For the first time today, Mu Changci and him met with Huang Luotian.Mrs. Mu lives in Niu's house.Huang Luotian went to Niu's house to visit her the next day after her arrival, but Niu Zhengshuo and Mu Changci were not there, which was considered a welcome disappointment.Now Niu Zhengshuo looked at his wife, who was sitting beside her mother eating cake in silence.Mrs. Mu was even more silent, she let go after taking a bite of the cake, looking preoccupied.He didn't pay much attention to how many worries his mother-in-law had. People like Huang Luotian were worth talking to.

Brother Huang.Niu Zhengshuo spoke up: You really deserved to toast Changci with a glass of wine today.She never remembers when my birthday is, let alone prepares cake and candles for me. Brother-in-law, that time you stayed at home to celebrate your birthday with your sister?As Mu Cili spoke, she added another large piece of cake to herself. Nonsense, I'm not going to celebrate my birthday with your sister and someone else! You have to ask yourself this question.Anyway, my sister’s birthday is always together with my mother and sister, and your birthday is also celebrated by us for you.Mucili sucked her thumb.

My birthday you celebrate for me?ha!Ci Li, no wonder Dad said you are a clown, but I said you are a big rogue! I don't care if I'm big or small, what's your business?By the way, my brother told my sister that you fooled around with that woman in the Lili Ballroom the day before yesterday; my brother said it was information, and my sister should pay him five hundred yuan. Did your sister pay?Niu Zhengshuo tilted his head. sister said Ci Li, Mrs. Mu quickly interrupted: Brother Huang is a guest, how can you make jokes by talking nonsense. Brother Huang is not a guest. Dad said he is one of us. Uncle Huang Xinru is a good friend of Dad, isn't he?mom? Ci Li is right, I said so.Mei Xin, why do you regard Luo Tian as an outsider? !Mu Liqiang's voice was ice-like, freezing people's hearts. Mrs. Mu stood up from the sofa with a pale face, followed by Mu Changci. Mom, sister, don't rush away, it's still early!Mu Cili begged. Mom, give me three hundred yuan.Mu Yuande rushed over. Before Mrs. Mu could answer, Mu Changci opened the handbag and handed Mu Yuande three hundred yuan. You see how generously my wife spends my money!Niu Zhengshuo faced Huang Luotian. Give me two hundred more, sister.Mu Yuande said. Another piece of information, Yuan De?Now call a taxi for me. I still have an appointment, so I can go back if I can't.You may wish to follow up, this time the information custody is worth 1,000 yuan to your sister.As Niu Zhengshuo said, he took two bottles of whiskey from Mu Liqiang's wine cabinet, raised his hands and said, "Dad, I will return you four bottles tomorrow."Then to Mu Changci: You can drive back by yourself. You said that you drive better than me because you are sober.Is the glass of wine that Big Brother Huang toasted you tonight still hot?If you feel dizzy and fall into the mountain pit, you should be responsible for it yourself! Then I am responsible.Huang Luotian smiled and said: I'll send my aunt and Changci back. Yes, Not Bad.It seems that Mu Changci's twenty-nine candles were very reasonable. Huang Luotian was driving the car, Mrs. Mu looked tired, and Mu Changci was also silent.After passing Yuanshan, the quiet Yangmingshan road twists and turns; after a while, the brightly lit Taipei City shines beneath your feet.The mountains are emerald, gloomy and green, and the ground is silvery, reflecting the flowing water more clearly and the mountain depressions more mysterious. When the Niu mansion arrived, the big iron gate opened, and the car drove straight in; when we got out of the car, there was a gust of cool wind.The three of them walked on the path made of gravel, and a round of bright moon hung high on the top of the tree with a wonderful posture. Mu Changci invited Huang Luotian to sit in the living room. He thought it was getting late and Mrs. Mu was unwell, so he declined.The mother and daughter did not insist, Huang Luotian said good night to Mrs. Mu, and Mu Changci saw him off; the two walked slowly, a pair of shadows cast on the ground. What wind brought you back from the British Empire? Come back and take a look at home, I've wanted to come back a long time ago, didn't I? Mu Changci was silent, what could she say? ! The world is really unpredictable. When I went there, now I come back, the scenery is completely different. You should take comfort in knowing that what you wanted was fulfillment, and you've got it. Yes, you can say that, I should be comforted. Naturally, there are words behind his words.Mu Changci ignored it and said: You came that day, I was not at home, and my mother told me later that I couldn't believe my ears. I thought I could see you, and thought repeatedly on the road: I don’t know what my little shrew has become. I can't say I'm too young now, I have to light twenty-nine candles on my birthday cake. Huang Luotian also laughed and said: Your sister is so innocent and cute. Yes, she is the youngest, and her father has loved her since she was a child; whatever she says or does, he will not scold her. She actually dared to make fun of her brother-in-law.Huang Luotian glanced at her. Can you settle down when you come back this time?Mu Changci was obviously talking about him from left to right. I'm naturally looking forward to it, but I don't know what chance I have. Dad asked you to help him, he said he was old and Won-tak was not material. That was the kindness of his old man, you know I have no experience with trading houses. You can't refuse him, you have to recognize this. I know, like I can't live without living in your house.Anyway, it's still a short-term plan.After a while, if you don't leave the country, you shouldn't keep disturbing your Mu family. There was silence for a long while.Huang Luotian looked up at the moon and said: Anyway, when I come back to see you this time, everything is fine with you, and you still bothered about my birthday. I don't necessarily think that my birthday is a celebration, but I should be very grateful for your kindness.Mu Changci lowered his head and kicked the grass on the ground.When he reached the door, he stretched out his hand to say goodbye to Huang Luotian; he held the soft and slender hand that had grown up. Your hands are so cold.He said. Goodbye, Luo Tian. Goodbye, Changci.He let go of her hand.Watch her step back, disappearing behind the large iron gate that connects the high and long wall. In a trance, time went back 21 years; eight-year-old Mu Changci, dragging her pigtail. The moon is also round, but people think it is more beautiful, that is Mid-Autumn Festival.Hometown, maple leaves and flowers, fragrant cinnamon, cousins, cousins; who cares about the moon, maple leaves, fragrant osmanthus? !Looking at the moon cakes on the confession case, I salivate, hoping that Chang'e will not be greedy during the month. Waiting for the mooncake to be boring, the big cousin scratched his head: Let's think about it, what games to play. hide and seek.Li Ge said. I'm not coming.Big Cousin wrinkled his nose: The girls are the most naughty. The last time they hid in the aunt's bathtub, pouring water, I couldn't find it.Later, when my aunt was taking a shower, I beat it in; that was bad enough, my butt was swollen from the beating, and it hurt for three days and I couldn't sit down.Everyone laughed for a while. Then let's play Zhuge Liang to catch Cao Cao!Cousin Yi suggested. Come on, I caught Mu Changci doing Cao Cao that time, and there were more tears hanging down than waterfalls. If you punish her to kneel on the ground and slap her palms, she won't cry if you don't slap her. Ha, Luo Tian is feeling sorry for his little shrew again.Uh, there is.The big cousin rubbed his hands and came up with inspiration: let's play the game of worshiping the hall. What is worship?asked a small voice. There must be two roles in the worship hall, one male protagonist is the groom, and the other female protagonist is the bride; two people worship the sky and earth together, then worship me, and then send them to the bridal chamber. What is a bridal chamber?Still that little voice. Just wait and see, little boy, don't talk too much.With a wave of the big cousin's hand, he is more imposing than the policeman directing traffic: first choose a hero and heroine! Play the bridegroom, you should worship me after worshiping heaven and earth.Sister Hui said with a smile. You want to be my mother?Come here and let me touch your face to see if you are qualified to be my bride. screw you!Sister Hui ran away.Mu Changci stood aside, looking around with his dark eyes.She is not a relative of the Huang family, but because Mu Liqiang is Huang Xinru's secretary, she often comes to the Huang family with her mother. Phew, little vixen is here.When the eldest cousin pinched her nose, she turned her head and clenched her two small fists.The big cousin smiled and said: Don't be nervous, I have a good job for you, you are a bride, you are very good-looking, and you are wearing a red dress again. good!Everyone applauds. Where is the groom? Well, the eldest cousin stroked his five or six beards, tapped and tapped, and pointed his naughty fingers on Huang Luotian's forehead: This one, there is a reason, he has money in his pocket, and he can afford tips for those of us who carry the sedan chair . How many people carry the sedan chair? Four, I am the foreman.The big cousin nodded his own nose: double the head waiter's tip. Not fair, there are sixteen of us! All right, everyone come to lift the sedan chair. No, we are women, where did you see women carrying sedan chairs? !The girl yelled. Trifles, women are the most trifles in the world!The big cousin was full of disdain: Okay, everyone stand in two rows, I will roll call and count! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight counted, nine men and seven women; excluding the eldest cousin himself, Huang Luotian and Mu Changci. The person who carries the sedan chair adds five, and the woman is not a maid, she is a bridesmaid, and everyone has a tip to get.The eldest cousin seems to be playing with eighteen hozens tied to eighteen ropes in his hands. Everything is under his command, and everything goes well. Now worship my in-laws, I am my father-in-law, and the bride will bring me a full cup of longan tea.Another big cousin. Who is the mother-in-law?Cousin Yi asked. The eldest cousin looked at all the females, but none of them liked them, so he said: Forget it, even if I am a widower, I will drink two servings of longan tea. The in-laws are about to enter the bridal chamber, which is under the incense table, and Xiao Luotian holds the hand of Xiao Changci and is about to drill in. The eldest cousin said: "Slow down, there is no room trouble yet." Troubled room?Xiao Luotian didn't quite understand. Yes, the bride and groom must show us a kiss, or else they will kowtow three times to us. OK!Sixteen hozen clapped their hands.Little Changci looked at Xiao Luotian, and Xiao Luotian looked at Little Changci. Come on, kiss!kiss! I'm not coming!Little Changci pursed her little red lips. Then kowtow! Come on, kowtow!kowtow! I won't kowtow to you!Xiao Luotian said. Then it doesn't matter, the tip is doubled!Xiao Luotian looked at his big cousin and reached into his pocket, but there was no money left. No money?Refuse to kiss or kowtow?Kneel as punishment and tie up the backs of this adulterer and whore! Little Changci's face turned pale with fright, and he said softly to Xiao Luotian: Come on, kiss my face. Punish to kneel! Don't worry, we'll just kiss.Xiao Luotian pursed her mouth as she spoke, and made a peck like a chicken on Xiao Changci's cheek. What a joke, what kind of kiss is this, stupid son-in-law who doesn't behave well!Come, let me show you a show.The big cousin, the eagle, grabbed the chicken, grabbed the little Changci, and hugged him by the waist. The little Changci's feet were hanging in the air, and the little red mouth was sealed. Fuck you big cousin!Xiao Luotian screamed and rushed, with his head pressed against his big cousin's waist. Alas!The eldest cousin let go of little Changci with a loud cry; he turned around like a bison, punching like rain, and little Luotian fell to the ground crying. Father, mother, uncle, uncle, aunt, uncle, aunt, cousin; all came.When the father interrogated the case, the eldest cousin was confident and confident.Unfortunately for Xiao Luotian, he was sentenced to confinement in the small upstairs attic. The small attic is the scariest place in the world, it's dark, gloomy, there are no people, and there are ghosts.I am hungry, I have nothing to eat, moon cakes, candies, thinking about it, saliva and tears dripping.The clock struck midnight, and suddenly there was a rustling sound; here comes the zombies.Zombies, as my uncle said, have green faces, red eyes, and black tongues; they jump up and down straight, with pointed and long nails like steel forks, swinging into the belly of a child, and sending it into the big mouth.It's getting closer, what should I do?what to do?Hmph, let's fight, Dad said, a man is honorable in life or death.Trembling, he touched a broken broom in the corner of the wall, tremblingly holding it in his hand; his eyes were closed, and his teeth were chattering up and down.If the disheveled head appears, it will be smashed down if it is spotted.Mom, oh my god, he yelled in his heart; sweat flowed from his brows and salty into his mouth.Closer, closer!He opened half of his eyes for a glance, then took two quick steps forward, holding the broken broom high up. Hey, Luo Tian, ​​open the window quickly.I'm going to slide down.He threw the broom and opened the window.It was so dangerous, Xiao Changci climbed on the window sill with both hands, oh my god, she came along the roof.He took her hand, he was so kind, and with a kick of his nimble feet, he came up. In the moonlight, she was carrying a bag like a doll, what to eat? !Xiao Luotian jumped up happily. Shhh, Xiao Changci signaled Xiao Luotian to be silent: Carefully, Old Man Huang and the others heard it. They were still awake, playing mahjong. How can you not go home? Mom is also playing mahjong, I said I was sleepy, Aunt Huang wanted me to lie on your bed, I took these and climbed up when no one was looking. You are so kind, Changci.Xiao Luotian chews on mooncakes: Fortunately, I have a bride like you, without you, I would not starve to death, but also be eaten by zombies. You saved my life, so of course I have to save yours too. Your big cousin's mouth is terrible. My eldest cousin is a villain. If I am still alive tomorrow, I must take revenge. I will help you, I will bite him, catch him. You are so kind, thank you, my new wife. Don't say thank you, that's what the bride used to do. So useful!How to use it? !Xiao Luotian didn't understand. My mother said that the bride should prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for the groom.Now I have your dinner ready. real? !That's great, I don't have to worry about not having something to eat tomorrow morning.Oh, by the way, my cousin told me that the bride has two big meat buns, you can keep that one for breakfast tomorrow, the mooncake is too sweet, I have to change it. What?What meat buns are there on me?Everything I brought is for you! Well, I'm already full anyway, it doesn't matter if you keep the meat buns. I said, I really don’t have meat buns! If you don’t have it, you don’t have it. Mom will come to rescue me tomorrow. Don’t worry about not having anything to eat. Leave your meat buns to Cousin Yi. I don’t care about them at all. You, really, if you don’t believe me, come and search to see where the meat buns are. No, you think I'm so greedy? ! If you are asked to search, you should search, look for it, look for it yourself, where is the meat bun? Hey, why are you wrapped in so many layers, like rice dumplings. Hmph, if I still have zongzi on my body, then I am really a monster!Little Changci curled his mouth, very unhappy: Untie it, unbutton it, there is a sweater inside, the button of the vest is next to it, here, pull the sanitary clothes here, alas, your hands are cold kill me! Hmph, the big cousin lied again, two pieces of meat buns, not even half a piece.Phew, what is this?Why are you twisting and shrinking, who wants to tickle you?Well, two small beans, not surprising, I have one too. You are also a necrotic person. You clearly know that your cousin is bad, but you still listen to him. Well, Xiao Luotian couldn't keep his eyelids open, so he yawned haha. My mother was right, a man yawns when he's full. What do you do if you don't yawn when you're full? Let's talk and look at the moon. It's so late and you don't want to sleep? Sleep, sleep with your man?Aren't you afraid of being gossip? ! Well, let's look at the moon haha ​​he yawned again.The moon is so round, it is really nothing to see.Fortunately, it could run and hid in the black clouds; Xiao Luotian quickly closed his eyes. Oops, the moon was swallowed by the dog, and the nurse said that the dog must spit it out if the moon was swallowed by the dog.Xiao Changci yelled. What if the tengu has already swallowed the moon?Xiao Luotian squinted her eyes. That's not good, either you die, or I die. What? !Xiao Luotian's drowsiness disappeared: You can't die, and I don't want to die either! Then quickly ask the Tengu to spit out the moon, spit, spit, spit!Tengu, spit out the moon, hurry up, hurry up!Tengu is good, more obedient, it spit out the moon! Alas, it's over, it swallowed the moon again! Alas, tengu is really greedy.Little Changci yawned. You go to sleep, Changci, I won't sleep, I want to tell Tengu, it is so greedy, it will have a stomachache tomorrow. Okay, you're so kind, kiss me now, Mom kisses me every night, or I won't be able to sleep. Well, just kiss.Xiao Luotian raised her lips and kissed Xiao Changci's mouth. With a crisp slap, she, who was called a little shrew by her eldest cousin, slapped him.The little handkerchief kept wiping his little mouth, muttering in his mouth: Damn, come here with a kiss, your big cousin's bad example learns so quickly! It can't be said that it is too small, twenty-nine candles have to be lit on the cake. Huang Luotian was lying on the bed. In this clean and comfortable guest room, the moonlight was projected on the sponge chair like it was projected on the ground through the window of the small attic.The moonlight on the sponge chair, the coffee table under the moonlight, and a bottle of carnations on the coffee table.The projection of carnations on the red sponge upholstery made the already dim flower shadow even darker.Tengu!Twenty-nine candles!He closed his eyes.Tengu!It was past midnight, long past.Twenty-nine candles, a cool breeze, he yawned, a man yawns when he is full.He couldn't help but raised the corner of his mouth, turned around, and pressed his face against the pillow.
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