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Chapter 2 Chapter two

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After all, it has been two weeks since I lived in Mu's house. Brother Huang!He put down the brush in his hand and looked up.Mu Cili squinted her eyes, covered her yawning mouth and walked towards him; she threw herself into the sofa.Both feet kicked, and the high heels flew five or six feet. Dad said, please write a leave letter to the school for me, saying that I am sick and have a high fever. You have a high fever and don't rest in bed, and you still dress up so beautifully? pretty?Alas, I haven't changed my clothes last night! Did you change your clothes last night?This is even more strange.

What brains do you have, you are still an overseas student!The son of the chairman of my father's company came back from the United States, and my father asked me to play with him.That stinky boy, with his hands in his waist eyes, spoke a lot of foreign language, as if he had descended from the sun.If it wasn't what Dad meant, I wouldn't bother to pay attention to him.Since my father told me not to offend him, no matter how much I hated it, I had no choice but to dance with him all night.He poked out his belly and swayed from side to side, laughing that I was useless as a country bumpkin; I showed him the useless use, and used it for a whole night, almost smashing all the bones in my body.Alas, my whole body is sore now!

You really use it very well. You have studied in high school for three years, and you are still in the first year of high school. Fuck you, how dare you insult me! I'm telling the truth, now that you need sleep, please go back to your bedroom. Leave the letter, please, give me the leave letter and I'll go. If you want me to write, I will tell your teacher that you danced the monkey dance all night last night. Hmph, my sister keeps saying hello, but in fact you are a very bad person, and you are not necessarily more hateful than you! Bull head and horse noodles? Niu Zhengshuo.she laughed.

You call your brother-in-law Niu Tau Ma Mian? What's wrong?I didn’t invent it, the inventor was my elder brother Mu Yuande, once he borrowed money from him but he didn’t lend it to him, so he called him bull head horse noodles. It’s really a good invention, a genius! Your sister is a smart person, she would not choose a bull-headed horse-faced man to marry, you brothers and sisters who nicknamed your brother-in-law indiscriminately, your sister must be upset. She is not happy?That is the dog biting Lu Dongbin, we are helping her, fighting for her.You don't know how bad the bull head and horse noodles are. He doesn't care about his sister at all, and he messes around outside all day long. I know everything about it, but my mother said that girls can't hear or talk.

That's Mu Changci's business, let her handle it by herself, you are not polite, you will only cause trouble for her. Come on, I don't know if my sister is made of wood or mud, no matter how rotten the bull's head and horse face are, she is always quiet and doesn't lose her temper.She was not in a hurry, but I hated it to death.I am her own sister, and in the future my husband will set an example for my sister's husband, and it will be my turn to be unlucky.This is what the Chinese teacher meant when he said that the rabbit died and the fox was sad.Oh, by the way, Brother Huang, what about the composition I asked you to write for me?

Anyway, you are sick and have a fever, what are you in a hurry for? Now I surrender to you, Brother Huang, don't spoil me, I must go to school tomorrow.That article was due yesterday, but I watched two movies the day before yesterday, and Another night of monkey dancing, you should ask Mr. Mu to smash your ass! Dad is not as stubborn and old-minded as you. He said that young people should relax and not study hard.If I stay at home for two nights and don't go out, he will say: Ci Li, go out and have fun, stay at home and wait to be an old maid?My mother can be trivial, jiji jiji just like you.

You should listen to your mother's words, do not study alone, and live in the world to harm yourself and others. Why, I almost forgot to tell you, you must never mention my mother in front of my father, and none of us sisters would dare to mention her in front of him.It was your face that she came back that day; otherwise, she wouldn't even be with Dad during the Chinese New Year.My father didn't allow me to visit my mother either. Every time I went, I would do so secretly without letting my father know.Oh, what a tragedy!Huang Luotian didn't need Mu Cili's advice. He smelled something unusual when Mu Liqiang and Mrs. Mu met at the banquet that night.Resentment, resentment is everywhere, and his own father and mother are the same!

Alas, the headache hurts like hell.Mu Cili rested her forehead with one hand, closed her eyes, her heart filled with loneliness poured out; she barely opened her heavy eyelids, glanced at Huang Luotian and continued: Sometimes, I also want to study hard, but what to do?Who wants me to study?My father forbids me to listen to my mother's words, and besides, she doesn't care about me at my sister's house. My father said that it is good for a girl to have a good-looking face. What he said makes sense. It is much more fun to play and eat than to chew on the book cover and the desk up.He often told me to dance with this mahjong with that fork. I would vomit after trying cigarettes and alcohol. Otherwise, my father said that everything in life has to be experienced.

Huang Luotian narrowed his deep eyes and lit a cigarette. My sister loves to read books the most. What do you think she is doing now?Mu Cili spread her hands weakly, retracted them, put them on the arm of the sofa chair, and tilted her head: Mu Yuande has never been willing to read, but my father beat him hard with a thick whip to make him read. Even if you don't study, there's nothing Dad can do about it.Dad gave him money to spend, and even ten thousand yuan was spent.Can't blame him, playing with women without money is more fun than gambling with swimming crabs.Don't joke about it, my brother still steals because he has no money, and he really needs money.I think, since your father is my father's friend, you are the son of my father's friend.You live here, you have to take care of yourself; if something goes missing, it's going to make us very ashamed.

Thank you for your kindness, Ciri, I'm a poor man with nothing. Yes, I know, I know you have three PhDs.Dad said a Ph.D. was just bullshit. I agree, but I don't use bullshit metaphors, I think; any title is just a title.You are too tired, go back to your room and go to bed. Leave the book, and the composition.Please remember that the article should be written in vernacular, and the handwriting should not be too scribbled.Also, the teacher questioned me for a long time about the English composition you wrote for me the day before yesterday; he asked me to recite it in front of my classmates, and I stuttered, not a single word was new.As a result, I made a big mistake and went home and told my dad, who said

One demerit is just a piece of shit! Almost, Mu Cili smiled: But Dad no longer uses bullshit to make metaphors, don't think that your words are more artistic and elegant than his.Haha, following a lazy waist, she leaned on the sofa chair for a long time before she stood up.With a wave of his hand, he said: Bye!I am leaving. Huang Luotian followed her with his eyes, watching her shuffling around.Suddenly she burst out laughing, and hummed a tune; accompanies her head a little, raises her hands together, bends her legs, bends her knees, shakes her waist, swings her hips.With an ouch, he quickly knocked himself on the back of the spine.Huang Luotian shook his head and covered his eyes with one hand.
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