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Chapter 4 Chapter Four

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On the second night, Huang Luotian came to the Black Cat Cabaret again, sat down in a dark corner, and then had a cup of untasteful coffee.The air is very dull, perhaps because the ceiling is low and there are many people, electric fans are spinning everywhere, and the strong human breath cannot be blown away.The drum music is booming, and the stage is bright and dark.There was a man hugging a woman next to him, Huang Luotian didn't want to look at it, he couldn't help hearing the sound, he was kissing, oh, slap, a slap in the face.Yo!Huang Luotian turned his head, a pair of high-heeled shoes with thin nails kicked around, no one paid attention.Laughter, drums, joy, joy.Now this woman whose cheongsam can't cover her knees is reporting, I can't hear what she said clearly, and she can't always use words like love, love, pity.

A bunch of white orchids swept across his nose like a broom. Naturally, Baidie. Here she is tonight.she says. Well.Huang Luotian took out ten yuan. You see, there are so many ghost men.She lowered her voice: I didn't mention you, don't be angry.made a wink.Very poor.Put a bunch of flowers on the table, take ten yuan, and go. An elderly woman in front of the microphone is singing "No Love". Damn, when will this old woman's <unfeeling> be able to do it? ! No hurries?She can't be in love, but her anger is about to die. Hey, do you know why Black Rose didn't take the stage for so long?

Why?Three or four heads gathered together. Abortion, the third. What did that bastard do? God knows!But don't say that there is no cause and effect in the world. Hei Meigui's father is a bastard. The married man fooled around with Hei Meigui's mother. With a little bastard, he quickly shrank the turtle's head and never dared to stick it out again. Is that the number one bastard? God knows! There are so many things in the world that ghosts know! Well, it’s like you have the mouth to talk about others, but you don’t have the mouth to talk about yourself. Fuck you, you're not necessarily grand!You can hide your affairs from others, but not from me!

Come on, men play tricks every time, let's bear with each other! Well, let's bear with each other, let's bear with each other, hahahaha! Ha ha ha ha! black Rose!Someone yelled. black Rose! Buzzing people under the stage stirred up. Black Rose has a sick mother, poor, she has to sell her voice and meat.Someone sighed. Black Rose has a sick mother?Don't say such unappetizing words, okay? Disgusting?Do you still want to ask her mother to be your mother-in-law? ! The lights dimmed, then brightened.Amid wild applause, Li Xiaocui wore a tight-fitting white satin cheongsam, with the slits slit down to her thighs, and a black embroidered rose on the front.Stepping on the colorful clouds slowly to the front of the stage.The breasts are augmented and the hips are full, the waist is so small that it seems to be out of touch with the upper and lower circumferences, the long hair hangs down, covering half of the left eye, the right eye is more energetic, the false eyelashes are lifted, and the front of the hall is glanced to the back corner, A glance to the left, a glance to the right, it was full of excitement again.

Whew, this outfit, it's so depressing.The voice of an old man who can't dissolve thick phlegm. Fall into her hands, ghost, she told you from head to toe. spiritualism?Call your soul! Don't dare to be, the old and respected ones are ahead! When the music started, Li Xiaocui crossed her hands over her chest, moved her high heels lightly, and swayed her body with each style. <Sunset>, she took a breath, straightened her chest, and lifted the heads of the stunned audience.She smiled like a goddess of victory, opened her red lips, and sang a low tune.That's not singing, it's humming, or moaning.The audience watched her moan and followed her breasts and hips.At the end of the song, she lowered her false eyelashes, stretched her hands and bowed slightly, bursting into wild applause and applause.

Now, <Unknown Qi Luo Xiang>. Pengmen didn't know Qi Luoxiang, and Tuo Liang's matchmaker also hurt himself. There are younger brothers and sisters who depend on each other, and lost their parents when they were young, Make up like someone who cherishes Jiao, ah! Me, darling, sorry to see you, I pity you, someone sighed softly. Hush! Hello, Jia Baoyu, what's up?Fascinated? Huang Luotian woke up from a dream, and Mu Yuande sat beside him. It's a nice daughter, isn't it?It's very simple, for a rotten guy, money is enough to stuff into her rotten mouth.But with your current status as a diner in my family, I'm afraid the qualifications are still a little short!Mu Yuande said.

You want to borrow money? Well, count your senses. Huang Luotian took out a one-yuan coin from his pocket. what is this? Just now I gave Baidie ten yuan to buy this bunch of white orchids, and there was one yuan left in my pocket. If you think it is too little, I will take the white orchids and sell them to Baidie for ten yuan. Good idea, Mu Yuande sneered: But I can bear it. I think you should be able to bear it!Young Master!Huang Luotian stood up while speaking. Got to go?Don't wait for her?Or can't you not go because I'm here? Huang Luotian didn't answer, and left the noisy karaoke hall.

Li Xiaocui is his younger sister!Yeah? !Are Mu Liqiang's tone and Mrs. Mu's expression suspicious? !The person who can clarify the doubts is Li Xiaocui's mother, but she is very sick and in a madhouse! Huang Luotian lay on the bed, staring at the ceiling without seeing anything. Evening News, Mr. Huang. Thank you, Lao Li. He opened the newspaper, flipped through it casually, and threw it away.Turning around, face inward and eyes closed. The door rang again, and it was Lao Li, the male worker. Your phone number, Mr. Huang. Thank you, Lao Li. Unexpectedly, it was Mu Changci calling.

He looked at his watch, smiled, and said: I just read the evening paper, you are a beautiful wife, he is a great entrepreneur.I was thinking of congratulating you guys, it was a very pleasant trip, wasn't it?He heard her say a few words, raised his eyebrows, smiled again, and said: Blue Moon?Where?I have never been there!Well, well, all right!I'm waiting for you. Blue Moon Cafe, flickering candlelight, low music, in a quiet corner, he sat there waiting for her. At half past nine, right on time, she came.Blue cheongsam embroidered with white flowers, white gloves, white handbag, white leather shoes.The air-conditioning is very strong, a thin white long coat.

He stood up, she smiled slightly, and sat opposite him. The waiter brought out a list of all kinds of cold drinks and snacks, she handed the list to Huang Luotian, and took off her gloves. Let's clear tea!He said. Well, two cups of tea.She to the waiter. Yes, yes, Mrs. Niu.The waiter bowed and retreated. he knows you? This cafe was opened by Niu Zhengshuo. Oh, so, you are the proprietress. Mu Changci smiled again, and the tea came. Great entrepreneurs are indeed extraordinary. Luo Tian, ​​mother wants me to tell you that you went to see her the day before yesterday, but she couldn't see you because she was not feeling well.

I think I have troubled my aunt too much.He looked at the teacup, it was exquisite, but Japanese.He picked it up, took a sip of hot tea, raised his eyes, and met Mu Changci's gaze: You look radiant, did you enjoy your journey? You have more travel experience than me, what do you think? Huang Luotian smiled slightly and said: Mine can't compare to yours, I don't have the husband of a great entrepreneur. It's time for me to go. There are still guests at home. I'll bring you a small gift. I don't know if you will accept it.She took out a little gold rabbit from her handbag. It had no ears, and a pair of forefeet stuck to its mouth, as if it was worshiping or eating. It was very interesting. Huang Luotian took it in his hand, played with it, smiled, and said: Thank you, not from Tokyo. The one bought in Tokyo is not without ears, but this replica is naturally not as good as the original. Is that glass bunny still there? Mu Changci didn't answer, put on his gloves, and stretched out his hand to say goodbye to him.All the way, she nodded kindly to the waiters who were saluting to her. A stylishly dressed woman by the counter smiled at her, and she smiled at her too.The waiter opened the hall door for her from the side, and she went. "Dreamman" was playing on the record player, a chorus of depressed, deep male voices.Huang Luotian was about to leave when the stylishly dressed woman greeted him, her eyes with black lines were clearly drawn and looked at him with a smile. Sir, you are welcome to come often. Huang Luotian was about to answer when a waiter came over and said to the woman: Mrs. Niu, Manager Yang is here. Oh, then, excuse me, sir.She said, twisting her body and walking away. Is she also Mrs. Niu?Huang Luotian couldn't help asking the waiter. Yes, the waiter smiled: One size smaller, our lady boss here. After leaving the Blue Moon Cafe, Huang Luotian walked slowly, holding the little rabbit in his hand.The smaller Mrs. Niu, twenty-nine candles, the transformed Mu Changci, Mrs. Niu, so virtuous!Mrs. Niu, Mu Changci. Mrs. Niu, Mu Changci, with her pigtails. Sitting behind the rockery, she was afraid of the dark, so she leaned against him.Xiao Luotian was very proud and said: Now you are the one who came here by yourself. I was afraid that she would get angry when I said the words, so I hurriedly handed over a large handful of longan. You said you have something important to discuss with me, what are you discussing?She pretends to be serious, but the longan is really delicious. Discuss Oh, by the way, discuss our new house in the future, I think, build it on top of the sun, the sun is very bright, so you don't have to be afraid of the dark.As Xiao Luotian spoke, he spat out the longan core, raised his hand, and hit the center of the fish pond with a plop. Little Changci tilted her head and thought, no matter what happened, she always had to act out how she knew how to think: Well, it’s not that bad, the longan is rolling around in her little mouth: The sun is too hot, don’t burn us It would be strange if it burned to death. Makes sense, then move to the moon.Add another longan core to the fish pond. moon?Well, it's not good, there is Chang'e on it, she can fly, maybe she took you away. Don't worry, I swear I won't fly away with Chang'e. I am worried, Chang'e is too beautiful.Little Changci wiped the top of his trousers with his sticky hands. I think Chang'e is not as good-looking as you. real? I just thought so, I can't be sure, I can't lie because I haven't met her. What if she looks better than me? Then I'm afraid I will have to accompany her on a swing or something. What?You don't swing with me, you swing with Chang'e? how?is it not OK? With a slap, Xiao Changci slapped him across the face. Oops, the swing didn't swing, and the longan core in my mouth was knocked into my stomach. It deserves it, no wonder people say that men are the most unreliable thing!She tapped his forehead with a pointed index finger. Humph, no wonder the big cousin said, you are the worst little shrew, you slap people all the time, if my mother hadn’t slapped my father the night before yesterday, and my father didn’t say a word, I would have slapped you at least a hundred times Ass then divorced. Divorce, okay, divorce is divorce, wow mom!Little Changci burst into tears. Come on, come on, please don't cry, please!I am most afraid of women crying, the face with tears and snot is the ugliest in the world. My tears and snot are ugly, but Chang'e's tears and snot are not ugly, wow mom! Alas, even if I am sorry to you, I admit that I am sorry to you, okay!Well, I'll wipe your tears, I'll give you all the longan, and milk candy. Little Changci stopped crying, and put three pieces of milk candy into his mouth in one breath. Now let’s talk about our house, Xiao Luotian clapped his hands, and glanced at the longan and milk candy with heartache: I think, it’s the stars, above the stars Hey, slow down, there is a little white rabbit on the moon, isn't it?I like little white rabbits. How on earth do you decide?Do you want the little white rabbit, or worry about me and Chang'e?Xiao Luotian began to believe what his father said that women are most half-hearted. You and Chang'e!How affectionately said!No, no, no, I would rather sacrifice the little white rabbit than go to the moon. That's good, it's a star. The star has an advantage. There are many neighbors, so you don't have to be afraid of ghosts. No, there are so many embroidery needles inserted into the stars, it hurts to sleep on them. Nothing is good, just stay on the ground. When your father hits your palm, don't blame me as the groom for not taking you away. Little Changci stuffed a longan into his mouth, tilted his head, blinked his eyelids a dozen times, clapped his hands together, and shouted: Yes, let's go to the Milky Way, the Milky Way is the best, like a shiny carpet, to be honest, I don't sleep well, the sun, moon and stars are all round and round, and I will fall off when I turn over. Well, it is decided that it is the Milky Way, and no one is allowed to regret it.Xiao Luotian said loudly. Don't regret it, set the money and bring it! Fixed money?Do you want to pay too?How much? Dude, I'm talking about fixed money, not one yuan or two yuan!My mother said that only bad women want a man's money! Oh, so, what deposit do I have? Alas, big rice bucket, dig in your pocket. Xiao Luotian took out his pocket, found stones, small marbles, dead frogs, a little black pig without a tail, and a little white rabbit without ears. I want a little white rabbit, but Little Changci said: "Oh, no, I don't have ears." It’s just that it’s good to have no ears. If you don’t have ears, you won’t be able to hear us, and you won’t be able to tell Chang’e what we both say. We are afraid that Chang'e will hear what we say? Love talk. love story?terrible. Love words are good words, you tell me and I tell you, even the little white rabbit can’t listen. Well, don't regret it, it's the little white rabbit.Little Changci held it in his hand: I will also set you some money, and I will give it to you tomorrow. There is no need for tomorrow, both longan and milk sugar can be used. Okay, take all the milk sugar, it's too sweet, my teeth hurt like hell.
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