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Chapter 3 third chapter

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A letter, from Grace, was on his desk. He lit a cigarette and puffed out the white smoke, misty fog, London fog, Grace in the fog.Grace, with blond curly hair and green eyes, is as moving as her appearance.He is the favorite student of the old professor, so the old man can be said to be full of peaches and plums.He is the only Chinese among his students.He has no intention of admiring Grace, but that is the characteristic of a girl. It is the same in all ages and in all countries. Many people run after her. Why is there no one like this? !So she began to pay attention to this person, paying attention so clearly.Well, he is a man, and he is basically the same thing in ancient and modern China and foreign countries.His dark brown eyes met her emerald green eyes, and a green wave-like smile spread out, soft, beautiful, extraordinary, and heart-wrenching.

The days passed day by day, and soon, thinking about it, the dream of the previous night was the same.He rapports with her, to the point of slipping the engagement ring on her hand. That night, the old professor smiled and kissed both of them on the cheek, said he was sleepy, and left him and her on the balcony.In fact, there is no need for the elderly to create opportunities for them to get along alone. Is the pair in love not smart?Eyes blinked, lips met.She said that girls don't have to be cautious and careful now, that's what the old grandmothers did.He said that he did not insist on prudence and caution, but if some fun is abused, the so-called fun is not precious enough.She curled her lips and said:

So, you Chinese! So, you Chinese!The Chinese, Pangu opened the sky, Nuwa mended stones, ancient culture, descendants of Xuanyuan, melon skin hat, red vest, and blue chagrin robe!What is resolute and immortal is the long black braid, and the black hair is still the same as before.Make a bow when you advance, and give a discount when you retreat.Yes, yes, chirp!twitter!Restaurants, barbershops, helper agencies, our Datong world is so big! Yes, remember, I am a Chinese. Naturalization can't change me, dear Grace, I just have black hair and yellow skin, dyed black hair, peeled off yellow skin, got cramps, and changed bones, I am still a full and authentic Chinese!I can't convince you that long braids can't represent the Chinese spirit. I at least have the courage to admit that I am a Chinese. Is my solution naturalized?Grace, if you were as sensible as you were beautiful, you wouldn't think it an honor to marry the naturalized me.

The ash was knocked into the ashtray, lingering, an endless wisp of light smoke. She pinned a white rose on his lapel, bright moon, sea water, floral fragrance. Roses are not as pretty as you, Grace.His hands rested on her small waist. Huang, you are my father's favorite Chinese. Thanks to him, I have no plans to marry him yet. Huang, I never thought that I would fall in love with a Chinese. A lot of consideration, I don't want to see you regret it. Damn you, you don't love me as deeply as I love you.She raised her head, her green eyes met his dark brown eyes, hooked his head down, and was kissed by her abruptly, not allowing him to decide freely.Of course he doesn't cooperate and looks at her coldly.Despite: moonlight, sea water and fragrant flowers.Grace smiled, her face resting on his chest.

You proud and stubborn Chinese, what should you do?I love you so much. He caressed her hair, except for the Chinese who smelled like stinky tofu, the flowers were not as beautiful as hers. Father's suicide note and aunt's letter are like a gust of wind, blowing away the fog in London, the dream in the fog, and Grace in the dream. When will you come back to England, Huang?Grace's eyes shone like misty tears on rose petals. I'm not sure, Grace. Don't you go, don't leave me! I can not. Both your parents are dead.Since your sister has been brought up by your father's friends, they will still take good care of her.

Things are not that simple. If it were so simple, why would my father insist on it in his suicide note.He only asked me to do this one thing in my life, only this time, the first time, and the last time, my only chance, to fulfill my filial piety as a son of man. Filial piety, you Chinese!Your parents have their age, your sister has her own future, you and I belong together, but you don’t take me to heart because of them! Grace, I don't take you out of my mind. But you have to leave me, you have to return to your Taiwan.You know that I can't go with you, you don't care about my happiness at all, how do you think you care about me?

For your happiness, first, you should not choose a Chinese. Yes, I know now, I was wrong, I thought you were smart and motivated like my father believed in you, I don't know I was totally wrong. It's never too late to know your mistakes, just tell me, what do you want, I totally obey you. Grace's expression changed, and she took off the ring tremblingly.She didn't expect him to say that, nor did she expect him to accept the ring she returned to him, but he did everything beyond her surprise.Then, either he is stupid, or she is dumb, and has nothing to say. The cigarette end was in the ashtray, still a wisp of smoke, he poured some tea, and it went out with a hiss.His sister, the sister his father asked him to look for, his only flesh and blood in this world, where is it now? !He didn't tell Grace that his sister was his father's illegitimate daughter, which was strange, and he should have told her that an illegitimate daughter didn't seem like a big deal to her, but he just didn't tell her.There seemed to be an irremovable barrier between him and her, perhaps this was the main reason, he accepted her and returned his engagement ring without hesitation.No, he doesn't have the intention of flying to the sky, so why should he take pains to manage it? !Forget it, he lit another cigarette and watched the thick white mist rise and slowly disperse.Bless you, Grace, I am grateful for the comfort you have given me over the years. Give love to wanderers, and let wanderers have a home. There is plenty of warmth in this world.Bless you, old professor, he will never forget the old professor's gaze when he looked at him through the lens of myopia and hyperopia, which is deeper and more touching than the lover's gaze.He closed his eyes, blocking the tears that were about to burst into his eyes.

His father's illegitimate sister, the most important thing in his mind, where is she? !Father said in his letter that Mrs. Mu knew, and his aunt told him that he should ask Mu Liqiang, so he asked Mu Liqiang and Mrs. Mu. Mu Liqiang kept his pipe in his hand, stood up boldly, and turned off the lamp on the desk.Recalling that it was really difficult and embarrassing, when the other party repeatedly emphasized how such a gentleman his father was, but he asked him about his father's illegitimate daughter.Mu Liqiang sat quietly in the dark corner, what kind of trouble did his question give him?At least he didn't know much more about his sister's whereabouts than what Huang Luotian knew, he was so silent, for a long, long time, he never opened his mouth.

Although Mu Liqiang did not give him as many clues as he had hoped for, it was far more honest than what Mrs. Mu told him.Perhaps it is not surprising that Mrs. Mu was conspiring and unfaithful, which was mentioned in her aunt's letter.He has no intention of criticizing anyone's behavior and character, he must seek out his sister, even without his father's will. Brother Huang, Brother Huang!A head came into the room, Mu Yuande: lend me some money, it's urgent! How much? Trifle, five hundred.He held out his hand to him. Small meaning, five hundred, he gave it to him exactly.This is not the first time that Mu Yuande asked him for money. The so-called borrowing is just a nice word.

Hey, Brother Huang, you went to the Black Cat Cabaret last night, didn't you? Huang Luotian relaxed, stood up, took three or five steps, approached Mu Yuande, and asked: How did you know? I have a spy, but unfortunately you are not married yet, otherwise I would have another client willing to pay for information.He leaned against the door frame, chewing gum. Isn't that a noble place, what's wrong with listening to music? Don't pretend, yesterday you asked Bai Die long and short questions, and all the questions you asked were women, so why choose in such a hurry, I will introduce you to one, it is very cheap, only a few dollars.

White butterfly?Who is Baidie? That girl who sells white orchids, if you continue to pretend to be clear, I will vomit out my stomach full of good things. Then you are a frequent visitor to Black Cat! Not only regular customers, but also old friends, don't let your mask break, Brother Jia Baoyu. Thank you, I really envy Jia Baoyu. Yes, now your words are listening because they are the truth. You gave someone a nickname after careful research? Then there is no need to doubt it?If you hadn't already given me five hundred, what I said was worth one thousand yuan to you. For the sake of your generosity, I will pay you half of it.Listen carefully, the important words are here: my sister who put twenty-nine candles on the cake like you, the way she looked at you was unambiguous.Mu Cili is a living treasure. If you pay more attention to her and look at her more, the snowman will turn into a puddle of water when the sun meets the sun.There is also Baidie, the three female mothers, who are exactly the same in spirit and emotion in their bones.If I were you, I would spend Changci's money and sleep like Li, Baidie?Keep it for washing your back and washing your feet. Yuande, you insult your own sister like this? ! insult? !What a joke!The cat's name is Chun, and the elder sister Huai Chun is called Huai according to God's orders. What kind of animal and human being can be disobedient?If you eat and drink men and women, you have to eat and drink, and men and women should also be men and women.You doctor, Bo go there! Huang Luotian looked at Mu Yuande with great interest, rolled his eyes, which the other party said had the power of demons, raised the corners of his mouth, and smiled slightly. Mu Yuande slipped and sat on the ground, wiping a stack of ten yuan bills on his palms, tilting his head, still chewing gum in his mouth, like a cow chewing grass: Here is five hundred yuan, and I can save it for two days. You are a poor doctor. When you meet me, I don’t want your life. I want you to be unable to find a wife for the rest of your life.Men want women to rely on pockets, and women want men to rely on winks.Usually, a woman only winks three times in her life: the first time she sees you, the second time you call her your wife, and the third time she takes you into the bridal chamber.No more, the rest of the day costs you money, presses your heart, and kills your head.So you meet me, a kind-hearted black impermanence, and rescue you from the dominatrix array. Huang Luotian couldn't help laughing out loud, hahahaha. Mu Yuande pressed his index finger to his lips and hissed: Smile slowly, my words are not only not funny, but also very bitter.I see that all the people in the world are head to head, you touch me, I touch you, if you don't touch me I touch you, if I don't touch you you touch me.Everyone was dizzy and bloody.What good friends, good brothers, good sisters, good couples, shit, shit, shit!Especially what is a good couple?have you seen itYou said, you give an example, your parents are a good couple?My parents are a good couple?How happy you were when you left home when you were a child. Dad wrote to tell you that he loves you, and your mother wrote to tell you that she misses you. You miss them sourly and sweetly. They fight, scold each other, and get divorced. It’s none of your business. thing.He paused, and with a bah sound, the chewing gum scum was spit on the ground: Fortunately, he raised his hands and put on an indifferent expression: I also have a way to make the fights and scolding between my parents nothing to do with me, I am a big The young master has his own abilities, walking standing, kneeling, crawling, walking everywhere, walking well, walking well, want to learn?Convenient and convenient, money comes, money comes!He suddenly shrugged and smiled, not knowing whether to laugh at himself or others.Clapping his hands on his knees, he stood up, swallowed several pieces of American chewing gum one after another, and then took out five hundred yuan bills from his trouser pocket, rummaging through them one after another in his hand.Suddenly, the tone changed: Hey, Brother Huang, how much does my father pay you as his personal secretary a month? What are you asking this for?Every time you want to borrow money, I will lend it to you, isn't it good? I was thinking, how interesting, my father used to be your father's private secretary, and now you are my father's personal secretary.As long as you're my personal secretary, that's good enough! It's simple, you can order it anytime. For you, Huang Luotian, Mu Yuande touched Huang Luotian's nose with one hand: Hey, don't you misunderstand that when I ask you for money, I ask you for board and lodging expenses! My mind is not as meticulous as yours, Yuan De. That's good.He blew a bubble: Actually, two to three thousand yuan a month is not too much for the room and food your brother currently enjoys, don't get me wrong.He waved his index finger left and right in front of his eyes: I'm just telling you about the current market situation. This night, as a routine, after dinner, Mu Liqiang described the company's business to Huang Luotian. Dad, my sister is back!Mucili's voice. Mu Liqiang was coughing, and after drinking two sips of tea, he completely forgot about the sugarcane or banana that he mentioned to Huang Luotian. When the eldest daughter came back, with a gleam of light in her dry eyes, she took Mu Cili's hand and asked: Where are the sisters?Why don't you come and see me first. She brings you a big box of fresh grapes and says she's going to put them in the fridge. Mu Changci came in, all in plain attire.Mu Cili said it well, what color is on her sister's body, what color is the most beautiful color in the world. Huang Luotian stood up, gave Mu Changci a greeting with a smile, and wanted to leave. Wait a minute, Brother Huang.Mu Cili shouted: When my sister comes, you should hurry away, as if she is a caterpillar! Ci Li, you are here again, because I have something to do, and on the other hand, Old Man Mu may want to chat with your sister. Don't lie, I know you are busy going to some black cat karaoke club again. Mu Cili is really an evil cat in charge of the Jiu family.Mu Liqiang said with a smile. Really, Dad, my brother told me.Maybe I remember wrongly, I don't know if it is a black cat, a tabby cat, or a white cat.That's not the place for good men, said the brother. Brother Huang is a good man, little girl!Brother Huang has something important to do, so you must not damage his good reputation. What is the most important thing to discuss with the black cat woman? Important matters need to be discussed with you, a vicious cat, right?Mu Liqiang patted Mu Cili's buttocks. I see, Brother Huang discussed it with you, didn't you, Dad? Of course, Brother Huang discussed everything with me.Mu Liqiang took two puffs of his pipe as he spoke, then turned his chair around to face Mu Changci, and raised his voice high-pitched: Changci, when will you leave for Japan with Zheng Shuo?Is it the end of the month or the beginning of next month? Maybe it's the end of the month. That's right, play more, young people should play more, when they get older, they can't do anything. Sister, when you come back, what presents do you want to bring to Brother Huang? I'm thinking, I don't know what Brother Huang likes?Mu Changci glanced at Huang Luotian. Brother Huang, what do you like?Clothing, tie, shoes, or sweater?You can choose whatever you want, it doesn't matter, my sister is rich, and she always buys me a lot of things every time she goes out. Huang Luotian smiled, left Mu Liqiang's small living room without saying anything. In the small study, Huang Luotian turned on the light, picked up the brush, dipped the ink in the inkstone well, and copied Empress Li's "Crying Down the River at the Stone City": The old hometown in Jiangnan and Jiangbei has been a dream for thirty years. The Wuyuan Palace is now desolate, the Guangling Terrace Hall is desolate, the clouds are far away, and there are thousands of sorrows. The rain beats the boat and tears, Put down the pen, when the rain hits the boat, tears will flow, when the rain hits the boat, tears will flow, It was raining, hitting him in the face.The narrow alley is quiet, only the sound of his footsteps.A street lamp alone confronts the darkness that envelops all directions.The dim yellow light illuminates the water surface covered with fine needle-like raindrops.He walks casually, and he often walks like this, always following a certain route. There is another intersection in front of him, and after a turn, there is Laoer Su's small roadside stall. Mr. Su is a mainlander. It is said that there are mountains, forests and fish ponds in his hometown.I escaped the war and came to Taiwan. My old wife and children were trapped in my hometown.I set up a small business on the street, thinking about it, waiting patiently, waiting for one day to return to the mainland. Hi, Brother Huang!Old man Su shouted vigorously: Come on, come sit down! It was still early before the bustling time of the food stalls, there were only two or three customers, Old Su wiped his hands on his apron, greeted Huang Luotian with a smile, and beckoned Huang Luotian to sit in a special seat that would not be easily disturbed. Is this always a good business?Mr. Su? It's not going to be good, and it's not bad.It's just one thing, you don't come. Didn't I come? Alright, Mr. Su squinted his eyes, and patted Huang Luotian's shoulder heavily with one hand: "We Wujiapi!"I entertain you for free today, and I won a thousand yuan in patriotic lottery tickets. Yo, good luck. I'm lucky, but I buy two coupons every month, and no one knows about the useless coupons in a drawer.I won a thousand yuan, and the garbage dumper also came to beg for wine. The two laughed.Wujia skin, dried tofu, peanuts, and cold jellyfish skin. Come on, Brother Huang, let's finish our first cup, and I hope to receive the special prize next month. Wujiapi went down the esophagus, it was hot and hot, and Mr. Su poured a second cup. Do you have a letter from your hometown?Mr. Su? No, since Da Ding wrote that letter, there has been no more news. Nostalgia is everywhere, and who is not suffering silently? !Elder Su raised his neck, drank the fourth cup, picked up the wine bottle, and poured it into Huang Luotian's cup again. Mr. Su, I've had enough, I can't drink any more. Do it, Brother Huang, do it!Those who don't do it are traitors and tortoises! The jellyfish skin was crisp and delicious, Mr. Su poured two more glasses of wine. Mr. Su, really, I've had enough, I'm going to get drunk. drunk?What words?Get drunk after three or four glasses of wine at a young age? !I think back when I was about the same age as you, I drank more than a dozen bowls at a time. How can I compare with you?Only Wu Song can compare with you. Wu Song beat a tiger while drunk, and you killed a leopard while drunk. I killed a leopard?You also know that I played a leopard?Ah? !Tell me, who told you that? As for yourself, that time when I came to eat supper, you sat at the table and told everyone the story of hunting leopards, which was really brilliant. Brilliant you say?Really?Hahaha!You didn't see the pitiful look of that leopard after it punched me several times, crawled on the ground and didn't dare to hum, Brother Huang, you are good, I want to tell you another incident of beating a leopard, you First of all, what you heard is that I beat the leopard?Or the female leopard? I don't know which one is male and which one is female, I just remember you said that you snapped off the leopard's tail. Pull off its tail?Ah?That must be the male leopard, the female's tail is very strong, just like the muscles on my arm.It’s not right for women, it’s just a piece of soft tofu, so people call it eating tofu to take advantage of women.However, things like those four-legged things are different. The female leopard is more fierce. The mother leopard opened her mouth and roared like a wicked woman losing her temper. With a loud yell, the husband had no choice but to crawl under the bed and get in. He didn't come out, he didn't say anything, he insisted on not coming out, and if he couldn't say it, he didn't come out, and then he didn't come out.The woman had no choice but to see that he didn't come out, and if she had no choice, she had no choice.Later, uh, Brother Huang, where did I say it? Speaking of women, there is no way. Oh, yes, women can't help it.I can't help it when we meet a woman, like, yo, here, here, look.Mr. Su squinted his eyes and pointed to the other end of the alley: a woman is a woman, but there is really a woman! The woman really ran towards the food stall, the plastic slippers rattling on the ground, she was not very old, she should be called a girl, but her clothes, expression, and posture all showed that she was a woman who had experienced a lot of dust and dust. woman. Mr. Su, what is there to eat?She asked in her mouth, looked at Huang Luotian from the corner of her eyes, brushed her long rain-drenched hair with her hands, twisted her body and sat on a round stool near Huang Luotian, with her narrow skirt flicked up, and her long snow-white legs. Yes, yes, Xiao Cui'er, fried shrimp, stewed beef, are all your favorites. Well, it's a small dish and some fried noodles, which is cheaper. You little woman, when did I earn more money from you? Li Xiaocui smiled, her obviously tired eyes fluttered and landed on Huang Luotian's cup, she picked it up, raised her thin eyebrows, and drank the Wujiapi. Hey, little Cui'er, you women can't do anything about this kind of wine.Old Su yelled. She smiled with her face up, a row of fine white teeth.The Wujia skin was dry, and the empty cup returned to its original position heavily. anything else?Huang Luotian asked her with a smile. Okay, if you are willing to invite, I will drink it for you. Huang Luotian ordered wine and a wine glass, it was bright red, and the glass was three full.Li Xiaocui took it and drank one cup after another. Give me three more glasses.She moved the stool closer to Huang Luotian. Stop drinking, you will be drunk.Huang Luotian smelled her makeup. You can't bear the money, can you? Little Cui'er, when did you learn to drink, it will damage your voice!Old man Su waved his hand as he spoke. noise?Why should I bother with noise?Men want the same things, whether I have a golden voice or a broken gong. Are you a singer?Huang Luotian asked. Yes, Dorothy Dai of China.She raised her eyebrows, and pushed back the long black hair that covered her eyes. She is the pillar of the Black Cat Cabaret.Old man Su told Huang Luotian. black cat? ! Black cats will bring you bad luck, are you afraid?Yes or no?Big man? I don't have foreign superstitions, and I wonder why I didn't see you when I went to the black cat. What are you doing at Black Cat?Looking for the famous black rose? Are you the black rose? Yes, I have a black heart and long thorns, so I am a black rose. but However, I am very beautiful.Li Xiaocui answered with a light smile: I know that all men have the same lines. Where are you from, miss? Who asked you to inquire about my details? I'm just curious. curious?What strange?There are no miracles in me!She pushed the plate of fried noodles and stood up: Mr. Su, how much is the total? My treat, okay?Huang Luotian said. Yes, you treat, you buy me a drink, you pay for the drink.I pay my own, I owe you nothing.Come to the black cat tomorrow night, fill your pockets with everything you want! The writhing carcass was getting farther and farther away from the alley, the rain was still falling, and the sound of rattling slippers became softer. Old Su stroked his beard and said: Whew, there's nothing this chick can do. It was past 10:30 when Huang Luotian left Lao'er Su's food stall.Nowhere to be found after breaking through the iron shoes, the singer Black Rose, Li Xiaocui, this is what Mu Liqiang told him, his father's illegitimate daughter? !Back at Mu's house, the light in Mu Liqiang's room was still on, so he knocked on the door.There was a promise inside: Come in. Huang Luotian took a deep breath, pushed the door open and entered.
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