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Chapter 6 Chapter Six

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Huang Luotian came to the Black Cat Karaoke Hall and sat down in the corner.It was hot, and the coat was hung on the back of the chair, waiting for Li Xiaocui to finish singing a few of her songs.Waving to Bai Die, she came over holding white orchids.Huang Luotian whispered a few words in her ear, and stuffed two ten-yuan bills into her hand, she nodded and went.After a while, from the side door of the living room, Li Xiaocui came over and squeezed beside Huang Luotian, sat down, leaned his elbows on the table, cast a sideways glance at him, and asked: what would you like? Xiaocui, lead me to meet your mother.

What's up?What do you want to see her for? The light was dim, and the expression in Li Xiaocui's eyes could not be seen clearly. I have something important to talk to her about. She is a sick person and cannot meet people casually. You are her daughter, you can take me there, money, I have five hundred yuan with me. Five hundred yuan?over there? Clothes pocket, don't believe it? I don't want to be fooled. Here you see.He reveals the inner pocket of his coat. Five hundred yuan to buy a meeting with my mother, what do you mean? All you have to say is, is the deal going to work?

Li Xiaocui groaned, glanced at the corners of her eyes, picked up the iced coffee, and took a big sip. Come, let's go together now. Now?No hurries? Huang Luotian stood up without answering. Uh take it slow.Li Xiaocui lifted the false eyelashes, thought for a moment, and said: Buy me a pack of cigarettes, New Paradise. Huang Luotian took out a cigarette box from his pocket. I said New Paradise. Huang Luotian had no choice but to follow her, went out of the crowded hall, came to the cigarette stand, bought a pack of Xinyuan, turned around, but Li Xiaocui was gone.Not in the hall, watching from the side door by the front door, without a trace.She is slipping away.Huang Luotian had no choice but to reach into the pocket of his coat, five hundred NT dollars disappeared, with thick eyebrows furrowed, he left the black cat.Walking down the street, towards the way back, before I knew it, I came to the front of Mr. Su's stall again.

Mr. Su sat alone under the lonely lamp, and the lonely bulb illuminated his gray hair.The round stools were stacked on the square table, the big iron pot was deserted, there were no matches, and of course, there were no customers. Elder Su, Huang Luotian stood in front of him. Ah, Brother Huang!Old man Su raised his head, weeping, his hands trembling, and he burst out a sentence for a long time: a letter from his hometown, a letter from Hong Kong, he choked up and couldn't make a sound. Huang Luotian was silent, thinking about what kind of unfortunate things happened to this lonely old man, he couldn't, and he had no words to comfort him.

Old Su cried on his face on the table, the wooden table vibrated with his convulsions.More than ten years of longing, worrying, crying, crying forever. Huang Luotian fumbled for a teacup, poured some cold tea, and found a towel, which had a strong musty smell, put it in the small aluminum basin, washed it, wrung it dry, and returned to Laoer Su's side. Old Su.He put a hand on his shoulder. Old Su raised his head, tears and snot pouring down his nose.Huang Luotian handed over the towel and the cup of cold tea. Old Su took the tea tremblingly, covering his face with the towel.After a long while, moaning with his mouth open, Huang Luotian reached out to help him, holding a teacup and letting him take a few sips.

Thank you, thank you, Brother Huang Huang.He sighed: My old woman, Da Ding, and the little girl, all starved to death.Over the years, I have been looking forward to returning to my hometown to reunite with them every day. Now, where should I go to meet them?I would also like to die, but I cannot throw myself into water or hang myself. I must starve myself to death before I can meet them on the path of hungry ghosts. Mr. Su, this pain is not unique to you. Old Su grabbed Huang Luotian's hand, and slammed his head into the crook of his arm again. Mr. Su, the dead are dead, and the living still have to walk. You are not alone. We are a family in Taiwan.

Old man Su nodded, wiped away his tears, and the tears flowed down again. You don't do business today, let's go to the Jade Palace to watch a Shaoxing opera, but we have to eat first, how about Hunan food?Let's find a restaurant in Hunan. Old Su raised his eyes and looked at Huang Luotian: Brother Huang, you are very kind, but I am not decent, and my eyes are swollen like goose eggs. People think you have brought an old lunatic. Huang Luotian patted his shoulder and said: Is the Sichuan restaurant good? I remember you like spicy food. Either Mr. Su blinked his eyes, with a shy look like a bride: how about the ring?I am familiar with it, and it is comfortable.

Well, it's the ring! Yuanhuan ate something, Jade Palace watched a Shaoxing opera, and Mrs. Su felt that the world was still a place to stay.Huang Luotian sent him back to his cabin, he hugged Huang Luotian gratefully for a long time and did not let go, Huang Luotian walked away, he was still staring blankly, standing on the edge of the road. Hey, lady boss, a plate of abalone cousin!With red and swollen eyes and disheveled white hair, Old Su shouted happily in the ring. Abalone's cousin is Jiu Kong, the proprietress laughed hahaha, and Mrs. Su laughed like a child.Well, the night wasn't wasted.

It's been a week and I haven't seen Li Xiaocui.She never went to the Black Cat Cabaret, and found her small house built illegally, with the door locked and no one there.Huang Luotian thought she would run away in fear of crime, and she did, but Baidie revealed another piece of news: Li Xiaocui's mother died of a sudden illness and was buried in Liuzhangli.Li Xiaocui guards the new tomb and stays on the barren hill. The wind is tight and the rain is slanting, the night is dark, and the street lamps are like will-o'-the-wisps, spreading out in boundless desolation.The steles are leilei, no need to ask about the role at birth, the mounds are undulating, and thousands of stories are buried.Huang Luotian stepped on the chaotic grass, his eyes were dim, and he climbed up to this pathless poor cemetery, looking for Li Xiaocui.

There are continuous horizontal veins, there are peaks outside the peak, shadows of trees, thorns and thorns, the rain makes the mountain muddy, slippery and hard to stay, look at this is half a hill, Huang Luotian panted, and stopped at the tomb of someone who does not know superior.He called out, but no one answered, it was dead silent, as silent as the dead in the tomb.The rain became denser and his vision became more blurred. He kept scraping his face, waved the flashlight in his hand, and illuminated the grass under his feet and the grave in the grass not far away.A hole here, a crack there, a skull with full teeth.

Tired and struggling to walk, Huang Luotian sat on the wet stone, covered his face with his hands, and gathered his mind for a while.Suddenly, I heard low and intermittent groans, not far away, right next to my ears.He turned on the flashlight again, and saw two long legs in the shape of a herringbone.In three steps and two steps, he jumped over to the yellow pile of fresh soil, and she was lying on top of Li Xiaocui, who looked like a beautiful corpse that had been abandoned by others. He was dying, his heart was beating very weakly, his limbs were stiff and cold, and his ten fingers were hooked on the ground tightly.Huang Luotian knelt beside her, pulled her up, and carried her on his back. Although the journey down the mountain was difficult, he could handle it. He squatted and slid all the way like a slide.Li Xiaocui was already half-conscious, and she let herself be draped over him, and she could see the street lamps beside the road from a distance. He wiped the rain and sweat off his face again, his feet were brisk, and he could see the ground. It was another long stretch of dark night road, a taxi was driving towards him, he beckoned, took a ride, and went straight to the hospital. It was dawn when Li Xiaocui was awake, looking around, amazed at this strange place, Bai Die approached her bedside, hurriedly narrated, Li Xiaocui listened, turned to look at Huang Luotian: You came to see me?Who wants you to find me?Why?I took your money, I believe you don't have a good heart, don't you care about me?Yeah?Why? Xiaocui, you have a good rest. No, you tell me first, why?Why? I'll tell you, slowly.Now I am very tired, I want to go back to rest, Baidie stays here with you. you want me to live hereWhere the money is spent, my money? You don't have to worry about money, I will arrange it for you.Here are three hundred yuan, you keep it first, if you want anything, please ask Baidie to buy it for you, I will come again. Don't I have to pay you back?I can't afford it, so don't expect me to pay it back.She hid three hundred-dollar bills under her pillow. I don't want you to pay back the money, don't worry, Baidie can prove it. Baidie, you heard it, you have to prove it for me. Baidie whispered something next to her ear, she bit her lower lip and smiled and slapped Baidie, then glanced at Huang Luotian.She took out a hundred-yuan note from under the pillow, dragged it close to Baidie, and whispered a few words in her ear, Baidie smiled and walked away with the note. Hey, you said you will come again, are you not lying to me?When will it come, for sure.Li Xiaocui squeezed her left eye, and her erect right leg was shaking. Huang Luotian didn't answer, opened the door, and locked her inside with his backhand.Exhausted, he stretched his sore back and left the hospital at a slow pace. Three days passed, Li Xiaocui's face was rosy and rosy, and her face was tender and white. On the fourth day, when Huang Luotian came to the hospital, Baidie greeted him. Mr. Huang, Xiaocui is thinking why you haven't come yet! how is she today Great, I was humming and singing when I woke up, very happy. Baidie, don't speak ill of me!Li Xiaocui also laughed in her voice: Let him in, what are you pestering him for? Bai Die stuck out her tongue and made a face, said she was going to the welfare agency to buy some delicious food, and slipped away. Li Xiaocui was sitting on the hospital bed, her black hair was long and loose, layers of rouge and powder, dark eyebrows, dark eye circles. Why did you come so late today!She was really anxious to wait. something urgent.Huang Luotian answered briefly, while putting the food items he brought in place one by one. What kind of urgent matter? Huang Luotian didn't say anything, opened fresh milk and poured it into the cup. Have you bought pajamas yet?I was in a cold sweat last night and changed it three or four times. bought it. You lock the door and change it for me now. Drink a glass of milk first, and ask Baidie to change it for you when she comes back. My whole body is wet and cold, who knows when Baidie will come back! Huang Luotian approached her bed with the milk, and reached out to touch her back, the pajamas were not wet at all.Glancing at her, he handed her the milk and said: drink it! Li Xiaocui took the milk, didn't drink it, and said: It's not that I'm in confinement, and I want milk after drinking milk. Milk is good for your health, Xiao Cui. My body is not good, there is not fat and tight, the big one should be big, the small one should be small, everything is just right, if you don’t believe me, come and see for yourself. Huang Luotian fixed his face and said: drank it! What you want me to drink, you pay for, well, just drink it.She drank the milk, stretched out the empty cup, handed it to Huang Luotian, squinted at him, and said: You are not like other men who treat me like a big fat pig. Hope to lead the prize. Huang Luotian turned his back, Li Xiaocui still wanted to chatter, the door was peeling and pecking, Huang Luotian opened the door, and it was Mu Changci who came in with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. Changci.Huang Luotian was pleasantly surprised and took her flower. Hey, Miss Mu, Li Xiaocui looked at Mu Changci and Huang Luotian. Mu Changci took off his gloves, showing his slender hands, and greeted Li Xiaocui gently. Hey, Mrs. Niu, what brought you to my ward, Li Xiaocui! Xiaocui, you should thank Mrs. Niu. Thanks?Why should I thank this hypocritical person? Xiao Cui, what nonsense are you talking about? ! nonsense?If you know how my mother and I were kicked out of the cow mansion, you will also know why I am talking nonsense. Xiaocui, Mu Changci smiled apologetically: That's because my mother is not in good health and has a bit of a temper.It's all a misunderstanding, don't be offended. Hey, now that you're talking nicely, what would your mother know if you hadn't been snitching on her!In fact, I don't care for Niu Zhengshuo being a philistine. Although I, Li Xiaocui, are poor and humble, I am not as blind to money as you are.Philistines Xiao Cui, shut up! What kind of character are you, Mr. Huang!Do you think you are my savior?Remember I never asked you for anything.Don't imagine that I will be your slave from now on, and I can be commanded and ordered by you! Xiaocui, I mean, Mrs. Niu kindly came to see you, Care to see me? !Why? ! ?Let me tell you, I'm not her friend and she's not mine.Her mother drove my mother out of Niu's house back then, and now I can also drive her out of my ward, do you hear me? !Get out, Mu Changci!Li Xiaocui yelled, jumped off the bed with bare feet like a lunatic, and threw a handful of flowers at Mu Changci's face, hitting her in the face, and scattered them on the ground. Xiaocui, you, Huang Luotian, ran up to grab Li Xiaocui's hand, and pushed her to the hospital bed. Tell her to go, tell her to go!You tell Mu Changci to get out of here quickly! Mu Changci rushed out the door, bumping into the oncoming Bai Die: beef jerky and peanut candy scattered all over the floor.Baidie cursed, rushed out and pointed at Mu Changci's back and cursed: Hey, you daredevil!Walking without eyes, rushing to the underworld to have sex with King Yama? Mu Changci was far away, but Li Xiaocui was still standing bent like a vicious rooster.Baidie knelt on the floor, cursing while picking up beef jerky and peanut candy and putting them in her mouth.Huang Luotian's heart was burning, and the air in the ward was extremely foul. That night, when Huang Luotian returned to Mu's house, Mu Yuan drew his three-foot-long face, pressed his hands on his hips, and walked over with his eyes fixed on each step. Jia Baoyu, you pervert who specializes in collecting women! What did you say? Pretending to be garlic, why are you so busy these days? ! do i have to report to you Let me warn you, it's not that simple to play tricks on your young master!Say, where did you hide Li Xiaocui? ! Huang Luotian stood there, waiting calmly. You are a dog!穆元德的鼻尖距離對方僅僅四五寸:那夜在黑貓早該揍死你,留著你這狗命,小白臉,大情人,王八蛋,你有了穆次莉還不夠,又姘上The young master of your family! Huang Luotian didn't want to hit him, his right fist was already out, and it was stuck firmly on Mu Yuande's chin.Mu Yuande wobbled and fell five or six feet away. Alright, the one surnamed Huang is brave enough!He struggled to get up, but there was nothing he could do.Shaking his head violently for a while, and opening his eyes, Mu Liqiang and Mu Cili stood there: Dad, look, Huang Luotian hit me! Why?Why are you two fighting and biting like dogs? !Mu Liqiang's dark face sank: Say, say, Yuan De, you speak first! Mu Yuande glanced at his father, hum, you are the one who tried every means to stop me and Li Xiaocui, your only magic weapon is money, one day my young master has money in his pocket, the first thing is to offer a reward to buy your head! How about it?Are you dumb?Or deaf? !Mu Liqiang took a step closer to his son. You are blind yourself, Huang Luotian bullied me, you see he punched me for no reason. Then you get up, what are you doing sitting on the ground?He hits you, you hit him, give him a few good punches. Mu Yuande got up, and approached Huang Luotian two steps forward and one step back. Before he clenched his fists firmly, Huang Luotian had already caught his hands, and he just pulled them back like a chicken, ouch, Tears flowed from the pain. No, Brother Huang!Please, let my brother go, let my brother go!Mu Cili cried with tears streaming down her face. Mu Liqiang glanced at Mu Cili, then at his chicken son in Huang Luotian's hand, turned around, and walked with staggering steps. Huang Luotian let go of Mu Yuande.Mu Yuande stroked his arms, which were worried about broken bones, and cursed through gritted teeth: Get the hell out of me right now, Huang Luotian, the Mu family will feed the dog even if they have food, you ungrateful person! fart!Mu Liqiang turned around: You can decide the family affairs!You have the ability for him to beat you and you beat him, but you have the ability to hide under the covers and have your nightmares.Huang Luotian is my guest, I will not feed the dog if I have food, you timid and stupid puppy. My cowardly and stupid puppy was born of your brave and wise old dog! asshole! You are an old bastard! madman! You are an old madman! Mu Liqiang grabbed a cane. Old dog, old bastard, old lunatic!Mu Yuande yelled and slipped away. Huang Luotian returned to the room, leaned back on the bed.With the sound of soft footsteps, Mu Cili followed in, she gently closed the door, walked to Huang Luotian's bed, and sat on the edge of his bed.Huang Luotian sat up quickly, Mu Cili's eye circles were still red. Ci Li, for your own sake, you should come to my room less in the future, lest your brother gossip about us. Are you mad at me for doing my brother a favor? No such thing, if you hadn't been there to remind me, I would have almost broken his arm. Let me tell you, although Dad often scolds Yuan De, he loves him the most in his heart. If you make him miserable, Dad will not say anything, and he will be very angry. I know that there are no parents in the world who do not love their children.Huang Luotian stood up while speaking. Brother Huang, where do you often go recently?I look for you, but I can't always find you.Mu Cili followed to the window. I have a lot of things to do. I may have to settle down in Taiwan, find a house, and other trivial things, so I am busy. Are you leaving our house? !Mucili opened her eyes wide. If I don't go to England, I can't bother you all the time. You don't want Grace?You got a new girlfriend in Taiwan? ! Ci Li, what new girlfriend do I have!Huang Luotian looked out the window. Ask you, if I know, why do I still ask you. I met two, he looked at her and smiled: one Mu Changci and one Mu Cili.
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