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Chapter 9 Chapter nine

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Mu Liqiang was sitting in the corridor, with the tobacco burning in his pipe, and his serious, lonely eyes, without any smile, were squinted in the smoke. Thoughts flooded in like flames, blazing around him around him. Every morning, every sunrise, every disgust, I coughed and spit out a mouthful of thick phlegm, stretched out my feet to step on it and wiped it clean. Dad, Mu Yuande appeared like a ghost, and I have good news for you. I am getting married. If this is not a wake-up call, at least it is a loud alarm bell.Mu Liqiang straightened his body, looking straight at his son with dark eyes.

Male colleges should be married, female colleges should be married, don't you have any objections? ! who?Who is that hapless woman? ! No luck for her, I love her and she loves me.You should praise me where there is a will, there is a way, how much time and effort it took me to get her, the shining singer Li Xiaocui! Li Xiaocui? !Mu Liqiang stood up tremblingly as if he had been hit by a brainstorm: You are idle, do not do business, bold, penniless, how did you get married That's right, that's why I came to discuss with you, otherwise, who would want to listen to your ridicule in four words?

discuss?How do you negotiate with me? Of course it's money. Besides money, what is there to discuss with you?Do you want you to replace me as the groom? Money, money!How much? ! Money, money!Let me do the math, well, he's fingering: weddings, jewellery, clothes, gowns, furniture, coffins, cemeteries, coffins, groundbreaking, farewells What nonsense are you talking about!Mu Liqiang gave a loud shout. Don't be nervous, the coffin is for Li Xiaocui's mother, and the farewell ceremony is also a farewell to her.Li Xiaocui is filial to her daughter, since she found a rich man's son as her husband, of course she has to make her dead mother look good.As for you, when you die, no one will bother to say goodbye to you.

absurd!Mu Liqiang raised his hand, and the pipe flew out, missing Mu Yuande, and fell to the ground and broke in two. Why bother to make things difficult for yourself, the pipe that has been eating your nose oil for 20 or 30 years is finished now! Beast, say, say, how much?Mu Liqiang was so weak, it was completely the expression of Sima Yi's order to withdraw the troops in the empty city plan. Six hundred thousand. Six hundred thousand? !Mu Liqiang was stung by a wasp again. reluctant?Five hundred and fifty thousand. no! Five hundred thousand! no! Four hundred and fifty thousand!

no! Then you say it yourself, a few dollars will not make your heart and stomach hang to death. Sixty thousand yuan. Alas, your old man is amazing. Your heirs say ten things and you say one. You will scrape the land for the rest of your life, and it will be your own family. One hundred thousand yuan! Four hundred thousand! One hundred and ten thousand! Three hundred thousand! One hundred and fifty thousand! Two hundred thousand! You said two hundred thousand? ! I said three hundred thousand, your ears are not good enough. Two hundred thousand!Mu Liqiang's blood vessels were swollen, his complexion pale.

Two hundred and fifty thousand!One less will not work! Two hundred thousand! Two hundred and fifty thousand!Two hundred and fifty thousand is two hundred and fifty thousand! Two hundred thousand is two hundred thousand, take it, don't get out! All right, 200,000 in cash.I have already known your iron abacus, so I have an economic plan long ago.Frankly speaking, we had our wedding and our honeymoon.Does the bride know where she is now?There is a female sleeping on the bed in my room upstairs.I think you understand very well that both she and I need a good rest for a few days. Yuande, take her away, I will give you some more money, and you can organize a small family.Mu Liqiang almost begged.

Okay, the house costs 600,000 yuan. Six hundred thousand? ! I am reluctant to simply not give it, I am too lazy to bargain with you anymore.For your sake, the Mu mansion really needs a capable and filial daughter-in-law like Xiao Cui.She is good at serving patients, and she served her mother until she died.Once you are sick, she will serve you naturally, and she will also make shrouds, Enough is enough, check, I'll write you a check. Dad, you are so kind, you have been improving day by day recently.No, a person grabs a lot of money and doesn't know what to do with it?Can you take it into the coffin after you die?

Mu Yuande and Li Xiaocui got their wish and moved into an exquisite small bungalow in the suburbs.Li Xiaocui's mother's body was also reburied, and Huang Luotian sent a huge wreath.Only Mu Yuande accompanied Li Xiaocui during the prostration at the grave, so the farewell ceremony was avoided.After taking off the mourning clothes and changing into red clothes, Li Xiaocui asked Huang Luotian to publicly recognize her sister.And rectified her name: Huang Luoli, Miss Huang's family. On this day, the Mu mansion held a full banquet, and all the family members were seated, no one was spared.Sitting together with Mu Liqiang and Mu Yumei Xin is like Guanziling, where fire and water come from the same source.Niu Zhengshuo sat between his mother-in-law and his wife, making affectionate gestures from time to time, putting his arms around Mu Changci's waist or shoulders.Li Xiaocui, he looked at her who was dressed up dazzlingly and murderously, and then at Mu Yuande who was complacent.Mu Yuande looked back at him, and Niu Zhengshuo quickly narrowed his eyes to look at the dishes.Mu Cili's big eyes are twinkling. Could it be that I was dreaming that Li Xiaocui is Brother Huang's own sister? !

Li Xiaocui was safe and sound, pouring wine for everyone with a smile.Proficient and natural, like the jug sticking to her hand, she finally poured the wine into Huang Luotian's cup, and softly called brother twice.Mrs. Mu's hands trembled around the glass. Two or three courses were served, Li Xiaocui drank five or six cups of wine, dragged a corner of the napkin to imprint on his mouth, and held up the wine cup with his white and tender hands. Mom, I'm going to respect you alone for this cup. Today we are all on our own. Can you let me ask for a few words? Mrs. Mu didn't answer, Mu Yuande said with a smile:

Why not, our family has the most freedom of speech, not to mention you are so polite and measured. Li Xiaocui smiled slightly, her eyes scanned the whole banquet like an iron broom: Mom, I'm Huang Xinru's daughter, let alone Huang Xinru's father's old officer, at least they are good friends.At that time, my mother and I suffered so much, it doesn’t matter if you don’t reveal my identity, why did you treat us like strangers?It doesn't matter if you treat us unfamiliar, why insult our mother and daughter, and frame my mother's relapse and deranged nerves? ! Xiao Cui!Mrs. Mu supported the table with her hands on her chest: Don't talk about the two things together now, and you shouldn't use the words regret and frame indiscriminately.Yes, at that time I asked your mother and daughter to leave Niu's house, why?Maybe you deliberately ridiculed us, but now according to what you said, we are a family, and you are my daughter-in-law. I really can't bear to expose the scandal of your mother and daughter.

What a good mother-in-law you are, ugly thing?What scandal did my mother and daughter do?That's why you ignored us?Not necessarily, Aunt Mu, now you forgive me for being bold, I think it's just because you have committed scandal yourself, you embezzled Huang Xinru's money.Are you calling me a liar?You want me to tell how you arranged those gold and silver treasures? OK!Xiaocui, tell me what you said, it sounds like big news to me! Li Xiaocui glanced at Mu Liqiang indifferently, and continued to say: Your Mu family's vicious methods are more than that. Huang Xinru originally decided to come to Taiwan as well, because Huang Luotian's mother was unwell.But they want you to pave the way here first, so that they can come later, and you deliberately obstruct them so that they cannot get out.You say that the Communist Party liquidated Huang Xinru and his wife, but in fact you are also the creators! Now, no one sticks their chopsticks out for good food, and no one touches their lips with wine.Mu Cili looked at her mother, then at her father, and tears welled up: Li Xiaocui, you can't slander my parents like this!Don't I know why you hate us to death? You got pregnant yourself and insisted that it was your brother-in-law's. The purpose is to blackmail you.You spread rumors and told your brother-in-law that my sister has a boyfriend, and that boyfriend told my sister that her husband has a concubine who is that bad woman at Blue Moon Café.In fact, you are the worst woman in the world, you You idiot!Li Xiaocui stood up. You dirty whore!Mu Cili also stood up. Li Xiaocui grabbed a plate and threw it over Mu Cili's ear, it fell to the ground and shattered, she grabbed another bowl, Huang Luotian grabbed her shoulder from behind, and shouted: Xiaocui, you are too presumptuous! presumptuous? !Your parents' vengeance is not avenged because you fell in love with this idiot? ! If you keep talking nonsense, watch me slap you! slap?Hey!Mu Yuande swayed his left leg with his hands on his waist, hooked his foot backwards, and kicked the chair over: try it, it's not that simple! Okay, okay, you two are so funny.Niu Zhengshuo wiped his eyes with a towel as if watching the excitement: the elder brother of the Huang family protected the younger sister of the Mu family, and the younger sister of the Huang family asked the elder brother of the Mu family to support him.One thing I think is even more strange, Mu Changci, you often talk about how great old man Huang Xinru is, knowledgeable and talented, he is simply the best in the world, unparalleled in the world.Unexpectedly, such a sage actually had an illegitimate child. What's so shameful about an illegitimate child?It's because you can't give birth, otherwise you will have a lot of illegitimate children.This is Li Xiaocui. Oops, why did you slap yourself in the mouth?Did you listen to what Mu Cili said?I can't bear children, where did you get this information? You all are not allowed to talk anymore!Mrs. Mu panted and ordered: Shameless, there is no one who is not shameless!Huang Luotian is a guest, so I'm not afraid of his jokes! Mu Liqiang glanced at his wife and said: I agree with everyone speaking as much as possible and playing boldly, the more stinky the words, the more appetizing.Huang Luotian is not a guest, this table is a table of robbers and prostitutes.You all take turns to express your opinions, starting with your grandpa being a murderer.Who wants to publish first?who? ! The mouth that still had to argue was closed, he held his breath, and he held back his coughing. This silence is true silence.The sweet soup has no sweetness, and the fruit is full of sourness.Mu Liqiang stared at this and that without even a hint of a smile, stood up, kicked the seat away with a bang, turned and left the restaurant.
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