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Chapter 5 chapter Five

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The little rabbit has no ears, can't hear, and can't communicate.If you send a message, to whom, what to convey!What do twenty-nine candles represent?Is it comprehension?Little Rabbit, without ears, he held it in his palm.Funny little thing, clenched his fist, it spread his body temperature.It hurts to hold it so tightly.Pain gives him some feeling, maybe, only pain is a real feeling. On the second day after Blue Moon Cafe, Huang Luotian came to Yangmingshan Niuyu to visit Mrs. Mu, but did not see Mu Changci.Mrs. Mu was still very weak, smiling tiredly, and speaking weakly while panting.He didn't mention Li Xiaocui, he couldn't and didn't want to.

Huang Luotian didn't know that Mrs. Mu saw something in her eyes that no one else could see, and she felt extremely depressed.They didn't know that Mu Changci and Niu Zhengshuo had a blush, and Mu Changci left home because of this.Therefore, he thought it was impossible to at least look at Mu Changci from the sidelines, or ask her a few words. In September, the weather in Baodao is ever-changing. It was a hot and sultry day, and the water vapor in the air seemed to be able to shake out the water with a handful.The skin burned like it was burning.The heat is wrapped in the body again.Huang Luotian couldn't stay in the room, and couldn't relax on the balcony. Walking in the courtyard, he heard the sound of a car, and Mu Changci came.She came because of Mu Cili, who caught a cold, had a fever, and fell ill.Mu Changci brought a large basket of fragrant apples, Mu Cili's round face was as red as an apple, her sister's visit always brought her infinite joy, now Huang Luotian also came to her bedroom, and Mu Changci sat on the edge of her bed On the morning, she was sitting on the bed with her back against the pillow, talking and gnawing on an apple.

Sister, let me tell you something, my brother-in-law came to see my father yesterday, and brother Huang slipped away during dinner, I said: Brother Huang, the bull head and horse noodles are waiting for you.Guess how he answered, he said: Bull head and horse face?I can't wait to meet him in the underworld! Ci Li, do you also say bull-headed horse noodles in front of your sister?Huang Luotian was helpless. what's the matter?Mu Cili rolled her eyes wide: I always say that, my sister is never angry with me, is she my sister? Mu Changci nodded with a smile, very generous.If Mu Cili is like a red peony, her sister is Zhi Su Xin Lan.

Brother Huang, tell us about your time in England. Please tell me something about her life in Japan. What's so good about my sister being with bullhead horse noodles in Japan?I want to hear about your Grace, I hear she is very pretty. Who told you I knew Grace? Mum told me, she said you were nineteen when you met Grace, you got engaged and you were going back to England to marry her soon. Really?Huang Luotian smiled and asked her back. Naturally it is true, is it still false!My mother told me not to often go to your study to write capital letters with you.Engaged men are scarier than married men, she said.In fact, she was overly worried. You are often not at home recently, and you probably went to places like white cats, black cats, and flowered cats.If I were Grace, I would fly here in the middle of the night to carry you back to England.

Huang Luotian laughed, and Mu Changci also laughed.Mu Cili didn't find it funny at all, she lowered her eyes and bit the apple.Suddenly, pointed at Huang Luotian with a pointy finger: Brother Huang, a classmate of mine came yesterday and met you in the courtyard. Later, he asked me some questions, asked who you are to me, and said that you are beautiful and have a masculine charm. She fell in love with you at first sight. Ci Li, don't say that, my face turned red. you blushing?She wants me to arrange for her to introduce you to her.As she spoke, she tossed the apple heart casually, and hit Mu Liqiang's face impartially when he entered the room.Ouch!Mu Cili covered her mouth and cried out.

Mu Liqiang's face turned black, and a fierce light flashed in his eyes like lightning.Then he smiled and said, "Okay, Ci Li, Apple's heart was so accurately thrown, your father's nose was almost crushed."It's time for the fever to subside, and the headache doesn't hurt anymore! Yes, Dad.Mu Cili smiled innocently. It's so comfortable, my sister delivers food, and Brother Huang tells stories, isn't it? Dad, everyone is seventeen years old, what stories do you still listen to?Mucili Tun pouted. Oh, really, Dad was wrong, a seventeen-year-old girl is already a grown-up!While talking, Mu Liqiang approached Mu Cili's bed with great concern, touched her forehead, touched her hands and feet, stroked her hair, and said: "It's fine, it's all right, the fever is gone."Tomorrow I can dance and watch movies again.

Okay, Dad, I want to watch "Acacia", can I? Of course you can, as long as you like, you can do anything. But, I have an exam tomorrow, and I can't find my classmates to accompany me. Sister, are you free? ﹒ Please ask brother Huang to take you there. My brother-in-law said that in the future, my sister will have to do some translation work for him every day, and I will be very busy.Mu Liqiang stared at Huang Luotian while talking. However, Mu Cili glanced at Huang Luotian: Mom told me not to go to the movies with Brother Huang. Your mother knows your temper and is worried that you will bother Brother Huang too much. Naturally, I will not allow you to trouble Brother Huang.However, as long as he doesn't go every day, Brother Huang also needs entertainment.

OK!Mu Cili clapped her hands on the bed. Mu Liqiang walked around the room like a patrol, and stopped in front of a small pot of blooming violets. Dad, brother Huang gave it to me, how beautiful it is. Yes, brother Huang has been abroad for a long time, and he knows how to be considerate of girls best.While talking, Mu Liqiang said to Mu Changci: Changci, come here, I have something to talk to you about.Ci Li has a good rest, be good, huh?Brother Huang stays here with you. For dinner, Mu Changci stayed at her natal home to eat.Mu Cili went downstairs to participate in her pajamas.Mu Yuande was not at home again, leaving his seat empty.There was worry and resentment on Mu Changci's face, and the bright expression of the past was added to Mu Cili's face.Mu Cili chattered endlessly, laughing from time to time, and Mu Liqiang followed suit, just like a pair of reeds who cooperated seamlessly with Mu Cili.

After the meal, Mu Cili took her sister to watch TV in the living room, and "Lingma Aide" played a prank, which made her laugh even more.As long as Mu Liqiang watches Pingju, the horse can talk, and the Tang Dynasty is like a barren world!Lifting the pipe and snorting, he swung back to his room. Sister, don't leave at night, stay at home overnight, will you stay with me?Mu Cili begged. No way, Ciri. The bull head and the horse face are having a good time outside, and you rush home to be a widow, why bother!Sister, this is your home, why can't you just live in your mother's house? ﹒

My mother is worried if I don't go back, she is not in good health, and I can't leave her. Speaking of mother Mu Cili shed tears, and she shed tears when she said she wanted to shed tears. Then you leave later, stay with me more, mom knows I'm sick and wants you to accompany me, right?Later, don’t be afraid on your way back, Brother Huang will see you off, okay Brother Huang?Mucili wiped her eyes. Huang Luotian drove the car to send Mu Changci home, and no one said a word along the way.The big iron gate is in sight, and the lights on the gateposts on both sides are compelling, like a pair of eyes of a giant beast.

Thank you, Luo Tian. Changci, I want to talk to you, when will you give me a chance? I'll call you tomorrow, okay? Okay, I'll wait, take care of yourself, and greet my aunt, Changci. She smiled and hid in the door. In the evening, Huang Luotian came to the place where he had an appointment with Mu Changci. He came early and spent a lot of time looking for Dingbeitou. That's right, green mountains and green waters, old but dignified wooden doors.The door creaked open, and was answered by a little maid.The road is lined with trees, and the winding path leads to seclusion. It is an elegant Japanese-style wooden house. He took off his shoes, entered the porch, and looked up: Tingquanju.Listen to Quanju?He remembered that his father had a villa in Hangzhou, Tingquanju, which was connected to Guanpu Tower, Tingquanju, so there is a spring to listen to!Sure enough, when we got to the inner room, we stepped up the corridor, our eyes were full of greenery, and we heard a cool and thick sound.He took a breath of fresh air, checked his watch, and sat down in a rocking chair. The sun is ready to set in the sky, soft red and light purple, gold and silver are shining. Young Master!A cry of surprise from an old servant. This person has a kind face, but I can't remember where I met him. Eldest young master, you don't know Lao Zheng anymore? Lao Zheng!Huang Luotian's childhood nanny Zheng Ma's husband Lao Zheng! Old Zheng, it's you! Lao Zheng put a pot of jasmine tea on the coffee table, filled with joy, and poured a cup of tea.Huang Luotian clung to his hand, a brown withered hand with spots.These hands used to paste kites, repair wooden horses, and tie lanterns for him; they led him to watch the parade, and held him high on his shoulders. Where's Mama Zheng?Lao Zheng, is she coming to Taiwan? She is dead, Eldest Young Master, that woman is not lucky, she originally said that she could help Mrs. Mu's family take care of Miss Cili when she came, but who knew that Miss Cili had a stroke within a few months after she was born.Fortunately, over the years, Mrs. Mu and Miss Changci treated me well, gave me a bite to eat, and even married me a young lady, otherwise Old Zheng would not have survived.As he spoke, he shouted loudly: Zhaodi, Zhaodi, come out!Come out and meet the young master! Zhaodi came out with a plate of groundnuts. She was the woman who opened the door just now. She was very old, but she was clean and kind-hearted.Huang Luotian thought about Zheng Ma, when he left home to go abroad, she hugged him and cried, and he promised to give her gold earrings and a gold bracelet when she grew up.Now, if he prepares bracelets and earrings, they can only be sent to the bottom of the mud. Eldest young master, taste a few groundnuts and ask my younger brother to plant them himself.It's quiet here. Mrs. Mu and Miss Changci used to come here often.Now Mrs. Mu is not in good health, and she rarely comes here once a month or two.Zhaodi was so bored that he planted some tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and groundnuts.Last month, I dug up a load of groundnuts, boiled them, fried them, and couldn't finish them no matter what.This is sun-dried, dipped in some Xiluo soy sauce and served with Penglai rice porridge, it is so delicious that the tongue will swallow it together. Huang Luotian took a groundnut, squeezed it lightly, and the shell cracked with a small sharp crack.I remembered that when I was a child, I put peanuts on Mu Changci's ears and said they were earrings, with one on the upper lip and one on the lower lip. Little Changci had a miserable face with a pitiful and funny look.Putting the peanut kernels in his mouth, Huang Luotian looked at his watch. The sun has set, but the dark purple and residual red are still lingering.Lao Zheng sat cross-legged on the floor, gesticulating and talking, just like when he told the story of "Tang Bohu Spots the Autumn Fragrance".Lao Zheng has a lot of history, the only thing he remembers is a little Qiuxiang.Xiao Luotian got tired of listening to Qiuxiang, so he came up with "Li Bai Spots the Red Brush", or "Qin Shihuang Spots Yang Guifei". That absurd talent Tang Bohu, this is the opening remark, pointing to the sky with one hand, digging chest and toes with the other, rolling his eyelids, smelling the hand digging feet. Xiao Luotian learned how to dig his feet, Zheng's mother pointed at Old Zheng and cursed: You're going to die, you old Zheng, why don't you look good, you're going to die if you dig your stinky feet! Alas, Lao Zheng is alive and well, but Zheng's mother is dead. Lao Zheng went to the kitchen to help his younger brother prepare dinner for dinner.Huang Luotian took a leisurely walk around to see, bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom, what a complete family house.The interior layout and garden tidying up had obviously been cleverly arranged. One study room was locked. Old Zheng said that only Mrs. Mu had the key.When she came to listen to Quanju, she loved to sit in the study room. She cleaned the study room herself, and even Mu Changci never went inside. When Mu Changci arrived, several small dishes had been served on the low Japanese-style ebony table, and a row of red candles made her fair skin blush. I am late.She smiled apologetically, her far-reaching eyes flickering in the candlelight. Fortunately, I don't have to eat dinner alone. The two sat opposite each other and picked up the chopsticks. He wanted to ask her why she was late, but he never asked.She wanted to tell him why he was late, but she never did.Beethoven's "For Elise" is playing on the record player, with voiceless sound in the empty valley, high mountains and flowing water, a touch of sadness and the helplessness of life.Huang Luotian raised the provincial white wine in the small cup, Mu Changci's cup matched his, and took a sip. Old Zheng came in, a big plate of fragrant golden chicken. Miss, try it and see if you can still bite it. Mu Changci ate a piece and said: Very good, Lao Zheng, tender and fragrant. It's good when it's tender. In the past, your Mrs. Mu loved to eat golden chicken. Our master often asked me to make it and send it over.At that time, Miss, you were still young, with a braided hair, as naughty as a boy, and became a pair with our eldest and young master.That time I took you to the street to watch a parade, and I, Old Zheng, held you by the hand, and I couldn't find our young master.The young master climbed onto his car, and the car was about to leave. I, Old Zheng, chased him desperately. After chasing the young master, your miss slipped away again.The young master pointed a wooden sword at my old Zheng's neck, and said that if he couldn't find his bride, he would kill Lao Zheng's dog.Your miss sat on a stranger's shoulders and watched a lion play ball. My old Zheng's cotton trousers taught the young master's sword to pierce at least seven or eight holes, and when I returned home, Zheng's mother almost didn't tear off her ears. Huang Luotian smiled, Mu Changci smiled and put his nose in his palm, his expression was just like that of her when she was eight years old. Speaking of the golden chicken, Zheng Ma and I had a quarrel.Lao Zheng's face was red, and he drank about three or four glasses of sake: Mrs. Mu was pregnant at that time, and she loved eating golden chickens, so I burned one a day.When Ms. Li was born, Madam Zheng blamed me, every day a thousand-gold rooster gave birth to a daughter.I said I can't blame me, but she said it was my fault, and I said in a fit of anger: "Look, you still want to be like a grandma, Miss Li, your pair of shriveled tits, it's okay to cut them off and throw them in the trash can." No one wants to pick it up.This sentence was a little heavy, and she cried all night and day, her eyes were all swollen. Old Zheng, Zhaodi shouted in the kitchen: Come on, the beef soup is ready! Well, I hear you!Lao Zheng answered in a hurry, and went in three steps at a time. Sitting in the living room, Huang Luotian was looking at a pair of Hehe immortals who seemed to be familiar with each other.With jasmine tea in hand, take two sips and say: This place is great. My mother's masterpiece. Why is it so mysterious? Even Old Man Mu and Niu Zhengshuo have never been here. Why should they bother my mother here. Huang Luotian wanted to answer, but stopped.The teacup was placed on the glass table, stood up and took a few steps, and stopped by the threshold, the night outside the corridor was boundless. Listen to the spring house, you can hear the sound of the spring, where is the spring water? There is a way, do you want to see it? It was dark, there were no lights, and there was no moon.But the lawn along the way was flat, and the aperture of Mu Changci's flashlight was erratic, and the sound of the spring came closer.Her feet also felt strenuous, the higher she went, the higher she went, there were slanted stones, Huang Luotian supported her, and she could see the spring flowing, and the sparkling area was pouring down, still no light, no moon, shining with thousands of silver lights. Tingquanju is the nunnery for my mother and me.Mu Changci let out a sigh of relief: She came and sat on the rocking chair, and I came to soak my feet in the spring water. Changci, why did you marry Niu Zhengshuo?I know you don't like money. Mu Changci threw the flashlight on the grass and sat down.Huang Luotian stood opposite her, waiting for her answer, but if he couldn't get an answer depending on the situation, he also sat down on the grass, opposite her. Shouldn't sacred questions be asked?He picked up the flashlight and fiddled with it in his hand. Holy is enough, what why?Asking too much. Huang Luotian's flashlight shone on the sky, on the spring, and on that cluster of blooming flowers of unknown origin, and the dark yellow halo shone on Mu Changci's face: Tell me, how many Mrs. Niu Zhengshuo has a number smaller than yours? Do you have any task, household survey? What are you hiding, lest people suspect that Mu Changci is a woman? Huang Luotian, you talk too much. After much difficulty, the tone of a ten thousandth little shrew's true colors! I won't talk to you about this any more. So tell me about your new assignment, translation?Or copy?It's a pity I didn't listen carefully. You have listened too carefully. What a rare opportunity, you took time out of your busy schedule to meet me.I should be grateful. Thank you so much, so much. Redundant, I am redundant in your eyes left and right. She smiled and lay on her back on the grass.Surrounded by silence, the fragrance of grass and flowers, the chirping of insects, and the sound of gurgling springs.He also lay on his back on the ground, with his hands behind his head, looking at the sparse stars in the sky.When they were young, they used to lie like this, with their faces turned around to scold each other, their feet ninety degrees apart. Changci. Speak. I don't understand. Back in these days, several things, regardless of subjective and objective analysis, are very confusing. About your sister being one of them? Do you already know about my sister? My father told me the day before yesterday. He told me that you had found her. I also found it strange that your sister is Li Xiaocui. Do you know Li Xiaocui? Yes. What is the special relationship between her and Mu Yuande? She became a singer at Black Cat, and Yuan De often went to join her. Yuan De didn't know that she was my father's illegitimate daughter? No one knows, no one knows, we don't even know that Old Man Huang has an illegitimate daughter. I don't know, if my father hadn't told me in his suicide note.He told me to ask Aunt Mu for instructions, but the first time she saw me, she told me that I didn't need to find my sister, let alone meet her.She said that if my sister is alive, she can still live well, but if she is dead, I cannot bring her back to life.Uncle Mu told me that Li Xiaocui is my sister, which proves that my sister has neither died nor lived well. Aunt Mu is someone my father respects and trusts. I don’t know how she will interpret what she said? ! Luo Tian, ​​my father told me that Li Xiaocui is your sister, so I told my mother about it. Does she have an opinion? She didn't say anything, but I can tell the least, she doesn't want to say that Li Xiaocui is your sister. unwilling? !This is very interesting!According to her heart, who is my sister? !Who is your mother willing to say she is my father's illegitimate daughter? ! Luo Tian, ​​I'm telling the truth. I don't know much more than you. I can't argue with you. If the purpose of your meeting with me today is to investigate, sarcasm and ask questions, I think you have found the wrong person. You are telling the truth, and I also have my own difficulties.These days, I have been squeezed between your parents and adults, seeing their completely different looks and listening to their completely different words.One dragged me east, and the other wanted me to face west. I was dizzy and confused, and it was more difficult and embarrassing than a bug thrown into a spider's web. I don't think anyone tortured you like this on purpose. How can I prove your words? I have no way of proving anything, my conclusions are drawn from eye observation and nose smell. Yes, I also have a nose and eyes, and I should observe carefully and smell patiently. There was a breeze, and the stars blinked. Changci. Um? I always thought I was very firm, but I didn't expect to make a mistake. It may take your whole life to look at yourself carefully. What about others?Afterlife? It depends on who you are studying, if it is me, I am the easiest. We were eight years old when we broke up, eighteen years old when we cut off communication, and in the next eleven years, I believe that your three meals are full of self-cultivation. One candle per year cannot be added freely. Yes, go back, Niu Zhengshuo thought you had eloped. He knows nothing to worry about.But if one day I make a decision, thousands of horses and troops will not be able to stop my future. This is a sentence beyond self-cultivation. Don't misinterpret the true meaning of the word self-cultivation, dear philosopher doctor.
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