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Chapter 8 chapter eight

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That night, Baidie came to Mu Mansion and told that Li Xiaocui had a sudden illness.Huang Luotian didn't have time to put on his coat, so he followed Baidie away.The door of Li Xiaocui's room was closed, Huang Luotian turned the knob and walked in.The room was pitch black, and Li Xiaocui moaned weakly: Alas, it hurts to death, it hurts to death. What’s wrong with you?Xiao Cui? Stomach pain, yo, don't turn on the light, my eyes are uncomfortable, I can't bear it.Alas, she was lying on the bed, a big ball twisting and turning in the darkness. Do you have a fever?He went to her bed.

I don't know I have a stomachache and a pounding heart.Alas, it hurts me to death. pain there?Huang Luotian was worried about appendicitis. Here, here, here. Huang Luotian stretched out his hand to stroke her forehead, it was warm and cool.She chuckled, but suddenly she stretched out her hands, grabbed Huang Luotian's hand, and pressed it to her heart. From her breasts to her lower abdomen, she was naked, with no clothes on her body.Huang Luotian quickly withdrew his hands, took two steps back, and turned on the light.Li Xiaocui was faster than electricity, kicked off the quilt, and laid out naked before him.

You are crazy, Xiaocui!Huang Luotian covered her body angrily: What on earth do you mean! Why haven't you come these days?I have never missed someone as hard as I miss you.Said she sat up. Get dressed!Huang Luotian threw her a coat. She curled her lips, her coat was draped over her shoulders, her chest was straight, and her plump and huge breasts trembled: Come on, come closer and have a look, don't let your heart beat, there is no man who doesn't love, I'll keep it for you, you Before she could finish her sentence, Huang Luotian slapped her hard. She was stunned, and with her face in her hands, she burst into tears.

Xiaocui, you have no shame! Shame, what is shame? !You went to the wrong way to buy granola in the monk's temple!The first time you saw me, you were courteous to me, you tried every means to get close to me, and I hid, but you just carried me down the mountain from my mother.You said, what do you fancy in me?What are you tired of me?You say, you speak the truth!Now I belong to you from the inside to the outside, yet you treat me with a different face.You, you heartbreaker who deserves to be cut and killed! Huang Luotian was about to speak, when there was a figure outside the window, he walked over and pulled the flower curtain, Baidie slipped away.When he returned to Li Xiaocui's bedside, she raised her head with tears streaming down her face, with dark shadows in her cat's eyes.

Xiaocui, I came back from a long way from abroad because of my father's will, he asked me to find one of his illegitimate daughters.Everything related to my father's reputation, I had no choice but to do it secretly.My younger sister was born in Taiwan, and the only people who know about it are Mu Liqiang and his wife. I got confirmation from them that your father's illegitimate daughter is you. I am your sister? !I don't know that shameful Li Xiaocui is your sister? !Huang Luotian, you remind me of those novelists who are full of pussies, how to deal with the love of triangles, four corners, five corners, hexagons, and multi-corners in the end?One died in a car crash, one committed suicide, one was imprisoned, and the other one was the protagonist's own sister!You ridiculous bastard hero, who is the chosen character in your polyamory?That idiot Mu Cili, that married woman Mu Changci? !

Xiaocui, you can't insult others casually like this.I didn't tell you about this earlier, because I had a last resort. Uncle Mu said you were my sister, but Aunt Mu was not sure at first.Since you don't let me see your mother, you don't know who your biological father is.Your mother passed away, I am a stranger, and I can't just watch you live a lonely life.Aunt Mu confirmed that you are my sister. In order to make you forget the past and start a new life, she advised me to take you out of Taiwan as soon as possible.These days I am busy going through the formalities of going abroad with you.Xiao Cui, look for yourself, these are some documents that can testify.

Li Xiaocui took the documents and tore them into pieces without even looking at them.That old thief Mu Liqiang, that shrew Mu Wang Meixin, well invented!Well designed!I, Li Xiaocui, am Huang Luotian's younger sister! Brother, don't bother, I won't go with you, I want to stay here, even if I die and my bones turn into ashes, I still belong to Taiwan Island.I want to thank old man Mu Quan and Aunt Mu, they gave me a brother, my brother saved my life, my life is not reserved for repaying kindness, my father is the real double bastard! Leaving Li Xiaocui's residence, Huang Luotian walked the streets with all kinds of feelings in his heart.

cough!Brother Huang!Old Su's cry. Huang Luotian walked over, and Old Su greeted him with a big smile on his face.He was pale, perhaps because of the difference in the light. I made a wish to this happy lantern, asking it to follow your path, and you did come. Happy Lantern?Huang Luotian looked at Bai Cancan's fluorescent lamp that Mr. Su called Xi Deng. yes!Old man Su laughed out his new dentures: I am eager to announce the good news to you, remember?Huanhuan, the proprietress, and my favorite cousin, her specially prepared abalone, remember?Now, everyone refers to her lady boss as Po Su!

Oh, that's great, Mr. Su, congratulations, I haven't given you a congratulatory gift yet. What do you mean, I want to treat you to a wedding wine! Hey, Mr. Su, let's get some food!The more people you have, the slower you will be. What's going on? !A quick-tempered eater is yelling. Come on, come on, hey, Wangshi, here comes the food!Old man Su seemed to be singing a foreign song, and said to Huang Luotian with a smile in a low voice: Wangshi, her name. Wangshi came out, a brand new bride.Atomic big Baotou, a big red flower, powder that does not penetrate the skin is white in the east and purple in the west, under the fluorescent lamp, an ancient faded clay figurine just unearthed.

Old Su's new wife, Kasai!A visitor called with a smile. Ha ha ha ha!Many voices are combined into a seven-octet. Now Mr. Su has no leisure to beat leopards. Even if you want to fight, you can't move! Over there, this kind of old woman doesn't need much energy from Old Su. Ha ha ha ha!Ha ha ha ha! Wangshi, bring a bottle of sake and cut some side dishes to go with the wine. Today’s steamed pork is ready, let’s have a small basket of steamed pork.Old Su said, as if he didn't hear the teasing of those people, maybe he didn't pay attention at all. Everything you want is here, and there is a large plate of Wangshi's masterpiece fried rice noodles.Of course, the cousin of the nine-hole abalone is indispensable.

Wangshi, Brother Huang is a good man, such a good young man is really hard to find these days.Old man Su praised Wang Shi. He is good, tell us Ami to make it right.The sleeves of the old man Lasu in Wangshi. What a joke, Brother Huang is a gentleman!Old Su gave her a white look, with an expression of twenty years old at most. gentleman? !The upper class people from other provinces are going to die these days!Every pocket is empty.My Amei has a dowry gold ring, gold bracelet, and gold earrings.The skin is a little darker, so dark that it is truly blessed.The meat is taut and the pelvis is big enough. It is easy to have a hen to lay eggs to give birth to a child. Make rice dumplings for the May Festival and steam rice cakes for the New Year. Alas, alas, enough is said, too much!Mr. Su closed his eyes and shook his head: You, hurry up, the fried rice noodles in the pot are burnt! Hmph, fried rice noodles, or me, Ami?I want you, stepfather, to die!I, Ami, am twenty-three years old this year! Wang Shi twisted his body away, and Old Su shrank his neck and smiled: Women really can't help it!But this woman, don't look at her rough and rough, luliluhe, she really has the best kindness in her heart!It's called Wangshi, do you know what Wangshi means?Her mother gave birth to two girls, and the third one was a girl again. Her mother cried a pot of tears and resigned to her fate, Wangshi!Wangshi, Taiwanese dialect means to give food to the mouth so-so.When it grows up, it looks like a water onion.Later, when I gained weight, it was after the age of forty.Because she is too capable, she does all the big and small things in the house by herself, and she eats a lot of food after exercising a lot. How can she get strength if she is not fat? !Her husband, I said her ex-husband, used to sell pork in the market, to tell you the truth, when he met me, Wangshi always cut ten taels for half a catty, so I would just bring some fat and hair oil once or twice What.Her husband is sick, and I visit her every day. Her husband's hair is up, and her eyes are looking at me behind the tears.Don't blame her, Zhuangzi's wives fan Zhuangzi's grave with fans.I helped her bury her husband who was seven years younger than her. Seven people, young and old, drove to me like an army, plus this fluorescent lamp, which was given to us by her sister. The lamp is Ding Meaning, Wang Shi said, she would have to give birth to half a dozen sons to be worthy of my ancestors of the Su family. Do you think this woman has a good heart? She likes you or you, Mr. Su, you can enjoy your life comfortably now. It's not easy, Brother Huang, it's not easy, the army she brought is more brain-intensive than the tens of millions of others.There are also five grandchildren whose fathers and mothers have died, those who go to school, and those who crawl on the dirt. I used to be afraid of being alone, but now I am afraid of being crowded. Huang Luotian smiled and stretched out his hand to pat Old Su on the back, took out four hundred yuan bills from his pocket and stuffed them into his hands. Oh, Brother Huang, what kind of rules is this?No way, no way! Mr. Su, this is a small gift from me. You know, I sincerely congratulate you. Brother Huang, I'm so embarrassed, I haven't invited you to a wedding wine yet. That's all for today's food and drink, this kind of wedding wine is the most enjoyable. Then, Brother Huang, I would like to thank you very much.Old man Su held Huang Luotian's hand tightly. Thank you, Mr. Su, your family is overwhelmed now, if there is anything I can do to help, just let me know. Brother Huang, I will come to you if I have something to do, and I will come to you if I have something to do. Farewell to Old Man Su, Huang Luotian went back to Mu's mansion, entered his room, turned on the light, and found Mu Cili in his study, saw him, raised his head, with sleepy red and swollen eyes. Ci Li, what's the matter with you? I had a terrible dream.I dreamed that the bull's head and the horse's face were digging out your eyeballs. My brother snatched one and said he wanted to exchange it for my necklace.I gave him the necklace, and when I saw you running towards the beach, I told you not to, and disappeared after a while.The waves hit me and I couldn't breathe and woke up. Ci Li, nightmares are mostly due to indigestion. Don't eat too much for dinner in the future. Take a walk after meals to let the stomach digest and digest. No, I didn't have dinner at all tonight. Why? Can't eat. Then you have already eaten a bad stomach. Mu Cili shook her head with tears in her eyes: You are not at home for dinner, and Yuan De is not here. I am afraid of being alone with my father. He looks too serious and lonely, and there is no smile in his eyes.My sister was supposed to go home today, but she didn't come back. The bull head and horse face quarreled with her and beat her, saying that Mom invited you to dinner that night. After dinner, my sister and you went to the hotel and got a room. Niu Zhengshuo is too savage, Changci and I just take a walk together. Walk until two or three in the middle of the night? You don't believe it either?Second Li? It's not that I don't believe it, I'm just worried that it's not true. I hope that you two really go to the hotel to get a room, and I hope you get married soon, so that you don't have to leave Taiwan. You keep your mother living together, and I also followed. Ci Li, you are really talking stupid now, that is impossible, how could your sister have a room with me, and she will not marry me, you must never say such ridiculous things in the future. Ridiculous words?You coward, your sister has good intentions for you, don't you want to marry her? Ci Li, don't you know that your sister is married, how can a married person marry someone else casually? Who said that I don't know that married people can't remarry, I just missed a word, my sister should have divorced the bull head and horse face long ago, and then married you.Oh oh oh I forgot, you have that Grace. That's no reason.Grace is married. oh?Yeah?That problem is even simpler. It's not as simple as you think, Ciri. not simple?The problem is that you are a coward. Yes, Ci Li, I am a coward, now please go back to your room and go to sleep. No, I'm afraid, I'm afraid I will have nightmares again, I want to sleep on top of your desk, you sleep on your comfortable bed, don't close the door, as long as I can see you. What's so scary about dreams?You remember that Niu Zhengshuo will never dig out my eyes, and your brother will never snatch your necklace. I know, your eyes are still so bright, here is my necklace.She patted her chest. Do you really have a necklace? Is it still fake?My mother gave it to me, she said, the chicken heart is her heart, and I wear her heart, even if I am not by her side, she will still be with me.Well, here, she reached into her underwear and took it out: Look, I can let you touch it. This is a string of thin white gold fine chains, the pendant is in the shape of a chicken heart, Huang Luotian held it in his palm, pressed his fingers skillfully, and the chicken heart pendant opened, with two words engraved inside: Xiangyin. Brother Huang, I didn't know the pendant could be opened, how did you know? ! Huang Luotian didn't answer, he held the chicken heart pendant in his hand, his deep eyes flickered, his firm lips were even more determined, and with a click, the chicken heart closed. Ci Li, go back to your room and sleep. You won't let me lie on your desk? You can't sleep on the desk, if you want to sleep here, you can sleep on my bed.I will accompany you while reading in the study. That's not good, how can I be so selfish. It doesn't matter, I still have a lot of things to do at night, so I can't sleep anyway. No, it's good for you to lie on the bed and rest. I'm not afraid anymore, I'd better go back to my own room. Don't be afraid, if something calls me, I will be awake. Mu Cili nodded, tears welled up in her big eyes, her black eyelashes closed, her little red lips moved, and she smiled like a depressed angel. Huang Luotian watched her leave, moved a pen and paper on the desk, and wrote to his friend in England, saying that he had a new plan and would not go to London for the time being.When I finished writing, the sky was pale, and I stood up and walked to the window. The trees in the garden were shaking shadows, and the darkness was as vague as the hearts of the people in this house.When his father died, he left him a necklace of crane heart pendants engraved with the word "heart and heart", which is the same as the string of seals on Mu Cili seen tonight.Huang Xinru, Wang Meixin.Heart and soul.He patted the tentacled cold window sill, Mu Mansion, I can't shake hands with you and say goodbye for a while.
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