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Chapter 11 Chapter Eleven

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Huang Luotian carefully urged Mu Cili to study. Cili is not stupid, but she never studied hard since she was a child. It is not easy to change this habit.She no longer dared to play truant with excuses, nor could she be late and leave early. After returning home from school, she came to Huang Luotian's study at the appointed time, opened the book, and studied each lesson word by word.Sometimes it lasted for several hours at a stretch, but fortunately Huang Luotian knew her temper well, and before she could cry, she would say a few relaxing words, or open the drawer to find one or two things she liked, including candy , handkerchiefs, and novels.Mu Cili loves handkerchiefs, red and green, printed and embroidered, and collecting them is like collecting stamps.

Well, there is a beautiful girl on this handkerchief, take it and wipe your tears. Mu Cili rolled her eyes to look at him, put the pretty handkerchief in her pocket, and shed tears back into her eyes. Gradually, the energy and painstaking effort expended accumulated, showing results day by day.Mu Cili is no longer afraid of exams, and every homework is guided to make her interested.As a result, Huang Luotian slightly tightened the reins of the horse, and had more moments of rest and relaxation, telling jokes and stories.That night, for a 100-point exam paper, I danced with her in the study for half an hour.

Don't you know monkey dance?Mu Cili laughed at him as outdated: What about rock and roll?Don't know anything about twist dancing?You, my cousin from Beijing, you are the number one teacher in the world when you start teaching. Looking at your feet, you are also the number one man in the world counting down. This night, when the ban was lifted for the first time, Huang Luotian took Mu Cili to the cinema.It was a literary film with deep meaning in life. What Mu Cili used to watch was stories about gun-drawn fights and so-called erotic romance.After the movie ended, she was deeply touched, and she walked home without saying a word.

After the term exam, although Mu Cili's grades were not decent, they all passed.As the winter vacation begins, Huang Luotian is going to accompany her to the wild for a day of fun. Brother Huang, let's ask my sister to go with me.Mucili said. Would my sister like to go with us? Why not, I must let her go. So, early in the morning, the two sisters were dressed in bunts and navy blue trousers, Mu Changci wore a white pullover with a blue top, and Mu Cili also wore a blue top with a dark pullover. Red. Brother Huang, do you think my sister and I look like twins? It's very similar, except that my sister is old, and after the new year, thirty candles have to be lit on the birthday cake.

Brother Huang, why are you so rude?If I were my sister, I would definitely piss you off! My sister is not angry, she will not be angry about anything.You said that I am a cousin of a Beijinger. If I am really a cousin of a Beijinger, your sister is at least qualified to be the great-grandmother of a Beijinger! Mu Changci smiled, Huang Luotian glanced at her coldly, and just packed up the things for the picnic. After getting on the road and boarding a bus, the carriage was crowded and swaying, Mu Cili grabbed Huang Luotian's arm. Brother Huang, where are we going? Don't ask too much, your sister doesn't even ask, what are you asking? !

Alas, when Mu Cili said this today, Mu Changci stretched out his hand and gently pinched her arm, she looked back at Mu Changci and fell silent. The car headed north, and after about 20 or 30 minutes, it stopped. Huang Luotian took the lead, leading Sister Mu Changci to get out of the car.What kind of place is this, Mu Cili looked up.With a plan in mind, Huang Luotian swiftly stepped up to the overlapping stone steps on the side of the road.Mu Cili was bouncing around at first, but now she is panting.Going up to the weeds and blurring, it is a place that is inaccessible. Brother Huang, let's take a break.Mucili said.

Rest?Alright, I'll give you my rucksack. snort!Mu Cili wrinkled her nose and stuck out her tongue at him: Sister, you scolded him.He just wants to spoil us. If you scold, it sounds better when you scold.Mu Changci said with a smile. I scold as I scold.Mu Cili cleared her throat: Oh, forget it, I scolded him for revenge tomorrow and asked me to recite one more Chinese lesson. What Brother Huang does is good for you, Ci Li, morality, intelligence, physique, and group, what he is giving you now is fitness education. Sister, it looks like you are still speaking nicely for him! No wonder your sister has good things to say about cats and dogs.As Huang Luotian spoke, he went straight forward.

Mu Cili thought it would take at least a hundred years to walk, and finally saw a flat rock in front of her, with endless stretches of clear water and blue sky.She ran and jumped up to the rock that was suspended in mid-air like a huge goose egg.The sunshine is beautiful and the sea breeze radiates. She raises her hands to the sky, as if she wants to embrace the universe in her arms.He ran around a few times, laughed and yelled, and sat down, sandwiched between Huang Luotian and Mu Changci. Now Before Huang Luotian could continue, Mu Cili imitated his tone and said: Now, you see, walk harder, how beautiful the scenery is!Just like when you are studying, although it is hard, it is fun to read, how happy it is!

Luo Tian, ​​it seems that your student has passed the test completely. Huang Luotian smiled and opened the food basket, took out all kinds of food and put them on the plastic sheet that lays on the rock surface. Can we eat now? !Mu Cili stared with surprised eyes: Really?Brother Huang? At the same time, you can also see where your education failed. Ci Li thinks that you gave him a lunch, which is also a great gift. Huang Luotian chewed the ham bread, raised his eyes to look at Mu Changci, and said deeply: I have never boasted of success, I am very aware of my failures, I think I will always be a failure in my life!

With drooping eyes, Mu Changci picked up her chicken and egg sandwich. At the corner of the sea and the sky, the waves beat the shore, and patches of white clouds condense into the blue sky. Having eaten enough of her favorite things, Mu Cili leaned back and sucked up a bottle of guava juice. She had never enjoyed such pleasure in her life. Sister, look at these clouds, how beautiful they are. When I have money in the future, I will definitely build a house on the clouds.Sister, you choose for me, which one looks the most appropriate. Ci Li, do you want your sister to choose?I know where she will choose for you.

Where is it, Brother Huang? Yangmingshan. Yangmingshan?Ouch!Why do you have no art at all! I'm speaking very real words, it's not like you're dreaming.Your sister is the smartest and most understanding of the world. Isn't her own house built on Yangming Mountain?She used to be much more artistic than you, and spent a long time thinking about choosing Yinhe. You asked her, where did Yinhe go at that time. Mu Cili looked at Mu Changci and Huang Luotian, and said: I know, brother Huang, you have an appointment with your sister, and you just missed the appointment, sister.You come from the truth, see if my words are right? Did someone tell you, Ci Li, the bull head and horse noodles? Who is unlucky to listen to the words of the bull-headed horse-faced man!Can't I research it myself?If my sister didn't miss the appointment, why would you be so angry when you talk, you told me that anger hurts me the most.If my sister is not badass, why should she do this? What she said to you has no power to resist at all. Your sister won't be able to find the strength to resist in her whole life! Sister, it's over, I think you really made him miserable! Come on, Ci Li, pay attention to him, let's go, let him talk to himself alone. Dusk came too fast, although the sky and sea water were rendered beautifully.Everyone was walking barefoot in the water. There were rocks, strange shapes, and tropical fish with colorful patterns in the crevices. Torn. Come, come!You two, we're aboard!Huang Luotian yelled. What? !Mu Cili dragged Mu Changci's hand and ran to meet her. Huang Luotian borrowed a small fishing boat from two young fisherman brothers, at this moment he stretched out his hand to help Mu Changci and Mu Cili board the boat, everyone sat down, and the small fishing boat floated. Oh, Brother Huang, that's great!Mu Cihe yelled, then wrinkled his nose and smelled it, met the gaze of his elder brother Fisherman, and quickly smiled and said: "Really, that's great. Fish is delicious. You can tell it's delicious by smelling it." The younger brother, the fisherman, laughed and said in Mandarin with a slightly local accent: Fish is delicious, but it doesn't smell good. You urbanites should sit in the dining room and eat fish. Why do you come here to smell the fish? Mu Cili thought it was a good opportunity for her to show off a skill, so she chatted with the two fisherman brothers in local dialect.The conversation was very speculative, laughing from time to time, and the fisherman brothers also had fun. This is when the fishing boats are going out to sea, a series of firecrackers are fired, and hundreds of fishing boats are driving end to end on the sea surface. Someone in the boat is shouting, mixed with the sound of gongs and drums. The sea surface is so smooth, and there are so many fish in the sea, the life of fishing is so comfortable.Brother Huang, who said that one must study to be a human being? ! You have not seen the face of the sea when it is furious.I also haven't tasted what it's like when the fishing net is thrown empty.Did you know that the fathers of these two brothers capsized and fell into the water a few nights ago, luckily they were rescued quickly, but they still lost a leg? ! Come on, Brother Huang, I swear now that I will never talk to you again.Mu Cili turned around, turned her back to Huang Luotian and said to Mu Changci: Sister, let's sing. OK, you sing first.Mu Changci said. No, you sing first, I will sing Brother Huang first and have something to say. I will sing his more powerful words first, I am old, how can an old woman sing! Well, I'll sing first, what will I sing?Yes.Mu Cili spoke confidently and swept her hair, raised her head and sang It's almost sunset, The fishing boats in Digang return to the boat for the first time; The children in the boat hit wine glasses, Parents sang and lingered in harmony. Heaven and earth are long, life is short; There are many roads in the world, flat and difficult to find. The changing winds and clouds were originally a dream, Fishing Nana and good fishing! Ci Li, who taught you to sing this song?Huang Luotian asked. Don't ask me, I swear I won't talk to you remember? You sang so well, what about the second one? second song?My mother only taught me this one, and I have never heard of a second one. I will sing the second song to you. OK, can you really sing? Huang Luotian didn't answer, and started singing: After a song, we laugh at each other, The fresh fish is poured by the liquor; The fisherman is drunk and proud, The fisherman kept talking to Cao Cao. The rivers and lakes are fertile fields, with enough food and clothing; The small boat is a beautiful house, floating and light. The bright moon is as good as pearls and jade, Breeze is far better than vanity! Mu Cili was so happy that she clapped her hands vigorously, praising Huang Luotian for singing very well. The elder brother fisherman said to his younger brother fisherman: Did you hear that, people are envious of us, go home and tell Auntie not to shed tears every day, and tell Auntie to be content, without a leg, you can still sit in the cabin and drink. Back in Taipei at night, it was time for supper.Huang Luotian said that he would take their sisters to a small place and have some fresh noodle snacks, and bring them to Lao'er Su's food stall. Old man Su sat on the chair over there, saw Huang Luotian, and tremblingly helped Wangshi over, grabbed Huang Luotian's hand, and said: Brother Huang, thank you very much, thank you for saving my life, this time I had a heart attack, if it wasn't for you, I, Su, would have died long ago. Huang Luotian seemed to be in a fog. Elder Su saw Mu Changci at a glance and said: Miss Mu, thank you very much, thank you for sending me to the hospital, you two are truly bodhisattva-hearted, I, Su, don't know how to repay me in this life. Mr. Su, I'm just running errands for Mr. Huang. It's not worth anything. Are you all right now? Very well, thank you, Ms. Mu, please sit down, you three, today is really a fairy wind blowing you here.what to eatWangshi, you go to choose, return some of the best, first-class ones. Wangshi agreed to go, and Mr. Su sat down with the three of them, squinting his old eyes at Mu Cili.Mu Changci smiled and told him: She is my sister, Mu Cili. Oh, yes, yes, strangely, it looks so pretty. Mu Cili smiled and glanced at Huang Luotian. Brother Huang, Mr. Su went on to say: I felt that something was wrong that day, so I wanted to only look for you.I told Amei to go to Mu's mansion. After I said these two sentences, I lay still with my eyes closed.Ms. Mu came, took the five thousand yuan you gave me, and sent me to the hospital. In the hospital, I was given oxygen, had my blood vessels tied, and tapped my legs and arms. I was completely confused.When you get better, go home and recuperate. Our family misses you all day long.A Mei said: That Ms. Mu is really nice. As soon as she heard that Dad was in a sudden illness and Mr. Huang was not at home, she rushed here by herself.A Mei also said: Dad, Ms. Mu looks really good, and she speaks nicely. She and Mr. Huang are really a couple, and they are probably Mr. Huang's lover.Brother Huang, congratulations, I think Ami guessed right. Huang Luotian smiled and said: Mr. Su, I also hope that Amei guessed it right, but you still have to ask Ms. Mu. Really, Brother Huang?do you want me to askThen I really ask.Old Su is serious. Mr. Su, Mu Changci said: Mr. Huang is joking with you, I am already married. Huang Luotian was about to speak when Wangshi led Amei and a young man over. The three of them brought twelve dishes in all, various and varied, and the square table was covered with large and small dishes. Look, Brother Huang, Elder Su pointed at the young man: This is Ah Jiu, the husband I chose for Ah Mei, my little fellow from the same country, whose parents are both on the mainland. Amei is three years younger, before he finished speaking, Wangshi twisted his leg fiercely, and said to him: I told Ajiu that Ami is seventeen years old, remember?You stubborn old monkey! The dishes are delicious, especially Mu Cili, which is very delicious.Old man Su sat aside, looked at Mu Changci and Mu Cili with a smile on his face, this pair of sisters were like spring onions.Well, this sister, with a face like a peach, nose and mouth?Or the look of smiling?It looks a bit like Brother Huang!Alas, how many people like Brother Huang are there in the world!I am not well-off, five thousand NT dollars, and five thousand NT dollars as soon as I sell it, I give it to me, and I don't want to pay it back.Yes, he knows that I, Su, can't afford it in this life, and I can make up for it in the next life.When he thought of this, his nose was sore, alas, for people like Brother Huang, God should take care of his eyes more, he has no father or mother, he is lonely, by the way, Old Su remembered: Brother Huang, said, that Li Xiaocui is your own sister, she told me, I really don’t know how to put it, she’s very proud now, she’s dressed up beautifully, and she’s wearing a big one on her hand Gold steel diamond ring.The night before yesterday, she came and sat with me for a long time, and asked me if I had seen you recently, and I said, since you are brothers and sisters, are you strangers instead? Well, she is married and lives in Yonghe Town. I haven't seen her for a long time because I'm busy. What kind of equal sign is her husband to accommodate her?When I asked her, she snorted and didn't even mention it. Her husband is Miss Mu's younger brother. Ouch, ooh, damn it, I made a slip of the tongue!It was too late for Old Su to shut up, thinking about how he was rude to Huang Luotian and the Mu sisters.I scolded myself secretly: Alas!You stubborn old monkey! After leaving the food stall, Huang Luotian and Mu Cili accompanied Mu Changci back to Yangmingshan.After getting into the taxi, Huang Luotian said to Mu Changci: I'm starting to admire you, the unsung hero. I didn't arrange a chance for myself to be an unsung hero, everything happened by coincidence, when I went back to see my father that day, Mrs. Su's Amei came to see you, happened to bump into me, and happened to be you were not at home. Why didn't you tell me after you did it? tell you what to doTell you that I will be young and beautiful in your mind in the future? ! Forgive me, Changci. Forgive you for what?I never blamed you. I should pay you back five thousand yuan. Just pay it back, I knew you would treat me like this, you are the only one in the world who values ​​friendship, not money. Huang Luotian reached out and held Mu Changci's hand tightly.Zhongshan Bridge had never been crossed, and Mu Cili had already fallen asleep with her head resting on her sister's shoulder blades.
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