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Chapter 10 chapter Ten

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The memorable banquet left a deep mark in Huang Luotian's heart. Li Xiaocui's words were almost slanderous, but they were not groundless.Huang Xinru did prepare gold dollar bills as the cost of buying a house in Taiwan. Since he decided to move to Taiwan, why he didn't come later has long been a question in Huang Luotian's mind.Li Xiaocui's grandmother was Mrs. Mu's mother's maid. For more than thirty years, the Wang family did not treat her as a servant.Li Xiaocui used to be a classmate with Mu Cili, and her homework was far better than Cili's.She doesn't want to depend on others, and she has her dragon-climbing skills. In fact, her mother has a set of dragon-climbing skills. Is she Huang Xinru's mistress?Not impossible.Mu Cili's necklace almost convinced Huang Luotian that Cili was his own sister. Before his father died, he tried every means to ask someone to hand over the necklace to him. Didn't he secretly instruct Xiangyin and Xinxin? !However, if the Mu family invaded the properties of the Huang family, Mu Cili could also possess the platinum chain.Did the Mu family embezzle Huang's property and prevent Huang Xinru and his wife from coming to Taiwan?Not impossible!

He smoked too many cigarettes, Huang Luotian almost hid himself in the thick fog, his thoughts went to Mu Changci who was in the gap, he extinguished the cigarette butt, and closed his tired eyes. Regardless of the times, environment, and personal thoughts, he did not regard love as the most important thing in the world.The scourge of war, the cruelty and stupidity of human nature, and the tragedy of human beings are the places where his thoughts wander.The Chinese in the 20th century are in the maelstrom of the torrent of the world, suffering, suffering, and hesitation.The earth does not appear too big in his eyes, and the corners of the universe do not confuse his direction.God arranged for him to be a character with yellow skin and square characters, no matter how weak he is, he must show his true colors and heart.He has no head for politics, no, and doesn't even bother to bend down to pick up braids with diamonds attached.The chaos of war has stained Jinxiu Rivers and Mountains, and he still observes with his binoculars.China, what he wants is a proud China!Accompanying patriotism is virtue, and when necessary, don't hesitate to sacrifice your life.

His father suffered hardships in his later years, his health was poor, and he was in poverty. His letters were written on rough and old calendar paper. What he needed was lard, granulated sugar, antiasthma and cod liver oil. , showing a poignant misery.At the moment of his death, his mother was not with him, and his student gave him a pot of tea and found him lying on the bed.His eyes are closed, his mouth is open, who is he trying to persuade?Or do you regret that the words in your heart have not been explained to future generations? ! Tears welled up from the corners of Huang Luotian's eyes and flowed down his cheeks.

Mother, I don't want to go to my aunt's, I don't want to go to England, I want to be with you, why don't you let me be with you? ! Son, mother's eyes are red and swollen: that's what your father meant, and you have to obey him. When he was young, he was heavily oppressed by the shadow of disharmony between his parents.With a pure heart, I curse all ghosts who break the rules of marriage.Father's empathy for love?For desire?Now he is exploring, but based on a completely different angle. This night, he came to Tingquan Residence, sitting in a rocking chair on the corridor, with his toes on the ground, swaying slightly.

The wind of fallen leaves, the homing birds, the shadows of the pines, and the chirping of insects.In the cold season, in my hometown, what a scene this should be.When Lao Zheng came out, Huang Luotian asked him to sit on a chair opposite him, but Lao Zheng didn't sit on a chair, but sat cross-legged on the ground with his big toe crossed, and one hand clasped Huang Luotian's knee. Looking at him like a work of art. Eldest young master, I heard that you have a younger sister and want to take her out of Taiwan? Huang Luotian glanced at him and took a sip of tea. Hmph, that girl is hard to recognize, but it's Li Xiaocui, the daughter of that jewel lady, Mrs. Li!Old Zheng shook his head, probably implying that the master of the Huang family is not as good as my old Zheng: Young master, is it true?An illegitimate one? !He shook his head again, his usual respect for Master Huang's family was greatly reduced.

Do you know Aunt Li? Why don't you recognize him, who used to comb your mother's and Mrs. Mu's hair.With a dirty face, he carried a black bag in the morning, afternoon and evening, and sold jewelry in and out of every household.Seeing me, I also made a fake voice: Brother Zheng, hello!She barked generously, and I, Old Zheng, had goosebumps all over my body.It doesn't matter, she shouldn't have lost a big diamond that Mrs. Mu gave her. A jewelry seller lost other people's jewelry. It's not because of a needle in the boat!Our master really swallowed with Lao Zheng and stopped.

When did that happen? It was still early at that time, when we just came to Taiwan, Mr. Mu was looking for a house everywhere, and Mrs. Mu was also looking at the house. For some reason, the couple had another big fight. Mu Liqiang said that he didn't even want the Huang family's dog. Look, drive Mama Zheng and me out of the Mu residence.When Lao Zheng said that, his mouth was full of five and a half teeth, as if he was grinding Mu Liqiang's black bones: Fortunately, Mrs. Mu is really kind, and she asked me to take care of Tingquanju. She borrowed money and borrowed to buy this house. It has been more than ten years.

Mrs. Mu borrowed money to buy this house, did she tell you? No, because she owed three months of interest that time, and that friend came here to collect the debt, and I knew it. Mrs. Mu's family left her a lot of money, why borrow money? Really?I don't know, I sold fur coats for her, and gold bits and things.Alas, it's a pity to talk about those fur coats. The weather in Taiwan is so hot that there is no need for fur coats, and ten dollars is not worth two or three dollars.After selling two pieces, I became smarter and found a rich lady who was going abroad. That would be about the same. Mrs. Mu's leather materials are all the best.

Does she still often ask you to sell things for her now? there is none left.Since Ms. Mu Changci got married, she has no one. Ms. Changci is very filial. The Niu family has plenty of money, so she won't watch her mother sell her flesh and bones. Lao Zheng, What's the matter, young master? Come on, it's nothing, you go. Eldest young master. Um? Who said that Li Xiaocui is the illegitimate daughter of our master? Huang Luotian frowned thickly.Old Zheng put one hand on the ground and stood up.I, Old Zheng, should not mess with the young master's appearance, and make him a pot of hot tea.Old Zheng patted his numb legs and knees, and walked with a limp.

On this day, Niu Zhengshuo invited Mu Yuande and his wife to his house for dinner, and it was polite for the brother-in-law to invite his wife-in-law.Around three o'clock in the afternoon, The whole family is here.Mu Liqiang was wearing a dark gray velvet robe with his hands in his sleeves, and he was walking on the lawn alone.The mahjong tiles in the room were crackling, Li Xiaocui, Mu Yuande, Niu Zhengshuo, Mu Cili, eight hands were up and down, playing lively.Mrs. Mu was sitting in the living room, and Huang Luotian accompanied her.Mu Changci walked up and down, and came to the living room at this time.

Haidilao, Zimo, Qifan, I reconciled.Mucili yelled. What's so strange about the Qifan card? It sounds like seeing a ghost!Mu Yuande carefully inspected her cards, hoping to find a mistake, Ping He, Qing Mo, Qing Que, General High, plus Haidilao, he drew three of a kind, clearly and unambiguously. Who is as rambunctious as you, give money, give money!Mu Cili stretched out her hand. Just call me and I'll give you money.Li Xiaocui tilted her head and kicked Niu Zhengshuo intentionally or unintentionally with her toes under the table. I won't give you money unless I tell you? !Mu Cili raised her eyebrows. If you don't call, of course you will give money.I mean, our family is so noisy, let’s get over it, and we should be kind, brother-in-law, don’t you think?She gave Niu Zhengshuo another look, and swung continuously to the living room.There, Mu Changci was passing a plate of candies to Huang Luotian, when she turned her gaze back to Niu Zhengshuo's face: Hey, brother-in-law, tell sister, we also want candy here! Mu Changci came over and stood behind Mu Cili. Li Xiaocui looked up at her and said: My sister is very beautiful tonight! Hey, look at the cards, look at the cards, and talk nonsense.Mu Yuande frowned: What do you mean by playing this 80,000 yuan? ? Brother, I want her 80,000 yuan, you can't control it, we let you husband and wife, don't try to collude! ? Ci Li's words were good, and Niu Zhengshuo let out a bang: "Everyone must remember, don't try to play tricks! You are the only expert in this matter. When Mu Yuande said that, he swung his hand up to the tip of Niu Zhengshuo's nose: "Do you want to be Dai Nong?"This one is 20,000! Mu Changci walked away and returned to the living room, where he saw his mother and Huang Luotian talking in a low voice.He turned around and opened the hall door, and walked towards the green lawn over there. Mu Liqiang sat on a rectangular marble stool, and Mu Changci didn't realize his daughter was coming until he was beside him. Changci, look at your place, I haven't been here for a long time, the grass on the grass slope is growing well, I take a walk, after all I am old, I can't walk much, my heart is beating, and I am out of breath. You should go out and walk around frequently. Keeping yourself in the room will affect your health. Mu Liqiang looked at Mu Changci, she was indeed considered a pearl among his children; although she often did not listen to his orders, deep down he cared about her the most.He stretched out his hand to wrap around her shoulder blades, made her skinny, and retracted her arms, so that her daughter's head rested on his shoulders. Old man, Huang Luotian came over. Luo Tian, ​​why don't you play a few rounds of mahjong?Mu Liqiang said. I don't know how to play mahjong, Huang Luotian said, looking at Mu Changci's thin clothes: It's cold outside, why doesn't the old man go inside? The air here is good, unlike Taipei, where there is dirty soot everywhere, Mu Liqiang let Mu Changci go, and asked Huang Luotian, "How is Ci Li?"Lost all my money? She won a lot of money and played more and more vigorously. Well, well, make her happy. She has an exam at school on Monday. Mu Liqiang smiled and did not answer, patted the back of Mu Changci's hand and said: Mrs. Niu, when is dinner, your old man is hungry! After dinner, everyone rested for a while, Mu Liqiang went home first, and Mrs. Mu went back to her room upstairs.Huang Luotian casually jumped out of the living room, there was a figure swaying in the small study, followed by Li Xiaocui's giggles. Hey, tell you to come over? Her tone lowered, and she started laughing again. You little goblin.Niu Zhengshuo's voice with a smile: I was so rude in the past, but after getting married, I became more coquettish. Don't say you are heartless. Affection?righteous?All you want is my money. What about yourself?Do you know love or righteousness?damn you Well, you two bombs are getting heavier and heavier. Blow up what you use, dead man. Shh, someone is coming. Without courage, Yuande and Cili called the old woman upstairs.Your Mrs. Niu and my own brother, I dare to slap you three times and place a bet. I am making out like you and me.You know, the two of them were childhood sweethearts, but now they are like firewood. Stop talking, I'm going to break your neck! Break my neck?Should have broken your wife's neck for good reason.It's still the same sentence, it doesn't matter if you love her or not, it's ugly to be called a turtle, isn't it?Yo, wicked ghost, it hurts me to death, hee hee hee, oh you Brother Huang!Brother Huang!Mu Cili was calling. Huang Luotian quickly turned around, walked through the corridor, and strode towards the lawn. Brother Huang!Mu Cili opened the door and came out, you are here, I thought you went back with Dad, don't go, wait to send me back. It's getting late, you should go back and rest. Tomorrow is Sunday! But do you remember the exam on Monday? Alas, why do you kill the scenery like this! The mahjong game started again. Huang Luotian sat in the living room, flipping through a few pages of a magazine.Mu Changci is here. Tired?Huang Luotian asked her. No.She smiled and brushed the hair that fell to her cheeks: she didn't do anything. You don't play mahjong? I won't. Ci Li played so well. Her father taught her. Ci Li's homework is so bad, and she refuses to work hard, I'm afraid she has no hope of going to college. Just now my mother was also saying that she should study hard. is that useful?Huang Luotian looked into her eyes. Mu Changci looked at Mu Cili, who was in high spirits, and shook his head. Changci, I think the Mu family and the Niu family are really not simple families. Mu Changci smiled and didn't answer. Maybe you are the most difficult one, like the center of a stone mill, watching everything go round and round without moving. Your words are a compliment to me. Not necessarily, your end is only to be smashed to pieces. Then you must have underestimated me. I just hope that I really underestimated you. Sometimes I can't help but think for you, how do you draw the line of life?What is the meaning of your life?Bearing the burden for your mother, snuggling beside your father like a little girl, your husband has a mistress, rushing to make friends with her, being loyal, filial and righteous, you have all the virtues in the world. You talk too much, if it was in the past, I will not forgive you. The old you disappeared long ago, and the current you I see is only the cunning tolerance given to you by your father, and the selfish confusion given to you by your mother. Luo Tian, ​​you can laugh at me, but I don't allow you to criticize my parents.Mu Changci said as he hurriedly left the living room. The game ended at three o'clock in the morning. In the taxi, Mu Cili yawned and rested her head on Huang Luotian's shoulder. Sit down, Huang Luotian gave her a firm push: You have the energy to play cards and play until now, you should have the energy to sit down and go home. unlucky.Mu Cili yawned again: I was so sleepy. In the next few rounds, my eyes were blurred and I couldn't see anything.They didn't allow me to leave the poker table, saying that I could eat three houses by myself, so I had to listen to their two cards playing randomly. I lost all the money I won, and all the money my father gave me, and I still owed my brother more than three hundred dollars. You deserve it, you made it your own.Test on Monday, see how you cope. Don't mention the exam again, okay?I already regret that it was too late. Regret it's too late?Repeating the grade again next semester is really out of the question. Alas, you are like this, you are as annoying as an old woman! Cili, let me ask you, do you want to miss college? Of course I think, these days a girl who hasn’t gone to college is worse than marrying without a diamond! Okay, if you make up your mind, starting tomorrow, when you come back from school, I will wait for you in the study, and I will accompany you to do your homework.Dancing, mahjong, movies, dating with friends, and TV, everything has to stop. Then what's the point of me living in the world?You can't be more fierce than your father, right? My father said that our generation of students is too pitiful. They gnawed dead books all day long, so that she opened her mouth wide and yawned: He said that we should fly freely like birds ,singing, I will move out of your house tomorrow, and I will give you an extra room to fly and sing freely. You can't go, Brother Huang. Why don't you go, I hate people who don't know how to make progress. Yuande got married and left. If you leave again, I will be alone.Mu Cili wanted to cry. Unless you listen to me, study hard every night.If you still fail one of the exams in the future, I will leave your house. Let me think about it. You decide now whether you want to study or not, and whether I want to go or not is also decided now. all right.Mu Cili said slowly: You have to remember that you can't leave! Whether I go or not depends entirely on whether you are willing to study hard. As soon as you throw away the book, I will go. Heh you, you are so fierce, even more powerful than your father, haha ​​she yawned, her head tilted and rested on Huang Luotian's shoulder blades again.
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