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Chapter 7 Chapter VII

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The news of the quarrel between Huang Luotian and Mu Yuande reached Mrs. Mu's ears, she summoned her son to her, and severely reprimanded her. Li Xiaocui, Mrs. Mu finally confirmed that she is Huang Luotian's younger sister. It seems that there is no doubt about this matter. Mrs. Mu had a clear intention and hoped that Huang Luotian would take Li Xiaocui to leave Taiwan as soon as possible. This was not only Huang Luotian's main task when he returned to China, but also his original plan.But everything went from being complicated and confusing to being solved easily, and the feeling it gave him was not what he could have expected.

Recalling that day, he went to the hospital to welcome Li Xiaocui back home, the small house he repaired for her so that she was no longer afraid of the wind and rain. Li Xiaocui climbed into her bed as soon as she entered the door, with new sheets, new quilts and new pillows.She hugged the new pillow, sniffed and kissed it, and lay down on the recline, giggling and burying her face in the pillow. Yo, there's a new desk too!Baidie cried out in amazement. snort!Li Xiaocui wrinkled her nose secretly, what ghost book do you want me to read!It would make sense that he should have given me a dressing table.

Xiaocui, vitamin pills, don't forget to take one pill a day.Huang Luotian held up the glass bottle and said. It's vitamins again, for your life, for my life!Butter, cereal, eggs, I'm really a fat pig, look, do my thighs look like elephant legs? !As Li Xiaocui said, she kicked her feet, and inside was a pair of transparent nylon briefs. Then you should get up and move around instead of lying on the bed as soon as you see it. Let me ask you, where does a man most want a woman to wait for him? ! What?Huang Luotian frowned. Hee hee hee!Want to hear the answer?bed! Xiaocui, what are you talking about!

If I'm talking about a woman, are you a man? Are you as nominal as Mu Changci's husband? Xiao Cui, don't say such obscene words! nasty?Forget it, I'm not a phoenix, and you may not be a dragon.If you can only stand Mu Changci, you have to be careful. Miss Ben has a good look, her eyes are dying of thirst.If you catch up with her, like a vampire, she will surely suck the last drop of blood from your body! Huang Luotian's face was flushed, and she threw a stack of books that she wanted to read warmly on the table, and leaned forward with one hand leaning on the corner of the table:

What did I tell you that day? !You promised, but you didn't keep your word! I promised you to stop talking nonsense, but I didn't promise you not to tell the truth. What I'm telling now is the truth! Huang Luotian picked up a wet towel to wipe his hands, threw down the towel and wanted to leave. Hey, take it easy, don't go, I'll listen to you, just behave like a young lady in a gentle manner.Saying that, she got up from the bed and sat on the edge of the bed, staring at him with a smile on her face. Huang Luotian's anger finally subsided, and he said: Pull up your skirt, keep your legs flat, don't tremble like this!

Well, I'll listen to you, okay?Does it look like a little nun practicing Zen?She crossed her knees and closed her eyes, clasped her hands together. Huang Luotian tidied up the books on the desk, and accidentally dropped one on the floor. He bent down to pick it up, and found a yellowed photo on the floor. On it was a young man and a woman, both handsome, with their cheeks pressed against each other, looking very affectionate . Xiao Cui, who are these two people in the photo? Li Xiaocui opened one eye to look at Huang Luotian, ghost, he is serious all day long!Her eyes followed his to look down, and that eye also hurriedly opened, snatching the photo from Huang Luotian's hand, and stared at it for a long time in a daze.

This is my mother.She nodded to the woman with her finger. What about men? never seen it. Not your father? Not my titular father, I haven't met my titular father. Is your mother's surname Li? No, that was my titular father's last name. Came to Taiwan and registered a household registration? Of course, the account was sent to Mu's family at that time. Where is your ID card? ﹒ Detained at the police station. Why? Forget it, it's all the police's fault anyway, I don't bother to care about it, I can't live without an ID card! Xiaocui, why did Mrs. Mu drive your mother and daughter away from Niu's house?

Li Xiaocui rolled her eyes, she was good at making up stories, one thing today, another thing tomorrow, and even she herself couldn't tell which was false and which was true.Then I thought about it and said: Is that the old fox?She said that my mother used Mu Yuande and Niu Zhengshuo, and falsely accused me of seducing Mu Yuande and Niu Zhengshuo.In fact, those two bastards are the ghosts. Mu Yuande stole the money, and Niu Zhengshuo didn't give it to him if he had the money.One day, Mu Yuande and Niu Zhengshuo fought, twisting together like two bulls, Niu Zhengshuo kicking, Mu Yuande biting, it was so exciting, I really hope that men all over the world twisted and kicked together Bite to death!Her cat's eyes flickered, dark like a black panther: Sometimes I think, you are not a good person, why spend so much money on me?No reason?snort!There are no such good people in the world.I have only had my mother in my life. Now that I meet you, I say to myself: Poor little orphan, you have a reason to live in this world.If you treat me like my goddamn father did to my mother, watch me snap you up and down!twitter!twitter

twitter!A black car came to an emergency stop in front of Huang Luotian, and the driver stuck his head out of the car and yelled: Cough, are you impatient? The green mountain forest, the Niu Mansion is in sight, and the blue-gray buildings stand tall in the twilight.A few yellow leaves are dotted with green grass.The yellow leaves are flying, maybe just like the memory he left here, it will be gone with the wind in just a moment. This is Mrs. Mu's invitation, a farewell dinner.Huang Luotian decided to fulfill his promise to her and left Taiwan with Li Xiaocui. Maybe he will take Southeast Asia as an investigation and sightseeing.There is still a long way to go to teach Li Xiaocui how to get rid of the old and welcome the new.

Stepping on the inch-thick carpet and sitting on a three-point seat, Huang Luotian raised his glass to express his gratitude. Mrs. Mu's hands trembled slightly. There are spots and marks on the face, and the eyes are left with the faint afterglow of the setting sun. Luo Tian, ​​I'm ashamed. I should have kept you, just like I kept my son.But I can't, I just hope you remember one sentence, I am thinking of everyone's interests, I hope you understand and forgive. Auntie is too polite, Xiaocui needs a new place, so that she can learn to be a human being again. Mrs. Mu didn't answer, she wiped her tears with her handkerchief.

Changci, thank you.Huang Luotian raised his glass to Mu Changci. Mu Changci raised his glass, and the two drank it up together. One after another, the sumptuous dishes were served almost as they were.Mrs. Mu held up her chopsticks just to pick up vegetables for Huang Luotian, and said sadly at this moment: Luo Tian, ​​I have worked hard all my life, and my husband and I don't have the same temperament, Yuan De refuses to learn well, Ci Li is her father's unique treasure, and it is rare for me to get together with her.If it wasn't for Changci, I would almost be a person with nowhere to go, Changci, she Mom, you should be happy to see Luo Tian off, why did you mention those old sayings again. Mrs. Mu nodded, holding back tears. By the way, Luo Tian, ​​I have prepared some money for you and your sister to use on the road, it is my kindness. Thank you, aunt.Huang Luotian smiled and said: When you saw me for the first time, you said that I had grown up. If I accept your money now, I suspect that your words were just casual compliments. Luo Tian, ​​you are out of touch, you are blaming me. Auntie, please ask Changci, I think she knows about me. You, lofty and stubborn, I know you have no savings, you and your Mrs. Mu closed your eyes and stopped. Auntie, no matter what, I appreciate it in my heart. Have you told Li Xiaocui everything? No, her body has not fully recovered.I wanted to wait a few more days and get back her ID card before telling her everything. I can't invite her today because she is still very weak.Also, some previous misunderstandings, I know it is not easy for her to forgive me. I can only ask my aunt for forgiveness on her behalf, she is as wild as a wild horse.The only thing that can be forgiven is that she was not given a good environment since she was a child. I hope to take good care of her in the future and make up for the responsibilities owed to her by my father. Mrs. Mu burst into tears again, but she forced a smile and said: Luo Tian, ​​I was wondering why Yuan De couldn't follow your example. Aunt, this is what you said. There were four dishes left in the eight dishes, Mrs. Mu searched for words, Huang Luotian responded respectfully, and Mu Changci remained silent.Fortunately, as time went by, the fatty chicken came with fresh fish, dim sum with vegetarian soup, and assorted hot pots were served. Mrs. Mu stood up, and Mu Changci asked her to go upstairs to rest. With coffee in hand, he and she still don't know where to start talking.Huang Luotian got up to say goodbye, Mu Changci got up to see him off, a pair of long shadows on a lonely mountain road.Gusts of cold wind gathered dark clouds.The road is far away, the mind is endless, silent, only the sound of shoes can be heard.Walking around the foot of the mountain, through the jungle, near the crags, over the small bridge, and arrived at Tingquanju. Accompanied by the flowing spring, more than a dozen epiphyllum flowers bloom, the flowing spring is clear, and the epiphyllum is fragrant. Bright moon, spring water, beautiful flowers, I am gone, Hunmeng will often come back to listen to the spring residence. Mu Changci walked into the epiphyllum bushes, held up a flower that had just opened its jade petals, and said: The epiphyllum is in full bloom, usually around midnight. If you sleep too much, the flowers will wither the next morning. Then let's not snooze, and don't disappoint the most beautiful moment of Epiphyllum.Huang Luotian said while sitting on the grass. A beautiful moment comes and goes.She also sits down. Likewise, why pursue a beautiful life, eh?Changci? Mu Changci didn't answer, just asked: When will you come back from this trip? It's hard to say, maybe it's better not to come back. When you get married, don't forget to send us a wedding invitation. Huang Luotian smiled, looked up at the moon, the clouds moved slightly, and the moon was covered with a veil. I believe Grace is very smart and beautiful. Yes, her groom was a very handsome and learned English youth. Mu Changci turned to look at him.He said: The day before yesterday, I received their wedding invitation the day before yesterday. You are engaged to her, why? Huang Luotian began to narrate, starting from the death of his aunt, to the old professor, and then to Grace.Grace married a classmate who could be regarded as his rival in love at the time, and it was a lightning-like marriage, which was within a few months of his return to Taiwan. You shouldn't have accepted her engagement ring for you. Compromise and discrimination can never be tolerated in love. One day you will regret it. Don't think of me as superficial and childish. Sometimes opportunities go and never come again. You are the one who seizes the opportunity, aren't you Chang Ci? Mu Changci stood up, stepped on the grass, and walked towards the spring.Huang Luotian followed, kicked off his shoes, and waded to her side. With tears streaming down her face, she sat on a rock. Changci, I didn't intend to say anything to make you sad. I don't blame you, it's just that everything that happened tonight touched me too deeply. He sat down beside her, clinging to her hand, white and slender, caressing, her hand is always so cold. When I came back this time, I was looking for my sister, and I was eager to see you in my heart. I broke our covenant first, and got married that way, do you still forgive me? That's your business, you can forget about me, I don't have to change because of something. Luo Tian raised her eyes to look at him with tears in her eyes. He looked at her and hugged her in his arms. It was raining, and it was beating a big tree that guarded them.The raindrops grew heavier and fell through the gaps in the thick leaves.There is no moonlight, and the flowing spring is also whimpering.Huang Luotian and Mu Changci walked out of the spring silently hand in hand, the epiphyllum trembled in the dense rain, at their most beautiful moment. Mu Changci returned home at half past three in the morning.Niu Zhengshuo was sitting in the living room waiting for her, his eyes staring straight from her head to her feet, and from her feet to her head. Mrs. Niu, did you and Huang Luotian get a room at that hotel? ! Mu Changci took a short rest at the foot of the stairs before stepping up the stairs. Mu Changci and Niu Zhengshuo chased after him: I'm asking you a question, why are you pretending to be deaf and dumb and not answering? ! Men and women are together to open a room, and you measure others with your own size. I don't want to talk to you in circles, I just want you to answer, where did you and Huang Luotian go, roads have road names, bridges have bridge names, can't you tell? I walked with him and talked, can you believe it? Go there for a walk, what do you talk about? ! Mu Changci turned and left, but Niu Zhengshuo grabbed her by the hair.She slanted her body to block her, and he stumbled for a moment, then rushed forward and slapped her.Mu Changci stood still and looked at him solemnly.Niu Zhengshuo's hand, which was about to slap her a few more times, froze in mid-air.She left him and continued on her way, all the way to the bedroom.Niu Zhengshuo didn't relax a step, his bloodshot eyes stared at her tiredly sitting on the sofa.With a resentful kick, the door of the room slammed shut. He approached her step by step, like a hungry tiger preparing to pounce on a sheep.She stood still, with an expression on her face that he had never noticed, nor had he noticed it on other women's faces. Changci, you should remember that you are my wife.His tone softened. From the day I wore your ring on my hand, I haven't forgotten a single moment. However, you have changed now. Change?You used a word wrong. The proper wording is that you didn't marry me because you loved me, you just used me to resolve disputes between your parents. Do you know what is love?Niu Zhengshuo? Yes, I don't know what love is, but I'm a man, I spend money to play with women, it's only natural.Unlike you, who willingly let Huang Luotian take advantage! You can also take a break, Mr. Niu, you have taken advantage of people too much in your life, if Huang Luo really took advantage of me innocently, I am pitiful, and I will pay for the evil you have done. Shameless, Mu Changci, you are too shameless! Yes, I am shameless, I am not only shameless, but also have no ambition, if I have one of them, I should leave when Li Xiaocui's incident breaks out. Speaking of Li Xiaocui, Niu Zhengshuo restrained his relaxed voice: At that time, you didn't find a client, and you didn't make it. Now that you have one, you can move forward with confidence, right? If you forgive me, please go back to your room. I want to rest and don't want to talk to you any more. You can't drive me away, I'm your husband. Mu Changci stood up and walked to the bathroom, Kacha locked the door behind him.Niu Zhengshuo looked around, seeing a long-lost stranger's room, a photo of Mu Liqiang on the wall, and the person taking the photo with him was Huang Xinru.He approached and pointed to Huang Xinru's nose: You are lingering and seduce your son. If he uses his brains to get on Niu Mu Changci, you old ghost just wait, it will be interesting.
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