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Chapter 12 Chapter Twelve

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The next day, after lunch, Huang Luotian went back to his room.Usually, he would chat with Mu Liqiang. No matter what, Mu Cili brought a lunch box at noon when she went to school, and there was only him and him in the building.But today, Mu Cili missed a few more words on the table, especially when talking about how happy Mu Changci was during the trip, Mu Liqiang's expression became unbearably strange.Huang Luotian guessed the reason, and seeing Mu Liqiang push away his job and leave, he responded with his characteristic smile that lifted the corner of his mouth.In any case, he felt that Mu Liqiang was a pitiful person. He didn't even want to look at the Huang family's dog, but it was a pity that he had to guard against him and deal with him every day.

Mr. Huang, Lao Li has come in: Miss Luoli's phone number, she has hung up on you several times. Miss Lori?Huang Luotian couldn't think of who it was for a moment, but when he remembered, he couldn't help laughing.After answering the phone, Li Xiaocui asked him to go to her house immediately, saying that Mu Yuande had been missing for several days, and her voice on the phone was miserable, with the noise of playing a role in a drama. I'll be right there, Xiaocui. Huang Luotian came to Yonghe Town, this small building surrounded by bamboo forests.This is the third time he came to Li Xiaocui's house.The first time was to send off the bride, and the second time the sister-in-law invited the wife-in-law.Now, the ivy is blooming with small yellow and green flowers, covering the low wall with hollowed out bricks.He rang the doorbell, and it was Li Xiaocui who answered the door.

How many times have I been looking for you, traveling in the mountains and rivers, huh?Li Xiaocui's eyes were full of resentment, her bun was fluffy, she closed the door, and brought Huang Luotian into the inner room. Where did Yuan De go? Who cares, Zuo is not a good old friend and a new good friend! Who cares?Why did he bring me here? I didn't tell you that you didn't come, and you blamed me for finding you here, what kind of brother are you? Well, count me as sorry, tell me what's the matter with you? I want to talk to you, can I? Sure, let's start talking. What have you been doing in Mu's mansion recently?

It's nothing, it's the same as before. So simple? not simple?Then I have to listen to your advice. I know that your ability to guide people is the strongest. What do you mean by this sentence? There is no special meaning, maybe it is a compliment, why do you have to be a guilty conscience? Li Xiaocui glanced at him, stood up, approached the tea table, took a cigarette, put the lighter in his mouth, took two puffs and lit it.He took another cigarette, the butt of which was relatively ignited, and handed it to Huang Luotian for the lipstick-stained one. You're being rude to me, huh?She blocked his face and sprayed him with a thick mist.

My own brothers and sisters, why be polite? do you know?She held a cigarette between her fingers and pressed it against her cheek, her feet in red forged embroidered slippers dangled, squinting her eyes and looking up at the ceiling: I am very regretful now, I refused to leave Taiwan with you at that time. Why?I think you made a good decision then, you have a decent husband now, and I have to stay here as I wish. I often can't suppress that breath: revenge! revenge?What grudge do you have?Who do you want to take revenge on? You nerd, they can deceive you, but they can't subdue me, those old and cunning Mu Liqiang couples!

What did you say?Lori? Don't call me Lori, you don't know that I'm not your sister at all? ! But you have admitted to being my sister for so many days, are you getting tired of it? I admitted that I was your sister at the time, just because I wanted revenge. Do you know why Mu Liqiang and his wife deliberately called me your sister?Their purpose was to send me out of Taiwan. They were afraid that I would become friends with Mu Yuande, and they were afraid that I would pester Niu Zhengshuo.I just don't want them to get what they want. I will become Mu Yuande's wife, and I will have a private relationship with Niu Zhengshuo. Mu Liqiang is most afraid of being a tortoise, so I will let him be the bastard's father first!

Xiaocui, your methods are too vicious! sinister?You nerd, when have you ever seen the hideous true face of human beings? !You don't make everyone hot on you, and you don't drive out ghosts and ghosts to drive you out.I grew up in a frying pan, my life is still alive, not because of benevolence, righteousness and morality! Now that you are out of the frying pan, God has finally taken care of you, so if you still want to make trouble, it is superfluous. Tears welled up in Li Xiaocui's eyes, a wave that never appeared in her eyes, softly rippled: Luo Tian, ​​listen, I and I have never known what love is, but I just fell in love with you.I once dreamed of being rich and honored, but unexpectedly, I have money, diamond rings, bracelets, and gold, but I am not happy.I don't want anything, I just want to be with you every day and night.Let me go with you, Luo Tian, ​​let us leave, just say that Mu Yuande abandoned me, and you take me to England.I will follow you, wherever you go, I will be your slave, handmaid, I am willing.

Xiao Cui, don't get distracted, you are my direct sister. Let me tell you who my biological father is, remember?The man in that photo with my mother took my mother and me to Taiwan when I was just three months old.He was later arrested for drug trafficking and died in prison.He is my mother's half brother.Luo Tian, ​​I once swore that I would die without letting anyone know the story between my parents. Huang Luotian was speechless for a long time, put out the cigarette in his hand, and stood up. where are you going I have to go now. Walk?We haven't finished talking yet. I have nothing to talk to you, Xiaocui, I hope you take care of yourself and be a good daughter-in-law of the Mu family.

Luo Tian, ​​take me away, I know how to make you happy, all men love me, but none of them can win my heart, I keep it for you, Luo Tian, ​​I will keep it for you until I die, I A heart, complete and complete. Xiaocui, I sympathize with your experience, I am also grateful for your kindness, your appearance is beautiful and charming, all men love you.But I'm not a nerd among men! nonsense!You are lying!You love me, but you don't have the courage to admit it, Mu Liqiang is your ancestor, without him you wouldn't have a golden job!You love me, you obviously love me, I can see the affection in your heart when you look at me.Huang Luotian, you are an imposing man, you don't have the guts to fight for what you really need, just like you don't have the guts to avenge your parents!

Huang Luotian's face was livid, he turned around and left, Li Xiaocui chased after him and grabbed his clothes tightly.He slammed his hands down hard, like tearing apart a entangled snake.Li Xiaocui lost her footing and fell to the floor.She bent down and cried bitterly, listening to the sound of Huang Luotian's slapping shoes passing by her ears, you can't go far, Huang Luotian!She lifted her tearful face, and murmured curses: Just wait and see, you can't escape my grasp, Huang Luotian, you can't escape my grasp! In a blink of an eye, it's New Year's Eve in the lunar calendar.

The gloomy Mu mansion, surrounded by firecrackers, feels even more empty.In the misty drizzle, Huang Luotian walked alone on the street, making heavy footprints step by step.It seems that the endless alley in the dark, two white coffins nailed with thin boards, are slowly moving in the dense rain.It was the last journey of his parents, no mourners, four porters who spit on the ground from time to time, cursing the stench of corpses leaking from the sheet.Father, with his neck bent and his feet shrunk, curled up in a coffin that was less than six feet long. Tears were condensed in the corners of mother's eyes, and the mouth that complained about Niannian was silent from then on.A pit, buried the father's body, and the mother's base lay on it.Husband and wife run in opposite directions during life, and share sorrow and loneliness on the road of death, and the husband sings and the wife follows.Tears flowed down from the corners of Huang Luotian's eyes, rolling down his clothes with the rain.The sound of firecrackers went away, and it belonged to another world, and the whiteness was blurred, blurring everything in front of us. Hi, Mr. Huang.Someone tapped him on the shoulder. Huang Luotian looked intently at Xiao Wang, the drummer of the Black Cat Cabaret. how?Walking alone on the street on New Year's Eve, don't you come to your sister's house for the New Year?Xiao Wang is wearing a shiny top, which is probably the costume in the corner of the stage.He had borrowed money from Huang Luotian when he visited Li Xiaocui at Black Cat. How are you, Xiao Wang?Huang Luotian greeted him. Fortunately, Xiaocui left the black cat, and the business was slow. I stopped here and made up a strangely silly smile, and a smell of wine spewed out: By the way, Mr. Huang, I’m so sorry, I still I owe you money. Come on, I have long forgotten, what else do you mention. I have to pay it back, I have to pay it back anyway.Uh, it's a rare New Year's Eve, let's just sit there and have a drink or two. My treat, Mr. Huang. Huang Luotian didn't intend to drink, but Xiao Wang followed him step by step.This is an avenue lacking street lights, and the shops are closed on New Year's Eve, and the road is even more lonely.Looking at the houses in the area, Huang Luotian's hands were cut behind the back in the darkness.He was struggling, when a stick hit his head, his lower body became numb for an instant, and he fell to the ground. Confused, he was lying on the hospital bed.Eyelids heavy, lower body, his lower body, truncated? !Opening his eyes vigorously, Mu Changci's face gathered, melted, gathered again, and then disappeared.He tried to speak, but his lips moved, but no sound came out.Sleepy, sleepy, eyelids glued together. Luo Tian, ​​wake up, Luo Tian. Mu Changci stayed by the hospital bed, the clock struck midnight, and it was the morning of the first day of the first month of the lunar calendar.Crackling, the sound of firecrackers one after another, blossoming fireworks, displaying colorful colors in the night sky.Huang Luotian's face was pale, his lips trembled as he murmured, and the oxygen tubes in his nostrils fluttered, his breath was like gossamer, and he was too close to death.If he cannot escape death!If his lower limbs will be amputated!If he cannot escape paralysis for life!God, why, why is it so cruel? ! Looking back, the past is like a dream, and it has never been so detailed for a moment in more than 20 years.Being together day and night when we were young, what is love?Careful minds are connected.Changci, I told my mother that if I want to marry a bride, it will be my little shrew.She put on an angry and shy expression.His mother slapped him on the palm, and she deliberately said that he deserved it.In fact, although she never told him that she loves him, her heart is connected with his, and they have never been separated. On the sickbed, Huang Luotian groaned intermittently, every sound showed that he was still alive, and it might be the last breath left in the world, the knife wound, the blood, if it weren't for a group of children who went to the street to set off firecrackers, he would have lost his life.Mu Changci was the latest to hear the news, but he was the first to rush to his side. Mu Liqiang also came to the hospital, and Mrs. Mu left as soon as he arrived.Mu Cili accompanied her mother and cried all the way to Huang Luotian's bed. Mrs. Mu's deathly silence matched her expression.I don't know when she took Cili to go, leaving Mu Changci behind. The end of the night, the coming of the white painting, the end of the day, the endless dark night. How many times, she seemed to hear his calling, his lips never moved, his eyes never opened. She called him tearfully, but he closed his eyes, deep and lost. It had been three days, and Huang Luotian hadn't been removed from the list of critically ill patients. Changci, go home! She looked up, father, Mu Liqiang. No, this time, she no longer listened to him.She was once stopped by him from communicating with Huang Luotian.Her marriage, indirectly, was arranged by him.However, this time, she no longer listened to him. Time belongs to her and him.Tired, he closed his eyelids and leaned against his side. Centuries, days and nights as long as centuries. Changci. She blinked her tear-smeared eyes, and his dark brown eyes stared at her.This shouldn't be a dream, nor her fantasy, it's real, a long benevolence, from his bleeding lips, which he still can't control well. Luo Tian! Changci, why are you here?I'm in a dream, is it a dream? This is the hospital, everything is fine with you, Luo Tian. Hospital?Oh, by the way, they cut off both my legs. No, Luo Tian, ​​your legs are still there, and they are still there. I feel nothing, down there, empty. You are hurt.Mu Changci tried his best to calm himself down: in the waist, the doctor gave you an injection so that you wouldn't feel the pain. uh, is that right?He closed his eyes again. He woke up, thank God!He has regained consciousness, thank God, thank God, thank God! He knew who the murderer of Huang Luotian was.The people who investigated the case came, asked detailed questions, and discussed carefully, but Huang Luotian didn't mention Li Xiaocui and drummer Xiao Wang.He has no grudges, no political differences, power struggles, financial drags, and romantic disputes.Walking along the streets in the dark night, simply receiving a stick on his head and a knife on his back, he doesn't know anything. No stick, no knife, no suspicious person. Everyone from the Mu family and the Niu family should be tried and questioned, and each has a basis to prove their activities.Niu Zhengshuo sang the erhu a cappella at the restaurant and sang loudly.Mu Yuande led Li Xiaocui to dance in the nightclub until the end of the night, there was nothing suspicious about it. Well, let's look for clues again, and go to the investigators. Perhaps this is what a doctor expects from every patient: peace of mind, cooperation in the treatment process, understanding of the truth of life, self-confidence and joy.Huang Luotian successfully passed one test after another. His own health and Mu Changci's capable assistance had a lot to do with it. Day after day, Mu Changci suppressed the anxiety in his heart and waited for Huang Luotian to break free from death's grip.It was another day of waiting, listening to the doctor tell her that the patient's legs could be kept.However, the medicine is not sure how long the paralysis will be entangled with him. A month and a half passed in the hospital. In the early morning, the sun was shining brightly, streaming into the ward through the open window.In spring, cherry blossoms and rhododendrons should bloom so beautifully.Huang Luotian leaned on the hospital bed, his lower body was numb and heavy, like a piece of wood.He tried to move his body, nailed it like a nail, panting for sweat on his forehead, and closed his eyes tiredly. Mu Changci quietly came back to the ward.He opened his eyes and looked at her deeply.She approached and sat on the edge of his bed. Luo Tian, ​​the doctor said that in two or three days, you will be discharged from the hospital. He raised the corner of his mouth and smiled. Let's go back to Tingquanju, where the air is good and quiet, and you will recover soon. Recovery, that is Mu Changci's confidence.It's not that he lacks confidence, but he doesn't know how far he will drag her down. In the evening, Mu Cili came, with a bouquet of roses in her hand, with a dignified expression and eyes full of depression, she glanced at Huang Luotian, took the vase, flashed into the bathroom, came out after a while, and put the budding flowers on the table. Ci Li, thank you, it's so beautiful. Silently, she was still fiddling with flowers, making this one face to the left and that face to the right.After a long while, she turned her back and walked to the window. The red silk knot in her hair was blown by the warm wind, and the little butterfly, which was about to fly, asked in a nasal voice: Brother Huang, Dad said that you will never even think about walking for the rest of your life. Is it true? Huang Luotian was silent for a while, then replied: Yes, Ciri, but I should be content, the doctors believed I was going to die, and I didn't, they were going to cut off my leg, Without waiting for him to finish speaking, Mu Cili turned around with tears streaming down her face, stared blankly at Huang Luotian for a long while, covered her face with her hands and ran away from the ward.Mu Changci followed into the bathroom, and Mu Cili leaned against the wall, shaking her shoulders and crying bitterly: Sister, why?He is so good, why?Why!ah Mu Cili cried sadly and gradually calmed down, but she was still sobbing.The door of the room was closed tightly, and Mu Changci could not hear what Mu Changci said in a low voice.After about ten minutes, Mu Cili came out. Ci Li, Huang Luotian called: Come here. She approached his bed and sat down on a chair. Beautiful eyes are swollen from crying!Look up and let me see, huh?Look at you, I didn't cry, but you did. Mu Cili raised her hand and pushed her hair, and pursed her lips. Tell me, how are you doing these days? She shook her head, tears welling up again. Oh, the day before yesterday I asked you to tell Aunt Mu for me, thank her for caring about me, did you say it for me? Cili nodded and replied: said. Is Aunt Mu okay? Her blood pressure has been high for the past few days, and the doctor told her to take a good rest, but she couldn't.The cow head and horse face yelled at her all day long, saying that she shouldn't allow her sister to accompany you in the hospital, and Dad said the same. I think, Ci Li, your brother-in-law and your father are both reasonable, your sister is too kind, she shouldn't sacrifice so much for me. Brother Huang, I shouldn't have told you these words, but unfortunately I have already said them. Huang Luotian smiled slightly and said: Don't worry, it doesn't matter if you say it or not, I can figure it out.naturally i can't blame When Mu Changci came out of the bathroom, Huang Luotian stopped talking.Her eye circles are red, she misses her mother, he can't help but think so. The sun was setting, Huang Luotian looked out the window, the grayish brown color was just getting thicker.
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